Description: With some fans on the Internet claiming that Rainbowmania is completely overhyped, one promoter attempts to cash in by showing everyone that Rainbow Mika isn't all she'd made out to be by setting her up in a fight against one of her fans(?): Zappa.

Dear Diary
Finally, the festivities had ended in Metro City! As much of a jewel they had called it, it was quite torn up by the festivities. I found myself waking up in wierder and weirder places... I certainly should not find myself wanting to attend such depraved areas! However, alas, all the women left as well! No matter where I had found myself, it was not on my knee before a beautiful American Lady. I decided I would try to reach for my dream, and have put in to 'fight' Rainbow Mika. Though I know it is wrong, I have decided this is the only way I will ever meet her! Yet it is odd... the man I had spoken to had told me he had seen my 'fights' and that he was 'eager' to put me against her. Mother... I never remembered any fighting! You know most of all I am far too peaceful for such barbarianism! What could he be talking about...?

It is now that Zappa, clad as he always is - and that is to say incredibly oddly - finds himself standing within one of the more solid grounds of the asphalt lake. The black pitch everywhere about him! With a fluttering in his stomach and a dry heaving in his throat, Zappa is anything but ready to actually fight. "Oh what will I say..." He muttered to himself, pacing on the solid ground. "I'm such a fan, Miss Mika... I couldn't help but do such a thing! Please forgive me! ... No that would be far too desperate..." He twirls about, striding forwards, nervous step after nervous step. "You must understand, it was an act of not desperation, but adorement! ... But it can still be desperation, can't it?" His mumbling is thankfully too low for others to hear.

Zappa certainly can't complain about the weather, however, what with the rather wonderful sunny day outside and the absolutely gorgeous temperate with just a bit of wind. It's perfect! However, it's the pitch, dark and somewhat hot and sticky as well, that causes Zappa some concern. They were supposed to ... wrestle? But then he would be hurt! And covered in such stuff! It ... they can't honestly imagine him to do so, can they? While the crowd, and anti-crowd, may begin to gather, Zappa is wearing the solid rock down, hands sliding through his hair and clasping the sides of his head.

"Or should I play it up... ah ha, Miss Mika, if I win, you will have to give me a date! ... But I'd have to beat her! ... And she's unbeatable!" Zappa exclaims to himself.

He believes that, too - after all, he was a total fan!

There's always pushback.

This is a core understanding in professional wrestling: the hardest marks only like to see a face getting a big push when they decided that it was their decision first. There's always some fan favorite out there that is treated as the holy grail, and anytime a promotion pushes another wrestler in places that the marks decide they haven't earned, clearly there's a problem.

Rainbowmania has brought about such a pushback in some of the dedicated professional wrestling forums. There is obviously a major factor that has been overlooked compared to the usual "too soon" brawlers and that's the fact that Rainbow Mika hasn't actually signed on to a promotion. Every fight has been arranged either directly with some potential promoter or setup through general fighter channels. Given her performance in the Neo League, there's no way that the Mishima Zaibatsu would have stopped pushing her; first place is first place.

Facts don't stop angry fans, though, and with no actual league to take their wrath out on they've started to populate crowds to get a chance to shout jeers and taunts... often overwhelmed completely by the genuine fans out in the crowd.

Advantage to promoters: you can both bring in a popular fighter and base the fight on the idea that the fighter in question isn't as great as people think, allowing you to cater both to the fighter's core demographic and the opposing anti-fans. The crowd arround the open arena is certainly mixed enough that it's unlikely things will ever get quiet.

Downsides of open arenas is that it's somewhat less impressive when one of the fighters runs out. There's a few tents that have been pitched to provide something more to start the fight than two people standing awkwardly in front of each other until it's time for the fight to begin. The thrumming crowd is quieted as the now iconic music summons forth Rainbow Mika. In a surge of energy, the buxom blonde brawler bursts forth and, despite the slightly squishy location of the fight, goes flying down toward the center of the imaginary ring that is prepared to house this clickbait battle, waving and blowing kisses to her fans along the way.

Perhaps he was in a tent all along?

