Aranha - OOC: Lounge Hijinx

Description: Because some lounge conversations are too awesome not to save.

Aranha says, "Mint's hitbox is so small, that she's banned in tournament play."
Damn, Daniel says, "Nah, they just nerf her priority and treat her fists as part of the hitbox"
Damn, Daniel says, "So if you poke her fists with yoga flame, she gets set on fire"
Aranha says, "And then she's nerfed into uselessness."
Mint argh
Aranha says, "Especially against zoners like Brandon."
Damn, Daniel says, "Man"
Mint says, "Man, you guys just aren't using my EX armor right"
Mint says, "You can EX through fireballs if you do it right"
Damn, Daniel says, "I remember the one time I was using Jezebel against a Brandon, and I just annoyed the player into using his EX mode,"
Damn, Daniel says, "And he basically melted himself down trying to chip me down"
Damn, Daniel says, "I don't get why people use his EX mode"
Aranha says, "While he damages himself, his moves are some of the hardest hitting in the game and cover a lot of real estate on the screen."
Mint says, "If he connects, anyway. You gotta make sure that his stuff isn't blocked"
Mint says, "Still, he's got some pretty sick frame advantage on his interrupts"
Mint says, "And even his EX mode normals are stronger than most of Jez's -specials-"
Damn, Daniel says, "I guess, but I still think that Brandon is a skill gate character"
Damn, Daniel says, "He's really scary until you get the defensive fundamentals down, and I think he is counter-picked pretty easily."
Damn, Daniel says, "On the other hand, I remember running into a good Brandon player who utterly ripped apart my main Daniel."
Damn, Daniel says, "And he focused more on the defensive and zoning abilities of Brandon rather than Lolocide Mode"
Damn, Daniel says, "Oh, shoot, did you hear from the latest update from EVO?"
Damn, Daniel says, "They are banning Honoka."
Mint says, "What?!"
Mint says, "Why?"
Damn, Daniel says, "I think its the Nu-13 problem, but worse."
Damn, Daniel says, "Honoka has a strong keepaway and zoning game, and the tools in order to -force- it into a keepaway and zoning game."
Damn, Daniel says, "Bad Honoka players are the worst in the game, Expert Honoka players are merely good, but the masters essentially force every single opponent into whatever playstyle they feel like that day"
Damn, Daniel says, "I mean look at the Goat move she has. Slow as hell, easily exploited right? Then JWong or whoever shows up and suddenly turns it into one of the most ruthless and precise punishers for having the gall to dodge her Aerial Strong Punch's super-weirdass hitbox."
Mint says, "But why are they banning her for that? It's not like the tournaments are supposed to be catering to casuals. Not everyone can even think far enough ahead for a setup like that"
Damn, Daniel says, "It's overcentralizing though"
Damn, Daniel says, "You know what happened in the MotM tournament with the Old Spice Hoboken 2016 scrum?"
Mint says, "Eh, Honoka's easily countered, the weird thing about her, Brandon and Eve both have her beat. You know she takes like double tick damage from blocks, right?"
Damn, Daniel says, "The entire finals brackets was Honoka, except for Mango going Ayame (got eliminated in the semi-finals)"
Damn, Daniel says, "See, that's the Expert Honoka talking."
Damn, Daniel says, "Once you get down the precise spacing of her moveset, she doesn't -need- to block."
Damn, Daniel says, "Did you know she can reflect back Brandon's max? She can even -poke- him out of it safely if she has the right positioning because of those stupid yoyos."
Reaper Ayame stares.
Damn, Daniel says, "Just a second I have some footage"
Damn, Daniel says, "Just in case you haven't seen master Honoka play"
Mint shrugs back at Ayame, spellbound. o_o;
Momoko says, "Ayame, hold me, I'm scared."
Damn, Daniel says, ""
Damn, Daniel says, "It's pretty bad when the best counter-pick against Honoka is Honoka, on masters level."
Damn, Daniel says, "I mean, Yoshiaki recently announced that in Japanese tournaments that she would be set aside in her own H-Tier"
Reaper Ayame doesn't think that means...
Mint says, "Yeah, but he also place AY4M3 in there too, and she's clearly not tournament-worthy."
