Mei Lin - School of Fighting

Description: Wandering around South Town, Mei Lin is drawn toward the noises of fighting. Mei Lin ends up in Gedo High's courtyard where many students are sparring and fighting each other and Mei Lin decides to pick up a number and challenge one of the martial artists out there.

Wandering aimlessly in South Town, Mei Lin was drawn to this particular side of town through sheer luck. However, the noises he heard coming from Gedo High's courtyard actually drew him there like a magnet : screams and kai shouts from some of the students who were practising their respective martial arts early at school. Gedo High was reknown for teaching its student discipline through martial arts, but Mei Lin had no idea where exactly he was or why they were fighting.

Various small gangs were spread across Gedo High's courtyard, having their fights. Despite his slender frame and his weird outfit, Mei Lin didn't have trouble fitting him : a few bruises across his body as if he had fought recently, untidy hair and a dirty face as if he had done some manual labor recently.

At least so far, he has managed to get in without anyone stopping him and he pays idle attention to the fights going on, looking for a chance or maybe an opportunity. It's hard to tell where he's looking at, as if he was constantly staring off the distance and not looking where he was going, yet he was at least careful enough not to bump into anyone.

A wandering stranger in Gedo High's courtyard?
It's more likely than one may think!
However, it's stilla dumb idea, some might say!

Having returned recently from a ROCK SHOW which tested the limits of his endurance as well as he ability to keep fighting, Gan sits in the middle of the rather sizable courtyard, watching some of the fights - but in the time Mei Lin would be wandering around it, someone would have made the incorrect, or potentially CORRECT, plan of getting Gan riled up and challenging him!

It's when Mei Lin would see, specifically, that battle end in what seems like two motions.

"Bet this time I'll do better!" "Gyahaha! Come on then!" The other Gedo Student leaps at Gan foot first, slamming into Gan's shoulder - it seems to work, Gan bending backwards a bit from impact. Before a giant meaty fist closes around the leg, suddenly taking that Gedo Student and whipping him around in the air! Moments later, he's tossed aisde, sliding along the ground and passing Mei Lin as Gan crosses his arms.

"Little better! Felt it that time, but you left yourself open!" He's simple... not dumb, after all.

His neck cracks as he prepares to sit down once more - to eat the spoils. A lunch.

There was something about the new kid around that made him look a bit out of place... His gaze had something special that made others feel uneasy, as if he was a bit retarded or mentally slow, hard to tell, really.

He goes on from a fight to the other, assessing and staring at them with a wide smile on his lip. He cracks his knuckles idly, pondering if he could have test his might against one of them.

And then, opportunity knocks : someone slides pass him and that's enough to draw his attention toward Gan. His lips curl into a wider smile -- this tall and bulky teenager seemed like the perfect opportunity he was looking for.

Stepping up to him, Mei Lin rests his hands on his waist and calls out to him, "Are you taking challengers?" He asks, tilting his head to one side, a cocky smile on his lips.

Maybe some would call it that.
Otherwise, it was entirely just the kids /thing/.
Gan, meanwhile, wouldn't even care.

After all, he was the same way, for all the different reasons! Like some kind of dinosaur dressed as a man, and with the strength of a gorilla or two! It's no surprise F is one of the higher grades he sees. Sometimes they just didn't mark it.

As he turns around, Gan lumbers one step away before a very unfamiliar call is heard. No one answers.

That only leaves him, doesn't it? Yeah. Gan thinks so - it's one of the few 'thinks' Gan has experience with. 'You calling me out!?!?'

"You calling me out?" He repeats, out of his mind, as he turns to face Mei Lin, having to look down on him - quite literately, actually. "Gyahahah! Course I am! Got to work up an appetite for lunch!" It doesn't matter what time it is, or what place - Lunch is always a thing. "Don't know who you are... but you better know we don't go easy on each other here!"

The short teen's smile widens at Gan's words, "Excellent -- there's no other way to fight, after all, I won't be disappointed then," Bold and brave words, or maybe just daring and reckless ones. It's enough to earn Mei Lin a few laughters from the other teenages who are around : new kid won't know what hit him, they don't want to miss one of their own putting him back in his place.

His legs slide into his low horse stance, both hands getting to his waist as he focuses, "The name's Mei Lin -- Hung Gar martial artist. Give me your all 'cause I'll do the same," He says.

He bows his head respectfully for a second and once he straightens himself up, he dashes straight for Gan, going all out with a violent palm thrust aimed at Gan's midsection, as if he was hoping he could knock him the giant off balance.

