SNF 2015.03 - SNF: "David"

Description: Can a luchadora in a cybernetic exoskeleton confront the World's Largest Athlete, Gan Isurugi? Can she do it for Mexico - for the children - for freedom and liberty and equality and the hopes and dreams of the entire Lucha Nation? (No. Gan is too big.) (Winner: Gan)

COMBATSYS: Aracely has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Aracely          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Gan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gan              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Aracely

ULTRA street FIGHTer turbo

TWO fighters. That's the plan. The Ultratech Coporation requested the biggest and then 'whatever scrawny fighter you can find'. Scrawny? Maybe that's not quite the best way to describe Aracely but compared to her competitor it will be quite the difference. In California, specifically the Ultratech Red Expo which is, honestly, MASSIVE. What seems to be more of a live-stock corral is the perfect place, with how wide it is, to load up and strap up one of the competitors to show off their current work!

Out of everything, Gan was in the area - why? Because they had a part based on farms - specifically some 'technology' about 'better life for animals' as well as crops. Now /that's/ something he could understand. He didn't know why the crops were better, neither did he know why the animals lives were better based on their claims - but hey, Gan knows when it says it's better, it's probably better. Why would they lie?

Gan doesn't ask the hard questions, after all. He just has a hard head.

"Hey! Big guy! Get in! You're up!" "So I'll get some of those plants right?" "Yeah, sure, whatever!" "Deal!" The discussion wasn't difficult, either. Infact, the hardest thing about getting Gan to enter was really getting him through the entrance - as large as they are, Gan's pretty sizable and still has to lean in and slide a bit to get through the entrance, the barrel on his chest not helping either.

"Gyahaha! So am I going to have to wrestle a cow or something?" Gan asks, looking around for whomever was supposed to be in there with him! Completely aware he was part of a science experiment - probably the most science he'll ever deal with!


Aracely isn't exactly scrawny. 5'7" 140 lbs. Does not have a posse, though, and as a woman she is often judged to be at -4 to STR by industry observers who also believe that Anita Sarkesian is a Shadoloo plan to brainwash game developers.

(LISTEN and BELIEVE, folks.)

However, she is still significantly smaller than Gan. However further, she was available for hire at a reasonable rate through Mano 666, who has claimed that this might lead into other promotional opportunities or something! (Yes, 'Or Something.')

As Gan comes in, there's some talk from behind a screen with the Ultratech logo. "OK, move your left leg."

There's a really loud screaming whirr and someone conjugating the verb 'chingon' in a low, tense voice. Then the whirr stops. So does the swearing.
"O-okay, it should be good now. Go ahead!" says a hasty technician.

And then out comes Aracely, the Moonchild, from behind the screen, walking tall and easy. Actually, quite tall - she's gained two inches in height. And she has a framework behind her, supporting her at the waist, the hips, the backside, and behind each limb.

Aracely is not rocking the paint today. The exoskeleton has been colored a dark carmine red, probably to complement her faux-Satanism. Underneath it she's wearing sneakers, leggings, and a tank top with the red demonic mask of Mano 666 on the abdomen.

"It's like I'm Iron Man or something," Aracely remarks to herself. She comes up - and looks upwards, at the looming mass of Gan. Even with the boot-lifts of the exoskeleton, she's still over a head shorter than him. "Uh... hi," she says, even as an announcer starts explaining about her relative height and weight disadvantage in this kind of a contest.

Walking her way through the outskirts, Tina Armstrong happens to walk by the two fighters. Hearing the announcer announce the fight, Tinna turns and makes her way towards the fight. Listening to the announcer, Tina figures this may be a good match to watch, though she has her suspicions about Ultratec....especially after DOATEC and it's shenanigans.

It's not like GAN has a posse!
He is PART of a posse however!
A big part, if you can see him with your OWN two eyes!

With Gan lumbering in and looking around, he adjusts the small visor on his forehead to possibly see a bit better. There's a /lot/ of bright lights around that aren't helping with the metallic floor that is obviously lighting up in various patterns - quite important when you're selling to the crowd the fight, the SPECTACLE, the battle! - AND the armor that Aracely is clad in.

