Angel - A Typical Day in Southtown

Description: Having been laying low for some time, NESTS decides to send out their most truthworthy and responsible agent to handle a very sensitive task. Things goes roughly as planned.

School's in for November! The birds are chirping, the students stuck inside of a building, learning a multitude of facts and figures that don't truly apply as they should - well, except for the delinquents. Them and a specific school aged 'girl' that has found peace in the park. Or at least enjoys going for walks inside of it.

Bright pink hair is laced with a flower in the top right corner - as Alisa carefully picks out another and sets it to join the faux cousin that will never age. A parallel she would never quite truly understand, being 100% human herself. Honest! Her outfit is more of a circus performers than a normal teen - but perhaps fashion is just for the birds, or borgs, these days? Black leggings that rise all the way to her upper thighs and a single purple and pink dress that has sleeves completely on their own!

Still, none of that seems to even register with her as she scans, quite literately, the horizon for another flower that would match the others - but instead finds enjoyment in just observing them, the 'mission' she set on herself so easily broken and set on standby. Not that it was important, anyhow! Rising, she skips through the forest carelessly afterwards in a way that would bring embarassment to those who would have that! The ground doesn't buckle or break from impact, either, which is a feat of modern engineering! Not for the path, in this case!

As is typical for this time of year in Japan, the weather is mostly pleasant, if a bit on the chilly side. The seasonal rains have come and gone and with them the threat of typhoons and unpleasant humidity. Instead winter has begun to slowly exert its influence over the land. The last of the autumn leaves create a thin canopy throughout the park on branches that grow more barren by the day giving the once verdant gathering place a different sort of beauty.

As it is midday, the park is mostly devoid of visitors. The occasional figure can be found sitting on one of the benches that line its meandering pathways, their attention engrossed in a half-eaten lunch or the daily newspaper. None of them particularly stand out, each dressed in a forgettable manner with a generic haircut and bland clothes, all of whcih blends together in such a way that each figure could easily be mistaken for the next without personally knowning them. This mass conformity could be said to be something of a group mentality for the Japanese a whole; which is precisely why Angel pretty much loathes this place.

While the circus robot goes about her ritual of scanning for floral lifeforms, earning quite a few strange looks from anyone who happens to pass her by, another person who sticks out like a sore thumb makes her way along the central pathway. Dressed like something between a professional wrestler, a Las Vegas cowboy, and a highway biker, one could be forgiven for thinking that Angel's wardrobe is the result of tumbling blindly through an old costume shop and just wearing whatever stuck to her body; which isn't much. The young woman wanders without any seeming purpose, both the laziness in her gait and the bored expression on her face projecting an aura of casual disinterest in the world at large.

Like Alisa, the foreigner gets quite a few looks in the wake of her passage, some of which she ingores while others she responds to with a mixture of friendly smiles and rude gestures, seemingly at random. She tries to make a game out of it, seeing how much she can make her gawkers balk upon being confronted about their leering, but it quickly gets tiresome as they all respond either by quickly hurrying away or pretending not to notice; she's not sure which is more annoying.

Ofcourse, she isn't here just to annoy the local populace - not today atleast. Today she has a mission! All official like and stuff and her first one in several months, which means she'll be under even more scrutiny than usual. Goofing off will have to wait.

"Hrm." Upon reaching a bend in the path which opens up onto one of the many larger areas of the park, Angel pauses and begins to muse out loud. "If I was a killer robot girl, where would I be...?"

Considering how flexible Angel must be, being a westling biking cowboy, and how absolutely non-adhesive humans are in general, the fact that anything stuck to her is a mystery! There may be a potential of fluid hyperstatics, but that would require a thorough analysis to ensure that the adhesive nature was a result of natural means, such as sweat causing the closing to stick to the body, rather than a rather unsurprising amount of glue.

That, however, is neither here nor there, or in position to Alisa, x,y or x++,y--. Z was a vertical, after all.

With Alisa wandering about, Angel's wandering is picked up but not immediately reacted to. Just another stranger in a strange land. Nothing in her databanks are immediately tripped, but that may be because she is currently focusing on something that doesn't use all processes. Nothing about the flora analysis for particular shape, size and color is taxing. Which is why such a sudden question draws such attention. A killer robot girl? Freezing in place, Alisa checks her status. No, that is not her status. Her status is something entirely different right now! It was important to check, however, if there were chainsaws or anything of that nature to worry about giving her away.

Rising from her crouch, patting her sides down quickly afterwards, Alisa waves. It is a long exagerated wave towards Angel, "Oh! Hello! All sources indicate that if you were a killer robot girl, you would be following your mission and accomplish a goal given to you as required. However, as there are no current tasks, a killer robot girl would not be present under these circumstances. Please enjoy your day, and take care!" Alisa declares, giving a peace sign to Angel, before she crouches down again and peers at a different flower.