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mei Lin          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Gan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gan              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Mei Lin

COMBATSYS: Gan interrupts Strong Punch from Mei Lin with Buchikamashi.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Gan              0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0          Mei Lin

"Yeah?" Gan smiles a bit.
Then slams his right foot out, causing the dirt and pebbles around him to leap slightly.
"Neither will I!"

Mei Lin gets laughter from those around Gan - new kid wouldn't know what hit him? The others around Gan simply don't understand - or maybe they do. After all, Gan was one of the top three ( maybe Four? Edge was a CLOSE contender ) in Gedo High!

You stand by your giants. Especially the literal ones.

Sill, Mei Lin falls into a stance. "Gan. Isurugi." He gets out before letting Mei Lin bows - and watches as Mei Lin dashes straight in, immediately going all out with that violent palm thrust at his mid-section.

History repeats itself. The palm smashes into Gan, Gan pulling backwards slightly, 'thrown off balance', at which point, instead of leg, Gan grasps Mei Lin's arm. Mei Lin might remember this. Thrown sky high, Gan tosses Mei Lin like a rag-doll, up and slightly forwards, to where Gan charges him, head first, slamming his shoulder and head straight into him to send him skidding away.

Ending up near the other student that suffered roughly the same fate. "Gyahaha! Told you... I'm not going to go easy!"

The execution of his attack was perfect. He couldn't have done it better and it felt like he managed to get a clean hit. However, Mei Lin still has a lot to learn and it's one thing to know the theory about your style and having practiced it over and over, it's another to apply this knowledge into a real fight.

That's called experience.

And experience was slowly getting into his skull in the most unpleasant and painful way. He vainly attempts to hold his ground, but Gan's bulkier body manages to easily lift him off his feet and throw him in the air. He flails, unable to defend himself from the rest, as if he didn't see it coming. The headbutt into his midsection causing a low groan of pain to escape his throat as he's sent flying right at the same spot the other fighter was a few moments prior, sliding a few feet on the ground to reach that spot.

Gritting his teeth, Mei Lin forces himself to his feet slowly, one arm wrapped around his midsection. He pants softly but unlike the other kid, he smiles, as if he was glad things turned out that way, "Guess I have to lift the bar higher myself," He says.

With a loud kai shout, Mei Lin smashes his feet against the ground, channeling his chi through the ground and making it feel like it literally ripples through it. As if sending a burrowed torpedo, the ground bulge rapidly in a straight line toward Gan, at which point a pillar of hard rock erupts from at his feet to smash his torso.

Seconds later, the column of hard rock and earth soften and crumbles to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Gan blocks Mei Lin's Stone Spike.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Gan              0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0          Mei Lin

Meanwhile, Gan is ... entirely different.
There was little practice. Little thought.
Simple as Gan was, he fought. Alot.

A thug by nature, he knew what to do from pure brutal experience. That, of course, means nothing to Gan. It never has. A simple guy by nature, throwing around his strength that he gained from his work on the farm combined with the size he simply was born with, things made sense. He was large - so he could do such things. There was no hard thoughts, no difficult choices.

Things work out for Mei Lin, however, as he /picks himself right back up/. That's definitely a way to do things, Gan thinks. Yeah. That's the best way. He doesn't voice it, however. "Going to have to be pretty high." Gan's such a funny guy!

Mei Lin's feet smash against ground, Gan's eyes narrowing as he watches the chi tear through the ground, rippeling outwards... at which point both bulky arms come up, the man crouching to bring them closer, to defend his possibly weaker knees and legs!

It slams QUITER hard into Gan. He -staggers- arms thrown to the side. Slightly numb, as well. It wasn't a clean hit, however. This allows Gan to immeditately charge at Mei Lin, heavy footfalls of his wooden sandals across the courtyard as he closes the distance, shaking off his arms.

At which point he would grasp for Mei Lin, aiming to grab him by the mid-section and then simply lift him up, spiking him down to the otherside of Gan. This is still a rather large change, vertically, if he gets picked up!

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin interrupts Strong Throw from Gan with Earth's Grasp.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gan              1/-----==/=======|======-\-------\0          Mei Lin

This sounds like a challenge.
Mei Lin loves challenges. His lips curl into a wide grin.
So be it then!

Mei Lin takes the time to get back into his combat stance : the low horse straddling stance, both hands by his waist. He braces for Gan's charge, his eyes staring off the distance as if he wasn't exactly looking at Gan when he attacks him. Yet, Gan had Mei Lin's undivided attention.

