SNF 2015.02 - SNF: JACKPOT

Description: Some other fights are a little bit more personal. Through some legal maneuvering, the casino has managed to sidestep some of the laws regarding gambling in China by giving out only 'souvenir tokens,' which can then be exchanged for prizes, which can then be later exchanged for money at another establishment. This has allowed the Diamond Dragon to field a veritable forest of slot and pachinko machines, amongst which is scheduled the next fight. A man loves a good casino, and the former heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Bison, takes the field against a relative unknown, a girl who appeared only during the pharaoh incident at one of PFW's prior events. Promoters are betting she'll be a crowd pleaser--and if she doesn't, well... Bison is definitely going to be out for the payout they've cut him to make things a little more than interesting, tonight. [NOTE: For some reason, PFW doesn't seem to like Ayame.]

This would be Ayame's first public fighting event in her life. All her life she had trained at her family's remote shrine, mastering her skills for the express intent of fighting against the creatures of the night. Living an austere life at a compound that has stood for centuries, she had little interest in or the need to pursue money. She operated her trade of combating darkstalkers in the cover of shadows with no ambition of becoming famous or being thanked for her tireless efforts. The entire premise of making a public spectacle of her abilities was contrary to keeping what she could do a secret from those she hunted.

But when the PFW slipped out notice about its latest upcoming event, the young spirit warrior of the Ichijo Clan enlisted. She had anticipated she would need to pass some kind of trial - some test to show that she was fit to fight at all given her lack of track record, but the paperwork went without request for any proof of her abilities. More surprising was the opponent they set her up to battle in the hellish labyrinth of noisy slot machines. The Ex-Heavyweight Champion boxer has more than a long legacy as a proven fighter... something about the setup definitely struck the newcomer as more than just a little suspicious.

Of course, that was partially why she was here in the first place. The forests north of Southtown were host to their All Hallows Eve event. A fighting competition that culminated in an ancient horror attacking the region, bringing with him relics from the past, several acres of sand, and a few massive stone constructs. The thought had occurred to the girl that it probably wasn't a coincidence that the God King of ancient Egypt somehow manifested in that place at that time, but there was no trail to follow, no clue to help divine the cause of the phenomenon. It was time to start paying more attention to the PFW and their events.

That she was set to fight someone of this boxer's caliber was not incompatible with her other reason for availing herself of this opportunity. It had become clear to her that while her skills had plateaued, the threats she was facing in the world were still beyond her capacity to battle. She could only get so far training on her own, relying on borrowed knowledge and skills. She had surpassed her parents and her only real fight experience was against creatures that could very well kill her should her abilities falter. She need to fight stronger opponents to grow - preferrably ones that wouldn't take her life in the process.

Standing now, at the intersection of two great rows of blinking, flashing, cacophonous pachinko machines, the warrior priestess exhales softly, leaning against her intricately engraved staff. Given this man's physique he might fall closer to the monsters she was training to fight than anyone would realize. Her own reflexes, speed, and abilities would absolutely be tested here.

Dressed in attire that had stood the test of centuries in defining her occupation as a shrine maiden, Ayame looked utterly out of place in this mecca of bling and modern contrivances. A pristine white kimono worn with a long crimson pleated skirt fromed the major elements of the strawberry-blonde's attire. She could have changed to something more casual for her first public fight outing - or at least something that wouldn't stand out so much, but she wasn't here to hide. Showing up dressed this way was a statement of its own to be made.

With a roll of her eyes, she glances up toward the Moneyrock as it trundles in overhead on rails that crisscross throughout the casino. After being told that she would be fighting the famous M. Bison, the additional caveat that the Moneyrock very well might start raining down explosive pachinko balls completely at random hardly seemed the worst news she had heard all day. "Utterly preposterous," she mutters as the speakers on the side of the trunk begin blaring out some announcer's voice that is utterly incomprehensible at this close proximity.

Inhaling, she grips her staff in her left hand and stands up straight. In spite the imense pressure, the supposed newcomer appears completely calm. The casino was aglow with its faux stars and no windows to the outside world. The time of day here was one eternal twilight over a sea of blinking lights of every color.

COMBATSYS: Ayame has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ayame            0/-------/-------|


Whomever is on the receiving end of those words is also on the receiving end of one seriously painful punch. It's obvious that this has happened because there's a body flying across the casino, as well as a trail of blood that's following the body that has been completely sucker punched from one side of the casino to the other. It really should be one of the best ways to travel within such a money hungry environment.