Regardless, Zappa emerged first - only to come face to face with the /woman of his dreams/ - or perhaps just one of them. There's a lot of those that are in his dreams, after all! It is without much ado that when Rainbow Mika is summoned forth, a surge of energy accompanying her as she flys downwards towards the center of the 'ring'!? With the waving and the kisses being blown, Zappa stands in awe as there she stands, in all her glory, before her!

"R....." Is all he gets out before her goes a pale while, voice catching in his throat. Now that it has come to this moment, Zappa finds himself unable to say anything! Hands clutch around his neck as he tries to get out such words, struggling as he does so! She's perfect, a goddess in person! Why, how could he even expect to say anything to her?! What a fool he had been! Nay, a single word out of his unworthy mouth would not be enough! There was... nothing that could could could could could could be said.

"M...Mi...." He tries the second word, hand extending outwards towards Rainbow Mika as he begins to feel faint - why, what he truly say to her? Now, that it came to the moment to reveal his true farce - he could not go forwards with it! How would she ever forgive him? How would she ever EXIST AFTER I'M THROUGH WITH think of him after he tells HER. His legs fail him, Zappa beginning to find himself falling, noodles no longer managing to keep him above.

There's a fight going on, isn't there? So many people WATCHING aren't there? SO MANY PEOPLE watching THIS WOMAN - to see her lose, to see her win - THEY WILL SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SOMETHING.

The words, 'Rainbow Mika, I'm your biggest fan' are spelled on lips that can speak no words, mouthed to the black nothingness that Zappa begins to tumble into, "R....RrrrRRR...RRRRRR.." The body of Zappa never fully tumbles over, hanging before Rainbow Mika, standing on a part of his body that should not support his weight, a leg that is bent in a very rough looking way. "RrrRRrRRRARRrararRRAARrrrEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The body undulates, almost posing as empty eyes rise to meet Rainbow Mika, "BIGGEST .... LAST.... FINAL EVENT! LAST SHOW! MINE ALONE! IN LIFE! IN DEATH! IN IN IN TAKING YOU OUT!" The garbage like speaking pattern is a testament.

S-ko stands, silently, invisible to those around her - Zappa leaning/bent over her. Oh, she will get the event she wanted.

The spotlight on a rising star burns brightest when she burns out underneath it.

There are two sides in every fighter. This is something important to remember, because those fighters that lose track of the side that exists outside of fighting are the ones that are lost forever to the black madness of unending violence. Even someone like Rainbow Mika, who puts almost every hour of every day into training to reach her full potential puts on a mask (a figurative one, in addition to her literal one) when she enters the ring.

This is the only reason why the Rainbow Mika standing in the ring doesn't look horribly taken aback as her opponent seems to transform in front of her. Certainly it's not the unusual transformation of twisting bone and bursting muscle that left Metro City in shambles, but it is dramatic, violent, and unnerving.

The ring is no place to allow fear to take hold. In the ring Rainbow Mika has fought challenges that have left her battered and beaten. She's challenged titans in both scale and strength, entered arenas of madness that could have left her broken, and even fought against the failings of her own body.


The only loss is to leave the crowd bored!

The only victory is to burn your actions into hearts and minds!

"They want you to show the world that Rainbowmania is just a fad. They want you to make me give up the fight and surrender! YOU CAN BEAT MY BODY, BUT THE SPIRIT OF RAINBOWMANIA IS IMMORTAL!"

The sight of Zappa suddenly becoming something new had left the crowd unnerved. This was something that had been in Metro City of all places, but there is a simple truth to the success of Rainbow Mika and that is that she didn't just train to become a top tier fighter, she trained so that her words would move the crowd. The grip of fear is melted away with the heat of Mika's spirit. This is the power of Rainbowmania!

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Zappa has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Zappa


The exclamation from 'Zappa' is more than true as three centipedes twist around the body, single, one eyed creatures that suddenly vanish into ghosts that hang about the 'man', all clad together in straight jackets, hanging mum behind the twisted being. "ANOTHER IS ALWAYS WELCOME!" Comes the decree, the body of Zappa twisting oddly, writhing as he not so much groans as spouts gibberish, letters jumbled together in such a way as to make alphabet soup a pinnacle of speech.

