Rumble In The Streets - [Rumble W4] Skullomania vs Gan

Description: GAN vs SKULLOMANIA face off infront of the KYOTO IMPERIAL PALACE. Come for the Skullomania, during this rumble, and leave for .. NOTHING. You can't EVER leave! You're SKULLOMANIA'S NOW! Join the Skull-revolution! JOIN AND OBEY! But out of those two, who takes it? WHO CARES! SKULLOMANIA IS THE REAL WINNER.

Kyoto Imperial Palace, solemn place of ceremony for centuries of Japan's tumultuous cycles of tranquility and civil war, a situation possible only on an archipelago so close to an empire. As fat American tourists stand about the fight arena, snapping pictures with camera flashes while they wear Hawaiian shirts and shorts, a protest is being staged nearby, demanding freedom for Okinawa and the Ryukyu islands. There are plenty of guards, however, keeping the tourists from disrupting the fight. But Skullomania is a friend to freedom of all sorts, be it Japanese, American, or islander!

Two lines of pyrotechnic cannons go off in a pathway to the fight area, spraying bright blue pillars of sparks into the air. Skullomania comes flipping towards the arena with tireless gumption, before springing off one hand after a pivot and landing in a kung fu position, his left leg straight and stretched out, his right leg bent backwards as he extends his left arm and holds his right arm above his head, two fingers pointing at the palace throne. There's a flurry of photography from the American tourists, as Skullomania stands there, frozen in position with perfect stillness and grace. After a minute, he slowly, smoothly slides to stand perfectly straight, turning towards the protestors and giving them a low bow of respect.

"I gotta go where?"

It's not something that Gan was looking forwards to. Heading out towards the Imperial Palace? 'You have to Represent Gedo'. He sure as hell would! Gedo was a group of fighters, if anything, he'd represent the LIVING HELL out of Gedo High! Where Skullomania makes his entrance flashy as required, Gan was ... late. On purpose, actually. Not that it matters! They just said be there by that time. The tourists and protesters - specifically the latter - find themselves being shoved out of the way.

"Comin' through, unless you wanna join the fight with me." Gan exclaimed with a rather brutish grin. His 'best' outfit is being worn with the spikey ruffled hair covered by a stereotypical shade visor. An entire sleeve is missing on an arm. His outfit, while Gedo High, is covered around his midsection with a barrel. There's a moment when, inside of the ring, that Gan must look at Skullomania and follow up by hooking a thumb over.

"Didn't know I coulda wore my pajamas." Gan mutters, before turning to face Skullomania. A leg is raised upwards, slamming upon the ground before him. Wooden sandals clack against the ring's floor as he makes it clear he's there. "Gyahahah! Well, you look like you'll be more fun than the last! She was a bit too serious. Gonna have fun with this!"

Skullomania rises from the ball, and shifts to a loose posture, waiting for Gan to arrive. He doesn't check the time on a watch he didn't bother to wear, tap his foot impatiently, or even run off for a quick bathroom break. He merely peers out over the crowd, searching for signs of criminal deviance. One of them, he thinks, may be a communist, as evidenced by the smoking object they hold in their hand, but that is not a crime anymore. Merely a sign of moral degradation in his beloved Japan. No, he was not after communists, unless they formed a secret society of murderers to steal money from the Japanese people. He squints, considering this and looking at the smoking man again. His lips purse beneath the mask, nodding slowly. He would watch that one.

He turns towards Gan as the bulky sumo wrestler enters, putting his hands on his hips and puffing his chest out. Sadly, there is no romantic breeze for his red scarf, which merely hangs over his shoulder. He looks down at it, holding it and flicking it outwards a few times for effect. Pfah. He takes his hands off his hips, and bends forward as Gan does. He squats and raises his leg opposite Gan, slamming it downwards just after in a mimicry of Gan. Is he mocking him? Skullomania does not like Gedo High. A hive of scum and villainy, that do not do their English literature homework on time and often stare at the tightly clad bottoms of their female math tutors. No, he does not like Gedo. "Come at me!" he shouts, giving Gan the first attack. He assumes Gan is slow, due to his size, but make no mistake - Skullomania has studied the art of sumo extensively, having once accidently wandered into a sumo wrestling match in highschool. At least, it appeared to be sumo, but it involved Japanese business men waving handfuls of Yen and the sumo wrestlers were covered in oil. He shakes his head, banishing the memory for another time, to be pondered in his 'study' (his apartment's kitchenette), along with the incident in college where he tried LSD and left the door open in a sacred Japanese act they only call 'knife in the pillow'. But here, there was none of that to follow him. None of those memories.