It takes M. Bison a few moments to actually arrive at the location that he is set to be in so that he can actually whoop the ass of whoever he's scheduled to whoop the ass of. Actually, it may have a lot to do with the fact that he's got lost. He's also gotten distracted by a couple of random waitresses that are too hot for words. And then there's the fact that he just completely forgot that he was actually supposed to be whooping some ass this... is it day or night? Does it even matter?

"Huh? When? Right now?" M. Bison is holding up his cell phone to his ear right now and getting told all abotu the match that he's signed up to do. "How much do I get pai-- WHAT?!" M. Bison hops up, knocking out the hot masseuse that was rubbing him down only moments ago. "I'M ON MY WAY!" And Bison snatches up his clothes on his way out of the door. Which gets thrown off its hinges thanks to Bison's epic level of strength.

10 Minutes Later...

Mike Bison stomps his way onto the scene, decked out in his classic boxer outfit. The orange one. He's got some black boxing gloves on this time, just to change up things a little bit. He's decided to throw on some bling, as there are a number of huge gold chains hanging around his neck at this point. He's strutting through the slot machines and right out onto the floor. He may or may not even notice the Moneyrock machine thing because he's too busy looking around for whomever it is that he's supposed to be pounding.

"Alright! Let's do this shit!" Bison pounds those gloves together. He's ready to rock this funky joint.

COMBATSYS: M. Bison has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ayame            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         M. Bison

It seems the first trial of Ayame's match is to withstand the noisy slots for the ten long minutes she spends waiting for her opponent to arrive. She'd know him on sight - she has always had an interest in keeping tabs on all the names of fighters who demonstrate their skills for the public. Never know when she'd have to face off against one of them herself, afterall. But while she waits, wooden staff held in her left hand, she can't find any sign of the infamous boxer.

This does little for her mood, her frown growning by the moment, her right hand lifting to rub absently at her temple as she sighs. "Did they fly me to Hong Kong to waste my time?" she mutters, flipping lengths of heir back behind her ear idly. Along the aisles, patrons of the elaborate casino are plugging their gaming tokens into the machines non-stop which seems like it would generate enough noise on its own. But even the unoccupied stations clamor for attention, their please for players represented by the loud, relentless ringing, chiming, and dinging noises they persist in making.

Overhead, the Moneyrock contraption itself spins and gyrates along the rails, adding just another layer of insanity to the ludicrous spectacle, Ayame's eyebrow twitching as she begins to tap her sandal-clad foot in impatience.

But then a noise rises over all others - a noise that in any other circumstances would be an unwelcome irritation. The shout of Bison looking for a fight to get started. Immediately, Ayame smirks, copper brown eyes lighting up, her grip tightening on her staff. She can't see him, but she heard the direction of his voice. As far as she's concerned, the hunt is on. Crouching for only an instant, the lithe girl springs up to the top of one of the panchinko machines, balancing with graceful ease as she sets sights for the top of Bison's head.

She will offer no warning that she's coming for him as her staff flares to life with crimson hued energy coursing over its rune-engraved surface. Skipping over a few other machines, a flurry of white and red cloth, she has the drop on Bison, leaping up into the air and dropping down, her staff held over her head with both hands before she brings it hammering down hard with bone jarring force!

COMBATSYS: M. Bison auto-guards Ayame's Power Strike.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ayame            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         M. Bison

M. Bison is distracted by women and lights and money. This is probably the worst place for him to be doing battle. But then again, he was always partial to casinos and such so it might just be the best kind of turf for someone of his skill and style. In fact, there's a chance that he's even more at home here in the middle of this place than he is in a boxing ring.

"See, this some ol' bullshit. I actually show up and there ain't even nobody t' whoop up on!" Bison turns around to look behind him, which puts his back towards the incoming staff wielder. He's completely oblivious.

"Yo! Fine ass!" M. Bison has spotted one of those sexy waitresses again. "BREAK YO' SELF! GIMMIE YO' NUMBER!" The sudden explosion of loud talkig has the waitress stumbling over her too high heels and scrambling for a pen and a napkin to start scrawling that number down. Whether it is hers or someone else's, that's yet to be seen. Either way, though, Bison is too focused to even know that there's a chick with a huge stick about to smack him in his head.


