Rumble In The Streets - [Rumble W2] Daniel Jack vs "Blue" Mary Ryan

Description: Daniel Jack and "Blue" Mary Ryan are summoned to fight! There's plenty to see and do in Yokohama -- port. What with it's lots of nondescript warehouse buildings. What's really exciting here will be the cargo cranes, offloading numerous tonnes of goods right above their heads! The moving containers offloading cargo ships which pulled into port just a half-hour before.

Port of Yokohama. Japan. 2 PM.

HitBit Match 2nd Bracket.

The Port of Yokohama is located, not surprisingly, in Yokohama. It opens up into Tokyo Bay, and is one of the major commercial ports in Japan. The port has a total of 10 piers. Daniel Jack himself was set up on Daikoku Pier. Daikoku Pier was set up on an artifical island out into the port, and was primarily set up for managing container logistics. The island is equipped with container logistics facilities, including seven container berths and houses a million square meters of warehouse space at the Yokohama Port Cargo Center. Several cranes are operating on the island, designed to unload containers off their respective barges and the like, and onto the rows and rows of shipping containers stacked into rows upon the island. One section, however, was free of containers, and glaringly so.

And standing in this clearing was Daniel Jack, Ace Detective of Interpol.

The agent of Interpol had won his fight with the Delta Red Special Forces member Lieutenant Lita Luwanda, on behalf of the HitBit tournament, but he was shot at almost immediately afterwards by a member of the Yakuza. Daniel Jack was recovering swimmingly from his assassination attempt. His face was still stitched up on the cheek, the sutures would take a while to get off. A smart man would have kept low. But Daniel Jack was Interpol. And right now, he was getting himself 'set up' for his next Hit Bit match. His wrist, ankle, and headbands was being attached and calibrated. As he waited, the detective was mulling, considering.

That the entire nation was rotten.

The would-be assassin was kept off bail. A string of arsons and attacks on the city all poured in en masse. And the PD was sitting on their thumbs. Oh, they were 'official' investigations. But just like with the Dragon Lady situation, there was corruption. Rich, insidious corruption that kept the local police frozen in the face of certain criminal masterminds. As he continues to get fitted in, he glances at the cargo containers around him. He gives a sharp sniff, as they adjust his headband camera. It smelled like a harbor around. But the containers, the people inside the warehouses, in the buildings.

He could smell the stink in them.

The oppressive decay was winding into the heart of the island, deeper and deeper. It was going to bring Japan down. Daniel Jack had a few leads. Zaitokukai. Yamaguchi. The Twilight Star Circus. There was the rumbles of what looks like a nationalist backlash against underclass and foreigners. But something was nagging Daniel Jack. Something that seemed off. Not pressing charges at potential arson with the Twilight Star Circus. Connections between Zaitokukai, Yamaguchi, and Kyoto. And all somehow tied in with the HitBit activities. Daniel Jack was almost fighting at this point just for answers, to see what would happen next. That, and the prospects of his next opponent.

That smell, aromatic sea air, so evocative of summer holidays, the scream of seagulls and sand between your toes. Occasional strong wafts of diesel fumes but that was just as key to some of those same family vacation memories. The port itself was humming, all pieces moving in earnest trying to offload the contents of ships and keep to a usually tight schedule. The towering cranes, twirling in a ballet overhead in response to the demand.

Some few of the workers who were currently on downtime responding to the HitBit App's siren song of a match being fought locally, SOON! A manager or office worker with coffee mug in hand, a few of the workers with their lunches making themselves comfortable. The turnout spectator's wise was rather small but that was something of a relief for one of the competitors at least.

The blue ball bounces away down the tarmac and off one of the containers with before the mad dashing dog snatches it up and comes rushing back toward her with it, tail wagging furiously. Anton interrupts her reverie with playful insistence she throw it again.

"Good boy!! No I can't throw it further!"

If to emphasize the point a lorry chugs past and a short time later a forklift. So soon after a ship had come in the place was a literal hive of activity. One of the nearby warehouses might have been a safer place to host a fight like this but then there wasn't the iconic backdrop.

A camera drone dips low and makes a pass close to her head in height, jinking around sideways until it captures a shot of her face. In response flashing the V sign to what seems like a photo op and then tosses the ball again. The Drone peels away to chase. Setting Anton off as he possessively runs after and claims the ball, more to stop the drone getting it than anything else.

This time, all this HitBit stuff wasn't really interfering, or continuously shocking to varying levels as a few hundred people constantly activated their apps and mashing 'dodge' over and over again. Combing her hair aside and tucking it back behind an ear she's conscious that her opponent is around but is more focused on her partner. Japan wasn't the most dog, motorcycle or foreigner friendly country, which made the travelling her a little more stressful for them both.

She casts her gaze over to her opponent when the five minute window of warning provided on the app nears expiry. Shrugging out of her jacket revealing the long sleeved jersey beneath the blonde picks her ground and offers a friendly

"Hiiii! Are you ready?"

