Circuit of Champions - PCS: Worldwide Rookie - Sven vs Pepper

Description: This was it. The World Championship for the Rookie Belt. Lightning Spangles was nearly at the top, a classic role from a fresh hot star in the world of fighting. All that stood in her way was the one Sven Maesters, a D-List wrestler with a Warwolf gimmick. The trouble was? Sven was tough, and he was mad, and he was just as sick of Spanglesmania as he was with Rainbowmania. (Winner: Sven)

It's time to follow up on the debut of the new and improved Lightning Spangles!

After winning her first match (which already has some fight fans claiming the triple threat match was fixed given how relatively unscathed the young actor was at the end of it and all the Disney money funneled in), Lightning Spangles has earned the right to face down Sven Maesters, the wolfman of wrestling known in online circles as the WARWOLF.

In the intervening time since the last match, the new Lightning Spangles show has debutted, starring Pepper Green as Pepper Bell, the young teenager living a difficult life who stumbles upon the old Showup Hoedown Ranch and becomes Lightning Spangles. Now she has to live the split life of a normal girl trying to get through a school day with her two friends (one of whom is a kind of nerdy boy she will probably be romanticly linked to in 3 seasons) while reviving the Showup Hoedown as Lightning Spangles!

As it stands, wars are already raging online between people who love the breath of fresh air that Pepper has brought to the character and those who are diehard Jezebel Faiblasse fans. The sort of things that are being said about a 14 year-old girl in these "debates" are highly inappropriate and will not be repeated in this summary.

Quite honestly, the intensity of this controversy has meant massive ratings for the Lightning Spangles show as it brings in new fans, hate watchers, and people curious about what can draw this much controversy. This has also lead to the arena being packed for Sven Maesters vs. Lightning Spangles, with an absurd numbers of signs referencing their opinions on Lightning Spangles.

Given the tone and her opponent, wardrobe has changed around the look for Lightning Spangles this time, putting her in a red, white, and blue wrestling singlet with a big "LS" logo on the back and a sheriff's badge on her chest. The white hat and a pair of white cowboy boots come together with frilled bracers to complete the patriotic, cowgirl wrestler look.

As the excitement builds in the arena, the event is set to begin as Lightning Spangles theme blares out through the arena and a swarm of Showup Hoedown Pardners comes running out, lead (of course) by the Hoedown Dillo. Trailing the pack this time, however, is a new figure in a horse costume with a hockey stick on his back. Someone in the production team clearly preparing taunts against Lightning Spangles' opponent early. Lightning Spangles herself only comes running out at the song hits its first peak, rushing down to the ring with a megawatt smile as she's greeted by a cacophony of cheers and boos.

Lightning Spangles?

For all Sven Maesters cared about, 'Spanglemania' was the newest Rainbowmania. Compared to the child superstar, the 'world rookie' as he has become was in a dingy locker room. Not even a proper 'private' one, just private right now. He was alone in the locker room, standing before a cracked full body mirror. The tall swede had finished putting on his army boots, and was checking his toned, muscled body. This wasn't even the greatest fight in the world. But Sven... he didn't even feel the sweet taste of a belt victory. He just felt the singular drive to keep challenging, keep proving himself, and keep proving the Maesters name. All he had to do was beat Lightning Spangles. He wipes his bearded face, before turning towards his locker. Frisking out the cheap, plastic 'wolfman' mask, he returns to the mirror. He mutters to himself, as he slips the mask on.

"This are for you brother."

As the cresendo reaches the peak for Lightning Spangles, Sven Maesters seems almost as an afterthought. The wrestler tromps down from the other side of the arena, a heavy wolf fur cloak over his shoulders. The man shakes his arms in the air, trying to look larger than life... but he wasn't. Not compared to Lightning Spangles. About halfway down the walkway, the thunder... seems to leave Sven's stride. The swede just stops trying to work up the audience. They were so taken in by the Spanglemania, so wooed by it, that the defending champ... well, he was just Sven Maesters. He wasn't the newest, youngest Lightning Spangles. Even the haters weren't really too concerned with the Swede.

It almost sort of 'happens' when Sven rolls himself under the ropes, and into the center ring.

"I AM THE WARWOLF!" Sven roars out, his arms in the air again. "I AM THE WARWOLF!" He shouts louder, his voice nearly cracking from the shout. Finally, people begin to pay attention. "I AM THE WARWOLF! I am INSULTED you are sending LITTLE GIRL to fight me! Lightning Spangles? FEH! This is how I feel about Lightning Spangles!" And then, the turns towards the young girl coming in full American glory, and he gives her the Italian salute. Turning his arm L-Shaped, he places his hand on the bicep, and bends it up at her.

