Flight of the Soaring Spirit - [FSS:Week 3] MOONLIGHT RAINBOW

Description: The sun has set, the moon holds watch over the night's sky, and a demon has been unleashed into this world. The Moonchild has proven to be one of the most dedicated and dangerous competitors in the tournament so far, even going so far as to risk her life alone in the desert to gain the power of the spirits. Rainbow Mika is one of the biggest names in professional fighting right now, having exploded onto the scene from nothing less than a year ago to control the Neo League only to find herself beaten down in a brutal match with The Main Man Hunter Grand early in the tournament. Can the people's champ drag herself back into the fight or will she find that Rainbows can't survive when the sun goes down and demons come out to play? (Turns out they can. WINNAH IS MIKA)

Out here in the desert, the stars begin to come out even before the sun has completely set. After dark, the sky is lit by a river of twinkling stars with the waning cresent moon rising just above the horizon, resting like some ancient throne for a titanic king.

Pueblo Thunderfoot is only scarely lit through its streets, all leading down to the barely illuminated town center where the crowd fills the air with a low hum as they sit in wait. The ring and its ramp remain almost completely black as the stage crew holds steady for the word that the match is ready to begin.

The anticipation is shattered as the speakers break through the crowd's excitement with the increasingly familiar notes that announce the blonde brawler, Rainbow Mika. Spotlights begin to swirl about at the entrance to the ramp, tightening in on each other until Rainbow Mika herself bursts forth just as they pull into one single, bright point.

The crowd explodes with cheers.

While Mika may not be pulling in the best results of the tournament, her match against The Main Man Hunter Grand had be an incredibly brutal back and forth that had forced both wrestlers to pull out everything that had before she'd lost, and Rainbowmaniacs never seem to be in short supply for any match starring the rising superstar.

Blowing a kiss to the crowd, Mika begins to take a slow path down to the ring, reaching out to greet outstretched hands on either side of the ramp as she decends to the ring itself. She hauls herself up by the ropes, flipping up over the top only to immediately begin making a circle around the edge of the ring, waving to her fans until she reaches the opposite turnbuckle. Climbing up on the middle rope, she turns her back to the crowd, planting a quick slap on the infamous peach before blowing another kiss out toward a fan enthusiasticly waving a "AFTER EVERY STORM, THERE'S A RAINBOW" sign.

Aracely Maria de la Azules has had a pretty tough go in this tournament too. A brutal match against that wacky woman with the powerfists which she's still unsure whether or not she was being... shall we say... handicapped, or what - and then her drug-induced vision quest, which she's still sore from.

Not 'injured,' of course. Just sore.

But it's time to make a shining entrance now, and Rainbow Mika... she's confronted Mika before. But not like this.

As Mika gives her peach slap and a final kiss, and as the cheers dip a little, Mano 666 nods to the lighting team. The lights flick off, first on the outside, then on the inside. Mano gestures to the fellow operating the SPECIAL spotlight... and then to the pyrotechnics team.

Three red points light up, forming a dull glow and throwing up a hellish smoke. (Actually not that hellish but with a definite note of sulfur to it. Just a small one.) The lights raise upwards as a eurobeaty remix of a middle section of "Night on Bald Mountain" activates, raising its way up. Mano, for his part, watches alertly -- is the music good?

Either way, the pyro stacks flare upwards - and the special spotlight, a /giant black light/, warms up. (This thing is tricky, but the effect is great.) Standing there in the darkness, highlighted by the moody dim light, is a series of cryptic writings, written on a slim figure standing with her arms akimbo.

The figures move forwards, steadily, down the ramp, the light following them. Gasps ring out, even if those who are near the entranceway can see who it really is. When she reaches the turnbuckle, the living occult sigils grasp the ropes, pull themselves upwards - and the spotlight comes on just as she tightens up, pausing for a heartstopping moment in a perfect vertical. Spookiest of all, her hair remains oriented the way it is - now pointing upwards.

The Moonchild lingers, and turns her head out to the crowd, eyes rolled back to whites. There are some screams, some gasps, and some cheers -

And then she lands in the ring, as applause if of a wholly different character rings out. She unfastens her 'ornamental belt' and tosses her hair loose; Mika, at least, can probably suss out that the hair trick was done with some cunningly placed fishing wire and a whole lot of hairspray for the upper bangs.