A large hand comes up to press above the visor to work as an even BETTER visor, eyes squinting as he gazes across the ring and outside of it as well. "Where're they at?" He asks once more, "They said something of metal - so it's gotta be big, right?" Gan asks himself, clenching his other hand. "Well that'll be -" And then Gan hears swearing. The screen is dropped, revealing the Moonchild - walking tall from the framework, supporting her, even! Why! She's beyond herself in size and strength!

Meanwhile, Gan looms over her, hand against his forehead turning down a bit and slowly sliding to his side.


"GYAHAHAH!" Gan laughs! "So they put all that metal on a person? Though I was going to fight a tin can." He peers closer, though, then stands tall. Up and up. He might slightly dwarf her. Just a bit! His arms cross. Perhaps, like Goliath, he is a BIT too self assured, even with the metallic frame on the Moonchild!?

Aracely is smiling when she meets Gan.

Then he starts laughing. Her head tilts forwards for a moment as she takes a deep breath. As Gan peers at her, she waves at the technicians behind her, then looks back up at him.

As the floor beneath them rises - lifting a good half-meter off the ground as turnbuckles emerge from the corners, shooting interlacing ropes at each other with loud HISSES of harpoon-pegs that snap into place and draw taut. Aracely tilts her head back as she says, "I bet you didn't know that most tin cans have almost no tin in them, eh?"

The ropes behind her reach their CMLL-approved tautness and Aracely leans backwards, with casual ease - gathering tension and then springing forwards, vaulting practically across the ring.

Holy crap, she thinks, turning as she does and rebounding off the far end as she comes vaulting towards Gan like a bat out of hell, curling her armored arm at his waist to hoist him up and hopefully dump him like a vat full of electronics waste on the ring floor. "LOOK IT UP!" Aracely yells, mostly for the sake of yelling.

COMBATSYS: Aracely successfully hits Gan with Moonset Toss.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Gan              0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0          Aracely

The laughing is really due to a few factors.
Gan has forgotten them by the time that Aracely and Gan lift upwards.
Oh my goodness!

However, as they lift up and the ropes fire from side to side, Gan twists his head back and forth, focusing on the goings on all about them. Then Aracely hits him with the TRUTH. "... They don't?" His face scrunches up as this truth really seems to hit hard!

Well, sort of hard.

Not as hard as Gan hits the /mat/ though, as Aracely manages to curl that armored arm about Gan's waist after vaulting towards him and just out-right crashing him against the ring floor, the floor shaking and shuddering from the impact!

There's a grunt as Gan lays on his back, staring upwards into those annoying lights. "Guess it isn't a joke!" Gan good naturedly says on his back!

That is before he slams his hands against the ground - the mat... shakes!? Gan is sent skywards, or at least somewhat skywards, as his mass is suddenly airborne, all of it sent barreling down towards Aracely at once, like some kind of sumo slam! It might shake the floor a bit also - so watch out!

COMBATSYS: Aracely blocks Gan's Kashiwade Yaburi.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Gan              0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0          Aracely

Aracely crosses her arms up in front of her, which should not work against a sumo. She expects to fall backwards and hope that Gan is going to not work too stiff on her BUT:

With a loud whirr, she is merely staggered back! "Heh heh - it sure isn't!" she says, leaning on one rope as she pulls her feet back underneath her. "Did you think it was gonna be some kind of a gag or a cheap robot copy of Richard Tran or something?" she says then, turning to climb up the ropes -

And by God, she can do it! It isn't meaningfully interfering with her agility at all! Having reached the top rope, she balances... and then flips backwards, shoving one arm out to try and arm-bar Gan to the ground with her additional mass and force!

COMBATSYS: Aracely successfully hits Gan with Fierce Punch.
- Power hit! -

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Gan              0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Aracely

The sumo is stopped!?
How can this be!?
Yet at the same time, Gan is /certainly/ stopped!

Crashing to the ground and staying on his feet, however barely, Gan is put on the defensive! "Maybe? Doesn't matter anyways!" Or so Gan thinks! Yet Aracely leans on a rope, pulling her feet back before she climbs the ropes - she's learning the ropes!?

Gan, back on his feet, watches as she reaches the top - and then flips back!? Gan actually attempts to charge under Aracely, to pull away. Yet he doesn't get away from it - no, he gets directly into the strike! The single arm slams into Gan, arm-barring him and forcing him to the ground in another powerful, terrifying strike! Oh the humanity!