Damn, Daniel says, "That's because you can customize AY4M3's movelist"
Damn, Daniel says, "You can't counterpick AY4M3"
Mint says, "Yeah, but it takes like hours to retrain those new moves. You can't change the movelist on the fly in an actual tournament that way."
Damn, Daniel says, "Mint don't take this personally,"
Damn, Daniel says, "But you are wrong, and you should feel bad for being wrong, and you should thank me for pointing this out to you"
Mint says, "And major tournaments prevent you from swapping in alternate memory modules, and.."
Damn, Daniel says, "And as long as you refuse to thank me I will continue to be offended."
Mint pops Daniel in the nose!
Damn, Daniel says, "The point is Mint is that you can't counterpick AY4M3, but you CAN keep AY4M3 on reserve"
Damn, Daniel says, "So while people can't counterpick against AY4M3 reliably,"
Damn, Daniel says, "AY4M3 is -perfect- for counter picking."
Damn, Daniel says, "I mean for christs sake they let AY4M3 load on Kunne Chup Kamui"
Mint says, "Eh, she's based on the new AY4M3. Still nowhere near as fun to play as Ayame in SNF'13."
Damn, Daniel says, "I'm still really fucking pissed about how they replaced Rust with that god damn punk-ass Rust Jr."
Damn, Daniel says, "Holy shit I used to main Rust. I would -dominate- with that jumping strong kick"
Mint says, "RIGHT?!"
Reaper Ayame cracks up.
Damn, Daniel says, "And now they have this 'zany' fake ass ninja shit?"
Damn, Daniel says, "And some asshole managed to win -one- mainstream tournament with Rust Jr"
Damn, Daniel says, "And now you can't go online without bumping into 10 of them"
Damn, Daniel says, "Why the hell haven't they brought back Rust classic?!"
Damn, Daniel says, "If they release one more god damn wrestler"
Damn, Daniel says, "I swear to shit"
Damn, Daniel says, "I mean, I'd even take students again!"
Damn, Daniel says, "If one of those students was basically Rust classic in a school girl uniform"
Mint says, "I think you've taken enough students for one decade, Daniel"
Damn, Daniel says, "I don't care anymore!"
Mint eyeroll.
Damn, Daniel says, "Hey screw you Mint."
Damn, Daniel says, "I don't see Vuong showing up in SNF throwback tournaments anymore!"
Damn, Daniel says, "How's your old main doing, huh?"
Mint says, "Vuong is like a test mode character, he isn't even in the NA/US release of the game."
Damn, Daniel says, "Oh, right, like Noah"
Mint says, "Well, unless you do the savestate hack"
Mint nods
Damn, Daniel says, "Look,"
Mint says, "It's alright though, I knew how to play him before it was cool"
Damn, Daniel says, "With Honoka banned in tournaments, we might start seeing more Rolands and Seis"
Damn, Daniel says, "Roland/Ayame and Ayame/Sei matchups are epic to watch"
Damn, Daniel says, "As opposed to the cheap ass projectile reflect crap that Honoka does"
Mint says, "Yeah, but the Sei patch keeps getting delayed for some reason."
Damn, Daniel says, "What the hell is that accent"
Damn, Daniel says, "Oh my god Mint"
Mint says, "It's Eesheeree sheena."
Damn, Daniel says, "I am still really pissed about all the DLC shit with the newest release."
Mint says, "Gosh."
Mint says, "Yeah, they're obviously just trying to stall for as much time as they can while they're building the next big dud of a game."
Yuri has connected.
Mint says, "Wait until the fan rage can't get any higher, than just throw a random Seishirou quote at us and it's 'OMG I CAN'T WAIT, JUST RELEASE THE NEW SEI PATCH' all over again."
Mint says, "And it doesn't even have to be anything of merit either."
Mint says, "It can just be a simple 'Seishirou :)' and people just lose their minds."
Mint waves to Yuri
Damn, Daniel says, "Look, I like Sei as much as the next person,"
Damn, Daniel says, "He's still the best boss character ( I don't care if he was demoted to mid-boss in the later games)"
Damn, Daniel says, "Jinchuu and Jinchuu 2 are both classic games."
