Unholy Genesis - [UG:Round 1] BLACK SCARAB MAGIC

Description: The mystic powers of SCARAB BEETLES have proven to be extremely potent and widely distributed in the black market. But one very brutal incident revealed on the evening news may have served as inspiration for the criminal mind of MR BURR, who has delved into the MAJIGEN JUNCTION to seek out another of the giant scarab beetle population to siphon off for profi-- Science! Profitable science. DANIEL JACK, on mission to find out exactly what's going on in Majigen, stumbles upon the scene and finds himself repulsed on multiple levels: (A) winners don't use drugs! and (B) Darkstalkers are people too! He's out to put a stop to this inhumanity to inhumans before it gets out of control!

In this world, it all boils down to one thing:

Those who have money and the power it brings, and those who do not!

This is none the more evident to the Esteemed Mr. Malcolm Burgess, also known in the underworld as Mr. Burr. He has money, and much of the power it brings, as well as the awareness of this truth.

It is a truth he absolutely despises!

In his quest to right such a balance and give people opportunities, however, he must unfortunately play the game of resource management. As such, he has accepted a job from a reputable source. Specificly, to gather the internal substances of a group of rather LARGE scarab beetles.

While he dislikes killing or drastic injury when not required *it is, after all, ungentlemanly*, a bunch of bugs are nothing to him! So like any good buisnessman does, he gathered a group of 'employees' and hunted down seven of the overgrown arthropod, after which they were brought back to his facilities within a private warehouse he rented for just such an occasion!

Each of the bugs is on a table of it's own, with large thick elastic straps holding them in place for the process. Their legs have been removed, just below the body joint, leaving them small stumps that twitch and rotate in space out to either side. Pipes penetrate their carapaces in various places, as small pumps extract the vital fluids within into sealed containers. Burr himself smiles as he walks down the line, watching his people keep things going smoothly.

For his own twisted sense of amusement, an entire wall has been lined with plush padding, and two of the bugs, now sucked dry, are impaled with greatswords as if in a giant bug collection!

It was the most painful 1 minute of his life.

Daniel Jack had to explain to The Chief about what happened to his daughter. The results of the Butcher case. The... inconclusive result. How Daisy was in a hospital. How she was... Daniel gave a full report. He knew he shouldn't have. But he had to. He had to share the details. The Chief was silent.

And soon, for a long time, was Daniel.

Deep in the depths of Interpol, Daniel was sifting through paperwork, signing documents, following logistical data entry. It was a dungeon for the worst of Interpol, to be locked deep in the basement. There was no light. There was no reality. Only ISO 9000. Eventually, though, the light of the surface reached Daniel Jack, breaking through his barrier of takeout food boxes provided to him. Daniel didn't remember who said it. But he remembers the words.

"Metro City is gone."

"Find who is behind it."

Daniel Jack eventually realized he wasn't in the basement anymore well after the plane landed, and Daniel was forcing himself... he was in the underworld again. He had somehow wandered in the underworld again. Whatever this world was, it was a mystery.

He had contacts.

And he had allies.

"The -hell- are you guys doing?" Is what Daniel calls out as he steps out from behind a vat. Accompanying him are seven cats, the bright-eyed feline natives switching their tails. Daniel Jack was clad in his Interpol greys, the formal grey suit a government standard. The detective tips his hat at the cats. "Thank you for the tip!" The cats nod, and scatter, slipping out of sight. Cats. Whatever he did in that Egyptian underworld, suddenly earned him cats. Hands deep in his pockets, he steps further and further into the killing room, his expression grim. But as he casts his eyes on the walls, to the 'victims' of the process, he can't help but twist his nose in disgust.


He looks back towards Mr. Burr, brow furrowed in rage. "Y'all are monsters. Now I am gonna lay it straight." He pulls a hand out of his pants pocket, chopping in the air. "While this is only morally murder," He walks forward, until he is standing in the center of the room. "Legally, per International Law, I am gonna need to see some licenses for these extraction materials, as well as liens and inspection documentation to ensure that these are up to co-"

The detective pauses.
%Daniel narrows his eyes at Mr. Burr.

"Don't I -know- you?"

All eyes turn to stare at Daniel as he shouts asking what their doing. Some look unnerved, others look worried, particularly those with medical licenses.