He prepares himself and times his counter attack and the moment Gan draws near enough, Mei Lin lifts his foot up and slams it into the ground, keeping his low stance to maintain a low center of gravity. His focus ripples through the earth, causing more slabs of rock to burst out around Gan's body, more than one this time in an attempt to trap him and prevent him from reaching Mei Lin.

They come out a little too late though, smashing into his side the moment he grapples Mei Lin and wraps his arms around of him and squeezes him. They criss-cross around his arms and body enough to hinder him and prevent him from throwing Mei Lin right away and giving him a chance to break free.

He groans in pain as his massive arm squeezes him into his embrace and Mei Lin smashes his elbow into his side, following up with a palm thrust to his midsection to break free and force himself out of his grasp. The pilars of earth that rose remains stiff and hard only a few seconds before Gan can break them apart. Mei Lin manages to push himself away and staggers back. He tries to regain his bearing before the hulking behemoth follows up.

He has him right where he wants him!
Or maybe not?

Gan is about to dispose of Mei Lin before there are PILLARS OF EARTH. All of these things hurt, Gan thinks, but there are issues with Gan crashing through them. That, hurts, as well. Each of them batter him but Gan's assault is only lessened, not prevented, by the assault!

Still, at the very end, Gan is followed into with an elbow, a palm thrust afterwards, Gan slamming into the rock from the multiple strikes, other sections of the earth wrapping around Gan, constricting him, preventing him from moving. With Mei Lin on the move, Gan is weakened - he is at his mercy!

At which point Gan breaks through like some unstoppable machine, the sheer strength from Gan shown as he charges right through them, Mei Lin getting only moments. Gan isn't one to simply let up! "Don't think... I'll just let you get your breath! Gyahaha!" Which is unfortunate... because Mei Lin suddenly would find Gan already on the hunt! Pieces of dirt and earth all over, Gan looks almost like some kind ogf golem as he reaches out for Mei Lin -

And if he manages to grasp him, even in his wounded state, Gan would begin to pick him up and then treat him like some sort of rag-doll, whipping him around like a propeller of some sort of aircraft, laughing all while doing so! With the samller size of the boy, Gan would, potentially, have no issues with this before spiking him groundwards!

Gan doesn't need a breather, so why should Mei Lin!?

COMBATSYS: Gan successfully hits Mei Lin with Ooran.
- Power hit! -
# Disabling hit! #

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Gan              1/---====/=======|=======\==-----\1          Mei Lin

Panting softly, Mei Lin snarls back at Gan, "I'm not trying to take a breather!" He protests. He's just trying to regain his bearing in this fight : what with Gan constantly trying to lift him off the ground, Mei Lin found himself rather destabilized by this.

After all, her best way to see is through his tremorsense and once he lifts him off the ground it almost felt like he was in total darkness. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, Mei Lin fails to get enough distance to prepare himself against Gan's next attack. Mei Lin's lifted off the ground fairly easily : he's a featherweight compared to Gan, after all. He flails his arms about as if in disarray, especially as he starts swinging him around. A high pitched screech escapes his throat, almost a girly one as he ends up totally defenseless and completly unaware of where he's going or what will happen next and then...


He's smashed against the ground, splattered against it. His arms didn't even come up to absorb the blow or anything, he was totally lost in the midst of Gan's mighty swing. His body aches all over, a bit of blood flows down his forehead as his body twitches and he slowly attempts to get back on his feet.

He staggers and stumbles, dazed by Gan's attack. It seemed to take quite an effort to stand back up, a ragged cough of pain escaping his throat as he clenches his left arm against his painful midsection.

He still hasn't quite recovered from the dizziness he felt, his head still spinning, but Mei Lin attacks right back. After all, if he didn't, Gan would just smack him down. He growls and throws all of his weight into a fierce uppercut in Gan's general direction. His movements were obviously more sluggish and unfcosued, which made the punch less powerful than it could have been.

COMBATSYS: Gan has left the fight here.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mei Lin          1/------=/=======|

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin has ended the fight here.

COMBATSYS: Gan interrupts Fierce Punch from Mei Lin with Setsuhou Otoshi.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Gan              0/-------/-----==|=======\=====--\1          Mei Lin

With Mei Lin at Gan's mercy, can Gan ever let up!?
The answer is he can!
He won't, though.

With Mei Lin splattered against the ground, Gan does give him just a bit of breathing room! Blood even flows from Mei Lin - can is almost certain this is over, that the fight has come to a stop. Yet Mei Lin stands up, staggering, dazed. "Still want to go? Maybe we should end it." Gan suggests, the Gedo crowd cheering Gan on for his, apparently, dominating display.