Completely inconspiciuous.

The question had been a rhetorical one in nature. People aren't in the habit of speaking to someone like Angel unless she corners them, much less giving full sentence responses to random shit she mutters outloud; responses that also happen to be even weirder than the crap she uttered herself. It catches her off-guard.

Angel stares at the cotton-candy haired girl with no small amount of nonplus as she rattles off her detailed reasoning before turning to look at a flower like it was the most normal thing in the world. Damn, the Japanese are weird. At a loss for words for several seconds, the strange woman just peers at Alisa's back while trying to figure out exactly what flavor of nerd she must be to not only be dressed in some magical girl cosplay outfit in the middle of the day but to also be rattling off reasons for robotic behavior at a moment's notice. The otaku is strong with this one.

After a bit more staring, Angel shrugs and starts to leave when she gets one of those nagging itches. Not the kind that requires ointment but the other sort, where she's forgetting something imporant. It'd be nice if there was an ointment for that, she'd get yelled at a lot less.

Rubbing her head in annoyance, Angel thinks and then thinks some more. What's she forgetting...?
Keys, check.
Fake passport, check.
Credit card she stole from K', check.

Quickly running out of pockets, Angel makes a show of rummaging through what apparently counts for pants where she comes from for several seconds until her face lights up and she withdraws a small folded up piece of paper.

"There you are, little bugger! Now let's see..."

She clears her throat and daintly unfolds the item as if it were some sort of important official document. Glancing it over, she shifts her gaze back to Alisa, then back to the paper, then Alisa again. Apparently not quite satisfied, she stalks over towards the distracted girl nonchalantly and crouches at her side, slipping one arm around her shoulders in a friendly fashion.

"Hey there, girly. Since you seem so keen on helping me out, I was hopin you might have another nugget of wisdom to pass along, like a good neighbor."

The unfolded document is thrust into Alisa's field of view which turns out to be a pretty obvious photograph of the robot girl. Angel's grip around her shoulders tightens after a moment, obviously because she's just so friendly and wants to make sure her new buddy doesn't do something silly like slip and fall over.

"You seen this person around anywhere?"

Having information on so much and knowledge on so little, Alisa is at a loss for the 'correct' actions that need to be taken in certain circumstances. Routines are run only when necessary, macros when they are called upon. As much of a nerd, or an otaku, Alisa may seem it is likely that would be more fluent. More capable of reading such a situation to sit down, shut up and hope the 'obvious' interest in something like that is overlooked. Angel could have likely forgotten.

Such things aren't in the cards. Alisa is content to move from flower to flower, eyes flickering from one to another with almost hyper-active qualities. There must have been hundreds of small buds but her eyes need to focus on them only for a brief moment before wildly veering off to the 'next perfect' in line, in order to analyze as she goes. Angel's actions are left entirely up to her own, as Alisa believes the duty she had done to be complete, returning her to the main mission.

Her own.

Angel joins her. The unnamed woman suddenly crouching down like her, besides her, and sliding an arm around her shoulders so easily. Unknown to stranger danger, Alisa's head twists around to face the mysterious woman who now seems to act like her buddy! When the document is thrust into her view, Alisa's eyes focus upon it. Oh.

"Oh no, I have not seen them anywhere! I may have noticed them in the mirror once, but that is only when there is one." This is all said as she smiles, still, quite happily. The arm tightens about her but Alisa doesn't react quite yet. Perhaps if the document read 'Seek and destroy' or 'locate and terminate' or even 'hunt and kill', but when it is just a picture, it is found not to be a threat!

"Now, you can help me also. I'm looking for a flower that will match the others in my hair. It is very important to me. The others do not have the scent that Jin prefers."

Angel's grin has often been described as devilish or naughty, but right now it's practically Cheshire Cat in nature as the clueless robot reveals herself. It's almost adorable how stupid she is. Kind of like a puppy. A big flower-loving pink-haired metal puppy.

Unfortunately, this one is destined for the pound.

Folding the picture back up with two fingers and tucking it into her cleavage, which is protected only by a thin blue tube-top due to her leather jacket still hanging open after her impromptu pocket-search, the assassin tightens her grip yet more, moving from the realm of 'kind of firm but not uncomfortable' to a level of pressure most would describe as 'vice-like'. She lets her arm slip up from Alisa's shoulders to encircle the girl's neck, drawing her closer in the process so that the two of them are almost literally face to face. From a distance they might look rather conspiratorial, just a couple of girls sharing some juicy gossip, but the hold that Angel has on her target is anything but friendly now.

