Blue Mary - Karate Kids

Description: Juvenile crime in Metro City is on the rise, with teenage criminals showing more organization and skill than in previous years. In particular, the core of this group of young hoodlums have been seeing using intricate karate and kung fu martial arts, taught to them by an unknown individual. The more aggressively and visibly they act, the more attention they draw down upon themselves. Well-connected or desperate parents have their own options and avenues to try and seek help.

Although the individual youths in the dojo range in age from 14 to 20, and skill from yellow belt to black belt, the common thread is their use of ancient Chinese kung fu techniques amid the regular karate. And there's only one dojo in town that's reputed to teach these ancient techniques, since they've been banned in standard martial arts classes for this large a group of students. Mainly because they're dirty, permanently damaging, and related to Triad assassin arts.

In the middle of the slums, there's a sign that reads 'Feng Po Karate' in gold letters on a black backboard. The windows show only crows portrayed with modern Chinese art deco, in black, with gold eyes. Outside is a fifteen year old in a leather jacket with a Cabal (a thrash metal band very popular with Metro City criminals) t-shirt worn below it, and a glass pipe in his hand. He's smoking marijuana and opium in blatant view of everyone, since this neighborhood is 'protected'. Local cops don't touch it, courtesy of a few dirty cops on the beat assignment administrative department of this particular precinct. In the building, coordinated shouts and cries and grunts can be heard, familiar to anyone that's studied martial arts.

Perched horizontally across the seat the blonde beauty with the bob cut seemed well out of place. In comparison to the silent near 700 pound motorcycle she was balancing upon; all chrome mirror sheen and bright red paint. She'd been sighted a couple of times today cruising this street and had been asking questions, to many of them.

The brown and white dog drinking out of a plastic bowl set on a sidewalk. Tongue lolling out and wandering around to sniff at the new environment while she busies herself retuning the bottle to a side saddle mounted on the bike. Brushing hair out of her face and combing it back behind her ear she makes a point of slipping on the sunglasses before leaping off the bikes frame to her feet and walking toward the entrance to the dojo. The dog trailing along behind, panting and dripping.

She stops in front of the fifteen year old, hands on hipsc Baggy fitting jeans and a broad thick belt seemingly balanced around her waist only because it's resting on her thigh. A solid white star encased in a white circle.. like a law enforcement badge? A midriff exposing plain bright red top beneath the leather jacket. Her Head turned down to be looking in his general direction but eyes lost behind the tinted blue lenses. A sharp and long exhale as punctuated by the sad whine of the dog standing at her knees as she reaches down to pat him and bypasses the kid outside.

She couldn't trust that he wasn't addled enough by whatever he was smoking or still on point enough to warn his friends inside. Pushing the door open Mary starts to disappear inside while Anton settles down on his haunches, wait patiently like a good boy. He yawns and turns his head to watch the teen, still dribbling! Just a little.

The kid outside stares at Blue Mary, his jaw slowly going slack as he forgets about the pipe in his hand. His eyes widen as she gets closer, frozen in place, feeling the drugs he's on combine with the beautiful female authority figure approaching him. As the gears in his mind churn, squirming where he stands for a moment, he suddenly issues a verbal challenge. "Halt! To pass me, you must answer these riddles three! Who killed Bonham, Hendrix, and Thompson?" he asks, and then she steps right past him. "The CIA," he croaks, and then the door bangs shut. He looks left and right, then begins shuffling away, looking over his shoulder briefly before shaking his head. "She was into me, man," he tells himself. "All I gotta do is just keep the yoga up."

Blue Mary is presented with a surprisingly nice dojo front room, with white padded mats stacked along the beautifully painted murals of the side walls. At least twenty advanced students are inside, doing katas while dressed in black gis with golden crows on the backs. They all have red belts. In the back, in front of a rice paper wall with a sliding door in the center, two men stand, on either side of the door. On the right side of the door, there is also a gong that rises to waist level. "Halt!" one of the adult teachers shouts. The students stop their motions, and slowly turn to face Blue Mary. The two adult teachers cross their arms, as the twenty highschoolers size Blue Mary up. The two trainers put their hands on their thighs, squinting. "Positions!" the same teacher commands, and the twenty highschoolers seemlessly move into karate kung fu fusion stances.