In English. Theres not much movement so she can assumedly already be in a fighting stance, but practiced eyes might reveal just how she's favouring one side. Beneath the jersey the ribs are taped up and bound but there's nothing in her demeanour that suggests she not totally up for this.

Daniel Jack is finally done.

As Blue Mary assumes her defensive stance, the agent of Interpol gives a polite 'thanks scuzzy' to the technicians working. Moving out to the full clearing, the detective had gotten the five minute warning as well. He wasn't quite ready to fight though. He was more interested in Mary Ryan's partner. He didn't own dogs himself, but that didn't mean he wasn't a dog person. He lowers himself down, sticking his hand out as he makes kissing sounds at Anton. Gesturing a bit to the dog, the detective casts a sideways glance towards his opponent.

"Mary Ryan. PI."

The detective traces a finger on the stitched up wound on his face with his other hand, still trying to get the dog to pay attention to him. "Pleasure to be facing off another detective. Used to be a Private Investigator myself in Southtown. Daniel Jack, Private Eye. Man, got myself some stories in Southtown." The detective coughs a bit, before flapping his hand at Anton.

"So is it just me, or is Japan getting really, really, crappy these days?"

The dog was leaning forward where he sat staining to catch a whiff of the odd opponent, and responding to the attempts to get his attention while still firmly planted. Lying down he shuffles forward slightly, tempted by the promise of attention. Shifting her weight back onto her heel she half turns at the motions or from her partner. Equally as forgiving she seems perfectly willing to stall the exchange of blows; she wasn't in any hurry to start swinging. Dropping the fighting stance Mary assumes a relaxed one, hand hooked into the large belt at her waist she make an odd little sign with her free hand. Non-vocal release command.

Anton bounds off over toward the detective, stopping just a couple feet shy to sniff at the ground leading up to the man. Much more cautious but generally coaxed in closer.

"It was Daniel wasn't it?"

She tries to add a bit more informality to her counter-address. The fact her opponent was wearing an immaculate dark grey suit and grey fedora but showing her partner such interest and affection; that earned more than professional courtesy. Japan really was shaping up to be more like a vacation than it had any right's to being.

The mood shifts a little when she listens so to his complaint's and assessment of the city he is so familiar with. Had it changed so? She'd visited a few times since she was very small. But the sea air tasted the same, it was just as beautiful. Things changed though, life wasn't static and fixed.

"Is it? It's still a beautiful country. It doesn't feel any different."

Closing her eyes, the place itself didn't much different from any of the times she's gotten to visit as a little girl. It was a wondrously huge place, fixated on the very small. Like an amazing playground where things were nearly childsized but the adults wanted to play also. Lots of memories from childhood vacations and spending time with the family.

Coming from America, from a recent stint of working in Metro City. Southtown was gorgeous, not struggling to recover in the wake of some near apocalyptic supernatural 'incident.' Recovery being strangled by small and petty criminal organizations, insurance companies. All heaped upon by the exodus of people who couldn't face life rebuilding there.

Comparatively, she was of the opinion Southtown was rather idyllic. But she'd pickeup her roots and taken to moving around a lot. For someone who had their fingers on the pulse of a city. They may have a right to be worried. She was just a tourist and not here to make waves. Right?

"Beautiful on the outside, rotten on the inside."

Daniel Jack's response was cool, as a drone drifts around, the camera fixed on him. He was trying to get Anton to accept him. But there was something wrong with his scent. He couldn't help it. It was the stink of Darkstalker on him. Shira probably still had her venom running through his veins. His expression was neutral and stoic. His tone was kind, and directing. He needed to tell another detective about this. There was... something hanging over his head, now.

And he gets it off his chest, firmly and precisely.

"Natsu vs Skullomania. Twilight Circus suddenly goes up in flames, no charges are pressed. Rainbow Mika versus . An author of an influential book on the Burakumingets shot at by a lone gunman. Zach Glenn versus Maki. Hu Seong Jin, vice-president of the Southtown division of LG Electronics gets assassinated by a gunman. Hit Bitty versus Blue Mary. While the fight was going on, an arson broke out nearby at the house of the director of the Ainu Party Headquarters." Daniel Jack pulls away his hand, and rises up. Facing back towards Blue Mary, he nods his head.

"And a man shoots me in the face in my fight with Lita."

Daniel Jack falls into his own defensive stance; one hand forward, one hand back, the defensive stance of Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu. He would give up petting the dog for now; maybe he would get a chance later. "Hey, Mary? Can you do me a favor?"He pipes up, looking around warily. "Can you promise to not knock me out? Or at least try not to? I'll promise the same to you." He points to his face, where the sutures were. "I made a mistake knocking my last opponent out."

"One of us might die if one of us get knocked out, now."