"See, much as diggin around in the dirt sounds utterly /thrilling/, I think I have a much better idea. How about little ol you and big sis Angel go for a walk? I know some people who, uh... sell flowers an' shit. I'm sure they can hook you up."

When one does not have experience there is a limit to how useful the information that has been gathered is! Such is the case here.

Angel's motion to fold the picture back into her cleavage and then tighten the grip around Alisa's neck. The pressure sensors begin to realize something is amiss about the same time that Alisa does. "Miss, you're hurting me. Do you intend that?" Her question is benign enough, even as Angel draws her closer. Eyes stare at Angels. Sensors begin to scan her face. Every minute detail. The linking of every description, from the most relevant 'enemies/competitors' of G-Corp to the lowliest lowlife. It is not simply pictures, photographs and video evidence. Descriptors, one off paragraphs, notes of 'a devil', even.

Angel attempts to holds Alisa. It seems to work. The words shared finally wipe the smile from her face as well, Alisa left with a moderately serious expression.

Big sis Angel? "Oh Angel that would be wonderful. If they are selling them, then they must be worth bringing to Jin especially." There's a smile again! How perfect. It would go absolutely perfectly.

It was too perfect. The first bit locks, followed in a matter of nano-seconds by the next. A reasonable 'face' is put together involving Angel. Her existance may not be known, but the threat she poses is all too real. One after another it comes together before Alisa speaks up again.

The voice isn't quite the same.

"Request Denied. Please step away. Failure to release your grip shall result in extreme measures. There will be no additional warnings."

The programming takes hold over Alisa's own completely free will - but she doesn't fight it. For now, something was wrong. It was likely right.

The smirk that Angel has been wearing for the last few moments vanishes in an instant at the sudden shift in personality. Her arm detaches from the robotic girl's body and she recoils as if burned, scrambling backwards in the grass several feet on her hands and rear.

"SHITSHITSHIT! I knew it wasn't gonna be that easy!"

(It never is.)

Making a mental note to bemoan her inability to receive simple jobs, like wrestling angry boars or making one of the lab technicians smile, at a later time, Angel puts her game face on and hops back to her feet. She eyes the creepy robot girl as if she were a live snake for several seconds, keeping her distance but refusing to back down any further. She's gotta play this one cool, there's no telling what these newfangled deathbots are capable of these days! One wrong move could set it off...

"Uh, look..." She scratches her head. "Woooould it help if I said... 'please'?"

Distanced from, Alisa's protocols run behind the scenes as she stands free from Angel's grasp. With the arm being removed as planned the machine girl does not immediately react, as if waiting for additional input. Angel's response feeds information into it.

Just as her response does. That it wasn't going to be that easy.

With Angel armed and dangerous once more, on her feet, Alisa reacts in kind. Her body shifts to a fighting stance, energy put entirely into her sensors and predictive software to work out choices in advance. Even then, she can only do so much.

Angel tries to disarm things.


"Inuqiring. . . Negative. Suspicion confirmed. Unknown enemy operative. Battle mode engaged."

Will Angel choose flight or fight!?

Ofcourse. Not that she actually /expected/ that to work but it would be nice if, just once, JUST ONCE, her job wasn't completely awful. Wishful thinking. Oh well, looks like she'll be getting drunk tonight; well trying, genetic modifications that purge incoming toxins be damned.

Alisa's shift into fight mode earns her a sigh from the NESTS agent. "No dice, huh? Fine." Angel stretches, leaning from side to side before casually zipping the jacket back up in the front and then doing the opposite with the sleeves, leaving her forearms bare. "I'm not usually one to play with machines but I guess there's a first time for everything."

The assassin's demeanor is calm, almost dismissive, despite being clearly freaked out just a moment before. Consistency isn't one of her strong points. Taking people offguard, however, is. Angel lifts both hands up in the air as if to stretch yet some more but then suddenly she's moving, flowing into a forward dash so fast that Alisa's robotic eyes might be the only thing in the world that could keep track of it. Her body blurs as she closes the gap between them in under a second, already swinging her fist at the robot's midsection as she leads in with a flurry of quick punches and knee strikes.

"Let's wrassle!"

COMBATSYS: Angel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Angel            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Alisa brings her battle systems online.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Angel            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Alisa

COMBATSYS: Alisa blocks Angel's Go Go Futen Girl.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Angel            0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0            Alisa

There is no surprise when Angel moves into her own fighting stance. Of course she was here to take her in, or worse, destroy her! Both would be bad, she confirms with her software and protocols, and will of course actively resist both.