"What the hell?!" Apparently, Bison's skull is hard as hell when he's not paying attention. That staff collides with Bison's head and he immediately frowns up. No pain, just anger in his eyes. "Who 'bout to die?!" Bison grunts and spins around quickly, turning to see Ayame and the staff in her hands. Somehow, through some impulsive intellectual synapses that fire one in a blue moon, Bison is able to realize that it was HER that just him in his head. "LOOKS LIKE YOU IS!"

Bison takes a single step and brings one of those huge gloved fists around and towards the side of Ayame's face for a sudden and swift application of fist to jaw. Sucker!

COMBATSYS: Ayame blocks M. Bison's Hook Punch.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ayame            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0         M. Bison

Landing a clean strike out of ambush was really all she could ask for. It was the best chance she would get to set the pace of the battle, she considered. Attacking without warning was a motif of hers - all those concepts of honor, valor, and sportsmanship not something the staff wielder exactly subscribed to. When her weapon rebounds off with a solid thwack and Bison himself is left completely unaffected, however, she's given more than a quick lesson in just how iron-clad tough that skull of his must really be. No wonder he was a champ!

Landing in the aisle, the priestess sweeps her weapon out in front of her, teeth grit as she braces behind the glimmering wooden weapon. Well. She has his attention now, in any case? "Everyone already thinks of you as a Neanderthal," the long-haired girl glowers. "You would do yourself a great service if you tried not /speaking/ like one."

He swings for her face and she shifts her weapon, both hands pressing against the wooden shaft as the gloved fits crashes into it with enough force to send the featherweight staggering away until her back hits a pachinko machines and brings her careening to a stop. "Tch." Her right hand sweeps to her billowing left sleeve, fingers withdrawing a pale blue paper talisman with carefully drawn runes over its surface. "I have seen shambling zombies with more wits than you!"

Sweeping her hand out, she flings the card toward Bison in what must, at first, seem like the worst idea of an attack ever. Only once it gets airborn does it suddenly ignite into light blue flames and suddenly bolt directly for him with far more speed than it had when initially tossed. Should it connect with the boxer's chest, it wouldn't burn physically, but the senation of being lit on fire would be there all the same as the spectral flames linger for several seconds.

COMBATSYS: M. Bison endures Ayame's Reliquary of Lost Time.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Ayame            0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0         M. Bison

"A what?!"

Bison is caught in the middle of taking the number from that waitress when he gets called a name. A name that's a word that he probably should know the meaning of but for some reason he lacks the stuff to actually know what that word means. Y'know, intelligence?

His frustration doubles his rageful anger and he turns fully towards Ayame at this poit, hell bent on making sure she pays for whatever the hell she just called him. "I'm gonna' kill you!" And that's when Bison stops dead in the middle of raising a fist to be prepared to punch this girl into the middle of a whole different casino. Instead? He starts laughing?


Apparently, Bison finds it hilarious that this girl has chosen to throw a piece of rune-flavored paper in his direction. He's practically doubled over with laughter as this thing soars towards him. Bison is actually too busy laughing to even realize that the paper has caught ablaze with blue flame. He just rises himself back up to a full on stance and even puffs his massive chest out towards... "Wha?! OH SHIT!"

Bison staggers back from the impact of the card to his chest. Heartburn is an understatement from the way he feels in that moment. He screams in pain and covers his chest with his gloves as he backpedals to put some space between himself and that crazy paper throwing girl.

"Why you little--!" is said through clenched teeth as Bison winces through the burning pain going on in his chest. It lasts for a moment or three and then he has a moment of relief. A moment that he uses to slide across the floor in Ayame's direction, dropping low and aiming a strong gloved fist at her legs. If he can luck out and break one with his strength, that'd be a total bonus.

COMBATSYS: Ayame counters Dash Swing Blow from M. Bison with The Sunrise of Broken Dreams.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Ayame            0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0         M. Bison

"Another word for caveman," the girl answers helpfully as the powerful boxer responds in a way that suggests he has basically no idea what she's talking about. He yells that he's going to kill her - probably by way of severe blunt force trauma given the kind of power his opening punch had behind it - and the girl exhales with a huff and a roll of her light brown eyes, "I have heard that before." The talisman is flung and Bison, thinking maybe his opponent got confused that this might be some kind of paper airplane throwing contest, does nothing to defend against it.

The mistake certainly gets his attention, the ghostly fire burning over his chest, giving him a just a sampling of what kinds of horrible tricks the younger figher is capable of. In truth, she has only just begun. Even as he reels, fighting back the pain that strikes on a level quite different from the physical blows he is undoubtedly most accustomed to weathering, the pale flame sears at his aura in a way he might not even understand given his predilections for not actually trying to figure much of anything out.