Mr Burr looks absolitely elated, and spreads his arms wide and gives a very Palpatine-ish smile "Well! I was WONDERING when i would get to meet you!" He tips his hat to Daniel "You're reputation proceeds you, lad" he says as he casually approaches. Once close, he points his cane unthreateningly at him, giving a smirk "While i don't normally approve of hitting women, those were rather marvellous battles".

Placing his cane on the ground and resting his arms on top of it, he looks Daniel in the eyes with just a hint of mania "So.... *DO* you know me?"

Daniel Jack was getting tired of this shit.

The moment when Mr. Burr keeps that shit-eating grin on his face, and tips that hat, he expected what was coming. Every single damn villain, -every- single one, was going to bring up the Lady Killer thing. The detective rolls his eyes upward, blinking once before casting that glower back to Mr. Burr. He was frowning so hard, as he sing-songs just how he knew him. But where did Daniel know -him- from?

And then it clicks.

"Malcolm Burgess. AKA Mr. Burr. Smuggler, Drug Trafficker, and Leader in International Crime." The detective rattles off, a dossier flashing before his eyes. "You shouldn't be here in Metro City, and you shouldn't be..." The detective gestures at the poor creature being drained. "What is this? Why would you do this? What is going on in here, Mr. Burr." Daniel raises a fist to him.

"What is your scheme, Mr. Burr!?"

That smile widens, and Burr takes a bow, holding his cane to his chest and tipping his hat again "You DO know me! I'm flattered! As for what i'm doing.... well....". He again stands with his hands on his cane staring into Daniels eyes, head tilted slightly to the side "A good buisnessman NEVER reveals their suppliers or buisness partners!". Burr shakes a finger at Daniel as he shakes his head "Tsk tsk".

He then holds his arms at the sides again and says "HOWEVER, i do assure you i HAVE legally rented this space and seeing as i own these machines, nor is anything here technicly illegal, i see little reason to explain myself". Reaching into his jacket, he removes a copy of the the rent agreement "Take a look. I assure you all is in order. Other than that, i feel no need to explain myself any further". His eyebrows furrow, a hint of annoyance in his smile as he says it

Daniel Jack trembles in rage.

Oh, hell, it was a gambit. That much was clear. Daniel didn't... didn't actually have proper juristdiction here. What he had was a bunch of guides instructing him that humans were assaulting the scarabfolk, and several were captured. But now that he was here... what could Interpol do? This was a hell dimension. People like Mr. Burr deserved to be here. But not.... not do well. As the smiling, well-dressed man approaches Daniel, his arms intensify as he just... smoothly pushes away the minor legal issues.

Daniel Jack narrows his eyes at the documents presented before him.

"Hm." Is all he responds at first. As he sifts through the documentation, he follows all the proper paperwork. "Well, hm. Good market rate on the rent, acceptable documentation on the liens, all medical equipment DOES seem registered. As far as human testing goes..." Daniel Jack pauses, looking up from the papers straight into Mr. Burr. And he stares -daggers-

"You bastard."

Daniel Jack tosses the papers back at Mr. Burr, scattering them on the ground. "Officially, Interpol doesn't recognize these creatures. They are just considered a mass hysteria, a unsubstancial rumor. They are nothing. But you know what else I can call them? People. These things are people. And if they are people, then..." Daniel Jack brings both of his hands up, assuming a defensive stance.

"Then you are experimenting on people."

Burr blinks, head tilting the OTHER direction as Daniel throws the papers back in his face. His smile, however, only manages to widen FURTHER, to almost creepy levels.

He shakes his head "How rude of you, lad. No manners at all!".

He holds his cane just beneath it's pommel, diagonally across his chast "Bugs are people? This is a new one. Perhaps YOU should 'lay off' the drugs, boy". Burr then turns to stand sideways, cane held before him "Though if it's a fight you want, you have but to throw the first punch!". His grin is just DARING Daniel to go through with it.

Daniel responds with a flash of energy.

Chi light flows to his fingertips, as the detective suddenly adjusts his defensive stance. One hand forward, one hand back, he glares furiously at Mr. Burr. He didn't like this creepy smile. He didn't like -any- of this. For a new hell, the company here was worse than the monsters of the Egyptian afterlife. As for the bugs... he looks at the one being 'processed,' looking at it in its alien eyes. This wasn't the monster here.

It was clear who the monster was.