Still, Angel is different - a bit more of a threat than she had initally set herself out to be. "It isn't necessary, we were having fun before." Is the response from Alisa. Not entirely absorbed into the programming, it seems. "This will not be fun for me, however. This must be clarified." Stated, obviously, as the Assassin takes the space between them and shreds it. How FAST Angel moves!

Not fast enough, it seems, as Alisa's arms raise upwards upon the dash, dress flitting from the wind that Angel picks up from her movement. There is a bit of soft 'flesh' that Angel will feel before the metallic 'bone' inside of it, Angel finding Alisa quite apt at defending herself.

Even then, it is not without damage. Whirring machinery still responds to each and every assault, her body pushed backwards even as strudy as it may be, thin metal used over bulky indestructable kinds.

Finally, she leaps back to seperate the distance between her and Angel. Alisa kicks up and back. Angel has a split second to notice the dress is opened in very particular places. Like her back. That is where her wings sprout from, unfolding and activating in a span of a second. Alisa's momentum shifts entirely, knee that was raised for kickoff now lancing between Angel's breasts, the very middle of her chest. Almost. Just a bit off to slam and slide by, at which point Alisa would twist around and strike with an arm in a clothesline like motion. Especially effective due to the rotational motion of her body!

COMBATSYS: Alisa successfully hits Angel with Sandbox.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Angel            0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0            Alisa


It really shouldn't surprise Angel that a robot would be made out of metal and yet, somehow, it isn't until her fist connects with the girl's arm and her knuckles meet extreme resistance at high speed that this seems to finally dawn on her.
"Gah!" The assassin recoils from her blitzkrieg assault, wiggling her hand in the air to shake the sudden tenderness out of it. "Why couldn't you be made out of marshmellows or something? That would be fun for /me/."

Alisa's disclaimer doesn't make her hand hurt any less but atleast it gives her hope that, on the off chance she loses, the deathbot princess might spare her life. More of that wishful thinking. She doesn't get much time to muse on it, either way. A heavy metal kneecap smashes into her twins and the impact sends her reeling long enough for the follow-up clothesline to knock her flat.

Angel hits the ground like a sack of bricks, collapsing into a messy heap. "Bluh... gonna feel that one tomorrow..." It only takes her a moment to recover, however. Hopping back to her feet with the dexterity of an acrobat, the assassin leaps at her target again giving no more warning than the first time.

"Sorry, Pinkie, but I'm gonna have to get rough if you can't play nice!"

Angel comes down at winged girl with her leg extended, leading in with a ferocious flying kick at her face that has a lot more strength behind it than someone with her physique should be capable of.

COMBATSYS: Alisa fails to interrupt Medium Kick from Angel with Rocket Punch.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Angel            0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0            Alisa

Landing, the 'wings' that Alisa had floated on vanish in but a moment. It seems like they aren't, at least at the moment, meant to be kept out! "I'm as sweet as marshmellows, but must inform you that my systems would not be properly held within such a substance. Mashmellows lack the structural density, load bearing capacity and would result in my inner systems malfunctioning and crashing upon activation."

What, Angel, did you not expect her to answer?

However Alisa has not gathered quite enough informartion from Angel yet! Basing her next action on Angel's own reactions, the pink haired and colorful girl raises a hand and points it straight at Angel. Expecting a bit more preparation time, Alisa finds herself staring down quite a problem when Angel rises almost instantly. The arm seems to be ... charging? It isn't quite certain what is happening, though Angel's flying foot causes her to extend both arms up and away from her as she's tossed backwards, another flying kick to the face following it that sends Alisa reeling and -!

There's a crack through the sky as something fires, smoke and a burst of flame as an entire arm rockets inches past Angel's head, Alisa, knocked away, catching herself as the wings and, further more, leg thrusters catch her instead of causing her to skid away.

One arm simply gone, Alisa stares Angel down once more.

"Threat exceeds expected danger levels." She declares.

The arm, meanwhile, re-appears almost impossibly. Self-replicating? Nano-machines? G-Corporation.

"Incorrect. You had engaged in physical threats first, and I required action to ensure my safety."

"I am just a normal girl." A little late to note that, isn't it?

"Holy sh-!!"

Angel practically trips in mid-air as the rocket-arm goes flying past her face. Somehow she turns the panicked spin into something slightly resembeling an intential dodge and lands in a crouch a few feet away. She turns her head to witnesses the missile sail off into the distance and just barely catches its improbable replacement come into being.


Angel's voice carries quite easily across the open park and anyone who hadn't managed to notice the impromptu cat-fight in full view of the public certainly has their attention grabbed now. The whole rocket-fist thing probably got some weird looks too but then this is Japan, that shit could be an everyday occurance for all Angel knows. Needless to say, she's asking for a raise. Scratch that, she's asking for a salary /then/ a raise.


Angel pushes to her feet and moves towards the robot at a good clip.