From behind her long weapon, Ayame smirks back at Bison as he resolves to come bearing back down on her with sheer physical prowess. It is as she expected, she thinks to herself. Landing in the aisle between pachinko devices forces the man to strike along predictable lines. His speed is fierce, and his power horrifying, but as long as he continues to fight like this, she might be able to turn these circumstances to her advantage!

In truth, the fact that he swings low almost screws up the girl's plans. From what she had observed of boxing, such low swings were uncommon - and flat out barred in most contexts - so she hadn't been expecting to deal with this vector so soon. She responds as if on instincts even though the movement is fully calculated, slamming her weapon down as she takes to the air, leaping over the boxer. His fist swings into her staff, dislodging it, but given that the girl was already airborn, it seems to be exactly what she intended.

Spinning her weapon with the momentum, the girl is slamming it toward Bison's lower back even as she lands, the crimson hued smacking into him with enough force as the miko hopes to find a place on his body a bit less steel-plated than his skull. Landing with graceful control following her strike, Ayame takes a step back, sweeping the weapon up in front of her again. With the narrow aisles, she can't spin her staff around as much as she might normally be inclined, but she seems to be adjusting to the circumstances well enough.

"Sorry, what was it you were saying?"

Bison is not exactly ready for such acrobatic theatrics. In fact, he finds himself more angry and confused when he's trying to figure out what she's saying to him and also deal with the fact that she's moving around so damn fast and she has a big ol' stick. One that seems to be getting on his damn nerves because she keeps hitting him with it!

"RAARRRRRGH!" That would be Bison's reaction to catching that powerful staff to his lower back. His entire body writhes up something painful and he ends up stumbling forward and smacking into pachinko machines or whatever these damn things are. He knocks over a random patron accidentally on purpose as he shoves off the machine and turns back to face the staff twirling mistress of insults.

"I was sayin' that you gettin' on my damn nerves! Hold still!" Bison turns and grabs the nearest slot machine. It normally would probably take a little bit of tugging but he's in an extremely strengthful mood right now and the damn machine is ripped from the floor with practiced ease. He snarls and turns one full rotation, attempting to put some extra stank on it, before he hurls the such a huge object off in Ayame's direction! There's even a roar that comes along with it because he's acting like the beast he's named after, it would seem.

COMBATSYS: Ayame reflects Huge Thrown Object from M. Bison with Midsummer Fantasy.
?!? Weird Hit! ?!?

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Ayame            0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0         M. Bison

Some might say that Ayame has a poor sense of self-preservation. Mouthing off to Bison is a great way to get one's mouth punched clean off, after all. But she seems inclined to do it all the same. On her feet, she waits patiently, the fabrics of her priestess attire falling into place against her lithe form as she waits once more.

"I am holding still." she responds matter of factly, though there's a faint lilt to her voice - a bemused edge that matches her smirking expression as he slams his mits around the adjacent slot machine. "Are you sure you were not availing yourself to the free alcohol before the match? I cannot speak from experience, but I do understand that will set your vision to spinning... Maybe that is it?"

He wrenches the abused machinary up with a distressing lack of effort before hurling it toward his smaller foe. Sweeping her right hand out, her staff held behind her by her left, she slams her palm forward, a shimmering discus of rose hued energy to interect the slot machine's path. Crimson runes appear along its surface an instant before impact and the way the slot machine smashes into it looks more like it hit a steel wall than a barrier of translucent pink.

Overhead, the Moneyrock has determined, in its evil, sentient ways, that things over here on aisle five aren't chaotic enough and resolves to do its best to help resolve that problem. One of its side panels ratches open, accompanied by a fresh new hell of blinking white lights as the Moneyrock spills its bounty on the area below.

Unfortunately, the treasure it's sharing is of the explosive sort - detonating pachinko balls that begin to pop all around as they spill down into the row where the two fighters are facing off. For Ayame, it is a trivial matter of shifting her focus, sweeping her right hand up and dismissing the falling balls with the last remannts of that rose colored barrier of hers. Unfortuantely, in the process, she does send one, and only one of those little firecrackers flying Bison's way!