The second teacher then frowns. "What do you want, /woman/?" he spits.

Drawing her hand up to her chin she appears thoughtful as the entire class is seemingly halted and turned her way. She felt the appropriate level of threat that was probably the intent of the gesture, but she also appreciated the convenience. Her gaze roves left to right across the room looking at all the pupils before returning to the teacher who had spoken.

"I'm just here to pick someone up at the request of their parents. You don't mind, do you?"

The photograph in her back pocket was getting pretty worn and creased from her showing it around town. Asking questions that inevitably guided her here; and now, she was looking right at the young man.

Removing the sunglasses she makes a show of folding them up as she is talking and hangs them at her side by slipping one of the temples into her pocket. Bright blue eyes seeming out the blonde haired young man, black headband wrapped around his brown. She want's everyone to know who she is here for. The Lawrence family was quite distressed there son hadn't come home in a couple of months, her clients. They wanted their son Johnny back.

That communicated she thinks sufficiently Mary jerks a thumb back up and behind her, relaxed and casual in the face of nearly two dozen men who were sizing her up.

"I can wait until you're done."

She wasn't going away.

Mr. Lawrence stares at Blue Mary, saying nothing but clearly shaking in rage, shame, and indignity, as his loose hands tighten into claws that look like they could rip out someone's eyes. His nostrils flare, and then he squints, his muscles tensing. The other students take notice, and immediately get more aggressive in their stances, although each teenager's method is different. Some look like they're getting ready to jump kick, others punch, others use joint locks or throws. Hips shift, shoulders roll, feet edge, and hands tighten.

"These young men are training to be warriors!" the first teacher announces to Blue Mary. "Do any of you want to go home?"

There's a resounding, unified cry of, "No!" Johnny's voice can be heard over this, particularly loud.

The second teacher nods, satisfied. "Students! Teach this interloper a lesson!"

"HAI!" comes a united cry from all twenty red belts, and they all begin to advance, five columns of four students each. The ones in the rear are slow, sidling towards the walls to establish a perimeter, as the front row charges at Blue Mary.

A thrusting punch is launched by the middle student, while the two on either side pop in after he's pulled back his thrust, the one on Mary's right with a low punch, the one on Mary's left with a high punch. The two outer students then run in from the far corners of the dojo, one with a sliding sweep, the other one with a roundhouse.

Meanwhile, past the sliding door in the dojo's rear half, a sitting figure cloaked in shadow and incense smoke sips tea, nodding slowly. "Excellent," comes a crooning murmur with a heavy Mandarin accent.

Hmm, this was going from bad to even worse if she was going to wind up hurting a bunch of kids. There would probably be no chance for any kind of reconciliation between parents and child if she dropped him home with a dislocated shoulder. Or a bunch of his friends got the same treatment. One hand traces around her body to behind her waistband. Stepping around one clumsily aimed blow there's just too many on one for this to go on for long.

"Yes, yes. That's quite enough of that!"

The distinctive bark of a 9mm in close confines had served as a potent if momentary deterrent to being mobbed. Mary stands, arm raised toward the ceiling where the round was firmly embedded in the plaster.

"I didn't come here to play! I'm working."

She takes a step forward and threatening the closest of the students herself while lowering the gun.


The call is met with a furious scrabbling as something at the main doors leaps and scratches at the door until the door swings loose. Rather than backup, it's a dog?

"You boys are all here to learn from these teachers. They must be pretty good - if one of them can beat me."

She looks to Johnny.

"Then I never found you."

She doen't make any more conditions than that. If neither of those teachers can beat some woman who wandered in off the street. What the hell were the students to think they were learning here? She stuffs the gun into a pocket of her jacket and withdraws her now empty hand (safety on). To add insult to injury, she slips out of the jacket and tosses it behind her where the dog makes a show of jumping to catch. Tossing her only weapon away. Leaning over with hands on her knees she twists her torso left and right to loosen herself up.