She speeds up within a few steps, picking up that blinding momentum yet again. Her outline begins to streak as she approaches, coming in low.


The assassin's fist shoots out at Alisa's midsection, the operative perhaps hoping to hit something a bit softer in the exchange. She doesn't follow through this time but the strike carries with it a great deal of force, delivering all of the pain with half the fuss.

COMBATSYS: Alisa dodges Angel's Fierce Punch.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Angel            0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0            Alisa

"It can all be explained easily." Comes the retort from Alisa. "This is not the most efficient or desired time for that." As Angel once again rises to her feet to step forth against Alisa, with the various members all around staring at the removal and replacement of a LIMB, things would get weirder before Angel would find them getting more normal. That, they say, is life.

Angel's rush forwards requires an additional focus. Thrusters, back and at her legs, do not snap close this time. Sensors analyze all the data that Angel provides as she comes in low, a fist once more aimed at her midsection. A heavy straight below designed, she determines, to cripple communications and threaten to cause system malfunctions for the total frame.

Threat rating :


Thrusters fire all at once. Where Angel is a blurr, Alisa leaves a hot wash of flame and a plume of smoke, dissipating as she jets back and away in a quick burst of motion, designed to just get her out of reach and out of danger. "I am a daughter like any other, including you. We share the same looks and being. However, you have put me in jeapardy and I must react in kind."

What does she mean by that, perhaps?

"Threat rating completed. Removing all limiters."

"Destroy Mode engaged."

If Angel had believed before-hand things had grown a bit threatening and confusing, it is almost irrelevant now. Arms snap open one by one for a brief moment, the inner-workings sliding down her arms to layer the tops with something more. Those still watching realize it immediately as they leave, chaos beginning to clear the area out for the remainder of the fight.

The chainsaw attachments on both arms, now extending her reach an appreciable amount, whirr to life. The wings stay out and lock into position.

"If you will not retreat, then I will be forced to destroy you."

COMBATSYS: Alisa focuses on her next action.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Angel            0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0            Alisa

She missed. Just straight up missed. It happens. Not /often/, but it happens. The fact that her opponent is some kind of crazy Japanese school-girl killer-robot makes her feel slightly better about it but, as Alisa might put it, her sodium levels are reaching dangerous peaks.

"Aww, comon, that's not even close to fair! I want rockets...too?"

More nonsense about being a real boy followed by death-robot jargon. Angel ignores most of it. One part catches her attention though.
"D-destroy... you say."

Alisa's shift to her pure combat form brings a horrified expression to the assassin's face. Angel takes a step back as whirring gears and roaring engines growl to life in a noise that is practically ingrained into the human zeitgeist as something related to lumberjacks and psychopaths. The bubble-gum ditz infront of her lacks the requisite beard to be the former.

For a moment, she actually considers accepting that offer, turning around, and running for the hills. She's fought some crazy shit before but chainsaw-armed robot is definately a new one. That thought lasts about as long as it takes her to remember what NESTS would do to her if she did run. With /that/ fresh horror in her mind. Angel swallows and prepares to feed herself to the woodchipper. Way less pain in the long run.

"Nrgh... screw it! Decepticons, attack!!"

Still packing a whole lotta steam in her caboose, Angel explodes into motion upon unleashing her totally relevant and modern battle cry. As before she comes in hard and fast, giving Alisa almost no time to react as she attempts to juke around behind the robo-girl and strike before those arms can do horrible things to her. At the last moment, she actually vanishes, moving so fast that she seems to teleport from the front to the back. Her legs shoot out as she falls to one side, interlocking between Alisa's limbs as she attempts to scissor-kick her into the air. Almost before she even completes that motion, the assassin is back on her feet and she draws her fist back in a dramatic fashion, taking a short hop step forward to blast the robot with a devastating haymaker either, aiming to catch her as she falls or blast her away should she intercept the first strike.

COMBATSYS: Angel blitzes into action and acts again!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Angel            0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0            Alisa

COMBATSYS: Alisa blocks Angel's Red Sky of Japonesia.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Angel            0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0            Alisa

COMBATSYS: Angel successfully hits Alisa with Fullmoon Evening.
Glancing Blow

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Angel            0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1            Alisa

"Destroy." She repeats.

The fragile mind that may be used against humanity is the very same that allows them to strike out. So very clearly seen now as Angel's focus seems to waver for a brief period of time, judged by the reaction that comes, eventually, after and the amount of time that it took Angel in all her odd dressed glory to make such a decision. Eventually, it is a decision that comes with questioning.

"What is ... a Decepticon?"

