Killer Instinct - [KI:Round 1] UNINTENDED FEATURES

Description: = I'm sorry. There has been an error in today's match protocols. I'm sorry. There has been an error in today's match protocols. I'm sorry. There has been an error... = Held on the rooftops of Southtown at night, Jin was supposed to face someone else today, someone else who was actually invited to the tournament. However, he now has one of the greatest shinobi in the world to contend with. Working from what information he could steal from the Ultratech tournament center in Southtown regarding lists of invitations sent out, Hayabusa knows that Ultratech wants Jin for some reason, and is determined to put an end to the company's scheming, unluckily for Kazama. It's a good thing Jin doesn't know how to back down from a challenge.

The presence of a temple this far above the skyline of South Town had been something of a surprise to Jin. The Zaibatsu transport helicopter was straining it's engines as the machine gently rolls to the side and begins a spiralling ascent of the building the whole time the co-pilot fixated on the countermeasure and early warning systems while the pilot focused on his task and the numerous passengers remained still, seemingly motionless.

Brief flashes of the spotlights illuminating the building were crossed the interior of the cabin washing away the a wan red light with some colour added only by exterior light sources, the Mishima heir was ignoring the presence of the armoured men in their tactical harness, all stiffly seated in the same manner and clutching weapons to their chest but their presence brought him no ease. Red vibrant eyes of the tactical helmets shine brightly in the dark occasionally inclined to turn his way and check on him. Whose interest these men actually served could take a lifetime to decipher and wasn't really particularly meaningful or useful to know. Someone had ensured the youngest heir had an armed escort but it wasn't his doing.

Cresting and flying over the temple at speed Jin's first impression is a blur but for the large figures of the statues as the helicopter labours back around in a sharp bank and decline settles into an orbiting path, visually checking for threats to the vehicle while Jin himself focuses on the features. Bannisters and railings, a latticework of red wood only for roofing and polished wooden floor. It must be expensive to maintain a structure as such at this altitude, a display of opulence and power from a wealthy and probably eccentric man. Par for the course.

The door slides open and immediately buffets Jin with the downdraft from the rotors and already chill night air even as the machine glides into place over the building long enough for him to swing himself out over the abyss and drop straight down as soon as the pilot reflexively stabilizes the aircraft and slides it into a position overtop the area, all without a word to the crew of his intent to do so Jin transitions form aircraft to the surface of the arena with a tile shaking impact; fist and knee pressed to the hard polished wood in breaking is fall he stands, undoubtedly having scuffed the finish and now begins to get a sense for the scale of the arena from the surface. It's lighter than he would have expected with torches and braziers burning as the harsh neon strobes and spotlight cast by his own delivery vehicle fades with it wheeling about and withdrawing to begin it's orbit at optimally safe distances.

The hooded jacket and gi pants flap and stir alongside the fires rising and swelling, expelling clouds of sparks and smoke both with the breeze and the close passage of helicopter. With the helicopter gone may be there was some merit to training up in a place like this, quiet and a certain freedom from distractions from the outside world.

The purpose of housing an entire temple atop the tallest building in the metropolis known as Southtown is much the same as the purpose of the elegent castles that once housed great shogun in Japan's history, to show power. Certainly there are defensive benefits, but it is possible to achieve defense far more practically than with red-painted wood and golden statues. When the shogun ran the world, power was displayed from the top of an unstoppable army, but the modern shogun is the executive, sitting atop a tower that reaches to the sky with the ability to control the world of money.

These symbols all belong to a world of broad power, in which influence and power extends far beyond the reach of the wielder; it's impossible for those sitting at the peak to know every facet of the structures that work beneath them. It is for this reason that those with broad power have always been succeptible to the indivudals who wield a very narrow power; for the executive this power may be that of a reporter digging through their dark history, for the shogun it was the ninja, the assassin.

But only the foolish would believe that the era of the ninja has completely vanished.

As the Mishima heir makes his way through the stronghold of one of his grandfather's business rivals, the strange peace of a midnight previously only touched by the howling wind of this remarkable height is broken by the best approximation a small portable speaker can make of a facility alarm klaxon.

