SNF 2015.04 - BLITZ: Satan vs Goliath

Description: When BLITZ comes to a Russian prison, can a burly man in a barrel defeat a woman half his mass in a wrestling competition? ANSWER: Yes he can, Vince McMahon! BLITZ triumphs over all comers. And a good time is had by all. (Winner: Gan)


What kind of Octagon!? Rusty, boring colors that seem to have been the lowest cost of paint. The kind of colors that are meant to sap the life and will out of those that see them. Metal, uncared for, rusts among the still living that cage them within. The roudy crowd of Russian correctionals are being held back with a multitude of weapons - ones provided by the BLITZ team to keep them back. They don't have a chance, obviously.

It was argued that maybe a bit of excessive violence would sap the violence out of them - an outlet that wouldn't risk the life of the prison guards - not that they would intervene regardless. With cheers in the background from those who had lived a life much like those outside, but not sanctioned, the battle was set in the very middle of the facility - out in the open.

Skies above are stark with the colors of a fading sun light up the faded building and the background with a burning color, as if the facility itself threatened to go up in fire - not that is still couldn't - as the facility is likely already succumbing to age.

"Kinda dreary place." Gan remarks, scratching his head. So this is a prison, huh? bad as he had been, Gan had only been threatened with it in the variety of anti-drug and anti-violence presentations that occured at all high-schools. A lot more often in Gedo, though. Cracking his knuckles, Gan however cannot move - "How long you going to take to put this stuff on?" He asks, standing much like a mountain - turning his head but not his body. "Almost done! There is a lot of you to cover!" The technician exclaims, as Gan frowns, his eyebrows knitting! "Haha! No, I am being silly. It is done!" He hastily retreats, leaving Gan dressed up in technology he most /certainly/ does not understand - clashing with the barrel and clothing that are quite simple.

"Weird, feels a bit tingly." "Yes, do not bite on the wires, though!" Gan's head snaps over - what? "A precaution! I swear!" This does not make Gan any less annoyed by the claims that he'd do such a thing!

It ... does look like liquorice, though. The red one, specifically.

This place is a dump, but there are few places that see fighting on a regular basis that don't look kind of seedy. Ranging from arenas to the legendary Temple of Cueto, fights are often seen as dirty things, and this is no different.

Aracely has rocked the body paint today, perhaps to try and distract from the technological junk being strapped to her arms, elbows, knees and ankles for the purpose of this BURST or BLITZ or WHATEVER system. Mano 666 is sitting off to a side, having a little vodka and some caviar, which is cheap here in Russia -- one of the few advantages of the place.

As she climbs into the octagon, Aracely says - with some surprise - "You again!"

She smiles, widely. "We gotta stop meeting like this, cabron!" And with this she advances to the middle of the ring, offering a handshake, or a low-five, or some kind of friendly greeting to Gan.

Oh no, did the BLITZ just get activated? (Yes.)

COMBATSYS: Aracely has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Aracely          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Gan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gan              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Aracely

It is a dump.
It was ENGINEERED to take the worst humanity has to offer!
And like it, it didn't get the proper attention it needed.

Gan looks over to Aracely, as she drinks and eats. Gan thinks yes - he should have had a riceball or two more - as he begins to shamble into the middle of the 'ring', though more specfically called the Octagon! Though it's only as Aracely, climbing into it, hails him that he remembers them! "Gyahah! Maybe so!" Gan proclaims, taking the handshake that Aracely, or more specifically, Moon Child offers and returns it. He's not entirely classless!

Just mostly, because Gan is a thug... with a heart of something not quite gold.

After the shake, Gan's hand pulls back - not because he was spooked by her crazy paint - ( though it is possible! ) but because the dynamos and other gear about Gan's body begins to whirr frantically with excitement - electrical excitement! The energy almost arcs off them, the tingling sensation replaced with something far greater!

"Based on what they promised... dunno how to work these things." He exclaims, touching the two fists together with a bit of knuckle to knuckle test - which explodes, however slightly. Gan hops back, on one foot, leaping on it a few times before he comes to a stop.

He slowly looks up to Aracely, next.

"It's going to really hurt." Gan concludes, with certainty.

Hey, it's metal, right? THat's good.