Yet there is no answer. No /good/ answer, to be precise, to this question. Angel's movement suddenly reaches a state of flux. Is Angel moving, or is her software malfunctioning? The systems report Angel moving at such extreme speeds that she should already be infront of her. Yet that cannot be. "Purging limiters. All energy routing to emergency evasive manuevers."

It is, the pink haired 'girl' twisting around to face where her sensors now ping. Behind her. With the reaction time of a check-out machine rejecting Angel's credit cards, Alisa's entire BODY shifts around to face Angel, legs interlocking between limbs and wrenching them, the machine-girl's body twisting in a way it is not designed to do. Damage is noted as something sparks, bending and not reforming as it should. The kick launches her skywards, though she retains some control from the assault.

Just enough that even as Angel draws her fist to slam into her with such a devastating haymaker, the thrusters fire to life just as the strike impacts. The fist slams into metal and grinds across it, the fist somehow producing sparks as Alisa skids against the ground, sliding across it with abandon. One of the chainsaws digs into the ground, used to slow her down, the buzzing stopped as she rises. Shaking it off, it begins the monotonous buzzing once more.


The robot dashes forwards, thrusters firing behind her to send her rocketing towards Angel. In her movement she swings back one of the chainsaws before driving it forwards, the other one in a more defensive state as she aims it for her shoulder, intending to cause one of those strong arms to become a little less strong. A machine, such as she, is more than capable of locating such weaknesses.

Rather unrelenting, as well. For how cute she may look! "Why are you interested in my apprehending?"

COMBATSYS: Angel blocks Alisa's Random Strike.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Angel            0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1            Alisa

"Haha! Yeah! Take that, stupid tin can!"

Angel's attitude shifts back into outwards bravado as she knocks her opponent for a solid loop, sending her skidding away. She grins puts both hands on her head, sticking her tongue out at Alisa as she gives her a raspberry like a little kid.

By the time she's finished her mini-celebration, Alisa has already recovered. The chainsaws whir, the robot mostly unphased by the pummeling. This is not her day.

"You gotta be kidding-gah!"

Angel backpeddles madly, throwing herself away from the deadly spinning blades at the last second as she is set upon by the naive but formiddible artificial intelligence. Whoever built this girl knew what they were doing! The chainsaw rakes at her arm but Angel slaps it down with a quick swat that sends it well off-course, earning a minor graze to her exposed midsection instead of taking it dead on, thus saving her shoulder and, more importantly, her jacket!

"Hey, watch it! This is vintage leather, bitch!

Rather than answer Alisa's question, Angel hurls insults and another wave of punches, striking and fading in and out where she can to avoid being chopped to kibbles.

COMBATSYS: Angel successfully hits Alisa with Medium Punch.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Angel            0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1            Alisa

The 'stupid tin can' has feelings, too. Not that Angel would care! Not that Alisa, at the moment, cares either. It can be said that Alisa does, it is likely true, but it is closer defined as self-preservation in this case. She is followed procedure and protocol, ensuring that the greatest chance of success is met. That is not the same as securing it. There are only so many variables that can be traced and tracked, so many choices that can result in success.

Angel backpeddles, but Alisa shifts her weight through the air, thrusters pushing her to another direction and to a different mode of attack. At least she thinks so, that is. Angel slaps it down, sending the chainsaw into a tree. The bark and wood is cut through easily until she pulls the chainsaw out. This gives Angel time.

Time that is used to put together an insult and to follow it up with the most hurtful of remarks. A punch to the face, followed by a few more, which sends Alisa stumbling back in the most unrobot-like way she has seen yet! It does not take long to recover, to keep her eyes up and settled upon Angel yet the systems are starting to falter and fail. This is, however, where Angel must be the predator. "Engaging self-repair protocol. Danger levels exceeding maximum variance."

Of course.

"Your jacket can be repaired easily. The damage you are doing is greater than the damage I have done. Vintage leather is not comparable to the engineering before you." Pause, "But I am a normal girl."

Of course.

A normal girl that accelerates upwards, wings angling down as she is pushed up. They cut, leaving Alisa rising, almost above Angel. She's a bit too heavy to stay aloft without wings, though, which is why she suddenly rockets downwards. Thrusters reactivate to almost goomba stomp Angel, like some sort of living metallic thwomp. "I will be more careful for your 'threads'... 'bitch'." She repeats.


COMBATSYS: Angel dodges Alisa's Power Strike.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Angel            0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1            Alisa

Angel isn't having any of it. She takes a step back when the robot takes to the air but this time she's more prepared for Alisa's shenanigans and with her confidence on the rise, counter-balanced by a healthy amount of not wanting to become a horror movie victim, the assassin's movements are becoming more natural. For Angel, atleast.

