Stray - Stray Cat Strut

Description: Stray goes to Sunshine City to visit rising star in the stripping world Felicia. Normally, Stray is all brains and manipulation, but when a half-woman half-feline is involved, and she's half-naked, well...

Cracker Jack's club was seeing some good business, even on this weeknight. There was a lot of loud music coming from inside and men seemed to be swarming about the place, apparently this was one of the nights one the clubs... 'star' attractions was playing. They say the city can get to someone, or rather people have to start out small and build from there. For Felicia? she was appreciating the small amount of fame and success she was getting from this place. The crowd began to cheer and hollar as she strutted down the catwalk, wearing what looked like a metallic gold set of sandal high heels, what looked like a skimpy red and white patterned bikini over herself. Not that she really needed it, but it did help with 'theatrics', or so it went. Her tail lashed around her as she approached the brass dancing pole, giving the crowd a little teasing grin and wink before she got to work.

Felicia's fame and success has reached ears around the criminal underground, and eventually, Stray Strajnikov discovered her reputation as well. After contacting Superfly Love, the manager of 'Strawberries' and one of Stray's human traffickers (and Stray's link to crime in Sunshine City), Stray was invited to the club during Felicia's performance to have a look at her himself.

The Stray Cat of Metro City, dressed in his typical purple trenchcoat and matching purple hair and sunglasses, gloves over his hands with spiked knuckles secured onto them, sits up close, a black cat sitting in his lap. He slowly strokes the cat with his left hand as he watches Felicia approach from the back, the cat pawing at the bit of yarn he dangles from the fingers of his right hand. As he sees her, a smile spreads across his face, although it is rather sleazy, in a predatory, ruthless sort of way. He tips his chin upwards as she gets close to the dancing pole, in a show of vanity among everyone else here that marks him as a man of some influence somewhere.

Out of anyone that visited the club, she had not run into any that sat there stroking cats in their lap before, Blofield-style. She had the pleasure of meeting and rubbing shoulders with all sorts there, but when she peered out into the crowd and saw those cat eyes reflecting the light back at them--and the spiked knuckles wearing man it belonged to, well, it gave her just an instant of pause. Still, there was nothing wrong with still putting on a good show, strange audience or not! Her momentary look of surprise soon turned back to a saucy grin and she winked at the lavender-haired man, continuing her show.

The catwoman demonstrated her remarkable flexibility by taking hold of that dancing pole and letting herself slide down into a full squat, her tail swishing just inches above the catwalk, facing away from the crowd. Then she began the process of pushing herself all the way back up to a stand, cooing as joints popped one by one. Soon enough she hiked a knee onto the pole itself and held on for dear life, arching her back and letting her blue mane of hair hang nearly to the floor as she bent herself all the way back--her white furred hand and red nails clinging to the pole.

Stray and his feline friend watch Felicia quietly, the cat producing a low purr as Strajnikov scritches it behind the ear. His lips part into a grin as he watches her, his tongue briefly flicking out over his lower lip in a serpentine gesture. He looks down to his kitty, raising the little segment of yarn up above it, forcing it to rise upwards and bat a claw at his hand, his gloves protecting him from the cat's raking slice.

As Stray watches, a man in a black suit moves to his side, carrying a yellow-green whiskey sour in a flamboyent tulip glass. The cat sidles out of his lap and goes chasing a mouse down between people's feet in the club, an electronic beep heard as the tracer on its collar flicks active. Stray accepts the cocktail, sipping it delicately through his straw as he watches Felicia on stage.

Felicia's hips rocked to the quick beat of the music, straightening herself up and turning her back to the crowd again as she kept those hips working. She made a show of reaching back and undoing the straps of the sphagetti-string blue and white patterened bikini top she wore, holding her hands over the skimpy cups as she teased the stage with the eventual reveal--which took place a few moments later, her chest bare (or what passed for it, she had refused to take a razor to her fur anywhere really, despite requests) and that bikini-top went sailing into the air--heading directly for Stray's table, whether by accident or design.

In fact, she was facing the purple-haired man's table as she let the dancing pole slip between her breasts and proceeded to grip the pole overhead, her knees bowing outward as she squatted, drawing her chest up and down against it. Her hair hung down her shoulders as she straightened her legs out and seemed to be nearly bent over at the waist doing this, her white tail flicking around in the air behind her. This is why so many people came to see her, indeed.

Stray's head is still to the side, sipping the whiskey sour in his right hand as the bikini top comes flying at him. His left hand snaps out, catching it, before his right pinky sticks out at a particularly hard draw of the booze and sour mix. He lowers the mixer and lifts the top to his mouth, sniffing it slowly and openly in a perverse, lewd display of classlessness and machismo that he likely learned from hanging around strip clubs in the former Soviet Union. He performs a pucker of his mouth at her as she faces him while she moves up and down, before a greasy smile slippers its way across his pouted, Slavic lips.