The crowd of kids backs up as the gunshot goes off, and they all fall into defensive positions. The teachers look at each other, before the one beside the gong picks up gong's stick, and strikes it. The twenty kids all move to the sides of the dojo, as the teachers join them, one at each wall. They spin, and turn to face the middle of the dojo. Blue Mary is about to get more than she bargained for.

The sliding door slowly moves open, and there's the sudden pungent smell of authentic, expensive Chinese incense, along with a silhouette standing in the shadows. "Perhaps...I can beat you?" comes a soft voice, which then produces a chiming giggle. The silhouette steps into the light. It's a Chinese man in his eighties, with a dark complexion and many wrinkles on his visible face. He has a long, whispy white beard and no other facial hair, bald on top with long white hair growing in a horseshoe around his head. He wears a black robe, like what a Chinese vizier might have worn in centuries past, fastened around his waist with a black belt. The assembled students and teachers all bow deeply. The elegant martial arts master and octagenarian steps closer, seeming to glide as he walks with preternatural balance. "I am Master Feng," he says with an eccentric cadence, tapping his right pinky's sharp fingernail against the side of his mouth as he considers Blue Mary. "This is my dojo. Do you wish a true challenge?" he asks, stopping halfway into the dojo as his raised hand drifts to his side, his arms slightly out with his hands hanging limply from his wrists, each nail filed into a claw-like point.

It was a relief that the kids were backing off. But it seems to have worked perhaps a little too well. The master of the dojo himself is reeled in rather than the hostile teachers. Huh? Now she wasn't so sure. Scratching the side of her head as though this next step had been as confusing as it WAS. He had to be strong... because there was no other way teenaged boys were going to be focused on emulating this act.

She didn't know the man, he carried himself well but that was just the thing. Mary Ryan was herself the grand-daughter of an Aikido Grandmaster and many of his friends were suitably impressive. They didn't bother with this kind of finery and what was probably theatrics meant to impress for one reason or another.

"The job comes first. But I'm not adverse to the challenge. Master Feng"

She keeps a civil tongue. There was no call to be disrespectful; just brutally efficient in taking apart whatever obstacles were set in her path. Especially if she managed to take him down quickly enough it might just expedite the job.

"I should warn you," he says quietly, with an odd echo added to that strange, faraway, somewhat mystical cadence. "I once killed a woman merely through the act of pleasure. My kung fu is even more potent." Everyone in the dojo keeps a dead serious face, including Master Feng. He is serious, and nobody dares even smile at this insane story. Apparently, this sort of thing is part of his every day persona. "Prepare to face Feng Po." His arms fluidly move up as he drops backwards a few inches in a leaning stance, his body shifting beneath his robes. He moves like he's made of water, very flexible despite his advanced age. And then, golden chi gathers around his hands. He smiles at Blue Mary now, like a grandfather smiling at a cheeky grandson. Then, his entire stance ratchets into a forward charge without warning and far quicker than a man of his age should be capable, his right hand jamming forward, straight with his fingertips aligned with his thumb in a quick poke aimed at her two lowermost ribs, the chi-powered shot aimed to thrust exactly between the ribs on the left side of Mary's ribcage.

The dubious shift of her thoughts written plainly on her face and obvious eyebrow raise is plain and visible feet away. Well, there was no real danger of THAT happening!! A-at least he rated his kung fu over and above that particular boast! When told to prepare she does shift her stance, having no idea what kind of skill and power to expect-

The nails were stabbing into and grating against her bare skin, piercing it in places, seeing as she hardly moved from the spot when he lunged it looked as if she were caught by surprise. That hurt a lot, shifting her weight with the blow hardly seemed to minimize much of the damage at all... it wasn't hard enough to throw her back.

But she wanted this, precisely: this range. Deliberately raising and setting her open palm across the back of the hand lancing into her ribs; with a slap. She steps back and then launches herself into the air, turning herself upside down while maintaining the pivot point place on the back of that one arm she descends as though swooping. Spiralling into the grab and carry where she's trying to wrap her legs around upper chest and abdomen and topple both of them to the mats already mid arm lock.