Gan crashes to the ground in another pained slump, the strike shaking him to his core. "Faster too - Those plants better be half this good!" Despite the horrible pain, he's still not phased!? Can nothing cause Gan to frown during the beat down!?

That doesn't mean he's okay though, the pain is real! The horrible impact causes Gan to get up slightly slower than before, though he doesn't slow up! Slamming his foot against the ground as his hands do as well, Gan is once more up! And my is it! As the wooden feet and the form of Gan gets up, a shockwave right about him - where Aracely might be - of foot and glowing blue purple energy all in one!

he's really throwing his weight around! "Don't think it'll be that easy!"

COMBATSYS: Aracely blocks Gan's Ganseki Kudaki.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Gan              0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0          Aracely

Gan can flip!? Damn, Aracely thinks in midair, wind whipping at her face during one of those peculiar "I'm thinking a great deal while moving" pauses: I didn't expect that. But then she arm-bars him down to the mat, though she does not attempt a pin-- this is a mixed competition, anyway, and she doubts it'll be done. Rolling to the side, she crouches and rises with a whirr of machinery.

"This is pretty sweet," she says, even as she reaches her own feet as Gan looms as well. Warily, she weaves - and then comes the big foot and the bigger wave of purple, which smacks into her gut despite an effort to twist with it. Once again she goes sprawling into the ropes!


Rebounding off them, Aracely's battle cry to Gan is the declarative statement of "What?! Plants!?" as she gets near to him. The servomotors whirr as she sweeps her arms around - as if to gather up Gan. But can anyone lift the big Gan!?

Aracely... well, she may not manage it. But she CAN.

And if she DOES... Gan will find himself swept up and then immediately dropped onto Aracely's knee, back first. This, unfortunately, does have the small issue of 'the front of Aracely's knee is not reinforced and maybe this isn't an optimal use of a strength-enhancing widget.'

COMBATSYS: Gan blocks Aracely's Backbreaker.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Gan              0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0          Aracely

Sent sprawling to the ropes!?
Gan gets to breathe!
He needs a lot of breath though, will it be enough time!?

Gan's foot slams down, completing Gan's necessary anchoring technique! It'll take more than a little push to get Get to fall over this time! Still, apparently things are 'sweet' for Aracely! That might need to change! But can Gan change it!? With Aracely rebounding off the ropes, Gan nods - a winded response, "Yeah! You got a problem!?" Oh no! Could there be a problem!?

There seems to be a problem with Gan though, Aracely knows the fix! A knee - to the BACK. As Gan is swept upwards by the arms. This is ... weird for Gan! On the defensive due to MECHANICAL STRENGTH, Gan is forced to -twist- himself so that the barrel and upper back absorb the front of Aracely's knee as he rolls off, weight hitting the ground behind his massive arms, allowing him to stagger to his feet quicker than before! It still was rough - the weight of Gan is also a negative to him! Just look at how well he'll take something like that!

Not well, very likely!

Back aching, body rough, winded - Gan doesn't seem to let it get to him! "Alright - looks like I'll have to show you what real strength is! Don't need any of that! Gyahaha!" A massive palm slams forwards towards Aracely, following another! A two for one strike intending to show her that flesh and bone is better than metal and steel... and flesh and bone!

COMBATSYS: Aracely interrupts Fierce Punch from Gan with Gear Grinder.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gan              0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0          Aracely

"You sure don't!" Aracely retorts after Gan recovers himself. She steps back a pace, but she's in the middle of the ring now. Without rope tricks, what can she hope to do!?

She crouches low as Gan comes forwards, and she lunges forwards as he slams Palm #1 forwards. It misses her, and thankfully, also the Li-Ion battery pack that's operating this ridiculous contraption she's wearing. The second one hits her in the shoulder hard enough to make something, whether her or the exoskeleton, CRACK loudly -- but she's in too close! She's giving him a hug!

It's no hug.

Having gotten her arms around his midsection she moonsaults upwards, aiming to twist after THAT and get her thighs around his portly Japanese head, following up with a sudden TWIST - thankfully not one that strains his neck primarily, but definitely something resounding. She's toppling to the mat, whether or not Gan falls all the way with her.

"Hff - I think I strained something," she mutters, largely to herself.