COMBATSYS: Ayame successfully hits M. Bison with Reflected Huge Thrown Object.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Ayame            0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0         M. Bison

M. Bison is starting to get fed up. That's the look that's in his eyes. It really is starting to become more and more clear that he's going to start punching at everything that is in his path if he doesn't kill this girl soon. She has the nerve to be mouthing off to him like he was something less than a Shadaloo General! Like he wasn't the former HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the world! Like he didn't have fists the size of small moons that were intent on crushing her face into her skull!

She just keeps moving too damn fast.

Bison finds it somewhat difficult to recover from the fact that she has just made his slot machine toss look like it was a waste of time and effort. Now the violent tactics of Bison have always been hated on by various official fighting rackets and Bison enjoyed breaking the rules of each one. But having some chick with a stick just completely disregard and ignore it! And what's worse?! She did it with PINK!!

"You betta' shut up! I don't even drink alcohol! I drink BEER!"

Bison's response of stupidity and confusion is cut short by the fact that he gets hit dead in the chest by some random firecracker ball that explodes against his chest. "Hey! What the hell?! Stop throwin' shit!" The snarl that comes from Bison as he turns his body away from Ayame is one that fuels his sudden turn back towards her! Except, y'know, this time there's a fist flying towards her face, as well!

COMBATSYS: Ayame just-defends M. Bison's Turn Punch!

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Ayame            0/-------/----===|=------\-------\0         M. Bison

If there's one thing Ayame is good at being, it's infuriating. Her remarks are designed to distract, her words gliding easily between confusing and aggrivating, honing in on where that line in the sand can be found beyond which Bison loses all track of what she's even saying. But talking over his head at times is another form of verbal weaponry, is it not?

As the smoke clears from the minor diversion created by the Moneyrock, the troublesome shrine maiden appears to be exactly where she was last seen, a calm, easy target for Bison's wrath to be unleashed upon. Canting her head to the slightly at his shouts, she smirks about not throwing things. "Really? I thought that was something cavemen like you would be familiar with."

He turns his back but she doesn't make a move. She thinks she knows his tactical options pretty well by now. The list isn't very long: PUNCH; THROW STUFF. There's no reason to go rushing into range of those powerful, tree-trunk arms of his any faster than necessary. He'll come to her. Of that, she's certain.

The real danger lies in the power behind those punches - the force with which he can strike. The first time she blocked his punch, she felt her staff shudder beneath the crushing force. Even reinforced by the ritual runes she meticulously engraved on its surface, there is doubts as to whether it can more than a hit or two from punches of Bison's caliber. But... it has to. How can she come to trust her weapon, Absolution, if it shatters under pressure? Of course... that is the scenario she had planned for in its design. She just didn't expect to have to test it so soon.

When Bison comes barreling in on her, Ayame braces behind her weapon, holding it at an angle. In true boxer fashion, he's going for her face again. Even a saint would understand his desire to give the minx a black eye by now. When he swings, however, everything continues to go according to Ayame's conniving plans, the girl shifting to the side, allowing his fist to smash into her staff - the power of the blow is enough that even as she moves out of the way, the wood gives way at last, the shaft splintering in the center of the crimson glowing weapon.

Swiftly, Ayame finishes her turn, gripping two halves of the now broken staff, only to slam it back together - a flare of brighter red where the two splintered ends meet, and... the weapon is whole again. It worked. Just as she had hoped.

"I think between the two of us," her right hand disappears into her left sleeve again. He knows what that means by now.

"Between the two of us-" She sweeps her hand out, sending another card into the air - pale white, already glowing with faint light as it seeks to fly into Bison's chest.

"It is you that needs to stop moving so much."

If he his struck clean on, the card will detonate, white, shimmering chains of solidified energy bursting out from it to entangle and ensnare the boxing titan. Of course with his strength, he would probably be able to overpower the effect eventually, but in the meantime, he might find his resistence to the girl's assault weakened slightly!

COMBATSYS: Ayame successfully hits M. Bison with Binding of the Condemned Soul.
- CRAZY Hit! -

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Ayame            0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0         M. Bison

M. Bison is having one of those bad nights where anything he wants to smash or kill doesn't get smashed or killed. Granted, for most people on the other end of those fists of his, this is a good night. But for Bison, this doesn't bode well. Not at all. Not when there's so much more at stake here. Not when there's so much possible something to trade for money at stake here! Yeah, Bison doesn't really understand how it all works but his manager does. Kind of.

