Flight of the Soaring Spirit - [FSS:Week 1] THE WOLF VS THE MOUNTAIN

Description: The battle in Mexico begins, with Gan facing off against Sven! But will the wolf who howls or the mountain beneath him come out victorious!?

It was time for the opening match.

The first round of the Flight of the Soaring Spirit was ready to begin, in the heart of the small village of Pueblo Thunderfoot. The wrestling ring is festively decorated with the traditional Mexican colors of blue, red, and gold. On the horizon, the sun rise cascades rays of light, the long shadows of mesas and cacti drawing long. It was a nearly morning, and in spite of it, the whole of the town was out, ready to watch the wrestling match that was to unfold.

And unfortunately, Sven was not in the mood.

After his little outburst the previous night, he was honored with sleeping out with the pigs and donkeys inside a stable. Waking up in the hay, the drunk Swede was roused by a little boy, telling him that it was time for his wrestling match. Throwing his wolf-pelt over his shoulders, the wrestler was still holding his wolf mask in his hands as he strode out towards the ring. He was still in the clothing the night before, with the added benefit of smelling like a barn. Face contorted in a scowl, Sven Maesters reaches the ropes of the wrestling ring, squinting his eyes as he glances around.

At least his championship belt looks nice.

If there is one thing that Gan would do - and was taught to do - it was to respect the elders. Even if he was a hellion on the streets of Southtown, it certainly wasn't him running his mouth! Of course, while Gan was not directly present - or perhaps was, but was so /busy stuffing his face/ it didn't matter. Respect also involved the food.

Perhaps, unlike Sven, Gan slept like a log and ate like a horse or five, and was enjoying his time visiting this culture and their food. Where Sven was reached to make the match by a little boy. In the meantime, Gan was already awake. He used to get up all the time on the farm! It would not be hard for Sven to see Gan approaching. Hell, it would not be hard for ANYONE to see Gan approaching. The green colored outfit of Gedo High School stretched about a body so large he took an entire arm off just so he could get some airflow. A belt that is /quite literately/ a barrel and a size that should not be possible for a High Schooler. Gan has, or is, all of these things!

Which is why when he steps into the ring, it is /over/ the ropes of the ring. While Sven is likely not so very small, Gan is generally larger than most! "Gyahahah! So, guess you were the loud one!" Which, coming from Gan, is quite obvious. "Hope you're ready to give them another show. I know I am! Gotta repay the food somehow." At least Gan isn't a giant and a jerk, or he'd become a giant jerk!

Sandals slam against the ring as he gets into 'position', crouching somewhat down as he glances about. "You a wrestler, too? Gyahah! Fought this one wrestler, she's not half bad!" Course he hasn't /won/ her officially!

Sven wasn't used to people bigger than him.

Oh, you had the occasional big dude. But as the ground nearly groans, the towering figure of Gan enters the ring. The wrestler looks up into the ring, eyes still squinting. Stroking his blonde mustache and beard, he spits at the ground. He was fighting a hangover. He was hungry and thirsty. And this kid, and he was pretty sure this was a kid, was insulting him by calling him a loud one. But that wasn't the worst thing. The worst thing flickers in the wrestler's dim mind.

"Not half bad?!"

Sven's face turns red as his body tenses up. "If it was any bad, then it had to be Rainbow Mika!" The Swede rumbles, raising his mask up. Wrapping the string behind his head, he fixes on the werewolf mask on his face, the plastic fangs bared as the wrestler continues to fume. "Unless you are buying into Rainbow Mania! Then you would find her just half bad! Rainbow Mania! It is stupid! It is nothing but overhype! I hate Rainbow Mania! I hate it like cancer! I hate it like plague!" The wrestler continues to rant and bellow as he grips the ropes of the ring, and throws himself over them, landing within. "And if you even have a glimmer of Rainbow Mania in your fat heart?"

"Then you are an enemy of the Warwolf!"

There are only a few people larger than Gan.

