Description: Well apparently, there was some sort of deep dark rumor in the bowels of the internet about Jezebel's secretly disliking kids due to some passing comment taken ridiculously out of context in a fight she had at some laser tag arcade. Today's match will investigate the rumor to its core by pitting Lightning Spangles against a brand new doe-eyed fighter from Japan on the (bizarrely fitting) docks of historic Pearl Harbor near Honolulu. This fighter is green to the scene in almost every way, and the phrase 'kitten against a rottweiler' is liable to be coined several times in the article accompanying the stream. Jezebel is going to have to be very careful not to say anything that might make the Internet mad, lest she ends up with a reputation that follows her to the ends of the Earth itself. D:

"They said -what?!-"

It was just supposed to be a fight. Another arranged match, another themed match. This time in Hawaii, right at the Naval Station Pearl Harbor, where so long ago, the opening move of a war was made. Set out on top of the docks meant for carriers was a fighting ring, set up with boundaries and red tape to keep the fighters close together. One of the fighters was the mysterious Momoko. And the other? It should be the world famous Lightning Spangles. But the actress was not in place yet, no. She should be here, just for another arranged match.

But as Jerry was explaining, there was another reason for this match.

Jezebel was in her full cowgirl outfit, dressed in the rhinestone studded red white and blues. But far away from the cameras, crew, and crowd that hovered around the dockyard ring, she was in conspiracy with her manager, Jerry. "Apparently, that Sakura girl you fought in the laser tag had some kind of following, or has some kind of following now. They say that you 'hate students' or 'kids' now, and that this whole 'kid friendly cowgirl' thing is just an act. It's just a rumor, Jez." The older, balding man in a brown business suit says to the woman, putting a hand on her shoulder as he turns her around. Gently, he pushes her towards the ring. "But rumors are bad for business. Alright. Come on-"


Jezebel looks dead serious at the man. She stops right outside the ring. There is no smile on her face as she leans into Jerry, nearly in line with the crowd. And she whispers a harsh, frantic whisper to her manager. "I love children. I love children than anything else in the world. That young girl at the laser tag, I loved her. I loved her with the kind of love you only have for children, for kids. For anyone to say, to even suggest that I don't have anything but love for every single child on this god-given earth, why I, why I don't eve-

"Jez, sweetie?"

Jerry interrupts.

"Can you... scale back on the declarations of 'children love?' for me?"

********DOJO STREAM CHAT*****

<@BigBossBadMan> Okay, looks like we got the streamchat up and running. You guys are seeing everything fine?
<HotDogSlipper12> I can see the arena, and I think I can see Lightning Spangles over there!
<GaryBlokes> omg hawaii is so beatiful and so is lightnsing spagles :)
<GaryBlokes> i wonder wat she is saying to that man
<ChitShat23> Getting some weird glare and white-balancing issues though, can you get a technician on that?
<HotDogSlipper12> Oh jesus, not one of these clowns.

On the other side of the ring, the other contender involved in this world televised martial arts battle is facing her own dilema. To the casual observer, Momoko looks rather pepped up for the upcoming match; excited even. Indeed, she can hardly seem to sit still, pausing in the incessant pacing and wandering that she has been engaged in since the moment she was led to place where she was to wait for the fight to begin only long enough to stretch or do what looks like some impromptu warm up katas.

Despite the ever cheerful smile that the small teenager wears, her shield against the emotional strain of every day teenage life, Momoko has never been more nervous in her entire life. Performing for a crowd is nothing new to the girl. Almost every day for the last few years she's been putting on small shows of her own, unofficial displays of her agility and skill. It started out as an accident, nothing more than an impromptu practice session in the park that gained a small cult following as she ended up making use of the wide open spaces outside of her family's somewhat cramped home.

She's never been a part of anything like this before. The sheer scale of the production being put on here is daunting despite it's somewhat humble appearance. The roped off area of the fighting ring is nothing particularly noteworthy, if one ignores the fact that it has been set up on the soil of one of the most viscious surprise attacks in military history. That she herself is Japanese and her opponent American is a point that was not lost on the young girl.

This place was picked for its historical value but the choice feels rather tacky, almost offensive, all things considered. Would she face ridicule and harrassment from the mostly American crowd? Other than her short and disastrous visit to Zack Island, this is the first time for Momoko to be abroad. Perhaps it is natural for her to be worried about these things. Perhaps she just has pre-show jitters. Certainly, in an event this large, things would be kept under control.

Momoko mutters under her breath while she waits for the fight to begin, repeating the few phrases of English that she has been practicing ever since she learned that her bout would be set on U.S. soil. Perhaps she should have anticipated that she would have to travel to other countries in order to be a part of a world-wide fighting circuit but her decision to focus on her martial training had been made like most of the important choices in her life, quickly and based on her gut insticts. She will just have to wing it, as always.

A sudden rise in the excitement from the crowd causes Momoko to finally pause her nervous fidgeting as she turns to peer at the opposite side of the ring. There, just beyond a thin line of red velvet, stands her opponent. The small girl takes a few moments to absorb the image of the woman known as Lightning Spangles. Everything about her seems to radiate Americanism as if it were a definable and tangible substance. From her leather cowboy boots to her defining lightning-patterned vest, red, white, and blue is seared into Momoko's eyes until she almost forgets that other colors exist.

It has powerful symbology, one that evokes very specific images upon sight. The Japanese girl's eyes trail upwards, her mouth hanging slightly open in awe of the dazzling outfit, until she realizes she's staring and quickly looks away. One of the nearby officials puts a finger to the small radio nestled into his ear and nods.

"Showtime, little lady."

Swallowing the large knot that has suddenly formed in her throat, Momoko takes a deep breath to gather her calm and then slips under the dividing rope that seperates the fighters from the spectators, wandering towards the center of the ring with no small amount of trepidation. Even so, she puts on her friendliest smile and turns to wave a few times at the crowd, drawing some strength from the energy of so many people gathered in one spot.

Of the various descriptions of Lightning Spangles, 'America Elemental' would be an accurate one.

The waves of energy that flowed into the ring as Momoko enters warms the crowd up. But even online notices that Jezebel still is caught in her conversation with her manager. As Jerry shoots down her affectionate whispering of her love of children Her nose twists up in disgust as she keeps looking at her boss. And that look is captured on the camera. Jerry is already sweating now, as the taller woman shakes her head. "Don't tell me what I can and cannot do with kids, Jerry. I'm a champion, I have a belt! I am the biggest thing here! And more so, I live for kids!" The voice was beginning to break from a whisper, until Jerry suddenly grabs her. Oh, it looked bad. But this was getting desperate."Look, Jez. We can talk about this later." Her manager hisses, his face turning red as he points towards Momoko. "But if you don't put on your happy face, get out there, and do your Showup Hoohaw thing, well." Jerry pauses, and narrows his eyes, leaning in as he looks up to the taller women.

"We can always find another Lightning Spangles."

Jezebel pales visibly. But with it, that perfect smile spreads across her face. She turns towards Momoko, looking at her with that smile, that brightness, a barely contained energy. And yet, as she bounces out on those boots into the ring, turning towards the crowds, the cameras, to wave and smile. To pump her fists, to build energy into the crowd, someone with even the faintest powers of empathy, even mild psionic attunement could sense the real emotion driving her right now.


"Howdy Y'all!" Lightning Spangles cries out. "I'm Lightning Spangles, the All-American Hero! Can I get a yee haw?" She leans in towards the crowd, waiting for the mix of armed forces families and locals to give a small 'yee haw.' Lightning Spangles shakes her head. "Oh, come on y'all! Can I get a Yee Haw!?" And this time, a much more passionate 'Yee Haw' comes out, bringing Lightning Spangles into applause as she claps her hands. Skipping towards Momoko, she puts her hand on her hips, smiling wide as she tilts her head, and tips her hat. "And this sweet kid is going to me my opponent today? Aw, she's cuter than a bumblebee on a catcus flower!" Leaning in, she nods, and looks right into her blue eyes with a grin.

"What's your name, pardner?"

********DOJO STREAM CHAT********

<HotDogSlipper12> Seriously, mods, why aren't we banning the obvious troll?
<GaryBlokes> omg omg omg how is the cute girl she is so adorable.
<GaryBlokes> she is like a human puppy
<GaryBlokes> omg omg <3 <3 <3
<TartinoLover> Oh wow, she doesn't have any shoes on. Look at those little toes.
<TartinoLover> I am surprised that the match isn't a barefoot match.
<TartinoLover> Jezebel has incredible feet as well.
<JhunHoon> What is the matter with Jezebel?
<TartinoLover> It would be pretty entertaining if they got their toes all tangled up in the fight :)
<@BigBossBadMan> Okay, how does that look Chit.
<@BigBossBadMan> Holy crap guys what the hell is going on here.
<@BigBossBadMan> Tartino you know that girl is like 16? We don't tolerate pedophiles here.
<TartinoLover> The correct term is ephebophilia :)
<TartinoLover> And what's wrong with liking cute feet?

Like the metaphorical puppy that she has been compared to, Momoko perks up visibly as the American star actress immediately starts to work the crowd upon taking the stage. The sheer mass of the energy pouring out from the onlookers drowns the faint echo of Jezebel's emotional turmoil in a tidal wave of positive sensations, overwhelming the young psychic's unrefined talent to the point that picking her out from the background noise would be like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack. Ignoring that fact, Momoko isn't even particularly focused on looking for negative feelings. As the self-appointed purveyor of happiness and smiles, she's always out to find the bright side in everything, and she doesn't have to look very hard to be dazzled by the showmanship of this larger than life character.