COMBATSYS: Master Feng has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Master Feng      0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Blue Mary        0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0      Master Feng

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary endures Master Feng's Awesome Chi Strike.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0      Master Feng

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary successfully hits Master Feng with Mary Spider.
- Power hit! -

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1      Master Feng

Master Feng is frozen in place from the energy of the charging attack, and can do little as Blue Mary flips over him. He's dragged down to the floor in Mary's embrace, emitting a terrified cry where he sounds his age more than earlier. His arm snaps as he's caught in the lock, going limp. "My arm! You six fingered vixen, how dare you!" he screams, his students watching grimly as Feng is humiliated by the rapid reversal and apparently disabled right arm. He wriggles in her grasp like a serpent, his entire body almost seeming to undulate with a motion that might turn weaker stomachs if observed without his robes. His left arm swings around in the grasp, his hand forming a claw as he jams his hand into whatever purchase he can find. "I beat Douglas MacArthur at this game during the Korean War, young lady!" he claims boldly, his students still not even twitching a lip at this audicious remark. His left claw drags down across Mary's side until he grasps her belt and pants, and then wrenches his whole body, even the trailing right arm which has been dislocated, and attempts to do what should be a weak toss to get Mary off of him. Until the massive explosion of golden chi that shoots out from the inner edge of his arm, massing at his wrist then exploding against the private detective.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary counters Surging Chi Grapple from Master Feng with Mary Head Buster.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0      Master Feng

Gradually exerting more pressure, heedless of the fact her opponent was as ancient as he was. A sharp or hasty twist could result in more permanent or debilitating conditions than a dislocation would. Better to mind her own technique and move precisely than injure through carelessness.

What did that insult even mean? Six fingered vixen? This guy wasn't JUST mouth but he was certainly running it recklessly.

Siezing hold of her belt the old man actually lifts and begins to drag her upwards. No! Close quarters combat like this was her forte; if she was tossed aside there might not be another opportunity to end this quickly. Reaching down she seizes at his robes with both arms, it's a contest of strength now between the two fighters. The swell of chi building up between both fighters would be a threat to them both, or neither of them! Before it can detonate Mary jerks herself backward with the intent of lifting him from the floor at the same time she lifts her knee and sets her foot to his abdominals to guide the throw. She falls back, the same time catapulting him up in what would usually be a high flung arc but the roof in here wasn't that high. Just in time to avoid getting exploded, or whatever that did.

Master Feng's chi cannon is countered by Blue Mary's skillful grappling, and he finds himself tossed up at the eight foot ceiling at quite the speed. He smashed into the ceiling, then bounces down just as rapidly, slamming into the hardwood floor. There's a collective wince from the students, as Feng's body lays there limply, his limbs twitching and sputtering as he struggles to stop being such a rag doll. "Yes, lady fighter, I have you just where I want you! Ha!" comes his announcement as he slowly rolls over onto his back, his arm at a gut wrenching angle at his side, his legs at odd angles. He sits up, then awkwardly stands. He grabs his arm, then wrenches it back into place with a hard twist, his already wrinkled face screwing up in mute pain. Then, he moves back into a fighting position, his hands shaping themselves into claws again, although his right hand quivers forcefully in pain.

Master Feng seems to glide as he runs at Blue Mary, his robe's lower portion billowing about, before he leaps into the air, his sandal clad foot extending out as he spins about as if guided by wires, a leaping roundhouse comparable to Ansatsuken's hurricane kick unleashed. It is, however, much less forceful, and there is only one such kick in the manuever, the rest of the assault featuring his leg tucked in to deliver faster spin.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary blocks Master Feng's Light Kick.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0      Master Feng

Mary takes a moment to collect herself. She wasn't going to be pressing for advantage when she's not sure the old timer will even be getting up after -that- landing. When that bizarrely confidant voice swells up again she immediately regrets not prosecuting further. He had some stamina, she'd acknowledge that. AND! Some tolerance for pain. All those wounds had to be hurting but the old geezer showed no signs of faltering just yet.

"Come on"

Starting her own bouncing back and forth in place, shifting her feet while raising her fists into a more traditional guard position. If he had this kind of spirit she could at least show her own.

High or low, will he go high or low? Leaping into the air and starting to whirl it at her the hit strikes her forearm solidly, the next a little less so, the third glances as she leans further aside and retracts the arms toward herself to direct the blows overhead.