"I'm sorry. There has been an error in today's match protocols. I'm sorry. There has been an error in today's match protocols. I'm sorry. There has been an error..." a robotic message on repeat breaks through the gap in the calm created by the alarm, repeating without end until it is manually silenced. Something has gone wrong in the Ultratech system, having only just diagnosed that the match database has been tampered with.

It is at this moment in a movie that a particularly dramatic camera would draw up from Jin Kazama to one of the posts rising up high above one of the massive stone statues to a shot of the moon, cutting a bright crescent in the sky that leaves an iconic silhouette: Ryu Hayabusa, his arms folded across his chest as he stands perfectly at the highest point above the skybound temple, his scarf flapping violently in the wind.

An even more dramatic camera would pull in close as he turns just his head enough to look back at Jin over his shoulder.

"I don't care about the results of this tournament," Hayabusa announces in a perfectly even tone, with a voice that cuts through the wind without shouting. "Personal strength is only as valuable as a warrior's dedication to the cause for which they wield it. For some reason Ultratech fears me enough to attempt a preemptive strike on me. They misjudged both me and the assassin they sent after me. Interfering in your intended match is the simplest approach I have to discovering what they are so desperate to hide."

A pause fills the air as even the wind's fury seems cowed by the Master Ninja's voice, perhaps some form of ninja trick, but it survives only long enough for Jin to take in what has been said. "I give you the opportunity now to cede this match to me so that I may accomplish my mission... but if pride and honor overcome reason for you..." Hayabusa launches into the air with an unnatural ease, twisting about to land crouched with one knee on the ground, propped up by his left hand as his right arm extended straight out to his side. "...then I am prepared to face you to achieve my goals."

The warbling of that small speaker receives his fullest attention, a technical problem with the scheduled fight? That would be a disappointment after having taken the time to actually bother with the tournament and such a match location he needed the experience to become stronger. He would go wherever he was required in order to fight someone seriously; it's why he bothered with Ultratech's invitation at all in the first place. They were strong.

The appearance of anonymous figure unrelated to his original opponent and the constant squealing about there being and error with the match was beginning to illuminate the situation Jin Kazama was finding himself in. An 'intruder' or an outsider unrelated to the tournament. Was that Genuine or perhaps that was just the cover story? Having an Assassin try to take his life would be a matter of course in the life of a Mishima; If you failed and died then there was more to share between the strong, survivors. The appearance of a possible assassin simply leaves him curious as to the motive behind this particular attempt. As the youngest heir there was the least to gain from his demise, unless it was an agent of Ultratech itself.. no? his uncle, ...or his father, perhaps even sent by his grandfather to test him?

His head had turned upward to note the silhouette of the figure, when the Moon so brightly cast a shadow down to draw his notice just so. Theatrical entrance, not of the same kind as the grand yet fearsome entrances his grandfather Heihachi Mishima so adores making. Listening to the case made by that strange armoured shadow he can't help but wonder with incredulity at the 'simplest approach' being to confront and attack Jin. He listens without comment, a model picture of 'sullen yet pretty rich boy' if ever there was one with his only move being to half turn his body toward the new threat, arms hanging lose at his side with the massive red gauntlets and armguard too large for him to have stuffed his hands into his pockets.

As the ninja launches himself into the air and soars down to land on equal footing with Jin he gets his first good look at the man, and cares for nothing butc strong physique, presence of weapons.. a threat worth taking seriously. He couldn't judge alone form the words, they were strong words but weaklings barked loudly also.

"I don't care about your mission. "

The words were easy, flat. He made no effort at diplomacy or placating an enemy or someone that perhaps even wanted to preserve his life; they were already destined to collide even if the ninja had not intended so. He had no way back and no reason to back down forward is the only path open. Everyone had something they wanted, the people who got it usually tended to be the strongest, the smartest or the most ruthless.

"Power is everything."