Momoko is immediately swept up in the act and lets out an adorable 'yee haw!' along with the crowd on the second pass. Her courage bolstered by the overt friendliness of her opponent, the diminuative teen offers a bright smile in return to Lightning Spangles' question. She'd watched several episodes of the old television show when she learned that her adversary would be a famous actor, so the odd accent and slang doesn't phase her nearly as much as it might have. Still, Momoko's response is delayed for a few moments while she double checks in her head to make sure she got the translation right.

"I am Momoko," she says, her Japanese accent very apparent. She lifts a hand over her head in a gesture of greeting and smiles even brighter, doing her best to keep her gaze from drifting downward from the stunning blue of the woman's expressive eyes to her other impressive physical features. Best to make a good first impression. It's more difficult than she makes it look.

"Nice to meet you, pardna!"

Oh, that's a strong accent.

Lightning Spangles wasn't jarred by the overwhelming fact that her opponent might not have the sharpest grips on English. She's done shows overseas before; and she knew that when you couldn't use words, you use body language. As the little girl replies with her own 'Pardna' the crowd laughs. Moving quick to deflect away any potential embarassment, Lightning Spangles chuckles, and throws an arm around Momoko's shoulder.

"Well boy howdy Momoko!"

The actress gives a little side hug, and looks towards the audience. She briefly glances at her manager. But there is no fear in Lightning Spangles. And underneath all the emotions, all the passion, all the excitement that was building, Jezebel was all but forgotten. Throwing her arm in the air, she waves to the audience. "Sounds like you are a real Show-Up Hoedown friend! And like all Show-Up Hoedown friends, you deserve a real Official Lightning Spangles Cowgirl Hat!" And like that, a white cowgirl hat is tossed right for the actress. Lightning Spangles snatches it out of the air, and fixes it squarely on Momoko's head.

And she lowers her voice towards the girl.

"Excellent English. You are very good at English." Lightning Spangles whispers brightly to her, giving her a squeeze. "Okay. I need you fight as hard as you can against me. Don't worry about hurting me. I am tough!" She pauses a second. And she then struggles hard in stilted Japanese. "Good English. Fight me hard now. I like being hurt. I am hard." She looks back at Momoko, eyes bright, releasing her.

And Lightning Spangles backs up, going into her corner for the fight.
********DOJO STREAM CHAT********

*TartinoLover has been banned +b Reason: 'you've been warned'
<@BigBossBadMan> Okay seriously guys. I know this is a Lightning Spangles fight, but can you guys promise to tone down the creepiness?
<HotDogSlipper12> Can we talk about how classically attractive she is? Like, in a big sister way?
<@BigBossBadMan> Considering I just banned a dude for using the phrase 'little sister?'
<@BigBossBadMan> Probably a bad idea.
<JhunHoon> I'm actually interested in seeing how she fights. Jezebel isn't really the best Tae Kwon Do fighter in her tier; I don't know how she'll even handle this little girl.
<HotDogSlipper12> Excuse me, Jhun, but Lightning Spangles is a world champion! She's literally the best Tae Kwon Do fighter in the world.
<GaryBlokes> is there a stuff animal of her.
<JhunHoon> Oh, I can think of a few better than her. But you are comparing her to her tier, right? I mean, how does she compare to May Lee, or even Chae Lim? I bet even Kim Kaphwan's sons can beat her.
<HotDogSlipper12> Do you have facts to back this up?
<ChitShat23> It looks good BigBoss, but I think I am getting some lag.

Momoko doesn't seem embarrassed by the laughter at her attempt to replicate the twang of the actress' Southern accent. She didn't expect to get it right but it did accomplish her goal of keeping the mood light-hearted. The small girl puts up no fuss when she's pulled into a sudden hug for there is no greater champion of this simple gesture of affection than Momoko herself. The size difference makes it somewhat awkward but she wraps her noodly little arm around the blonde's waist as she's pulled in and grins.

Momoko blinks in surprise as she's is be-hatted but allows this strange custom to play itself out without any complaint as well. The hat proves to be a bit of an odd fit with her frilly updo but she makes a few adjustments and settles it into a relatively comfortable position.

The compliment that comes right along with it makes her smile up at Jezebel. She'd taken English in school like everyone else but this was her first time to make use of it outside of a random word or phrase here and there. It was good to see that her studying had paid off. Most of what the American says next manages to filter through the language barrier, but before she can acknowledge that she understood, she's treated to the woman's rather appaling Japanese. The teen struggles to stiffle a giggle. Did she sound that bad when she tried to speak English?

Managing to keep a (mostly) straight face, Momoko unwinds her arm and nods enthusiastically, offering a simple response of, "Okay~!"

The small girl bounces a little as she jogs the short distance to her own corner of the fighting ring. The energy she picked up from the cheering crowd not long ago remains strong and with most of her doubts washed away by Lightning Spangles' friendly introduction she's practically brimming with enthusiasm. Upon reaching her corner, Momoko suddenly drops into a graceful one-armed handstand, bending her legs back at what for most people would be a tendon-tearing angle as she pulls on her feet one at a time with the other hand, stretching her legs out with a display of unnatural flexibility. Upon completion of this warm-up exercise, she collapses into a small ball, rolling neatly back to her feet without the slightest hint of effort.

Turning back to face her opponent, the Japanese girl beams a bright smile across the space between them and begins to sway back and forth in what looks like some sort of dance step, one arm swinging merrily in time with her step to act as a counter-balance to her shifting weight.


She was going to make sure this looks good.

Sure, her Japanese was terrible. But as Lightning Spangles gets in position, what was clear was that this was her. She was happy, everyone was happy. She couldn't even get wind of the internet chat that was running now. Reaching her corner, she bends her knees as she falls into her defensive stance of Tae Kwon Do. Feet about two shoulders apart, she brings up her hands to block, still wearing that smile on her face. A very simple, straight forward stance, but practical.

But it pales in the face of dancing.

The natural rhythm of Momoko is contagious. The crowd begins to instinctively move with Momoko's own warm up, keeping in sync with the inaudible beat. Even Lightning Spangles herself can't help but shake her hands with Momoko, attuning herself with the martial artist's groove. "Amazing!" She calls out. "You sure are acrobatic it! I love your moves kids. But since you are younger..." Lightning Spangles motions for her opponent.

"You can come at me first, pardner!"

********DOJO STREAM CHAT********

<HotDogSlipper12> For someone who is a so called expert on Tae Kwon Do, you don't seem to be mentioning Kim Kaphwan's influence at all!
<JhunHoon> Kim Kaphwan is overrated! If he was good, he would have reformed more criminals by now, right?
<GaryBlokes> guys stop talking about boring stuff
<GaryBlokes> seriously look at the little momoko
<GaryBlokes> she is dancing and flipping
<GaryBlokes> i wish my daughter was like that
<GaryBlokes> can i adopt her she is to cute
<381023> lol r u pedo
<381023> lol fagget gtfo
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COMBATSYS: Jezebel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jezebel          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Momoko has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Momoko           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Jezebel

The strange chain reaction of empathetic resonance with her moves, which aren't particularly unique or special, if one is well-versed in the various forms of martial arts around the world, brings an unusual swell of energy into the girl. Normally, at one of her small shows in the park near her house there would be maybe a dozen people or so watching her perform her routines. Now, she had dozens, maybe even hundreds of voices cheering as the crowd began to mimick her battle stance. The emotion is infectious, filling Momoko with a surge of swirling power that makes her feel lighter than air, but at the same time oppressive, as if she were being crushed from all directions at once.

Momoko's momentum stalls out for a brief moment as the psychic pressure assaults her but she quickly adjusts to the new sensation and shakes it off. She'd experienced things like this before, in places where many people gathered, such as her school or at live concerts. There are ways to block it out but she can't afford to shift too much concentration away from the fight to keep herself completely protected. Taking a deep breath, she raises a temporary mental barrier, filtering out the worst of it. The shield will only last a short time but this way she should be able to concentrate. Ofcourse, she has no idea what it is she's doing, atleast not in the technical sense. Her powers still operate entirely on instinct and trial-and-error. This is simply one technique she had to learn very quickly when her gift first manifested.

Worried that she might insult her opponent by delaying too long, Momoko blinks a few times to refocus her vision and then nods to the other woman. Time to get this show started.

"Okay! Here I go!"

Wasting no more time, the small fighter makes good on her word, taking off at a dash to close the distance between them. Despite her size, Momoko clears the gap in a matter of moments, her bare feet pattering rapidly on the concrete, both arms held out behind her as counter-weights to her forward momentum.

Rather than come to a simple stop, she uses her speed to accelerate the first strike. Her body leaves the ground as she makes a tremendous leap, spinning like an acrobat with cat-like grace. Her body twists around putting her back towards Jezebel even as she flips vertically, literally going head over heels to bring her foot down from above in a powerful falling crescent kick. Maybe by coming in strong, she can take the spangly American warrior by surprise?!

COMBATSYS: Momoko successfully hits Jezebel with Strong Kick.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Momoko           0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0          Jezebel

It certainly was an emotional high.

Lightning Spangles' overwhelming personality was bursting forth like a supernova. Lightning Spangles was exploding with her hollow cheer, the overwhelming optimism of her character. There was so much free energy in the air, that it might very well consume Momoko. It certainly consumed Jezebel.