There was only Skullomania.

There was only the devil, and the souls of the punished sinners.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Skullomania      0/-------/-------|

It depends, really, if Gan was going to play along or not.

Gan wasn't really a favorite of gym. Something about his team generally winning because he didn't consider the rules to be necesary to be followed by him. Especially since the rules would need to be enforced somehow. With the exception of a few teachers, no one really could make Gan follow those rules.

With Skullomania flipping his scarf, Gan's eyes focus on it very particularly. Yeah. This guy... this guy is something.

He's really not sure what. He does know, however, about a perfect way to FIND OUT. With Skullomania making a mockery/mimickry of Gan the Gedo Student belts out a laugh. A hive of scum of villainy that doesn't even know what english literature homework is, except they make great objects to throw at people. The books that is. Gan however has not stared often at teacher's rears. He would first have to GO to math class. That is not a sure thing.

Come at him? "Gyahahaha! You want to give me the first attack? WELL, you're gonna REGRET IT!" Gan declares as he slams a heavy fist into his palm, beginning his motion forwards. Leaning towards Skullomania, one leg follows the other as he charges in to closer proximity to Skullomania. He's not fast, just more akin to a freight train than anything else. "You won't have to WAIT LONG THOUGH!"

It doesn't take long for Gan to close distance, wooden sandals clacking against the ground, before one heavy palm is raised backwards like a cannon and then thrust forwards towards SKullomania's midsection. A simple heavy strike with all of his bulk put behind it.

COMBATSYS: Gan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gan              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0      Skullomania

COMBATSYS: Gan successfully hits Skullomania with Fierce Punch.
- Power hit! -

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Gan              0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0      Skullomania

Skullomania stands there as Gan comes charging in, still in the sumo pose, staring him down with narrowed eyes. Yes, this lad is a fine one indeed. Strong, swift of foot, and hardy of spirit. He would make a fine used car salesman, if he studied hard and learned to play with the corporate system. Skullomania, of course, would have to personally train him in the fundamentals. You can't just be running around the used car dealership punching cars. No, it requires kicking of tires, slapping of metal, and even a little visionary thinking. The act of putting the right car in the right hands is like the act of childbirth. It is, at least, as close as any man could ever get to it. That is why Skullomania has always fancied the women at his dealership, so suave and sophisticated, whether they are selling a hatchback or a sleek consumer priced sports car. So much like his own mother. Demanding, socially articulate, and forcing everyone at the dealership to come together to show off their skills before their awed public. It was a woman that gave him the costume he now wears. And wherever she is, he loves her, as she moves about Nyotachi Used Imports with the grace and ease of the portly ballerina she is.

Skullomania takes the fist right to the face, his head twisting sideways as his body is lifted physically off its support, his feet seperating from the ground as his hands lift off their places on his thighs. He hits the ground like a sack of what appears to be potatos, but is actually potato-shaped dynamite. He feels the world spin, his right arm craning up against his side as his wrist flexes downwards, hand twitching against his body as he curls onto his left side to get up. Hand snapping back into usable position, he pushes himself up off the ground, and stands before Gan, shoulders and arms down, hands in fists, staring at him balefully. "You have the strength of a bear, but the technique of a kitten." He then snaps forward suddenly, not moving into a fighting position, with a single, hard punch, aimed right at Gan's nose. He literally blurs with speed as he performs this technique. "I, meanwhile, have the fighting prowess of the male praying mantis, the most deadly of insect species."

COMBATSYS: Gan barely endures Skullomania's Skullo Punch EX.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Gan              0/-------/=======|===----\-------\0      Skullomania

He would certainly slap cars, and perhaps people, given the chance. The customer would sadly not always be right, as well. The only right part of it, of course, would be when they gave into his outlandish demands to buy a car from him already because otherwise they are going to be paying with a few loose teeth! Hardly a way to stay in business, but in the end, Gan was never a business man.