She speaks without moving her lips much as the announcers reel off the details. Apparently The Moonchild is now billed as being from "POINTS BELOW." "You ready?" Aracely murmurs as she does a little stretching, crouching in a horse-stance to get those hammies limbered.

As the lights cut out, Rainbow Mika's head turns up with an incredible suddeness; if anyone in the arena has any ability to see right now, she's doing everything she possibly can to sell the idea that she's just as surprised as everyone else in the town square about what's happening (where's the fun in fighting someone with a gimmick like this if you don't leave the impression that it has an effect on you?)

While the lights are off, and attention is drawn elsewhere, Mika climbs down off the turnbuckle, holding to her corner to give the Moonchild as much room as needed to work her magic on the crowd. It's not until the referee appears in the ring and moves to the center that the curvy grappler moves to stand opposite her opponent.

The only responses offered to Aracely's question are the faint hint of a nod of her head, easily disguised to the crowd as stretching out as it finds itself followed up by a roll of her shoulders leading into Rainbow Mika taking her wide ready stance.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Aracely has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Aracely

Aracely smiles a little, even as the blacklight focuses on her. Even in normal lighting conditions this produces an eerie effect, highlighting at least some of the paint on her. If they could get something up high, it would be even more striking, but that's for if they go to the real majors.

Rainbow Mika settles herself down into a ready stance and Aracely takes in a breath, circling round her. Watching. Waiting. She's moving closer, if irregularly.

Then it comes! Aracely sprints forwards, bursting ahead and hooking her right arm to try and grasp Mika by her own and twist her around, like a giant bouncy top, right into the ropes!

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika endures Aracely's Irish Whip.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0          Aracely

In wrestling, the ropes are universal tool, for either good or ill they can send wrestlers flying, either setting them up to be punished, or throwing even more speed into a maneuver.

For her part, Rainbow Mika is fine waiting to see what's about to happen as the Moonchild makes a grab for her, waiting paitently until it's clear that the intent is to put her in the ropes. A grin appears on her face as she throws herself into it, letting the demonic woman put most of the effort in as she hits the ropes hard enough that they bow out toward the crowd.

And then, for a moment, she catches herself in that position, keeping the ropes taught as she takes throws off the timing just enough before launching herself right back into the Moonchild's trap. The ropes give her that extra bounce as she leaps backwards, bending over at the waist as her killer hip check aims to blow Aracely down.

COMBATSYS: Aracely fails to interrupt Flying Peach from Rainbow Mika with Moonset Toss.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0          Aracely

Aracely was in a perfect setup to go for a hip toss. And indeed in many cases this rebound throw would have been decisive, let her build up dominance and push Mika into the deep vales of suffering that come from overwhelming force.

Unfortunately for her, Mika is simply too strong. Is it because her butt is so big, like one of those rap guys' girlfriends? Well, perhaps that is a factor - she does have some mass on Aracely, even if Aracely's actually slightly heavier she's more attenuated, taller. But the greatest point, of course, is her sheer force, the weight of prowess more than the weight of flesh!

What happens is that the Moonchild's arm is hit before she can connect and she's sent twisting, sprawling around and ending up momentarily tangled up in the nearest set of ropes! Ohhh, denial!

All of that backwards inertia is a hell of a thing to just get over, so after hitting her mark, Rainbow Mika rebounds to land on her shins with her legs splayed slightly. It doesn't take her long to push back up to her feet in a quick motion.

No time like the present to try to put your opponent in a rough spot.

With the Moonchild stuck in the ropes, Mika takes the opportunity to move in and pull her opponent down to the mat (no need to get her move counted with the other wrestler on the ropes) and then slipping her legs around Aracely's neck, one thigh pressed up against the side while the other completes the triangle by squeezing her calf up against the taller wrestler's windpipe.

COMBATSYS: Aracely blocks Rainbow Mika's Choke Hold.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0          Aracely

The chokehold! That thigh squeezes up and that calf wraps over the Moonchild's neck as she leans back rather drastically from her position on the map. At the first glacne this might make it seem as though Mika's going for a backbreaker or some other stress+choke submission move, and the grimace the Moonchild pulls is pretty remarkable.