"Uh oh, did I hurt your feefees, Princess Hedgetrimmer?" The jets cut out and Alisa drops like a... well like a giant pile of metal, but she finds that instead of Angel's noggin, she only hits a blurry after-image. "Someone's getting sassy!"

Reaching foward, Angel attempts to slide her arm around the robot's waist before she can recover from her mistake, hooking her into a spinning twirl. Assuming she got ahold of her, Angel ends with a final spin and hurls the bot towards the nearest tree.

"Looks like someone needs to sit in the corner and think about what she's done!"

COMBATSYS: Alisa interrupts Power Throw from Angel with Hertz Blade Diablo.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Angel            1/----===/=======|====---\-------\0            Alisa

Angel is used to fighting people. Her disregard and taunts may unsettle humans. They may enrage monsters. They do not, however, seem to draw any strong feelings from Alisa. Not that she doesn't react, the feelings are just not as strong as to control her. Her feelings are second, riding solely upon the programming that makes her who she is. The procedures for combat are on an entirely seperate, entirely specific level. Slamming down into the ground, her body jets up once more, intent to escape.

This does not occur. Especially not as Angel, in her blurry after-imagey-ways, escapes the crusher!

"Negative. You have not."

Though she SAYS at least! Angel's arm, as she slides it towards her waist, betrays her motions. 'Recover' is for humans. Alisa acts in a completely seperate way. As Angel hooks her into a spinning twirl, Alisa moves with it, body twisting about as lower and upper halves of Alisa face opposite directions, body slamming against the tree but arms lashing out, blades catching into Angel and pulling her along. Towards the tree they both slam, and Alisa pulls Angel with her as the teeth bite into her. Twisting around in one heavy, powerful slash, the tree top and Angel are sent together, the tree cut clean through. Angel will not be, however. Likely due to skill and the tree being in the way.

Despite the wrenching causing wire shorts, twisting cables and damaging internal machinery Alisa stands at the end of all of it, systems working to repair the damage already.

"I apologize. I was attempting to converse in your language, and tongue. Is bitch not an acceptable formality?"

"However, I will be forced to continue offensive actions if you do not cease h-h-hostilities."

Riding high, now that she seems to have the upper hand, Angel is completely unprepared for the utterly alien nature of the thing that she has picked a fight with. She releases her hold on Alisa only to find herself dragged along for the ride. Both women hit the unfortunate plant in rapid succession, though there is some small satisfaction to be had when Angel notes that her own impact was markedly less heavy. That's right she's taking the moral victory of being less heavy than a hunk of metal. Deal with it.

"Wagh!" Angel recovers her wits just in time to avoid being sliced in half, slinking around behind the tree for cover. The thick trunk absorbs most of the deadly blow but the force is enough to blast completely through, sending the assassin sailing as tiny shards of wood shred at her body. Her recovery isn't particularly graceful this time, beginning with an extremely unpleasant crash into the nearby pathway on her shoulder, followed by some wild rolling, and finally ending when she hits another tree.


This poignant declaration provides a pretty solid summary of how Angel feels about the current situation. With a groan, she peels herself off the ground and pushes back to her feet. A quick check of her abdomen reveals atleast a dozen minor lacerations, not to mention more splinters than anyone should ever have to deal with. She grabs the largest and yanks it out; and immediately regrets the decision.

"Ffffffff-! Oh, you are gonna pay for that! Look at my beautiful abs! Do you know how hard I work to keep this figure?!" Alisa's come back, be it a further attempt at sassiness or genuine confusion, does the opposite of convincing her opponent to back down. "Oh you haven't even /seen/ hostilities yet!!"

Plucking another one of the larger fragments of wood from her skin, Angel holds it up and angrily crushes it in her fists while growling intensely! Watch out, she can smush things! SO HARD! Now that she's properly intimidated the cold unfeeling death machine, the young fighter presses her advantage and rushes back into the fray!

Utilizing her familiar speed, the assassin is back in Alisa's grill in moments, lashing out angrily. Rather than attempt to go for subterfuge, this time she opts for a frontal assault, and drives one of her lengthy legs at the robot's head in a spinning heel kick. This is a much less aggressive attack than those she has used so far, keeping her at a fairly good distance while still providing a credible threat. Perhaps she's playing defensively now; or maybe she's got more tricks up her sleeves!

COMBATSYS: Alisa fails to interrupt Senseless Fists from Angel with Hertz Blade Aegis.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Angel            1/--=====/=======|=====--\-------\0            Alisa

For once, Alisa has little else to say on the whole subject!

Angel's motions forwards, towards Alisa, is enough for the robot to attempt to react. Based on data she had just discovered, and the speed at which she can see Angel traveling at, her best chance is to engage on the offensive during the same time as Angel. However effective it is in practice based on simulations is wildly different. That is why simulations must be run thousands of times.