Bison is taken for a mental ride down 'what the hell' avenue when he realizes that there's a staff that can be broken and put back together with ease. He's just standing there, almost gawking at what just happened. "You-- what the fuuuuu---"

He doesn't get to finish as the next card gets thrown at him and explodes into a sudden explosion of energy that courses through his body and veins, as well as creates one seriously binding contract of pain all over him. Even his arms get yanked down to his sides, as it seems that Bison is about to have a really bad day.


His anger rises and he seems to be about to bust out of the energetic bindings of powerful magic. He takes a step and looks as though he's about to raise a fist to punch Ayame into outer space... when he gets balls to the face. That's right, the Moneyrock explodes with justice and financial gain! It rains down on Bison with all the force of explosive firecrackers of pain and anguish. As the smallplosions rock his body this way and that way, Bison struggles to stay on his feet. He stumbles back into a slot machine, cracking the glass with his elbow as he straightens himself up.

He just stands there, looking at Ayame and staring. Glaring. RAGING.

COMBATSYS: M. Bison gathers his will.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Ayame            0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0         M. Bison

There are two kinds of rage.
There is the rage that is crippling, distracting, all consuming in its possession of one's mind. Then there is rage that is empowering, lending strength, enabling violence, and allowing one to punch way the hell harder than any one man has the right to do.

Right now, Ayame isn't sure which flavor of rage she is invoking in the livid boxer. She suspects he is a prodigy of violent, empowering rage, and if her constant harassment crosses him over into that, and he is able to channel it directly into violence inflicted on her person, she will be in grave danger. On the other hand, if he is overcome with distracting fury, confused and confounded by her infernal tactics and deep bag of tricks, then she might be able to completely unravel the powerful brute.

"Aww..." She doesn't advance on Bison, again counting on the constraints of the slot machines and the shallow pool of his tactical options to plan out her own actions. "It looks like you just won the worst jackpot of the year," she remarks as the exploding balls rain on around him. Whoever is in charge of making sure she got severely punched out is 'dropping the ball' on the wrong guy right now. No doubt someone is getting fired over this. "Are you feeling a little restrained?"

She can sense the power building in him, his potential, the anger, the wrath. She continues trying to guide it, to keep him confused, off kilter... because if he ever gains his focus, if he channels that wrath into punching her face in, that might very well be the end of her antics here.

Clenching her self-repairing staff, the girl braces, slipping her feet a little further apart. Shimmering, crimson energy whirls about her feet on the carpeted floor of the casino. As it rise upward, it takes on cooler, cerulean hues at the tips of the flame. Gritting her teeth, she demonstrates her own preparatory technique, drawing from the breath of life, calling up energy out of the earth to reinvigorate her as well.

Wrath may fuel Bison's strength, but for the miko, it seems coolly burning fire resonates best with her.

COMBATSYS: Ayame gathers her will.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Ayame            1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0         M. Bison

Fueled by rage is definitely the key to M. Bison's victory. Not that he's actually being victorious at the moment. In fact, he's still getting pissed off by slot machines and falling balls of explosive power. He doesn't understand anything that's going on, whether it be Ayame's words or the Moneyrock itself or the fact that he's trapped in a pile of slot machines.

All he knows is that he's getting really, really, PISSED OFF!

Bison roars through an explosive swinging of his arms to get himself out and away from those slot machines. He stomps his way free and pounds his gloved fists together. "I hadda nuff of your mouth, girl! Time to shut it!" He pounds those gloves together once again, as if he's trying to make sure that the padding in them is less than adequate. After all, he wants to hurt her. And his fists probably hurt more than those damn gloves. But he's quite intent on keeping them on. For reasons.

... so he has a boxing glove fetish, okay? Shut up.

His rage seems to be building up to an explosive point within his body because as he breaks free of those slot machines, there seems to be a couple of Shadowboxers (get it?) trailing with him. He takes a couple of spins in place before a sudden rush of speed takes over his body and he practically glides across the floor and into the immediate vicinity of Ayame... fist first. His aiming is wild but the power behind this sudden explosion of rage filled punching is what seems to be reason why multiple M. Bisons are trailing behind the angry boxer. If there was ever a moment that Bison needed to knock someone into playing the quiet game, now would be that moment!


COMBATSYS: M. Bison successfully hit Ayame with Gigaton Blow+.
? Strange Hit! ?

