Neo League 0064 - NL#0069: Cracker Jack vs Alisa

Description: Cracker Jack faces the android Alisa in Osaka, the first public debut of a fighting android in Neo-League! ...And Cracker Jack's greatest challenge yet! [Winner: Alisa]

A busy night, if there is one, in Osaka. A subway and a string of commerce that is nearly constantly packed, it's odd that there was a section that was emptied. Surrounded by different portable billboards, they are never-the-less seperated enough that those who were there for free could barely see. Likely being sold was the secondary and roof 'seating' that had sprung up for a quick buck. Thankfully, cameras were keeping track of the who and where they all were, but was it enough!? Arguable, really!

It's quite clear that something was going to go down!

Skipping over the line, Alisa had been restored to maximum combat efficiency and effective output by none-other than the scrupulous members of the Mishima Zaibatsu! If she was to be a useful bodyguard, she would need to be in top shape. If she was also going to be a useful bodyguard, she would likely need to obtain data. Where, of course, would you put a machine that is meant to learn and collect?

Neo-League, of course!

Colorful as she is in her two-tone outfit, the skipping ends as she steps forwards into the ring, pink hair bunned up quite effectively! "So this is where it will take place?" She notes, nodding as someone confirms! "Well, that's perfectly fine then! I'm certainly ready!" Certainly friendly, perhaps! With no muscles to flex or stretch, or body to warm up, the servos within whirr, systems performing pre-battle diagnostics with little issues to report - the best kind of issues! "So it will be a show? That makes me a performer, doesn't it? I'm sure Jin will be happy to learn about that!" It is unlikely that he will.

Of course, she can always talk AT him.

Cracker Jack has an unusual challenge tonight. Fighting a mechanical being. It's really a foreign idea to him, the ex-bouncer used to fighting flesh and bone, not plastic and metal. Alisa may be new to Neo-League, but Cracker Jack is new to fighting artificial beings. The question he has in his mind is, why doesn't Vega have this technology? So, being the ambitious little errand boy that he is, he's decided to use this opportunity to gather data on Alisa, in case Shadaloo is interested in duplicating the technology in the future. On a nearby rooftop is a Shadaloo operative with a multi-stage camera set up, gathering several types of data on the fight below. Jack just needs to meet the challenge, to see if this technology is useful for Lord Vega.

Cracker Jack comes sauntering into pre-drawn bout limits, past the gathered crowd and accompanied by a medic in a black uniform. Jack is carrying his standard wooden baseball bat, the length of wood resting on his shoulder, as his left arm swaggers and his whole body moves like a salamander. He sees Alisa and moves to the center of the 'ring', really a portion of the street that has been blocked off for this fight, and lowers his bat from his shoulder, waving to the crowd with his left hand. He turns his attention on Alisa, frowning faintly and being careful. That last thing he wants to do is get caught off guard. He moves into a loose semi-fight position, letting her have initiative, and ready for anything. "Come at me," he says at Alisa, watching her from beneath the brim of his hat and through his shaggy hair.

COMBATSYS: Cracker Jack has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Cracker Jack     0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Alisa brings her battle systems online.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Cracker Jack     0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Alisa

It is possible such technology is only in the minds of the more deranged, or perhaps the more driven. Not to say Vega isn't quite driven. It's closer to say that his mind is not driven in /that/ way. More a schemer and a dictator, he is not quite the scientist. It's likely he has scientists for that, however. Alisa is, in the meantime, entirely unaware of her purpose in life. Save enjoying it, of course. To fight is something that was shown to her, something that lies under her programming. Something she does not fully have a grasp on. Programs exist seperately but are meant to function together. It's just battle overrides pleasantry when it happens. The happenstance doesn't matter, then!

Waving to Cracker Jack as he saunters forwards, Alisa notes his swagger! His saunter! All his movements must have a purpose, but as a being that feels no fear, there are limited emotions of stress or worry and more on observation! Threat calculation is done by muscle tone, by form and stature. If he had a baseball bat, it is likely that he is quite capable with it. Such a thing isn't very surprising, though! Skipping the rest of the way towards the center of the ring, Alisa leans forwards a bit and half-waves to Cracker Jack, "Why hello! You must be Cracker Jack!" Of course, his greeting is different. 'Come at me', he states! "We are both here by choice, aren't we? So you can have a bit of fun!" The mechano-girl states! Standing back up, she peers around, at the battlefield, and then Jack. "Well, since you said so!" She cheerfully states, dress flapping slightly as her body shifts forwards. "Combat systems engaged~."

