SNF 2016.04 - SNF: Mint vs Sven in: Wool Over Their Eyes!

Description: In the afternoon, the sheep will not simply be content to stand fast, to allow themselves be attacked by the unworthy. In a showdown in the making for over a year, Ex-Ex-Marine Minal "Mint" Panesh will get the chance to slamdown with the loud-mouthed Warwolf, Sven Maesters, in a no-holds barred smackdown right here in the Hidden Refuge. Normally, this would be a regular fight. But throughout the entire fight, the sheep will show their love by... leaping all over both Sven and Mint, preventing them from seeing each others attacks clearly. Obviously the solution is to knock away the sheeps but what kind of monster are you?! <Winner: Sven>

Corporal Panesh -- Mint -- has been hard at work on the front lines of a recent armed conflict. It's been tough work, but the gearhead has definitely appreciated having the time to clear her mind, and her work queue.
But now... now is a couple days' leave. She didn't have enough time to really make going home to New Jersey worth it -- not to mention, her family is so far spread out it wouldn't even be a fun time. So instead, she's decided to blow off steam here in the shadow of the Matterhorn. For... fun and profit.

Minal hangs her helmet on the handlebars of her rented motor scooter. She'd really wanted to snag the sweet Harley that was available, but there would have been no way for the short-legged Marine to drive it safely up the steep hills. But as she begins her way up the path, it becomes more apparent that, well...
There's a whole lot of freaking sheep. And they're not afraid of the dark-skinned Indian, or her giant metal gauntlets.

Mint sees the fight officials and the camera crew positioned ahead. The sheep aren't that tall, but they nearly come up to the diminutive Marine's shoulders. One of the cameramen even begins to snicker, though he's polite enough to turn his head to the side before it gets too embarassing.

The corporal draws in her breath. Sheep are not the most -hospitable- of animals to someone who doesn't utterly tower over them, and they are too busy occupying themselves with grazing to move out of her way. So she weaves her way through the sheep, trying to make her way to the fight officials without upsetting any of the cloven-hooved animals.
From the determined and increasingly harried look on Mint's face... it looks like it might take a while.

There was one who towered over them, however.

Sven Maesters, sometimes known as 'The Warwolf,' had come ahead to enjoy a fierce lunch of fondue and bread, before his match with the one Minal Panesh. He had... recalled the little pint-sized punk in the wrestling tournament. And now, the wrestler was the world champion (in his class). The match was to be simple, here in the valley. He would clutch the loud-mouthed little woman, and then bring the pain to her in a televised match.

If he could find her.

The Swede was striding through the herd of sheep, a good ways away from the camera crew. He was clad in the wolf-skin pelt, the wolfman mask, and his cargo shorts and big army boots. But instead of the sheep being terrified by the man in wolf's clothing, they were instead... just as eagerly affectionate. Throwing his arms in the air, he strides back towards the camera crew, who was trying still as hard to stifle their laughter. "Where is she? Where is girl!?"

He was, in fact, standing right by Mint.

"AAARGH!" The Swede roars, looking around the herd of sheep furiously. "Coward! Wimp! Where is little woman? How can I have a fight! You know where she is! She is here!?" He points an angry finger at the camera crew... who just sputter more laughter, as they nod their heads. Sven beats his naked chest, throwing his head back. "I AM SICK OF THIS GAME!" Body turning red with rage, he just starts grabbing the sheeps with both hands, clutching them by their wool, and point blanks starts hurling the sheep away. Flinging them aside, they surge back to fill in the gaps... but they are just too slow, as Sven, looking down, sees Corporal Panesh amongst the sheep. Eyes peering from behind the mask, he just blurts out as the sheep surge back into place.


Sven Maesters stares down, holding the sheep upsidedown, high above his head.

"... Why are you hiding behind sheep?"