There's no actual /reason/ behind this. S-ko simply sees Rainbow Mika as an issue. What kind of issue? She's enjoying herself. Throwing herself out there. Gaining Zappa's, and others, attention. Yet she /lives/. Yet she has made a life of making herself a spectacle. What use! What PURPOSE does that serve when she, HERSELF, died while out of the spotlight! Why does one deserve to burn BRIGHTER!? Simple, she believes. She will set her to burn -alive-.

Out of the many things that had survived Metro City, Zappa had been a special case - something that existed outside of it, something that managed to throw itself in and yet come out in one piece - and still throws itself out into the open. S-ko was not a very low-key planner. Things are always much more enjoyable when they are simple, straightforwards and to the point. In this case, it is the intentIntentDESIRE to see Rainbow Mika face down.

Oh, she'll get mud on her - that, too.

And with that bit of inspiration, someone in the production team with a flare for the dramatic signals the start of the fight. An excited crowd at a live event keeps the people at home interested, and a bored crowd can be immortalized on some guy's YouTube videos.

The moment everything begins, Mika is ready for it. A live crowd is just the thing to get the explosive superstar energized. This is the proof of professional wrestling's superiority over all of those fighting styles that only care about physical ability.

"RAINBOWMANIA KEEPS ON ROLLING!" Mika shouts as she flexes her bicep for the crowd, patting down the muscle twice in quick succession before launching forward at her opponent. She'd seen some of the fights from Metro City, but it had all been so strange. Deep inside, locked away beneath her ring persona, she wondered just what she was going to be going up against, just what she was going to have to weather in this fight...

...None of which shows itself as Mika is suddenly upon Zappa, arm cocked back at her side. The space between them vanishes and her arm swings up, still locked with her elbow pointed out. The unusual swing bypasses both fist and elbow, however, as her forearm comes flying at the side of Zappa's jaw.

COMBATSYS: Zappa blocks Rainbow Mika's Fierce Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Zappa

The moment it all begins, Mika doesn't even wait for Zappa to finish. Not as she suddenly takes off in an attempt to crash him straight into her forearm. The twisted face staring at Rainbow Mika is a wonderful target. One that has absorbed quite a few blows. It is not surprising that Mika goes for it - like a moth to a flame. The empty face simply screams /punching bag/. Yet it is known to S-ko. Mouth hanging open, Zappa gurgles as the forearm grows ever closer.

The strong muscles on Mika, as strong as they are, may not be ready for an arm to simply sprout from Zappa's head and clash, fore-arm against fore-arm. In what simply /should not/ happen, it does - hair parting for an arm to meet Rainbow Mika's own strike with the forearm of ... Zappa? to impact against it, taking the blow as Zappa recoils, rolling backwards through the pitch. Only to come up standing, unbothered by the black and sticky pitch about him. Why, he doesn't even notice it is there!

"Rolling...RollING!" He responds, shaking his body back and forth like he was going to /throw himself/. Why, that's sort of exactly what happens.

S-ko assists, the body of Zappa being thrown skywards with his own assistance, ghosts and S-ko skyborn with Zappa's own movements. In tha air, he rolls, spinning. The ghosts do so aw well as they attempt to crash straight into Rainbow Mika - one after another, Zappa's body leading the way as he is 'thrown' towards Mika. "What GOOD too GOOD BIGGEST FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!"

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika endures Zappa's Aggressive Strike.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/----===|=------\-------\0            Zappa

While Rainbow Mika, the ring persona, is willing to push past any number of unusual events just for the sake of putting on a good show, she's not unflappable. In fact, another vital element of putting on a good show is the ability to sell events even to people in the back of the arena. Exaggerated responses are the norm, so when an arm comes out of Zappa's head, the wrestler stumbles back in surprise.

The surprise appears to last long enough for the wrestler to be taken completely off guard by the follow-up. There's no time to move as Zappa suddenly starts rolling at her and she's sent flying, knocked back a good few feet as she tumbles and rolls, letting clingy black pitch mark her colorful costume (it will also probably be a pain to get it out of her hair).

And then, at the end, she rolls back up to her feet, skidding to a halt with a grin on her face.

