Hugin - Hugin and Munin

Description: The lost Arshe sisters finally meet again. Now let the world tremble and despair!!

It's a slightly chilly mid-day in Northern Norway. People are out and about doing their daily activities. It's overall a modest crowd for the area.

Just how Munin remembers it growing up.

She hasn't been back home since her.... encounter with NESTS some years ago, and has been careful to avoid the places she may be more easily noticed, even after all this time.

Sitting at the restraunt table, she takes out the note and rereads it carefully. Looking back up in the direction of the building about half a block down the road, she puts it away and stands to leave, certain it's the place intended in the coded writing. A letter from the one person she thought long dead, and that she suspects is not acting of her own accord.

Her sister, Hugin.

The building in question is the library from their childhood. There was a way around back with a pipe that allowed one to discreetly climb up onto the roof. Useful when one didn't wish to be disturbed. No one else knew of it, and it is here that she manuevers towards.

Slipping around the back with ease, she quickly makes the ascent, eyeing the area carefully for an ambush of some kind. Knowing her sister, if it's sincere, she'll be front and center about it more than likely. Still, best to prepare for the worst first, and hope for the best.


Hugin's not been having the best day... week.. month... year of her life here. Having grown frustrated about her inability to find any traces of her missing sister, she had decided to hire a detective to help her out. Unfortunately, that stuff costs a lot of money, and it seems that the rumors of her death were greatly exaggerated since the Switzerland bank refused to transfer any money to her from her account due to being.. well.. dead. And wouldn't you know it? The moment she shows up there personally to prove that she is in fact alive, the bank gets robbed by a group of bandits dressed as animals.

Hugin had always been known for surging back from defeat, but this is just fate conspiring against her. It's one thing to overcome a foe, another is to beat destiny itself.

"What am I gonna do?" The Arshe sister sat on a nearby food court close to the bank that had been robbed. Battered, bruised, and still bleeding, she sat there dumbfounded, staring at the TV that was showing a SNF. Huh.. the irony of it all, Hugin always found said matches comforting, and dreamed of the day she'd participate. Now, lost and broken, its naught but a fleeting dream that seems to slip ever further away. She sighs, thinking that she's really imagining stuff, it's like she's seeing herself in that SNF wielding a pair of swords. It's kind of silly really since that's the kind of weapons that her sister would use...


It takes her a minute.

"What the hell!!? That's Munin!!"


Hugin never thought to look for her sister with the professional fighter circuit. Although she remembered that she and her sister sparred a lot constantly, Munin didn't seem to be as interested in martial arts as she was. What could possibly have driven her to take up fighting for sport? Could it be she was being controlled by NESTS? She just had to make sure.

Throwing caution to the wind as she often did, Hugin contacted the SNF authorities to send a message to Munin, telling her to meet in their usual childhood hang out. If this truly was Munin she would know what she meant.

"Well... shit." As expected, Hugin hadn't even considered setting a trap. She was watching the horizon when Munin approached all stealth like, her axe buckler strapped to her left arm for 'just in case'.

Turning around, Hugin's own violet eyes widen as she stares at her own reflection.


Munin takes off her tinted shades as the two look at one another for the first time in almost a decade, her own gaze a mix of long-tempered cautious fear mixed with the same suprise. Shadowy chi drifts off her body as she slowly steps sideways, not showing Hugin her back.... just in case "How.... how can i be certain it's really you? That your not some controlled puppet?". Her voice does a good job not cracking as she speaks slowly and deliberately.

Hugin takes a few cautios steps closer, fists closed and shield at the ready looking more than just a tad tense. Her eyes glance that accompany her sister, that's certainly new, but the suspicion isn't. Hugin was all but ready to embrace her sister until Munin brought up a good point. How /is/ she supposed to know she's not being controlled??

Normally this would be the time where Hugin recalls some childhood memory of them together, that no one but Hugin would known. Instead she just looks wholly bewildered and slaps the side of her head. "Oh! Right! Uh.. that's funny, I was about to ask you the same thing." Hugin is still her less than tactical self, that's for sure.

Hhmm.... stalemate on that line of thought. There is no real way to prove one being in control of themselves, let alone if they may not know themselves! Knowing NESTS, one can't be certain either way.

With a small, sad, almost smile, Munin asks "Where have you been? I saw... i could have sworn i saw you.... " she shakes her head to clear the annoying emotion away as best she can, her face becoming a calculated mask of an expression "I saw them bring you're body in, claiming you were dead. What happened?"

"I was dead." Hugin responds rather matter of factly, always one to go straight to the point. "I remember taking a bunch of bullets to the body when I went to try and rescue you, then I must have taken one to the head before it all went dark." She makes gun motions with her fingers to point to her own temple. "Don't know how long I was out, but then I just woke up in like a morgue or something. Beat a couple of guys up, picked up this nifty shield, and I've been looking for you ever since." The Arshe twin pauses, looking down at the ground in thought before glancing up to Munin again.

"Where have /you/ been?? You have no idea of what I've gone through looking for you! I fought freaking ninjas! True story! Okay, it was just one, but that still counts!"

Munin smirks, shaking her head "You always were tough as a rock and sometimes just as dense...." she thinks back "After seeing you killed, i was eventually deemed a 'failure', and was going to be killed myself. They wanted to arrange for it to look like a random act of violence". She looks at her hand, as dark shadowy violet-tinted chi drifts off it "Their..... 'tinkering' gave me some unique abilities...." her eyes pulse slightly brighter for a moment as she looks back to Hugin "......abilities that allowed me to get away. I've been training and getting involved on the fighting circuit while laying low otherwise, as a means of finding allies and protection. So far, it's worked".