Damn, Daniel says, "But it's really exploitive that they just keep dangling him like that"
Mint says, "never did get around to playing the second."
Damn, Daniel says, "They handed over Ayame like nobody's business"
Damn, Daniel says, "Well, it tries a lot more new things, and I think that hurts it in the long run"
Damn, Daniel says, "A lot of the stuff in Jinchuu 2 are built fully in the new releases, where Jinchuu has the 'nostalgia' value to it"
Damn, Daniel says, "So it is kinda trapped between the two."
Damn, Daniel says, "Also the story is a lot worse translated."
Damn, Daniel says, "What the hell is a Rhino Ravager."
Mint says, "Seriously, they should have just left it as roshambo or whatever instead of translating it to 'the working man'"
Damn, Daniel says, "And Jilo Kasagi?"
Mint UGH. "Is that what it came out to?"
Damn, Daniel says, "Seriously"
Mint says, "I only ever played with the Japanese voices on"
Damn, Daniel says, "Oh man, uh"
Damn, Daniel says, "Jinchuu 2 was...."
Yuri says, "What's this now?"
Damn, Daniel says, "It didn't let you swap to the Japanese VAs"
Damn, Daniel says, "So you had to stick with the English VAs"
Damn, Daniel says, "So you had stuff like Alma having a British accent, and Frei having an effeminate lisp."
Damn, Daniel says, "And Jiro's VA sounded like he was about to fall asleep"
Damn, Daniel says, "Ayame was hit the worst though, let me tell you"
Mint says, "Not often enough."
Mint coughs
Mint says, "We're talking about the characters in the MOTM fighting games, Yuri"
Damn, Daniel says, "'Wowwie Wow! When the darkness comes, you will weep for joy! That I have prepared... for that day!""
Damn, Daniel says, "Remember the English VA for Excel Saga?"
Yuri says, "I see. So I'm guessing the VA bit is a joke."
Mint says, "Man that was a dark chapter."
Mint says, "No wonder everyone stopped playing the games."
Yuri never saw Excel Saga.
Damn, Daniel says, "Higher Pitched"
Damn, Daniel says, "It's sad because once you got past the VA, it was really experimental and fun"
Mint says, "KOF 2011 was terrible, I heard people just stopped playing MOTM fighting games completely after that."
Damn, Daniel says, "You wanna know my guilty pleasure?"
Damn, Daniel says, "The MotM dating sim games."
Mint says, "Other than spiders and squ-- Oh."
Damn, Daniel says, "The writing is surpisingly good in them,"
Damn, Daniel says, "And that's actually where they manage to move Ayame past the whole 'gothic chick in a skirt with a stick' character design"
Mint says, "Yeah, I'm not sold on the new look though. Like, it's cool they managed to make it free-flowing and everything but I think they just did that to show off the new graphics engine."
Mint says, "It's not really fun if you have to get a whole new console just to play it."
Damn, Daniel says, "I actually heard that they might move the new game to the PC"
Damn, Daniel says, "-With- the first DLC package included"
Yuri says, "I hear they might also add achievements."
Damn, Daniel says, "Really? Achievements?"
Damn, Daniel says, "Eeeeeh."
Damn, Daniel says, "I guess those are okay"
Yuri says, "I also heard they might add developer commentary, but I can't verify that."
Mint says, "Yeah, but they've been doing backports of the older games to PC, and they have -suuuuucked-"
Mint says, "Like, almost no controller support. You can't even use fight sticks even if they're USB."
Mint says, "And if you are one of the unlucky folks running with a Radeon, forget it."
Damn, Daniel says, "I really hope they have proper AMD support"
Damn, Daniel says, "I'm an AMD man"
Mint says, "This explains much. u_-;"
Momoko says, "Daniel this is clearly all your fault."
Mint haha
Yuri has disconnected.
Damn, Daniel looks innocent
Cracker Jack has connected.
Aranha returns... "No actually. I think I'll take the blame for this.
Aranha says, "I still cry for Quon. They took away his Roaring Guardian and he hasn't been the same since."
Damn, Daniel says, "Didn't Quon canonly die off though?"
Aranha says, "He did but the recent game rebooted the franchise."