Stepping forward, he turns back over to Mr. Burr. "Manners, scuzzy, are for people. The only freak here is you!" Comes the cry as the Agent of Interpol draws back a hand. Already, the energy builds to a crest. Slashing his hand forward, the energy wave rolls forward, cascading out in an arc straight for Mr. Burr. Daniel could use his chi well; it could cut through metal like an arc welder; and if Mr. Burr was in the way?

He would find out the hard way what happened when you crossed Daniel's path.

With a twist of the torso and a quick step to the side, Mr. Burr gets out of the way just in the nick of time, aided by Daniels long wind-up time and telegraphing of the attack to come!

Of course, this means the attack keeps going, and what does it strike instead?

A stack of the sealed canisters containing the collected innards, which splash everywhere, emitting a strange gas explosively in the process that seems to quickly start to fill the room as the canisters were under pressure!

The staff all break for the exits, coughing and stumbling as they rush to escape! Burr, however, is standing right next to the stack and gets enveloped in the cloud rather quickly. His vision quickly blurrs and he begins to feel..... veeeeeeeery strange!

Oh, this wasn't good.

As Daniel Jack cleaves open vat, there is a suddenly rush of the fluids pouring out all around him... and on him. Staggering back as he is covered in the bug goo, the detective looks dumbstruck. Jaw slack, he blinks once. Twice.

And his eyes feel like they fly out of his head.

Casting a glance around the room, one for each eye, one of the eyes feel like they are following the staff, while another on Mr. Burr himself. Daniel, of course, had both of his eyes in his head. But as he continues to stare around, the detective's physical body approaches Mr. Burr. Coughing. Gagging. The noxious fumes of the strange, demon beetle destroying his very basis of sensory input.

Daniel, what did you just get yourself into.

COMBATSYS: Daniel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Mr.Burr has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Mr.Burr

Shaking his head and coughing, Burr stares wide-eyed at Daniel. The world seems to be wavering and distorting.

Taking a step or two towards Daniel, he oblidges his word of responding despite the world going mad! Raising his cane, he swings the end of his cane hard at Daniel, aiming for where his left shoulder meets his neck! "How... RUDE of you! Ruining my property, you spooney bard!"

COMBATSYS: Mr.Burr successfully hits Daniel with Cane Twirl.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Daniel           0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0          Mr.Burr

Daniel Jack finally pinpoints Mr. Burr with both of his eyes.

The detective gets the jarring sensation of his eyes slipping back into his body. Rolling them around in his head, he rattles them, letting them spin around and around. It was awfully hard to keep focuses, as Mr. Buff whips out something.

A snake.

Weilding a 50 foot long viper, the man whirls his rattlesnake about with a lash. The snake whirls around and around, twirling through the sky. The detective opens his mouth to scream, but instead of words, live rats pour from his mouth. The rats shriek, inviting the snake to suddenly snap out. Daniel Jack tries to push it away, but it is not long before the snake wraps around his body. And there, it snaps out, one by one, eating each of the rats, swallowing them whole. And after eating every rat, it bites Daniel's lips. The detective's entire face begins to swell like a balloon. Growing larger and larger, Daniel face burns.

But then, he bursts out of the snake's grasp.

The detective didn't know what was happening. His senses were upside down. Thrusting out with a palm strike, he just hurls himself into the form of Mr. Burr. He could see him, he just... he just couldn't focus on him, with both of his eyes spinning inside his ever expanding balloon head. A hand chop comes, as he keeps his strict form. Ultimately, he breaks down, lashing out with a desperate eruption of chi energy. The wave comes with his right hand, and he surges in. Daniel Jack just tries to grab the criminal, grab the man to pivot.

And throw him right into the bodies of one of the skewered scarab beetles.

COMBATSYS: Mr.Burr blocks Daniel's Gang Buster EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Daniel           0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Mr.Burr

As Daniel reels away from being struck by the cane, Burr can't help but smile as he sees pain and recoil! He isn't as sure of himself a moment later when Daniel glares at him, eyes glowing bright Yellow with slitted pupils!

He's taken even MORE off guard when

As Daniel reels away from being struck by the cane, Burr can't help but smile as he sees pain and recoil! He isn't as sure of himself a moment later when Daniel glares at him, eyes glowing with bright white light, and.... is he GROWING?!?!?