Yet Mei Lin attacks Gan again, going forwards, never letting up! The problem with such a strategy is that Gan isn't worse for wear to act upon it. Gan smirks, hands spreading out as he slams a wooden sandaled foot into the ground. With all the force and energy thrown into an uppercut at that speed and at that distance, it's clear Gan should take heed - and he does.

Chi glows brightly on both arms as the first palm slams out, grasping that hand that Mei Lin shoots out, catching it and turning it aside. Gan hunkers down, wincing as he takes the assault but doesn't seem worse for wear! Another palm, burning with chi energy, slams into Mei Lin's midsection. Another and another rain into Mei Lin, one after another striking the boy as Gan begins his endless assault - and after that eternity, rears one large heavy hand back.

"HRRAH!" A single heavy strike to once again send Mei Lin away from him.

It all came from a good intention on Gan's part : he didn't want to injure Mei Lin, after all. Though Mei Lin seemed insulted by his offer. He grits his teeth and groans a bit through his ragged panting. Every one of his movement seem demanding of him, though he refuses to stop if he can still stand. If he's still able to force his body through it, he will carry on. Beside, things seemed worse than they really were due to his obvious dizziness caused by the previous attack.

Once his uppercut is deflected, Mei Lin is left vulnerable for the follow up and Gan's flurry of blows is enough to bring him back to earth in a rather painful way. He tries to defend himself yet every movement is too slow and Gan softens him up quite a bit, taking out probably the last bit of energy he has left in him, every smashes earning a wince and groan as he flinches from the pain.

The last blow knocks him off a few feet. Hadn't it been for the wall of the school, he would have probably fallen on his back from the force of the impact. He barely manages to hold on his feet still and stagger foward. It feels like he's about to collapse, his breathing heavy.

Everyone would have expected the new kid to have had enough but he feels like he's still hanging on, asking for more. He lifts his arms up from his trembling body into what seems to be an ultimate effort, gritting his teeth to try and ignore the pain that echoes through his body and...


He just collapses to his knees and falls down head first with a painful groan and sigh. Alas, his body refused to carry on that one.

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin takes no action.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Gan              0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin can no longer fight.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Gan              0/-------/-----==|

With Mei Lin falling back against the wall...
Gan stops, standing up.
He waits for a moment.

Mei Lin stands, staggers forwards and seems to collapse. The new kid continues to fight to stand, continues to stand to /fight/. It seems like this isn't over. Gan can understand it. Gan can certainly see the fight in his eyes. Yet Gan does not move yet.

The other man collapses to his knees, before falling forwards, head first, with a groan and then, finally, a sigh. A solid nod is given his way by the Gedo Giant. "Gyahaha!" He roars with laughter, but sounds... good natured? It wasn't mocking. "A better fight than most of the students here!" A few cheering Gedo High students are pointed to. "Hey! Get this damn guy your lunch! Some of your backpacks too, you aren't using them anyways!"

What would happen is, of course, food and a makeshift 'cot' to have Mei Lin rest on until he recovers.

Unsurprisingly, no one argued with the Gedo Giant. "You weren't half bad... especially that one attack! Haven't felt anything quite that painful in a while!"

The young boy is still conscious, his chest heaving up and down as he lies on the ground. He closes his eyes and focuses on the pain and his burning lungs, recovering. One of his hand goes up to his forehead to brush away a few lock of hair and the hot liquid he felt pouring down his temple. He hadn't noticed it with the adrenaline.

He doesn't complain when the other students reach out for him and help him sit up straight. Seems like the students had plenty of respect for Gan, perhaps he was the leader of this little gang? Their master? Who knows...

With a painful groan, Mei Lin nods and thanks the students who helped him sit. He waves his hand dismissingly when he's offered some food though. Hunger is the last of his worries right now. One arm clenches up around his midsection to lessen his pain. "Th.. Thanks.." He says to Gan, "That was... Brutal, probably the most brutal fight I've had, oye... I thought I was good at soaking up some punches, but I didn't even have the time for it,"

"What sort of place is this place anyway?" He asks. It was rather unusual to see so many fighters around, after all.

He wasn't a leader.
Just a really strong /enforcer/.
In this case, he ENFORCED the good nature of the students.

With Mei Lin finally waves his hand dismissingly, offered food he just didn't want. With one arm clenching around his midsection, Mei speaks - and Gan gets closer, sitting down yet still towering over Mei Lin. "Gyahahah!" With a giant grin, Gan nods to Mei Lin.

"My size isn't just for looks! I know how to use it!" Course, his brain is the same as a dinosaurs at times. You give and you get. "Huh? You wandered into Gedo High - you know, a school? The BEST in this area! The others are just jokers." Gan states, the rest of the students cheering.