He has met one of them, if he remembers it correctly. It is possible that was an illusion, though many are not Gan's size. That is for certain. Oh, loud one isn't an insult to Gan! Just that he was loud. If Gan wants to insult someone, it's quite straightforwards. Not that he has any purpose right now to do that, of course. "Eh? Yeah, not half bad." Gan repeats as if that was just not that big a deal. It isn't for gan, obviously. This isn't the same to be said of Sven, however, who starts to talk. Oh, how he begins to talk.

It had to be her if it was bad. That's quite the interesting statement! Not that Gan really gets it, expect that he claims he is 'buying into Rainbow Mania'. That it is just as bad, to him, as cancer. That it is the plague. There is a rant of if. There is an entire rant. Gan's gaze is suddenly stern as he hears how a man HATES that Rainbow Mika. Already in position, Gan is silent for a bit, rubbing his chin as Svene declares him the enemy of the Warwolf. He also says he's fat.

"What!?" Is the sudden remark, "Gyahahah! You got a lotta guts to say that!"

He steps forwards, hands stretching their fingers as he grows closer, "She's not a bad fighter, and to talk like that her isn't right! She beat me twice... let's see you BEAT ME ONCE!" The massive sumo exclaims, defending her honor because it is /polite/. He is a thug - but you don't talk shit, unless you want to get hit.

A grin crosses his face, "I'm gonna enjoy this, if you're gonna be like that!"

COMBATSYS: Gan has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Gan              0/-------/-------|

"So you DO like Rainbow Mania!"

Sven's body begins to bristle with pure rage. As Gan throws his finger forward, Sven Maesters rushes in, stepping right up to the big boy, belly to belly, chest puffed out. Thrusting his face up to the titantic lad, he glares from behind his mask, snarling. "You are swine! You are pig! Rainbow Mania is worst thing that ever hurt the world! You fall in love with Rainbow Mania because you are soft headed, soft hearted, and soft bodied!" The man shoves back at the boy, pushing himself backwards as he steps back. Throwing his arms in the air, he growls as bends his knees slightly. "You are going to support Rainbow Mania?"

"Then I am gonna give you a pounding!"

And with that, Sven leaps backwards. Vaulting head over heels, he bounds to the ropes, landing on both legs on top of them. Bending them deep downward from his hearty weight, the massive Swede suddenly springs right back from the ropes, thundering through the air with careful balance. Winding his arm back, he stiffens it as he hurls himself straight for Gan, attempting to hook his arm around his neck in a flying clothesline.


COMBATSYS: Sven has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gan              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Sven

COMBATSYS: Gan interrupts Fierce Punch from Sven with Buchikamashi.
- Power hit! -

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Gan              0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0             Sven

"Stop saying I like Rainbow Mania!" Gan roars back, as Sven's body bristles with rage. Face thrust right into Gan's, the gedo street ganger glowers towards him as he calls him swine. Pig. ZE WORST, and then he tells him something that is perhaps the tipping point. /Fall in love with Rainbow Mika/. He has HEARD ENOUGH of that at Gedo High! At least half the students needed a bit of roughing up because of that. While Rainbow Mika can beat Gan, Gan can beat on them! Hahaha!

That's also part of the point of the fight going on between them. To beat on each other. Except now Sven has given Gan two points, two /reasons/ to throw his weight around.

Sven leaps backwards, vaulting, and bounds to the ropes... before throwing himself forwards, springing at the mountain to hook his arm around his neck! They always go for the neck. It's why Gan has figured out a very natural defense. As the arm comes around, Gan twists his head, aiming it directly for Sven's as he thunders through the air. The mountain of a man/kid intended for both their foreheads to meet, Gan's stance allowing him to absorb, some, of the massive impact. His face still stings - his body is even /shifted backwards/ on impact.

