Rumble In The Streets - [Rumble W1] Blue Mary vs Hit Bitty

Description: HitBit Inc, Southtown Japan. Plays host to the crowds of onlookers here to see the reveal and debut performance of their Mascot. Being the debut nobody was quite sure what to expect of the tech, app or the show itself. The specially selected opponent an exotic blonde American that should really add to the appeal.

The headquarters of HitBit. The parking lot outside it wasn't really all that outside the norm. The carpark was walled, the same white panelled brick as the building and accessible form the one street. Space for a dozen plus cars to be tightly packed in. Dumpster and trashcans present but attempts made to try and camouflage them away out of line or the four buzzing and whining camera drones flitting about overhead. Occasional swooping and weaving passes over the crowd; coming down to introduce themselves to members of the crowd in a stable hover and occasionally doing tricks. The atmosphere! A far cry from the lashed and limping Metro City that was slowly recovering back home in America. Comparatively Southtown was brimming with vitality, and a reserved yet still visibly enthused public. The call had gone out a short time ago but already the parking lot was filling up with a varied cross-section of the populace. Salarymen stood shoulder to shoulder with young adults in beaten and grubby t-shirts, couples and children. The siren call of 'something new' that was this Hitbit thing and the chance to see it live and first hand, or was it?

Stroking the head of the dog nudging against her knee and spurring her into some form of action, Anton wasn't a fan of the drones.. they were noisy and had a penchant for swooping in close to Mary which set his hackles to rising. Anton was requiring more than a little of attention to keep him from getting upset and barking at the drones. For herself, Mary was surprised at the sheer number of people there live and in person - Staring at their cellphones. The thin padded straps bound around her wrists and ankles were already feeding out some telemetry not that she herself was privy to that information. Heartrate, positioning. There was even a slight buzz in the crowd when the fact she was patting the English Pointer registered as movement for the first time.

In preparedness for the event all but a two of the cars had been moved out of the lot, the crowd was backed out onto the sidewalk outside and instead of making efforts to find another vantage point to watch most were content to congregate and watch the app at work.

It's a little hard to tell which part of the spectacle is the most entertaining and drawing the most attention. The circus playing out overhead, the new technology and app on display; -Or- there was that curious mascot.

The mascot, of course, was Hit Bitty.

And what is Hit Bitty?

Hit Bitty is the HitBit mascot. Carefully constructed from a crack team of marketing within HitBit Inc. The marketing team slaved over what would be the ideal match for the current demographics directed for the HitBit crowd. What they came up with was an androgynous sprite that showed off all the key features on its body, while also being totally rad with sunglasses with a Peter Pan hat. These people were paid seven figures for this. After coming up with a mascot in tights for Hit Bitty, the next question remained.

But who was Hit Bitty?

"Oh! Excellent!~ EXCELLENT!~ This is simply amazing!" Was the reaction of the purple-haired man in the deployment meeting of Hit Bitty, standing up at the end of the HitBit meeting table. The other members of the marketing team look at each other. "We... don't understand what you are saying, Mr. Lee. Are you speaking English?"; The purple-haired man in the purple suit tosses his hair, dismissing with his hands/"Please, I do not know who this Lee Chaolan is. I am Violet! The mysterious CEO of Violet Systems!" The other members of the marketing team look at each other. "Well, we." Violet looks over the dossier, going through each one for the mascots. "Fei Long? Johnny Cage? Skullo-who!? Oh no no no. These won't do." He throws the dossiers across the table. The marketing team averts their eyes. The leader of the team is brave enough to ask the most pressing question. "Who then, Weeolet, do you think should be Hit Bitty?"


That was the cry right now, right here in the parking lot. What was standing in what was quickly becoming a break in the crowd as what looked like a man in tights and a short billowy skirt. It was completely purple, but different shades of purple. A light purple for the leggings, a dark purple for the tunic. The man's face was painted purple, and he was already decked out in the most garnished versions of the wrist and ankle straps. He even had little booties, and a pair of too cool dark shades. On his head was the camera slash purple Peter Pan hat. LED lights covered his body, loudly proclaiming what his vital stats were and flashing horribly green, yellow, and white. There was even a red bar. Was that a A -life bar- for christ sake? Underneath it was a green bar, also full like the red bar, and a blue bar underneath that. It was almost 50% full. -What was that bar-. What was any of this. The mascot looks over Blue Mary's body, as the crowd clears even harder. Heads goes down. Head goes up. And a broad smile- oh god he has purple lipstick on- flashes over him as he gives Blue Mary a thumbs up.