Even Felicia seems t be just a bit surprised at just how the man sniffed at her discarded bikini top like that--but this didn't affect her performance in the slightest. Felicia, to her credit, had quite a stomach for creeps by now, and so when the man pouted at her like that she shamelessly brought a hand to her mouth and closed her eyes--blowing him a kiss from the stage. The striptease continued after that, her making a show of wagging that butt to the crowd as she undid the ties of her bikini bottoms and letting them slide down her legs, bit by bit, helped along by her wagging butt, of course. After she was more or less 'naked', save for those heels she was wearing, she grasped the pole with both legs, giving herself a good twirl around it, hair and tail flailing along with her!

Stray lifts his left leg, and crosses it over his right as he sees Felicia blow the kiss, his sunglasses hiding his eyes as they rake shamelessly over the exotic dancer. He maneuvers the straw to his lips, biting down on it as he sucks through it and swishes it around in his mouth, tongue swishing it around, before he swallows in a deep gulp. His cat, meanwhile, can be seen near the stage, head cocked and ear twitching as it watches Felicia curiously. Then, it's head swivels sidelong, as it sees the mouse again, and it goes running off into the darkness of the club again.

She seems to be able to cling to the pole and maneuver on it like second-nature, performing a twirl with a flourish of her hair, her legs wrapped around the pole as she anchored herself to it with her hands as well. Once she's done with this display of acrobatics, the underwear is collected from off the stage as she ends her show, much to the audience's chagrin. It isn't long after that though that she's down off the stage and her heels are clicking as she struts up to Stray's table, leaning over it as she brushes her hair back from her somewhat sweaty shoulder. "Oh hey there, I see you caught my top," her voice raised just a bit to carry over the music.

Stray dangles the top about in his left hand, his fingers making pianist's motions as he shifts it from finger to finger. "That's right, kitty," he says in his faint Ukrainian accent, grinning at her. Close in, his hair has a distinct odor of nicotine. He raises his hand, offering her the bikini top, before moving his arm backwards so she has to lean forward, his eyes still hidden by his sunglasses. "They call me Stray Cat. I am from Metro. I have heard much about you, Felicia."

"Seems so, I had wondered who had come to see me especially tonight--well, besides a lot of the other guys," Felicia had made a grab for that bikini top--only for Stray to pull it out of reach, her frowning just a little, but then training her green eyes back onto him. "And to what occasion do I owe this... 'honor' sir? And what shall you have me do to get that back?" she points with a long red fingernail at the top, sidling closer with his table now. Apparently this man wanted to play with the kitty, though she seemed to be momentarily quite aware of his strong odor of nicotine and booze. It made her pause a little, but not repelled her.

"Mmmrowl," Stray purrs as he juts his lower lip forward, before he laughs and slides the top across the table. "I did not mean to offend you, I just enjoy cats. I can trust a cat to betray me if I do not keep it busy. Keeps me on my toes." He sets his drink down on the table. "I hear you are a child of the night. I can see it is true. They tell me you are not like the others, da?" Stray's cat, meanwhile, hops up on the couch Stray sits on, depositing a dead mouse. Stray reaches out and fuzzles the black cat's ears.

"I'm a darkstalker, yeah, this club takes care of me though," Felicia nodded, taking the top apparently without incident and folding it over the underwear, though didn't bother to redress herself. She leaned against the table only gently, she didn't want to accidentally knock it over. "And you didn't offend me, I don't mind putting on a good show, I just get a lot of weird propositions and guys giving me offers for stuff, is all, so I'm a little careful about who I pal around with here," she put a hand to her hip, which was also holding onto her bikini tops and bottoms. "Did you want to purchase a lapdance or some other sorta private show? Is that what you're after?" she raised a brow.

Stray waves his hand. "Nyet, nyet, I am here with a business offer. I am looking for an information courier. I give you a small item with electronic data on it, you get it to a destination without it being stolen or damaged or seized by the police. Do you think you are ready to move out of all..." He frowns theatrically, gesturing in a circle with his finger out and his wrist bent. "This? It pays twenty thousand dollars per run, but I warn you, we have many enemies, so you will need to know how to protect yourself."