With Skullomania being impacted with such force, Gan continues to charge forwards, to follow through. With Skullomania leaving the ground, Gan doesn't slow down either. He simply cannot! Not because he should follow, but because he cannot stop. Even he cannot make his movements end on cue. Instead, it's more like 'sliding to a stop'.

Sliding to a stop, in this case, directly into Skullomania's single strike aimed right towards his face. It ends a bit oddly.

Gan's arms wrap around Skullomania's body, or at least /attempt to/, what with being so in close. His face moves willingly towards Skullomania's punch, but it's far more than he expected. Stunned for a moment, which may give Skullomania the distance and time he needs, Gan sneers from the assault. It hurt, it most certainly did, but with the powerful strike, Gan was still 'fresh'. He took many a punch before. Just not so squarely on the nose! Which bleeds. "Gyahahah! Whatever buddy!"

"Even if that strike ain't bad, YOU'RE STILL A BUG! And I'm gonna SQUASH you like one!"

For Gan was of the farm sort. He is very skilled in the crushing of pests and insects, having tilled the fields at a very young age. Then of course when he grew up he tilled the streets with the faces of young acquaintances that would mess with him. It is now, with hands attempting to grasp Skullomania as he does, that he attempts to till the arena and brink forth a bunker crop of Skulls.

Which is why he leaps skywards, attempting to bring Skullomania in tow, before plummeting downwards - Skullomania beneath him. After all, first he would have to plant the seed!

COMBATSYS: Skullomania interrupts Ganseki Kudaki from Gan with Super Skullo Slider.
- CRAZY Hit! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gan              1/------=/=======|=------\-------\0      Skullomania

Skullomania feels Gan's arms briefly wrap around his body, bringing him back to a place deep in his subconscious. That day his father sobbed and hugged him, only a young boy in a Japanese private school, the only show of emotion that he ever received from the man. Richard Milhouse Nixon had just had a heart attack on Wall Street, a continent away, but the shockwave hit Skullomania that day, as Nixon's heart seemed to beat inside him. And then, when his father retired to his study to have a glass of fine, aged whiskey, purchased with his heiress mother's fortune, he stood in the tilted ajar door, watching in awe with wide eyes. And he heard his father say, "Today, ends freedom." And as Skullomania is trapped within Gan's embrace, forced limp by the pangs of emotion as the heart of that Shaker from California inside his own, Skullomania's eyes open wide. Squash him?

"NO!" Skullomania cries as Gan bends his knees and shifts his weight downwards. No, father. Freedom is not dead. And in that early grave he met, choking on that cocktail cherry at a stripclub after the divorce, Skullomania knows that his father's spirit can hear him, and is still watching over his son, smiling at what his son has become. He's not just an awkward boy anymore. No, he has become something more. A symbol, an icon, a pagan effigy to be burned while fighting many. To relieve the world of their burdens and sins, by watching one fight, by watching one do justice, by watching one rise above his lowly background to become what all arts and literature inspire humanity to. To be a hero.

Skullomania's hands grip Gan as Gan pushes off the ground, carrying them both upwards. And as they plummet downwards towards the ground, the Skull Knight slips nimbly out of Gan's reach with a shoulder twist and a wriggle of his hips. As he slides upwards, he kicks out with his legs, his boots spinning into Gan's lower ribcage, before the masked salesman slaps his hand onto Gan's forehead. And he flies free with a sudden push, just a split second before meeting the ground, his body rapidly rotating as his feet kick across Gan's face. Skullomania flies free, landing on his shoulders with his legs up, and bouncing over to rest on his stomach. He grins, satisfied at the strange sensation he's feeling. It feels almost as if his father is laughing hysterically at Gan, and for once, not at him.

Squash, you know, like the plant. The vegetable that you serve in various dishes that no one really likes.

Skullomania fights back as best he can, crying and shifting his weight. As Skullomania continues to push, he manages to slip out of his assault, twsiting his arm as he falls to the ground, slamming into Gan and striking him repeatedly in various locations. Why, yes, it is quite painful.

Gan shifts himself off of the ground, slowly but surely, as he grunts. There's not much to say in such a circumstance. The giant hardly is inert, thought he motions are slow and controlled. Without any interaction from him, he leaves a somewhat low impact outline of his body on the ground and shakes himself off.