Ceasing her pampering abruptly, the stillness of Mary trigger's a canine head turning up to probe at her for more attention. The app reading biosigns signals a slight change in readings. Perhaps she was getting more into the spirit of things, ready for action! -- Holy -- Moly -- but was that suit offensive! Just a little uglier when you were up close and could see all the extra lighting in living colour. Was he meant to be.. a robot? Maybe that was an alien with the purple coloured face paint? Until he'd moved his mouth she wasn't certain that wasn't part of a mask. Unsure what or how these things were being marketed; Nooot right until this moment when she appeared to be fighting someone from the mothership.

The desire to laugh Mary raises a free hand to brush at the tip of her nose yet keeps the hand in place while she fortifies herself. She wanted to laugh, the costume seemed humorous enough and it was covered in meters, lights and they guy underneath was being so utterly flamboyant with the movements and voice. It was priceless. Her eyes twinkle with amusement yet the face remains impassive, the smile never comes.

Shrugging out of a leather jacket she half folds it and leaves it resting on the hood of one of the parked cars she was leaning against. A quite command to Anton and the pooch plants himself and watches after her as she strides out toward her opponent.

She was probably being a little too harsh. Dropping into a quick squat and hopping back to her feet while swings her arms back and forth. The short red top exposing most of her midriff probably looked equally out of place, the 'exotic' blonde in the very Japanese environment. She hardly reacted to the opponent looking her over, he was probably sizing her up. She couldn't really manage a good job of it herself in THAT outfit. She assumed the company would have hired someone competent through to strong. There was no shortage of fighters around, but one who might be desperate enough to wear that? He was probably well-paid, desperate or really loved this kind of thing. This was technology they were probably hoping the big name fighting companies would pick up... he'd be strong.

"Hiiiii, are you ready?"

In response, the thing immediately begins to prance around.

The Hit Bitty flouts about with a delicate dance, bounding with fey steps as the purple-garb mascot dances about. Seven figures to create this character. Lightning Spangles, this was ain't. Hit Bitty cartwheels forward, right before Blue Mary. The man in the makeup looks over her again, waggling his eyebrows. Carefully adjusting its tights and skirt, the mascot gives Blue Mary such a wink. Immediately, every single person keyed into this HitBit match suddenly would get a brand new feature. A heart would flash on it, a digital heart.

'Hit Bitty's Days Of Memories Sim!'

This was not part of the main show, it seemed.

"Oh! Yes!" The mascot coos, giving Blue Mary a wink. "I am ready to show just how AMAZING the Hit Bit product can be! Can you feel it, linking into our bodies? Our hearts are beating as one!" The... thing pirouettes, before giving a little wiggle of its skirt. Smoothing it down, Hit Bitty suddenly gets a pounding heart animation on its LED lights, as he blows a kiss... at the dog that Mary was petting. The support crew finish their calibrations, as all cameras were on Blue Mary and her partner. The thing sings out.

"Lets begin!~"

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Blue Mary        0/-------/-------|

Revisiting her early assessment she felt might be a little unfair. Weird Alien Clown! Assuredly. Not being privy to the goings on of the app Mary responds the bizarre and close quarter's introduction by continuing her workout. Hands on knees she leans hard left and throws herself back the other way, stretching out her core and rolling her shoulders through an orbit. As he starts the opening speech she reaches up to standing and reaches up high overhead. The staining until she can feel her limbs 'pop' with an audible noise just so. Heat spreading through her limbs and joints suitably limbered up she freezes when he suddenly mentions; linking their bodies together? Hearts being one? What kind of stuff were they thinking to do with these products?? This kind fo thing wasn't mentioned to her at all.

Blowing a Kiss at Anton, the Pointer lies down on the spot and covers his eyes with a single paw. That's starting to cross a line with how he was maybe flirting with her, but blowing a kiss at her dog was outright disturbing. The spike in blood pressure and heat as she naturally starts to simmer away.

"I'm your opponent, stop harassing my dog. Ready you said."