It looks like they will have to be more clever with censoring this time.

There is something very important to know about the marketting strategy with Lighting Spangles: she doesn't need to win. She never needed to win the first match, that was just a spot of luck that opened up another avenue for more marketting. Where it all stands is in a very special position where Lightning Spangles is a mere 14 year-old girl stepping into a world of champions. Win or lose, she put in her effort and did better than she had any right to.

Quite honestly, if Jezebel hadn't brought about a world in which Lightning Spangles was famed for going out and fighting, the Disney people would have preferred to simply ignore that aspect. It just so happened, however, that Pepper Green was exceptionally talented at imitation in all forms, even if it came to fights.

The ability to completely slip into some other character also explains how easy it is for her to simply continue smiling after the ranting from Sven. Lightning Spangles is the one to move up to the center of the ring, a small show microphone carefully sticking out from beneath her hair as she looks up directly into Sven's eyes. Despite a decade of experience and a foot of height between the two, somehow Lightning Spangles manages to avoid being dwarfed by mere personal presence.

"If you don't want to be one of my deputies, Mr. Maester, that's alright. Not everyone has to like Lightning Spangles, but Lightning Spangles will still be there at every Showup Hoedown." This isn't the bombastic, roof-shaking shouts of Rainbow Mika, Lighting Spangles comes across as just a laid-back, upbeat gal. "Of course, if ya'll don't want to fight a girl like me, you can always just go on home, but I think Gordie Goalie wants your autograph first."

At Lightning Spangle's words, she points out toward the hockey horse by the edge of the ring who starts to enthusiasticly wave his stick around before doing some work with a pantomime puck around the edges of the ring.

Sven's dim mind rattles as Lightning Spangles responds.

This wasn't like Rainbow Mika at all, that was sure. But as she responds... well, Sven was coping a minute that he was fighting a little girl in his mind. What was with these little girls showing up to challenge Sven. But she says... if he didn't want to fight her, he can go home? Sven's body turns red as anger flushes through him. He turns towards the hockey horse, and his entire body trembles. He got it. He got it.

"You INSULT me?!"

Sven stomps his foot, rushing at Lightning Spangles with a surge. He stops short of bowling her over, but he puffs his chest out and stares down. "You you are going to get smashed into ground! I am going to rip you up into pieces! Damn you Lightning Spangles! Damn you and damn America!" He pounds his chest, and turns around, heading back to the corner ring. "Once that bell rings Lightning Spangles?" The Swede roars from his corner.

"I am going to DESTROY YOU!"

COMBATSYS: Pepper has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Pepper           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Sven has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sven             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Pepper

"I guess we'll just have to see about that," Lightning Spangles says with her friendly grin still locked in place.

Moments later, the bell rings, instantly dispelling the need to wait to see whether or not Sven's claims would come to be true.

...And Lightning Spangles is the first one out of the gate. Without an ounce of hesitation, her entire arms suddenly begin to glow with a sheath of glittering chi; it's as if her arms are sheathed in stars, and just a touch of the violent energy should be plenty to leave a mark.

It only takes a small amount of knowledge of professional fighting styles to realize that Lightning Spangles isn't the same one from before, this time she moves for all intents and purposes like a traditional grappler, however using her smaller size and agility to attempt to dive between the WARWOLF's legs and then bounce up to her feet, popping back up behind him in and effort to snare both of his arms along the biceps and then twist forward with all the strength a small body like her's shouldn't possess as she bends forward. Her small frame gives her a unique pivot point that, should she overpower the larger man, tears at his chest and shoulders as her glowing arms sear at his skin, with him balanced across her back like a turtle's shell.

COMBATSYS: Sven fully avoids Pepper's Power Throw.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sven             0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Pepper

And the bell rings.

Sven Maesters wanted to make the first move. But the high-kicking cowgirl was faster to the draw. As the energy burns out, the wrestler even stumbles back against the post. Energy, real energy. He wasn't not as prepared with energy as other fighters. And yet, behind that mask, he just glares with enranged eyes. As the smaller fighter tries to slip past Sven's guard, she might realize something different from her other opponents.

Namely, when Sven leaps away.