Distance is important. Most people would assume that a grappler wants to always be close at hand, able to take full advantage of holds and strikes, limiting the range advantage of their opponents; however, range allows a wrestler to employ more acrobatic techniques. Now with enough space to run, and the advantage of appearing to have been knocked down, Mika goes flying, literally, after she builds up enough speed. The wrestler lands on her possessed opponent's shoudlers, using all the momentum she can impart to knock him back and land on his face. Thighs clamp down like a vice as her hands splash the shallow pool of dusky water and she hauls up her opponent up over head and drives his head back into the mud.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hit Zappa with Paradise Hold.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0            Zappa

As surprised as Rainbow Mika may have been, Zappa is the same way - though he doesn't /show it/ - because he cannot. No, S-ko does not believe that Rainbow Mika would have been able to simply roll up onto her feet and skid backwards and then use that to her advantage somehow. Yet it is exactly what she does. "PERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTANT." Is the best word OF COURSE IT IS the word has /so many S's/ in it. Rainbow Mika comes in rapidly, running towards the twitching man that rises to his 'feet' - though it may be odd his head is on the ground and his feet in the air.

Only a little.

When Rainbow Mika takes off like an airplane, Zappa is a sitting zuck, wrestler landing literatelly onto his shoulders, though possibly from upside down, before the momentum provided twists him so hard he goes flipping, face over feet over face ON HIS BACK over face again over face ON HIS FEET over face over face over face face face. Face after face slams into ground repeatedly as she finally hauls him upwards and then drives his ... not face into the mud.

His head doesn't quite cave in, lacking a face... lacking most of a /head/, actually, there, suddenly. Though Rainbow Mika has an idea - it's simply one that does not mesh well with Zappa. "NICETRY." Words come - from the back, which is facing the sky, before the tongue? grasps the ground and pulls Zappa free from Rainbow Mika's grip after the harrowing crash.

Sent flying out of her grip like a lawn dart, Zappa slams into the ground with as much eloquence, legs digging into the earth as he embeds to a stop, face suddenly re-appearing where it belongs. Just as the air around Zappa flashes. "HARK! To battle this man, you shall also face I! As brave as you are, Maiden, I shall not relent!" A massive 'knight' of energy surges from about Zappa, the man writhing back and forth once, body twisting back and then forwards, as Raou erupts to swell about Zappa. With a hearty cry, it hefts a blade of energy, crashing against the ground - before a ball lightning surges forth towards Rainbow Mika, spiking straight towards her, crackling as it goes.

COMBATSYS: Zappa successfully hits Rainbow Mika with Darkness Anthem.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Rainbow Mika     1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Zappa

It is becoming apparent that on some level, Rainbow Mika is not fighting an even battle. While one could say that she brought a crowd on her side, it would be wrong to say they are actually fighting with her. As for Zappa, he's apparently brought an entire tag team to complement a body that refuses to function correctly.

1 vs ? is a very different fight than what Mika is used to.

As the knight appears before her, Mika is left struggling somewhat to comprehend exactly what's happening, let alone come up with some form of defense as it suddenly turns into lightning crashing over her body. The best option simply appears to be to try to hold it back, arms coming up in a cross formation, only for energy to flow right past them, blasting her back, sending her reeling, leaving her a complete mess.

Okay, so she has no realy understanding of what she's facing down and how she's supposed to handle fighting a possessed being. Or perhaps he's not possessed and it incredibly good at putting on a persona and manipulating energy, which would actually impress Mika more than if she was simply fighting ghosts (a good persona is hard work, being something is easy).

Okay, when you don't know what to do, work the crowd. The wrestler pushes herself back up to her feet, ignoring the goopy, clingy mess around her as she comes to stare down Zappa as best she can (hard to tell where to look on an opponent with such unusual posture). "I see, you can't beat me one on one so you're forced to bring in your goons," Mika ignores the fact that those goons may be ghosts, that's not important to the core matter. "I read what everyone is saying, about how Rainbowmania isn't real, how they don't think that Rainbow Mika has what it takes to be a star... but you know what?" She looks out to the crowd, apparently ignoring Zappa in the process. "They don't understand that Rainbowmania isn't about me... Rainbowmania is about all of you! I fight to prove myself to all of you!" She motions back toward Zappa as she adds, "And they want so badly to think that you're all wrong that the only option they have it to cheat!"