But Momoko was on the move.

The little girl was already pouncing, charging MUCH faster than Lightning Spangles can think. Her mind is a blur as the actress shoves her guard low, ready to catch the agile martial artist as she bowls in. But as the human blur comes in... she takes into the air.

And Lightning Spangles is in a bad place.

"Landsnakes!" She exclaims as the aerial drop kick comes roaring in. Lightning Spangles tries to sidestep... which is hard when you are dipped low, and are a perky middle-aged cowgirl. Momoko unleashes the staggering kick, smashing it hard into the older woman's shoulder. Lightning Spangles is sent spinning sideways, bowled right off her feet. Tumbling through the air, she is sent smashing across the concrete docktop, rolling hard along the ground. She finally comes to a stop just short of the ring's boundary, moving gingerly for a stunned moment.

And then, she rises.

"You move faster than a jackrabbit on a hot tin roof, pardner! Wowwie!" Lightning Spangles yodels, brushing herself off as she comes to a stand. "Well done kid! But I'm not out yet!" Falling back into her guard, the crowd cheers as she begins her own charge back to Momoko. At a much slower speed than Momoko, in fact: Lightning Spangles was awfully slow compared to her antics on the show. But as she closes in, she suddenly bursts with speed. Snapping her leg around, she hurls out a fierce roundhouse kick on the right. And then, another roundhouse kick with the other leg. Leaving it in the air, she unleashes a straight kick with the same leg, before finishing with a heel drop with that same left leg.


********DOJO STREAM CHAT********
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<@BigBossBadMan> Okay seriously guys, could you stop ruining the stream chat?
<GaryBlokes> oh my jeesus momomomoko is so fast and gracful.
<GaryBlokes> she is like flying
<GaryBlokes> momomok is my favorite she is so cute and fast
<GaryBlokes> and she is kicking but holy moley
<JhunHoon> See? Overrated.
<HotDogSlipper12> Don't buy into the Jhun crap Gray. Lightning Spangles is letting her get a few early hits in. Just watch what happens when she uses The Quick and the Dead, with the guard-crushing finisher! That little girl will be eating concrete!
<GaryBlokes> i hope not!
<GaryBlokes> momoko is so cute
<GaryBlokes> i a m a momoko fan now!

COMBATSYS: Momoko blocks Jezebel's Quick and the Dead.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Momoko           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0          Jezebel

As easily as she had taken to the air, Momoko rebounds from her daring strike, landing on her feet and shifting back into her very active combat stance almost as easily as breathing. Years of practice and repetition have made the movements practically instinctual though most of her limited experience in using these moves for actual combat lies in controlled training environments.

Despite this she manages to adapt to the circumstances swiftly. The stream of Southern slang that explodes out of Lightning Spangles goes mostly over the foreign girl's limited capacity for English but it's clear that she wasn't expecting such as bold first move, putting Momoko at a slight advantage for the moment. Now all she has to do is capitalize on it.

The small girl narrows her focus onto the coming attack, watching the way that her opponent shifts her weight just before she strikes. No matter how skilled or strong someone may be, their body still works the same way, and it is all but impossible to take certain actions without providing subtle tells. Ofcourse, speed is important too. Even if she can see the attack coming, it won't make much difference if she isn't fast enough to react.

Fortunately, with her senses tingling with unexpected energy, Momoko is quicker than Jezbel this time. Seeing that she cannot move in time to avoid the attack completely, she pulls one leg up to intercept the pair of roundhouse kicks, catching them on the front of her shin as if it were a shield. The impacts rock the tiny fighter like hammer blows and rather than try to match her size and strength against the much bigger American, Momoko rolls with the force of the attacks, tumbling square onto her back out of range of the follow up kicks and rides the momentum into a rolling backflip that pops her right back up onto her feet.

"Atatata..." Momoko takes a moment to rub the front of the leg she used to block, wincing a little. That perhaps wasn't the smartest move but she can't be too surprised at being caught in a swift counter-attack after she practically threw herself into the fray. That's going to leave a bruise but atleast she managed to blunt the worst of it.

"You pretty good, lady!"

Rather than wait too long and give Jezebel another opportunity to attack and keep her on the defensive, the dance fighting teen moves right back into the fight, showing no hint of fear despite being outmatched in almost every way. Reach, strength, durability, experience - the super star Lightning Spangles has all of these in spades compared to her; but there's one thing that Momoko has that no one will expect. Now is not the time, however; not just yet.

Instead of revealing her trump card, the girl goes for a different sort of surprise. She comes in quick and daring but instead of the air her next attack comes from below. Dropping into crouch, Momoko flops onto the ground and rolls the last couple feet closer, trying to leverage her size to stay under the leggy blonde's comfortable attack zone. Like a jack-in-the-box who's had its crank spung to the max, Momoko's defensive ball bursts open once she's practically sitting on her opponent's feet, her slender legs shooting out to encapsulate Jezebel's ankles in a scissor lock as she rolls sideways, perhaps dragging her to the ground in the process.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel blocks Momoko's Kick Combo.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Momoko           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0          Jezebel

It shouldn't have been like this.

Everything plays out as it should at first. It always does as first. Lightning Spangles hurls out the four kicks, and in turn, the agile little girl meets them with careful candence. Each kick comes with surprising power, the actress actually throwing out powerful blows in spite of her campy exterior. "Thanks kid, you are pretty incredible yourself!" She cheers as the final heel drop comes. Drawing back her leg, she steadily begins her recovery as Momoko swiftly dives for her legs, and entangle in them.

But Lightning Spangles doesn't fall quite right

No, the actress's footwork is generally very stable, very strong. And yet, as Momoko bursts out a Lightning Spangles, she ought to keep her momentum. But something happens in Jezebel's brain. At first, it looks like Lightning Spangles was going to try and stand fast at the scissor combo. But then, at the last second, she changes her mind. She attempts to roll with the takedown, instead of powering through it. And that causes the mistake that begins to come.

And steadily, almost in slow motion, Lightning Spangles falls chest first right towards Momoko's face.

A stunned silence comes over the crowd. Lightning Spangles realizes what is happening as she looks down at the bright face of Momoko. Gritting her teeth, she tries to recover, tries to change the outcome. But the chest comes. And as it descends towards Momoko, Lightning Spangles has only two chances left: disguise it as a 'real' attack, or Momoko being able to evade it. Already, her manager's jaw is dropping. Lightning Spangles takes the risk. Should she land chest-first right into Momoko's face, she will struggle, and then pull her hard towards her legs. And there, she will roll on her back, and with a burst of real Lightning Spangles fireworks energy, send her launching high into the air.

Maybe they wouldn't notice then.

********DOJO STREAM CHAT********
<GaryBlokes> well you have bad taste then
<HotDogSlipper12> You have bad taste! Lightning Spangles is clearly more superior than this little brat!
<JhunHoon> I'm not really a fan of Momoko either. Now if she could -sing- like a real idol, then we would have something. But otherwise, she just dances.
<ChitShat23> Omg what is happening.
<ChitShat23> Is she...
<RyonaLoverXXX> Oh my god yes.
<RyonaLoverXXX> By the powers of the FSM.
<RyonaLoverXXX> Please let those glorious Lightning Spangles boobies.
<RyonaLoverXXX> Land squarely in that girl's face.
<@BigBossBadMan> I swear to christ where are you freaks coming from.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits Momoko with Good Bad and Ugly EX.
? Strange Hit! ?
~~ Alluring Hit! ~~

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Momoko           1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0          Jezebel

When Momoko feels her legs snap shut around their target, she feels a surge fo elation rise up within her chest, the kind of feeling of accomplishment that only comes from seeing a well-laid plan come to fruition. For fighters, landing attacks is a display of skill and dedication, a scale against which they can measure the value of their art and a reward for the time spent day after day honing their martial prowess. There is some measure of this joy to be found in the dojo, sparring against other students, but the feeling pales in comparison to what she experiences as she rolls to the side and draws her opponent down.

That wonderful tingle lasts only the few brief moments that it takes for her to complete her attack and look up. Jezbel's shadow eclipses her in slow motion, as if she were a mighty tree toppling to the ground upon being felled. Momoko's eyes widen to the size of dinner plates as she realizes what is about to happen, and more importantly, that there isn't anything she can do about it. Time seems to hang on that one moment for what feels like minutes but the inexorable descent of the blonde beauty draws ever closer.

As she has always done at times like this, Momoko reacts on instinct and blind panic. She whips her arms up to shield herself from the impact, crossing them over her chest to create a sort of springboard that should cushion the worst of this attack gone wrong. Without conscious thought a small bubble of mental energy rises up in tandem with her physical block, manifesting only as a smattering of small twinkling motes of pink light around her body. Jezebel strikes the invisible psychic shield first but it is only enough to slow her down. The American collapses atop her small opponent with a thud and Momoko's vision becomes obscured by a valley of soft flesh.

The crowd is given little time to dwell upon this embarrassing turn of events. Lightning Spangles quickly springs into action and the tiny dancer is flung up into the air amid bursts of brilliant flashes of light. The teenager reels as her body tries to adjust to the sensation of being temporarily dislodged from the ground but the cacophony of fireworks going off all around her dazzles the poor girl and she comes down in a hard tumble that looks rather unpleasant.

