D. Dash - Friendship is... Clean Bandages.

Description: In the first steps on her quest for world peace, D. Dash somehow winds up in Hong Kong, where she discovers a filthy hobo in a backalley -- wait no, that's KEITH! The renegade fighter has been badly brutalized and looks like he needs a helping hoof. Who better to offer support than Dashing Dash?!

The World's Most Dangerous Casino underwent an event that was even too dangerous for the Triad to get involve in. The Diamond Dragon International Sports Casino had an incident that caused mass hysteria.

Things had calmed down after a few hours, but the time gave Keith enough opportunity to drag his beaten comrade to a safe area while he continued on by himself.

Keith is meant to travel solo.

Unfortunately, given the nature of Keith, being within the public eye is never a good idea. He already exposed himself as someone uncontrollable due to his powers. So the alleys are his best friend.

A particular alley was less frequently used, perfect for letting Keith recover. Unfortunately, due to the injures that he had sustained, he did not have the most graceful fall at his resting spot. Trashcans are knocked over and debris are all over the place.

Laying out is a burly, dark-skinned man. Keith is looking worse. Near his eyes are dried blood along his cheeks, almost as if he suffered an aneurysm. His chest is rather bruised. Cuts, bruises, the fighter is just sprawling against the trashcans, trying to just rest.

Keith is not quite alone. Joined along his legs are a pair of stray animals. In particular, one of them is a stray dog with the mane of a lion, a chowchow. Another is a husky, laying by the man's side.

"..Heh... A funny situation to find myself in." He gives a thoughtful muse, "Who knew that I'd run into someone who'd make me feel afraid..?" He looks at his dark hands, watching them shake uncontrollably.

"Huh, this sure doesn't look like Iraq."

As all True Believers know, Danny 'Dashing' Dash has begun her journey onto the world stage. One might wonder what she's doing here in Hong Kong, but the fact is... she doesn't even know herself! She figured she'd go to Iraq first and calm things down over there, but apparently the railway(?) she got onto didn't go there, and somehow, some way, she's wound up here.

It is early in the morning, darkness just giving way to light, when the teenage girl with the brightly colored hair comes wandering through the alleyway. When she catches sight of Keith, she figures he's probably a homeless person, and so she does what any good human being would do... and walks up to see if he's okay!

When she sees the state of him, though, the girl gasps.

"Ohmygoodness!" She exclaims, running over quickly and squatting down, "You're hurt! Ah, what, what happened? Are you okay? Shall I call the police?!" She sounds so frantic - eyes flicking around as she takes in the blood, the bruises, the cuts... and the animals. Just, absolutely terrible. "W-who did this to you?"

The sight of an intruder is just enough to rouse the two strays from their resting position. The the lion mane-like dog starts barking at the girl at a two second interval while the husky gives a rapid barking before taking a more territorial stance. Both of them growl at the flamboyant looking girl.

"... Easy, boys."

A rumble came from the man, who finally looks up towards the young girl. Moving would be counterproductive at the moment, but he does squint at the girl as she mentions about calling the cops.

"That won't be necessary." He grits his teeth, looking the girl over once more. "Best to just turn around and be on your way." As for who did it?

"..It's a long story. However, the district is still in a bit of panic, so I recommend finding a hotel for the night, kiddo."


Dash is usually pretty good with animals, so the barking takes her a bit by surprise. Dogs aren't really her area of expertise, though - especially ones which look like they are part big cat. She unslings her backpack as the man squints at her, though. It is a bright blue affair covered in rainbows and stickers of improbably-colored ponies. Unzipping it, she starts to rummage.

"Is it?" She asks, "Well, I can't just leave you here like this! I mean, you don't even look like you can walk!" She bites her tongue, sticking it out the side of her mouth as she looks for something... and eventually, she finds it. Tugging heavily at the inside until... an incredibly tough-looking steel box is pulled out.

Opening it up, there's a full field medical kit in the sturdy thing. A bottle of iodine, gauze, bandages... even a needle and thread! "I figured this stuff would come in handy." She says, cheerfully. "Let me get you cleaned up, and then maybe we can find a hotel together, okay? If you sleep in the trash, you'll get an infection!"

The older man looks amused at the young girl as she starts to procure things from her backpack. At this time, the dogs have calmed enough to allow the grl to get close to the injured man. However, both of them are eyeing her with distrust. The chow chow is ready to go for the ankles and the husky looks ready to pounce.

"Heh, such faithful guards."