A bunch of strange events that were bordering on conspiracy theory levels of bizarre coincidence. All happening in designated areas where HitBit was providing the only coverage, when and where other sources were going without comment! There WAS no way credulous to spin the story maybe since there were just too many coincidences. With one of those event's being a shooting it was shaping up to being something she should take seriously. The validity of some of these events she wasn't certain of... like was the shooting staged? Or the fire? These fights took place over a VERY small window of opportunity to sneak the necessary event into the footage. In all but the shooting case since the target, Daniel had had his whereabouts revealed by the app for all signed up to see.

"Anton! ..Antonio!! ..there."

The Pointer only responds to his full name and jogs back toward Mary with canted forward and held a little low; she'd used the full name and that meant 'now.' After a brief pat he somewhat dismally wanders back toward and takes a seat near the folded jacket.

She didn't really know if she trusted him by his word, Anton's reaction to him had been a little outside of normal. The circumstances surrounding HitBit and chances this was all some big scam or publicity stunt were high.. but there's no way she can rule out there being a danger to her opponent's well-being. Since he was the odd one out in a supposed victim of violent crime, which he was still wearing the bandages of. The fights were quite real as well, as her ribs could testify to.

"The thing about that, is if I swore to that I wouldn't be giving you my all~"

She assumes her own stance and this time hunkers forward, testing the grip of the tape fastened to her side.

"I'm coming at you with everything I've got. But I'm willing to take responsibility if you were worried otherwise."

Even if she knocked him out, though action she wasn't going to let anything happen to him while he was unconscious. She was fairly convinced there weren't any targets painted on her back, so there should hardly be any threat directed at her. Most important of all, she wished she could be sure this wasn't a ploy just to get her to throw the match.

It wasn't conspiracy theory, it was ongoing investigations.

Daniel Jack gives Blue Mary such a look when she, reversing his counterpoint, decides to make it clear she was going all out. -Three- of those fights had shootings. Daniel just happened to be one of them. The drone overhead was filming this showdown, a kind of... interesting coming over the conversation. He gave up on the dog for now. It could be a scam. The whole thing could be a scam to justify the CEO of HitBit to grope women while disguised as their mascot. But Daniel Jack needed to know the truth. It was his job to know the truth.

And it was his job to act on the truth.

"Look kid." The detective states firmly, twitching his mustache. "If I can't trust that you are gonna keep me from getting knocked out? I'm gonna have to be the one that wins this. It's not bragging, its a simple state of fact." The quadrone lowers down, flying in close at Daniel's shoulder, before slowing hovering around in a circle towards Daniel's face. The detective just sighs, shaking his head as he keeps his eyes focused on Blue Mary. The HitBit screens come alive as in a sudden flash, the match is called to begin. "I gotta keep these investigations hot, kid."

And he reaches for the drone.

With a smooth, swift gesture, the detective suddenly snatches the drone from the air. Plucking it carefully, the detective turns as he steps, pivoting it around. Finishing his circle, he swiftly releases the drone, sending it hurtling out of control straight for his opponent. Was it paranoia from being filmed? Was it a harsh abuse of equipment? Or was it an attack of opportunity. Well, at this point?

It was her responsibility now.

COMBATSYS: Daniel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Blue Mary        0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Daniel

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary blocks Daniel's Large Thrown Object.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Blue Mary        0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Daniel

If Daniel was set to fight like he had everything on the line then there was nothing to worry about! In the very least he seemed plenty fired up right now. The spin and turn to grab the quadcopter was something of a surprise. Sure... with the mobile camera unit's following they weren't restricted to a traditional ring and had more freedom of movement. But did that include using them like THAT?

The drone shrieks as engines attempt to compensate and level the little beastie even as it spirals out of control at her when it connects it does so trapped between both arms, tucked in tight against her chest. It was heavier than it looked flying around like that. The rotor blades were slashing and beating at her making a horrendous brrr-zt noise as the blades made contact. Shoving the unit away from her and wrestling it upright and level she stands still and pushes it up and off as it ascends away from. She didn't want the distraction getting in the way while they were fighting still and it was for the best if the operator kept it out of the reach of somone who'd use it as a weapon.

Looking back down she blinks and takes note of just why she was feeling the draft just now. The front of her jersey punctuated with diagonal rips and tears exposing both white brassier and some of the tape affixed to her ribs. Mary shrugs off the cosmetic damage as just the cost of not having been expecting something like that. Good thing that wasn't her jacket, the mere thought made her nauseous.

"Nice trick! Then... Here I come~"

Lurching into the charge she hops into the air and comes in swinging with the double axe handle, swinging down hard like she was intent on burying Daniel headfirst.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary successfully hits Daniel with Hammer Arch.
~~ Alluring Hit! ~~

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0           Daniel

Daniel was, for a moment, intense.

And then, his eyes light up as it makes contact.

The drone's camera WAS still functioning, as it is pinned against Blue Mary for a moment. Daniel Jack's face suddenly feels hot. Sweat already was forming on his brow, as his vitals go alight. His heart rate was up. His blood pressure was up. And yet, as she feels the draft, Daniel Jack was for a moment stunned. As she shrugs, and comes in with both hands. Daniel Jack dimly brings his guard up in to catch both. INstead, she rails into him, burying Daniel Jack headfirst to the hard concrete. And what is the detective's reaction as he hits face first downward?