Momoko rolls a few times upon hitting the ground, tumbling head over heels until she sprawls out face-down on the pavement. A few seconds pass before she manages to regain her senses and push herself up into a sitting position, resting on her knees as she rubs the top of her head gingerly. It is isn't until she goes to wipe her nose, which feels a little odd for some reason, that she realizes it's bleeding. Momoko stares at the small smudge of red on her hand blankly then her face goes completely red, practically glowing with embarrassment.

"A-ah, it is nothing!" She quickly wipes the rest of the tell-tale traces of crimson away from her lip and pops back to her feet like nothing happened though her cheeks remain flushed for reasons that aren't entirely apparent. "Come, we fight still!"

She doesn't wait for a response. Launching herself into a fresh attack, apparently unfazed by the rather painful looking throw, Momoko approaches with wild abandon, still going all-out in her combat tactics to try and steer the course of the fight by keeping the American on her toes with a variety of manuevers. This time the assault comes from above again but much faster. Momoko takes a single hop-step at the last moment and flips forward, bringing both of her heels down one after the other in a blinding pair of falling axe kicks.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel dodges Momoko's Heel Kick.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Momoko           1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0          Jezebel

There is a gasp, as Lightning Spangles lands on the little girl.

Lightning Spangle's manager just buries his face into his hands. There is giggling in the audience, a low snickering. All the cameras are fixed on Lightning Spangles as she writhes and wriggles a bit, before finally, she unleashes her attack. But it was too late. The damage was done. The video evidence was made.

And now it was time for Momoko's revenge.

Lightning Spangles staggers back up from her back, standing up to plaster that smile across her face. Waving at the audience, she tries so hard to make it look like that nothing weird just happened. The audience gingerly begins to softly laugh, clap, and cheer. But suddenly, gasps burst out as Momoko, without hesitation, was already throwing herself at the actress. Lightning Spangles doesn't seem to notice, when...

"Watch Out Lightning Spangles!"

The high-pitched cry comes from the audience, snapping Lightning Spangles out of her crowd-pleasing. Turning around at the last second, she sees Momoko front-flipping straight into her. With deft agility of a true hero, Lightning Spangles just barely evades the drop kick. "Whoa!" She cries out, falling to the ground into a frontwards tumble. Snapping back up, she turns towards the audience. "Thanks for the warnin-"

And there stood a gangly teenage boy.

Lightning Spangles visibly pauses, jaw slack. The boy is dressed exactly like Lightning Spangles. Exactly like her. He even has a wig- that was not a wig. He actually grew his hair that long, and tied it up in a braid. The freckles were clearly drawn on. But the teenager squeaks again, throwing up his own thumbs. "No problem Lightning Spangles! I'm your biggest Show-Up Show-Down Deputy!" Lightning Spangles nods her head, as her fan giggles a bit.

"You're a lot hotter in person, Lightning Spangles!"

Lightning Spangles tilts her hat politely, and turns back to Momoko! Now her face was bright just, flush just like her opponent. "Thanks for the warning pardner! Okay! Lets do this Momoko!" She immediately advances again, far away from the teenager, to close the distance with her opponent. And once she is within range with her long legs... she leans back. Unleashing a swift, thrusting lunge kick, she attempts to blow her smaller opponent back.

As the teenager waves his arms towards Lightning Spangles back, trying to get her attention again.

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<@BigBossBadMan> Especially the god damn 16 year old getting breast-pressed by a 30 year old woman.
<@BigBossBadMan> And I swear to god, if I hear another argument about the legitimacy of Tae Kwon Do.
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COMBATSYS: Momoko interrupts Thrust Kick from Jezebel with Ohashi Samaninacchae.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Momoko           0/-------/-----==|=======\=====--\1          Jezebel

This time Momoko's daring feat of acrobatic assault fails to connect. Her heels whip through the air with a soft whoosh but she lands with expert ease and recovers immediately, retreating a foot or so with a quick pirouetted backstep the moment her feet hit the ground. A hand lifts to adjust the cowboy hat, which has somehow remained atop her head thus far, while Jezebel takes a moment to confront a rather disturbing individual. Words fail her at the sight of the young man dressed up in over-the-top hero-worship attire so she just stays quiet and looks politely elsewhere until the actress has faced this personal demon and returned to the fight.

Momoko grins happily upon seeing that her opponent is still as enthusiastic as she is herself. So far this battle has been quite entertaining. Despite only exchanging a few blows, she's already learned quite a bit. Mostly that she needs to keep moving to avoid being caught by those long legs. Thus far she has been able to ward off the powerful blows but her own bag of tricks will only take her so far in that regards. It's time to unleash her real power.

Dropping into her swaying dance-step, Momoko does her best to look no different than she has before. She smiles brightly even as the American hero rushes her though a careful observer might note the slight knowing smirk hidden within her cheerful mask. As she had hoped, Lightning Spangles attempts to leverage her range once again. The foot snaps out, driving like a nail towards her torso, but rather than move to dodge or block, Momoko hunkers down a little and simply holds out her hands to catch it.

A brilliant surge of ethereal light bursts to life around the girl as she summons forth the hidden psychic energies within her mind. A small bubble of pure pink expands around her outstretched hands even as the hard heel of the cowgirl boots slams into Momoko's palms. The impact staggers her, driving her back onto her heels, but she holds fast for the last few moments that it takes for the powerful counter assault to manifest.

Impossibly, Jezebel's forward momentum suddenly shifts, turning against her as the kinetic energy is magnified and redirected. Momoko lifts her hands up into the air and her opponent is flung skyward with no more resistance than a feather floating on a stiff updraft. The upwards surge of force lasts just long enough to launch the actress a good twenty feet or so before it sudden fades away and she is left to her own devices as reality and gravity reassert themselves.

"Oh No Lightning Spangles!"

That is what the teenager dressed as Lightning Spangles cries out as the actress's thrusting kick is... interrupted. Lightning Spangles is now the one going airborne as deftly and almost supernaturally, the cowgirl is sent hurtling up skywards. And then, with a crack, she lands hard on the concrete right beside the teenage boy. Immediately, the teenage boy crosses the line to help up her hero. One of the crewmembers step up to stop the boy, but then he pulls out a badge. "Don't worry, sir."

"I'm an Official Show-Up Hoedown Fanclub Member, Sheriff Class"

These words mean something, or at least, have the impression of meaning something. The manager is currently at the edge of the dock, sobbing lightly. The crewmember steps back as the teenager helps Lightning Spangles up, picking her up by her arms. He holds on so tightly, as the stunned Spangles begins to understand that someone was helping her up. "Whoa nellie! That girl has a kick like a mule!" She exclaims, turning to her savior... before her face becoming flatly happy.


The teenager nods his head. "Wow Lightning Spangles! It looks like Momoko is really beating you!" Lightning Spangles nods along with her 'helper,' the blank smile still seared on her face. "Don't worry though! I did a lot of research on her! She's very unknown, but I found a lot of reputable places online about her!" Lightning Spangles shifts her gaze away from the boy, towards the crew who continues to do nothing to stop this from happening. She then glances towards Momoko. And in this moment of weakness, the teenager suddenly leans up towards her ear... and whispers something.

Lightning Spangles starts laughing nervously, turning brighter red.

"Thanks... pardner!" She exclaims again, trying to ease the teenager away from her. "Call me Thunder Chaps!" Explains the teenager. "It is my OC name. I'm the Sheriff of Honolulu!" And then, Sheriff Chaps gives Lightning Spangles an awkward side hug. Lightning Spangles stares into the camera.


"Thank you, Sheriff! But Lightning Spangles needs to fight this battle on her own!" With a final, gentle push, she manages to get the teenage boy off of her. Turning back towards Momoko, the boy cheers. "Go get her, Lightning Spangles! I believe in you!" Lightning Spangles throws back a thumbs up, looking towards Momoko. She nods her head, remembering the words that her sheriff told her. "That's a pretty incredible trick kid! But playtime's over pardner!"

"Time to get real serious!"

Lightning Spangles erupts with red, white, and blue energy as she pumps her arms. Flowing with energy, she snaps out her leg with a swift kick, far away from Momoko. And from the tip of her boot, a burst of red energy fires out. Small and flickering, should it land on Momoko, or near Momoko, it would be absorbed in it for a moment... before exploding into a fierce firework explosion.

For America.
********DOJO STREAM CHAT********

<GaryBlokes> go mo mo ko you are the best
<GaryBlokes> that was prety cool of momoko
<GaryBlokes> go mo mo ko!
<JhunHoon> Well when you make an obvious kick like that, of course a martial artist is going to exploit it!
<RyonaLoverXXX> I don't want to get banned, but this fight really is amazing. The best I've seen!
<LightningSpangles> Yee Haw! Did we miss the party?
<HoedownDillo2> Well good golly! Looks like the show started without us!
*HoedownDillo2 is fiddling as he enters.
<FishFriendNaerose> Where is there something to eat?
*InjunJoe just is solemnly watching in the corner.
<@BigBossBadMan> Oh god what is happening.
<LightningSpangles> Don't worry pardner! We're just watching the leader of our posse getting rough and tumble in Hawaii!
<LightningSpangles> (OOC: Don't worry we are just RPing!)

COMBATSYS: Momoko dodges Jezebel's Young Guns.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Momoko           0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0          Jezebel

The outpouring of psychic energy from Momoko is akin to lifting a great weight by sheer force of will. She isn't quite used to wielding such large amounts of power on purpose and with her mind already somewhat divided due to the mental shield she put up against the surge of the crowd's emotions it proves to be a rather exhausting affair. Not to mention the fact that Jezebel's kick actually managed to connect before she got the shield up. Dull throbbing pain surges through her forearms, a reminder that she needs to be quicker.