Cheers erupt from the crowd as Rainbow Mika turns back toward Zappa. "Fair fight or not, I don't give up. The only way to lose is to not give your best!"

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika excites the crowd!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Rainbow Mika     1/---====/=======|=====--\-------\0            Zappa

The body functions about as well as his mind.

Which is to say, he is currently out of it at this time! Being 'possessed' is far too cliche. Zappa is mega-possessed, beyond possessed. So possessed his body has a no vancancy sign hanging around his neck. He just can't read the writing. It is night and day to Zappa - he simply does not know of his issue and as such... is just a thing. Unfortunate as it is. That 'thing' is S-ko's possession, now. A being that she has almost, if not total, control over. What more can she ask for?

Vengeance, for starters. Revenge.

"NO GAME! GAME OVER! OVER UP ABOVE! DOWN! FALL!" Zappa does that immeditately, actually. As Mika's words come to an end, Zappa crashes face-first into the goo, writhing in it like he's a snake or a worm, before rising once more, head hanging backwards to face Rainbow Mika as she excites the crowd. Twitching, the form takes a 'step' forwards, leg twisting to have his entire body edge over, shaking as it goes. The knightly form does not dissipate immediately. Instead it 'vanishes', the body disappearing but still staying about Zappa, surrounding him, swelling, wrapping around him and...

Burning him.

The writhing begins anew, energy injecting into the body in ways that it simply isn't meant to handle, hands clasping the upside down head as if in pain.

"GiiiiiIIIIVEUP!" Zappa repeats, "WASHED UP!"

Such words probably do not have much strength to them. Which is why that isn't the important part. The part Rainbow Mika may care about is the sudden appearance of something far less friendly than ghosts and giant knights of electricity. A razor, of all things, as large as a blade, swinging around to slam Zappa towards Rainbow Mika before swinging around rapidly, as if thrown haphazardly, towards Rainbow Mika. Though possibly just whatever energy Zappa is conducting, it's likely still very sharp.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks Zappa's Fierce Punch.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Rainbow Mika     1/=======/=======|=====--\-------\0            Zappa

At this point, Mika isn't really certain what to expect out of this fight. Pulling off a win isn't the priority in this fight, it's about proving that Rainbowmania isn't a joke. Not everyone needs to be a fan, but she's worked hard to reach the point she's at. Not just in her fights, but all of the training she put in even before she took the stage. No jerk with a blog and an opinion is enough to stand up to Rainbowmania!

A crazy guy filled with ghosts, however, is a different matter. This is the sort of thing she never cared for in fighting: people throwing weird energy around. Wrestling is about physical strength and personality, not showing off with a bunch of crazy lights! She'd trained a bit, but clearly had no talent for it and was never upset about that missing aspect. Even Zangief had only bothered to learn enough about those crazy powers to be able to counter them.

As for razor blades? Razorblades aren't that scary. In wrestling people bring in weapons from outside the ring (it was cheating, but it was traditional cheating), and there were any number of matches where one might have to worry about being thrown on a bed of tacks or rolled through fire. Giant razor blade was a bit much, but Mika can at least conceive of how to fight back. As the blade comes flying at her, she twists and throws up a knee, interposing the protective pad at the top of her boot between her and the blade. It manages to catch once, cleaving down far enough to hurt, but it slows things down enough that she's able to shove it off to the side with her palm as it pulls back and avoid being shredded.

Which is not to say that the blood dripping down the front of her boot is a good thing, but there's no time for pain in wrestling!

"This is all you've got? Cheating and babeling? This is what's supposed to prove that my fans are wrong to believe in me? I'll keep fighting until my body can't stand! Show me everything you've got! If Rainbowmania is a farce, then what have you got besides tricks and scares?!" No time to wait for a response; while Mika might not consider winning the most important thing, it does matter. She wants to come out on top, she wants to prove her own talent, but there are times when the opponent is stronger.

You only lose if you give up before your body does!