Burr peers up at the now twice-as-tall Daniel, who brings back his arm, in which a glowing javelin of pure divine power, appears! It's all he can do to throw his arms up as Daniel sends the spear whizzing at his face, grunting in pain as the chi impacts his arms, which smoulder and burn with the remaining holy fire, burning him.

He points his cane at Daniel with an alarmed look, noting that the expendature seems to have shrunk Daniel back to his normal size "These kids just keep getting WEIRDER!". That said, a burst of green chi is fired from the tip of the cane!

COMBATSYS: Mr.Burr successfully hits Daniel with Cane Beam.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Daniel           0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0          Mr.Burr

Daniel Jack at least got his hands on him.

Slamming the limbs into Mr. Burr, the detective is unable to get his grips for the final throw. For some reason, Mr. Burr grows a new limb for every attack that Daniel hurled out. Not an arm, though. Just... a limb. A leg here, a phallus there. By the time the final lash comes, the detective has to stumble back, the man being a regular hydra of engorged phalluses. Phalli.


And suddenly, lasers begin to fire out of each of the limbs. Spewing the green energy, it opens a portal to the third realm, a dimension of countless hoary spiders, hairy creatures from the deep cold that prey on the sandwiches of red pilgrims. Daniel Jack, the Agent of Interpol, tries to bat aside the gateway, but is soon taken in. Falling past countless gateways into triangles of pure power, he begins to feel the spiders crawl into his balloon head. "AGOO! AGOO!" Cries Daniel in the spider's language, as they pierce him with tiny needles. "What are you doing to me?!" The detective cries out as he falls under Mr. Burr's legs. Hands lashing out blindly, he attempts to grab one of the spider's legs. And pulling it, he attempts to put it behind his OWN legs. And there, he would bring the spider down, down through the infinite planes that buffer our world and the third realm.

Before the spiders impregnate Daniel's skin with angels.

COMBATSYS: Mr.Burr interrupts Medium Throw from Daniel with Destruction Derby.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Daniel           0/-------/=======|===----\-------\0          Mr.Burr

It is safe to say Burr has NO idea what is going on! One moment Daniels huge and throwing holy spears, the next, his head is blown clean off by the attack, and his torso begins to grow black fur!

Burr takes a step back, cane up in defense and shouting in suprise as the now three-headed Daniel-cerberus monster leaps at him, its three heads each dripping lava in three distinct colors! Luckily, the beasts bite is stopped by the metal lining his suit pants. "Do NOT ruin my SUIT, you beast!" he shouts, taking off his hat and beating at the heads with it, hoping to get it off before his pants catch fire or the lava eats through to his leg!

That wasn't a leg.

Daniel Jack opens his mouth to scream again as, desperate he is to bring down the hoary spider, he soon finds himself in the middle of the island of Rhodes. Trapped in ancient Greece, he realizes he is pulling down the Colossus of Rhode, the mighty statue intersecting the harbor of the great city. Pulling it down, he unfolds a flock of doves as the colossus takes it mighty iron hat, and begins to slam it on the detective, again and again.

The doves soon lift up a pair of buckets.

The buckets are filled with fine sand, intermingled with salt. As they dive down, they place the buckets exactly 7.2 inches next to Daniel, on each side, in a semi-circular manner. Tipping them over, Daniel pulls himself away from the furious beating that the infinite statue would pour on him, and immediately counts each grain of sand, and each grain of salt. Seperating the grains of salt and the grains of sand from each other, it does not take long for Daniel to craft the Great Pyramid of Thebes. Climbing high on top of the pyramid of sand, he stares across at the statue, still standing tall at Rhodes. Taking a few steps back, Daniel takes a great leap. His swollen balloon head carries him aloft, as he bounds high overhead. Rolling through the air, he sweeps his hands before him. A flock of doves comes roaring out past the pyramid of salt. Each dove picks up a single grain of salt, and takes it, fluttering towards the statue. The dove soon infuse with light, empowering with orange chi as they roll out a cascade at Mr. Burr.

Daniel Jack stops right in front of the statue, as he calls out.

"Ariston men hydor."