It's quite apparent why Gan doesn't need that.
I mean he's such a nice person, why would he need any of that?
It boggles the mind!

It also might be the size of Gan would probably cause them to make a gorilla sized exo-suit, or whatever it is that Aracely is wearing! The first palm by Gan shoots out forwards, but Aracely manages to pull away. Only the second seems to accomplish his goal! A loud crack! Now he's getting somew- no, wait, is he going somewhere? Oh! A hug!

It's not!?

Gan's midsection, surrounded by the barrel, is pressed into by the wooden exterior. The wooden exterior that is slowly being crushed into SPLINTERS. Well, large splinters. It's only the beginning! Aracely moonsaluts upwards, thighs around his week head before twisting quite painfully! The pull manages to bypass the giant shoulderguards he wears, managing to cause Gan to stagger slightly more - if Aracely likes ropes, she'll like where Gan is headed - he's on the ropes! Not literately, however.

Toppling over, Gan actually moves with. It might be surprising to Aracely that Gan manages to roll with it. Infact the roll continues on to the ropes, Gan redirecting it to charge towards Arecely. "I think I DO!" He remarks, getting real into it, before aiming to grasp her right off the mat and slam her back into the ground, heavy palms infused with burning chi slamming down onto her back if she isn't able to manage to avoid it.

For some reason, beaten, bruised and slightly bloody ( metal! ) Gan doesn't seem to let up!?

COMBATSYS: Gan successfully hits Aracely with Ganseki Otoshi.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Gan              0/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1          Aracely

Aracely is not completely astonished at how fast Gan can move. He's big and he's fat, yes. There are a lot of big fat wrestlers. Would he get winded faster? Sure. But fat doesn't mean weak, just like big doesn't mean slow or dumb.

And then he comes for her. His hands burn like contact with a horrible thing - fire, perhaps, or heated iron, or copies of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Aracely isn't shielded from the front by the exoskeleton; hoisted up, she slams back down hard enough to crack impact plastic, sending some shards flying and grimacing in evident pain.

The exoskeleton starts whirring loudly from some-damn-where. It will not stop for the rest of the match, possibly spoiling the audio. BUT... this impairment of a brushless motor, while probably lethal to the device eventually, does NOT impair its function now.


Too late she's moving. Kicking off the ground with sudden force, she bounces up like a time-delayed rubber ball as Gan, no doubt, is recovering from his powerslam, curling her arm around to grasp his neck and then slam back downwards, hopefully taking Gan with her - and possibly damaging the mat in the process!

COMBATSYS: Gan Toughs Out Aracely's Bat Out of Hell!

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Gan              1/-----==/=======|-------\-------\0          Aracely

Actually - Gan doesn't get winded faster.
It's all that work on the farm.
HARD WORK and GUTS specifically.

Standing above the exoskeleten, and by process of elimination ( she's in it still right? ) the Moon Child, Gan cracks his knuckles, heavy breaths as he stands, staggering himself on his two feet - especially as the whirring from the exoskeleton begins. Gan's head is suddenly filled with that obnoxious sound. Something he is /most certainly/ not happy to hear. It's terrible!

".. Is it bro-" Gan begins.

He can't finish, much like Aracely can't finish her internal statements! Aracely launches off the ground just as fast as Gan does - and it's with the same speed, if not far faster, that she bounces up to curl that arm around his neck and slam him downwards - alltogether at once, in some sort of surprise of strength, speed, and stamina!?! Aracely... is not yet out!

The giant goes down with aracely, her arm grasping his neck and his head going downwards, Gan going with her, the mat certainly damaged. It's not over, though. Not by a long-shot. Not for either! As Aracely and Gan go down, Gan's right arm is curling around the MOONCHILD!? As it hits hard, Gan's other arm folds nearby his head, taking both him and the Moon Child, and EXOSKELETON, back up to his feet. His neck and body crashing hard to the ground, but due to the giant's strength and will, continuing back up to his feet.

With really simple access to the Moon Child.

"Gyahaha! You're full of surprises!" He pats the moon child twice before grasping for her with that arm around her, attempting to start whipping her around in the air by the feet, this way and that in the air, tilting, twisting and treating her like some sort of party favor! A few times, he even attempts to slam her into the raised ground of the ring as well, treating her like some child's play thing before tossing her away!