His teeth are gritted. "You made /one/ BIG mistake buddy! I'm not supporting Rainbow Mania." The massive arm whips forwards, grasping Sven's neck and body, pulling it back and then slamming both Gan and Sven's head back together, once, "AND I I'M NOT" SLAM "RAINBOW MIKA'S" SLAM "BOYFRIEND!"

With the last slam, Gan shifts his weight and then whips Sven back away from him. His blood is already pumping now, and his temperment may have been just a tad heated. It's what happens with such careless words, though!

Oh no.

As the man comes smashing right into the Gedo High hooligan, the hooligan simply smashes his OWN skull into the wrestler. Stunned for only a moment, the wrestler is exposed in the air. And with that, the sumo wrestling teenager just seizes him, and begins smashing. Almost immediately, the mask begins to crack with every impact, the splinters of plastic digging into the swede's forehead. Hurled away, Sven lands with a tumble. There is no wait, however, as the Warwolf comes back up on all fours.

And the man turns -red-

"GRAAAAAAGH!" Comes the howl as he the pelt is hurled off. Flying through the air, the man suddenly screams aloud, spittle flying from under the mask. "THE NIGHT OF THE WARWOLF HAS BEGUN!!!" Thus comes the scream as Sven Maesters comes to a full stand, blazing straight for the titantic lad. Blood pouring down his mask, the enraged Sven attempts to bowl over the boy, arms out to seize him. And should Sven get his grips on the bigger man?

He would make him spin.

Should Sven manage to move a mountain, he would likely slam Gan to the side. Typically, he would try to roll him around his body in a Tilt-A-Whirl, but in this case, the teenager was just too big! Instead, he would roll him along the ground, tumbling him on the ground like a tire around his body. IF he could manage a full rotation on the ground with with the Gedo High student? He would finish the assault by lifting him up in the air, just long enough to fall down into a kneel.

And SMASH the boy's back across his knee.

COMBATSYS: Sven successfully hits Gan with World Wolf III.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Gan              0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0             Sven

There is a howl. Gan has never heard a man howl. /He can now check that off his list/. "Not bad, those lungs of yours! Gyahaha! C'MON!" Gan asks, and boy does Sven answer. The Night Of the WarWolf!? As much as Gan would proclaim that's a terrible pun, he /doesn't/. Not only because he doesn't get the chance but because he also isn't quite that smart to make such a comment. With blood pouring down his mask, Gan can tell that Sven means /business/. Not that Gan doesn't.

Business is good.

Sven most certainly does get his grips on the bigger man, Sven beginning to make him spin, making him move. The mountain is tumbled about, rolled around like a tire before Sven lifts him up into the air, before slamming him right back into the ground, against his knee! Gan is large, the wooden barrel is thick - but it cracks. Not Gan's back, of course, but the wooden 'belt' shatters at the impact, causing Gan to bounce and roll off the knee, coughing, hacking.

"Able... to move me like that, huh!?" There's no blood out of his mouth - but then, he's not /that/ wounded from it. It was a pretty painful and blunt assault, but internal bleeding isn't likely! "Didn't think you were all talk, after all!"

Staggering to his feet, Gan doesn't wait for that much longer, whipping out a foot towards Sven and then towards the ground, intending to slam it against him rather straight-forward... because then he'd bring his knee upwards and lunge!

COMBATSYS: Sven dodges Gan's Light Kick.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Gan              0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0             Sven

Minal Panesh is watching the fight with keen interest. She's slipped her more comfortable hands back on, and has situated herself in the midst of the audience portion of the ring. While the rest of the audience is cheering noisily... she's content to watch from her low vantage point, while munching on an ear of freshly-roasted corn.

Why is the pint-sized pugilist seated, you may ask, when everyone else is standing? Because she has an aerial drone buzzing about forty feet overhead, and she's watching the fight from her iPad. Screw you, tall people!


That is the response from the wrestler as he finished the Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Unleashing the World Wolf III, Sven at least shows SOME talent. His own belt glistens in the Mexican light as he throws his fists in the air, letting Gan roll off. The crowd, still leery of his cold greeting, manage to cheer and root for the wrestler. Sven was still bright red, and still in a rage. But the wrestler was content to let his anger pour off him. In tandem with his opponent, he rises from his kneel. And as his opponent lashes out with the kick.