As the spinning winds down and Master Feng begins to drop toward the ground Mary steps in to try and stop the revolving process before he can come back around to face her.


A surge of effort and speed with a muscular arm stabbing over his shoulder; she's wrapping around to try and establish a choke across his throat while the other hand seeks to brace and cement the hold. All in a split second she is trying to strangle him in a very simple response to his flashy move.

COMBATSYS: Master Feng blocks Blue Mary's Choke Hold.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0      Master Feng

Blue Mary's arm wraps around Feng's neck, but his right hand is already there to meet her forearm, his hand a blade. He emits a gutteral growl as his whipcord strong muscles flex, the arm firming up, and then he slowly, but surely, pushes the forearm away, inch by inch, before it slams into his neck. He strains his head upwards, gritting his teeth and whispering to her through his strained throat and locked jaw, "This is a poorer showing than Bruce Lee gave me when I taught him how to kick." His back arches as his waist pushes outwards, establishing a lower center of gravity as he moves to his toes, giving Mary less balance on him as a space develops below their two sets of shoulders.

Feng's left hand claps onto the arm, and he suddenly snaps his waist backwards against her, as he curls inwards. He's attempting to perform a standard flip, his left hand gripping the wrist as the right hand slips about to grasp her forearm at the elbow. It has just a little bit of a cruel wrench to it.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary dodges Master Feng's Average Throw.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0      Master Feng

Hrm, that was still just a little surprising. He still had some real strength to him, so there wasn't that much advantage to being the younger of the two fighting. She was losing a contest of power. That hadn't been her first hint though, he had lifted her earlier. Sailing over Feng's shoulders Mary lands neatly in a crouch. One knee down and glove pressed to the mat, the other still trapped. Poised such for a moment when she straightens, it's just like her to reach up and comb some stray threads of blonde hair back behind her ear.

The landing looked casual, but the muscles bunching and straining beneath the skin of the trapped arm spoke to how much effort it had taken. Sticking the landing was the easy part, keeping the limb and bones aligned so it wasn't an easy break or wrench. That was where the skill and risk came into her counter-move.


Without providing any context like 'that last move was-' or 'You've chosen a dangerous situation.' Now squaring off once again Mary establishes and holds Master Feng's gaze, his move nowc but any mistake on his part and she'd be on him. This was her preferred range, he might be holding onto one of her limbs, but that could turn disadvantageous in an instant.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary focuses on her next action.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0      Master Feng

Master Feng looks down at Blue Mary as he keeps a solid grip on her arm, impressed by her ability to counter his flip manuever. "You have studied the art of aikido," he states with certainly, his lips pursed as he squints in appraisal. "But aikido is nothing compared to the power of Feng Po! I created this martial art when I studied at the Shaolin Temple!" He keeps the hold on the wrist and elbow with his hands, watching her as she stands, before he gets a rather piquant smile on his face. It is very mischievous. His palms suddenly burst with white hot golden chi, attempting to blast her forearm at both joints, blazing white hot energy through her flesh and into her own personal energy fields. "Feel the power of the crow!" he screeches as his eyes glow yellow, his nails digging into Mary's skin as he begins to cackle insanely.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary blocks Master Feng's Awesome Chi Throw.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0      Master Feng

The attack should have cut her down to size. She hadn't managed to pull free or made any moves while the blinding chi gathers and explosively grows and detonates against her limb. Her one move is a twist of disapproval to her lips, closing one eye (probably against the intense pain!!) When the light recedes there's some definite surface damage to the skin, red pressure and heat marks on the skin but the intense white gives way to a softer blue chi rolling down her forearm. Which isn't his.


At some point during the intense wave of brightness blinding even some of the onlookersc She just hauled back, taking a step back with one foot to cement and shift her centre of gravity, and just leans into the straight aimed right at his face. Having closed one eye to preserve her vision against the intense glare of bright chi at some point during winding up for the punch she switches eyes. She's still able to see perfectly well and using that to pick her target.