Immediately her arms shoot out, grasping for Cracker Jack's as a leg swings forwards and under him, to knock one of his legs out and unbalance him. Immediately her back would snap open revealing 'wings', thrusters that pulse and pull her upwards as she unbalances herself, the thrusters firing as she intends to start things off by grinding Cracker Jack against the ground and giving him a bit of friction burn on the cement!

COMBATSYS: Alisa successfully hits Cracker Jack with Compression.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Cracker Jack     0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0            Alisa

Cracker Jack shifts to hold his bat in front of him as Alisa skips forward, squinting at her suspiciously. She seems pretty human, as if this was an exact duplicate of a school girl. Not exactly someone Jack would expect to fight. He's caught off guard, as she reaches forward to grab him by his arms. "Wha?!" is all that comes out as he attempts to jerk backwards, before his leg is knocked out, sending him stumbling downwards. Then, the wings deploy and Alisa's thrusters kick in, sending him shooting along the ground beneath her, growling at her in close quarters as he feels his suit rip apart behind him. That definitely hurts, blood smeared on the cement from his back ripping open towards the end of the ground drag.

Jack's bat clatters to the ground as he releases it beneath Alisa, his left hand snapping out to grab her head. He squints at her, his eyes visible with his hat askew, and he balls his now empty right hand into a fist. He swings at her face twice, once with a quick snap, the second time putting his whole shoulder into the blow. She's in close, and that's his time to hit. "You're not taking me very seriously," he hisses from between his teeth up at her as the drag slows and he gets his punches in, his skin screaming in protest for some Neosporin and bandages.

COMBATSYS: Cracker Jack successfully hits Alisa with Double Punch.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Cracker Jack     0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0            Alisa

As the assault ends, Alisa immediately brings her wings to close, landing as they cool off, outfit flapping behind the exhaust that is quite quickly let off. There's very few obvious tells, save for when she lets them be known! In this case the wings and leg thrusters are pretty obvious, however! Brushing herself off, Alisa glances down towards Cracker Jack as he squints - and her head is grasped! Attmepting to pull away, the damage is done. Thrusters pull but cannot engage, body twisting away. Even then, the fist slams into her face twice. One, then another, as she's pounded!

Like a deer caught in the jaws of a crocodile, Alisa flails, the threat level of Cracker Jack jumping as her face is beaten into! The mechanical body twists and turns.

Finally, realizing escape is impossible, Alisa accepts the inevitable, smiling as the fist smashes into her face again. "I am taking it very seriously, Mr. Jack."

Her body suddenly snaps backwards even as Cracker Jack holds onto her head and doesn't let go. It may take a moment or two for Jack to realize it, so used to fighting humans, but the smiling face and entire head of Alisa stays within his grasp. The body twirls away. At least attempting to.

Oh, but it glows red! Look at such rosy cheeks! "I have plenty of time and resources." Alisa states! As the head suddenly reaches critical mass and detonates in his grasp if he doesn't let go in time!

COMBATSYS: Cracker Jack blocks Alisa's Spam Bomb.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Cracker Jack     0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0            Alisa

Jack grits his teeth as he lands those punches, before Alisa is suddenly gone, with the head still in his hands. He blinks rapidly, before it begins glowing. "Jesus!" he curses, tossing the head away at the last second and shielding his face. It explodes, peppering him with small amounts of shrapnel and fire. He coughs faintly at the aftertaste of the bomb, before slowly getting to his feet, dusting himself off. He bends down and picks up his bat, slowly moving his head around on his neck and shoulders to pop out some tight spots. That was freaky. Cracker Jack did not see that one coming, although maybe he should've expected it. Who designed this thing?

Jack runs forward at Alisa, with a quick sprint. He aims to grapple her shoulder with his left hand, then bring his baseball bat swinging down towards her left hip in close quarters. If her body is entirely modular, it makes sense to aim at her center of mass, where the critical systems are no doubt located. Jack's theory, at least, from working on cars. Maybe he's wrong.

COMBATSYS: Alisa dodges Cracker Jack's Power Hunter.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Cracker Jack     0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0            Alisa

Peppered as Jack was, Alisa stands before Jack a headless body. A damaged doll that simply doesn't have a head to stand on! She's head and shoulders above... no one! Not at the moment, but the form lands all the same with Cracker Jack getting the blunt of the damage prevented by some quick thinking! Some quick thinking that clearly shows what he has in his own head! Twirling back once, as colors spinning with her, she stays in the ready stance that Jack could assume was her normal combat stance. With his bat being picked up, Alisa can assume that things have not changed. The threat still exists.