Alisa had time for around a hundred.

As the blade swings towards Angel's quick engagement, Alisa finds it is far too wide and far too slow to catch Angel. Especially as the leg is driven into her head in a spinning kick, the assault sending her top body half spining for a single rotation before the bottom half joins it in unison - and sending her crashing down towards the ground, skidding against it and coming to a stop staring up.

Even her 'wings' are shut for the moment as she leans up slightly, chainsaw blades stopping momentarily as she props herself up. "MMm. Systems indicate that retreat may be necessary."


"S. O. S. Successfully relayed. I'm sorry that I could not buy flowers from your friend, but I have a mission that does not correlate with getting captured."

That was actually kind of unexpected. And very creepy. Freakin robots. No matter, she's got the upperhand now... RIGHT?!?

Still somewhat cautious, but never one to miss an opportunity to smack talk an enemy, Angel shrugs at the fallen girl and smirks.

"Well that's a shame because /I/ have a mission that does correlate. So one of us is going to be disappointed. Why don't you calculate the probability of who that's going to be based on which one of us just got /layed out/, sucka!"

Ofcourse, the machine isn't down just yet but that's a minor technical detail. One which she intends to rectify very soon. Stepping foward, Angel draws her fist back and prepares to bring it down like a hammer on Alisa's dome.

"Time to say night-night, Pinkie."

COMBATSYS: Angel successfully hits Alisa with Buggy and Coffin.
- CRAZY Hit! -

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Angel            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\1            Alisa

The thrusters on the back of Alisa attempt to fire, just as they do on her legs as Angel comes forwards to slam her fist into the machine's head. This, of course, goes ... well it went far better than expected! Despite Alisa's attempt to bring the chainsaws up and block, or ward off, the assault - there's not much that can be done as the fist comes down so quickly and powerfully! Infact, when the thrusters do work it ends up in a far more rediculous turn of events! Alisa's head comes upwards to almost headbutt the fist that comes down onto Alisa's dome!

Which of course strikes twice on the way down.

Laid out, Alisa is clearly in trouble. Especially since the head is dented now - damaged, obviously. The body lies still for a moment, head staring up at Angel with open 'dead' eyes. There are two things different, though. She can no longer announce her actions. Neither can she completely control them. It is, perhaps, a surprise to Angel when the head with the fist so close to it glows brightly.

And then detonates.

Almost in tandem, the bottom half of the body, damaged and running maintenance to keep her running and with power, engages full survival mode, thrusters sending a body skywards as the head explodes as a distraction, leaving a floating, heavily beaten and damaged machine that is also headless to rise skywards like some kind of religious symbolism, before it stops, a few feet above group.

It's actually maintaining it's position, and emitting that SOS.

COMBATSYS: Alisa takes no action.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Angel            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Alisa has suffered catastrophic damage and fallen offline.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Angel            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

Okay, Angel's good - she knows this and lets everyone else know it on a regular basis - but this is the first time something has literally exploded when she punched it. It's both awesome and terrifying.

Before she even has a moment to gloat the fireworks go off engulfing the assassin in flames and smoke. She staggers backwards away from the blast, more or less completely unharmed by the sudden detonation, but not nearly ready to push her luck should the rest of the body decide to follow its example. A few strings of profanity later and Angel has mostly recovered her calm but now there's a headless robot hovering in the air.

"Hey! Get down here! This is some BULLshit!"

Angel makes a few half-hearted jumps to try and grab at the ankles but she comes up short every time, leading to yet more frustration. By this point the few remaining onlookers have alerted the authorities. Sure, it's almost normal for people to be engaging in these sorts of fights in Southtown on a whim but when arms start flying and heads exploding then people tend to get a little freaked out. Distant sirens tell Angel that her time is up.

"Shit. Alright, I'm out! Next time, Pinkie. NEXT TIME."

Working one last robot joke in, Angel turns and casually wanders back the direction she came from, plucking splinters out of her gut. Next time they better give me a damn jetpack, she thinks.

It's almost weird enough.

Angel might spy from a distance how it gets weirder. What is clearly normal is the sudden sound of chopper blades. They whirr through the sky as a mostly spherical object that is a flat oval in the middle, like some sort of UFO/helicopter flies over and sends a hook down towards the body. Once hooked, the body of Alisa is hauled in as the helicopter like UFO flies off, a very old man controlling it nodding his head.

"You see, it's important to be there for your daughter." Even if she completely isn't fully. He wouldn't lose two. Of course.

Especially as the helicopter peels off, leaving nothing but a damaged park in it's wake!

Later, it is covered up as 'a future low budget straight to direct download movie'.

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