Ryu may have been wrong on just one point. It wasn't pride. Resignation! Fury!! Hatred!!! ...hurt, vividly different in styles and lives but still two men that had been carefully sculpted into weapons. Jin lifts his arms into a ready stance, slides one foot forward and sets a firmly grounded stance.


There are few words offered in return. Hardly unexpected under the circumstances; Hayabusa came here knowing full well that he was going to face someone of a warrior lineage, the Mishima line is hardly unknown to the Hayabusa clan, let alone some of the rumors that have swirled around them. The fact that Jin had gone so far as to take his mother's name to distance him from his family had been a small matter of hope that Kazama might be different.

Slowly the ninja rises up from his crouched position, his eyes locked on the man who is determined to be his opponent. It is in that moment that a switch appears to go off and the Dragon Ninja comes forth.

"If you will not move, then I must take you down."

Without hesitation, Hayabusa launches into the air, clearing the space between him and Jin, lashing out with a viscious, twisting chop aimed for Kazama's throat.

COMBATSYS: Ryu Hayabusa has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ryu Hayabusa     0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Jin has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jin              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

COMBATSYS: Jin blocks Ryu Hayabusa's Strong Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jin              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

With a whumph the fighters collide for the first time but the single upraised forearm and guard takes the brunt of the blow without the heir giving any ground. Interesting, Strong hand to hand combat skills and physique, the blow was well felt through the guard and the weapons hadn't even come into play yet. The hilt of the sword standing up over the figures shoulder was hard to miss in silhouette.

Growling like a savage beast the canvas fabric coating the gauntlets strains between the two men. Jin lunges in -- pushing his entire form down Hayabusas attacking limb into even closer-quarter combat; free arm grabbing for a hold on that tight body armour as he stabs the knee up a this opponents side and intent on twisting to hurl the ninja over his shoulder and into the ground flat on his back.

There's no point in his talking, actions spoke well enough and was all he was close to fluent in.

COMBATSYS: Ryu Hayabusa parries Jin's Combo Grapple!

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jin              0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

It would be a mistake to underestimate Jin Kazama; if this was going to be an easy fight, Hayabusa may well have settled for ambushing Kazama and taking the win that way, but with a Mishima he would very likely have had to take the lethal route to put him down efficiently. There's no need to resort to permanent measures against someone who isn't involved in whatever Ultratech is hiding.

However, there is some question about whether or not Hayabusa will be able to overcome Kazama in an even fight, his first blow held back, there's only a brief amount of time to react as Jin retaliates. The Black Falcon is designed for both stealth and combat, and such it's a challenge to get a firm grip on the smooth armor that clings to the ninja like a second skin. As Jin's attempts his knee strike, Hayabusa is quick to use it as a new purchase, his feet flying up to kick off it as he climbs up the Mishima heir and flies up into the air above him only to twist around, dropping back down in a violent axe kick aimed to bury Kazama in the rooftop shrine's polished floor.

COMBATSYS: Ryu Hayabusa successfully hit Jin with Hane Karakuri EX.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jin              0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

Head snapping down the word turns a groggy grey, the world surrounding him turns foggy and muted as the blow falls across the top, then back of his head and across broad heavily muscled shoulders. Palm flattened as it slaps against the polished wood as and the same upraised knee Ryu had launched himself off of helps maintain and keep him upright, when he should probably should be falling over he starts pushing himself back to his feet.

His neck pains him but he doesn't even choose to stretch out the kink instead launching himself back into the fight with nary a pause. The ninja didn't have the physique of someone like Daigo Kazama, but the blows certainly conveyed the same weight and power.

JIN! If you hesitate then you have already lost.

From the crouch he finds himself in he propels himself forward and lunges out with a strike toward the midsection of his opponent. If he'd had more room he probably would have tried tackling the ninja to the ground and beating on him.

Don't acknowledge pain, strike from whatever position you are with all the power you can muster!

COMBATSYS: Ryu Hayabusa dodges Jin's Demon's Paw.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jin              0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

In a fight, it is imperitive that you maintain both composure and control. An warrior that does not allow his opponent to gain any control over his actions is a warrior who will achieve victory. If that same warrior is able to overcome the will of his opponent, then he is invincible.

