Felicia - Chinatown Shenanigans

Description: Felicia gets chased by a dog, luckily Yang and Yun save the day.

"Aieee! quit it, hey, stop that--get away, gah!" there seems to be some lady having trouble with what sounds like... the arf arfing of a dog, of some description. The sound of footfalls down this otherwise unoccupied street of Chinatown are punctuated with barking, and then until the noise of running abruptly stops...? Of course, whoever would catch sight of this spectacle would be able to see what looks like a... cat woman? hanging off a power pole, and with a dog trying to jump up and nip at her hanging tail.

Except this dog is actually pretty small, it's a Jack Russell Terrier, at that. It's Wishbone!

It's a good thing Yang just happens to be out shopping right now, or rather coming back from it. His arms are laden down with a ridiculous number of bags full of ingredients and cookware for Genhanten's kitchen, but his casual stride on his inline skates shows that it's not exactly a difficult task carrying them. Something he's probably pretty used to, in fact.

That said, the cries of a lady in distress catch his attention, and he quickly makes his way in the direction of those- is that a catgirl? Setting his bags down with a sigh, the younger Dragon Brother skates easily over to where the tiny dog is barking up at Felicia, hissing at it, "Shoo! Get out of here!"

"My body's too Bootylicious for ya' babe..."

Yun is skating along after Yang, carrying not a thing, as he's too busy listening to his music. Okay, that's a lie. He's carrying the candy bar he totally paid for. He's not even really paying attention to what's going on when it comes to dogs and cat people up on poles. He's too busy grooving out to the smooth sounds of Bootylicious.

Yun's lack of paying attention is what causes the stylish cap wearer to skate right into the pile of bags that Yang is no longer carrying. Balance kicks in to keep Yun from hitting the ground, but he's off his board and looks kind of foolish.

"Bro! Really?!?!"

Yep, it's Felicia, and she's got her arms and legs around the telephone pole, clinging to it, with a fuming and distressed look on her face. "Hey, hey buddy, can you do somethin' about the dog?" Felicia spots Yang (complete with that super-evolved emo-flip haircut) and tries to wave him over. Lacking her jogging pants and sports top at the moment, as well as her sandals, one might get the idea that she was on her way somewhere discreetly when she was intercepted by this pooch.

The dog however takes note of Yang, though it doesn't seem to want to take it's eyes off Felicia juuust yet. "Woah, woah, hey, careful over there, skate or die!"

Naturally, Yang doesn't really care about Yun's plight, considering he A. wasn't watching where he was going, and B. was doing jack to help anyway. On the other hand, the sound of the older brother tripping over the bags catches Yang's attention and earns an exasperated look before he turns his attentions toward Felicia. "I know what I'm doing." he responds, then kneels down next to the terrier and says to it in a low growl, "See my brother over there? He probably just destroyed some of our ingredients, and we might need a replacement. Keep up what you're doing, and I might just decide to use /you/."

Yun kicks himself out of the bags and twirls a bit, pulling his headphones down to hang around his neck. He leans over to scoop up his board and tosses it under his arm. By the time all of this is done, he's gotten a moment to turn and look at the scene that's nearby. "You do know he doesn't speak English, right? It's a /dog/." Yun looks up the pole and sees a feline hottie and gives a shake of his head. "... This town gets crazier every day." Then he smiles. "I love it." Yun swagger steps on over towards Yang and Felicia and The Dog of Doom. "Yo, Meow Mix! You're like fifty times this dog's size!"

"Errruff!" there is a whine and a little growl before the dog finally departs, welp, can't argue with that kind of threat, especially when you are four-legged and fuzzy!

"Phew, thanks, I uhh, didn't wanna hurt it, but it wouldn't stop chasing me and trying to bite my ankles," she gave a relieved sigh and slowly she'd start to climb down from that pole, taking her time. She didn't want to just slide down apparently, that'd lead to some pretty bad splinters!

"Hey, I'm Felicia, who're you?" she finally got back down to her feet, with little noise from the footfalls of those furred feet. She extended a five-fingered but equally furry hand to Yang, presumably to shake.

"Yeah, well I don't like to be mean to animals, guy," she shrugged, holding her arms out. "Yeah, I'm a darkstalker, but I'm a nice cat, you know what I'm sayin'?" she grins sheepishly and does her best to look cute and adorable, giving a little pose as she bends her knees and puts her arms over her front.