And he zooms away.

Sven was not as big as Gan, but he was still big. And he was agile. Fast, strong, and nimble, the wrestler leaps back from Gan's kick with a short hop. Diving back, he almost immediately pounces right back. The delay comes, of course, by the attention at the drone. Snapping a look up at the drone, he flings his fists around. "IS RAINBOW MANIA SPYING?!" Sven bellows, pointing somewhere in the crowd. "YOU ARE ALSO LOSER! RAINBOW MANIA IS OVER!"

And Sven lunges.

Hurling back into Gan, Sven attempts to get into a clinch with the bigger man. Sven was a wrestler, and he was strong. But Gan was simply too much for true finesse. He couldn't heave and hurl him around like he could with a lighter wrestler. Thus, as he musters enough power to get the grips on the wrestler, he would simply try and heave him up by his knees. All sven would try and do is get him high up enough from the ground before his back gave out, and then unleash a powerbomb right in the middle of the ring, slamming him back first into the ground.

Hopefully, Sven won't pull something.

COMBATSYS: Gan endures Sven's Power Throw.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Gan              1/------=/=======|=====--\-------\0             Sven

AROOOO is the TILT A WHIRL cry of champions. With the WORLD in FUR, Gan is rolled off and then makes his counter attack!

Which allows Sven to /get away/. While he leaps away from the kick with a short hop, Gan lands right before him, sandal crashing to the ground in an attempt to slow the large man from his gravity based conclusion towards /the ground/. This is of course when Sven is best able to use his nimble reflexes! "...What's that thing?" Gan asks, staring at the drone.

Why would he know!?

Then, Sven lunges, telling Rainbow Mania is SPYING. She should be fighting, what gives!? And if she is in the battle arena, isn't she free to watch!? Everything flows through Gan's mind like so much water through a dam! That is to say NOTHING IS GETTING BY. Especially as Sven lunges, hurling himself back towards the giant. With SUCH POWER, Sven manages to gheave him upwards, high enough up to POWER BOMB, back first into the ground.

It sort of works. Sort of. The key word is that Gan /does/ slam back first into the ground, but slams his fists down at the same time, throwing himself back up off the ground painfully as Sven is recovering.

Which is why Gan, already skywards, would pull together both his massive meaty limbs. "Gyahahah! Let's see you GET AWAY FROM THIS!" As he crashes down, like some kind of meteor, the double hands together burn with chi, glowing brightly in blue as he lands, sandals first, before hands plummet towards the ground - and towards Sven!

COMBATSYS: Sven endures Gan's Ganseki Otoshi but gets knocked away!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Gan              1/-----==/=======|=======\=------\1             Sven

Whatever it was?

It was awful because it was Rainbow Mania.

Sven Maesters unleashes the power bomb, sweat pouring from his body. The night of the Warwolf was nearly coming to a close. The white-hot rage of the wrestler was waning, exhaustion forcing itself over the Swede. Standing tall, blood dribbling down his face, he stares through the eyes of his mask at Gan as the titantic teen takes to the sky. "GRAAAGH!" He wheezes as Gan comes roaring straight down, and Sven hurls himself into the assault.

He is met with staggering force. Sven is smashed into the ground, driven deep in by the sheer force. He is crunched, his body beaten badly. But he doesn't give up ground. Oh, he comes back slow; that is all he can do. But he refuses to yield. Struggling against the massive boy, the last of his rage boils out as he keeps his momentum going. Trapped under the mighty force of the teenager, he attempts to lift him back. And should he manage to heave him up? He will hop up in the air, lifting up Gan by his leg, and then smash him down into the ground between his legs into a final, exhausting powerbomb. It did not matter though, if he struck or failed.

Because the night of the Warwolf is over.

