Kiyomi - Prelude of terror

Description: After the loss of their brethrens, the Children of the Nights, lead by Kiyomi, goes on a rampage in Romania (Leads up to The Vixen and the Maiden. CUTSCENE)

~~~~~~~ Alba village, Northern Romania ~~~~~~~~

The dark tapestry in the sky displays the full moon that shines brightly upon the once peacful town of Alba. It took only a dozens minutes to turn this small village into an hellish landscape. Powerful flames engulfing the buildings, screams of terror echoes through the small streets as people are stirred in the middle of the night by beastial screams and monstruous terrors...

The pristine snow runs red with blood from the various villagers who attempts to flee the beasts, their deadly claws digging into their flesh, giving them no mercy and delivering them swift and gruesome death.

Winged creatures fly over the building, lifting people up and dropping them into the flaming buildings, other werebeasts running amok in the streets. A vision of pure chaos, destruction, terror and death.

Amongst the lot, a family attempts to flee the blazing inferno. Hastily clad, the father holds the hand of his young son as he rushes through the street, the mother follows behind, holding against her breasts a crying baby, clinging to it as if her life depended on it. They pant loudly from the exertion of their confused run, the cold winter air burns their lungs and draining them yet they keep on going, empowered by the energy of despair.

A moment of weakness in the knee of the mother : she trips in the snow covered street, a groan and plea for help escaping her throat. A few seconds later, the man turns on his heels and let go of his son's hand to rush at his wife's side.

Soaring down from one of the rooftop, a woman clad in a crimson kimono lands right behind the man and cleaves the man, leaving a nasty and deep gash in the man's back. A quick spin on her heels and the boy is next, felling him in one swift blow.

The woman slowly rises, her snow white tails spreading and blossoming like a flower on her back, swaying back and forth and enhancing that terrifying aura and demonic presence the mother felt around the kitsune. The assassin turns on her heels side way to glance at the woman, the katana lifted up so the woman can lash her tongue out and slowly lick some of the blood off from her blade.

She fully turns on her heels to face the woman and takes slow steps closer to her, the blade held down at her side. The myriad of tails spread behind her making her appear taller, more menacing and imposing... The mother holds her child against her, whimpering in fright and panic, crawling back in the snow in an attempt to stay away from this demon. When the kitsune is within a few steps of her, her instinct of survival seems to kick in and she manages to scramble to her feet and rush away.

The Darkstalker's gaze follows the woman who runs away, staring at her as she escapes the burning village. A young and bulky werebeasts who had witnessed the scene from afar leaps down his perching spot to approach Kiyomi, "Growing soft, are you?" He says with a snarl. He glares at her, and then off at the woman who runs away, "Sit back if you aren't fit to lead the pack, I'll finish the job," He says confidently.

He takes a step foward, about to run after the woman though the moment he walks by Kiyomi, she lifts her arm up to barr his way. "The reason why Lune has never chosen you over me is because you lack the wits and cunning to lead the Children of the Night," She gives him a side way glance, "Let some of the humans escape -- let them spread the word, so humans learn what it is to live in constant terror..." She says with utmost calm in voice.

The taller werebeast growls at her explanations, glancing over the woman, "But..." Before he has the chance to reply though, Kiyomi's hand reaches up for the werebeast's furr below his neck, holding it with an iron grip and pulling it. She forces the werebeast to bend down, bringing his face at Kiyomi's level. Her eyes glare dagger at him, her features harsh and severe as she says with an assertive and powerful voice, "Don't you ever dare question me like that or I'll give you a taste of the other reasons why Lune chose me over you!"

His ears are flat atop his head, his tail slightly behind his legs. The diminutive woman shoves him back with enough force to make him stumble a step or two despite his brawny and imposing built. He doesn't keep that humbled look for long though as he straightens himself and grunts a bit, pride hurt. He glares at Kiyomi a moment, but doesn't dare to hold his ground against her, "... Yes, Renard," He says after swallowing his pride and walk away.

Humans will know to fear the Children of the Nights under her reign, until she will have drawn enough blood to avenge herself.

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