But then she raises one hand - fingers crooking - and shoves it backwards, underneath Rainbow Mika's belly/side region. This is a rather easily sensed thing, and it gives Mika perhaps an opening for what comes next.

Which is Aracely grabbing the rope with her OTHER hand, throwing herself forwards with a hoist, and aiming to FLING Mika with her legs and torso muscles, sending her sailing out of the ring and into the HARSH, CRUEL THUNDERFOOT GROUND BELOW!

(ground may include mats, don't try this at home)

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks Aracely's Strong Throw.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0          Aracely

There is one problem with attempting to throw grapplers when they are right on top of you: they've very good at holding on to things.

As Aracely starts to haul Mika up off of the mat, the buxom blonde brawler manages to readjust herself just enough that she takes hold of the demonic wrestler's legs.

The hold is just enough to help slow down the toss, but more than that it gives Rainbow Mika the leverage to pull the Moonchild with her, hauling both parties out of the ring to the floor below.

Nothing official can happen outside the ring except a DQ, but there's no good money in just leaping back between the ropes. No, the best option is to beat the opposition senseless so you can take the ring.

Mika is fine with that, as she hauls her arm up in an attempt to catch Aracely around the neck. As she pushes all the way up to her feet, she unleashes the incredible strength she's managed to develop to drag the Moonchild with her, planting a hand on the demon's chest to push her up vertical, balancing on the curvy wrestler's shoulder before Mika drops back, holding Aracely's vertical as she tests the durability of the cobblestone courtyard with her opponent's skull.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hit Aracely with Brain Buster.
- Power hit! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1          Aracely

Well, that didn't go as planned. Firmly under the control of Rainbow Mika, the Moonchild finds herself being hoisted upwards, thrown over the shoulder, and then given a direct and brutal exposure to the cobblestones. The world judders for her, and she wonders dimly: Did I just have a stroke? Or something?

Probably not.


She has been busted open when she wriggles her way free, some blood dripping from her scalp as she glares at Mika and does that eerie eye-rolley thing once again. She rolls on her side, pivots on her elbow, and then pushes herself back up. Still out of the ring, there isn't much she can do... OFFICIALLY.

What there IS to do is snap her right leg upwards to try and kick Mika in the back of her hairstyle - an enzuigiri before she dives to try and get back into the ring! Hopefully laying on her belly momentarily won't be a FATAL MISTAKE.

COMBATSYS: Aracely successfully hits Rainbow Mika with Light Kick.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1          Aracely

Okay, that was possibly a bad idea with such a basic ring setup. In a lot of professional settings, the ring would have been surrounded by some padded flooring in case the wrestlers got out and started fighting. But out here on the cobbled streets, there wasn't anything to keep Mika from really busting Aracely's brain.

There's a genuine moment of concern as she watches her opponent seems to be momentarily out of it, but it's soon apparent that it was a mistake to put her guard down and to underestimate the Moonchild's ability to take punishment. When she notices the Mexican demon start to go back on the offensive she does her best to try to hop out of the way but still ends up with some boot on the back of her head, sending her stumbling forward.

Once she manages to pull some sense back into her head, Mika grabs hold of the ropes and uses them to help pull herself up as she manages to clear the top to land back in the ring. "I guess I should have been a bit more careful, it looks like there might be a real curse attached to a devil's blood." She starts to pace in a prepared circle, giving Aracely some time to recover as she works the crowd up.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika excites the crowd!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Rainbow Mika     1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1          Aracely

The Moonchild rises back up to her feet as Mika starts to make the rounds, as she hypes up the crowd. It's a slow process, and the blood running into her left eye doesn't help things.

Inwardly, she is relieved. Does she want to beat Mika? Yes. Would she like to have Mika's career state? Sure. (And perhaps this would honor Mika, if she but knew. But who would have psychic powers? Especially around here? That's just preposterous - next you'll tell us Randy Orton uses steroids.) But she isn't a ruthless maniac.