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Ayame            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0         M. Bison

Standing admist her small swirl of building, cool fire, Ayame smirks back at Bison, her expression one of confidence unfettered by the direction of the match thus far. He would have to strike again, and she would be ready - or so she told herself, left foot sliding forward, right foot sliding back, holding her staff at a defensive angle in front of her with only her left hand, its surface coursing with the same crimson flames that swirl at her feet.

Carefully, her hand reaches to her left sleeve - it's time for another one of those pernicious talismans of hers. One that, when fully built up, will deliver a decisive blow, she tells herself. The ambient energy rippling around the girl is channeled up into the ebony hued, crimson-glyphed paper in her hand. For those sensitive to such things, there would be an ominous energy emanating from that card. "Come on, let us see what you can do." she beckons, flicking her fingers holding the ofuda between them.

"Your time for being loud and showing off..." He pounds his fists together, clearly intending to make his move any moment now. "Is nearly at an end. Then I will not have to suffer this noise any longer."

And then he moves. If she had any idea he could move this fast, she might been more nervous. She was certain he could strike hard. She had seen more than ample evidence to that effect. But speed like this...? That was not something she was prepared for.

He closes the distance in an instant, the pain train bluring down the aisle so fast several machines are blown on their side simply by the displaced air as he hurtles toward the overly confident miko, powerful fist drawn back. Eyes widen slightly as she lifts her staff into the path - but her right hand is occupied by holding the talisman she was charging and she cannot even hope to defend against the power of that strike with one hand alone. She has only an instant to act, a snap of her fingers, a small crimson spark in the ward-holding hand... and then he smashes into her.

The featherweight goes flying back down the row of machines, her world a vista of pain and blinding color. The large display case showing off the many fabulous 'prizes' one might win from the 'totally not gambling' pachinko machines is the unwelcome stopping point to the haughty shrine maiden's flight as Ayame crashes into its, ending glass and small knick-knacks flying through the air. "Ugh..." the girl grunts as she crumples forward to her knees, wobbling in place as if she might fall completely then. The right side of her face is a painful shade of red and blood seeps from her busted lip and smashed nose as the girl tries to glare back toward the boxer that just evened the bout with a single, brain jarring blow.

It doesn't help that the Moneyrock senses fresh meat and comes hurtling toward the girl on its webwork of rails, sirens and lights blinking, the klaxon call of madness. About ready to crumple over all together, Ayame looks up in time to notice the wretched contraption as the side opens and a fresh new hell of bouncing, exploding pachinko balls come raining down around her.

For an instant, she is gone from sight behind a wall of smoke and small explosions. But Bison might want to take notice of something more relevant to his immediate concerns: the talisman Ayame had been charging is lying on the ground right where she had been standing, dropped from the girl's hand just before she got hit by the raging bull. Even before he would be able to draw his fist back, the energy contained in that dangerous little ward would explode.

Black, binding chains of energy, similar to the white ones that tried to seize him earlier, would surge up, attempting to secure the man in place as a piller of ghastly, green hellfire bursts forth out of the ground. The machines around him would already be melting into useless scrap and even the flame resistant carpet would be getting tested by the blastwave of scorching heat blasting out around where Bison is standing that instant...

Meanwhile, Ayame finally scrambles out of the storm of exploding pain, coming to rest on hands and knees meters away, her white outfit now marred with red blood from her face and black soot marks from exploding pachinko balls. Grunting, it is only by the use of her trusty staff that she is even able to pull herself back up to standing... maybe just in time to see the fireworks go off around the one-time champion boxer?

COMBATSYS: Ayame successfully hits M. Bison with Pilgrimage to Golgotha.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Ayame            0/-------/---<<<<|=====--\-------\0         M. Bison

Leave It To Bison. Next on BET.

Bison is feeling pretty damn good about things after knocking Ayame off into the next sunset. He doesn't even watch where she goes. Usually, the Gigaton Blow is all that it takes. Which is why he's not even worried about anything. He's definitely not worried about her attempting to mount some sort of comeback. Bison has secured victory! Whether the Fight Gods want to believe it or not.

"Oooh. A quarter."

Bison bends down to pick up what appears to be money to him. But the moment he reaches for it, the evil a magic happens and Bison is snatched up by such dark and cruel binding chains of energy. He gets held in place for just enough time and the next thing he even realizes, he's being slammed into by a pillar of Pure Destruction. At least, that's what it feels like. The burnination of green hellfire is enough to have Bison falling to his knees when the bindings let up.