"This is fine."

That is the response from the detective as he recovers upright from his knees, his entire body aching. Rising up in a steady, smooth motion, the sweaty detective lets his hands lead as he lifts up towards Blue Mary and her... jersey area. Moving in close, Daniel Jack reaches out to seize the woman. Should he get the grips on her shoulder and hips, he would simply pivot, a practical, smooth motion to send Mary face down to the concrete as well. A detective goes up.

A detective goes down.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary endures Daniel's Medium Throw.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0           Daniel

Whipped around and slung down toward the ground Mary rolls with the movement instead of fighting it; The only defence she musters is in shielding her head from the hard knock to the ground with an extended arm. The collision is jarring and doesn't mesh neatly into a twisting roll leading her to bounce further than she would have liked, still skidding even as she manages to ground the toe of her boot. Recovery is key as was trying to catch her opponent while still flat-footed or off balance.

Switching direction she drags her heels just a moment while dashing right back into the fray and into the hopping attempt at a head-height scissor takedown that is clamping in at and around his head. Obvious Intent on carrying him to the mat and into the painful neck submission.

Just focus on the fight.

Nothing else at the moment.

Anton is busily barking at the Drone still for its perceived interference in the fight so far, the bands on her wrist were only humming rather than shocking her like last time. There wasn't really any excuse for not putting on a good show and strong fight.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary successfully hits Daniel with Choke Hold.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1           Daniel

The pivot throw is executed flawlessly.

Of course, the flaw wasn't the tactics, but the strategy. Blue Mary goes with the throw, becoming hurled down to the concrete with jarring force. And with it, the woman immediately surges back, the rebound of momentum hurtling her straight for the detective. He tries to send her past her, but something... something.... jersey... torn... and suddenly, Daniel Jack finds himself in submission going down. Keeping himself just barely upright on a knee, he could hear the dogs barking as he gags, thrusting his arm to get only the faintest bit of leverage in his corner. Choking, he finally manages to gasp out a response.

"Grappler, huh?"

Daniel Jack was choking in the hold, pressed against the younger woman very tightly. His face was beginning to bleed now, the old wound on his cheek getting popped open by the pressure. He looks around. Dog barking at drone. Stacks all around. Technicians looking at his vitals looking pretty bad. Overhead, a crane was swinging a red logistics container over them low. The great shadow passes over them, as the detective feel the coolness come over...

And suddenly surges.

Daniel Jack actually takes to a jump in the air. Orange chi cascades over him as he takes up a mere five feet into the air. But with the leap, he was rotating, he was pivoting, twisting his legs up to the bottom of the container. Rebounding his feet off, he was twisting his body to wrench free. When they both came down, it would be coming down on HER legs first, not the detectives. Daniel himself was making a desperate effort to break from the hold, and surge right back.

And should he manage to break the hold?

He would carry that momentum straight back around to the locking arm. He would hurl his momentum into it, a dangerous venture to go from air to grapple. Should he get that hold, he would swing around her, wrenching that arm with it. There, he would simply force her facedown, and attempt an arm lock pin just long enough to prove the point... and he would break it with a sharp twist and pull away.

To dislocate it at the shoulder, clean and easy.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary dodges Daniel's Mad Jack Crack EX.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1           Daniel

Straining against and still trying to choke out her opponent she found it admirable he was willing to talk or voice his thoughts aloud. Her response to the assessment is to shift her angle of attack slightly and try to add even more pressure, He could obviously take it! When the container passes over the pair of them there's a hint of doubt. What if someone were hoping to kill one or the both of them? It would be a simple enough 'accident' to crush them both.

As he leaps he upends her, already releasing the clamped old of her thigh's she's spun through the air with his momentum , cranking upper torso hard left through a half revolution manages to stick a landing. When he descends, she's back to back with him knee's pressing deeply into her chest and hands thrown forward luckily out of range of the grab, all to keep her balance.

"Ut---oh. You're a slippery one."

The container was swaying and groaning in response to the hit. Mary's arms fold around her body, one elbow crooked in front of her the other rising behind. She pops up and cranks her body into the spin, winding up and extending leg for a one hundred eighty degree roundhouse kick aiming to kick the fellow detective as hard and as far away as possible.

COMBATSYS: Daniel fails to interrupt Roundhouse Kick from Blue Mary with Kasane Ate.
- Power fail! -

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0           Daniel

She says he is slippery?

Daniel Jack was coming roaring back in, diving in past the woman, narrowly evading her. Daniel Jack wasn't 'fast' by any stretch, or at least in the agile sense. But he was quick in short bursts. As he lunges down, the swaying container hangs overhead. Daniel Jack was already turning towards Mary Ryan as he lifts his hands. Roaring, orange energy cascades from his arms as he begins to swing them down at the woman. "KASANE-"

"Alright then."