COMBATSYS: Master Feng blocks Blue Mary's Fierce Punch.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0      Master Feng

Master Feng's eyes widen at the expression of Mary's own chi, until the two forces clash and he squeezes his eyes shut, staggering back a step. He releases the arm as the powerful blow comes in. He can't see quite as well as Mary, not having been prepared for the explosion of competing energies, but he's got experience on his side. He is left hand swings around from above to thrust the punch wide and down, his arm sweeping fluidly. It strikes him in his extended arm and slides along the shoulder, before grazing off. "You fight with rage, woman! I like you! But not as much I enjoyed the company of Greta Garbo! Hee hee!" He's beginning to lose it, clearly getting tired, as whatever propensity he has for lying gets more powerful.

As his arms flow, he bends his knees to duck as he turns his back on Mary. He's three quarters into his spin, before his right hand snaps out to send a chop at the side of her knee. The chi is gone by now, and he's clearly breathing heavily, with a little wheeze, indicating that he's used quite a bit of his available reservoir. "Carousal Chop!" he announces as the side of his hand whistles at Mary.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary fails to counter Average Strike from Master Feng with Mary Reverse Facelock EX.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Blue Mary        1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1      Master Feng

Mary already gave him a reprieve and held back the one time before. She should have been on him and dishing out even more damage at the time. Just because he's slowing down and seems tired is no reason to let up. She wasn't angry, she felt for him after a kind of a sad evaluation of how this wheezing old man measured up to other legendary martial artist she'd had the privilege of meeting or knowing. He was wrong, there was no rage, just a heaping dose of pity-

The knife edge chop catches her across the side of the neck and jaw as she steps in, to intent on rolling down on-top of him and seizing hold of his head as she would bear him to the ground, It's a moment where she nearly switches off, starts and other bright lights as she staggers away. Head lowered and battling the nausea and foggy headedness brought on by having her head snapped around so. One hand on her knee propping herself up as she shakes off the aftereffects.

Master Feng jumps backwards as Blue Mary struggles with the chop he just delivered. His hands suddenly flare with energy again, much more, rippling up and down his arms as his entire body takes on a halo of rippling golden chi that causes his black robes to flutter and flap as if being pushed by wind coming from all directions. "You have forgotten a lesson of fighting," he croons with a gentle smile, his personality suddenly changing to that of a teacher. "Never declare victory until you have broken a neck!" Then, with that paternal, mentor expression still on his face, he swishes forward with his left hand out, attempting to grab Mary's neck and then thrust his right palm into her face with an explosion of chi, his hands arrayed in a crow's claw to stab anything sensitive on her face they happen to touch.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary blocks Master Feng's Awesome Chi Strike EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Blue Mary        1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1      Master Feng

She missed making a move against the arm going for her throat, it lifts her form her half bent over crouch back to full upright but the grasping hand reaching for her fist meets her own balled up fist a good foot from reaching her face. Mary's much shakier on the defence, it's also more desperate and harder to crack.

"You-don't-NEED-to break anything... Not when you can make your opponent submit!"

That's what she was known for, submission moves. Anyone could break a neck, back luck or carelessness; it was possible to do so just falling the wrong way. Her one free arm lifting back into the tangle of limbs she beat's downward against the inside of the arm clutched to her throat. Yanking her closed fist that way as well she tries drawing in the other limb while kicking off the ground and entwining her body around that one trapped arm she has hold of; She was reaching for the other to try tying him up in a knot. Leveraging one spindly old arm against the other.

COMBATSYS: Master Feng blocks Blue Mary's Combo Throw.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Blue Mary        1/------=/=======|=======\==-----\1      Master Feng

Master Feng gets his arms intertwined with Mary's, a soft, Zen look on his face, a wide smile and half-closed eyes making him look like a statue of the Buddha as he struggles with Mary. "Then you are not using your energy to its peak potential, dear!" he explains as his left arm suddenly wrenches the wrong way, causing his left hand to release her neck as his arm quivers painfully. But that expression remains frozen on his face, lips parting into a Cheshire grin. He's still glowing and rippling with golden chi, but the aura begins to gather around his arms, and then, suddenly, there's an explosion of force from his arms and hands, the very arms and hands that Mary is tangling up. It's a huge fireball of chi, blasted directly into Blue Mary!