Especially as he crackes his joints. Jack's sudden charge is met with a sudden evasive action from Alisa. Not simply for assault, the jets fire to propell Alisa away from Jack's grasp, kicking backwards with her thigh thrusters allowing her a burst of energy that brings her just out of grasp. As the bat swings forwards, she spins to the side and around Cracker Jack, body almost rolling along his. It's quite modular, Jack will find, as the head suddenly snaps back into existance.

"Please keep this a clean match, Sir Jack." The 'girl' states, as once he is clear from her, she lashes out with a foot to cause him to keep going, her head removed and kicked at Cracker Jack as a follow-up before it is re-attached!

"It is just as distressing that you would adversively affect the younger members watching~! It is supposed to be a clean match, and as such, I will not attempt to use anything unstandard for such combat." What can she possibly mean?

COMBATSYS: Alisa successfully hits Cracker Jack with Aggressive Strike.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Cracker Jack     0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0            Alisa

Cracker Jack's left hand grasps at nothing but air, then his bat fails to find Alisa as she spins through the air. He halts his attack, off balance, and sees the head reappear suddenly. Confused and shocked, and also just a little disturbed, he's left nearly defenseless as he's kicked forward and stumbles with his back to Alisa. Then, Alisa's head is kicked at his back and bounces off it, some people in the crowd laughing, as Jack is sent sprawling to the ground. He rests there, on his knees, breathing for a few moments as he burns with anger from the humiliating method that Alisa used to deal with him.

Jack pushes himself to a standing position with his bat, and swings around to face Alisa. He's seething at this point, but still in control, even if he's starting to sting from Alisa's shockingly effective methods of attack. Whomever built her was creative, is Jack's assumption. He hops forward at her, before he ducks downwards and thrusts forward with his left fist, aimed just below her chest, and just above her abdomen, at where a human's sternum would be. He's still probing for a weak point right now, hoping to find a hole in her defenses.

COMBATSYS: Alisa blocks Cracker Jack's Medium Punch.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Cracker Jack     0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Alisa

It's not a mockery of Cracker Jack that the head bounces. Everything Alisa does has a purpose. The head bounce was intended, of course, to knock him away farther for reach that she does not have outside of her other mode. Why not use a desposable resource that allows as a secondary sensory device? Truly the future is magical. That does not mean the crowd doesn't see it differently, of course. "Oh, are you enjoying this?" Alisa asks of the crowd about them! "Good! It isn't enjoyable if you all do not like it as well!" Cheerfully, Alisa reattaches her head as quickly as possible.

Which means just about the moment when Jack is lunging back towards her, as he manages to force himself to a standing position and swing around to face her! Face to face, she's still a bit at a disadvantage as he hops forwards and thrusts with his left fist, aiming just below the chest. Unfortunately what he meets is metal and unyielding, though for Cracker Jack, it yields. Metal bends under the fleshy outside, though whatever covers it isn't flesh, arms thrust in the way of the core's path. "Was my creator's design that obvious?" A curious statement from the 'doll' as she is pushed backwards on the concrete from the force. Her boots skid against the ground.

As he lunges, she responds, thrusters firing to push him off balance and leap upwards, foot slamming into his body to set him staggering backwards before hooking her boots around his form and spinning in the air, literatelly flipping, as she aims to pull him along and toss him at the very end of the flip away from her! It's not quite as sudden as it could be, but the form is straightforwards. Her systems begin to cool off at an accelerated rate, as well!

COMBATSYS: Cracker Jack fails to deflect Medium Throw from Alisa with Batting Hero.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Cracker Jack     1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0            Alisa

Cracker Jack swings wildly at Alisa as her foot kicks into him. He's left torqued to face the crowd instead of Alisa, and is easy to scoop up and then pull into the air. "Ahhhhhh!" he shouts as he flies above Alisa as she flips around, his baseball hat (and his hat) flying away as his legs kick above him, before he's sent hurtling away from Alisa, his limbs flailing. He slams into the ground on his chest and bounces as he skids away to land on his back. As he comes to a rest, he coughs and sits up, dazed and wounded. His muscles are sore by now from this war of attrition, and he blearily looks around at the crowd, not seeing Alisa. Slowly, he climbs to his feet, his back to her and his bat some distance away.