Dropping into a crouch she springs forward in a stride and then uses what little room is left to bound into the air, twisting in the air to drag the trailing leg into an overhead crescent kick downwards, a contrail of wafting blue chi trailing behind the leg, if the blow lands solid it has to carry enough momentum for her to segue into the arm-lock takedown that was a Mary Spider.


COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Blue Mary        0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary successfully hits Lee Chaolan with Deadly Spider.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Blue Mary says, "More than likely!"

"Oh my!~"

That is the call as the fey mascot suddenly begins to blink. Already, thousands of fans were beginning to help Blue Mary with her matchmaking and also fighting. Commands were overwhelming, as there was a vast struggle to muster through the HitBit system to make Blue Mary do exactly as they wanted, as they guessed was the best.

A good guess, by the way.

In turn, the commands for Hit Bitty comes in. Blue Mary wasn't the only one getting help. However, Hit Bitty's help was... far less supportive. Already, there seemed to be a reduce interest in Hit Bitty, in comparison to Blue Mary. The fey, purple-suited thing is already giggling as Blue Mary roars in. Hit Bitty tries to delicately catch Blue Mary's kick, and redirect her away from the assault. Instead, he gets an electric shock as HIS system instructs him to dodge instead. "Interesting!" He exclaims, as he only partially deflects, AND is caught up in the takedown and goes RIGHT into an arm lock.

"IIGGGGAARETING" He emphasizes.

Trapped in the arm-lock, the purple thing wiggles, smearing paint on his opponent. The crowd already is taking pictures. Wiggling more and more, the fey thing laughs aloud. "Oh! You are... a grapple! Magnificant!" He exclaims, as he -suddenly- shifts his weight. Blue Mary would suddenly feel the horrible mascot suddenly make every correct motion and movement to slip out of her grip, and reverse out of her arm lock. The sudden burst of skill might telegraph... just what kind of person she was dealing with.

The prancing, however, also told her what kind of person she was dealing with.

"Such talent! Such skill! Such high quality product in the HitBit, am I right?" A meme would suddenly flash on everyone's screen of Hit Bitty going 'Am I Right.' It is not appreciated. Dancing around Mary with high knees, the man almost squeals with glee as he pivots, hurling out a blinding fast kick straight for Mary's gut. He won't be kicking her properly, however; he would just be placing a footplant on there. Should he make that plant, he would take a purple-bootied foot right on up... and hook it straight at the woman's neck, spiking her towards the ground.

Giggling the whole time.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary counters Mist Trap from Lee Chaolan with Stun Gun Smasher.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Uh-to, she was ratcheting on the pressure after taking the Alien to the mat when her opponent matches her move for move. Well enough to squirm free, even her attempt to reaquire a hold fails as he slips away. He was a tricky one and those were great movements. Her forte was how potent her submission techniques were, she wasn't holding back in the slightest. He's strong. Tumbling away and rising back to her feet, she passes a hand through her fringe. Now noting the smearing of purple across the inside of her palm, and jeans leg, and inside seam of her thigh; looks like he wasn't dry yet or there were a few last minute touch ups.Fights were messy affairs, she shrugs it off but it was yet another unexpected detail.

When he started launching into some kind of complimenting she was all the more confused, was this a real fight or product placement? Shifting her weight she just keeps watching, growing even more serious and wary the more he pranced and acted the fool. Focused completely on how he's moving.. looking for the tell that would feed her a limb where she might use the movement against him.

The kick, when it comes is much too fast for her to deal with, she pushes out against it with an elbow , moving forward into the blow, she missed her shot due to the speed! ..but, when he uses her as a springboard to launch into the real attack.


She still has traction, she's the one still on the ground and that first hit didn't slow or stop her momentum. When she launches into him she already trying to throw him out of control, but that's just stage one: launching into the air she seizes a hold as best she can and drives both of them down into the ground with a flash and explosion of bright blue that conceals both fighters. with a sweetly hoarse cry of.

"Stun gun smasher"

She beat the trap?

As the horrible mascot thrusts his leg into the woman, he already shifts moment for the followup kick. But as the momentum changes... he suddenly finds HER in the air, and himself whipping down to the ground. Blue Mary was getting a lot of positive feedback from that. Pinning Hit Bitty down to the ground, utterly dominating him and humilating him with those vicious grappling moves.. while Blue Mary gets more and more hearts going towards her. Was it a real fight? Was it product placement?

It was both.