As Jin hits the ground, Hayabusa is already preparing to slip back, kicking off the floor in an effort to create space. There was no time to read his opponent, and he was not wholely prepared for the incredible speed of Jin's recovery, but it quickly proves that preparation for any instance is key as the preemptive reaction is enough to narrowly keep him out of Kazama's initial charge, and the reverse momentum is simple enough to maintain.

With an opponent like this, it's in the ninja's best interest to maintain mobility while attempting to overwhelm. Attempting to give no opportunity to rest, Hayabusa seems to glide forward across the smooth floor, clearing the distance with an unnatural ease before lashing out. A sudden flurry of blows, each quick and precise as they seem intent on briefly overwhelming any guard before he draws back in a wide stance, his right arm low at his side, summoning forth rooted strength before plowing forward to strike at Jin dead center mass with enough force to send him flying.

COMBATSYS: Jin fails to counter Redan Gekisai Sho from Ryu Hayabusa with Chicken Butcher.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Jin              0/-------/----<<<|=====--\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

Juddering under the impacts the teen's arms sways back and forth as his torso twists back and forth with each blow. His bulk sails backwards several feet before his feet even drawn down enough on the ground enough to find purchase though he continues to reel backwards on his feet just one final step. It takes effort not to totter after that hail of blows but he forces himself through it, the urge to raise a hand to his pained midsection goes ignored.

Fast! Too fast for him to get a hold of at least the was the impression he had gotten when the ninja slipped out of his second attempt to even lay hand upon him.

It should be frightening, should he be terrified to face someone like this who was probably intent on his life. Then why can't he stop himself smiling, swinging his arms in front of them one atop the other like he was stretching out the Mishima heir's blood is starting to burn hot and the familiar stance he slides back into is the same he has been using throughout the fight... but the faint smile is new.

All through the fight one thing remains constant about the Dragon Ninja, even with the mask hiding his face, it's obvious that the expression there is utter peace. There is no sense of rage or fear or joy behind any of his actions, merely an almost unnatural serenity that would seem to stand at odds with the precise brutality that is inflicted. This is an honorable man who has taken untold lives despite his relative youth and yet feels guilt because he is a necessary balance to the evil that would grow unchecked if he did not complete his duty.

This is the man that monsters fear in the dark.

But no life is taken recklessly. Kazama stands in the way of Ryu's mission, but there is no need to dispatch him permanently. The goal here is to discover what Ultratech is hiding, and there is no proof, yet, that any of this threatens the safety of the world. For now, he need only defeat his opponent and his mission progresses.

As Jin rises again from the floor, Hayabusa moves with haste, clearing the open ground between them with graceful bounds only to draw his leg up, aiming a quick knee spike for Kazama's midsection.

COMBATSYS: Ryu Hayabusa successfully hit Jin with Aggressive Strike.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Jin              0/-------/--<<<<<|=====--\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

The knee passes below one of the crossed guard and sinks into a defined torso, densely padded with bare muscle and no padding or armour; the open jacket provides no form of protection. The sharp exhalation of breath and doubling forward is only natural, physics. There's little Jin can do with having the air crushed out of his lungs. Given how unsteady he was and felt moments ago he probably should have fallen exceptc everything drilled into him these many years screamed at him to cATTACK!!

Grabbing for the ninjas head with a large meaty hand he attempts to seize hold of that glorified mask the man wears and dash his own forehead into the exposed eyes of his opponent. Endlessly relying on the infamously hardy nature of the Mishima he wills his body to keep moving even when it should be falling back, conserving his strength or maybe reconsidering his options.

COMBATSYS: Jin successfully hits Ryu Hayabusa with Stone Head.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Jin              0/-------/--<<<<<|=======\-------\1     Ryu Hayabusa

Throwing himself so completely into the attack was a mistake. The blow was solid, and should have left Kazama reeling, but it left Hayabusa unstable as he hit the ground once more. Whatever it is that has been summoned up from within Jin has given the Mishima heir some new resiliency. Of the two, it is the ninja who is left unprepared. His only hope, attempting to thrust his arms up between Kazama's to throw them off, but in the struggle he finds himself ill prepared for the follow-up as Jin's head flies between the now spread arms to crash against Hayabusa's knocking him to his knees.