That single thought is all that saves her from being lambasted by the shimmering energy blast. It was strange enough that the actress seemed to be winding up to strike empty air but it quickly dawned on the relatively inexperienced fighter what this action might portend. With a squeal of girlish panic, Momoko throws herself to the ground and rolls like she's on fire or will be if that energy blast hits her, which wasn't a bad guess judging by the pyrotechnic display as the fireworks fill the air where she was standing with excessive amounts of American spirit.

Momoko continues to roll along the ground and for a moment it looks like she might just keep right on going out of the ring and on to somewhere people aren't throwing explosive blasts of spiritual energy at her. However, she eventually hits the edge of the ring and thunks into one of the narrow poles holding up the dividing ropes. Realizing that she's out of the line of fire for the moment, the girl scampers to her feet and turns to face Jezebel, still holding onto the cowgirl hat somehow.

"Waaa... scary, scary!"

Momoko breathes a sigh of relief but doesn't let her upbeat spirit fade for long. Her confident smile returns in full force but rather than fly right back into action, she falls into a holding pattern, shifting her weight back and forth in the by-now familiar capoeira dance step. Now that she's revealed her secret, there's no telling what the American lady might do. Best to let her make the first move.

"Show me your moves!"

COMBATSYS: Momoko focuses on her next action.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Momoko           0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0          Jezebel

Too fast.

The strange energy that the little girl kept with her was surprising, to be sure. But Lightning Spangles wasn't going to make her feel like a freak, no. She was a special young girl, especially to be coming out and fighting Lightning Spangles. As she recovers from the launched energy, she regains her footing, waiting for the little girl's next move. Smiling broadly, she casts her eyes to the young lady who has so much spirit. There was nearly too much spirit in the room. Lightning Spangles knew exactly what she wanted to do, now that Momoko showed her true power. And Momoko gives Lightning Spangles the chance.

And Lightning Spangles shows her moves.

"Don't be afraid, Momoko!" She calls out, as waves of energy cascade over her form. Red, white, and blue ripple over her as she strikes a pose, darting her arms up to the right, pointing them. The teenage cosplayer squees. "Never be afraid! For even though your people had ravaged this land many years before, there is no enraged native spirits here in Hawaii. The native spirits of AMERICA that have always lived within this solemn island!" Lightning Spangles turns her arms inward, meeting her fists together briefly, before putting a hand over her heart, coming to attention.

In the distance, an eagle cries.

"For as long as the land is the home of the brave, as long as freedom rings true over from sea to shining sea, then you can always believe! Always believe in yourself, Momoko! Believe in yourself... and AMERICA!" The Blue Angels suddenly dive low, rising up just over the arena, as the cascade energy boils to a head. The entire crowd roars and cheers, as she drops from her pledge, and falls down to her guard. "Okay pardner," She finishes, pumping a fist into the air.

"Now it's your turn to shine!"
********DOJO STREAM CHAT********

*FishFriendNaerose Noms on a sandwich
<GaryBlokes> where is momoko then
<LightningSpangles> Yee Haw Fish Friend Naerose! I hope you like that sandwich!
<LightningSpangles> (OOC: We don't have a Momoko character)
<LightningSpangles> (OOC: But if you are interested in RPing, we have a Lightning Spangles MUCK you can join :))
<LightningSpangles> (OOC: )
<GaryBlokes> oh cool
<HoedownDillo2> It sure is a great place to hang out! We have a Tinyplot running right now!
<HoedownDillo2> We even accept Lightning Spangles OCs now!
*HoedownDillo comes in fiddling!
<HoedownDillo2> (OOC: Uh, excuse me, we already have a Dillo in here)
<HoedownDillo> Well the more Dillos the merrier!
<LightingSpangles> yeah! there is pleanty of room for rpers
*InjunJoe just shakes his head.
*LightingSpangles begins to slowly inflate!
*HoedownDillo begins to slowly inflate!
<RyonaLoverXXX> Oh man, this is exactly what I am talking about!

COMBATSYS: Jezebel issues a challenge!!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Momoko           0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0          Jezebel

COMBATSYS: Jezebel burns with the AMERICAN SPIRIT!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Momoko           0/-------/-----==|=======\==-----\1          Jezebel

"Afraid? Momoko is not afr-waa!"

The sudden flash of multi-color energy rises up in a surprisingly intense tide around the American heroine, physically staggering the young teen out of her swaying dance step as she takes a step back instinctively. Both arms lift up to shield her face for a moment, as if she expected the sheer magnitude of national spirit pouring forth from her opponent to reach out and crush her under its weight. For a moment, she does indeed experience an instant of fear, but something about the display manages to ring false.

Lowering her arms, Momoko studies the actress with a look of curiosity, as if she has just noticed something strange or unusual about her. While the outpouring of energy and enthusiasm is undeniable and strong, it seems somehow disingenuous, ephemeral and transparent in her mind's eye. She cannot place her finger directly on the source of this sensation but the lack of true conviction behind Jezebel's powerful display makes it difficult for the tiny psychic to take it as seriously.

Nevertheless, it is a rather fancy spectacle, one that she doubts she could recreate herself, and half the point of holding this fight in public is to put on a good show. Whatever the reason for her opponent's state of mind, it would be rude to question it in front of others, particularly when some of her, erm, fans are present. Pushing the strange thoughts aside, Momoko once again allows herself to become entrenched in the wailing chorus of mental energy, drawing substance and courage from the cheers of the crowd. Her attention is drawn skywards as the impressively organized formation of stunt jets tears across the sky at just the right moment and she allows a soft exhale of awe to escape.

"Ooooh, pretty!" Jezebel's callout draws her back to the situation at hand and she smiles brightly in response, pumping her arms in a gesture of determination. "Momoko will shine bright, just like her idol!" Turning to the nearest camera, the girl waves giddily and shouts, "Athena-sempai! This is for you!"

With all of her psyching up done and her spirit practically lifting her through the air, Momoko once again displays an almost reckless level of courage as she turns and runs directly at the shimmering American cowgirl. Shimmers of pink light begin to form around her body as she flies across the pavement at breakneck speed leaving contrails of ghostly energy that lingers in her wake. Her approach is quick but, as she has shown several times now, it is rarely what it seems to be. Momoko throws herself to the ground mid-stride, almost seeming to trip, but rather than plow face-first into the ground, she tucks into a ball and rolls several times until she rests near Jezebel's spangly boots.

Like a jack-knife springing from its housing, Momoko the tiny human ball explodes outwards - well, more like flops. She falls adorably onto her side, catching herself with both arms, and it would seem like the entire 'attack' has failed to execute due to clumsiness. However, after only a short delay, she thrusts one foot out in an almost half-heartd effort at the much taller woman's ankle.

Sparkles of brilliant pink light shimmer into existence around her foot as she strikes, practically turning her poofy-panted leg into a gleaming comet of psychic energy. The kick does not look particularly impressive but it hits with deceptive amounts of power, strengthed by the high-pitched cry of an attack name that should be familiar to anyone knowledgable about high-profile fighters.

"Phoenix Arrow!"

COMBATSYS: Momoko successfully hits Jezebel with Phoenix Arrow EX.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Momoko           0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Jezebel

The illusion could be so thin sometimes.

Yes, the crowd was roaring and cheering. Yes, the specticle was in full force. But as Momoko could see, the entire facade was hollow. Empty. A mere mask, behind shallow emptiness. Parasitic emptiness, in fact, as Lightning Spangles feeds off the crowd. Feeds off Momoko's words. Feeds off the attention. Feeds and grows. Lightning Spangle's grin is ready like her guard, as she is prepared for the pink missile firing at her....

But then, Momoko mentions Athena.

"Uh don't you think Lightning Spangles is better than Athena A- GRK!" The actress is cut short as the human meteorite comes smashing through Lightning Spangles' attempt at a guard. Those arms came up, but that little girl just cuts through her defense like a hot knife through butter. The crowd gasps as Momoko just plows into the actress, to the song of the Phoenix Arrow. Lightning Spangle's eyes bug out of her head as she jackknifes herself, bending at the waist as she hits the ground hard. Groaning in pain as she collapses down, the teenage fan rushes over to her. But he is stopped by a massive hand, from a towering figure. Lightning Spangles glances up at the man who has arrived, a smile spreading across her lips. "You might have Athena, Momoko... But I have the hero of Hawaii himself..."

"King Kamehameha!"

The man is only wearing the pants of an orange gi, his well-muscled torso exposed. His spiky hair was bleached white, most likely due to the fact King Kamehameha was in his super form. Glowering at Lightning Spangles, King Kamehameha reaches out a hand to help Lightning Spangles up. The actress takes it, evening out her stance as King Kamehameha takes his position behind the All-American Hero. "It is time, Lightning Spangles, for the secret Hawaiian technique."

"The American Spirit Bomb!"

Lightning Spangles nods her head, and turns towards Momoko. "Okay, Momoko! Get ready!" She warns brightly, as she begins to groan and squat. In turn King Kamehameha also squats, grunting behind her. As the duo squats and grunts, both begin to glow with energy, both being very... superficial. Lightning Spangle's ponytail was dancing to the whirling energy, before she pivots.

And with a kick, she unleashes a red ball of energy.