The horrible creature's body erupts in a flashing sequence of LED hearts. Animating over his body, his lifebar meter suddenly slips down more and more, while the next meter seems to go down slightly. The blue meter doesn't even move much at all, in fact. With his red bar at about 50%, the people in the audience were cheering.

Cheering that the horrible mascot was getting beaten by the crowd favorite.

This was swiftly falling into poochy levels of terrible. There might be a joke somewhere about the marketing team preparing to kill themselves over the huge negative feedback over Hit Bitty, except this was Japan. It wasn't a joke. It was an obiturary. And yet, as Hit Bitty writhes on the ground, moaning, there is some sparking and flashing.

Followed by another burst of skill.

While both were on the ground, the horrible mascot suddenly blurs into motion. He was up faster, and he was over her. But he wasn't breaking away truly. No, he was trying to hold onto her ARM while he moved. "Well done! You are amazing! Oh yeah! Incredible!" Was the cry as he suddenly tries to wrench THAT arm around her back. And if the horrible thing successfully wrenched that arm around her back? He would force Blue Mary face down on her knees...

And stomp her on the back of her neck.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Blue Mary with Lee Harassment.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Blue Mary        1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1      Lee Chaolan

Her own arm being tugged and pulling her off centre she reflexively moves to correct and commits even where she can fell him switch direction. The wrench of the joint was pointless to fight, she had to play this just a few steps ahead. He had her and they key was to manoeuvre to turn whatever he was doing to her advantage before he could skip away. While they were in close, she seemingly had the stronger style.


Folding her arm up behind her back, tough move to beat and limited a lot of her options, his grip strength versus the torque against her wrist, elbow or shoulder. When he pushes her forward there's only minimal resistance, there were only two options that preserved her arm. She opts to fall forward, path of least resistance and taking impact on her knees before shifting weight enough to free one up. She's just moving too slow to handle the sucessive movements in time.

Blinded and seein' stars the stomp on the back of her neck also bounced her head off the pavement, the spasm in her leg delays the hooking manuver behind the knee after the blow. Time enough for the crowds collective wince actually seeing the blow. The app chirping away merrily and detailing the speeds involved and PSI numbers for the crowd.

Throwing herself in the direction she just rolls, arms secured and tucked away tight against her chest she rolls a dozen feet away, bouncing and sliding before coming to a halt. On getting back to her feet she's woozy, reeling and one hand clapped to her face that had made impact with the ground.

(Even if you're hurting and can't even see straight-)

She gives her head a shake and sinks back into a low ready stance, it helps with the nausea. A hard knock to the head and rolling off like that it taking more than a little fortitude to get back to her feet after. The split in her eyebrow just now starting to trickle a thin rivulet of red down the side of her face, drawn toward her chin.

(This is about learning to survive. Relying on your own strength.)

Calm down Mary. Find your rhythm once again, don't panic or give in to the pain. Think! Plan and prepare instead of just flying on instinct.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary focuses on her next action.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Blue Mary        1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1      Lee Chaolan

"Ha ha ha! Excellent! Excellent!~"

That was the song as the horrible mascot stomps on Blue Mary's neck again and again. The audience was starting to -boo- at the instantly unpopular mascot. In fact, as Blue Mary rolls away, Hit Bitty turns to them, miming a lock of pure shock. "Oh my! Am I really that hated?" The fey creature asks, before beginning a prance around. The heart LEDS begin to pump again, as the audience begins to chant for Blue Mary to return, to rise up, to recover. The mascot just shrugs his shoulders, turning back around to Blue Mary.

And he gives another wink.

"They love you!~" The mascot cries out. "They all love you! Amazing! Incredible! Hit Bitty adores your natural talents!" The awful thing declares. He adjusts his hat deftly, glancing away as his heart rate speeds up. "In fact, they love you more than me! How about it then? Have you thought about being a model? A mascot for HitBit? Imagine your body on every phone in Japan! Marvelous! Oh! Excellent!" He then begins to bring up a fist back, as he spreads out his stance. Leaning his weight on his back foot, he extends his other hand, motioning at the grapple. "If you think if you have what it takes to be number one mascot idol..." He winks.