A mistake... now the only option is to modify his strategy. Kicking off the floor, the ninja enters a backwards roll, kicking back up to his feet almost immediately as he settles a small distance between himself and Kazama.

The very instant his feet hit the ground, his stance is is different, taking on a wide, low posture that connects him with the ground. His hands draw off to the sides, index and middle fingers extended as the air begins to shift. To a normal person, it would suddenly seems as if an army of invisible blades was suddenly cleaving through everything, digging deep gashes into the wood. To those more familiar with the art of chi manipulation, it's almost possible to see the way Hayabusa hones his own spirit around him to turn the air itself into a weapon, with Kazama well within the the sphere of his assault.

COMBATSYS: Ryu Hayabusa successfully hit Jin with Art of the Wind Blades.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Jin              0/-------/<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

He is human after all, there's some measure of relief in seeing and feeling a solid and satisfying impact when he finally lays a hand on his opponent, Up until now it was like fighting air, or a shadow. But it WAS a man- the first slash directed his way carves a slight gash below his left eye and the scratch tapering back as he reflexively rolls his head away for the sharp sting, that was a cut.. the first of many. His eye drifts down towards the motes of blood still hanging in the air as he realizes what is happening. The sting of weapons he can't even see to defend himself against.

Crossing his forearms and tightening his fists he turtles his head up behind that wall as the blades rake and slash at his body. Blood flows form freshly opened wounds and patters on the floor around his feet but he remains standing, all the while knowing he can't endure this for long.

Not even now did he contemplate giving up, just how to get to his opponent. There was no real smart way to handle this forthcoming, not against attacks he could hardly perceive.

Abandoning his defence he starts forward in a sluggish stumble that turns into a walk and building up speed, one arm partially shielding his face he exposes a single eye, If he lost that one then he had the other, good enough to continue fighting with and he had to risk something to break this trap he found himself in. Looking past the massive meaty guard as his other arm falls back he ranges his target, charging in his his knees buckling as he closes only the position of his arm coiled back to prepare for the powerful leaping uppercut aimed at the underside of this assassins jaw.

COMBATSYS: Jin successfully hits Ryu Hayabusa with Wind Godfist EX.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Jin              0/-------/--<<<<<|==-----\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

Under the circumstances, many people would still say that the Dragon Ninja still has the advantage, Kazama is battered and now bleeding while Hayabusa has merely suffered a single blow. From Hayabusa's perspective, he's now in the most dangerous portion of the fight. There are certainly some people who would give up when faced with what seem like overwhelming odds, but for an opponent like Jin he's merely reached the point where he's backed a wild beast into a corner. Any error at this point could be his end.

There isn't much time to prepare as all of Jin's fury is focused in on the brutal young man's fist. There is only one option, Hayabusa launches himself into the air as Kazama's fist flies at his jaw. There isn't enough time to escape the blow, but something about the hit seems wrong, as if the ninja were folding away with the blow...

...Hayabusa catches the wind, his arms spread wide as even before the uppercut hits, he's already moving away at a surprising speed. In that moment, striking him is almost as if punching a leaf on the breeze. After rising up toward the highest perches on the skybound temple, he comes dropping back to the firm wooden floor, without a sound. For that moment it is as if the punch did nothing, right until a few drops of blood hit the floor. A keen eye would notice, that the dark fabric of his face mask has begun to strain red on its left side, and red speckles mark what little is exposed of the ninja's face on that side.

A deep part of Ryu wonders if Jin wouldn't have taken his head clean off if he hadn't used that trick, but it's banished quickly. There is no room for doubt or fear in the midst of battle. If he wants to win, he must regain control of this fight. There is a moment where his eyes meet Kazama's, and then he's flying across the floor, dropped low as his feet instinctively avoid the sections that have been met with deep gouges. He only rises up when he's upon Jin, rocketing up into his up uppercut, aimed to make Jin airborne, then contiuing the motion to twist into a spinning sideways kick to knock Kazama away.