COMBATSYS: Blue Mary dodges Master Feng's Big and Slow Chi Fireball.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Blue Mary        1/------=/=======|==-----\-------\0      Master Feng

She felt the hair's on the back of her neck starting to stand up. Beginning the process of untangling herself she pushes off of Feng and falls to the mat as his feet. A sitting duck for his attack even as she scrambles to get back to her feet. The moment the attack takes shape and crashes down upon her she's already tucked and rolling around behind him. Skirting the edge of the attack by so little she may have been singed. The clattering thump of her boots striking down on the map minute pause as she parts the veil of hair obscuring her vision, combing it back with both hands. Narrow escape! But she wasn't done yet...


Rushing at Fengs back she grabs from behind his neck once again, but with both arms working in concert she tries to grab him by the scruff of the neck. Maybe she was taking his advice and intent on breaking his neck.

"Dynamite Swing!"

The fact she's trying to lift his entirely of the ground in a sudden display and spike of pure physical power. A huge centrifugal swing that gets faster and faster before releasing and hurling him across the room right at that gong.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary successfully hits Master Feng with Dynamite Swing.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Blue Mary        0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1      Master Feng

After the chi disappates, Master Feng finds that Mary has vanished. He dusts his hands off. "Now, it is time for me to have some rice!" he exclaims triumphantly to his students and the teacher, who are staring at him bug eyed. Then, he hears a woman talking behind him. He's suddenly lifted off his feet by the long hair growing from his head, and emits a terrified series of high-pitched, ladylike screams as he's spun around by Blue Mary. He gets launched right across the room, hitting the gong head first. There's a deep *BOOOOOOONG* as he bounces off and lays on the ground, blood leaking from his mouth as he blearily looks around the dojo. "Yes...Bowl of rice...For my victory..." Johnny curses and marches out of the dojo, letting the door slam behind him. Everyone else is just standing there, shocked, including the two teachers. Everyone is staring at Blue Mary, jaws dropped.

Outside the dojo, what appears to be a hobo wearing blue wizard robes, complete with the pointy hate and bushy beard and mustache, is watching while wringing his hands. "...Must tell the magic cat, must tell the magic cat, yes," he mumbles, before disappearing down an alleyway.

COMBATSYS: Master Feng takes no action.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Blue Mary        0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Master Feng can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Blue Mary        0/-------/------=|

Drawing a hand across her brow and flicking it away she then starts to fan herself with both hands. Relived when both the gong finally ceases ringing and Master Feng seems to be too dazed to continue. She really had broken a sweat so there was some challenge - as promised.

While she's doing so Johnny storms out and just like that her job is on the move. She heaves another sigh at that reaction. Probably frustrated but she can't say she really understands what's going on in his head. Anton turns, ears pricking up to follow the teen's leaving but remains close to Mary while still carrying the jacket.

Flicking the sunglasses out of her pocket she has to spend a few seconds carefully fussing with and bending them back the other way, suitable enough she can don them once again.

"No lectures today. I don't have the time."

Addressing everyone in the room briefly she starts leaving as though she were putting it all out of her mind. Stopping to take the jacket from Anton she swings it back up onto her back and pushes her arms though. Heedless and uncaring of the spot of dog dribble but taking care to re-holster the gun.

She could have told them; she could have assuaged some of the fear and shock in that room by announcing who she was, the fame of her family. But that ran contrary to her wishes, if they thought her just some woman off the street then maybe that'd do more good.

Out on the street she catches up to Johnny and grabs him by the shoulder of his Gi twisting him to face her.

"hey, HEY! I'm not here to fight you. Your parents hired me, they asked for help because you're a runaway."

Potentially a good kid, the family was pretty powerful and influential. If they hadn't been genuinely upset and worried for his safety. Mary never would have taken the job.

"If you want this life-? Tell them it's what you're doing and come back under your own power. Got it?"

The kid had taken the loss of his master pretty hard there. If it was -that- bad at home, like his face was indicating she might even have to let the kid hitch a lift all the way back to Metro.

COMBATSYS: Blue Mary has ended the fight here.

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