"LET'S GO!" comes a sharp cry as she suddenly twists around on her heel, arm fully extended as she aims to catch Zappa in the side of whatever will be where his head is, planting her boot for another rotation aiming for another backfist into some part of the impossible body. This twist ends in a firm, backward position, legs locking into launch position before she lets go and rockets rump first right for Zappa's torso. His body might not always have its parts where they're supposed to be, but it'll be a real challenge to move center mass!

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika issues a challenge!!

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Rainbow Mika     1/=======/=======|=====--\-------\0            Zappa

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hit Zappa with Rainbow Hip Rush.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0            Zappa

Oh, but Zappa believes in Rainbow Mania! More than he potentially should! He has a poster, of course. A poster that mysteriously was defaced some night - but who would have broken into his hotel when he was staying there, simply to tear out the face of Rainbow Mika when he was sleeping there! What kind of monster would do such a thing!? How would they have gotten entrance? The maids and the staff assured him he was the only one that had access, but that could not have been true, could it have been?

It's not crazy powers that Zappa had wanted either - he was a peaceful man! Make love, not war! To harm someone, specifically as innocent as Rainbow Mika was was un... unTHINKabSOLUTELY REQUIRED.

What purpose do people like her serve? What purpose DOES SHE SERVE!? TO BE EYE CANDY for IDIOTS to salviate over SO THEY CAN JUSTIFY THAT WOMEN CAN BE STRONG even IF there are those LIKE HER THAT COULDN'T PROTECT THEMSELVES SHE'S NOT EVEN USING HER STRENGTH FOR ANYTHING EXCEPT HERSELF. To say S-ko would be happy with just a public defeat would be a complete lie. Even as the blade flies towards Rainbow Mika, though, she manages to at least throw a knee up to interpose it as Rainbow Mika gets away relatively, despite the bleeding, scott-free. It should have been worse - if it had worked as intended.

"HaHaHaAhAhAhA!" The laugh comes even as Rainbow Mania makes its mark on Zappa, the impact of the arm heavy and fast, the twisting and motion from Rainbow Mika causing Zappa to be impacted directly... even as he laughs, cackling and babbling as he rolls away from impact, rolling and tumbling... black pitch covering and staining the white clothing - yet the lower part of his body vanishes as he rises, a tongue instead pushing down and then kicking him off the ground.

Almost spinning as he accelerates towards Rainbow Mika, orbs surround him, burning energy as his legs return - with two more. Like a windmill of legs, they too spin, intending to impact into the young up and coming star, only for Zappa's body to twist, mouth widening, sharp teeth reaching out to clamp upon Mika's shoudler and toss her skywards!

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika endures Zappa's Charged Combo.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Rainbow Mika     1/----===/=======|=======\=------\1            Zappa

None of this really makes much sense to Mika. Until recently the strangest thing she'd encountered in life was another wrestler who had figured out a really weird tail prop that seemed to work almost like a snake (sometime after this fight, when she has time to think, she'll realize that perhaps she was wrong about the tail being a prop). Now here she is facing down with a body full of ghosts that doesn't know how to be a body.

All of this is scary. What happened in Metro City left people shaken to the core; all those myths of monsters suddenly being real. There was no way to deny that the weirdly inhuman fighters that had popped up recently were more than just people with weird techniques and unusual fashion sense. In a world like this, it was difficult to see how a normal person could be expected to live their lives. What if another monster took over a city? What if more of them got loose? What could we even hope to do?

These were the people that Rainbowmania was for. Mika Nanakawa had always felt like an outsider as a kid. Despite being pure-blood Japanese, she'd been born with blonde hair and blue eyes. When she hit puberty, it was a significant change. She was awkward, uncomfortable, and scared both of her peers and being alone. When she was at her lowest, it had been professional wrestling that had helped drag her up from the darkest parts. The fighters in the ring often looked very different from normal people, but it didn't matter. The crowds cheered or booed, but there was always excitement. Seeing the strength of those titans on the ring, meeting them and feeling so welcoming to all of their fans.

Having someone to believe in, who was thrilled to have the support of all of their fans, who needed that support... It made Mika feel like she could take on the world. This was why professional wrestling was the greatest. This is why it was more important that the fans be satisfied than whether or not she took home a victory. In a world where people didn't feel safe, Rainbow Mika would be there to show them that you can get through anything, you just need that one person to believe in you.