Just like the Young Guns before, she unleashes the blast of energy. But she does not end there. Another kick comes, followed by a white ball of energy. And finally, King Kamehameha throws out his arms behind Lightning Spangles, nothing coming out from him. But Lighting Spangles hurls out a much larger than usual blue ball of firework energy. Each of the three balls hammer either at Momoko, or near here. It does not matter, for after the third, Lightning Spangles turns her back on Momoko. And then, King Kamehameha. The pair walk away a few short steps.

As the explosion erupts behind them in the shape of the Microsoft logo.

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<@BigBossBadMan> My supervisor just told me I can't mute the channel for the rest of this fight.
<@BigBossBadMan> I just
<@BigBossBadMan> No roleplaying. No... inflating.
<@BigBossBadMan> Please for the love of god
<@BigBossBadMan> Just be normal. I can't ban you guys for being weird.
<@BigBossBadMan> But please. Just be normal.
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<GaryBlokes> mo mo ko is winning so strong
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COMBATSYS: Momoko blocks Jezebel's Unforgiven.
CSYS: This exciting moment brought to you by Windows 10!!

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Momoko           1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\1          Jezebel

It worked!

Momoko feels a surge of pure joy flow into her soul as her attack connects true and delivers a blow powerful enough to stagger the much more experienced fighter. Her version of Phoenix Arrow bore little resemblance to the real deal. She has no idea how to levitate with her mind like the powerful psychic Athena, nor can she create nearly the same level of power as her idol, but it was a homage to her favorite person in the world and she had made it work on national television. Surely, her mentor could only be pleased by this performance.

Lest she be caught up in a potentially embarassing situation yet agian, Momoko is quick to scramble back to her feet and take a few hopping steps backwards when Lightning Spangles starts to keel over. Fortunately for both of them, she manages to get out of the way in time before the towering American bellyflops atop the girl.

Though she knows it's bad manners to gloat, Momoko can't help but give a little cheer, thrusting her arms into the air as her opponent gains help from an unexpected source. "Yay, Momoko did it!" Her fanfare is short-lived. The warning comes well before the actual attack itself but the little teen has seen enough tv shows to know what the pose that her opponent is taking means: a super attack!

"Uh oh!"

Rather than do the sensible thing, which would be to just run the heck away or kick her again while Jezebel focused on theatrics, Momoko takes up a defensive posture, crossing both arms infront of her body. She knows how these sorts of things work, its time for an epic show down and a hero doesn't run away! Not that she really considers herself a hero but its the spirit of the thing.

As Team America unleashes their attack, Momoko hunkers down and does her best to endure the withering storm of fire. Shimmering orbs of incandescent color slam into the wall created by her arms. The first hits like a hammer, driving her onto her heels and the second is only moments behind. The impact shatters her guard and sends the tiny girl tumbling onto her back leaving her dangerously exposed for the final and greatest strike. A the last moment, however, she recovers her addled wits and scrambles to her feet, narrowly diving out of the way as the massive logo of the computer monolith erupts with concussive force, throwing her hard to the ground yet again.


Instively reverting to her native Japanese language, Momoko lets out a pained whimper from her prone position. Almost every part of her hurts after that ordeal. Her arms are numb, her legs feel like sandbags, and she's pretty sure her entire body is going to be a giant bruise in the morning. She feels a sniffle coming on but quickly fights it back down. This isn't the time for crying! She's a fighter now! And she's got one more big trick up her sleeve!

Rising to her feet with a wince, Momoko turns to give the cameras a reassuring smile and wave proving that she's still okay though it lacks the same overwhelming energy that she has displayed until now. Drawing in strength from her reserves (she had a big bowl of strawberry icecream before the fight just for such an occassion!), Momoko falls into her fighting stance one more time.

"You are very strong, pardna!" She calls out to the actress, doing her best to translate her words properly. "But Momoko is not easy defeat!"

Taking a deep breath, the girl attempts to steady her mind. The thrumming energy of the crowd makes it difficult even with the mental shield in place. Her hands come up at chest level, palms facing each other as if cupping an invisible object between them and a few instants later that empty space becomes filled with an orb of startlingly bright pink light. Unlike Lightning Spangles' power up sequence, Momoko's psychic energy creates no wind to billow her hair and clothes about dramatically. It simply glimmers with unknown potential as it pulsates vividly in her tiny grasp.

"You show me American spirit! Now I show you Momoko spirit!"

As before, her attack is little more than a gesture, a simple thrust of her hands possessing no actual power or strength behind it. It's unlikely that she could have even given Jezebel a convincing shove. The beam of coruscating neon energy that erupts from her out-thrust palms, however, is another matter. Practically as wide as the girl herself is tall the blast of psychic might offers mere nanoseconds to respond before it rips across the battlefield, a bolt of seething pink thunder that slices through everything it touches with rapid ferocity.

As her devastating blast of mental might cascades forth from her hands, Momoko gives name to the silent bolt of doom that comes for Jezebel, calling out in her chirpy voice.


COMBATSYS: Jezebel blocks Momoko's Esper~!.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Momoko           0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1          Jezebel


Lightning Spangles lets the blast finish, as she gives a nod to her partner. "Thanks, King Kamehameha! You were a big help!" Patting him on the shoulder, the muscled man walks to the edge, as the actress turns to face the aftermath of her blast. Grabbing her hat in shock, she gasps as she sees Momoko still STANDING! "Well string me up and call me David Carradine!" She exclaims, as Momoko begins to build up a blast of pure psionic energy. Lightning Spangles stumbles back, unsure of how to handle such a powerful display. "I- kid! Be careful Kid, Lightning Spangles isn't built like she used to-"

And the blast comes.

Throwing up her arms as the blast comes, she just tries to push through the energy. Her entire body suddenly becomes a single, searing numbness as the waves of psycho force just envelope her. It is over in a flash, as Lightning Spangles just holds there. Her hat is knocked off, landing in the crowd where people fight for it. She is breathing hard. Steady. Staring ahead. Slowly, she uncrosses her arms, a smile on her face.
And Lightning Spangles collapses.

Body limp, Lightning Spangles falls on the ground. "Well... done..." She mutters, before falling still. The judge, moving into the field, hurries for Lightning Spangles. Standing over her, he inspects her, shaking his head. "Well, it looks like she's not getting up." TUrning towards Momoko, the judge points his finger towards the little girl. "The winner is M-"


Thunder Chap, the Sheriff of Honolulu, suddenly charges past the judges, past King Kamehameha. Falling to his knees, hovering over Lightning Spangles, he lifts her up by her neck, cradling her gently. "No, Lightning Spangles! You can't lose! I believe in you. I... I...." The teenager carefully closes his eyes. And slowly, he leans down. Puckering his lips, he dips.

And he places a kiss right on Lightning Spangles lips.

********DOJO STREAM CHAT********
<GaryBlokes> is mommok alive
<GaryBlokes> yes yaaaay momoko is alive
<GaryBlokes> momoko is really the best.
<GaryBlokes> where is every body.
<ChitShat23> Banned I think.
<JhunHoon> As a fellow fan of Athena, I think this Momoko girl does have a lot of potential.
<HotDogSlipper12> Seriously can we shut up about Momoko.
<HotDogSlipper12> I have yet to hear one good reason to hate Lightning Spangles.
<Kiwinaut> You want to know what's wrong with Lightning Spangles?
<Kiwinaut> Like seriously?
<Kiwinaut> She was part of a tacky, camp show that has no followers;
<Kiwinaut> She dresses only slightly louder than her porn production level writing department and ham fisted message delivery of messages.
<Kiwinaut> Who does she think she is playing a cowboy and running around kicking everybody?
<Kiwinaut> Power rangers are more entertaining to watch and safer.
<Kiwinaut> And it's been clearly established that cowboys punch people they aren't shooting.
<ChitShat23> Hate to distract this, but uh, I think someone is kissing Lightning Spangles.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel gives y'all a free turn!

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Momoko           0/-------/-------|=======\=======\1          Jezebel

COMBATSYS: Jezebel has reached second wind!

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Momoko           0/-------/-------|=======\=======\1          Jezebel


The right hook comes so fast to his jaw, that you barely could see the hard kick that snaps up, right into the teenager's gut. The teenager moans pathetically as he falls to the ground, his face swelling up, his body contorted inward. Jezebel lashes out some more, suddenly standing up. Her eyes are still closed, as she wipes her face, spitting on the ground. A scowl is twisted on her face, as she slowly opens her eyes.

And a flash of terror overcomes her face.

Staring down at the writhing teenager, her jaw drops. She glances to the audience, to the judge, to Momoko. The audience is dead silent. Lightning Spangles forces a smile on her face, as she puts her hands to her hips. The judge backs away from Momoko, hands in the air, careful not to provoke Lightning Spangles. The actress laughs out loud, as the teenage begins to cry. "It's okay folks! It's okay!" She waves at the audience. "Lightning Spangles is back!"

There are no cheers.

********DOJO STREAM CHAT********
<Kiwinaut> Holy crap.
<JhunHoon> Did she just beat that teenager senseless.
<ChitShat23> Jesus christ.
<HotDogSlipper12> Oh my god
<GaryBlokes> holy moley
<JustTheFacts> Damn, I didn't see that coming.

Momoko's jaw hangs openly agape as she tries to process what just happened. Her eyes drift down to the pathetic boy on the ground, a mixture of disgust and sympathy churning in her gut. It was rather pathetic to see what uncontrolled hero worship had turned him into - and perhaps more disturbing was the momentary thought that maybe she might even end up like him if she wasn't careful - but even so she couldn't bring herself to find justice in what had just happened.