COMBATSYS: Mint has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mint             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Sven has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sven             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Mint

Mint continues weaving her way over to Sven, patting sheep on the head as she goes. They don't even seem that intimidated by her metal hands -- mostly thanks to the algorithms that keep her touch from being as coldly robotic as the best competitors' technology. She may be frustrated, but hearing the Swede belt out challenges to her courage and dignity just brings a subtle, possibly even condescending smirk to the Indian's lips.

Mint's familiar with 'The Warwolf'. She remembers him too, from that wrestling tournament -- mostly in a drunken state, and ranting with words just as brash and disagreeable as ever. The corporal has just been dealing with fellow Marines, though -- she's ready for this kind of vulgar attitude. Even as the sheep begin to fly, she keeps her calm -- even shushing the sheep nearest her as they begin to stir. "Sh-sh-ssh, it's okay, he's just a loudmouth..." she whispers...
Until a sheep is hurled her way, by complete accident. As the corporal drops to one knee, she raises both her gauntlets overhead, effectively creating a giant catcher's mitt for the surprised sheep.
It only squirms a little bit.

When Mint sets the sheep down beside her, the void left behind fills in quickly. "I'm not hiding," protests the diminutive Indian with an arched eyebrow, "I was right here in plain sight the whole time! Maybe you just took one too many shots to the head, right?!"
An official catches the Indian's eye, and she nods back in reply. Planting her hand upon the most obstinate sheep in her way, she vaults over top of it and lands softly upon the back the sheep beside it. "So let's get this fight started!"

And with the sound of a shotgun shell discharging, the tiny Marine rockets her way towards Sven. The sudden noise startles the sheep -- and some jump up in fright! In the commotion, she can't see Sven clearly -- a slight impediment -- but she works with the advantage of surprise! But Sven ought to have no trouble ascertaining the weapon that will be levelled upon him, judging from the heaviest two pieces of equipment the gearhead Marine always totes along with her. The first strike would be an aerial left hook -- and the rocket-powered right that follows it would be a nice overhead hammer blow to blast Sven into his very own crater!

COMBATSYS: Sven auto-guards Mint's Knuckle Dragger.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Sven             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Mint

"Shot to head?!"

Sven bellow, his body turning crimson again. "SHOT TO HEAD?! You are calling Sven crazy!!!" The roar comes, as the officials call the match. Immediately, the little Marine was bounding, as Sven staggers back, still clutching his sheep overhead. As the sound of gunfire goes off, the sheep around him are a blur. He couldn't see what was coming, he didn't know the match was going. Desperation takes over, as the oncoming metal fist riots towards him.

And there is a loud baa-ing sound.

Sven, desperate in the close quarters, frantically bring to bear the only thing he had on hand. In this case? The sheep he had in his hands. Holding up the sheep desperately, the first blow lands squarely into the sheep, smashing violently into the wooly animal. The second blow comes with a staggering overhead, with Sven nearly smashing the sheep right into the fist. The second blow is enough to send the sheep hurtling right down to the ground, cratering into the earth around the other sheep.

Which then the shepe promptly stands up, and immediately comes underfoot.

"What is wrong with these sheep!?" THe wrestler states confused, looking around frantically for Mint... who was already disappeared. Growling furiously, he glares around as the sheep leap around in the air, bounding happily around Sven and the Marine. Groaning, he sees the flash of metal. And without missing a beat, he throws himself into the midsts of the sheep, hands out, attempting to grab it. Should he get the grips on whatever it is that he seized? He would lift it up in the air, hook it face down under his armpit, and simply leap backwards into the air, to slam it down right into the... the...

Midst of the sheep.

COMBATSYS: Mint blocks Sven's Power Throw.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sven             0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0             Mint

Cpl Panesh frowns as the sheep go crazy, baa-ing and bleating as they begin to rustle all over the place. She had figured that the wooly beasts would keep their characteristic calm -- most fighters -don't- cause them to rustle about in such a panicked fashion.
Few fighters are as rip-roaringly loud as Sven, though.
Even fewer have rocket-powered fists.