COMBATSYS: Mr.Burr Toughs Out Daniel's Chou Kasane Ate!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Daniel           1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0          Mr.Burr

The beating successful, the beast retreats! However, all is not well as even as Burr watches, it grows a scorpion tail, while one head becomes a goats, one a snakes, and the middle one a lions! It abruptly leaps, a swipe of it's claw taking a chunk of his face in the process, making his manic grin even more demented with one half being skeletal, and one eye naught but an empty socket with a single green glowing pinprick of light within the it's hollow darkness!

Burr begins to laugh maniacly as the beast flies on it's now newly grown wings, and takes a deep breath. Tearing off his dress shirt, Burr charges forwards, arms wide, as a huge gout of fire is spewed by the lionish maw!

He cackles maniacly as it swathes over him, even as he pushes through with all his might!

Closing in just as the gout ends, he brings both arms in from each side, attempting to strike the center head on both sides at once in a crushing blow, oblivious to his burning flesh and injury!

COMBATSYS: Daniel interrupts Strong Punch from Mr.Burr with Jumping Jack Flash EX.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Daniel           1/--=====/=======|=======\===----\1          Mr.Burr

The number seven is made of seven. % R
Number seven is made of of seven.

Seven is made of of of seven.

Is made of of of of seven.

Made of of of of of seven.

of of of of of of of

Daniel Jack finds himself in perfect balance as the sun god. High above the ancient peoples of Ur, he has chosen his cow bride to be the goddess of his people. But pool of water lays below the chest of the only one. Laughter fills every corner of light of his realm. Fire is boiled upwards, as well as sauce of the spaghetti sandwich. Seven before seven pilgrims.

The dog draws near.

Hot dogs are beginning to fill the space, as Daniel's head flies away. Rising up, it suddenly erupts in hot dogs all around. The detective finds his arms 1000 miles away, but they are able to grip the figure's body by his armpits. Clutching him tight, he feels the drums tap and rumble, bump and tumble. A deep rhythm comes, bubbling up in tiny bubbles. Bubbles flood around him, as he lifts up to the air to the balloon. Raising the figure overhead, he hurls him down, down so hard to the floor, to the grounds, to the very grounds of the Tiberus river.

Daniel Jack smashes his cow goddess through the floor itself.

And falling, joins him in the basements below basements.

%Just as Burr is about the strike the chimera, it's heads fuse into one large dragons head, and it rushes at him, fire and sharp teeth gnashing! It tears the flesh from the rest of his face, now a skull with a bowler with green dots of light for eyes! It's fire scorches his arm, leaving nothing but charred bone and sinew!

Tis merely a flesh wound!

Despite his lack of facial muscles, his skull still grins, cracking and creaking as flecks of charred and cracked bone crumble from the facade. With a single smooth motion, as the dragon passes, he draws the blade within his cane. Raising it on high, theres an audible dramatic *TING* and a reflection of light from it's tip moments before he brings it down on the middle of the dragons neck! "DIE, UNWORTHY BEAST! AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!".

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Mr.Burr's Mirage Dance.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Daniel           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0          Mr.Burr




check 1



Daniel steps away from the computer, to his microwave in the kitchen. He had put in a cup of coffee in a disney cup. He takes it with milk, no sugar. Walking back to his computer, he checks the backscroll of information. It seemed that Mr. Burr was responding to him spiking him straight down with a successful interrupt. But what was coming next? The blade was coming out. 'DIE, UNWORTHY BEAST! AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!' He repeats to himself. Daniel Jack nods his head. It looked like he needed to be conservative on this.


block 1

Daniel Jack throws up his arms, as suddenly, from the window, Mr. Burr explodes in. Catching the oncoming man with his arms, he feels the blade cut deep into his hands. Palms bleeding, he staggers out of the bedroom, into the hallway. He screams for help, but nobody is there to hear him. The blade keeps coming, and the agent of interpol keeps running. Fleeing into the living room, he trips over the beanbag chair. Mr. Burr is over him, blade out. He was cornered now, trapped in his own living room.





Daniel Jack pulls back his hand. There was no time, no chance. Energy floods his hand as he lays on the basement floor. "FANTASTIC..." He begins, staring down at the swordsman overhim. "... TODOH...." And finally, exploding back upright, he hurls out a staggering palm strike, exploding with a rush of Chi. "PAAAAAAAAUNCH!!!"

attack Burr=Fantastic Todoh Punch.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Mr.Burr with Fantastic Todoh Punch.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Daniel           1/--<<<<</<<<<<<<|==-----\-------\0          Mr.Burr

The blade strikes through the beasts neck, slicing it's head from it's body!