As Pepper slips low to dive past Sven's legs, the wrestler takes to the air. By the time Lightning Spangles is back up, there isn't the swede's back waiting for her. Instead, Sven was on the ropes, balancing carefully with his back turned to Spangles. He pivots, running the short distance back towards the corner where he and now Spangles were at. And from there, he springboards off, hurling the whole force of his body across the ring, spinning in the air into a corkscrew DDT. If he manages to slam his arm around Lightning Spangle's neck, he would pivot, and attempt to slam her face down to the ground, before sending her rolling away.

The Warwolf was -dead serious-

COMBATSYS: Sven successfully hits Pepper with Howler EX.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Sven             0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0           Pepper

It's true that Pepper Green is exceptional at picking up different fighting styles and applying them as needed or desired. This is not to say she's actually a master of any of those fighting styles, and perhaps attempting to step into Sven's world puts her at a significant disadvantage compared to if she'd stuck to a style he were less familiar with.

With Sven suddenly taking to the skies and out of Lightning Spangles' reach, she's doesn't have a great deal of time or opportunity to recover and finds herself left horribly open to the assault that bears down on her and she hits the mat.


Thankfully it hasn't been enough to draw blood quite yet (although she can certainly feel her head ringing), but she's been put in a rather unpleasant spot by all of this. As Lighting Spangles pops back up to her feet, it's clear she needs to operate with a change in plans.

Losing some manner of the wrestlers posture, she once more summons up that chi, only now it seems to crackle with electricity. Her eyes are dead set on Sven as a ball of glittering, sparking power forms between her hands and is thrust forward. Halfway across the open ring, it is suddenly torn to shreds, exploding out into a scattershot shotgun blast of chi that fills the air.

COMBATSYS: Sven blocks Pepper's Reaching Out.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sven             0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0           Pepper

Slam down.

The wrestler unleashes the slam hard into Lightning Spangles, ripping into her visciously as he bring down the pain. Sven hits the ground hard himself, stunned for a moment by the sheer force. He was staggering up, reeling from the impact, but unhurt. No, hurt was for when Lightning Spangles begins to prepare her energy. Sven Maesters barely makes it back up on his feet as the blast comes, flexing his arms against the energy.

And it BURNS.

Smashing his arms against the blast, he roars in rage as he forces himself through. It burns his arms, and flecks strike his naked chest, leaving red welts on impact. "GRAGH! You are WEAK! AMERICA IS WEAK" He exclaims, as he thunders forward. The blast doesn't slow him down, it can't slow him down. The sheer mass and momentum of the fierce wrestler was unstoppable. Thundering through the attack, his arms are seared by the energy. Eyes wild behind the mask, he attemps to break from his blocking stance by slamming both arms downward.

Trying to smash them hard into her shoulders.

COMBATSYS: Pepper interrupts Fierce Punch from Sven with Touch The Sky.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Sven             0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Pepper

There is one big problem with insulting America when you're facing down a Lightning Spangles, and that is that for years, Lightning Spangles got by with an overwhelming sense of patriotism. Even when there are fans that aren't in the mood to see some young girl take over the role of the hero from their youth, having a /FOREIGNER/ insult /AMERICA/ in /AMERICA/ is /UN/-/AC/-/CEPT/-/A/-/BLE/!

Boos rings out from the crowd as Sven suddenly goes from the secondary part of the fight into being the most hated person in the ring.

As for the actual fight itself? Lightning Spangles settles into a ready position as the much-larger man threatens to turn her into paste. But again her hand starts to glow, sizzling stars ready for the moment to come. As the WARWOLF comes down, Lightning Spangles starts to fly up.

...And an original edition Lightning Spangles Read Me A Story tape player comes flying out of the crowd into the ring.

Just at the moment Lightning Spangles' glowing fist connects with Sven's just in an uppercut, the tape player collides with the back of his head, the play button being depressed hard enough for it to hear the classic Faiblasse Spangles say, "-and that's why America is great, Vice President Quayle!" before the tape player is rendered into its component parts, with sparks that, for a single moment on the Titantron, genuinely appear to be Red, White, and Blue.

Boos come, and Sven... was pleased.

He was earning cheap heat. And cheap heat, while cheap, was the heat he needed. The wrestler comes in with both arms slamming down, making the briefest contact with Lightning Spangles. But what comes instead is a smack to the back of the head, and an exploding AMERICAN rioting up. Sven Maesters is knocked back, send stumbling against the ropes. Staggered, he groans, off-balanced by the assault. Blood was trickling down his neck; and his arms... hurt badly. Forcing himself forward, his cape billows, as he thrusts a finger at Lightning Spangles.