Minal's fist slams into the poor sheep not once, but twice -- bringing tears to Mint's eyes as she realizes what she's accidentally done. "Oh no!" she cries out, but as she leaps back from her attack, the damage is already done.
The whine of the miniature turbine strapped to the Marine's back, and the occasional backfires from her gauntlets are startling the hell out of the poor beasts, forcing them to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

For a moment there was a clearing between herself and Sven, though that gap is suddenly filled by a stampede of hooves as the sheep crowd in. Mint makes full use of the cover as she runs alongside an ewe -- though Sven -is- quick enough to identify the 1-o-clock sun glinting off her massive metal gauntlets. He's able to grab hold of her -- bringing out a yelp from the Marine -- but when she's slammed downwards, she violently twists her other arm around as a counterweight, keeping her downward momentum from being anywhere near as painful as it could have been. There's an advantage to her gauntlets weighing almost as much as she -- she hardly leaves a crater in the ground thanks to her effort, with the sheep momentarily abandoning her to her fate.

She's also glad she polished the gauntlets, making it difficult for Sven to maintain grip. Diving beneath the hooves of a sheep, she suddenly has the idea to grab hold of the lady-sheep...

"Spotlight's on ewe, Mister Maesters!" All of a sudden, a sheep's head flies out of the herd, its eyes lolling about as it's suddenly pitched towards the Swede. Hooves clamber about for purchase, but there won't be any as it's momentarily left the ground on a direct collision course for Sven!

COMBATSYS: Mint successfully hits Sven with Huge Thrown Object.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sven             0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0             Mint

Caught her.

Seizing up Mint, he rolls through the air to slam her down. A little... too much roll in fact. The slam misfires like one of Minal's fists, as he hits the ground hard in parallel with Mint. "Gragh!" He grunts, as the woman slips from his grips. Staggering to a stand, he rises up, and stares around the herd of sheep.

And practically sputters behind his mask as one of the sheep slams into him.

"GRAGH! SHEEP!?!" Was the confused roar as the sheep slams into his face hard. The sheep doesn't flail or fight, but instead hugs on to Sven's face tightly. The wrestler gropes around blindly, grabbing the nearly sheep as he unleashes muffles screams. Finally, he grabs HIS sheep, and with a pained tear, he rips it off, tossing it aside. The sheep lands with a bounce. "Spotlight on me? Spotlight on-"

And then he pauses.


That was the howl as sheep begin to get sent flying all around him. He unleashes a staggering punch of his own, a wild haymaker right into the midsts of the sheeps. He couldn't track the Indian-American as she sifted through the herd.

He had to hit something though, right?

COMBATSYS: Mint fails to interrupt Fierce Punch from Sven with Rapid Combo.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Sven             0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0             Mint

Mint frowns as Sven's enraged roars seem to startle the poor sheep even more. To say nothing of the surprised ewe which she had literally just chucked at the towering Swede, she seems... upset! Her high-pitched voice is -quite- the contrast to the booming titan. "Do you think -everything- can be solved by shouting louder and louder? Gosh! You're frightening the poor lil' guys!"

Of course, even while talking, Mint adopts a low crouch, allowing the stampeding sheep to mask her escape to the side. The combat-trained Marine doesn't seem too eager to join the fray right away -- Sven's presence is easy to detect in the midst of the horde.

Yes, it's a pun. "What, are those illegal in Switzerland?" rings out her voice, drawing a good deal of attention in the process. She knows she done messed up though, when she sees sheep flying out of the path between her and the behemoth.

Minal doesn't speak Hindi all that much. But her parents would be upset by the word that comes out of her mouth next.
Biting back her words she lunges forward, aiming to try and make the best of what she -knows- to be her attacker. She aims to drop low and intercept him with a punch to the waist. But that's when she realizes how much she -doesn't- know about her opponent's attack -- she gets -nailed- in the shoulder by the haymaker, taking the tiny pugilist off her feet and hurling her sideways into the wooly beast beside her. With a bleat of protest, the sheep totters over onto its side, its hooves flailing about for purchase on the slight incline.