And Sven's rage soon is replaced with staggering fatigue.

COMBATSYS: Sven successfully hits Gan with Jaeger Bomber.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Gan              1/---====/=======|=======\==-----\1             Sven

With Gan rising - while falling - Gan crashes straight into Sven! With the force of his arms, hands, and body all striking at once, Sven Maesters does not give in to Gan! Struggling against him, Gan fights back - before Sven hefts him upwards. A mistake is made - Gan attempting to defend himself! Instead of pressing the attack, instead of attempting to roll with the punches, Gan opts for a more defensive manuever. It is un successful, with Sven lifting gan up by the leg and then power-bombing him right into the ground of the ring, Gan crashing onto his back with a shuddering of earth and man.

With Sven managing to land such a blow on Gan, Gan would cough once more - fatigue also beginning to show on him. Yet where Sven's is sudden, Gan's has been building up to it. With suprising vigor, the large boy would heft himself up once more, the Gedo Giant taking another step forwards, flexing his muscles slightly. "We're only half-way done here, gyahaha! So I hope you're ready for round two!"

With that, Gan would charge towards Sven, throwing himself at him - and then raising both his arms, spreading them wide and lunging. Yet it was not for his head, as it was. It was for his body.

Gan has no interest in strangling the life out of Sven, yet the barrel-chested teenager intends to pick Sven up and squeeze. /And squeeze/. The air he might be gasping for possibly refused by Gan!

COMBATSYS: Sven blocks Gan's Choke Hold.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Gan              1/--=====/=======|=======\===----\1             Sven

Oh no.

Sven was exhausted, his body trembling from the weakness overtaking him. The hangover of his rage left him breathless; the impact leaving him bruised and broken. Gasping for air, he unleashes the powerbomb. The crowd roars, and the Warwolf does not rise from his assault. Sitting on the ground, he rolls to the side, stunned for a moment by the assault. It should be over. It had to be over.

But he is helped off the ground by Gan.

Eyes going wide under the mask, the titanic man heaves up Sven, clutching his body. The Swede groans in pain as the massive boy attempts to crush the wrestler in his grip. Sven mightily struggles, fighting against the sheer force of the Gedo High student's hold. Fighting against the grips, he feels his body burning. And yet, in spite of his exhaustion, in spite of his fatigue...

He manages to burst free.

"AROOOOO!" He howls, pulling free from the grips of the massive lad. Arms trembling, he staggers backwards, falling backwards with every step. He had to unleash one of his finishers. Only a finisher could stop the massive teenager. He was nearly at the end of his rope, and the boy? He was ready for round two. The Warwolf unleashes a palm shove, a long, turning thrust of his hand right for Gan's nose. The man was gasping for air. He had to get space. If he hits or not, it did not matter. He was backing up now.

Right for the corner of the wrestling ring.

COMBATSYS: Gan endures Sven's Quick Punch.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Gan              1/-======/=======|=======\===----\1             Sven

Off the ground, Sven finds himself wielded by Gan! Or attempted to. With Sven heaved upwards, he groans in pain but he /struggles/ Gan finds it harder than it should be to crush the wrestler, unable to simply end it by removing the breathing room he needed! Instead, Sven CREATES the breathing room he needs, bursting free, breaking the potential end of the battle straight there and then moving away! Gan finds himself falling back a step, massive arms swinging open wide from the force the swede managed to use to overcome him.

Yet Sven keeps going, a palm slamming forwards, the thrust of his hand towards Gan's nose in an attempt to push the boy away and keep him off - to create distance.

The mountain does not yield though, when you climb down it. There are some dangers. One of them, of course, is an avalanche. That is the exact danger that the WAR WOLF finds himself facing the moment he brings that hand forwards to smash against Gan's face.

