Kiyomi - The Vixen and the Black Dragoon

Description: In order to pursue her evil plans against Ultra Tech and destroy the Fulgore Mk II prototype, Kiyomi dwells in underground circles of human's society, seeking capable mercenaries for a colossal task... Her informations lead her to Congo, Africa, where she has to put aside her dignity in order to survive and also get a chance to hire the Black Dragoon mercenaries. (WARNING : Mature content)

Seven separate outposts had fallen in the past few days and not one had yielded a single sign of their quarry. Following the coordinates sketched out on the crude map that had been given to her as best she could, Kira had led the Dragoons into several brutal skirmishes along the outer edge of the rainforest. After the last, she had been forced to report her lack of progress to their employers.

The one called Jones had been... 'accomodating', even going so far as to offer her more aid, which she flatly refused. His partner had been less cordial. At this rate it might be days before she could link up with the other units which she had sent out to scout and sweep for stragglers or unmarked outposts. The information she had to work with amounted to what looked like a child's scribbles on a map and marching into the depths of the Congo unprepared was tantamount to suicide.

The slow pace of the hired guns that she'd been forced to cart along was not helping her mood. Kira cannot deny the strength of the small arsenal they had brought along, they were certainly useful, but their fraility made it obvious these men and their gear were never intended to enter this kind of terrain.

"This jungle is going to fucking eat me alive," she mutters bitterly to herself.

The low grumble of the diesal engine humming away underneath the seat of her command vehicle offers some small consolation. Rolling along on twin-mounted treads, the armored APC suffered little trouble in demolishing whatever got into its path. Only the larger trees and occassional watering holes would ever pose any problems big enough that she'd need to alter the lumbering behemoth's course.

If it comes down to it, she can take her own men and ditch these worthless lumps and their fancy toys. Her employers wouldn't like it but she can deal with a couple city boys who think throwing money at their problems will make them all disappear.

Fishing a fresh beer out of a small ice chest nestled between the seats, Kira cracks it open with a flick of her thumb. The foamy liquid pours down her parched throat with a pleasant chill about it that sends a wave of invigoration through her sweat-soaked body. "I'm going up for some air," she says, not waiting to see if the driver heard over the crunch of the treads.

The top-mounted hatch on the wide tank flips open without much protest. Kira shimmies up the ladder with a casual ease born of practice, beer still in hand. A blast of warm air strikes her square in the face as she rises out of the air-conditioned interior and she's forced to take a moment to wipe the sweat out of her face as she turns to glance at their surroundings.

The towering expanse of the Congo's green and grey border looms some five or so miles to her left, trees and vines stretched over rolling hills and mountains like a mossy carpet as far as the eye can see. To the right equally vast amounts of flat open plains, twin dynamic opposites straddling an invisible line. Both are little pieces of Hell, just different flavors.

"Atleast I've got plenty of company," she hisses, swatting a pair of mosquitoes.

There was only one way Kiyomi could rid herself of what had grown her obsession for the past weeks... And alas, this was not something her or her Children of the Nights were able to do or had the expertise for.

It was not a perspective that pleased her, but Kiyomi would have to ask the help of the scum she hates so much. Whose loyalty can be bought, professionals who care only for the money and little about the consequences of their acts...

Filthy humans of low morals.

Kiyomi dwelled in the underground of society under her human guise, seeking for such and after long searches she was not disappointed. For what she seeks, there's one group who is the best out there... One named the Black Dragoons.

Their reputation came to her ears, whispered in the underground circles. Need drugs, slaves, someone killed? They're the ones... Military trained. So long as you have the money for what you want...

And Kiyomi had the money. All that was left was to find them, and her information would lead her Africa, a place of the world she has rarely dwelled that is very different than the nothern region of the world. One would not expect to meet a woman with grace and poise like Kiyomi in this part of the world. Her kimono gave her more class and refinement for the place she was into, and she didn't come with her whole pack, only a handful to go faster. The best ones to hunt and track...

This allowed her to find her, in the middle of nowhere... Her beasts would wait in the forest, lurking and hiding, in case something goes wrong, while Kiyomi goes present herself... She expects them to be suspicious, obvious, but she comes and announces herself, seeking to meet the leader of the Black Dragoon for business.