The silence becomes incredibly awkward. After a few tense seconds the young girl forces herself to snap out of the trance that seems to have gripped everyone who witnessed the bizarre attack. Her jaw clamps shut with an audible snap and Momoko sheepishly looks around, not quite sure what happens next. Did she win? There hadn't been a count down that she noticed. Were these fights determined by the first person to go down or the first person to stay down?

"Ahhh... we... still fight?"

COMBATSYS: Momoko takes no action.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Momoko           0/-------/-------|=======\=======\1          Jezebel


The words are hurled out with a desperate, intense air of a woman trying very hard to get control back on her life. Jezebel was afraid. She was so afraid right now, that she was blocking out her manager. She was simply not noticing the stares, the crimson shade that was overtaking his face. She was just staring at Momoko, that smile seared on her face as the medical staff was now helping the sobbing teenager, pulling him to the side.

She was sweating profusely now.

"We should keep fighting! Come on, Momoko! Smile! This is a fun fight! Don't worry!" The words come breathlessly, the artifical cheer. "Don't worry Momoko! Everything is fine!" She declares, reassuring her opponent as energy cascades around her form. Lowering herself down into a crouch, the red, white, and blue chi flows all around her. "You just have to believe in yourself Momoko! You just have to trust in your spirit! Everything is fine Momoko!" The hollow catchphrases of reassurance and inspiration come in a harried assault, as the audience keeps silent, short of the whimpers.

And she throws herself forward.

"YEEEEE HAAAAAAW!" Comes the cry as Lightning Spangles spirals through the air, the waves of energy flowing off her body. Rocketing straight towards Momoko, she hurtles herself straight into the younger girl with... too much power. Way too much power. Terror was seizing her mind, palpable terror that was surging through her. A drowning dread that was fueling her now, fueling her mask. Jezebel was lashing out now. She was afraid. She already hurt one kid now from her panick.

She might be hurting another today.

********DOJO STREAM CHAT********

<HotDogSlipper12> Okay, okay, maybe this was a misunderstanding.
<JustTheFacts> Whatever man, I just got a new link for the roster.
<HotDogSlipper12> What the hell is wrong with you anyways?
<HotDogSlipper12> Like, why aren't you banned from here for being an obvious troll?
<JustTheFacts> Cause I post the facts.
<JustTheFacts> Hey, squirt.
<JustTheFacts> Did you know your hero is Canadian?
<JustTheFacts> Check out this link from the Huffington Post.
<HotDogSlipper12> Shut up. She was naturalized. And she is more American than you!
<HotDogSlipper12> God, is she done beating that girl? This stream is awful.
<GaryBlokes> shut up momoko is gnna win
<GaryBlokes> she kicks butt and is my favs

COMBATSYS: Momoko dodges Jezebel's Pale Rider.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Momoko           0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0          Jezebel

The sharp and powerful response to her uncertainty causes Momoko to physically recoil, her body going stiff as her gaze snaps back to the actress, wide-eyed fright engulfing her youthful features for a few terrified moments. The empty reassurances that spill forth in a rush do little to console her frazzled nerves; in fact, the utter lack of emotion or empathy behind them sends fresh chills down the girl's spine. Even without her gifts, she can tell that something is wrong with Lightning Spangles.

There is no time for her to voice these feelings. The capoerista opens her mouth as if to speak but Jezebel's hollow recitations cut her off without even getting a single word of protest out. The attack comes at her in a blur of color and empty zeal overlaid in a kaleidoscopic wave of entropic and confusing emotions.

Instinctively, Momoko takes a step back, some surviving fragment of her rational mind seizing control of her body and physical hurling the tiny girl to the side at the last moment as the whirlwhind of bright colors explodes past her like a missile. The near miss seems to kick start her brain into functionality again and Momoko scrambles to recover hardly moments after her back hits the pavement, rolling nimbly backwards into another acrobatic leap that pops her back up onto her bare feet.

That had been close, very close. A single bead of sweat makes the trip down the side of her cheek as a sudden rush of adrenaline and fresh fear hits her upon the realization of just how close she had come to being struck by an attack that seemed to lack any form of restraint or discipline. Something has changed in her opponent and this fight just got serious. Momoko swallows hard, trying to push aside the powerful emotional bombardment hammering into her mind from the American woman. She needs to do something, anything. Maybe if she can calm her down...

"H-hey, pardna!" Momoko puts on a smile of her own but it is fraught with obvious uncertainty, as if she were trying to talk down a lion that had escaped its cage and was now pacing restlessly only a few feet away. She lifts a hand to adjust the cowgirl hat atop her messy updo, adjusting it in a manner akin to the way she's seen Jezebel herself do several times on the show. "Slow down! Deep breath! Everything is O.K.!"

Flashing a quick thumbs up to the actress, Momoko begins to move again, her feet shuffling as she falls into her combat stance. The best way to calm down her opponent isn't going to be to make a huge deal out of a situation she's already clearly losing her mind over. Perhaps if she gives Jezebel something 'normal' to focus on, she'll be able to reign it in.

Momoko gives a little nod and a grin then moves forward in a fairly tame approach compared to her daredevil stunts thus far. She jogs at Lightning Spangles with enough speed to be a credible and immediate threat but makes no attempts at diversion or line-shifting as is often the case with her fighting style. Instead, she drops and turns at the last second, bending sideways to the point that she braces herself with one hand upon the ground as she brings her trailing leg up in a spinning kick at the woman's midsection.

COMBATSYS: Momoko successfully hits Jezebel with Spin Kick.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Momoko           0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1          Jezebel

This was becoming a disaster.

Jezebel hurtles forward into a clean miss, smashing ahead with a whirlwind of lights that fail to rip apart the little girl. The nimble Momoko actually gains some applause and cheers; it seems that some members of the audience has chosen Jezebel as a 'heel' against the little Japanese teenager. As the actress lands, she just gives a quick huff of air. There... there was no reason for her to huff. She is here to entertain people. To help children. To inspire Momoko to be a good American. But right now she was embarrassing America.

And now a child was trying to calm her down.

Jezebel begins to laugh, as Momoko kicks her right in the body. "Ha ha ha, pardner! Don't worry! Lightning Spangles, the All-American Hero, is fine!" Jezebel says as her face turns red. The kick hurts, it hurts so badly. Already the bruise begins to spread. But the pain begins to numb, because the pain always numbs for Jezebel. The wide-eyed cowgirl staggers back, stumbling as she laughs. But then, she struggles forward, pushing back towards the little girl.

"Everything is fine!"

Everything was not fine as the manager suddenly gets a call on his cell phone. Already, the actress was throwing back at the young lady, sweat pouring off her forehead as she whips her leg straight up in the air, rising it high up. Holding it straight up, the older woman's flexibility is obvious now. Though not in the same caliber as the agile Momoko, she is able to hold it for a second, before attempting to smash it down hard towards the younger girl's shoulder. Jezebel's expression suddenly flickers between sheer joy and terror as she looks down on Momoko.

It's clear Jezebel has no idea what she wants anymore.

********DOJO STREAM CHAT********

<HotDogSlipper12> Like, that's when I had my first dream about Lightning Spangles.
<HotDogSlipper12> And I know Jezebel is different, I know the actress isn't Lightning Spangles.
<HotDogSlipper12> But I want to believe. I want to believe that she is there,
<HotDogSlipper12> Like a mother to me, a big sister, a somebody that I can cheer up, and help.
<HotDogSlipper12> I know she made mistakes in her life.
<HotDogSlipper12> But maybe if a fan like me can help her, maybe a fan like me can encourage her, she can feel bright in her life.
<Kiwinaut> Just like that cosplaying teenager encouraged her?

COMBATSYS: Momoko dodges Jezebel's Heel Kick.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Momoko           0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1          Jezebel

The impact of her foot solidly smacking into Jezebel's side surprises the small girl. She had thrown something rather obvious and basic on the premise that it should be a simple matter for the experienced actress to intercept the kick. It would seem that whatever psychosis has gripped Jezebel is more damaging than she expected. Unfortunately, she's commited to continuing the fight at this point. Bailing out now would only highlight the problem. So long as she can win this fight normally then she might be able to help the poor woman save face in the long run. Such a strange turn of events, Momoko thinks, that she is now fighting on both their behalf.

Momoko's fragile smile melts into a look of determination upon coming to this conclusion. She's going to win this for both of them. The powerful axe kick whiffs through empty space and be-spangled leather boot meets the pavement with a dull thud as the agile nymph slides sideways to avoid the strike with an almost casual and dismissive ease. That, ofcourse, is a trick of the eye, an illusion upon which capoeria is built. There seems to be a subtle shifting beat that only Momoko can hear, her body moving fluidly from one point to the next in an almost arbitrary fashion, as if it were simply a random pattern that happened to take her out of the line of fire.

Just as easily, the girl flows from one position to the next, her body a constant streak of motion. The sidestep turns into a piroutte that whirls Momoko around and she once more drops low to the ground capitolizing on the advantage her small size provides by making herself a difficult target for the American's long legs at such short range. Falling into a low crouch, she plants one hand on the ground and sharply kicks her legs to the side - but not directly at Jezebel, atleast, not at first. The manuever proves to be a windup for the actual strike, Momoko's legs scything around like a pair of pendulums locked in tandem motion with each other as she pivots her entire body around the pillar of her arm, bringing the simple factor of momentum and leverage to bear against her much larger opponent.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel interrupts Change-Up Kick from Momoko with High Noon EX.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Momoko           0/-------/--=====|=======\==-----\1          Jezebel

Jezebel doesn't understand why she did it.