After the handshake, Aracely leans back in the octagon, bouncing back against the ropes in an insouciant way. It seems that despite her garish body paint she is not tapping into the demon within, possibly to avoid antagonising either the guards or an unusually Orthodox prisoner who might come out and shiv them both.

But then the BLITZ system comes online as Aracely rebounds - and with a dark red streak she's lashing herself forwards, and she's exclaiming "WHoa!" in surprise as she accelerates nearer to Gan than she'd expected. Nonetheless, reflexes tell --

And her arm hooks around to aim for his gut, so she can get a twisting hip toss in, and possibly, given this new acceleration, whip him out of the arena. Or into a turnbuckle. There are /eight/ of them, after all -- that's twice the odds.

COMBATSYS: Gan dodges Aracely's Moonset Toss.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Gan              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Aracely

It's really instinct - as in, with the BLITZ system kicking in...
Gan wants no part of it.
Especially as Aracely rebounds and comes back /swinging/.

Gan's eyes narrow - so that system does /that/. He knew, from what he felt, it was off - but it wasn't something he wanted to just 'take' - not with the threat of horrible pain behind it, at any rate. With a cry from Moon Child of surprise, Gan pushes off with his legs as well, slamming one down.

He normally can't just 'escape' - but in this situation, it's anything but normal. The arm hooks for Gan's gut but Gan is pressing down against the ground, kicking off it to just move himself. But this is BLITZ - and he BLITZes the ground, launching upwards, a streak of energy causing him to do something more than a jump - some kind of super jump - with Gan peeling over the arm barely.

With arms wide, Gan is just as surprised as the prisoners who, for a brief moment, stop their rattling as Gan becomes airborne. There is a mad scientist somewhere that is /going crazy/ as the fat man jumps. Of course, what goes up with power must come down as well.

This is no different with Gan.

He twists around, aiming groundwards, as he keeps those arms out. His attempt, as he falls, to grasp Aracely with the BLITZ system clad arm and then slam her, massive arm to her upper chest, backwards into the ground. It's kind of a made-up type of DDT...

But this is /completey/ new to Gan, anyhow.

COMBATSYS: Aracely blocks Gan's Gedo DDT.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Gan              0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0          Aracely

Going forwards like this is like riding a freight train. Being hit by Gan is also like riding a freight train. Except that in neither of these cases is there the soothing balm of hobo wine. Merely... the ring. Swept up on her rebound, Aracely rises, kicking the air --

And takes a huge bump!!

The force is sufficient that Aracely actually hits the octagon mat and bounces upwards again, vaulting up nearly two full meters without really intending to. She looks as surprised as anything, but she tries to exploit it, twisting herself around in mid-air --

"You think your weight class is gonna save you here? I've been fighting bigger boys since I got started --"

And the BLITZ system... almost seems to slow things down. A long, loving drag-out of a twisting, four-hundred and fifty degree toppling, one aimed to give her rotational motion as well as the force of her descent... concluding with an elbow towards the back of Gan's neck.

There is a sudden burst of violet speedlines. >>> MOONCHLID floats on a nearby monitor (yes, spelled just like that).

COMBATSYS: Gan interrupts Power Throw from Aracely with Buchikamashi.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Gan              0/-------/--=====|=======\=------\1          Aracely

He's a living embodiment of a train - almost.
Then they strapped BLITZ onto Gan.
They may have overtuned it.

Gan crashes upwards as well, though with Aracely bouncing and vauling upwards he isn't crashing quite as far up as Aracely does - bouncing but a few inches before he gets back to his feet, brushing himself off - the sandals replaced with some odd BLITZ equipment.

"Gyahaha! Save me? I'm not looking to be saved! Just here to have some fun!"

It's simple, really. Go out. Visit new places as part of a student outreach program... and throw his weight around a little. It hasn't helped his mean streak back home, but it's certainly gotten him to use it /less/. Specifically on those who don't deserve it. With a massive toppling motion towards Gan's neck as Aracely's next goal, Gan can see it as well - MOONCHLID - arcing towards Gan.

In what the BLITZ team probably expected, Gan doesn't wait around. Gan's charge, normally already brutish, seems to launch forwards like an eruption, almost as if a rocket was launching. "So let's start things off right! How about it!?"