"We'll shown 'em! Don't have to just have book smarts!"

Mei Lin lifts his gaze up to stare back at Gan -- though his grey eyes felt like he was staring blankly at him, his iris not quite focusing on him. His lips curl into a smirk when he hears his laughter. "Your might was enough to defeat my Hung Gar, it seems.. I still have a lot to learn," He groans as he shifts in his posture, the breather he took at least enough to make the pain bearable.

He tries to force himself back on his feet shortly after the beating he took, testing his limits, but he proceeds slowly. "Oh, that would explain a lot.." Mei Lin admits, "I'm not from around here, they teach martial arts in school?" He asks.

He grins at Gan and rests his hands on his waist, "Right, I bet! You certainly are good martial arts... What's your fighting style?" He asks, out of curiousity.

Sitting down cross legged, Gan was still quite large.
"Guess that's one way to look at it!"

Not familiar with 'styles', Gan rubs the back of his head as Mei Lin tries to force himself back onto his feet. He manages, slowly, though. That's a mite more than it takes many people who meet him on! Usually they have to sleep it off.

With Mei Lin asking, Gan's brow knits. "Gyahaha! Not really. They just learn!" Still, Gan crosses his arms over his barrel belt, looking on at Mei Lin. "Guess so - and uhhh, pretty sure /some/ of it's sumo. Kind of just do what I know!" It's relatively unnamed because it's based on what Gan is, giant, and what he can do and what he has, brute strength.

"People practice instead of just fighting each other?" Surprising.

Mei Lin was tougher than his small frame made him look like to be. His own techniques allowed him to steel his body and endure more of a beating than most would be able to withstand. Him forcing himself back on his feet after Gan's trashing is more or less proof of that resilience.

He's far from being top shape though and his body still hurts throughoutly, but he's at least able to limp himself to his full height. The boy arches a brow and seems surprised at Gan's revelation, "Huh, really?" He asks.

He looks around and then rests his gaze back at Gan, even though it feels like he's not really looking at him, "Sort of... I hardly fought others to learn Hung Gar... And now I'm learning what it's like to have real fight," He says, punching the air a few time and then wincing as his sore muscles ache.

He laughs and grins widely, "I guess, kinda the opposite of you, eh? Mostly experience more than technique? Seems like my technique's not all that good without the experience," Mei Lin nods and says, "That's a nice school... Mind if I, huh, hang around sometime, maybe?" Mei Lin asks, "I mean, if you guys fight all the time then, well... Let's just say that's pretty up my alley and all,"

Gan was the opposite!
He was simple. Easy to tell.
That did not mean he was 'simple' to beat.

"Yep." Gan answers, grabbing a massive ball of rice and started to chomp on it, chewing as he did so, letting most of the talking return to Mei Lin's court. Gan is, at the end of it, not much of a talker. "I hardly learned how to fight, then I guess I learned some sumo because it worked for guys like me!" He answers, simple as he will get, as he pats his stomach. He also laughs heartily.

"Yeah! Well, how can it be? I don't think I've been in a fight that went the same ever! Just not one of those playbook things... a plan, yeah!" He remarks, completely wrong. "...Huh? You want to hang out in Gedo Territory? Uh... sure, but I'll have to ask the boss." He answers. "Shouldn't be a problem - cause if there -IS-!" He shakes his hand.

"Lets just say we aren't in the mood for any more big trouble."

"Yeah, you're right... Me neither," Mei Lin says with a soft sigh. Now that Gan mentions it, all of Mei Lin's fine turned out to be quite different from one another.

The boy nods to Gan and grins, "Oh... I've had my share of fight today... Might come another day for more, who knows... I won't stay around if I shouldn't.." Mei Lin smiles and bows his head to Gan, "Thanks you for the fight," He puts his hand into his palm, giving a formal and deferent bow to Gan. He straightens himself and waves to him before he turns on his heels and slowly limp away.

Gan would go to pat Mei Lin's shoulder.
That may be a mistake, though, so he doesn't quite yet.
Gan uses a plan, actually!

It's a fill in the blank activity sheet of 'punch' and 'throw' and 'punch with energy'. It's not complex and it's more of a set of guidelines over an actual solid plan ahead. However, Mei Lin bows his head and then /actually bows/ before he turns about and moves to limp away. Gan waves - giving him a bit of a bow as well. Sort of. He never really practices it.

"Later!" He waves, and then stuffs more riceballs into his mouth. Man that made him hungry!

COMBATSYS: Gan has ended the fight here.

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