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Description: Gan Isurugi's lunchtime entertainment turns out to be an impromptu brawl and a brief visit from one of Gedo's more elusive students...

The Gedo courtyard is abuzz with activity, and why not? It's lunchtime! Most students are dispersed into their own cliques and groups, though there's bound to be some loners enjoying lunch by themselves. Some groups are practicing martial arts katas.

And some are just flat-out brawling, from the look of things. Amongst one group, a blue-haired girl, Saya, is definitely the one in the spotlight, taking on three young men at once. She's got a rubber knife as a prop -- just to show people she -could- be lethal if she were trying to be -- and even as they make advances from her flank, she shows her adeptness at keeping all three at bay.

Not far from the four fighters is a set of three: one tall boy, a shorter boy with red hair, and a young woman in a boys' uniform. ... Well, kinda: she's wearing it like a coat over top of her sailor-style girls' uniform. A pair of stylish purple sunglasses rests across the bridge of her nose, a detached grin on her features as she watches with fight with muted interest.

"Okay, Touji. Show them how it's done," speaks the sunglassed-one. And with a dismissive sweep of her hand, she... turns her attention elsewhere. As the redheaded Touji leaps into the fray, plowing past two of Saya's aggressors, he manages to catch the knife-wielder off-guard with an arm about her middle. He continues driving her out of the circle, before slamming her down into the pavement.

So much for that confidence streak she was building up...

"Overconfidence will get you every time, Saya..." chides Miko Kobayashi, turning back towards the downed knife-wielder with a dismissive expression. Her hands stuff into her gakuran coat pockets, walking up to the three fighters. "And you three, not confident enough. She had her back to you for no less than three seconds apiece." Loosing an irritable sigh, she glances around. "You folks have talent, but you need to watch out for openings!"

Lunchtime.... AT GEDO HIGH.
The activity! The rowdy and rough atmosphere!
The -brawls-.

The biggest draw is of course the latter, a woman with a prop rubber knife doing her best to keep all three at bay. The best part are the crowds they draw! There's quite the attention to fights and brawls in Gedo, but it's not at all arguable that the kids like them - even pride on them. Some of them are better than others. And /some/...

Some just tower over the rest.

It's a literal statement, as Gan, sitting down, is taller than one of the students that is crowding around the group that are fighting. Stuffing his face with rice-balls, the don's number 1 ( shared with Edge ) Akira protector is enjoying lunch and a meal, though that ends with one of the students simply charging in and taking the student going three on one, right out! Just dragging them!

"Gyahaha!" Gan exclaims, clearly enjoying the ending of that fight. "Mfh-" Gulp, "Yeah! You're in Gedo, you gotta be confident! Gan's words are pretty brief, but they carry weight - well, not as much as the sumo of Gedo High, but his actual weight may lend a bit to it.

Standing up after the last rice-ball is devoured as if it was simple candy, Gan fixes his rather massive belt. He doesn't even really know what the fight is about, though - let alone that it's training. Gan just figured they were fighting! For real!

Miko Kobayashi's first visit to Gedo high school was specifically engineered to demonstrate the weaknesses of Daigo's lieutenants. She earned herself an enemy in Edge that day, and she still regrets having picked on him first, but what's done is done. She'd certainly known -of- Gan Isurugi before, but never really had much reason to speak with him.

Now, though, Miko seems to be in higher spirits. While Touji offers Saya a hand to get back to her feet, she turns to her three attackers, feinting punches at each of them.

"Bunch of cowards. If that knife was sharper you'd each be bleeding out. Weapons mean you don't -get- the luxury of choosing when to strike."

Saya wipes blood from her chin -- she'd hit the concrete pretty hard. "What about me, I thought I was--"

"I just -told- you. Overconfident! You never turn your back to an opponent, let alone all three of them. Never know when they'll grow a pai--" Interrupted, Miko doesn't really finish her thought, as Gan seems to be completing it for her in between downing rice balls. Turning to him with a smirk, she gestures an open hand at the massive sumo fighter. "See? Now -there's- a man who know what I'm talking about." Miko isn't really concerned with the fighter's size; she's done her homework on most of the big players in Gedo, after all.