"Maybe," Felicia stepped closer, and seemed to put a hand to the man's shoulder, as if she was trying to slide herself into his lap in the chair. If he accepted, he'd be faced with a faceful of Felicia, in short-order. The bikini top would be thrown over his shoulders and neck, as if she was using it as a kind of bridal. "Maybe I like being taken care of, but you do run a kind of lucrative bargain... but you're probably also getting me involved with Mad Gear, or maybe even worse," she seemed to know who that gang was, but didn't seem to indicate whom was with whom, there. all Stray would likely know he's got a faceful of cat bosom at the moment, along with strands of her flowing blue hair. "I heal pretty fast, but it's not like I can't be hurt, padre, scratch me if you want, see what happens," she grins.

Stray lets Felicia into his lap, uncrosses his legs and spreading his knees to give her a base to straddle him. His hands slide along to her hips as he looks up at her, smiling. "We are not quite Mad Gear. We pay Mad Gear a stipend to operate in Metro City, and we occasionally ship product for them, or do heavy enforcement when they need the extra muscle. We are called Skull Cross. We are a...Consortium, of international partners, seeking to effect change in our home countries via politics. And to do that, we need money, which is why we are in America. Land of opportunity, da?" He slides his right hand along her hip to the small of her back, scratching with his gloved fingers.

"Hmm, well what you're talking about sounds kinda dangerous..." she looked around idly at the nightclub, then turned back to him as he explained himself. "Oh yeah? politics, huh?" she grinned a little, as he scritched at the small of her back though she went wide-eyed a bit. "Not the kind of scratch I meant, mister," one of her ivory fang-like canine teeth dented her red lower lip, wincing just a little as she tried to take the scritching there without giving up an appropriately feline reaction--though after a bit of it her back did arch and purred--if a bit involuntarily. "Ahh--so, right, you want me to carry this thing?" she asked, in a somewhat breathless voice, her hands pulling on the bra-top she had slung over his shoulders as if involuntarily as well, pushing his face right into her chest.

"Yes, a simple minidisc in a black case. Mostly with information on shipments for rendez-vous, and --" As Felicia pulls his face forward, he finds himself in her furred bosom, his sunglasses pushing oblong across his face as he inhales deeply of the feline aroma. His scratching hand goes flat on her back, bracing himself as his left hand drifts down from her hip to her uppermost thigh. He slouches in his seat for comfort, inadvertantly giving her more leverage.

"Phew--sorry about that, just haven't had anyone scratch me there for a while," Felicia gives Stray a bit of slack, though she doesn't seem to mind the fact he's practically motorboating her at the moment. She didn't let him entirely free for the time being though, still continuing to talk. "I guess the money is good, is there anything else I need to watch out for?" Felicia eased up a little, having momentarily stuffed the man back against her, before giving him more slack with that top. "There you go, should be able to breath now," she nodded a bit, apparently remembering she was nearly suffocating this poor dude.

Stray inhales as Felicia eases up, the man in the black suit that brought him the whiskey sour watching her carefully, although also somewhat enviously, which is a bit of a distraction from his duties as a bodyguard. "Yeah," Stray says, his right hand moving back to her hip off her back. "Southtown Syndicate lower leadership has it out for us right now. We've got a ninja on our tail. She's also a skilled computer expert. Legitimate ninja, no real name, nothing. I'm better with computers, but she's got some toys from some government black project. She may show up to trouble you. If that's the case, then we give you an extra twenty thousand as hazard pay, regardless of completing the mission."

She had eased up and let the man breath again, so the guard had nothing to worry about, for now she just sort of relaxed as she straddled the man's lap. "Ah, so you need someone who can fight to bring this thing to where you want it," Felicia nodded, then seemed to consider it. "Alright, I suppose," she rocked a little back and forth against the man's lap, as if to tease him a bit. "For what you're offering I could probably get out of here, if I wanted to give up the house cat life, so to speak," she flicked a tongue over one of her sharp teeth. "I just hope this goes off without a hitch, so to speak, I'd hate for things to go sour with such a lovely offer," she licked her lips and nodded to him.

Stray stares up at Felicia, breathing much faster as his heart beats from the close contact with a woman that has some feline characteristics. It is clearly his ultimate sexual fantasy, which is admittedly why he wanted an excuse to hire Felicia in the first place. "You can quit any time you want," Stray says, panting a bit for breath. "Just not in the middle of a mission. We have other couriers, but we're always looking out for new ones."

"Sounds fine to me," Felicia nodded a little and slid away from him as she got down and off his lap, still carrying her bikini-top and bottom there. "I can get out any time I want, huh? Well I intend to do what you ask, if you're serious about this," she stood tall next to his chair now, brushing her hair back with his hands and nodding to him. "I need to head backstage and freshen up before my next performance, you're welcome to hang out here and watch, if you like," she nodded, another girl had already taken her place onstage. "I'll catch you in a bit, Mr. Stray," she nodded, her heels clicking as she headed off.

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