That is because Gan slams his face right into the palm, body twisting as he does so to close distance while Sven's force keeps him closer to him. "Gyahaha! Nice shot!" The gedo giant exclaims. That is before that glowing energy re-forms about his palms. "Let me show you how to do that /right/ though!" And one of them slams outwards, towards Sven's chest as he crashes forwards. One towards Sven's body - palm erupting outwards in an attempt to push him off center. Another, to slam into Sven's off-center body to keep him standing, and open him up to more. With each heavy palm strike, Gan would advance, coruching forwards and slamming his sandals into the ring as he did so, a rhythm almost, before both were pulled back.

And then slammed, at once, towards Sven's body!

COMBATSYS: Sven interrupts Midare Teppou Zuki from Gan with Full Moon Rising.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Gan              0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0             Sven

Mint looks back at the display on her screen. Sven is looking pretty worn out... but it's likely from trying to take down a veritable mountain of a schoolboy -- a schoolboy who seems to be in a very good mood despite all the fighting! As she watches, she taps the screen in certain places, amassing a small library of reference points she'll be using for the later fights in this little get-together. The pint-sized gearhead realized she'll need to study up on her opponents a bit more, lest she get another Huracanarana thrown at her.

She throws up her fist in triumph whenever the crowd cheers. She's not really rooting for one fighter or the other, per se -- just going with the flow, really!

Sven Maesters was not a smart man.

He was poorly educated, in spite of the generious Swedish public school system. He was not a thoughtful person, prone to losing his temper at the slightest insult. He was a bitter, angry man. And when just a little more insight might prevent suffering, he instead blames others. Sven Maester was not very bright, and this much might be clear as Gan takes the hit, and hurls out an explosive palm strike. The first blow lands, and Sven hits the cornerpost. It looks like Sven just got himself cornered.

And then Sven proves he is at least cunning as a wolf.

Back bleeding and bruised from the post, the second palm strike comes. This time, however, Sven dips down low. Taking a glancing blow to the shoulder from the second strike, the wrestler turns red as he seizes Gan's legs. With a mighty leap, he heaves both himself and the titanic teenager up upon the cornerpost, his legs on the ropes. The ropes were nearly stretched to a breaking point with the combined weights of Swede and Sumo, and Sven could barely keep a grip on. So he acts fast. Holding Gan upside down, he leaps up one last time, wrapping his arms and legs around Gan as he drops the massive teen straight down.... head first into the cornerpost. Sven releases Gan on impact, collapsing on the ground. But the entire audience gasps as they watch the impact. A man near Mint calls out in broken english.


Smart doesn't get you anywhere in this world! Just look at Gan! He isn't even the smartest man ever and look a thow he used his size! That right there is a good example. An example that Sven attempts to offset with righteous beatings. Cornered as Sven is, Gan attempts to press the attack, slam after slam being through towards Sven's body! Yet it was not fully to be, not as Sven dips low and takes that blow to the shoulder before he seizes Gan's legs. "Gyhaha-huh?" A swing and a miss, Gan teeters over as Sven pulls him onto the corner post and raises him up onto the ropes as well!

It's pretty amazing for a moment, that moment ending as Sven drops him straight downwards, head first into the cornerpost! The head of Gan slams hard into the corner-post and there is quite the sound of metal and bone. Is it lights out for the mountain!? Has it come to this!?

It seems so - until Gan reaches out, grasping the ropes on both sides and slowly, but carefully rising from the ground, head twisting slowly around towards Sven as his thoughts stop shaking around in his brain.

Nah, that'd take too long!

"Almost got me... but you DIDN'T!" Gan proclaims, suddenly lashing out with speed he should simply not have for a man that is as wounded, and took such a blow to the head! Gasping for Sven's leg, Gan would attempt to grasp it and whip him around in the air, taking the mighty swede and almost toying with him! Left and right, he would swing, before tossing him, skidding and tumbling along the ground, towards the other post, potentially catching him with it!

COMBATSYS: Sven blocks Gan's Ooran.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Gan              1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0             Sven

This was getting dangerously close.