COMBATSYS: Ryu Hayabusa successfully hit Jin with Shoryu Senku Kyaku.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jin              0/-------/<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

Head snapping back Jin still maintains the presence of mind to try and roll his head to the side to keep his eye on his opponent, gritted teeth aching and feet lifting off the floor he arcs up and backwards slighting into the air. Damn! The second hit sends him streaking away to tumble and roll across the ground with a heavy clattering and crashing, only having his fall immediately arrest as he half-crashes through one of the bannisters, arm propped up and tangled in the splintered frame a grunt of pain escapes his lips and he flops forward.

His back was on fire, limbs were leaden and unresponsivec not unlike a heavy training session with his grandfather he could spare some thanks for how well suited to being trained half to death meant he was experiencing some nostalgic feelings for it, life flashing before your eyes Jin? Then there's still something left to fight with. Again!

Picking himself up takes real effort, wood further strains and breaks away while lifting his arm from the frame, draws his legs to him and sets hand atop his own knee and painfully pushes himself back to his feet. Willpower means everything, strength of mind was part of what it meant to have power and.. Power is Everything.

Wavering unsteadily he focuses his efforts on fortifying his body, deep breaths of oxygen no real substitute for the blood still falling to the floor at his feet but his grandfather would have been right! There was still fight left in him and that was enough to sustain him.

COMBATSYS: Jin enters a meditative state.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jin              0/-------/-<<<<<<|===----\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

A fight is never over until you are certain that your opponent is unable to continue. It doesn't matter how much they bleed or if they can barely move their arms; at any moment a fighter may be capable of overcoming every limitation on their person to reach some greater level. Hayabusa can see every injury that Jin's body has sustained, but the fire in his eyes speaks to someone unprepared to surrender.

As much as the ninja master can respect that drive, his mission requires him to put Jin down here so that he can get closer to the truth behind this competition. The optimal solution at this point is to finish the fight as quickly as possible.

Taking in a deep breath, Hayabusa's eyes close as he drifts for a moment into a well of concentration. And then in a flash they open, locked with the focus of a predator locked in on its prey. With a rush of motion, the space between the two fighters disappears in the blink of an eye as Ryu lunges to grab hold of Jin's arm, hauling the Mishima heir up across his shoulders before launching him up into the sky. In another flash, the ninja appears at the peak of his prey's arc, ignoring all intervening space between ground and sky as his arms clench down around Kazama's midsection and a violent twist sends the pair falling back down to earth in a death spiral, with Jin positioned to take the full fury of the blow with his skull.

COMBATSYS: Jin counters Izuna Drop EX from Ryu Hayabusa with Over The Limit EX.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Jin              0/-------/----<<<|====---\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

Hefted up onto and across the ninja's shoulders was surprise enough, the blow that catapults him skywards shakes his consciousness but his body is torn up at this point he supposes it should be worrisome that he didn't feel it more. He's high up, staring down at the red lattice roof and all of a sudden Hayabusa soaring up to meet him, even at this height!? The collision and catch starts a spiralling descent that would probably be his end so the teen has to try something, anything at this point!

Fosing his arms outward to try and break the hold on him even in this dizzying spin he pulls one leg back and twists his bogy to grab hold of one of those buckled straps, the other finding purchse on the handle of the one the Kunai strapped to the Ninjas body he torques his body forward and adds a new element of force to the vicious death spiral turning both fighters into a wildly out of control meteorite aimed at the ground.

Polished wooden planks, beams and plaster are no match for their combined and out of control might as the pair rain down mightily through the temples flooring and into the next level of the sky-scraping tower. Streams of plaster rain from the now penetrated roof and a choking cloud fills the room as Jin chokes and coughs in the wake of that impact. Lying half atop a crushed chair he rocks back and forth savouring his ribs, one hell of an impact.

