Eagle - Two Cool Cats~

Description: Eagle gets to see a Darkstalker up close. Ice cream is had, and innuendos are made! (Warning for slight sexual innuendo)

A sunny afternoon, the sinking sun had turned the sky a sort of golden hue. The seagulls are cawing here and there, trying to get at french fries or maybe stray bits of hotdog that have been left unattended by unsuspecting beach-goers. Felicia is taking a bit of a power walk or job through the area and decides to have a bit of a stop at the beach proper, likely since she hasn't been to one in so long. and also she might just want to take it easy. She's always keeping herself physically active, thanks to her natural proclivity to sleep so damn much. Cats and all, you know. She's clad right now in a pair of sandals as well as jogging shorts and top, having been able to afford a bit on the outfit front thanks to her dealings with Violet Industries. She's even got a little sweat band around her forehead and MP3 player buzzing away in her ears, and sunglasses.

Felicia is probably getting more than a few looks, given her obviously not-human looks. Though it can probably be passed off as a costume of sorts. Beach Cat, maybe. With all the cat memes nowadays, maybe there is a Beach Cat. Who knows?

Aside from the Beach Cat, there's someone else here taking a walk along the boardwalk. Or, well, he's just come from that direction. It's a blond-haired man, hair and moustache neatly trimmed. He appears to be wearing casual clothes-- a blue polo shirt, khaki pants, and a comfortable pair of loafer shoes.

And yes, he notices the ladycat. Or, well, he assumes it's a woman in a cat costume. Neko-girl or something. Whatever they called it here. If it's a costume it's a well-made one.

If it's not? Someone may be in trouble. Though whether it's Eagle or the cat-girl that might be in trouble is anybody's guess.

As Felicia jogs past the large, huge-shouldered blonde man, she at first runs right past him, and then stops, very abruptly--digging in both heels of her sandals into the sandy walk throwing up a cloud of dust. Soon, she's spinning around in place, more of a spin-hop, really, sandals slapping against the soft ground.

"Hold the phone," she muttered a bit under her breath as she plucked out the ear buds of her MP3 player and coiled the thing away, now having her ears free. "What is THIS? was Freddy Mercury involved in a cloning accident?! please say he was!"

And thus, Eagle is beset by a squee'ing and starry-eyed catgirl, who's almost immediately humming some of Queen's greatest hits! "I'm a rocket ship on my way to maaaars, on a collision coourse, I'm a satellite i'm out of control o/` I'm a sex machine ready to reload, like an atom bomb about to--" she pauses to wrap her arms about herself, as if having some kind of internal conniption--"Oh oh oh exploooode!" she's likely starting to get even more weird looks than she is now there, her legs spread out wide and her body wracked with what looks like shivering. Explode, indeed.

Eagle is prepared to let the cat-girl pass him right on by, but then she suddenly whirls around. He raises an eyebrow at what she says, and at the odd act she puts on, with the singing and everything. Well, she does at least have a singing voice, he notes. Though there is one problem.

Shaking his head, he replies, "I can assure you with utmost confidence that I am not who you think I am." His voice is lower, and his has a very, VERY distinct upper-class British accent. "Do control yourself, miss. You'll have people wondering if you've gone off your trolley."

"Trolley? I never had one... Mate," Felicia blinked a little as she lowered her arms and hands, which she had clasped together. She apparently noticed his accent right off the bat, her's being quite a bit more American, and thus decided to... as the English say, take the piss a bit when she responds. (That is, make a little fun.)

"Well of course you're not /him/, he's dead, pretty sure, but I thought you could be his brother when I first saw you, jeez, except maybe if he spent all day in the gym and grew like a foot, maybe," Felicia snerks a little. Thankfully, she seems to have not well, exploded. Rather she seems to be able to calm herself on the dime. "So uh, I'm Felicia, what do you do, pretty man?"

Eagle sends a flat look at Felicia at the 'mate' comment. Yeah, he knows where she's going with that. His accent's a bit out of place here in Southtown, but he doesn't really care. He works and gets the job done, that's what's important.

Also this fellow's hair is quite a bit lighter.