Aranha says, "They also took out the Muay Thai influenced moves as well that they planned on adding in the dream match."
Mint says, "Is it like a Dream Match?"
Mint huh
Damn, Daniel says, "Oh right"
Damn, Daniel says, "That weird-ass time reboot plot"
Damn, Daniel says, "Wait why did Daniel not change then"
Damn, Daniel haven't really been following the new games storywise
Mint says, "Well, they probably figured that Daniel was so boring and lackluster that no one would notice."
Aranha says, "They didn't bother changing Aranha much either. They knew the die hard Aranha fans would fucking riot and they just didn't want to open that can of worms."
Mint says, "I mean, does anyone play Daniel in tournaments?"
Damn, Daniel says, "Hopefully they will now that Honoka is banished to her own tier"
Mint says, "He's mid-tier at best. He just didn't get a full revamp like the Ayames and Honokas did."
Damn, Daniel says, "You know, I heard that they were talking about replacing Aranha with her little sister;"
Damn, Daniel says, "I bet the blowup over Rust Jr. put the kibitz on that"
Mint says, "Probably."
Damn, Daniel says, "As somebody who mains Daniel"
Damn, Daniel says, "I will say this"
Damn, Daniel says, "A Master Ayame can do everything that a Master Daniel can do, and more"
Damn, Daniel says, "Because the one thing Daniel does better than Ayame.... doesn't come into play on the Master level"
Aranha says, "They did add a little power to Aranha's attacks but the button combinations to squeeze that extra power out of his attacks limits him to high level play at master level."
Damn, Daniel says, "A master player isn't gonna get cornered by Daniel"
Damn, Daniel says, "And Ayame has a superior aerial game over Daniel... and aerials are king in the newest release."
Robo-Tran has connected.
Damn, Daniel says, "It's similar to the Brandon problem, except a lot less cool and flashy."
Mint headbutts Robo-Tran
Damn, Daniel says, "Daniel can utterly rip apart people in certain circumstances... but has trouble setting up those circumstances."
Aranha says, "And if Kelly ever ends up in a game, it's probably going to be either as a secret character or DLC"
Mint says, "Unless they bring strikers back."
Damn, Daniel says, "Where Ayame can zone people into where they are weak, and then just swap to exploit that weakness"
Damn, Daniel says, "Daniel reacts, Ayame acts."
Damn, Daniel says, "I mean FTP is now a Max and has utterly overwhelming priority and power... except FTP used to be his ground dash option"
Damn, Daniel says, "AND air dash option"
Damn, Daniel says, "So now he lost a huge chunk of mobility in exchange for power, which I think is a bad trade for him"
Mint says, "Still, it remains to be seen if he's going to thrive on the tournament scene even with those changes."
Damn, Daniel says, "If Sei and Roland start overtaking Ayame? Maybe"
Damn, Daniel says, "An AYame-heavy meta is bad for Daniel"
Mint rrrgh why won't they release the Sei patch
Damn, Daniel says, "A Sei/Roland heavy meta is fantastic for Daniel"
Mint says, "No one's even seen Roland in a tournament either."
Mint says, "The most he's been around for is some NL exhibition matches"
Damn, Daniel says, "Roland has a fantastic kit though"
Mint says, "And that goofy romance VN."
Damn, Daniel says, "High damage and solid mobility."
Damn, Daniel says, "I actually wanna see more Aranha too"
Damn, Daniel says, "Daniel is a pretty even matchup with Aranha at high level play"
Damn, Daniel says, "Unpredictable offense with solid defense options vs unpredictable offense with solid defense options"
Damn, Daniel says, "Completely different styles of play"
Rainbow Mika has connected.
Damn, Daniel says, "What about Jira?"
Mint says, "Yes. What about Jira."
Damn, Daniel says, "Is there any sign that Jira will be showing her head on the competitive level?"
Aranha says, "I also have to say Munin, in the right hands is down right scary when a skilled player can make good reads."
Mint says, "Not lately, the devs have been dropping hints that she's supposed to get some minor buffs. But honestly, I think people only played her at the beginning because she was OP. And then, boom, nerfs."
Damn, Daniel says, "Same thing happes all the time"
Damn, Daniel says, "What about Pepper?"