"You make mistake little girl!"

Sven Maester thunders forward, arms open fingers gnarled. The boots come with heavy steps, thumping against the floor of the ring. Sven was remarkably fast when he was getting away. But when it came to straight lines? He seemed a bit... slow. As he thunders towards Pepper, he attempts to get the little girl in his grips now. Arms out, Sven will just attempt a simple motion: Grab the girl by her neck and hip, lift her up, and pivot, slamming her to the ground at his side. He wouldn't even through his whole body into it; it was less to destroy her, and more to reposition.

To keep his momentum going.

COMBATSYS: Sven successfully hits Pepper with Strong Throw.
- Power hit! -

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Sven             1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1           Pepper

Talent and natural ability can provide a great deal to a fighter, but when it comes down to it, no matter how good you are at recognizing your opponent's intentions or moving your own body, there is an extreme advantage to actual experience. This is where Sven Maesters has Pepper Green beat. Certainly Sven isn't being subtle about his intentions, and Pepper sees them coming from a mile away... but her plan to slip out of his hold (and hopefully leave him stumbling from the sudden change of events) is flawed.

Lightning Spangles is grabbed, and Lightning Spangles bounces off the mat so hard that she bounces head first into the turnbuckle, her iconic white hat flying out of the ring as blood begins to pour forth from a gash on her temple.

As she starts to push up to her feet, it's clear that she's not in very good shape at the moment, stumbling faintly as she momentarily tries to adjust a hat that's no longer there. Quick thinking, and knowing the important of staying on brand, Jamboree Jack Rabbit catches the hat out of the air (to the cheers of an audience now full of Lightning Spangles fans, regardless of which Spangles it is) and waves it to the hero.

Being drawn out of her dazed state by the intensity of the crowd, Lightning Spangles moves over to the ropes and picks up her hat, firmly setting it in its proper place atop her auburn hair, seemingly unconcerned with the blood matting her bangs to the side of her head.

"If ya'll think you can put down Lightning Spangles, and all her friends from the Showup Hoedown, and all the deputies out there... just try it," Lightning Spangles says as she takes on a gunslinger's stance, eyes locked on Sven as she stands ready.

COMBATSYS: Pepper focuses on her next action.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Sven             1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1           Pepper


Sven slams Lightning Spangles so hard, she is sent bouncing back for a bad luck injury. The crowd boos, and Sven.... Sven throws his arms up, accepting the boos in full power. He shakes his fist, giving Lightning Spangles the space she needs for her and her animal friends to work together with the power of teamwork. As Pepper drags herself back into the ring, Sven turns down his heat, facing the cowgirl from behind his mask. His voice gets low. "If it is hard to get past all your friends and debutaties..."

And Sven hurls off the wolf-pelt cloak.


The howl comes as Sven, now unencumbered by his cape, immediately charges forward. He was faster now, much faster as he exploded forward. Face and body blushing red, the Warwolf attempts to seize the fighter between his hands. Should he successfully get the grips on the girl again, he would spin her around his body, around his waist, before finishing by falling on one knee, and just SLAMMING the girl against it.

While howling like a wolf!

COMBATSYS: Pepper counters World Wolf III from Sven with Stay In Touch.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Sven             1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0           Pepper

This time, Lightning Spangles is ready. This isn't just a fight anymore, it's a SHOWDOWN! And everyone knows that when you put Lightning Spangles up against a no good desperado in a showdown, Lightning Spangles wins every time; she's got the white hat after all.

This isn't to say that Lightning Spangles is the one drawing first this time. As the WARWOLF surges into action with one of his signature brutalities, Lightning Spangles holds steady with those steely nerves that every good cowgirl has. As Sven grabs her, she doesn't just let him, she throws herself into it. As she's sent flying around her opponent in an effort to dizzy her, she starts to move even faster, overshooting his intended grabbing point and ending up behind him with her arms now cinched in around his midsection, suddenly roiling with energetic flames.

"Looks like you set your clock wrong, you thought it was midnight, but it was HIGH NOON!" Lightning Spangles shouts as she hauls back into a simple (if glowing) suplex to crush Sven's now de-pelted head into the mat. Cheers errupt all through the crowd as this New Lightning Spangles continues to win over some of her detractors with the help of a good heel.

Showdown indeed.