Minal yelps out in pain as she scrambles back to her feet, one steel gauntlet clutched around her left shoulder. "Son of a-- " Something -else- to not get caught saying on camera, sheesh.
She's swallowed up by the sheep horde a moment later. Where the heck has she gone -now?!-


Those were the roars as Sven manages to land a solid blow, hurling out a staggering assault right into the midsts of the sheep. "Little Mint Cup! I will slam you!" The wrestler bellows out as he recoils from the blow. He didn't... he didn't even know if he HIT her or not. The sheep already coils around, the mass of sheep a terrifying mass. Beating his chest, he howls again.

And then he kind of... scratches his head.

"Oagh." He grunts. "I hate these sheeps. I hate these sheeps like RAINBOW MANIA!" The words Rainbow Mania seems to reinvigorate the the wrestler. Seizing a nearby sheep, he begins swinging it wildly, swinging it by its legs. The sheep idly baas, chewing its cud as the lamb is swung, side by side, as Sven lashes out into the flock. The wrestler was beating the sheep into the herd, trying to smack around Mint like a whack a mole, attempting the cull the herd...

Of a one Minal Panesh.

COMBATSYS: Mint interrupts Large Random Weapon from Sven with Attack of Opportunity.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Sven             0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0             Mint

COMBATSYS: Mint blitzes into action and acts again!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Sven             0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0             Mint

Gragh, gragh, spake the Swede. These fights will never be literary masterpieces, though it's sadly probable that aliens will one day stumble across them, and determine that Mint and Sven are normal specimens of the human inhabitants on the third planet from Sol.
If that's the case, though, the hypothetical aliens will probably be surprised at the human in the path of the wrestler's rage. As Sven wields the ovine as a thresher to cull through the rolling fields of sheep, Mint keeps using the beasts as cover. Though it will be increasingly easier for Sven to ascertain the -general- bearing of the Marine, as the turbine strapped to her back is spinning up to an increasing volume...

As the last lamb between herself and Sven is cleared away, Mint senses the perfect moment to strike.
And with a roar of jet turbines, Mint is suddenly, and powerfully, =right in front of Sven=. "It's okay to hate someone -better- than you, haha!" And she's not like a few feet in front of him either -- her steel fist is rocketing into the underside of his -jaw-, as two piles of upset and overturned sheep are blasted up in her wake. "Ahahahaha!"
Surely, the bleating animal slammed into her shoulder stings -- especially doubling up on the earlier injury. But it's not enough to deter the forward motion of the miniature jet turbines propelling her forward, driving Sven backwards in mostly-controlled flight.

If that were enough, it'd be pretty impressive. But the pint-sized pugilist doesn't really stop there -- she's enjoying the hell out of this, as she continues with her jet-powered momentum, her rockets continuing to fire her forward, even as she and Sven catch air, skimming across the top of the sheep. She pistons one punch after another into the Swede's midsection, hoping to batter him down with a steel barrage of knuckle power. "Man, what'd this Rainbow Mika -do- to you anyway? You really gotta bury the hatchet here!"

COMBATSYS: Mint successfully hits Sven with Body Blow.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Sven             1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0             Mint

And out of the white, she bursts out.

The blow collides squarely into Sven's jaw, the wrestler groaning again as he drops the sheep. Where did she come from? Thrown off balanced, the wrestler staggers back. Blood begins to pour down his beard, the blow turning into a tearing one. Groaning, he swings his arms around wildly as he takes to the air.

And he throws off the cloak.

The wolf pelt is thrown away, landing on a nearby sheep. The wolf-sheep scurries around, showing just how quickly the sheep could move in the mass. Exposed and turning red, the follow up punches come in, as Sven attempts to turn with each blow, attempting to find an opening. None that appear this high up, in fact, as the wrestler takes body blow after body blow. Only grunts are the response now, as he waits, waits for the assault to let up. And when it does?