Little more needs to be said save for the grasp towards Skullomania.

Just as before, Gan attempts to close the distance, arms wrapping about just one limb - that would be all he needs before he would whip him around on the ground once, before tossing him to roll, skidding, to the other side - if he was successful.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania blocks Gan's Ooran.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Gan              1/-----==/=======|===----\-------\0      Skullomania

Skullomania watches Gan as he approaches, pondering the Gedo sumo wrestler. All Skullomania can think to himself is, in a deep, demonic voice (the one Skullomania has used in his mind since he put on the costume), 'WHAT'S IN HIS HEAD?' Skullomania comes up with the theory that perhaps Gan is working out his rage at society on him, a rage on society where cars are too small for him and fancy dress suits in his size are too expensive. Yes, Skullomania thinks, he is afraid of tailors. This Gedo High criminal is no different than other criminals, for they are a superstitious and cowardly lot, or so it was implied by Duck Dodgers when he viewed the cartoons his daughter was watching, as a concerned parent would. As long as she wasn't watching that socially dangerous Bugs Bunny. Duck season, is it? Skullomania thinks not.

Gan grabs Skullomania by the arm and proceeds to drag him across the palace's immaculate stone ground, Skullomania going limp to minimize damage, before he's hurled to the other side. He does not roll on his side, however, having done a rapid hand plant to turn his side roll into a somersault. He bounces across the ground, quite confident he's avoided all damage. And then, of course, he continues to somersault in his bliss, smashing into a ceremonial pillar made of Japanese stone. It shatters into pieces, the crowd going silent. A woman screams. Skullomania has just desecrated sacred Japanese culture.

Skullomania stands up, looking around at the suddenly shocked crowd. For a moment, he's that terrified college student again, realizing that his girlfriend is pregnant and he will have to marry her. He looks at the remains of the large stone rod behind him, crumbled to the ground, not understanding the correlation in his head. He's a detective, not a psychologist. That work is best left to the professionals! Skullomania slowly turns to Gan, and puts his hands on his hips, laughing gallantly. "Not a bad show, mate!" The silence continues, as the screaming woman begins to sob.

Skullomania needs to get his head back into this game. He begins running at Gan, going back to his original plan. Use the fear of the tailor, that judges him for being fat when designing his clothes. And Skullomania knows that the ultimate fear of tailors comes from checking the inseam. The slow measure, the repeated pats of the inner thigh, the measure for the space in the back of the pants for the buttocks by those cold, hard hands. Yes, Skullomania is terrified of his tailor. But this suit is spandex, and requires no such infernal wizardry. He dives headfirst at Gan, and attempts to slide between his legs. He twists around if he gets behind him and spins his legs up, placing both feet on Gan's buttocks, one hand on the ground and one in the air, before springing off him with a hard push to shove Gan headfirst onto his face.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania successfully hits Gan with Skullo Space.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gan              1/---====/=======|====---\-------\0      Skullomania

With Skullomania going limp and being hurled away, Gan isn't particularly bothered by his lack of resistance. He contonies to fight, this much is true - and just throwing people around may be his hobby. It's certainly not something that botheres him, or haunts him at night.

Somersaulting causes Gan to shrug. Well, that didn't quite work!

Simply, with Skullomania talking to him, Gan grunts in response.

With Skullomania running straight towards Gan, Gan is struck by the forehead of the suited man. He attempts to put up a brave and armored wall, but it turns out that having a head thrust towards him is difficult. Especially when he goes under him.


Gan stumbles forwards from the assault, a hand on the ground and in the air and such, before Gan ends up falling forwards, body unable to hold him up. He crashes to the ground once more... and once more, he rises up. There may be a correlation.

Until he's beaten entirely down, Gan is a member that will simply fight - for that is what he is good at. For the third time yet, Gan grasps towards Skullomania, this time simply to heft him upwards, a limb would be the best, and whip him solidly against the ground. Nothing more or less.