Going big, Gan charges head first - the BLITZ powered head of Gan slamming into MOONCHLID as she aims to touch his neck again, a sudden eruption of sparks, energy, electricity and whatever else they stuffed into the system clouding the area about Gan and Moonchild - all before Moonchild appears above it, Gan suddenly coming out of it as well, grasping for Aracely in an /unusual/ follow up - hands grasping both body and legs, as he pulls her back down!

"Gyahaha! I kinda LIKE this!"

A second explosion occurs as Moonchild and Gan touches down - with Gan no longer grasping Aracely/Moonchild at all.

Somehow the explosions... didn't phase him?

Now, when we said the Moonchild took a huge bump, earlier, we meant in the classical wrestling sense. It was impressive to see, but in actual fact, it came with a lot of little tricks and training to diffuse the blow.

That is not what happens now.

What happens now is being grasped and slammed down with vigorous force that would already be a problem from Gan if he wasn't strapped into some kind of questionable soviet super-suit system. That would've been painful; this? This is agony. Aracely's spine pops in four places.

An older luchadora, or one who had less of a burning Satanic will to power burning within her breast (happy Easter, folks!) would perhaps just keel over and die of a spinal stroke in the face of a blow this crushing. (Too soon?) Aracely, though, has all of these factors in her favor. The detonating force of the strike sends her flying back upwards, and --

Even as Mano 666 gets to his feet, possibly to hit some technician with a vodka bottle, she twists herself around.

Because the one advantage here is getting FAT AIR. And speaking of FAT, she hooks her legs forwards as she twists herself in midair with a shower of sparks, aiming to get her shins scissored around Gan's neck and upper body generally.

She throws out one hand to grab a turnbuckle and whips her entire body - hopefully, sending the big man flying out of the ring!

COMBATSYS: Aracely successfully hits Gan with Huracanarana.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Gan              1/----===/=======|=------\-------\0          Aracely

The pain is shared.
Where Gan thought it was /enjoyable/ was on the giving end.
But sometimes, you just have to receive.

Moonchild gets FAT AIR - and sparks shower above. Gan steadies himself - he breathes hard, unable to see exactly /where/ Aracely has went. Sparks blind him as his gaze rizes, the negative part of the somewhat firework filled special being that it would likely be easier to find the one apple in the grocery store that ISN'T marked or marred in some way.

Oh. There she is.

Gan can say this when he suddenly sees MoonChild wrapping around his neck and upper body. Normally this would be mildly uncomfortable - or even just a slight hindrance. The situation as it is, however, allows Moonchild to grasp the turbuckle and send Gan, by his /neck/ spinning and spiralling outside of the ring like a GODDAMN MISSILE.

Gan's protest is muffled in both confusion and pain as he rockets straight into the side of the building at a speed that the metal is not so much as bend as /busted/. The saving grace is that the JOUST systems about him, whirring and such, take the majority of the twisting pressure. Otherwise his head might not even be attached to his body!

Dazed, confused and simply thrown about, Gan staggers to his feet in an acrobatic display of 'fat man drunk at midnight' and only remembers one thing - man that hurt! The second thing that he remembers is from the yelling BLITZ staff about 'GET IN THE RING FATSO'.

"I... ain't fat..." Gan protests, slamming his hands down and launching himself, body first, into the ring. He leads leg first, but his body weight, and the BLITZ system's speed is what is really behind it. "I AIN'T!" He becomes just a bit more lucid - but still remains a meat missile.

COMBATSYS: Aracely blocks Gan's Light Kick.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Gan              1/----===/=======|==-----\-------\0          Aracely

Aracely lands on her feet, neatly. *ting!*

"Hey, shut up, dick!" Aracely declares to the technician who shits on Gan for being heavy. The brother's Samoan, leave him alone. More seriously, of course, wrestling respects those who are of a size, and Gan's approach to kick forwards hits her in the shoulder and sends her flying into the ropes.


Even so, she rebounds like a pingpong ball. Tumbling forwards, she can feel her vision blurring, which is why she does not in this case go for a direct assault on Gan. This would be a problem. He's big. He's burly. He's barrel-chested. He's full of BLITZ.