Sven goes berserk.

"RAINBOW MANIA IS THE WORST!" Was the howl as Sven throws himself into Mint, as the rocket ride slows down, attempting to sweep her off her feet with the sudden surge of energy. His body was blackened, blood was dripping off his chin. But as his skin turns flush, he attempts to seize up the nearest thing near him. Should he get that grip, he would spin the victim around his body. And then, with great flourish, simply slam the poor victim across his knee, falling into a kneel as he slammed it down.

ANd finish with a howl.


COMBATSYS: Mint blocks Sven's World Wolf III.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Sven             1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0             Mint

Mint is a bit confused for a moment, as it looks like her first punch took the Swede's head clean off. But she continues on with her attacks, her smile growing with each successive punch as she peripherally notes the wolf cloak flying off. Why did he even -start- the fight with that thing on, anyway?
It might be because she started the fight so aggressively. But she's not worried about that right now.

This fight has been months in the making -- she had -wanted- to punch the swaggering Swede way back during the Flight of the Soaring Spirit! The trash-talking student from the streets of New Jersey has had plenty of opportunities to deal with folks like Sven, and she relished every single opportunity to take one of them down a peg or three! She knows full well that braggarts like him would take every opportunity for a cheap shot, so any notion of 'mercy' is just not one that has any place on the sheep-riddled battlefield.

Her booster charge depleted, Minal's momentum is no longer enough to carry the pair further into the woolen sea. She backs away, bringing both hands up to defend her face -- proving that, yes, even -without- her technological enhancements, she would still be a fairly competent boxer!

Her opponent says Rainbow Mania is the worst; she -did- strike a nerve, and she's willing to continue working that angle. Grinning, she steps backwards into the ovine ocean, the bare skin of her upper arm bearing legacy of the attacks. If she doesn't get the wounds looked at, one day, Cpl Panesh would be able to tell her kids that she laughed off a sheep to the shoulder, all thanks to the rush of adrenaline coursing through her veins. Despite her intent, her left gauntlet is definitely hanging a bit lower than her right.

Her respite between strikes does not last long, though, for Sven is quick to sweep her feet out from under her -- as well as the feet of the sheep immediately beside her! Eyes go wide at the attack -- she really -did- need practice on her footwork. "Ulp!" As she flies towards the ground, Mint latches onto the wool of the airborne sheep, eliciting a bleat of abject terror from the beast as its path is violently altered in yet -another- direction -- and then the whirling maelstrom that is his 'Whirled Wolf Three.' She apologizes, "Sorry for this..!" hoping the sheep can find it in its heart to forgive her.

It probably will not forgive her, though, as Sven drives a knee into the poor animal. Dizzy from the round trip, Mint feels some of the force transferred through the body of the unlucky victim, it's poor ovine bones insufficient to keep its internal organs -fully- safe from the onslaught of the Warwolf as the Marine breaks free of the hold, staggering back unsteadily as she spares a look for the poor sheep."
If it weren't for the legion of sheep standing directly behind her, the wobbly Marine might have tipped over. But... Mint is accused of being a rainbow maniac? The sheep are in an -uproar- over their critically injured companion, the ovine sea surging with bleats and cries of agony. Mint takes advantage of the confusion, holding on tightly to one of the sheep. She smacks the animal on the hindquarters, spurring it into motion while she holds on tightly as a passenger. "Well, sure, like the REST OF THE WORLD!" she retorts, "get with the times!"

As she rushes along with the sheep, she aims to grab hold of Sven from the side. With a small spurt from her gauntlet boosters, she aims to latch her right arm around the Swede's meaty neck -- luckily, her gauntlets don't have many sensors to detect his blood-soaked beard -- and the weakened pugilist uses her left gauntlet as a bludgeon to batter Sven into submission!

COMBATSYS: Sven interrupts Violent Clinching from Mint with Wolfensteiner.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Sven             1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1             Mint

The rest of the world was for Rainbow Mania?

