KOF 2016 - NBH Issue 2: Enter the Zappa

Description: Himeko Kashiwagi was just a normal girl showing off her amazing teaching technique to the newbie students of Hibiki's Dojo when suddenly a mysterious stranger enters the scene. The pacifist(??) Zappa has an offer that Himeko simply cannot refuse. Or can she? Find out in this thrilling issue of No-Brand Heroes #2! And in this issue, PROFESSOR X DIES.

Contrary to popular belief, the Hibiki Dojo is the most party jumpin', booty bumpin, music thumping dojo on this side of Southtown!

Actually.. Well. No, that isn't really true, but nor is it as barren as one might expect as told by todays tale. The bespectacled Himeko Kashiwagi, Dan's most faithful student, is taking the place of lesson teaching today and currently stands in the dojo adorn in a pink gi and with a whistle in her mouth as she referees two of the several other students locked in a practice match.

It's not the greatest sight, unforunately, as these students have been stuck on the basics for months now. The problem with Himeko is that she sports an extremely positive teaching style that has been making progress very.. Very slow.
Following the whistle, the two students go for simultaneous roundhouse kicks, collide at the same time, then collapse to the floor with painful sounding crashes. ".... Ooh. Uh.. Wow! Um.." Himeko chuckles nervously as she claps her hands. "That was.. That was kind of all right! Great execution, you guys!"

Dear Diary,

Alas, It was not in the palace, or rather temple, of Athena that I was to find true love! My attempt to persuade the honest man to let me ride his coattails into fame and glory, and adoration, ended poorly. It seemed others had set a trap for the man and in the end ambushed us both! I remembered nothing of it, but the man must have fought off them for the best of us, and must have spent the last of his energy bringing down the house - for he wasn't anywhere to be found! I awoke in the hospital and they had tried to pin some of the destruction upon me ... but that's impossible! Can you believe it, Mother? I, of all people, would be the reason the damage occured - I would perish the thought!

As the piercing screech of a whistle echoes across the air, Zappa's head peers inside the dojo, followed by the rest of him as he came inside the dojo. Out of no surprise, it turned out to be hard to join the 'fighting' contest with no skills and an interest to 'showcase himself' at an attempt at making a deal with those who would consider fighting together! It's almost unbelievable, really, that so many would straight up reject him!

'You'd probably fight as good as anyone from that Hibiki Dojo they have down the street!' The man laughed, 'So that's your best chance, you sorry excuse for a -'. No, Zappa dared not finish that thought. Not entirely, at least.

With the conjoined crash, Zappa's gaze rests squarely upon the students and Himeko - who chuckles, clasping her hands as she ... commends the two.

"Oh dear." Zappa proclaims, somewhat low. "Would this be the Hibiki Dojo?"

'Oh dear' is about right, and probably the collective thoughts of the dojo proper summed up in two words. Himeko can't help but find herself at a loss- She's paid close attention to her own teachers teachings and can't for the life of her figure out where she's going wrong. But, on the other hand, this is far better than three months ago! "Huh?" Himeko asks, having just noticed the new person come in and.. Uh. Hmn, what is sje looking at exactly? But the young teen is excited all the same to see a new face, "Oh wow! Hello! Uh.. Everyone get up and demonstrate your seventh kata!!" she then declares, followed by another *FWEEEEEEEEET* of her whistle.

A chorus of groans follow, but the eight students do get to their feet, then go into a steady pace of choreographed strikes with a sexy number of 'cool' poses mixed in. It's a bit bizarre, really, but the execution is perfect!
Finally Himeko approaches Zappa bright smile and hand raised in greeting, "Yes, this is the Hibiki Dojo! Um.. How can I help you today?"


It's clear, from the demonstration, that Zappa is hooked! It is after all a wonderful demonstration of the trails, tribulations and also the might of the dojo! Instead of two students kicking the living hell out of each others heads with almost no problem! Wait, is that a negative? It's not certain!

Still, once the KATA is concluded, Zappa is approached by Himeko - bright smile and raised hand! "Ah... yes I uh - I was told to come here for a pressing matter. You see I am interested in the fighting competition that is coming up and ... while I am not much of a fighter, feel that I can offer enough to assist anyone interested in the extra effort they'd put forwards! That and from the look of me, and my request to join a team, they suggested here would be more my speed - they were laughing as well, but I am certain they were just a bit on the friendly side..."

A hand rubs the back of Zappa's neck as he continues, "You see, while I cannot fight, as I am more of a peace-lover than a fighter, I can offer quite a bit of support. Perhaps not monetary, but at least through words and actions! ... I have been having bad luck getting into a team as such as it is. Is there really no space for moral support?"