Damn, Daniel says, "I like her kit, but I can't tell if she is just hard to use, or not that great."
Mint says, "But seriously, she doesn't even have a good demographic. Jira's too old for the moe market, and not ridiculous enough to compete with someone like Angel or Jezebel."
Mint says, "Her plot story meanders all over the place in this release, too, so it's like they haven't figured out what to do with her."
Mint says, "Pepper's neat. She has the potential to be one of the strongest players in the game, but her inputs are -sick- and hard to pull off without a whole lot of practice."
Damn, Daniel says, "I am worried she's high skill, medium reward though"
Damn, Daniel says, "Compare to Zach"
Damn, Daniel says, "They in theory made Zach more complex"
Damn, Daniel says, "In practice he's a pretty straight forward run-down character on a core level"
Mint says, "Yeah, he's kind of a good starter character, but his blockstrings don't go very far. He hits decently hard, but he doesn't scale well."
Damn, Daniel says, "oh shit"
Damn, Daniel says, "mint mint mint"
Damn, Daniel says, "Check out Kotaku."
Mint says, "Do I have to?"
Mint says, "What am I looking for"
Mint says, "Pfft. -That- combo video? That just proves he can do it in the training room. They're not showing what happens if the Quon player tries poking him out of it there."
Mint says, "Plus, like, all it takes is for someone at top level to get nailed with that once and they will see the setup from a mile away."
Aranha says, "And the pros do scout the hell out of each other."
Damn, Daniel says, "They are announcing that with the Sei patch, they are gonna include some funky monsters in it"
Damn, Daniel says, "... Which probably means the Sei patch will be around Halloween, doesn't it"
Mint says, "Pfft. I'll believe it when I see it."
Aranha says, "So that's why they were hinting at possibly adding Dr. Tessitore."
Cracker Barrel says, "They call me Professor Funkenstein"
Mint says, "Yeah but Tessitore was like.. in the background animations for what, two stages?"
Mint says, "And maybe some cut scenes? Or am I forgetting something"
Aranha says, "They were petitioning hard for her inclusion though."
Mint says, "She took a sword to the face though, last I saw. Who comes back from that?"
Aranha says, "If Wakamoto can come back from a 50 story fall, Tess can come back from a sword to the face."
Mint says, "I don't remember that guy"
Aranha says, "The boss in Aranha and Wing's storylines for Jinchuu 2."
Damn, Daniel says, "That's why Mint doesn't remember Wakamoto"
Damn, Daniel says, "She's never played Jinchuu 2"
Mint nods
Damn, Daniel says, "I might have scared her off from it by telling her the voice acting"
Mint says, "Hideous"
Damn, Daniel says, "and the pisspoor translation"
Aranha says, "I played it with subtitles on and player voices on mute."
Mint says, "Still not as bad as Major "ScarJo" Kusanagi"
Damn, Daniel says, "RHINO RAVAGER"
Aranha says, "The BGM was bumpin though."
Damn, Daniel says, "Oh wait I am not catching the VA properly"
Damn, Daniel says, "'Rhino. Ra-va-ger.'"
Mint haha
Mint says, "Who played Seishirou?"
Mint says, "Was that VA any good?"
Damn, Daniel says, "oh man"
Damn, Daniel says, "sei's VA"
Damn, Daniel says, "How about you explain this one Aranha"
Aranha says, "Remember? I played the game with character voices on mute. I couldn't stand Aranha or Alan's voices. And I was grateful for doing that because I heard Wing's VA was attrocious too."
Damn, Daniel says, "Well uh"
Damn, Daniel says, "Sei, being the epic and dark ninja that he is"
Aranha says, "And Aranha for whatever reason swaps from having Alan as his partner to having Wing as his partner in the storyline."
Mint says, "I'm kinda sad I missed out on all the hype about Wing."
Damn, Daniel says, "His voice acting was starscream, that's the short and dumb comparison"
Aranha says, "I'm also sad that I wasn't able to get all the storyfiles for Jinchuu 2. In Aranha's storyline you have to finish Wakamoto with a specific move or else you don't get the cutscene where Aranha picks his pocket for his cellphone before Wing shoves Wakamoto out the building,"
Mint haha

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