Hugin mimics her sister smirk looking oddly similar, almost like they were related or something! She shrugs helplessly too. "Hey, that's why I always let the planning to you." The girl watches and listens patiently, staring a tad too much, though as Munin might recall Hugin always focuses on what someone is telling her almost to an extreme level. If she's ever caught side glancing or looking in another direction when someone's speaking, it's very evident she's not in the least bit interested. Easy to read would be one way to describe her, at least when it comes to facial expressions.

"That'd explain those shadows." She points out and looks at Munin's hands. "And those blade thingies.. that's kind of neat." The girl makes a face, feeling more than just a tad awkward about saying that anything about their experiences getting kidnapped was neat.

"Er..I'm glad to hear you've been doing okay. I always knew you'd take fighting more seriously at some point." Hugin shakes her head again, she really wanted her sister to join her in the big leagues one day, but not like this! Sure, they were reunited again and that energy that seems to follow Munin around is very intriguing, but just the thought of some terrorist NESTS punks getting their hands on her sister makes her sick to her stomach.

Without saying another word, Hugin cringes violently and hugs Munin tightly. Her sister will have to excuse her if she drops the tough act for just a minute and shows being overjoyed to see that her twin sister is alive.

When Hugin abruptly hugs her sister, Munin ALMOST throws off an attack! Once hugged, she stiffens, bracing for whatever her paranoid mind is conjuring. After a few moments of nothing happening, and reality sets in, and no knife is plunged into her back or explosion or whathave you, she returns the embrace, burying her face in Hugins shoulder to hide the tears.

Guess its a good thing Hugin is the reckless one of the duo, because with Munin's closely guarded nature the two never would get anything done. Hugin should know better than to embrace Munin who might /possibly/ be mind controlled, particularly because she has shown that she has been 'tinkered' with and forcefully granted some gifts. But honestly, after all the trouble she's been through, she doesn't care if Munin stabs her or abducts her, at least she would have been with her sister again, in this world or the next.

Nothing comes though, other than Munin returning the hug and burying her face on Hugin's shoulder. The shield bearer sister chuckles softly and wipes her face on her sister's shoulder. "Hey, it's cool, you got me to cry too." Hugin pulls back brushing her face with her forearm, she couldn't remember the last time she shed tears always wanting to the be 'strong' sister and be there for Munin, but she figured this was emotional enough to drop her guard a little.

"Where do we go from here though?" Asks she, placing her hands on Munin's shoulders to look at her directly. "Do we charge NESTS again? I'd be down for it." Of course she would.

Likewise, Munin hasn't shed tears in a very long time. She quickly wipes her eyes with the back of her hand as Hugin pulls back to ask about attacking NESTS. Sniffing to clear her nose, Munin shakes her head "I don't know for sure. There are a lot of rumors, some of them potentially pretty scary. I don't think we can handle them alone. They've been keeping things pretty hush, and i've been trying to avoid drawing their attention so far".

Munins mind quickly starts calculating plans "It may be best for now to get as good as we can, while finding as many allies as possible. NESTS will eventually make a move somewhere. When they do overextend, thats when we kick over the beehive and hope we aren't stung to death"

"Figures, what a bunch of punks." Calls the ever overconfident Hugin. "Least they could do is send some goons our way to try and clean up their mess." She rolls her head on her shoulders in an attempt to recollect her thoughts. "So we just work out until we can take on a terrorist organization all by ourselves, eh? Sounds simple enough."

"I also wish I could help on the whole getting allies bit, but I haven't had much success doing much of anything. I've ran into alien ninja girls with blood magic, then there's murders all over Southtown, then I get dog piled by crazy people in animal costumes in Switzerland. The whole world is going to hell in a hand basket, sis."

"What about you? Have you made any new friends?"

The world has indeed been getting crazier lately. Munin nods as Hugin describes all her encounters and misadventures "I've heard of such things via various news sources, as well as word of mouth among the combat circuit. Something bigs about to happen... i can feel it. Just hope we're ready for it...."

She shakes her head "Sadly, i've been on the move a lot lately. I've made only a passing aquaintance or two so far. It's taken this long just to get back into shape and learn to fully control my abilities, as well as to fight my way up the circuit. Hoping to change that in time, though".

Munin can't help giving a faint smile "Not gonna worry about it just yet though..." She opens her arms to the left and right "We're both home for the first time in YEARS. Mom and Dad are likely worried sick by now...... in case one or both of us don't make it in the end, i think we should go see them in case we don't get another chance".

"You've felt it too, huh?" Hugin says strangely, the fact that she's never been as perceptive as her sister makes it that much unnerving. If even she can tell something is wrong, then whatever is coming must be tremendous. "Yeah..I know what you mean." She rubs her stomach where she was slashed apart by Skarlet. "Used to think I was decent in a fight 'till I started running into all these weirdos. I guess we have a long way to go still."

She glances at Munin's hands again, noting the shadows, and she too gives a smile. "I think we'll be alright though. We're together again, aren't we?"

Hugin gives a firm nod of agreement. "You're right, let's go see if they are home." And just like that, the threat of impending doom vanishes from her mind and she's a kid again, up to no good with her twin sister. "Race ya there!" She says as she quite literally jumps off the building and starts sliding down to street level across the wall.

Yeah, they are going to be alright.

For once, things seem to be looking up in Munins mind. As Hugin takes off suddenly, she too is almost a kid again as she shouts "Hey! No fair!". Running to the side, she follows in kind as the shennanigans start for the day. Just a pair of semi-normal sisters doing what they do, at least for now!

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