Would the exoskeleton come undone!?

COMBATSYS: Gan knocks away Aracely with Funkazan.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Gan              0/-------/---====|>>>>>--\-------\0          Aracely

The instant mat and ring set-up produces a loud CRUNCH as Gan hits it. It jerks once, but doesn't do more than that, even as Gan hoists up Aracely and starts to spin her round - right round - like the proverbial record (baby).

"I'm full of - a - lot - of - th - in - gs!" Aracely declares as the spinning accelerates. Her arms come up to try and block the ground, but predictably enough this doesn't do a lot. It does crack the armor on her arms, and when she's hurled at a turnbuckle she slams it hard enough to make it tilt fifteen degrees to the side.

Something else snaps.

The ring catches fire. "Oh god!" cries a technician somewhere.

Aracely staggers forwards, half dead on her feet. Raising up her left arm she sweeps it forwards in a huge arm-bar which is probably more an effort to salvage her pride than anything. It's obvious that she's moments away from getting flattened out for an easy pin.


COMBATSYS: Aracely can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Gan              0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Gan blocks Aracely's Fierce Punch.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Gan              0/-------/---====|

The crunch is heard across expo, all the way to Tech Support.
A single man drops his wrench.
A single tear drips from his eye.

Then the ring /catches fire/ as Gan sends Aracely spinning - spinning that is stopped by one of the turnbuckles. Punchdrunk from his head hitting the ring so many times ( it seems to be a popular tactic! ) Gan's eyes widen. He's not just seeing that, is he? That's a REAL fire, isn't it? "Uh-!?" Gan stammers out in one of his brighter moments.

The Moon Child manages however to stagger forwards, away from the burning turnbuckle, and then sends her left arm in a huge arm-bar - it's obvious it's going to hurt if it strikes. Probably more than enough to send Gan reeling. Can he take it? His eyes snap past the moon child and to the burning ring. There isn't a thought here. Gan acts on instinct.

The huge arm bar is grasped by Gan, his huge arm meeting the exo-skeleton powered one of the moon child, Gan grunting as it strikes with metallic fury. That's when Gan sweeps moon-child up, grasping the arm and leaps with what is left of his strength out of the ring - and onto the ground of the expo nearby. "Ghhkk!" The sound of his wounds shooting up as he lands, struggling to hold up the moon-child before putting her, exoskeleton and all, on the non-burning ground. Teeth clenching, muscles bulging! Sandals creaking!

Finall, Gan staggers a few steps and slumps against something also not burning, a chair.

"Heh... nice science or whatever, but see... hah... that's why studying isn't important for me anyways." Or IS IT!? Gan may have missed the purpose of this whole event. "... But I still want some of those plants." His parents would just love them. If they grew half as well as the exoskeleton seemed to work - would they manage to grow a beanstalk and find a treasure-chest in the sky - and would Gan guard it as a giant!?

Time would tell.

Aracely is about to twist her way out. Honest. But she has one problem.

The exoskeleton runs out of power and locks up tight. Aracely, contorted slightly, says, "Ugh! What the hell --" And then Gan leaps free, landing as the ring finishes collapsing and fire extinguishers come out to hose it down.

She is caught in a half-squat. "Hnf. Well, this piece of - Oi! You, nerd! Get over here and unstrap me!" she shouts at a technician. "It's straining my quads!!"

"I'd shake your hand," she says to Gan, "and I want you to know that. But I'm kind of stuck like this, so if you care, uh --" Her fingers wiggle loosely on her less-contorted arm.

It's a good thing that both Gan and Moon Child are away from the burning ring!
Gan wouldn't have forgiven himself!
If he wasn't burning also, that is!

With Moon Child having her own problems, Gan gets his brief break of breathe - that he so desperately needed, and pushes right off the wall. He didn't need much - just enough. Gan trundles over, fast - yet still slow in his lumbering way. With a very careful grasp, Gan gives Aracely a slight handshake - more of a hand wiggle.

"Well I know it and more now!" He answers good-naturedly and then looks around. "Don't understand any of this stuff - but I understand that's pretty heavy!" He's just so on point with these observations. "And it was on fire." Two for two. Gan stands up and gives Aracely some room - he also sniffs. Hmm. He worked himself up quite an appetite.

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