The detective is starkly interrupted as the kick knocks him CLEAN out of the kasane ate, sending him hurtling away. Spiralling through the air, Daniel Jack finally comes to a halt as he smashes HARD into the side of one of the already stacked up container, denting it in as he rebounds off. Falling into a sit, a shadow passes over him as the crane slows down, hanging the container over the detective's head. The impact... knocked the container out of alignment. They would have to go and adjust it after the fight. Daniel was hurting, that was sure. And the detective rises up to a stand, his entire body burning figuratively and literally.

He wasn't out.

Poised and lightly balanced on the one foot while still maintaining the attack posture she been in the moment her kick landed Mary in still in the midst of recovery. Bangs still spinning about to draw across into her face she had a brief glimpse of her opponent sailing away and the sound of the impact. Lucky break!!

The way her eyes lit up she was obviously enjoying herself and certainly putting on a hell of a show for the few members of the 'crowds' in attendance. Cheers, catcalls and whistles signalled that the audience was appreciating it. Even the drone was operating dangerously close to the fray rather than miss a moment of the action.

As the crane swings the container away from above her the sign of relief is perceptible though she can't be all that relieved when it continues in its path until it's right back over Daniel again.

Maybe not so lucky.

Quater turning away she raises both hands and combs hair away from both sides of her face with dazzling full wave motion and flick of both arms. Like a pinup image come to life. Mary lets one arm hang down behind her while the other beckons Daniel.

"Come on~<3"

Away out from under that hanging container.

In truth, she was more worried about the fact his face was bleeding. There was a possibility it was cut in the exchange of blows... It was more likely the wound of his face was real. That meant the shooting was also.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary gathers her will.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Blue Mary        1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0           Daniel

Daniel Jack stares down across the field, under the shadow of the shipping container.

He turns his neck to one side, and then, the other. A sharp crack comes on the second tilt. Blood still goes down his cheek as he gets his center again. It was telling that between the container and the detective, the container got more banged up. Daniel Jack wasn't tough, just stubborn. And when Justice and Human Lives were on the line, he just couldn't trust that Blue Mary was gonna do the right thing. As she gives the detective a beckoning, Daniel's face gets deadly intense. She was dazzling it up, charging it up.

And so would Daniel, then.

The detective sweeps his arms to his side, a fresh wave of energy boiling out around him. Steadily, he raises his hands, lifting them high up. Taking a deep breath in, he focuses, the orange chi boiling to his arms. Still drawing in a breath, his chest swells as his hands reaches their apex. With a great exhale, he drops his arms down.

And another wave of energy is hurled out.

The wave comes in a shockwave, blowing under the container overhead. The container swings harder and harder now, the crane operator getting nervous. The shockwave of orange energy cascades outwards, spiking higher outwards, before beginning to disapate. Blue Mary might have a lot of space to block. But dodging now?

She would have to make a heck of a jump to get over that.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary blocks Daniel's Chou Kasane Ate.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Blue Mary        1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0           Daniel

There goes that orange chi again, looks like she was going to get a replay of whatever move he had been going to try moments before. Admittedly curious as to what he had up his sleeve she held her ground, the arm that was beckoning him in lowered but the rest of the stance largely unchanged. There was more than enough distance between them that she should have ample time to react.

He wasn't going to-? There was a time and a place for attacks like that!!

Leaning into the blast like it were a wave, hunkering down and pushing one knee forward, arm shielding her face and vitals form the impact it still manages to give her a shunt and then a great shove. Pressing her further away -- Talk about going overboard! She might have had something to do with provoking that response though but doing something like that with the container hanging right there.

Even if there wasn't going to an accident here at this rate he was going to be the cause of one.

She'd meant to reel him in away from there. There was nothing else for it!

"Al-right. I'll come to you! Mary~"

Starting her run in with this large a distance between them it's easy to hit flank speed. But plenty of time to see her coming and gauge his timing.


Leaps forward, grabbing at Daniel she aims to land on top of him with her full weight and backflip into the takedown where she drags him to the floor in a quick arm-lock.

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Blue Mary's Mary Spider.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Blue Mary        1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0           Daniel

Oh that's a spider.

As the aftermath of the chi blast comes, the container continues to sway dangerously overhead. As she is sent sliding back, the woman was surging back towards him. Recovering from his assault, the detective quickly falls back to his footing. "Mary Spider? Why the heck is it-" And then, she comes into the leap. Daniel Jack's hands comes up, to catch the incoming Mary.

And well, Daniel Jack DOES go down on the floor.

Getting tangled in the spider web a SECOND time, Daniel Jack manages to counterlock the arm lock, hitting the ground as he keeps the arm lock from latching on. The full weight WAS on Daniel though, and the takedown was taking effect. Lying on his back, with Mary on top of him, he nods firmly. "Oh, that's why its a spider. Well listen kid, this isn't the first spider I've..." Daniel Jack gets a faraway look in his eyes for a moment.


"Lets not get into that."