"Come on~"

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan gathers his will.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Blue Mary        1/-------/=======|=======\======-\1      Lee Chaolan

An awfully strange trip this was shaping up to be. The crowd were leaning in her favour but it was a passing knee-jerk reaction to both fighters. But where the real oddity was the fact that her /incredibly/ bizarre opponent kept would bother with praising her and what sounded like he was trying to scout her. The faint flicker of her eyes as she starts processing what was going on, while she's seemingly given a reprieve to find her feet and clear her head.

They hate him? She didn't know if that was part of the shtick or a hint that this this wasn't a real successful test of the mascot. Probably not much job security for an actor, who was also making advances regarding her maybe wanting work, if he was scouting for some agency? he probably needed the money. She was NOT helping him by hanging back and not putting on a show.

"..I don't. (Think she had what it takes.) It takes someone special to pull that off!"

Straightening up she makes a show of cracking her knuckles, setting a tone right before kneeling down into a sprinters crouch. That didn't mean she wasn't going to do her utmost putting on a show; for the crowds and the company both. Some guy might even have his job on the line. Kicking off that line with everything she's got, Aiming right on past him with with one arm swung wide like a lariat, that was only the catch for her start rolling around into the scoop and then hard carry to the ground flat on his chest.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan attempts to interrupt Combo Throw from Blue Mary with Scatter Kick.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Blue Mary        1/------=/=======|=======\====---\1      Lee Chaolan


That was the response from the mascot as Blue Mary ultimately turns it down. "You would have looked incredible in this outfit!" Hit Bitty sings aloud as Blue Mary begins her approach. The mascot beckons her closer... closer.... closer... a smirk spreads across the horrible creature's face as his fist by his face twitches.

And he suddenly erupts into a blur.

The mascot's hat flies off as he throws himself into the lariat. Letting it slam into him hard, it doesn't slow him down a bit as he snaps with a roundhouse kick straight for Blue Mary's neck. In the close quarters, every microsecond counted. Hit Bitty wasn't aiming to kick her there, per say, but just like the Mist Trap before: He was going to hook his leg right around her neck. And if she didn't find a way to get out of it...

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary reverses Scatter Kick from Lee Chaolan with Mary Reverse Facelock.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Blue Mary        1/----===/=======|=======\======-\1      Lee Chaolan

Feet pounding and arms pumping, even breathing feels sluggish; the blonde tearing across the parking lot has almost reached point she's gone ballistic. The fact her opponent had delayed their own movement for some long giving her as little chance as possible to get a read. It was all going to come down to who could react fastest, they were set to clash but the moves and countermovement's were already locked in. If she was wrong? This would end badly for her.

The kick, it final lift's off the ground, snaking up and spining toward. At this point she can feel her heart beat rapidly quicken, moment of truth!

it brushes past the back of her head, her own arm having fallen behind her she cocks upward to drag and hasten her opponent's blow along. Scaping to a rough and noisy stop, scouring the soles of her boots on the pavement she hops up onto his back and spins with him rolling the pair of them into a knot that's unravelled only while being spun to the ground.

Mary on top she pin's Hitbitty to the ground. Head caught in a trap between a pronounced and swollen bicep and bosom the blond suddenly jerks the neck through a 70 degree neck wrenching motion with horrendous sounds.

The move was painful, and dangerous! Kid's don't attempt at home or try out on your siblings. That one move was way too dangerous and had a very scary margin for error that could seriously injure or kill someone... how it was meant to be employed.

A Reverse Headlock?

As the grappling kick hooks in, Mary suddenly reverses the moment. Hit Bitty's eyes go wide as suddenly, Mary was now on top of him. "Oh my!~" He exclaims as suddenly, a thousand people begin to ship Hit Bitty/Blue Mary. Mary is obviously the dominant one in the relationship. Audiences were split on whether it was a yuri matching, or a hetereo matching, with a distinct minority going with both. The awful mascot's neck was twisting hard now, as he struggles underneath.

And then fire alarms start to go off.

"Hm." Comes the mascot's reaction as the alarms go off not too far away. "Do you hear that? I really hope there isn't a fire going off. Oh dear, I better hurry this up, my dear." The tone he was taking became far less camp. Significantly less camp. Twisting himself around, he was facing Blue Mary with a very serious expression. He... wasn't supposed to be able to twist around. Deftly, he begins to make every twist, every turn, every pull on the woman as he untangles that knot that she put him in. The sensors from the HitBits were going wild, as the man... and it was becoming more and more obvious that this was a man. "Hold on, please." He explains as silver energy begins to build up. Shooting up into a stand, he brings back his hand...