As the dog runs off, Yang can't help but shoot a smirk back at Yun. "Some things transcend language, Yun. One of those is the threat of being dinner." Standing up and watching Felicia climb down, he finally accepts her handshake once she's back on the ground, noting how soft and warm her hand is. That's definitely real, alright. "My name is Yang." he introduces himself with a small flip of his hair. Damn does she pull off cute, though.

"And I'm Yun. Y'know, the cool one?" Yun takes a moment to swipe off his cap, twirl it around his finger and then flip it back up onto his head. That is designed to make hairflips look like they don't belong anywhere near this particular set of introductions. He takes another bite of his candy bar and chews away. "A Darkstalker, eh?" Yun shrugs it right off. "Well, as long as you're a nice one, I guess?" Yun turns to see where the dog ran off to. He may have to get one of those. For a sidekick.

That handshake of course, is a bit furry, though Felicia also seems to be fairly strong at that. Heck, she's got the muscles to prove it, don't she? "Oh, so, who's this, Yin?" Felicia grins playfully and narrows her eyes, pointing a fuzzy finger capped with a reddish pink nail at Yun. "Strange, thought Yin was supposed to be a girl," she shrugged. "These are some pretty progressive times we're in, at any rate. Hiya!"

"Yeah, there are nice darkstalkers as well as uh, well, not so nice ones, I guess, sorta like people. I don't run around at night and suck people's blood out till they're like, a mummy, or something," she shook her head.

Yang is impressed, but at the same time, it's hard to be intimidated by someone who is so scared of a terrier that they climb up a pole. Seriously, that's just embarrassing. "He's my brother." he explains, jerking his head toward Yun. At the catgirl's own energetic explanation, he chuckles a little before nodding. "Well, that's good to hear. We protect this town; it would be a real shame to have to fight you."

"Bad kitty." Yun quips back at the cat girl since she wants to be calling him a girl and everything! His cap spinning was impressive! How dare she not be impressed?!?! Either way, Yun is already looking back down at his music player and scrolling through tracks in preparation for getting back on his skateboard and not helping Yang carry any of the stuff they had to get. "We also work at Genhanten. Well, we practically own the place. So if you're ever hungry, come on down. And make sure you bring your wallet."

"Yeah woah no no no, I am not here to do anything bad! I don't wanna fight anybody," Felicia's grin is still a bit sheepish of course, as she puts her furry hands up and tries to protest her innocence. "Please do not one-inch punch me across the room like Bruce Lee, okay?" she grinned a little, apparently still not able to resist the reference. "Oh yeah? you guys run a restaurant, huh? cool," she nodded, turning to look at Yun, then rolling her eyes a little. "Wallet huh? fraid I has no pockets to carry one at the moment, boys," she put her hands on those hips of hers, which of course only had the swaths of white creamy fur running across it to form that 'thong' and the bands at the tops of her thighs.

"Maybe you guys will have a sepcial on tuna, huh?"

You hear that sigh? That sound of someone who has long suffered the obnoxious attitude of a younger brother, despite actually /being/ the younger brother? Yeah, that's Yang, and yeah, he's facepalming. But, being the sort of guy he is, he quickly recovers and offers Felicia a small smile. "I promise we won't punch you, or kick you for that matter. But if you help us get everything back to the restaurant and put away, I think we can consider that payment for a modest dish."

"Wha? Seriously?" Yun looks over at Yang. "Ugh. Fiiiiiiiine. But her food is comin' out of /your/ check. Not mine!" Yun drops his skateboard down and finishes off his candy bar, tossing the wrapper to the ground because littering is not a big deal. He's already pushing off with one of those feet and headed in the general direction of Genhanten. "You might wanna' stop on the way over! We don't have a litterbox either!" Yun cracks himself up as he skates off.

"Mmm, a modest dish of fish, I wish," Felicia seems to be quite happy at that outcome. "Alright then, I just hope none of this stuff broke when he bumped into them," Felicia walks over to where Yun was standing and would likely start gathering up the food and cookery, along with what remained of the bags. "Hey, don't litter either!" she called after Yun as he skated off.

"I guess he's always like that?" Fel turned back to Yang, reaching up to brush back a bang of electric blue hair from an eye. "Thanks for inviting me over by the way, I could use dinner," she nodded.

Felicia's little bit of wordplay elicits another chuckle from Yang, who unlike Yun has the common courtesy to stay behind and help her out. Plucking his brother's wrapper from the ground, he stuffs it into his pocket to throw away properly later, picking up whatever bags Felicia hasn't already grabbed. Flipping his hair out of his face again, he nods and shrugs. "You learn to live with it." he answers, then adds with another smile, "No problem. I thought you might be hungry after all that exercise."

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