Pressing himself back up a single piece of red wood falls and glances off the back of his head; a flinch as he raises a hand to rub the spot and forces himself back to his feet. The dust is still thick, it stings his eyes and it's in all his wounds, but stillc face to face with the irony of the prominent no smoking sign in an office so filled with a choking cloud of plaster and debris.

Turning aside the debris near his feet he backs up and away from the cloud putting the wall directly behind him, less room to escape but with his full of dust as they are it's hard to make out much, and that's dangerous given who and what he had been fighting moments before.

Small chance he'd been lucky enough to break the ninjas neck or back with that desperate effort.

This is unexpected. Of all the point in the maneuvering to that deadly drop that it might find itself defeated, somehow in his desperate refusal to surrender, Jin Kazama has managed to overcome Ryu Hayabusa's iconic drop at the point when all control should be overwhelmed by disorientation. There is no time left to attempt to retake control once the momentum of his attack has been some completely reversed.

It's not often that one gets the opportunity to experience the full brutality of their own arsenal. At some point once this is all passed, the ninja master will have to reflect on the ordeal, but for now there is no time to let the mind wander, and the sudden addition of a great deal more pain comes splashed with more of the ninja's own blood across his body.

Not that anyone could have much hope of seeing this damage, given the new changes to the battlefield. Choked with dust and debris, visibility doesn't extend much further than the tip of one's nose. This perfect environment to suit a ninja.

Jin is left to stew in the thick atmosphere for a time that must certainly feel as though it extends on toward infinity during a moment so overwhelmed by adrenaline. No movement breaks the dust, and the only noise that breaks the heavy aura of the destroyed office is more rubble settling somewhere behind the dust. The air has begun to clear near the ceiling, as the rooftop winds whisk away the thick cover.

And then some small motion. For a moment the sudden motion of plaster looks as though a fan were slowly drawing it away, but the pace quickens, thinning the air until a single point of utter, impenetrable blackness appears at the core of the storm, clearing the air just enough to reveal the void trapped between Hayabusa's hands.

A void that is suddenly thrust forward, tearing away at all that it passes by, as if twisting reality itself into that single point. A point that bears down on Jin, ready to rend at him. A single point of chi focused to an infinity density that warps and grinds at all that is within its reach.

COMBATSYS: Jin blocks Ryu Hayabusa's Art of the Piercing Void.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Jin              0/-------/---<<<<|-------\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa


What even is that the ninja is holding? His vision wasn't so impaired he wouldn't have recognized a conventional attack, something intuitive where instincts and muscles honed to a razors edge knew how to react before you consciously thought for it to. The way the concealment of the room mysteriously seemed to gravitate away to expose Ryu Hayabusa may have been the first warning sign Jin should have noted.. Prepared for whatever this was.


The dark sphere speeds toward and drives him back against the wall, the arms warding the projectile off are an intense and all-consuming agony with whatever force of this things trying to swallow him whole, the pressure tears outwards and toward centre attempting to bow his arms backwards, engulf him or at least draw him in toward it. Rivets and tatters of the canvas covering tear free from the gauntlets themselves and vanish into the black space at the centre of the orb, something that can't be seen because it swallows light - Like it's trying to swallow Jin.

Lightning arcs around the edges of the projectile, tracing patterns down his arm and forearms back into the tiny void once again. Where it contacts him it even looks like his limbs are bending under the force involved, a trick of the light?

His roar of sustained pain and effort echoes through building and corridors while the hungry sphere grows ever smaller. When it collapses he stills and slowly topples forward with a crash, a felled oak tree and there is a period of reprieve where perhaps that was enough.

A sharp cough disturbs what dust and plaster has managed to settle and while still struggling for breath Jin lifts his elbow and haltingly pushes himself from the floor in a nightmarish display of willpower and determination to continue.

COMBATSYS: Jin gains composure.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Jin              0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0     Ryu Hayabusa

After that burst of chi, whatever had been left in the air was now almost entirely gone, either settled back to some surface and ripped away into the void somehow conjured by the ninja master. Even the path between the two fighters has had much of the debris covering it cleared as the ravenous darkness consumed whatever crossed its path. It's not altogether difficult to see what a man with tools like this would offer a chance to avoid violence if he did not take joy in unnecessary bloodshed.