Bison crumples. Easily. His body is wrecked and his face is leaking blood. He looks as though he just called himself a wimp and this is the result of a fight with his own self. His body is face down in the carpet. He doesn't seem to be moving other than to breathe raggedly. Could it be? Is Bison down for the count? Or is he just trying to take a quick breather...?

COMBATSYS: M. Bison gains composure.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Ayame            0/-------/---<<<<|====---\-------\0         M. Bison

Leaning against her staff for support, Ayame has finally escaped the wrath of the Moneybox. /For Now/. Eyes narrow slightly, able to find Bison not because she spotted him but because the brilliant green display of destructive fire makes for a pretty obvious direction to look in. Shaking her head again, she works on clearing her vision, closing her eyes a few times and squinting, though not letting go of her staff - its sturdy structure giving her the support she needs to stay standing until the dizzy spell passes.

This moment to observe gives her the chance to see him getting to his feet even after all that. The fierce, unyielding tenacty of the bull-headed brawler is certainly legend among the fighting community. She should have known that even her most dangerous attack would not be enough to drop him. Gritting her teeth, the girl takes a step forward, lifting her staff with her left hand as her right hand goes for that sleeve again - the left sleeve of death and papercuts it would seem given what she's pulled out of there so far!

She picks up speed, charging for the infamous boxer now. The new card she's drawn forth is a smokey grey with white inked runes on its surface and right now the girl is charging Bison like she's going to football tackle him to the ground - okay, that's impossible, but she definitely is charging like she means it!

In the end, the bloodied, charred miko leaps, leading with her right hand, her left hand trailing with her staff, as she aims to plant the ashen talisman on Bison's powerful chest. If she connects, it, like all the others before, will explode into an entangling attack, black tendrils seeking to pierce straight into Bison's aura, anchoring his shadow to the ground by going straight through his own essense. Only by allowing his aura to be torn invisibly would he be able to break free in a hurry, but the damage that might do to his ability to keep fighting may very well decisive in and of itself!

COMBATSYS: M. Bison fails to interrupt Anchor Through the Endless Dark from Ayame with Dash Low Smash.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ayame            0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: M. Bison can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ayame            0/-------/=======|


Bison in the middle of noticing that there are about six Ayames headed in his direction. A lift of the head shows this and that's why he attempts to get to his knees. And then they are all in the air and pulling out those scary ass cards again. This is what gets Bison up to his feet. And then he's ready to brawl!

Except, he doesn't even get to swing that fist. In stead, he gets caught on the chest by another one of those damn magical cards of magical doom. He gets yanked and ripped from the soul and there's not much else for the Bison to do, but fall in slow motion. Slow enough motion that when he connects with the floor, broken, battered, bruised and bleeding that the only other sound (besides all the machines and on-lookers) are his final words:


The talisman is slapped against his chest as Ayame spins past, the whirling miko coming to a stop a couple meters later. Her landing is a bit wobbly, however, the girl still feeling dizzy from the skull-crusher of a punch she suffered. In one clean blow, the powerful boxer nearly took the smaller fighter out. If he had connected with two, the fight would have been over shortly after it started. As it stood, every technique the girl had been refining for all her life had been put to the test here. Even her latest creation, Absolution, was required to perform without the slightest flaw. One misstep, one error in calculation, and she would have been knocked out in two dramatic blows from the world class boxer.

As it stands, the girl twists her staff to the side, wedging it against two pachinko machines that weren't destoryed in the violence, using it as sturdy support to lean against once more as she pants for breath. Wincing, her right hand lifts to rest against the side of her face. She got a lot less smug after that face pounding blow, it seems, shaking her head as she tries to clear the stars she's still seeing.

Reaching over her shoulder, she pulls some of her hair forward, allowing it to drape down over the right side of her face, concealing some of the battle damage. Victory, against all odds, was somehow achieved and in this moment, she has a sense of just how strong human beings can be. And if humans can punch like Bison... what of the monsters she hopes to stop, that attack with claws and teeth as well?

One last angry glare is cast up toward the Moneyrock as it begins coasting over toward the strawberry blonde. Its side opens up again, lights and sirens flashing and screeching. "Ah... wait, I won, I should not have to-" Backing up a step, she retreats from the diabolical contraption as its payload begins spilling out again. "Hey, the fight is over, I-" Her protests are lost in a fresh outpouring of explosive hassling as the miko hefts up her staff and turns to run - unsteady legs or no, she's not hanging around inside this devil's pit any longer than she has to!!

COMBATSYS: Ayame has ended the fight here.

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