It would take a while before the words reach Sven. But the journey there would be full brutality. Sven Maesters seizes up the smaller woman, and already begins the Tilt A Whirl. Whipping her around, the momentum builds towards the staggering backbreaker. It takes quick reflexes and quicker wit for Minal to swap places with the sheep. Sven grips the sheep by the wool, and with a slam, cracks it loudly across his knee. Releasing it, he howls for a moment... before growling in rage at the trickery.

The sheep itself waddles off, baaing cheerfully as it is unharmed.

The Warwolf, without his pelt, was now fully berserk. And yet, the mention of the entire world being for Rainbow Mika? The very accusation seems to throw Sven into an even more manic rage. Rising up from his knees, he was in a blind fury as he already front flips forward. The hand grabs Sven by the back of his neck, as the wrestler's murdereous thighs latch around Mint's own. Timing was pinpoint. Sven already could feel the crushing pressure on his neck. If Mint got her punch off, then Sven would be tenderized meat. The first blow comes, as the thighs tighten.

The second blow is interrupted as the leverage comes.

Sven pivots, wrenching his full weight as reverses the momentum of the Frankensteiner. Whipping Mint around, he slams her right into the midsts of the sheep, who are sent ragdolling through the air, baaing happily. The lambs surge around Sven as he mounts on top of the Marine's neck, nuzzling both fighters sweetly. But Sven wasn't done. Carrying the momentum with him, he keeps tumble, rolling with both himself and Mint on the ground. Wrenching her hard into the ground, twisting with the roll, he finally brings her back up over him. And there, he releases the Marine, sending her hurling away into the midsts of the sheep. Rising back to a stand, he roars again.


Mint thought for damn -sure- she could have landed a few more free attacks onto Sven, but it just wasn't in the cards -- the much smaller fighter just doesn't have the same experience at up-close grappling as her more singleminded opponent. "Nnnrgh!" is her intelligent rebuttal to his thought-provoking discourse across the Swiss Alps' rolling hillside -- having herself plowed into the ground under an enthusiastic audience of sheep leaves no room for a more verbose reply.
Not to mention, it freaking -hurts- being pressed into the ground so hard that her joints are practically dislocated. The pint-size pugilist has had her hands blown off, but at least that was instant -- the whirls have her on the verge of vomiting as she finally, mercifully, breaks free, leaning heavily on a decidedly overzealous sheep for balance.

Sheep go flying like bowling pins. And just as quickly, they roll atop one another and settle back into a cohesive ocean. And even though Cpl Panesh can barely even see straight, the advanced heuristic suite on her gauntlets is already giving her tactile feedback on which direction her opponent is in. Intoxicated by the adrenaline rush, she lumbers over to one side, bolstering herself by clenching both fists tightly at her sides. "Can't you two, like, -split- the world or something? We get all the normals, you can keep all the crazy people. Win-win, right?!"

So maybe the sheep -are- stronger than they look. Okay! But Mint sees something else in the midst -- something not-white.
A wolf leaps into the sky. Or rather -- it's the Warwolf's cloak, discarded mere moments earlier. The garment is just a distraction though -- as Mint is leaping behind it, aiming to bring both fists crashing down onto Sven's head from above. Her aim... well. It might be off considering the nature of her attack, but if it lands true, gosh, it might hurt a bit!

COMBATSYS: Sven endures Mint's BFH.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Sven             1/--=====/=======|=======\===----\1             Mint


That was the response to Mint's nngrh. The poetry between the two is grunting, heavy grunt harmonized with the cheerful baas of the countless sheep. Sven hurls her away, and Mint finds herself with a moment to recover. Because normally, Sven -probably- should have risen again over the sheep, still drunk on the surge of rage over him.

Instead, Sven kept rolling around on the ground.