And Rainbow Mika believes in all of the Rainbowmaniacs out there!

It doesn't matter that she has no clue what the hell Zappa really is, or that his body doesn't know what it's doing. If you hit something hard enough, it gets knocked senseless! As Zappa begins to charge back at her, Mika tenses her body. She weathers each kick, gritting her teeth, but never losing that spark of determination from her eyes. Teeth clamp down, but barely manage to leave pin pricks on her skin through ready muscle. And then she goes flying up...

...and then twists back around at the peak of her arc so that she begins to fall head first, flying down at Zappa like a blue and blonde meteor. "RAAAAAAINBOOOOOOOOW!" The cry fills the air as she comes crashing down at Zappa with a forehead like iron, clamping hands on his shoulders (or whatever manages to be there at the time) so that her body pivots about him, landing with her feet on the ground. Without hesitation, she continues the cranial assault, pounding down on Zappa's body with her skull again and again. Sooner or later there will be a head, somewhere. A head knocked senseless and when it appears, she makes a grab for whatever passes for a neck, clamping down tight on it as she raises her free hand to the sky. "LET'S GOOOOOOO!" she shouts, running forward, dragging Zappa along behind her as she leaps up into the air, dropping onto her back as she plows him into the pitch.

COMBATSYS: Zappa interrupts Heavenly Dynamite from Rainbow Mika with Umareru!!.

[                          \\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Rainbow Mika     1/-----==/=======|==-----\-------\0            Zappa

What horrifying things Zappa could be - it all depends on what S-ko wanted at that moment. Whatever goal she had, it was simplistic in nature. Short sighted. All action and no thought. Yet it didn't need to involve much thinking. Not for what she had so wanted. it doesn't matter how Zappa got into fights. It doesn't matter what /caused/ them, she so dearly wanted to lash out. IT'S WHAT SHE WANTS it's what she always wanted revenge VENGEANCE pain inflicted on those who are just LEECHES on EVERYONE and you do not PULL leeches off. You BURN THEM until they LET GO of their lives.

Zappa never wanted any of it, he really didn't. Simply a love-struck simple man with simple wantings. However caring he could be, he was overly thoughtful at the worst of times and at the best, was just another member of society that wanted to live their life with someone he cared for. He couldn't find them though, so he set off.

The rest became history when S-ko was found. TheBLESSINGcurse that befell Zappa marked the beginning of theVENGEANCEodd sleeping habits that he could never explain. Why would he fallCRUSHasleep in the midst of day? Yet he fainted so often, was something wrongFIXEDwith him?

His attempt at meeting her was part of Zappa's own desire - and S-ko's own interest - a plan to get closer to her. 'Wrestling' - why, Zappa had never wrestled a day in his life! Thought he had muscles, they were cosmetic in nature. They were beginning to grow, however, under S-ko's oversight. With Rainbow Mika launched upwards, Zappa's body twisted suddenly, growing strudy as he posed, almost as if he was awake, eyes closing, arms at opposite sides, held out with fingers splayed, one leg locked around the other that kept him aloft.

Head first, she came downwards. The burning aura around Zappa, the orbs that grew around him, singing him but leaving no mark, all collapsed into him, vanishing, as she clasps hands on his shoulder, as Rainbow Mika slams her head against him, landing behind him as more and more impacts WOULD come.

They do not, Zappa's hands suddenly grip his head, the 'pain' from the impacts, obviously - before there is a horrible cry from the man. "WRRRAAGGRH!" Barely something to be made out - just as the back of Zappa erupts, three giant centipedes bursting from his back, accelerating outwards, though made of energy clearly with their own minds, jaws, legs and bodies twisting outwards, eyes on every segment as they impact Rainbow Mika and keep going, before suddenly vanishing at the end, leaving Zappa hunched over, the 'wound' they burst from - simply not there.

This isn't good.

One of the most important aspects of fighting, and especially grappling, is being able to determine where the weak points are on your opponent. When a body doesn't stay in one shape, all you can possibly hope to use is brute force; unfortunately even that doesn't work out well for Rainbow Mika. All of this blasted energy... or ghosts. Whatever it is, she's essentially outnumbered. Flanked. Surrounded.