Sven Maesters comes exploding in, as Lightning Spangles herself comes to meet him. As he lunges in, the actress is able to hold her on as she is spun around. But she is moving too fast. Instead of managing to slam Pepper onto his knee, it is the WARWOLF HIMSELF that ends up getting slammed. She was behind him, and she unleashes a suplex to drive him headfirst into the mat. The crowd goes wild as Sven, for a moment, is stunned.

But it is only a moment.

"GAROOOOOOO!!!" Comes the howl as the wrestler shoots back up, his head burning. The rage was fueling him, he was not slowing down. Staggering himself, he lurches hard to the corner, barely keeping himself upright as he faces in... before pulling himself on the ropes, a leg on each one, straddling the post. That was the first jump, the second brings his legs all the way to the top ropes, he builds up momentum as he readies the third and final jump. He springboards hard off the corner, taking into the air as a high moonsault. He hurls himself at Pepper into a staggering bodyslam.

Howling the entire time.


COMBATSYS: Sven successfully hits Pepper with Three Wolf Moonsault.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Sven             0/-------/------=|=======\=------\1           Pepper

This is it.

Lightning Spangles is in a rough spot. Certainly she'd managed to come back from a rough start, but it's clear now that if Lightning Spangles can't manage to turn this around right now, she can't be the first one to hit the mat or else she's lost this fight. Sure, she'd have already secured one of the Pro Belts, but Lightning Spangles doesn't accept just good enough when there's still a chance at the best!

Unfortunately, while there is still a chance at the best, this is a real rough spot. With Sven bouncing around between the rope like some sort of overcharged superball. All Lightning Spangles can hope to do is brace herself for the coming pain.

...But she doesn't. The WARWOLF shows that his superior experience wins out over the talent of extreme youth. Lightning Spangles is pancaked into the mat in a manner that makes one wonder who would actually let a 14 year-old girl fight a full-sized adult man. She practically disappears under his larger frame, with limbs sticking out cartoonishly.

This really is it... Lightning Spangles has no hope of winning this, and she knows it. There's nothing that will keep her standing.

But she can't just give up. Right now there are people chanting for her, demanding that Lightning Spangles win. If she can't win, she at least have to go out defiant, especially against a man who has so casually insulted the country she calls home!

Suddenly exploding with glowing energy, Lightning Spangles aims to kick Sven off of her into the air where she aims to catch him by the leg and then slam him down into the mat hard enough to rebound into a furious flurry of punches and kicks that aims to keep him trapped in mid-air as he's repeatedly knocked back and up, pressed all the way into the corner of the ring for a double cowboy-booted dropkick.

But after that dropkick, Lightning Spangles has hit her limit, dropping to the mat, unable to summon the strength to stand.

COMBATSYS: Pepper can no longer fight.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Pepper successfully hits Sven with Heart Of A Champion.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/-======|

It was it.

Sven Maesters hurled himself in the little girl, smashing into her hard with the full force of his Moonsault. It was an important question: Who would let a teenage girl fight a full-sized Warwolf? And yet, as she is crunched under his massive frame, the Warwolf just lies there, well off balanced from the attack. Underneath him, he could FEEL the explosion of energy, the energy surging over her. Sven was mad. And in that anger, he was just able to roll off her...

And promptly get kicked into the air.

The combination of kicks comes roaring out, striking him again and again. Sven is kept airborne, tossed around like a ragdoll. But he was angry, he was mad. "GRAAAAAAGH! GAROOOOO!" Was the howls of pain and rage, as finally, ultimately, the wrestler is spiked into the corner post by the final blow. He hits there, head first, his body burning as he is struck. He lingers there, as Pepper begins to collapse herself. The pair are there, stuck. A DKO?

Sven then moves.

Standing up, he nearly falls over immediately. It wasn't the pain that was causing it, and lord knows, he was in pain. It was the exhaustion, he was overwhelmed by the sheer force and anger. And now, there was no proper outlet to anger. No physical outlet at least. As the judge starts the count on the Lightning Spangles, Sven turns towards the audience, his mask askew, and throws a pair of middle fingers at them. "DEATH TO AMERICA! DEATH TO LIGHTNING SPANGLES! AMERICAS ARE GIANT LOSERS!" He roars out, as the counter boos come hurling in. He was a heel. He embraced their insults, he even tolerated them hurling their food and drinks into the ring. They hated him.

They hated the world rookie.

COMBATSYS: Sven has ended the fight here.

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