Sven doesn't even have a chance to celebrate. He crawls to his hands and knees, stunned by the pure force of his own attack, the sheer mass of his opponent. Dragging himself on the ground, he feels his opponent rising up behind him. Pounding a fist on the ground, he snarls. "DAMN!" He growls, as Gan snatches him by his leg. IN the massive teen's mitts, he is is swung around, over and over, in a nasty Giant's Swing. Sven flails, trying to break free. And in a sense, he is successful. Gan DOES let him go... and lets him tumble along the ground, sending Sven into a roll. Closer and closer the Swede comes to the other corner post...

And Sven snaps out of the reckless roll.

Catching himself short of smashing head first into the corner, he grips the ropes firmly with both hands. Staring mere inches from the post, the Warwolf gasps for air, growling with every heaving breath. He was bleeding, bruised, and barely together. With a grunt, he steadies himself on the ropes, leaning in a bit to bump his bloodied forehead on the post. And there, he heaves himself up on the ropes. Straddling the post, he lowers himself down, and gives another hop up on the ropes. Feet on the top ropes, he leans back, building tension as he comes for the third leap. Springboarding off the post, he takes to the air, twisting as he unleashes the fatal technique that killed his father, hurtling towards Gan for a full-body slam.

The Three Wolf Moonsault.

COMBATSYS: Sven successfully hits Gan with Three Wolf Moonsault.

[                           \\\  < >  //////                        ]
Gan              1/----===/=======|==-----\-------\0             Sven

As Sven manages to catch himself, Gan throws himself into battle with no regard for his safety - thinking it is possible he'd be able to take out Sven! It doesn't quite work as well as he had hoped, with Gan suddenly finding Sven able to roll away from most of the offense. With a grunt, he attempts, once more, to put up a wall between Sven and himself, arms raised to take the blow!

It doesn't work very well, as evidenced by the sudden impact of Sven as he moonsaults over the attempt at defense from Gan, slamming at him with a full-body onslaught! Gan crashes down, hitting the ground hard, the fight leaving his body as he is impacted once more. It's a heavy thud, the mountain tipping. It doesn't immediately fall over, though. Not quite. Not exactly quite.

As Gan lashes out towards Sven. Slow, expected, and perhaps futile.

Yet if Sven does not move away, he would find the former assault a pre-lude to something more, something far more, as Gan would whip Sven around, be it ground, sky or the side, using him as a feather duster to the sky as he swings so wildly that eventually Gan simply lets go - and staggers... and then just falls over, a heavy thud as the mountain topples over.

And is silent.

COMBATSYS: Gan can no longer fight.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Sven fully avoids Gan's Funkazan.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Sven             0/-------/----===|

What can move a mountain?

Three Wolf Moonsault comes crashing into the titanic figure, the Swede bouncing off the massive Gan into a heap on the ground. He groans as he hits, breathing hard as he writhes. And slowly, slowly, the shadow of the teenager casts over the wrestler. Slowly, the man comes over him, to grip him, to seize him, to worry him about like a little toy. He would be shaken like a leg of ham, if it wasn't for a sudden surge.

A sudden surge of the Warwolf.

At the very last second, Sven catches the latching hands. Pulling them hard, Sven uses the momentum, the leverage to lift himself up into a stand, and from there, a hurl away. Sven leaps through the air, evading the last surge towards the ropes.

He does not land gracefully.

Collapsing into the ropes, Sven's legs give out. The entire crowd pauses, as the giant teenager falls. Sven growls, struggling behind his mask as he fights to keep from hitting the ground again. If he fell, he would not rise. So he would not fall. He clings to the ropes, clinging for his life. And slowly, the crowd falls into applause. Sven realized that Gan wasn't rising. And for a moment, he realized that... he won. The wrestler eases himself off the ropes, steadying his legs juts enough to throw his arms into the air. And with that, he lets out a hoarse howl, staring into the crowd.


COMBATSYS: Sven has ended the fight here.

[OOC] Gan says, "if you submit it you still have it?"

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