He nods once she seems to calm herself. He does give her a look at the 'pretty man' comment. Well, at least she didn't call him 'boy'. "I'm known as 'Eagle'." Apparently not giving real names, for whatever reason. But she did ask what he did, and he takes the words at face value. "Bouncer, bodyguard, and traveling fighter."

"Really? You got a pretty great body as far as I can see here, so that fits," Felicia snickers, looking briefly off to the side. "Do you want to get something to drink down at the boardwalk? I think they got great big ice cream sundaes down there!" Felicia was likely appreciative of the dairy products in there, even though it did in fairness tend to give her gas. Whoops.

"If you got time, anyway, I'm just really amazed to see a person who looks so much like him, and all that, are you sure you've never done any singing?" she asked, looking him over again with a grin and starry eyes. She seemed to be trying to lure him towards the nearest ice cream shop.

Compliments are compliments, and Eagle is quite proud of his physique. "Thank you," he returns, and he's completely honest with that. He tilts his head at the invitation. Well, it seems harmless enough, and she seems nice, at least. "That sounds like an idea. It's still a bit warm." He's talking about the weather, of course...

Eagle smirks then, as the asks him if he's sure he's never done singing. And he nods. "Yes, I'm quite sure. One of the few talents I don't have, I fear."

"Damn, maybe we can teach you, I figur ewe could have a great act going if you could pick up a microphone," Felicia sighed a little, the dark violet (no doubt thanks to violet industries) jogging top she wore stretching as her natural muscles and physique was contoured by it, lifting her arms back behind her head as she walked with him to ye old ice cream shoppe. It was more of a sorta small booth like little restaurant, the sort you might see with a coldstone creamery, or the like.

"Alright, two big nice thick and juicy banana splits, please! extra fudge on mine," Felicia holds up two thick-furred white digits, each capped with a pinkish nail to make sure the guy behind the counter understood how many she wanted. She gets a bit of a stare, but otherwise this seems to be going well. Good thing she's got a company credit card from Chaolan~

"Thank you, but I prefer to stay out of the limelight unless I'm fighting," Eagle responds to Felicia's suggestion of singing. "Besides, I'd be mistaken for someone else." A smirk. "I'd prefer to be known for my own style, not copying someone else's."

He pauses as she makes the order at the booth. And he notices those hands. They don't look like gloves. Not with those claws. He makes to get to his wallet, but if she seems to be taking care of it, he'll hold off and instead offer, "That's much appreciated."

"Ah ah ah, I'm buying tonight Freddie," Felicia smiles. Freddie with an I E at the end, not with a Y. Freddie with a Y was an entirely different beast altogether, and a not very gentle one. Once the two paper bowls are brought over, the two are looking at a pair of big fat banana splits, Felicia takes hers and immediately digs in. A sense of humor here is never lost with Felicia, especially at this.

"Sorry if the fur and claws disturb ya, Freddie, I'm a darkstalker. You're okay with that, right? I don't bite!" she tries to reassure him, taking a spoonful of that deliciously frosty strawberry and chocolate ice cream.

Eagle sends another of those flat looks to Felicia as she seemed determined to call him by that name. "Please. Call me Eagle." It's absolutely flat and even. He doesn't seem amused at the nickname. But he does notice the sense of humor Felicia seems to keep about everything. He, unfortunately, doesn't really share it.

The mention of the Dark stalker gets a 'hmm'. "That's a word I've heard before," he replies as he takes a (much smaller) bite of his own sundae. Being sure not to get any in his moustache, of course. Once he's down the bite-- can't talk with the mouth full of course, that would be uncouth-- he asks, "I've heard that these 'darkstalkers' are generally monstrous. You don't seem to be. You must be quite strong, though." he suddenly has a thoughtful look on his face.

"Yeah, now I get what you're thinking--oh she must have bloodsucking darkstalkers fleas or something that'll jump on me and bite me and turn me into a big muscly cat man, or something, but it's all a load of hooey--I even took a fleabath last week!" Felicia grinned broadly, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand a little before reaching over and grabbing a few tissues out of the stall's dispensers. "I don't drink blood, I don't eat babies, and I sure as heck don't prance around in high heels and bat-pattern pantyhose at night. Heck, I'm even afraid of heights! Well, sorta," she shrugged. That part she might be fibbing on just a little. What cat was afraid of heights?