Daniel Jack shudders with power as another wave of energy cascades over his form. Drawing back his palm, he keeps the stalemate between Private Detective and Public Detective with one hand. The energy forms into his palm, as he mutters. "... Fantastic...." The energy spirals in, and Daniel Jack winds back a little more. And finally, there is a crack as he unleashes the palm strike right in the center of Blue Mary's... chest?

To knock her up into the container.


COMBATSYS: Blue Mary endures Daniel's Fantastic Todoh Punch EX.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Blue Mary        1/=======/=======|=======\=------\1           Daniel

Agony, pure - unadulterated and unfiltered PAIN running rampant across her chest and side; even as she ragdolls off the bottom underside of the container hanging above them. Now dangerously groaning and beginning to spiral rather than swing after that last hit.

Bouncing off the tarmac itself it seems that might be the end for Mary until a limp and unresponsive looking arm straightens mid bounce to place fingers against the ground and guide her body around that she lands on hands and one raised knee. Her free arm was still tucked in tight cradling her ribs but the look in her eyes is pure fury, adrenaline peaking and released in response to the pain and injury.

"Still not enough?"

Whether she meant him stopping short of knocking her out her or her managing to put him down. Even she wasn't sure, the blow had addled her thinking and ramped up her aggression.

The speed with which she rushes at him is nearing the very limits her body is even capable off, she doesn't stop to even take a swing, outside, inside his personal space, she's almost close enough to hug him aside from the fact just half a step out she started a spiralling twist of her own as she sets sole of her boot against his waist, heel of the opposite foot reaches his chest as she runs right up his body to clamp both boots on either side of his head. Arcing into the full body overhead throw where she attempts to lever him off the ground and smash him back down in an eruption of chi shaped like a blossoming rose.

One that explodes into petals with the heavy impact.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary successfully hits Daniel with Mary Typhoon.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/=======|=======\=======\1           Daniel

Daniel Jack hurls himself in.

The Fantastic Todoh Punch, once a Ryuhaku technique, and turned into a single, powerful punch, lands true. Blowing her off him, the detective raises back up, just in time for Mary to surge right back. He looks into her eyes... and realize what was happening. Anger. Rage. She could see her offensive presence magnifying, and what was gonna come next?

It was gonna suck.

Speed, and power, and strength, and overwhelming force. Blue Mary descends on the opening that Daniel left, and exploits him. Daniel catches each of the boots as she climbs on up, expecting a kicking combination. At the end of it, however, he is taken up between her boots, and sent high into the air. Flipped around, Daniel Jack is ceramoniously sent smashing down into to concrete, exploding in the blast zone of roses and petals. He felt... manly right now, and he didn't know why. Hard manly. The detective of INterpol's vitals begin to fall into their minimums. He does not rise.

It looked like they had a winner.

The HitBit crew begins to fan out in the clearing. Everything was done. Everything was finished. The judge reaches Daniel first, inspecting him. In spite of the statistics, something was... off. Daniel was in fact still moving, still breathing, and his eyes were flickering. In spite of it, the technicians had their machines. Daniel Jack was out. And it looked like that the private detective had earned another victory in her cap. The technicians get ready to remove the HitBit devices off Blue Mary. The noise of chattering and talking comes as the medical staff begins to approach Daniel Jack. Everything was as it was supposed to be. Except for a voice that cracks behind them.


"... Not..."

"... Enough."

Daniel Jack rises back up like a ghost. The HitBit crew gasps, and stumbles back, stumbles clear of the fight. The medical team was insisting, the judge was nodding firmly. This fight wasn't over yet. Daniel Jack stands fast, as he looks up at Blue Mary. His face was... torn open again, the loose flaps of his cheek wound bleeding and open. Teeth gritted, he nods at his opponent.

He was not dead.

"Right now, -detective-, I need to rely on somebody." Daniel Jack begins, taking a single, ginger step. "Bad things happen at the end of these matches. And I can't rely on you, cause you don't take any of this seriously. Oh, you fight serious. But fighting is cheap. Even an inbred ape on cocaine can wrestle." He gesture all around him. "The entire nation is on the edge of transforming into something its gonna regret forever. Terrorists? Criminals? Hate? The answers to what the hell is going on is the most important thing. Don't you know what you lose, when you don't take the most important things seriously?"

"People die, Mary."

Daniel Jack staggers his approach to Blue Mary. It was only halfway across the distance, does he finally fall back into the defensive stance of Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu. "And frankly, Mary. You seem like the kind of girl to let people die on your watch. So can you forgive me, sweetheart?" There, on the cusp of collapse, Daniel Jack composes a martial poem, in four stanzas.

Palm Strike from the left.

Hand chop from the right.

Elbow jab from the right.

Rising palm from the left.

Daniel Jack refuses to stay down.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Blue Mary with Zoot Suit Riot.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Blue Mary        1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1           Daniel

Was he imitating her?

T-wasn't amusing at all! The guy needed a medic, he was such a mess with even more wounds. So adamant one moment that she not knock him out; yet he just kept pressuring her into continuing the fight rather than staying down. Skipping right over a prime opportunity to do just that, For what?