The insane assault that hits her is brutal. Blood is splattered across the ground, practically invisible over layers of black pitch. Her tights are torn, her body beaten as she is left with one knee on the ground and a hand trying to hold her up.

Somebody scheduled this entire match to prove that Rainbowmania is nothing more than a fad, that Rainbow Mika doesn't really have what it takes to keep her popularity in the long term. People are quick to forget that Rainbow Mika isn't where she is because she wins every fight. She's had rough patches, losses, ties, and she kept on going. Even now she sees no hope of actually pulling off a victory against an opponent of chaotic anatomy. Rainbow Mika might be new to the fighting scene, but she's trained for years to get to the point where she felt like she had earned an opportunity to debut and she sure as hell won't let some assholes with a C-Tier Wrestling podcast say that Rainbowmania isn't real!


Pushing back up, she stares dead on at Zappa, eyeing him for any sort of opening, any chance that she might be able to pull something off. She can real it, there's only enough left for one last big try... if she's going to go down, she's going to go down swinging.

Ignoring the pain running through her body, the cry of muscles ready to surrender, of bones afraid they may break, Rainbow Mika clears the open ground between her and Zappa in a flash, putting everything she has left into it. Hands plant on whatever ammounts for the upper portion of Zappa's torso at this point in time as she flips over him, landing with a squish on the other side as both arms clench around his midsection and clench tight. It doesn't matter now if it's centipedes or knights or some pathetic self-absorbed ghost, she ignores it all as she hauls back and launches into the air, pulling a perfect arc as she tries to drag Zappa with her through sheer willpower and then plow him top first into the ground with the weight of both bodies.

And then that's it. Mika can feel her body giving up, going limp as it calls in the debt she'd run up.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika can no longer fight.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Zappa            0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hit Zappa with Rainbow Suplex.
- Power hit! -

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Zappa            0/-------/-======|

A combination, to be precise. A swarm of spirits that all have their own beliefs, intents, thoughts and wants. All of them in the interest in protecting their host, Zappa, and keeping him safe and sound. ALL but ONE. S-ko, the one that has the majority of control over Zappa. The spirits themselves can manifest at will, but they all use his energy. His strength and 'force' that was linked only when S-ko tethered herself to the possessed body and began to change it, to modify it for how she sees fit. She can command them - but they usually only manifest on their own to protect Zappa.

Which makes sense when S-ko is the one throwing him in to traffic, so to speak. Whoever set the match up ALSO may have known about Zappa - studied just how he/they fight and threw them at Rainbow Mika - a match designed with all the factors for her to end up defeated. That one jerk may get what he wants, but Rainbow Mika doesn't go out without a fight. Even as Zappa, swinging back and forth, comes to a stand once more, Rainbow Mika grasps the body that is Zappa as he attempts to squirm free - and boy does he squirm. His body undergoes multiple changes, but when grasped so tightly, it doesn't matter.

When the RAINBOW BUSTER finishes, Zappa is slammed against the ground, bouncing, before rolling to a stop as Mika goes limp - her body giving it in. Zappa, meanwhile, flops, only to flop right back up, even with the horrible pain that wracks through it - S-ko doesn't feel any of it. Does it TRULY exist? The body is still willing. Nothing more is necessary to be said. "LOSE FIGHT lose LOSE LIFE-" Except that's when Zappa suddenly starts to convulse, writhe, wrack and goes through what may as well be a combination of stroke and seizure. Finally, when it finishes, he stands up, covered in pitch, eyes no longer empty windows.

"R..R..RAINBOW MIKA!" He finally gets out! ... Wait, something is different! "Ahhh...Ahhhhh my entire body hurts all over... ah, and I'm covered in this stuff!?" He spits out a wad of it, looking all around, at the crowd and then at ... Rainbow Mika on the ground!? "What happened!? Miss Mika, I'm your biggest fan ... did they have to replace me when I fainted? I ... I didn't mean to and I know you came on top, Rainbowmania is the best.... I .. and well.. oh I feel faint again..."

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