No, Aracely instead leaps upwards, doing a moonsault over Gan. That's pretty sweet, and it's accompanied by a violet auroral burst that may or may not awe some of the prisoners. Twisting around as if gravity forgot her, she hooks her legs around to get them under his armpits and dangle behind him, maybe.

That's kinda silly, isn't it?

UNTIL she pushes off another of the turnbuckles, aiming to abruptly force Gan to the knees and then his belly, at which point those legs become an anchoring point. Her hands come down to lock in --


COMBATSYS: Gan endures Aracely's The Clutches of Satan.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Gan              1/--=====/=======|====---\-------\0          Aracely

Aracely is ON THE ROPES.
Gan is doing just as well!

Still, there is a sudden surprise with Aracely being launched back forwards. He expects, in a way, there to be an assault following her response! Yet instead, Aracely goes /upwards/ and -over- the large kid ( which in itself is a feat!! ) with a stream of energy that is certain to get /hit ratings/ for everyone and every station involved. Aracely manages to hook her legs around to get under Gan's armpits, and Gan .. seemingly lets her.

The key is seemingly - he's still quite dazed as he comes down, landing inside of the ring.

That is when, of course, he's forced onto his knees... then onto his stomach, and then into the CLUTCHES OF SATAN!? Yet, if Gan is a godfearing Gedo Gang student, is he going to give into Satan!? It seems that he indeed might be!! Except he endures the clutches, and fights them off as best he can - even with the BLITZ system powering Moonchild in ways that Satan could only provide!

One meaty arm manages to, as she is anchoring him down to lock him in - and it gives him, perhaps, the only grasp he needs. The pain is excrutiating, sharp tingling feelings all over as bones and flesh twist and squeeze in ways that hurt more than he has ever experienced before. Yet one meaty arm, free, clasps against Moonchild as she is /so very close/.

With it he would slam it into Moonchild, hard, causing both Gan and Moonchild to bounce upwards like before - leaving Gan with his arm now free to grasp Moonchild, through his pain, and rip her off!

Which is when the BLITZ system would spark to /real/ power. If Moonchild couldn't escape, Gan would begin to swing her around in the air, harder and faster, gyros making it almost a helicopter blade like speed. Some stops, of course made into the ground as such speeds that only the impact might be visible!

Before Gan would launch her ground wards after a slightly odd turn to slow her down - surprisingly the gentle part of it all.

If he tossed her up, she may go up for miles. Straight down without a slow... and there might be a crater!

COMBATSYS: Gan successfully hits Aracely with Funkazan.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Gan              0/-------/------=|=======\======-\1          Aracely

Tension. Tension...!!

Ugh, she thinks, is this really not working?? When Gan clasps against her and then pulls her loose. Pinche bookerman! she thinks to herself further: I'm gonna start insisting my own weight class --

But then she's spun hard and pitched downwards, smashing into the floor of the Octagon. The mat ripples...

There's a sudden eruption of confused rainbow sparkles as Aracely curses in Spanish that gets kind of distorted and messed up because she's the one hitting the ground. But the kinetic energy is not held in abeyance. The system rises upwards with a warbling sound and then



/the octagon collapses,/ spilling Aracely out in a stunned daze, especially when she is suddenly bathed in fire suppressant foam by Mano 666. It would seem that Gan may be...

The Last Gan Standing.

COMBATSYS: Aracely takes no action.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Gan              0/-------/------=|=======\======-\1          Aracely

COMBATSYS: Aracely has reached second wind!

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Gan              0/-------/------=|=======\======-\1          Aracely

The Octagon...

With the systems shorting out and the Octagon and everything crashing, Gan stands there as his opponent begins to get a wonderfully comforting and cozy blanket of FIRE SUPPRESSANT FOAM. It's this time that the system about him begins to react the same way - and the multiple people, technicians, begin to cover Gan in the very same kind of foam!

It's not until he is a literal SNOWMAN of foam that the Abominable Snow Gan staggers forwards and collapses - both from exhaustion and the pure pain that can only be experienced from BLITZ.

That one was ... quite the doozy.

COMBATSYS: Gan has left the fight here.

[                             \  <
Aracely          1/-======/=======|

COMBATSYS: Aracely has ended the fight here.

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