With little to no effect!

From the open gaping wound, Randy savage tears his way out, dragging the cool aid man with him!

With a united shout of "OH YEA!", that then produce Daniels desk, with him clinging to it for dear life, and smash Burrs skull over the head with it! On impact, Daniel promptly explodes in a burst of meaty flavor, sending slim jims everywhere!, impaling Burr like beefy shrapnal!

Crawling to his feet afterwards, Burr is in pain. His bone arm lies on the floor, so what does he do? He picks up his own arm, and uses it in place of his cane, sending a barrage of strikes at Savage and Cool-aid with his own arm as a club, laughing like a manic the entire time!

COMBATSYS: Mr.Burr successfully hits Daniel with Spare the Rod.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Daniel           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|====---\-------\0          Mr.Burr

Gordon Towan (born 24 March 1954) is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Collingwood in the Victorian Football League (VFL).

Towan spent four years playing for amateur club ANZ Bank, before commencing at Victorian Football Association (VFA) side Preston in 1978. He was used as a full-back by Preston.

In the 1982 VFL season, with Tom Hafey coached Collingwood having a slow start to the season, winning just one of their first seven games, a decision was made to approach 28-year-old Towan, who had previously spent a pre-season at the club. He was cleared by Preston in time for Collingwood's round eight fixture against the Sydney Swans, but he instead played in the reserves. The following week, against Hawthorn at Victoria Park, Towan was selected to make his debut. He played as a back pocket and at times was matched up against Gary Buckenara and a young Gary Ablett. Collingwood's next game was at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Towan made his second VFL appearance, in a seven point loss to Melbourne. Hafey was sacked two days later and replaced by Mick Erwin. Towan was one of the casualties at the selection table, dropped for Collingwood's round 11 game against St Kilda. Three weeks later he was back playing with Preston.

He continued at Preston in 1983 and despite battling a hamstring injury was picked in the team which defeated Geelong West in that year's VFA Grand Final. He retired from playing at the end of 1986, and played a total of 116 games for Preston. He later served as president of the club.

In 1984 he was appointed coach of Reservoir-Lakeside.

Gordon Towan finishes the punch, standing astride the football field. And already, he is running. Running so fast. The entire other team is throwing themselves at him. From the left. From the right. From the left. From the right. He tries to slip past them, to make the goal. To win the game. But he can't make it. They pour into him, slaming from the left. From the right. From the left. From the right. With a crunch, he hits the ground, body broken, body bruised. Already, they were coming in from the sidelines with the stretchers. "G'Day mate." He says.

And then he realized that he wasn't Gordon Towan.

He was Daniel Jack.

The detective stands back up from the stretcher, putting his investigating hat back on. Rolling off, he begins to hurl out palm strike and hand chop into the crowd of footballers. Because they weren't footballers. They were men. No, they were a man. A man named Mr. Burr. Hurling out an upper palm, the detective roars out. "Mr. Burr! MR. BURR!" He babbles as he reaches out to snag out of the footballers. Should he get a grip, he would flip him on his back, slamming him down hard... and then he would finish with a driving palm strike to the chest.

"What the hell was in those vats?!"

COMBATSYS: Mr.Burr interrupts Harlem Sunset from Daniel with Hooked Throw.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Daniel           1/------</<<<<<<<|======-\-------\0          Mr.Burr

Standing over the beaten body of Savage and shattered glassy remains of the Cool-Aid man, Burr is suprised when they suddenly start saying his name. Suddenly, Randy Savage begins to convulse, and a hybrid Daniel-Xenomorph tears out of his chest and lunges, screaming something about the VATS system and autotargetting super mutants!

Rather than stop to make sense of it, the maddened skeletal Burr steps in, and catches the last strike with his dismembered hands arm, which he is STILL somehow able to close as if it was still attached, and fling the creature as far and as hard as he can over his shoulder!

Daniel Jack is sent flying.

"No, serious Mr. Burr. My incredible detective senses are telling me that I am -tripping- balls!" Daniel Jack hits the first wall of the room, before rebounding off to hit the second wall. Flinging off that, he bounces right off the third wall, before finally collapsing against the fourth wall.

And he leaves a crack.