And right now, she's walking over to him, withdrawing her sunglasses. "Isurugi-san... or should I call you Gan? Name's Miko Kobayashi. I don't think we've met before. Formally, anyway!" She's all business, right up to the point of stopping before him and bowing properly. "Hope we're not interrupting your lunch!"

The Gedo Giant is a pretty big deal! Moving away from size puns, however...
Gan is not one that generally gets involves with day to day happenings at Gedo.
It's usually not important to Gan - or it just doesn't catch his attention!

Unlike Edge, however, the weakness of Gan isn't actually one that's secret or hidden. Gan's generally trusting nature ( at least for Gedo students ) and his willingness to help if there's one of the three F's involved ( Food, Fighting and F's (his grades)) generally comes into play. Will he admit it? No way!

You can trick him pretty easily, though.

Gan certainly IS a BIG pla- no, the size jokes are over for now! He's definitely key to the support network in Gedo. Where Edge's mind, or at least knives, are sharp, Gan is a pretty straightforwards guy. With a LOT of forwards, especially in a fight. "Eh?" Gan may not have even noticed Miko talking to him before, a pinky slid into his ear and twisted about. Sunglasses on the smaller girl are removed as she walks up and bows afterwards.

He bows in response - but raises an eyebrow at the end, "Uhh..." As if thinking if he finished it or not. "Nope. Not at all! Finished it just now!" He slaps his stomach once, then twice, and rubs it.

"Wait, interrupt? But you're just fighting and talking. How's that going to interrupt anything?" Gan remarks, the whole 'polite businesswoman' style throwing Gan off. "Unless you were fighting me... but ya weren't! Gyahahah!"

Miko cocks her head to the side at Gan's straightforward response. "You might be surprised, really..." She shrugs, without offering a full explanation for her cryptic remark. "And... no. I was just helping Saya here work off some of her aggression through a little sparring match. Fighting? What need would we have to -fight- right now? We should be celebrating our victory over the lesser schools, right?"

She glances behind her, noting that Saya and Touji have entered the fray again. This time, the pair is facing off together against the other three boys in a bit more... lively fight, as each side seems to be taking more and more chances.

Chuckling, she turns back fully to Gan. Her voice drops low, as she steps a little closer to Isurugi. "I... heard there was an intruder of sorts recently. Word has it that you held off the attacker... is this true?" She keeps her hands in her pockets, but otherwise seems to be unthreatening -- more interested in -how- Gan responds rather than what he actually says.

Well, it's possible!
Gan adores surprises. Some of them. A few.
Well, the good kind anyways. What's life without some spice?

Mmm, spices. Curry! Rice! Riceballs! Gan wishes he had a few more. Eyes focusing once more on Miko, the large teenager nods at her response. Work some aggression with sparring...? "Eh? But you still gotta put your pride into it. Otherwise it doesn't mean anything!" Gan is a pretty decent guy, but he's also simple - so fighting doesn't have a point unless there's a reason! Why else don't you ever see Gan at the sumo club? No challenge, no point!

"Gyahaha!" A large belly filled laugh, Gan's hands press to his stomach, then wrap around them slightly. "That's one of the best ways!" He answers, but doesn't explain. It doesn't need one, he feels.

However, Miko stands closer, stepping ever forwards, before she speaks up. Intruder of sorts - and Gan held off the attacker. "...Yeah? They didn't belong here." And after that basic statement - he shrugs. "If they don't belong here, then they got no business being here."

Miko can appreciate the sumo wrestler's healthy appetite. She didn't bring much that could appeal to him in -her- lunchbox, so she doesn't even try -- tomorrow, perhaps! She definitely has no trouble mustering up a smile for Gan, with his cheerful demeanor.

"Mmm... so you have a lot of school pride, I can tell. They clearly didn't -belong- here, but... did you have any indication on what they were after? Or what school they belonged to?"

Miko has fairly good connections along the rumor grapevine, so she already knows -some- of the answers to her questions, but really... she's more curious in learning what Gan knew. And how easily provoked he could have been. "Seijyun, perhaps? They've been starting a lot of saber-rattling lately, especially that devil Sada..."