The Moonchild, though, kind of is. As Mika makes her orbit, she starts to turn, watching the masked lady as she makes her rounds. And then she runs forwards abruptly, leaping upwards with her arms spread. A tigerish strike? No - an effort to get in a front facelock-- and what does that spell?


Aracely throws herself backwards after that with an effort at a high flying leap. Of course, she can't leap that high. But she CAN, perhaps, push Mika back onto her face!

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika endures Aracely's Bat Out of Hell.
* Attack Of Opportunity! *

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Rainbow Mika     2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0          Aracely

The Moonchild is fast and talented. Quite honestly, she probably doesn't have nearly as much training as Rainbow Mika, but Mano 666 is respectable on the same level as Yoko Harmaggedon. The simple fact is that Mika Nanakawa began training for her professional wrestling debut right out of junior high and then kept it going until she felt she had earned the right to debut... at age 22.

Mika Nanakawa's philosophy on wrestling is also somewhat unique: give everything for the fans. It's not about winning, and it's not about making sure you come out of a fight unscathed, it's about doing everything you can to give a good show, even if it means sacrificing your body. Even if it means losing because of your mistakes.

When Aracely takes hold of Mika, she has enough experience to know what's going to come next from this position. There's really not a whole lot of options in a moment like this: she's going to do the backdrop. There's no struggle at all as she leans into it, allowing her head to plow into the mat with the combined weight of both wrestlers.

...but the problem with a backdrop is that now Rainbow Mika is on top.

Suddenly both of Mika's hands are planted on Aracely's shoulders, not to hold her down for the pin, but to keep her from getting up as Mika straddles the leaner fighter. As her head pulls back up from the mat, her face is somewhat obscured from the crowd by the mess of her ponytails, but she smiles down at her opponent, a small amount of blood dripping from her forehead, and says just loud enough for the two of them to hear. "Good hit, I'll make sure I don't break your nose."

Without warning, Mika suddenly slams her forehead down on the Moonchild's face; with the two down on the mat, there's no room for it to rock back, it's merely trapped between a Rainbow and a hard place. And that's not the only hit, she draws her head back, again and again as she rains brutal headbutts down on her trapped opponent repeatedly, using a precion to avoid hitting the other woman's nose despite it all.

Once she seems satisfied that she's pounded the Moonchild senseless, Mika starts to stand up, grabbing the other wrestler by the back of her collar as she hefts the demonic grappler into a bent over position before slipping an arm around her neck.

"ORRRRAAAAAAAA!" comes a shout that seems to fill the air as she leaps forward, throwing her legs out from under her as she aims to plant the Moonchild's face in the mat, using her arm on the back of Aracely's neck to apply all the force she can manage.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hit Aracely with Heavenly Dynamite.
- Power hit! -

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Rainbow Mika     1/-------/<<<<<<<|======-\-------\0          Aracely

Aracely has the advantage of youth, but on this scale that's less of an issue. Now if she was fighting some forty year old, yeah, it'd matter. Either way, though, this doesn't really help her when she realizes that Mika's not helpfully recoiling for a pin.

As she's straddled down, Aracely mutters, "Chigau!" to herself. Did she really just swear in Japanese? No, that was another world, more of a chi/n/g-- oh. But it was said in good humor, at least. And then, she's repeatedly and violently headbutted to drastic effect. Her eyes cross slightly as she's hoisted upwards, slid into a neck grasp -

A slam downwards! Rebounding upwards, the Moonchild wobbles. Is she going to manage this? She's not going to be able to stand up, she realizes. One last chance -

To fall forwards, leading with her elbow to try and pin down Rainbow Mika. Can it be enough - can Satan's Elbow put a dent in Mikamania?!

COMBATSYS: Aracely has reached second wind!

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Rainbow Mika     1/-------/<<<<<<<|======-\-------\0          Aracely

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika interrupts Fierce Punch from Aracely with German Suplex.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Rainbow Mika     1/------=/=======|=======\=------\1          Aracely

The crowd is somewhat stunned from the events. Certainly BFW stands behind the idea of Hardcore Wrestling, but when you can't really tell where the blood on either wrestler's face comes from, it begins to be somewhat worrisome.