COMBATSYS: Gan successfully hits Skullomania with Medium Throw.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Gan              1/---====/=======|=======\-------\0      Skullomania

Skullomania balances precariously on his hand for a moment, before gently and gracefully moving to his feet. He hears the silence of the crowd at that broken Japanese Imperial pillar, and, desperate to get them back, begins sliding his hands like snakes at Gan as Gan gets up and moves towards him. One hand forward, back. The other hand forward, back. He looks to his side, to see if the crowd is reacting, but even the protestors who hate Japan are absolutely shocked. And while he's looking, disaster strikes. Gan grabs his arm, and pulls him up into the air above him. "Oooooo!" he emits with a sudden rush of fear, before he's slammed into the ground, cracking the stone and bouncing once, before rolling to lay on his side. He smiles at this, as he sees clouds overhead, slowly rollicking past, so gay and free and brilliant in that vivid blue sky. And then, he looks a little higher, and sees Gan. Skullomania frowns, realizing that this sumo wrestler is interrupting his cloud gazing time.

Skullomania pushes his pelvis up with a roll of his back and jumps back to his feet, pushing off the ground with his fingertips so he can stand straight and face Gan. His body hurts from all these punishing blows, his jaw aching and his core muscles sore. But then, he inhales slowly, seeing one of the signs held up by the protestors. It simply reads, 'Hello Skullo!' with a Hello Kitty head beside it. Somebody out there loves him. Summoning all his willpower, he thrusts his arms out, orange chi exploding around him and enscouncing his body for a flash, running from his feet up to his head, before disappearing in a white smoke, and Skullomania unleashes a devastating leaping roundhouse, arms spread at his sides and slightly forward to increase his torque!

COMBATSYS: Gan interrupts Medium Kick from Skullomania with Buchikamashi.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Gan              1/---====/=======|>>>>---\-------\0      Skullomania

Dumb as Gan is, it's pretty clear that he is a brickwall. A brickwall that knows what he is doing, because he has done it time and time again. Like a mountain of meat. Gan doesn't care about the broken pillar. He also doesn't care that there happens to be a million people watching him. He cares that there's a god-damned man in pajama's dancing ALL OVER HIM.

He's making hand-snakes now. If it wasn't so rediculous, Gan could think he was making fun of him.

"YOU MAKIN' FUN OF ME!?" Gan asks, of all things, even after it is clear that yes, he just might be. With a quick slam of Skullomania into the ground, Gan dusts his hands off, with Skullomania cracking the ground and bouncing and /smiling/. "Gyahaha, are you one of THOSE?" Gan is forced to ask, of all things. He has met a few people who seemed to enjoy pain. It must be Skullomania.

That must be why. Walking backwards, pedaling without leaving his eyes off of him, Gan isn't leaving anything up to chance. His simple reptile like brain can see that Skullomania wants a few things, a few things he is going to give anyways - but on his terms! He's not going to give them up like a prom date after a few too many drinks!

There's a sign. A very scary sign.

Gan balks for a moments. Who would make a sign like that?! Before there is an explosion of power from Skullomania that causes Gan nearly to topple over, and just in time, for Gan to look back at Skullomania. Oh. That's - wait, Skullomania disappeared? Gan's head whips around to see a devastating roundhouse - that gets grasped out of the air by Gan's arm and brings his forehead to Gans. It's a very heavy, pained meeting. "Since you seem to like pain so much, how about I give you a little more! Gyahahah! I wasn't having much fun... something about you seems to get to me real bad." Gan admits.

Clearly 'super heroes'. He brings his head back and slams it forwards a few times, each at a word. "HERE'S. MORE. WHERE. THAT. CAME FROM." That's not one word, Gan.

With that, he digs low with his head, flipping Skullomania behind him like a bull towards the crowd.

Uncaring, and rude, he is.

Skullomania emits a frightened squeal as his leg gets caught, before his head meets Gan, slamming into it. His eyes are wide behind the screen silk of his mask, before he's hurled overhead and sent flying, slowly turning through the air as the crowd he's heading towards screams, the protestors packed in tight enough that they can't flee fast enough. He crashes into them in a hail of limbs and shouts and pained cries, a dozen people collapsing to the ground around Skullomania. He gets up with a push, slowly breathing as his heart pounds in his chest. He sways briefly, snapped into this battle with all of his senses at their peak. He turns around and walks back towards the sumo wrestler, grabbing a cup of ramen out of someone's hand on his way back to the fight zone. He steps out of the crowd, and pulls the mouth of his mask up. He pulls the ramen up to his face, and begins chugging it as if it was soda, swallowing the noodles without chewing them. Broth runs down his face, before he tosses the cup away, shaking his head back and forth with a horse chuff. He pulls his mask back down, and flexes his arms forward and down, before twisting them out to his sides, a sudden explosion of orange chi bursting from his fists. He stands there, gaining energy as people in the crowd behind them back away in mortal terror, the guards confused and unsure what to do.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania gathers his will.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Gan              1/---====/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\1      Skullomania