As the cloak falls over Sven, he keeps tumbling, tumbling along. He was wrapped up in the wolfskin as he keeps tumbling amongst the sheep. As both fists come crashing down, they land squarely on the tumbling Sven. It might seem like Sven had accidentally gotten into an infinite logic loop. Maybe he had a rage stroke. It doesn't seem obvious what Sven was doing... until after the Marine slams both fists into the wrestler.

Sven's legs lash out like a bear trap towards the little woman...

COMBATSYS: Mint fails to interrupt Wolfensteiner 3D from Sven with SNAFU.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/---<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Mint can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/---<<<<|

And firmly, Sven snaps his legs around Mint's neck.

The wrestler continues to roll, tumbling along the ground. This time, he brings the Marine with him. Crack and roll, crack and roll. It was just like the Wolfensteiner that he caught Mint in before... except he wrenches Mint -three- times with every turn, bowling her underneath. After the third crack, he tosses Mint up in the air a little bit, just long enough for rise into a kneel. Both arms up, he catches Mint as she comes down, and finishes with something he owed her a while.

A bone-breaking back-breaker.

Before promptly collapsing to the side, completely exhausted.

Mint has a great deal of pride in her work. No one fixes tracked vehicles quite as well as she does -- most are surprised the corporal isn't already a top-ranked officer, really. And she's quite accomplished in the informal fight matches held on her last detachment.
But what Mint is -not- is patient, and perhaps that's her undoing here. With the cloak blinding herself to the attack, she isn't aware of any sort of rolling maneuver. She isn't aware of any grander strategy from the massive Swede -- in fact, she's convinced herself that the man's a moron and as such incapable of a long-term strategy that doesn't involve destruction of a Rainbow Mika poster of some kind.

She finds herself mistaken in the estimation that she'd be landing on solid ground. Sure, there's sheep around -- and sheep have been quite compliant thus far. But when she's standing atop the cloak, she doesn't know what she's standing on.
Or, more accurately, what she's being beartrapped by.

Mint yelps with displeasure as she finds herself pincered yet again. She struggles, trying her damndest to get a punch in before the world goes spinny again. But every time she tries? *CRUNCH!* Each time she rocks her fist back? *CRUNCH!*

The third time, she starts to get a hint of what she -might- be able to accomplish -- a mental image of Sven's enraged face as she slams her fist into it.
It's merely a fevered fantasy, though. The backbreaker sent the Marine into shock -- her body falls limp in Sven's grasp, thudding lifelessly onto the ground as it rolls off of his knee.

Mint's ribcage heaves slightly, rhytmically. She's alive, but her breathing is very faint. Damp soil decorates her olive drab clothing, and a multitude of surface scratches mar her stainless steel gauntlets. The discoloring on her left arm is apparent, but the number of bruises hidden beneath layers of her camouflaged clothing is not. Though, as one of the diagnostic displays on her right gauntlet suggests, her heart will keep beating on. Minal Panesh may be down for the count, blissfully unaware of the numerous sheep nudging their hooves and snouts against her unmoving body, but it's a certainty that someday, there -will- be a rematch with the Warwolf.

Sven wasn't holding up much better.

He was, without a better word, exhausted. The Night of the Warwolf had ended. And now, he was open, ready to be torn down. It wasn't clear what had happened; both Mint and Sven were down, being nuzzled lovingly by the sheep. The judge begin to hem and haw, trying to figure out whether to call it a DKO, or what.

As Sven rises, it makes the decision so much easier.

The wrestler pulls off the cloak, gasping for air as he struggles. "Rainbow Mania... Rainbow Mania...." He gasps and growls, standing high over Mint. "Rainbow Mania is a load... of horse hockey." He suddenly reaches up, pulling his mask up on top of his head. "And if you think you can beat me, little woman" He roars. "You better try it in the ring, to get my belt! I want you to remember this!" Sven holds up a finger towards the camera. "Warwolf Is Number 1!" He then makes a zero sign with his thumb and index finger. "Mint is just like Rainbow Mika!"


COMBATSYS: Sven has ended the fight here.

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