And explodes into a bone shattering palm strike squarely in her solar plexus.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Blue Mary with Death Touch.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Blue Mary        2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Slippery this alien, strength enough to try wresting his way free. The fact he was covered in so much electronic kibble and sticky wet paint wasn't helping. If she were heavierc she fought him in every turn trying to escape. The personality shift wasn't so much a surprise to her as that he had broken character, something was off about the new persona though.

It didn't fit.

Thrown up back to his feet as he makes his move she stays close, nobody had called the fight off and as far as she knew that was some kind of danger siren for hitbitty. One of his bar's had gone into the red zone conspicuously around the same time it had begun ringing out. The fight didn't seem to have been called off by whatever it wasc he was gathering up his strength for some kind of strike, the silvery chi was visiblec so the attacking limb was known. All she had to do was watch for the feint or opening move.

The single direct attack sinking into her chest shatters all expectations, grotesque amounts of pressure on her ribs jarring as ribs give way and fracture away. The girl doesn't slide back and away as she should instead folding with the blow and a whoof of air, silvery trace amounts of ki wafting away through her back and behind her. She starts to fall forward putting pressure on the offending hand. She can't breathe, she starts to fall eyes turning glassy from the pain but recovering as she gets that first rasping gulp of delicious air.

Lunging forward into his legs she tackles at him trying to take him to the ground and into the roll that'll bring her into the figure-four leg lock, rolling across his body to size hold of his neck in a familiar grip and contort it in the other direction. All of this executed before she rolls off to the side, dragging a vulnerable limb into arm-bar with heels digging into his torso.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary successfully hits Lee Chaolan with #Mary Infinity Rose#.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0      Lee Chaolan

Rolling back and levering Hitbitty into the air she sends him into a staggering run. Following through she chases him at and ever greater speed and dashes back and forth past him repeatedly raining in additional blows before smashing and carrying him into the air with a leap and some spiralling circular arm movements laced with chi knocking upward. Not content with that she seizes hold of the airborne for reaching out with her legs and drops the pair of them to the ground like a falling bomb.

Mary rolls away from the impact site into a totter and still clutching at her chest and gasping for air. She hadn't meant to go quite that far! W-was he alright after that?

It hit hard, no doubt about it.

And yet, as the man recovers, he wasn't really focused on his opponent. No, Hit Bitty was focused on the alarms. "We desperately need to finish this, my dear. Something is going horribly wrong!" And then, as he idly turns, he notices that... she was tackling him.

"Oh, you are finishing like that!"

The assault comes... far too quick, far too slow. Hit Bitty attempts a defense, but there wasn't a proper guard against... all that. By the time the arm bar was around, the man was unconscious. The repeated blows wake him up again, just in time for him to knocked out again for the finishing bomb it was... brutal. A scream breaks from the crowd, as the alarms grow louder and louder. A woman runs from the crowd, hands waving. "Fire! There's a fire at a local politicians house!"

"I don't know which one, because I'm voting for Donald Trump!"

True to her words, a house is ablaze right by the parking lot!

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan takes no action.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Blue Mary        0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan can no longer fight.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Blue Mary        0/-------/-------|

Every breath raw, painful yet tickling her chest and throat enough that her body just wants to cough it all away. With fractured ribs it was more beneficial to not be doing that. Picking herself up she glances over at fire lit building next door, then back down to her opponent. He was concerned about that for some reason? The sirens weren't part of the fight at all. Scratching the back of her head she can't but wonder if she took advantage of the distraction.

reaching down she places two fingers on the side of his neck in a cursory gesture to make sure he was still alive. Yeah, strong pulse even if she couldn't tell if he was conscious, semi-concious or right out to it. Removing her hand she pats him twice on the cheek .

"I'll do what I can. You relax there."

Winking down at him even if he isn't conscious, she rises even as Anton comes trotting over to sniff at the downed Alien and experimentally test the strong smell of rubber, solder, wet paint and expensive parfume. The fight was over on the app, people were alternating between fascination with app, drones and fire.


The dog's ears perk up and he questioningly starts wagging his tail even as the pair makes a beeline for the crowd and the building beyond. A quick check no-one was still in there was the least they could do. In poor a state as she was it might be all she could manage.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary has ended the fight here.

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