Things just don't seem to be going well for Cracker Jack. If Alisa was not a cold unfeeling machine in combat mode, she would probably slow the battle down. Perhaps give him a better chance and everyone else a better show. However the key note is that Alisa is under one Heihachi Mishima and the Zaibatsu. You do not keep programming that would relent under any circumstances if it could, even slightly, effect the outcome.

As Cracker Jack swings Alisa is able to jet out of the path, changing her arrival mid-kick, and continue forwards. While Cracker Jack sails away and slams into the ground, Alisa does not drop from her skywards perch, hovering there to watch him curiously. This, meanwhile, gives many bystanders the sight of a lifetime. Thrusters keep her aloft, both on the upper back and her lower thighs. It's barely like a real wing and mostly six thrusters housed in such a way to look like wings as she flies. Stylized, of course.

"Are you able to continue?" Alisa asks, like an emotionless turret staring down a poor test subject. It is only as he climbs to his feet that she continues. Sensors dictate his reaction speed, his fatigue, his strength and put together a plan. One that is accepted. "You are. Then we shall continue."

Both arms are raised at Cracker Jack. He may get a moment to shake his head. Alisa /cannot/ be serious.

She is.

both arms siddenly rocket off with a telltale plumage of energy as they accelerate through the sky, her own body sent backwards from the force that is, fortunately, negated by a quick blast from her thrusters.

COMBATSYS: Cracker Jack fails to reflect Double Rocket Punch from Alisa with Batting Hero.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Cracker Jack     1/---====/=======|=======\-------\1            Alisa

Cracker Jack hears her voice, and spins around to face Alisa, watching her hover in the air. He goes sprinting across the arena for his baseball bat, diving for it and rolling to his feet as he catches it. He hears the explosion of force from the arms deploying from Alisa's shoulders as they're fired off, and he spins around with his bat, swinging the wooden object at them. However, his luck is poor, as one arm goes low, and the other one high, the bat swinging between them and resulting in him getting hit by both, one striking him in the face, shattering his nose, the other in the stomach, keeling him over. He crumples to the ground on his knees, blood dripping from his face. He forces air through his nose, attempting to clear the blockage, blood and snot spattering to the cement in front of him.

It was a very precise calculation. A long-shot that involved multiple factors that, honestly, were all concrete enough to risk. If he succeeded, almost planned, then she would take the moment to charge in after, or expend his energy while conserving her own. If he did not...

If he did not, it plays out still in her favor. It most certianly would play out in her favor. As Cracker Jack swings for the fences, the arms manage to slip around the wooden instrument that decides his fate and slam straight into him. Limited control is provided from Alisa and it seems the limited control translates to just enough as they both strike into him, sending him crumpling towards the ground. Almost magically they return as if called, snapping back into place as she floats in the sky, unmoving as some kind of robot overlord.

"Are you capable of combat still?" The question once more comes, "You're not looking as good before as you -" Silenced by the action, she knows the answer clearly. "Very well. Here I come!" Cheerful, she stays, even as she for all intents and purposes engages in quite the physical beatdown of Cracker Jack! It's just, perhaps, not his day.

Still, he is a threat. With one single impact he very clearly blew through some of her defenses without much effort. There would be no doubts about his strength.

Dipping low, thrusters burn briefly to accelerate her arrival befor ethey snap away, boots skidding across the cement sending sparks as her dress flutters. With a quick spin around she throws an elbow towards his form, intent on giving him no time, or space, to recover or rest. To relent would be to give him possibly all the space he needs!

COMBATSYS: Cracker Jack blocks Alisa's Single Boot.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Cracker Jack     1/--=====/=======|=======\-------\1            Alisa

Cracker Jack slowly looks up at Alisa, bat still clenched in his hand, as he kneels on the ground haggardly. As she comes in, he watches her, waiting, and at the very last second, he bursts to his feet, throwing his left arm into the incoming elbow and knocking it away. Hopefully, she's off balance. His muscles flexing as his eyes bug out, he puts every last bit of wrathful force into a desperate blow, swinging his bat with one hand and a wrathful twist of his entire body at once. The bat comes flying in from the side, aimed at Alisa's midsection, striking from the side. He emits a low bellow as he does this, his bat and right arm blurring as he makes the attempt. It's swung with enough force to maybe break his bat if it hits, depending on how hard Alisa is. Maybe he should have brought an aluminum one!"