But a fight has been brought to bear, and Hayabusa's mission will be altogether more difficult if he doesn't manage to advance his agenda here. Jin Kazama is a worthy opponent, but not even the heir to the Mishima Zaibatsu can be allowed to waylay Ryu forever. Kazama still stands, but some small portion of his resistance has been overwhelmed.

Now is not the time to relent.

As Jin seeks to recover, Hayabusa rushes across the now open ground between them, ignoring whatever detritus managed to withstand the void as he launches forward right before Kazama, planting his palms against the ground as he flips into a handstand, both feet moving to catch on either side of Jin's neck before he pushes off with his right hand, pivoting about his left as he wrenches his opponent's neck with that violent twist.

COMBATSYS: Jin fails to interrupt Medium Throw from Ryu Hayabusa with Ultimate Punches.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ryu Hayabusa     0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Jin can no longer fight.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ryu Hayabusa     0/-------/-------|

The sound of the rushing Ninja's footsteps is his first indicator of the impending threat, his hands are still cramping something fierce but it's easier to form a fist than it is to relax those muscles; Pain isn't a sufficient barrier to prevent this. With the ninjas light tread and rapid advance it'd be hard to judge when to strike and as his stance lolls forward and his arm cocks back to do just do he chooses to meet that advance head on, it's his best chance.

The sudden throwing of Ryu himself forward is an unusual move, and one sails clean under the fist cannoning toward his chest and centre mass, the legs grabbing hold either side of his Jin's head and wrenching and spinning him into the air were yet another strange impossibility to add to the list of moves and general way that Ryu fought. He was inexperienced in battle, that was the point of his grandfather abandoning their training together. He needed to become stronger on his own.

Crashing down atop a small coffee table Jin crushes the table flat, a floral arrangement with vase and picture frame ground to shards under his bulk with yet another resounding crash. Arms fall loose and slack either side of him and he displays no sign of getting up once again, occasionally fingers twitch and his chest continues to rise and fall so at least still alive.

That was a loss, more assuredly than when he had fought Daigo he had at least been conscious at the end of the match if unable to continue brawling. Quite out to the world the figure of Jin Mishima lays as if sleeping, restlessly but quiet.

Creeping across his chest and turning the skin dark below that ragged and tatty jacket a tattoo emerges, covering his entire torso while simultaneously numerous cuts all over his body beginning to rapidly close on their own. Tribal in design it's of similar design to the Devil's mark branded onto his bicep.

Ninjas have been feared in Japan for centuries for a reason. They have never had the ability to pull together a proper army to face an opponent directly on the battlefield, but instead do whatever must be done to take their foes by surprise. The Hayabusa clan, unlike most traditional clans, are not assassins of men, but warriors against the power of fiends, and have been forced to do battle against overwhelming odds. Ryu Hayabusa is an opponent unlike any other, and if Heihachi wanted his grandson to pick up new experiences in battle, then the Singular Super Ninja is a good place to start.

Once the Mishima heir hits the ground, Hayabusa is cautious, drawing back into a ready stance as he waits patiently for any sign of Jin rising back up to enter the fray. Kazama had fought hard, gone through an incredible amount of punishment, and thus far had managed to keep to his feet despite it all. But eventually caution must be set aside; once satisfied that this is not merely a trap, Ryu approaches his downed foe to confirm his victory. What he sees is enough to let a brief flicker of surprise widen the stoic ninja's eyes.

Clearly there is some truth to the rumors about the trouble in the Mishima clan. There isn't time to dig into the Devil's mark now, not without any proof that Jin Kazama is a significant threat in the near future, but the young Mishima heir has managed to place himself on a list of individuals who are watched very closely.

But for now, the mission is accomplished as Hayabusa marks his position in Ultratech's competition. The further he can take this, the better chance he has to find a way in and discover just what it is they were trying so hard to keep him from. Seeing that Kazama's life is in no danger, the Dragon Ninja launches himself up into the air, disappearing up through the sizable hole in the office's ceiling.

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