Staggering back up, a clarity takes over Daniel, as he stares down the remains of the room. The dead beatles were... broken into pieces. There were no swords on the walls, only on the ground. A strange, horned goat-creature was dancing on the ground, with a handle of vodka. Daniel blinks.

The goat creature was gone.

Pain was surging over Daniel. It wasn't clear if the drugs were wearing off, or getting worse. Reality was... difficult when you were in a hell dimension. The detective turns back over to the wall. He could see a crack. Reaching forward, he suddenly rips off a piece of the wall. Hefting it up, he suddenly feels a burn. Turning his back on the wall, he faces Mr. Burr... the real Mr. Burr. A true Mr. Burr. And turning, he hurls it straight towards Mr. Burr.

CSYS: Your dramatic performance has unlocked an additional DM charge.

And then, another piece.

DMs: 1 use of 2 remaining.

More and more from the wall is ripped off, the detective burning with orange chi. The pieces of the wall continue to fling out, burning with energy, as he continues the assault. And soon, there is only one piece of the wall left. A single word.

An error has occured on Line 314! Please note the number, and report this to an admin!

Daniel had no idea what this meant. He lifts it up, to hurl it at Mr Burr.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Mr.Burr with Mean Business EX.

[                         \\\\\  < >                                ]
Daniel           0/-------/------=|=======\====---\1          Mr.Burr

The effect seems to be taking longer to wear off on Burr. He doesn't seem to entirely hear Daniel. He IS seeing a similar reality, however, as Daniel flys around on the back of a golden pig with dollar signs on it's sides. It's miniature piggy-bank minions fly towards Burr, exploding on impact.

Wavering, consciousness finally leaving him, he points his severed arm at Daniel as he falls backwards, a large a large burst of solid chocolate firing from it's open palm. Hit or miss, he crashes to the ground, and is unconscious at last!

COMBATSYS: Mr.Burr can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Daniel dodges Mr.Burr's Roman Candle.

[                         \\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/------=|

Glados pages, "Okay, it should be working now. I'll reload the state from the buffer, and you should continue the match." to Daniel.

Daniel pages, "Oh my gosh, thank you so much Glados. Let me check something real fast." to Glados.

Daniel pages, "Yep, the shroud mechanic is still working." to Glados.

Daniel pages, "I'm really sorry I broke the CSYS like that." to Glados.

Glados pages ":)" to Daniel.

Glados pages, "Don't worry about it. You didn't really break it." to Daniel.

Daniel pages, "I dunno, it really seemed to screw everything up >_<." to Glados.

Glados pages, "No, see, this isn't really happening." to Daniel.

Glados pages, "What is happening is that you are thinking you are talking to me, but you are actually still in the basement, still fighting Mr. Burr, still trying to save those bug creatures." to Daniel

Glados pages, "Right now, in fact, Mr. Burr is about to hit you with his last-ditch laser attack. You need to wake up Daniel." to Daniel

Glados pages, "You are not dead." to Daniel.

Glados pages, "You are not dead." to Daniel.

"I am not dead."

Daniel suddenly surges to pure clarity now. The sharp smell of chemicals is gone, the fumes having gone inert. And there, Mr. Burr is firing a blast of energy straight at the detective. The detective was already in mid spin by the time he noticed, hurling himself down to the floor hard as the blast comes roaring out. And there, Daniel just lays. He just lays there, his entire body now aching worse than before. But for a moment, there is silence.

And after that moment, he rises.

He doesn't waste time. He doesn't even waste medical reasoning. He just rushes to the scarabfolk creature, still strapped into that extraction machine. He doesn't reason. He just pulls at it, pulls the tubing, pulls the wires. He pulls off the pieces, ignoring the screams of pain. Soon, both himself and the beetle had collapsed to the ground.

The beetle is the first to rise.

It lifts up Daniel, the detective being too weak to resist. It's chitinous claws easily lift him, its mandibles clacking. For a moment, the agent of Interpol is afraid. Afraid he would be eaten. And in the end, in hindsight, he should be afraid. But for another reason. Daniel gets a sensation in his mind. 'Thank you.' Is the sensation. The detective smiles, a crook of a grin spreading on his face.

And the beetle retches up more of the fluid on Daniel.

"Oh. Oh no." Daniel states as his eyeballs fly out of his head again.

COMBATSYS: Daniel is waiting for something...

[                         \\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/------=|

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