"The hell!?!" Gan yells out as Skullomania pushes himself up, walking towards him with a /cup of ramen/. It's not the disrespect! It's the MEAL PLAN. "Ghhh! You don't just take someone's food, unless you're me!" Gan exclaims with the fury and hypocrisy of a thousand mixtapes, eyes narrowing as he stands there, completely stumped and with his view of Skullomania switching to one of a terrible mastermind of, potential no-good-ness.

Well, now Gan's hungry!

With Skullomania finishing his meal, Gan begins to charge towards him. "I hope you saved some room for dessert!"

Skullomania has time to flex his arms.


Skullomania has time to BURST ORANGE CHI from his fists. Oh. He can do that too, Gan notes.

"SO WHAT!" He roars, still charging. The ground passes underneath him in various hues. He will make it eventually.

There is time for others to look at Skullomania and wonder just what demi-human, superman or vigilante he may just be.

"Don't you run from me!" Gan proclaims, still charging as Skullomania hasn't moved in the last half minute. Only finally does Gan get close, and no sooner than he does, than Gan attempts to grasp Skullomania and, for all the wrestling fans out there, leap up and backwards, twisting amidst the air to land in a DDT style crash.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania interrupts Power Throw from Gan with Skullo Dive EX.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Gan              1/=======/=======|

COMBATSYS: Skullomania can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Gan              1/=======/=======|

Skullomania watches as Gan closes in faster than he had previously anticipated, his orange flames snuffing out. He's no Kusanagi! As Gan charges in to grab him, Skullomania jumps straight at Gan's upper body. As Gan wraps his arms around his neck, Skullomania does the same to Gan. And as Skullomania is picked up and carried into the air, Skullo jams Gan's head backwards towards the ground, as Skullomania's head is also driven towards the ground. He turns his head towards Gan's ear, whispering, "Fix it again, Tony." Then, the two meet the ground with both of their heads, Skullomania smashing into the ground headfirst, as Skullo slams the Gedo high punk's head into the stone by the back of his cranium. Skullomania flips over Gan by the hold on his neck and he lands on his back, unconscious. His head lolls to the side, as his right hand curls palm up at the sky.

Expecting something terrifying, Gan charges with all the power in his legs. Prepared to run through a wall of fire, electricity, or something in between!

"GRAAAAARGH!" Comes the unidentified roar from the the hgih-schooler as Skullomania's fire JUST GOES OUT!
"GRAAAHHUUUUH!?" Gan remarks, unable to put his words into adequate representation for having a Skullomania with tight fitting clothing jump at him and then wrap his arms around his neck. There is something between a staggering and flailing attempt for Gan to get rid of Skullomania. To get him off of him and to cause him to /be free of this torment/. With Skullo picked and carried into the air, Skullomania jams his head towards the ground as both of them slam together as if they were doing co-ordinated concrete diving.

The world pauses for a moment, the feeling of cement on his head a newly imprinted spark of pain, blinding, suddenly muted as the words comes. FIX IT AGAIN, TONY.

Then the world goes into motion. Birds fly. The breeze finally comes, as if to spite Skullomania, and there is a gasp. Did they both get taken out!? Is it over!? Did they die!?

Of course not. Skullomania flips over him and lands on his back - Gan doing the same, minus the flip. Where Skullo does not rise, Gan finally does. His head has been through many a wall. To slam into the ground it is ... a Sunday. It still hurts. Everything does, but he is no pincushion like the last fight!

"Gyahahah! I ain't Tony, guy! So I guess I'm done!" Skullomania's wit flies past Gan, like the future to that man who now has a child. God-speed, man.

"Can't just jump on other guys like that! Not bad though, not bad!"

COMBATSYS: Gan has ended the fight here.

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