Giving the technician a prod to get out of the way she meanders back into the 'ring' with only some small measure of reluctance. She had said she would take responsibility and make sure nothing happened to him when the match was over. She was even prepared to stick around until he was back on his feet. The guy had to go and push his luck this far.

As he takes his first step toward her she makes a show of folding her arms. At this point she wasn't even sure if the fight was still on or he was intent on lecturing her or ranting spittle into her face. He needed someone to trust. So what? The best he could manage was a stranger in a dockside street fight? She opens her arms and sets hands on hips, a strong display of feminine disapproval.

Simple? Inbred ape? He had no idea how hard it was to inflict some damage but keep the injuries short of being crippling, life-threatening! Moving four limbs in concert to lock and tie up the joints of an opponent who was almost always bigger or stronger. Her head cants sideways and back as traces of the sneer that's analysing his style. It's just a plain and boring karate. If anything, karate with rigid forms and set forms and strikes was too easily predicted.

She had taken the fight seriously and given him the chance he wanted. He just threw it back in her face.

~Standing at the gravesight all alone she wasn't able to draw any comfort form the two triangle folded flags held clutched to her chest. It had been a beautiful day, but it was empty and painful. What was waiting for her at home but even more memories she wasn't sure she could endure.~


Snapped and slung around like a practice dummy and with the final blow she recoils backward and falls hard onto her butt. Sat down hard- her ribs are wracked with pain but that's not the pain troubling her the most at the moment. Yowling and bounding back and forth the Pointer can sense it, unendurable levels of pain and a sadness that could swallow someone whole.

Right. There's no more internal debate and questioning whether she wanted to continue. Mary picks herself up rather promptly after, faltering just a little when she tries to stand fully upright and her body protests. She was down for a brief few seconds but the fact she was sitting gave no one the impression she was done. They had no idea how close she'd really come to the brink.

"That's your best?"

A hand slaps at her thigh dusting it off. Even when he had an opening, trampling all over her. That was pretty much nothing, please sir may I have another? No, she'd end this now. She'd show him just what kind of damage an ape could do.

Dashing in she jumps up as his torso with the kneestike hand enough to propel him into the air for the hard carry to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary successfully hits Daniel with Dynamite Swing.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Daniel

Smashing to the ground Mary combs the veil of hair aside and rises to stand behind Agent Little; arms circling his neck from behind, biceps tensing and ribs and back scream in protest. She wrenches backwards.


It's just enough to lift of his feet, rather than the dangerous jolt to a neck that could spell the end. She swings the whole detective around by the scruff of his neck, faster and faster before the release which sends his arcing up at the still dangerously spinning ship container. Lack of skill?

"Go home cop!"

Daniel Jack only realizes the pain he dealt after the last palm strike comes.

Hurling it out, he could the flash of inner turmoil. Maybe... maybe she did know that people died when you don't care about what's important.

Oh, and she's even madder now.

Daniel Jack can only hold his ground as she dusts off those murderous thighs, and she was roaring in. He barely attempts to turn around the kneestrike, to redirect it around. All that happens is that he is sent driven up, propelling into the air as he is carried up. As he gets higher and higher, he is finally pivoted around with the follow-up swing. Hurled crashing down into the top of the swinging container, is it spiked straight into it.

And the entire container comes crashing down.

It lands with a thundreous crunch as the container smashes down. The HitBit crew groans at the thought of colletreal damage. But as Daniel Jack lays on the huge, dented middle, it becomes obvious that... he was moving. Rising up like a spectre, Daniel Jack doesn't fall off the container. Orange energy was flowing over him, as his cheek was a full loose flap of flesh. Raising his arms up, he unleashes a staggering stomp on the top of the container, a wave of energy rushing down.

And the whole exterior of the container is aglow.

Moving with tearing hands, Daniel Jack begins to rip whole strips of the container off. Each piece was still alight with his chi as he hurls it from the top of the container, the detective still burning with that ironclad resolve, that diehard tenacity. He was refusing to go out without a fight. He was refusing to give up. He drops down suddenly into the container, still grabbing anything he could get his hands on to hurl the volley at Mary Blue.

And he stops dead.

Slowly, he looks at the contents of the container around him. There is a dazed look on his face, as the assault of container pieces goes on a dead hold. Idly, he reaches in, the energy around him dying down. Holding it up, a single piece of a beautiful painting of what seems to be a rustic country village upon a hillock. Body trembling, he looks at it... before reaching down, and pulling up another painting. Identical. He holds it up to Blue Mary, face torn open, and shows both. "Most important thing in the world, Mary." He gasps, stumbling from the container. He trips over the edge, dropping the paintings to the ground as he falls face-first to the concrete. He raises his head up to look at the private detective. He gasps, breathing hard.

"Don't let them get away with it."

COMBATSYS: Daniel can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Blue Mary        0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Blue Mary with Mean Business EX.