There wasn't a madness in Jezebel's head, she kept telling herself. She was Lightning Spangles, the All-American Hero. As the girl's smile fades, in its place was supposed to be inspiring. Lightning Spangles loved it when young ladies were determined. Jezebel should be encouraged, should be playing up the crowd. A block, a simple block, that chains right another fantastic flashy move. Everything should be in balance. There should be beautiful dancing right now, beautiful footwork that Lightning Spangles should be engaged with the teenager.

Instead, she is launching straight up into the girl with a roundhouse kick.

"YEEE HAAAAAW!" Is the hollow cry as Lightning Spangles dips low to meet the exotic flip kick with her face. As she takes the impact right into her jaw, swelling her face up, she smashes her leg right into the young lady. Energy boils forward as the kick carries both herself and Momoko into the air. Whipping her leg around, the second kick comes at the apex of the flight, hammering both herself and the teenager straight back down to the concrete dock with a firework burst. Rocketing back down, she stumbles on impact, the actress groaning as she nearly loses her footing. "Hah hah! Wow! I..."

She pauses, the wild smile fading from her face.

"I'm sorry." She whispers.

********DOJO STREAM CHAT********

<JhunHoon> Seriously?
<JhunHoon> Can't she just actually show some technical exchange with Momoko, instead of just bruting through?
<GaryBlokes> noooo
<GaryBlokes> momoko dont lose i beleve in you
<GaryBlokes> claps for momoks
<GaryBlokes> get up momkas
<ChitShat23> Okay, I'm done watching this.
<ChitShat23> I'm pretty sure the actress playing Lightning Spangles is having a freakout.
<HotDogSlipper12> I
<HotDogSlipper12> I think she is
<HotDogSlipper12> No Lightning Spangles, don't hurt that girl.
<HotDogSlipper12> You aren't a black hat.
<HotDogSlipper12> You're a white hat.
<HotDogSlipper12> Don't fall into the darkness, Lightning Spangles.

Pain shoots through Momoko. For a moment, the world seems to distort and break, tearing at its seams and folding in onto itself until everything is just a chaotic mess of indistinguishable shapes and blurry colors. Molten fire spreads outwards from the impact point of the devastating kick searing the tiny teenager's flesh and mind with an intensity like that of the sun. The second strike and subsequent crash to the ground manage to redouble this infinite agony into an experience that transcends pain and becomes something entirely different altogether.

Seconds tick by in absolute silence. Momoko lies face down on the pavement, unmoving. She tries to rise but a strange numbness assaults at the slightest hint of motion turning her limbs into bags of sand that refuse to budge despite her commands to do so. After several moments of intense focus, she manages to force her eyes open, though that too happens in a stuttering and unresponsive manner. The attempt fills her with fresh pain. Moving hurts. Breathing hurts. Thinking hurts. Everything hurts. For a time that seems to stretch on for hours, Momoko's existence becomes little more than a black hole of agony.

Slowly, by degrees, the searing lava in her flesh begins to fade as she turns her powers inwards. Shutting out the outside world, the young psychic concentrates on the positive energy that sustains her upbeat and optimistic nature, drowning herself in a self-induced ocean of pure serenity. The 'safe house', she calls it. After her encounters with the twin terrors of the mysterious attacker that very nearly took her life and the self-proclaimed god that rose up during what should have been an entertaining vacation, Momoko had created a place inside her head that was free of all turmoil and fear, a shelter into which she might retreat to weather future storms.

By some facet of design or sheer coincidence, the safe house also had the side effect of cutting her mind off from the ailments of her body, for a time atleast, much in the same manner as the measure she had taken at the start of this fiasco. However, if that parlour trick could be considered to be hiding behind a shield against the undue influence of psychic phenomenon then what she was doing now was the equivalent of retreating into a bomb shelter buried a mile underneath the ground. Such separation of the unity of her being was unadvisable in the best of circumstances and she has never attempted it outside of the carefully controlled environments of her own choosing.

In this case, however, she has little choice. She could simply lie here on the ground and concede defeat. Few people would think less of her for this. Her chances of winning to begin with had been slim and she hadn't expected to walk away with a victory but rather an experience. Now, one small chain of events has cascaded into a public waking nightmare for someone who wanted nothing more than to please her fans. Momoko can't simply let it end like this. No joy will come from leaving things as they are.

It takes only a few seconds for all of this to play out within the teen's mind. Jezebel's haunted whisper has barely begun to fade when the girl begins to drag herself back to her feet. Her body responds stiffly as if she is shouting her commands to someone across a cliff but this too is just something she will have to deal with if she wants to bring things to an agreeable closure. Momoko staggers drunkenly at first as she tries to reassert control over her body but she quickly compensates enough that she can stand up straight.

Momoko looks up at her opponent with an expressionless stare, her gentle auburn eyes devoid of the same spark of overflowing exuberance that she has displayed until now. She tries to offer another reassuring smile to the older woman, to reach out with the empathy and understanding that her gifts provide, but the gesture seems as empty and hollow as those given by Lightning Spangles herself only a little while ago.

"Do not fear," she says, her voice a monotone whisper. "I will help you."

Momoko's body is in motion almost before the words finish leaving her mouth. With a blind disregard for her anything other than fulfilling her mission, she lunges at Jezebel in a simple and direct assault. Even that small hop is enough for the girl to display the mastery that she has over her art. Momoko whirls, a dervish of shimmering psychic power as sparkling pink motes burst into life around her. The flying spin unfurls into a whirling roundhouse kick and as before the brute force of the manifested mental might turns what would have been little more than a possibly stinging blow into a mighty hammer of smiting fury.

COMBATSYS: Momoko successfully hits Jezebel with Au Pachidou.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Momoko           0/-------/=======|=======\=======\1          Jezebel

Oh no.

Every second weighs heavily on Jezebel's shoulders. The manager is yelling now, roaring into the cellphone. A murmuring spreads through the crowd. Jezebel begins to feel far, far away as Momoko doesn't move. Memories and flashbacks flood her, as she doesn't know what she did. She steps towards the teenager, reaching out for her...

And she awakens.

"oh thank god." Jezebel blurts out quietly. The actress backs up, looking around her now. She was becoming more and more aware of everything around her. She ruined this. She ruined everything. There was no way out of this. Jezebel considers running past the crowd, running into the ocean, and join the USS Arizona. To fall in the ocena, to join all those dead heroes. Real heroes. Not the fake ones like her. But Momoko shows her something. The girl will help Jezebel.

The little girl comes at her.

Momoko reaches out.

And Momoko touches her.

The blur roars into the woman, and Jezebel curls up to deflect the blow. But the whirling girl somes spinning in, and Lightning Spangles simply cannot stand. The woman is blasted back, and Jezebel comes tumbling backwards, hitting the concrete with bloodied scrapes now. And as she comes to a rest, she groggily sits up for a moment, looking across at the teenager. A smile spreads across her face. She says nothing, but tips her hat, before falling backwards, eyes shutting tight.

It has been so long since oblivion has been so sweet.

********DOJO STREAM CHAT********

<GaryBlokes> yaaaaaay momomko wins
<GaryBlokes> i am so happy.
<JhunHoon> She is impressive, I must say.
<JhunHoon> Much better than that Lightning Spangles woman.
<HotDogSlipper12> I don't know.

<HotDogSlipper12> Maybe I've been a fool to be a Lightning Spangles fan.
<HotDogSlipper12> I mean, how old is she now?

<HotDogSlipper12> Maybe they just need to find a better actress for her or something.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel gives y'all a free turn!

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Momoko           0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Jezebel can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Momoko           0/-------/=======|

She did it.

Momoko drops lightly back to her feet after delivering the finishing blow, stumbling only slightly through the thick interference of her psychic shell. She watches as the beleaguered actress crashes to the ground through the lenses of her own eyes as if they were cameras broadcasting an image from far away. The two women share a look for another long drawn out moment that seems to hover indefinately in the space between the ticking of a clock.

The smile that comes to Jezebel's face is different from all of those Momoko has witnessed until now. It is an expression of honest and pure relief that wells up as she realizes she has been freed from a burden that was, until that moment, inescapable and oppressive. Momoko returns the smile but, unlike the actress, her own mental walls are still firmly in place and the gesture is little more than a fascimile of emotion. It doesn't matter.

Turning away from the collapsed American, Momoko brings her attention to the crowd of faces that surround them. She looks with blank neutrality across the sea of expressions, some filled with joy at her victory while others stare back in confusion and worry.

Closing her eyes, Momoko takes a deep breath and slowly, piece by piece, deconstructs the layers of armor from around her psyche. The effect is almost immediate. The sensation that she had shut out returns in full force, slamming into her with the ferocity of a rabid beast. Her legs buckle almost instantly and the girl falls to her knees with a shrill cry of pain, quickly collapsing onto her side. Her knees tuck upwards instinctively and she hugs them against her chest, screwing her eyes shut so tightly that stars begin to dance in the darkness behind them. The world begins to spin around her until she feels sick enough to retch until mercifully the darkness closes in to engulf her and she fades into the realm of unconsciousness.

COMBATSYS: Momoko has ended the fight here.

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