"Oh I'm strong, probably not as strong as you though, you look like one of those old-timey pugilist guys, with that moustache," she smiled, enjoying that cold treat she was having.

"Actually no," Eagle replies to the mention of 'bloodsucking darkstalker fleas'. "I was wondering if you were strong because I like testing myself against strong opponents. With all that's been going on in Metro City, hearing what those dolts are on about, I quite get the feeling that darkstalkers tend to exceed the strength of human beings. Or at least, they seem to believe they do."

He gets a wistful smile. "What better way to train myself, to test myself, than to go against beings stronger than any human could be?" This prospect seems to excite him quite a bit. Not in a sensual way, though. He just likes the idea of a good fight!

An old-timey pugilist? he emits a bit of a laugh here. "Well, I do admit to having something of an obsession with the fight," he concedes. "I would like to find the 'perfect duel'..."

"Hey hey, now, I'm not one of those types, I know there are darkstalkers out there that are pretty much wrecking shit around Metro city, but uh, I ain't one of them," Felicia shakes her head vigorously, letting that electric-blue 80s hair of her rustle back and forth. Kitty don't want none of that! "I don't wanna fight anyway, I just boughtcha ice cream, and all," she licked a drop of what might have been vanilla, hard to see against her otherwise stark white fur, off the back of her hand, reminding one perhaps of a cat when they clean themselves.

"Besides, something tells me you got a bigger obsession over there," Felicia leans down and cheekily draws her tongue up along the curving length of the banana that sticks out of her sundae, watching his reaction as she does it. Was she trying to explain that she had sussed him, and decided to divert attention away from racial tensions and darkstalker's related violence? Yep.

"Oh, I know," Eagle assures Felicia as she specifies quite vehemently that she's not one of the violent darkstalkers. "I didn't mean you in particular. Just... a darkstalker in general. It sounds like an opportunity for a wonderful fight..."

Suddenly Felicia is... actually what... exactly is she doing? Actually no, Eagle knows exactly what she's doing. But he's not going to take the bait.

Eagle raises an eyebrow, giving that flat look again. And he voices the thought pretty much as-is. "...What exactly are you doing? I'm fairly sure I'm not the only man in the world who likes fruit."

Pretending not to know what she's talking about. Works every time.

"Mmmn, I'm sure you're not honey, don't worry," Felicia grins as she retracts her tongue, before engulfing that banana more or less whole into her maw, letting it slide in before she takes a bit down, truncating it. "Mmmm... gotta love these banana splits, eh?" she asks once she has chewed well enough, this cat's nun mom taught her not to speak with her mouth-full, darnit!

"Anyway, it's of little concern to me, really, if you're not gonna try and muss my fur for being a darkstalker, well, I will extend the same courtesy to you," she nodded gently, digging into more of that chocolate ice cream.

Eagle shakes his head. He's just... not going to watch that. He knows what she was insinuating. And she's got TEETH! Like. FANGS! So yeah, he's not going to watch her do that. He just turns his attention to his own sundae, which he's been slowly consuming during the conversation.

Though he look back to Felicia when she changes the subject! "No, I wouldn't do that. Fighter or not, I'm still a gentleman." A gentleman fighter only participates in duels, not beatdowns!

Felicia hadn't made too much of a show of the biting part, more of the image of the long object disappearing between those lips. Either way, she seems to be done teasing him. "Well, it's been real, randy man, but I think I need to head off now, work off this sundae I've had," she urped a little, unlady-like. "Excuse me, a girl's gotta watch those calories, you know what I'm sayin'? Gotta keep this figure," she ran a hand down her jogging shorts and her legs where the white fur of her legs seemed to run out from uninterrupted. The shorts kind of masked the 'garters' on her legs where the fur ended.

"Maybe we can go out for some fried chicken sometime, or whatever--I know they have a nice restaurant that sells that around here, get some nice big hunks of meat," she grinned, then began to stroll away, still finishing up that ice cream.

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