Mika Nanakawa doesn't shy away from rough fights. The crowd can love a heel (and in fact has loved some wrestlers they previously hated once they took the turn away from babyface), but more than that she respects the ideals that come with Hardcore matches, and knows that a painful moment can give a fight immortality. She wrestled Aracely before, before the other wrestler had pulled together the demonic image, and she appreciated the talent and showmanship she brought. While Aracely was already in a lead position in the tournament, a match that got shared again and again with the incredible entrance The Moonchild had made would give a new level of heat to the young woman.

...And a good rivalry was a great boost for both wrestlers involved.

Quite honestly, the fact that Aracely was still standing after that was insane, and spoke well to the luchadora's drive. It wasn't a clean move, though, and simply getting out of the way would be an insult.

No, if The Moonchild was going to lose here, it was going to be a worthy loss.

As Aracely began to fall toward her, Rainbow Mika rapidly shifted position, catching the tip of the elbow as she slides in behind the demonic Mexican and clenching her arms in tight like a vice. With a surge of strength, she hauls back, whipping Aracely into an arc that slams the leaner wrestler's shoulders down onto the mat as Mika makes a perfect backbridge.

There's a moment of confusion before the referee realizes what's happening and begins to count. "One!"

Aracely thinks she grazed her calp, but as that elbow gets grabbed, shifted, and slammed downwards in a shocking reverse - a German suplex, practically from the textbook, and smashing her in for the pin. When she hit the mat, it rang like a drum.

And now she's here at One.

Aracely's head clears. In a peculiar sort of way, she thinks, this is liberating. I know where I am, I know what I'm doing. Her eyes clear, and she realizes of course that she has a real big problem. That problem is MIKA.

Actually, she now has TWO big problems, because that's what the count stands at. In a mere second she's going to lose, but she can't lose because she knows exactly what to do. Snapfishing her entire body around, she throws a shoulder up, twisting back the other way to get enough torsion to wrench herself loose from Mika's grip.

That would be a heroic effort. A maneuver worthy of a hero.

But Aracely hits a knee on the mat and pushes herself up by grasping the rope to buoy her - no, it's more of a pull upwards. Reaching herself up, she looks over her shoulder. She exhales with force as she sees Rainbow Mika doing the natural and healthy thing of not staying crab-bent over like a fool after her suplex was broken out of.

Only one shot, she thinks.

And so, the Moonchild bounces off those ropes and forwards. Throwing every inch of her body forwards, she twists round, slapping the mat for that last extra moment of OOMPH and that dramatic rebounding sound. Now it is her turn to try and get her legs around the neck of Rainbow Mika, but this isn't a choke hold.

Because her goal is to keep going. To sail past Mika ("The Left Hand Path!" Mano 666 shouts in a moment of enthusiastic inspiration, because Aracely is in fact aiming past Mika's left) with her legs around her head and then to send her flying - hopefully out of the ring - and hopefully for the last and final time!

And that perhaps is worthy... of a demon.

COMBATSYS: Aracely can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     1/----===/=======|

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika interrupts Huracanarana from Aracely with Rainbow Suplex.
- Power hit! -

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/----===|

It's very impressive. At this point the crowd is going wild regardless of who they came in cheering for. Breaking out of a pin like that after the abuse that Mika had heaped on The Moonchild is incredible, so seeing Mano 666's student get ready for something big has everyone on the edge of their seat.

And then Aracely goes big; the lunchadora takes to the air and catches her legs around Rainbow Mika's neck, wrenching to pull the stockier woman off her feet...

...only Mika was ready. Her stance wide, her center of gravity low, she manages to hold steady where she is. She lets The Moonchild whip around her neck only to go flying into the air when Mika doesn't move.

It's this moment that will be added to the replay list for certain, because as The Moonchild goes flying, Mika lashes out to catch her around the midsection once more, locking her in place in another bearhug before launching backward with everything she's got. She leaps up into the air, taking her opponent with her, and then comes back down at the other end of the arc, once more plowing Aracely's shoulders to the mat, pushing her lower body up with her feet to give little room for her opponent to wriggle away.

And the count begins again:




The bell rings, the pin now official. "THE WINNER, BY PINFALL, RAINBOW MIKAAAAAA!"

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika has ended the fight here.

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