[                           \\\  <
Blue Mary        0/-------/--=====|

The container gives way and starts coming down with a screech, causing Blue Mary Ryan to wince at that last. It was proba-no, mostly her fault that time. The impact raises a wave of dust and squashed cigarette packets, packing tape and food containers. It sounded like the peal of some horrible corrugated iron bell. All of that! both impacts - and he's still willing to get back up after that, and for what? Internet television. Daniel stamps down on the already groaning and settling container, near splitting at the seams already. It isn't restricted to just her and the HitBit crew who are near cringing, That's going to be a helluv a mess to clean up. Which had the audience equally invested in what was going on. Someone somewhere was jabbing away or leaning on that dodge button since the wristband was fair buzzing on her wrist.

This guy just didn't know when to give up!! Physically tearing away pieces of the cargo container he hurls the pieces down. Swinging out with her arm she just tries to turn aside the sharp cutting edge of metal, before there's another piece, over and over until she's just battered flat and knocked aside by the mess of them.

When the world returns to focus she find's she's lying on her back pressing away the sheet of steel lying across her torso just so as to allow a wet nosed prod from the worried Pointer. He'd knocked her for a loop with that crap.

The metal is hurled aside and she climbs back to her feet. Back on her feet and her arms are all scraped and bloody form trying to turn aside that flurry of rubbish. Pacing forward she gives the artwork a once over without much real interest. If it were a container full of knockoffs then that was probably good news for HitBit's Insurer's. As for her and her opponent and this fight.

She reaches down for his collar to picks Daniel Jack up by it.

"We're done here. I win. You stay conscious!"

The terms of the deal he tried to broker; and hell if this wasn't a hard fought win. She didn't care one whit for the artwork. It wasn't her problem; the cops were here so it was handled. He could do what he got paid to do without her interference. She'd played along despite all of his crap but was drawing real close to her limit on how far she was going to be pushed.

"All this for an Internet television show, you're a weirdo. Cop or no cop."

She lets him go to find and stay on his own feet. She just wants to get patched up and be on her way.

"Anton? ..Where's your ball?"

She rounds on her heel and lift's her arm in a backhanded wave to the 'detective' even as she's walking away from him. There was no 'they' for her to fight or rail against. She just cultivated her strength and used it because it was fun and passed time. It wasn't worth holding a grudge and she really hoped she'd never cross that particular policeman again.

He was tough as a devil. And just plain crazy... or worse still; maybe he was onto something?

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary takes no action.

[                         \\\\\  <
Blue Mary        0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary keeps on fighting!

[                         \\\\\  <
Blue Mary        0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary has ended the fight here.

He was both.

Daniel Jack felt himself going dark. Everything was pain and swimming. And hot. Why did he feel hot? It was winter. As he lays facedown in the concrete, his dimming thoughts surrender to the key details. Two pieces of identical fine art. Art smuggling. There was a destination. A warehouse, probably loaded with illegal commerce. This place was the hub of smuggling. I am not dead. I am not dead.

I am not dead.

And then, he was back on his feet.

"Uhwaa..." Was Daniel's response as he struggles to stay aloft. Blinking, he attempts to throw up his guard. He didn't even have the strength to bring up his arms, as they soon tremble, and fall to his sides. Why was he still standing. Why was he still... what. Stay conscious? Where's his ball? "My ball is..." Daniel Jack looks down a moment, and then around. What was happening. And then, he realized what was happening.

Mary Ryan left him conscious.

Daniel Jack limps away as Blue Mary is gone. The crane operater had left his post, to look at the damage and figure what the hell was supposed to happen next. Daniel Jack himself was a dead man walking, staggering like a zombie towards the operator. Grabbing him by his jacket, the detective stares into him with bloodshot eyes, shaking him. "Where was this shipment going to be unloaded?" He rasps hoarsely. The man, trembling, tells him the warehouse where it was going, but that it was private, and wasn't going to be- Daniel Jack didn't care. He only had tunnel vision now. Staggering across the concrete, he shoves past the medical team trying to help him. His face was ice cold now. He reaches the warehouse door, already locked. With a muster of energy, a final muster, he attempts a Kasane Ate. ANd falters. A second attempt. ANd nearly blacks out. He takes a long, hard breath, drawing in, drawing out. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he raises both arms, and slashes down with a wave of orange energy, severing the lock. Pulling up the door, he lets the door roll up.

And he stares within.

Daniel Jack was silent, as he stares into the rows and rows of stacked artwork. All the same. Every single one. Daniel Jack crosses his arms. This was... crime. And crime based on international trade. This was INterpol. Daniel Jack had to guard this, until the Interpol investigators came in. Not local PD. No, not them. OUtright Interpol needed to come to this. He needed someone to help him. Someone... someone he could trust on. Rely on. He gingerly pulls out his phone, his body aching. He already had her number on hotdial. He brings it to his ear, and waits a moment. "Lieutenant Lita?"

"How fast can you come down to Port of Yokohama?"

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