COMBATSYS: Alisa blocks Cracker Jack's Home Run King.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Cracker Jack     0/-------/-------|=======\===----\1            Alisa

Arriving in close, Alisa makes herself a target, skidding in. It's a tactical risk. One that is weighed against all other options. His swing is clear, his strength as well, Alisa can take that back with certainty. Yet it is a plan to end the battle. A plan to close out the Neo League bout with extreme efficiency. First she will destroy his guard. The impact is clear from the elbow and the boosted velocity behind it. He catches it, arm into elbow to knock it away.

Alisa is certainly left off balance, body twisted, her motion causing her to stagger backwards giving Cracker Jack the time he needs.

Sensors go into overdrive, systems planning the next action on a moment t omoment basis. The bat is swung with one hand with his weight, and strength, behind it. A giant level 1 threat is reported closing the distance at an increasing speed. At the midsection it is aimed with enough force that he cries out. It looks like it should hit clean.

It does. Mostly. Half of the thrusters activate in a desperate attempt to pull her out of the assault, spinning her so her limb and shoulder take the blow instead of the midsection. The force sends her into a barrel roll, body twisting and turning in the air from the additional force. The bat may shower across the battlefield, but Alisa finally meets the cement as well, landing face-down even if she manages to take the blow correctly.

"Extreme damage averted~." The cheerful robot pipes up, face muffled from the cement that she stares into. "Damage to arm extensive. Systems overtaxed... emergency power applied. Repair systems status... refocus to arm." In what could be termed as 'complete garbage', the arm's dented and damaged form begins to apparently re-establish itself, slowly but surely. Meanwhile the systems, growing fatigued, are flooded with emergency energy as the thrusters burn to full-power and pull her from the ground.


If Jack has enough foresight, he could tell 'bad things would come'. This would surely count. In what may be coined a human-like missile, Alisa spins into the air like a jet-fighter and aims to grasp Jack's strong arm still with her own and dive and twist. Aiming to bring him towards the ground as she shoots past and comes back around! Soaring around the edge of the arena, but staying inside, she'd dive back down to almost uppercut him off of the ground. While he's still airborne, she'd continue the assault, leading with a kick the next time before flying past and spinning upwards! Only after that would she accelerate downwards to bring him, and herself, back to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Alisa successfully hits Cracker Jack with Trigger Shuffle.

[                                < >  //////////////////////        ]
Cracker Jack     0/-------/---====|-------\-------\0            Alisa

Cracker Jack's bat breaks over Alisa's arm as she blocks the attack, leaving Jack with a wooden stake in his hand, splinters flying everywhere. He exhales heavily and raggedly, nearly falling forward as he gives up hope, before he hears Alisa say, "Engage!" Eyes opening wide, he's too slow to get out of the way as the android comes barrelling in, grabbing his right arm and twisting it, before slamming him into the concrete of the Osaka street. His arm bent and mangled, he tries to push himself up with his left arm, getting up enough to feel the uppercut to his jaw as Alisa darts back in. He's sent into the air, before getting kicked backwards, then being smashed into the ground face first. Mangled into a brutal pulp, he twitches and shakes, his tendon-stretched right arm balling into the best position it can for a strike, as he lurches to his feet briefly for a spinning punch at her head, before he collapses to the ground, completely spent.

COMBATSYS: Cracker Jack can no longer fight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Alisa            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Alisa dodges Cracker Jack's Turn Punch.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Alisa            0/-------/-------|

The focus wasn't to mangle him into a brutal pulp! Yet this doesn't matter as Alisa finishes, acting according to programming, what she starts. Running through her systems, checks on damage and energy flood across the machine to calculate and report everything. So focused upon landing on this task Alisa's programming has to pause for the final strike from Cracker Jack! Thrusters pull her down and away, body twisting from the quite damaged human as she ducks and weaves under the powerful blow, body barely skimming away from the assault. Landing finally as Cracker Jack cracks, ending the match, Alisa looks down. There is a final scan. Threat : Neautralized.

"Systems disengaging. Good fight, Sir Jack!"

Pause. "Oh no! You are most certainly hurt!" No, really? "Medical assistance here, please!" Already as the match ends does Alisa flicker from 'cause harm' to 'assist'. "I did not enjoy causing harm, I wish to inform you, but it was for the enjoyment of others. Not that it makes it right, but there was a purpose that we both took upon ourselves as we entered, and it was known that it would end like this, though who was injured would not be known!" Waving, arms wide and obvious, Alisa even steps away from Jack so that the medical team is not frightened by her! "Yes, please take care of him! I will be able to return on my own power, but I wish for him to be able to soon as well!"

Murderbots have apparently not yet been perfected!

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