His gaze levels towards the girl, "Ahh... that would be the case. It's why I am here right now. Not many people come by." Besides, he cannot afford to put himself in a position.

As she starts to close in, Keith offers the young girl a smile. "...Alright. I'll cover the cost." He grimaces, moving just slightly to adjust enough for presenting his arm in case it's needed.

"Where are you from?" She definitely does not seem to be from around here, given her obliviousness.

Getting out a small bandage, Dash pulls a bottle of water from the inside of her bag, and soaks it. Carefully, but with a certain... businesslike air which flies in the face of her general obliviousness and the bright colors she wears, she starts to scrub away the dried blood, rubbing in hard. This obviously isn't the first time she's dealt with injuries, and her teeth nibble at her bottom lip as she concentrates on the work.

"Someone really did a number on you." She says quietly, neatly ignoring the question about where she came from, exactly, and instead trying to work out just what she's dealing with here. Does she have to deal with broken bones? She'd need to find something to use as a splint...

"Ah, my name's D. Dash, by the way. Or D.D, or Dash... I don't really mind, its fine." She flashes a smile, meeting Keith's eye again, "You've got some loyal friends here." She says, nodding to the dogs, "That's great to see, so don't feel too bad! We'll all work hard and get you on your feet before you know it, okay?"

"Hrm." Keith gives a thoughtful look after a moment. While watching her scrub away the dried blood, Keith closes his eyes enough to avoid any potential abrasions that he can avoid. Keith notices her hard at work, unable to suppress the urge to grin and bring his hand over towards her head.

Despite of his injuries, he manages to give her a gentle pat on the head.

"Something like that." Keith gives a thoughtful look, idly noting her dismissal of his question. That is carefully noted. Nevertheless, the girl working on his wounds is a bit of a relief. He is idly hoping that Armor King is getting the same treatment. Though, with him being a known fighter, that may be the case.

Keith has to remain lying low.

Once the girl introduces herself, the older man replies, "Keith." He glances over towards his strays, "Yeah.. they are good at what they do."

There is something about the girl's optimism. He cannot help but chuckle before giving her a nod, "Yes, we'll all work hard." A grimace is made as he moves.

Dash doesn't mind the patting, the guy is huge compared to her, and she has no illusions about how she looks. She's carefully cultivated the perfect expression of her inner self, after all! Cute, bright, and colorful. "Alrighty." She says, "This is going to sting a bit, but it'll help if you've got anything gross in these wounds..."

Iodine-soaked bandages do sting like hell, but Dash knows what she's doing, and soon Keith is looking less like he's going to bleed out in the gutter, and more like a wounded soldier. What's probably more surprising is that when the girl finally seizes his hand, she's... strong. "Okay, on three. One... two..."

And straining, she tries to haul the man up off the ground and support his weight across her shoulders. Despite the height difference - which is going to make it a bit awkward even so - the girl has absolutely no problem supporting his weight - like a tiny steel girder, he can lean on her all he likes, she's not gonna budge!

Keith remains calm, allowing the girl to work on treating him. His eyes drift over towards Dash's attire and the form herself, just examining the young girl with curiosity. The cheerful, colorful girl gives him a warning.

...And the sensation of the iodine from the bandage gives a sharp pierce against his exposed wound. Closing his eyes, his face tighten in a grimace. "Tsch..." And it is in those moments that he looks less wounded than before. He is patched up.

"...Heh. Looks like you're good at treating folks."

What catches Keith off guard is how strong the young girl is. Once she manages to assist him in hauling up, Keith manages to stand ton his feet and he places his arm around her shoulder. "...Hahaa, thanks." He hunches over to try to ease the weight on her.

A finger points straight a head and then a left. "We' want to go this way to get to a hotel or a guest house."

"Helping people out is what I'm all about!" Dash says with a bright smile. She pauses only to shuck her backpack once again onto her shoulders, and then she's wrapping her other arm about Keith's waist, helping to support the far larger man as best she can. She has to really dig her feet into the earth to manage it, but soon she's starting to walk towards the end of the alleyway, and the left turn that Keith has asked for.

"T-The world has enough people trying to cause trouble." She huffs, snorting a little with the effort of it as she helps him along. "Friendship! That's, that's what the world needs more of." Wobble, wobble. She starts to drift alarmingly towards the right - has she really forgotten which way she's supposed to be going already?

"So have you been in Thailand long?"

... Yup, this girl does not directions, not even a little bit ...

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