That's not the only thing about Gan that's healthy!
You'd probably guess, but he was a still growing teenager!
Hopefully he stopped growing already, or is in his later years after being held back.

Despite being so large, Gan isn't some kind of emotionless conquering titan! Anything but, actually, as Miko finds out. Maybe. "Yeah! ... Uh." This is where many would think about their response, to put things together. Miko even begins to throw out names.

Gan's response is swift when she finishes speaking. "Nope. Didn't matter!" It's really down to that. Saber rattling this, indication that. "Whoever they were, they didn't belong here! That's what everyone else said."

Of course he'll take their word!

The devil's in the details, it would seem, and there isn't a devil to be found in Mr Isurugi. Just a kind and compassionate man.


With a saccharine-sweet smile, Miko nods cheerily. "That's a good attitude to have, Isurugi-san!" He'd not acknowledged whether he preferred formality over a casual name, so she errs on the side of politeness. "If you don't protect what you have, then you clearly don't deserve it!"

It's at this point that she cups her hands over her mouth, calling out to Saya, "Hear that?! When was the last time -you- stopped trespassers from walking through our streets!?"

"Nnngh... yesterday, and you know it!" snaps back Saya, just before slamming her fist into her aggressor's chest. Okay, maybe that got her a bit angry...

Miko turns back to Gan, her smile just a bit more broad. "You're a good man, Isurugi-san. There's been a lot of attacks on students lately... darkstalkers, crazy gang members in black suits, competing high schools... but I really think we're in good hands with you." She extends her fist to Gan -- not to throw a punch, but as a sign of greeting. A knuckle bump.

"I should probably keep Saya from -totally- wrecking these fools, but it was nice talking with you..."

That's not completely true!
Gan does find fighting somewhat fun - just he isn't going to hurt others because he can.
Just threaten them with a chance, at worst!

With a bit of a grin, Gan scratches the back of his head. "Really?" With him being praised, Gan offers no resistance to it! He's no fool, after all. He's just simple. "Gotta work for it! No matter what it is!" He can agree with Miko perfectly.

As the others fight, Gan has another round of boistrous cheer, a bit of laughter combined with some degree of cheer as they strike each other, words and fists! It's a plus, that's for certain. If they can get fired up, they can get into Gedo spirit!

"Eh?" Once more, Gan's massive left hand finds itself behind his head, lacking a sleeve as usual. The other though rises, only as Miko raises her hand to her. Oh. Right. Bump. The massive knuckle almost dwarfing Miko's bops it with a slight over-abundance of power before Gan pulls it back. "Gyahaha! That'll just be incentive next time for them to put up or shut up!"

Clearly he's a believer in what goes around comes around! "I enjoyed it too - don't have to worry about any of that around here. Won't let it just sneak up on us again!" He notes, a giant grin on his face as he prepares for his next class.

Napping in the courtyard. What, did you think Gan was a straight A student? He just had a giant meal!

Miko is pleased that she's broken the ice -- any -future- meetings with Gan are unlikely to be quite as awkward for her, at any rate. The more she knows about the students here, the more prepared the school will be whenever the time comes to deal with future... incursions.

She tenses up for just a moment, not sure whether Gan's meaty fist will completely -pulverize- hers! She takes a half-step backwards from the strike, but it's subtle enough to not be, like, -rude- or anything.

A confident smirk crosses her lips as she withdraws her hand, tucking it back away into the folds of her pocket. "Yeah... just trying to do my part to bring the rest of the highschool up to the level you and Edge are at, haha. For some people, training is a voyage that never really ends... Keep up the good work!"

And with that... Miko bows once more to Gan, then turns on a heel. She walks past Saya and Touji, drawing a line across her neck with her hand. "C'mon, back to class." Not -everyone- can (or should) get away with napping as Gan does, after all.

And three seconds after Miko passes, her warning utterly disregarded, the bell sounds to signal the end of lunch period.

A distracted Saya turns to follow Miko -- and gets slugged in the shoulder for her trouble. "OW, dammit! You son of a--"

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