Why yes, Zappa is trying to leech his way onto a team in order to obtain fame and glory but - not really put himself in danger - and this explanation gave multiple recommendations to come to the Djo!

After taking in Zappa's story, there's only one thing that Himeko can say.. At least at first. ".... Uh."

Wow, what a bunch of jerks! And Himeko doesn't even need to question it, there's absolutely no doubt in her mind that this was the work of those Kyokugen jerks! (And as a member of investigative journalism, she really should know better but she's been in a bad mood with them since the try-outs).

But this is truly bizarre. How could she let a man who has so little to none fighting experience onto her team? If that were the case, she could use one of her own students couldn't she? Quite the pickle... Quite the pickle indeed. "Moral support, huh? Well, I do have to admit that is an angle to teambuilding that I've completely overlooked.. That's.. Really interesting.." One can almost see the gears cranking in her head as she considers the possibilities and taps her chin. "That's really thinking outside the box! But before I give my feedback, let me introduce myself: My name's Himeko Kashiwagi. What's yours?"

UHHHHH indeed. Better than laughter, looks of incredulous surprise and one guy taking a swing at him!

Still, the result of it being from 'kyokogen' is lost on Zappa, who knows little of the rivalry and probably wouldn't feed into it. Probably. Standing silently before himeko as she uuuuhs, Zappa gives a slight sigh, hand pressing against his forehead as he begins to lament his bad luck. Especially as Himeko's hears begin to turn and churn inside of her brilliant strategical mind! Why, Zappa is left unaware of the churning of precise machinery that could put supercomputers to shame! Finally she speaks up, saying how interesting it is.

Oh, did she not outright reject him!? "Really? Yes, it's as I tried to explain to others, how you can over-come any obstacle with the right mindset." Zappa proclaims, hand no longer over his face in any way, "It most certainly is, if I may say so... hmm? Oh. Himeko Kashiwagi, a pleasure." Zappa proclaims, "And I am Zappa." What, no last name?! The heart of his forehead is awkwards as he bows, but it is quite clearly there. The rings around his wrists hanging as he presses his hands together.

"Why, thank you Himeko, for agreeing... I was beginning to lose hope."

".. Yes! That's exactly what I've been saying!" Himeko interjects as she nods in agreement with a chipper grin. "The right mindset! Well, of course hard work as well, but I think we're on the same page all that same."

But then a bead of sweat falls down the side of her face. While she does agree with his philosophy, there's still the issue of her being uncertain just how effective such a plan would be. Clearly the right thing to do would be to get his information and then get back to him at a later da-

"Zappa?" No last name? Himeko blinks rapidly several times, then her cheeks puff out. "*pffft*" ... She covers her hand over her mouth as her shoulders buckle. "*ppfff* *SNNNNNKT*" Then finally, "BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!" Such uproaring laughter follows, and alas, it would seem that the pink-clad martial artist is just like the other after all.. Such a sad fat- "That's FANTASTIC!! Ok ok!! So when we start the fight, right? I'll be like 'Hey, Zappa, what does the scouter say about his power level?' and then you'll be like... Ahahah! You'll be like..!!" Himeko goes into another burst of giggles to the point that she can't even finish the joke and tears eventually stream down her cheeks. It feels as if ten minutes pass before she finally sets her hand upon his shoulder to keep her balance.

".. Ahhh.... Ok, you're in! Welcome to the No Brand Heroes team!"

Himeko agrees with him! Goodness, Zappa had believed things would end up being the same - but then... she says his name and begins to laugh. And laugh. And LAUGH. Zappa's eyes, wide at first, grow a bit more constrained as Himeko manages to laugh her pretty little face off, and Zappa watches it as it bounces all around the room! Not really - he's just staring at Himeko a bit still before she finally answers that it is FAN-TAS-TIC!

Zappa's face brightens up - he had felt faint a moment ago, felt his eyes nearly rolling up into the back of his head like before - not literately of course, that'd be silly! That's never happened! Still, when Himeko goes forwards to tell the strategy, Zappa agrees - even if he doesn't really get it fully.

She really, really, REALLY, like her own joke. "That's wonderful! I am so happy that you agreed - I will not let you down! Just tell me what you need! ... but uh, if it's actual fighting..."

No Brand Heroes team? Well, that's certainly an interesting team name! But after all, they should be fine... shouldn't they?

If only Himeko knew what lurked beneath!

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