Suspicious is a word used for members of quiet polite society, common men and women who have been given cause for alarm or worry that things may not be as they seem. The worst one might expect to get from a suspicious person is a dark look or some biting words. Kira and those like her are of a different breed. In the circles that she treads surprises tend to be unpleasant and fatal and she treats them as such until given a very good reason to do otherwise.

Her soldiers are all drilled in this policy as well. So rather than the 'suspicion' that the ancient fox expected to find waiting for her as she strides out of the jungle like some kind of apparition, she is met with the business end of a dozen large calibre assault rifles. Moving with reflexes that border on instinct, the soldiers fan out and drop into a practiced battle formation at the first signs of unusual contact. None of them fire, however, their discipline and orders holding back a tsunami of lead that could come crashing down at any moment.

Kiyomi's request earns her several blank glares from the assembled mercenaries. One man steps forward a few feet, his rifle still aimed at the bizzarely out of place woman. "You. Don't move," he orders, bringing a small hand-held radio up to his face.

* * * * *

Kira lets out a malcontent burp as the last of her beer vanishes, glaring at the empty can before she tosses it off into the grass. She's about to drop back into the tank to grab another when a burst of static at her belt makes her change her mind. Might as well take it out here, the weather is so /lovely/.

"Yeah, what is it?" Kira listens for a moment while the situation is laid out for her in simple detail. Strange woman, strange clothes, came out of the jungle, wants to chat. Sure. That's...normal. "Uh huh," the blonde says, rubbing her face. "Well, you know the drill. Treat her like anyone else who drops in without an appointment. Bring her to me when she's all dolled up. Shoot her if she resists."

* * * * *

The soldier holding the radio mutters an affirmative and lowers the device. A rather unpleasant grin spread across his face as his eyes drift down over the obvious curves underneath the kimono. "You heard her," he says. At a gesture, two of the mercenaries move forward from their position and begin to approach Kiyomi. "No one gets to see the Black Dragon without an appointment. But since we're spinning our wheels right now, thanks to these third-rate losers we've been saddled with, she's willing to grant you an exception. But that means you have to follow the rules."

The two soldiers arrive at Kiyomi's side, clearly not afraid of her but still obviouly being cautious as they shoulder their weapons and reach out for her, each one going for an arm and pulling it firmly behind her back as if arresting her, should she fail to stop them.

This was the extent of Kiyomi's informations. She had not been able to get an appointment, nor would she wait this long to actually get one either. She had to throw herself in the maw of the beast. Hopefully her pack could do something for her if it was necessary but considering the Black Dragon's force, she's unsure if they would be able to get her out of trouble. She was on her own.

The woman attempts to look harmless. When the guns are pointed at her, she lifts her arms up slowly on both side to show she wants them no harm and she states the reason of her visit. To talk about business... As for the exact matter of the business, she will speak it up when she meets their leader only.

The woman appears docile, soft and meek -- considering her mature look, perhaps some trophy wife of a japenese business man who was into traditions? Hard to tell what such a woman would do here. In fact, her whole presence in the middle of congo was a mystery in itself.

She doesn't resist when the men reach for her arms and put them in the back of her head. Better look frail and meek for now and make them think that is what she is, perhaps it will dull their vigilance. When they move behind her though to fold her arms, they'll be able to see through her veil of illusions that hides her true nature. She can conceal her tails, but there's not much she can do when someone bumps into them, and even if she's agile with them, they would have ended up touching the fluff eventually.

"Which is?" Kiyomi asks, arching a brow as she glances up to the soldier.

Instead of answering Kiyomi, the squad leader gestures again and grunts, "Strip her and search for weapons." There is an obvious hint of pleasure in his voice as he gives the order and the men on either side of her waste no effort in stalling about the task.

They aren't particularly delicate about it. The sash at her waist poses the biggest obstacle of the loose elegant dress. A wicked looking combat knife makes short work of it, it's well-polished blade sawwing through the tough fabric with incredible ease. The blade's owner tosses the ruined belt aside but not before cutting a few long strips from the fancy material which he drapes over one shoulder for the moment.

Without the tight sash holding it together any longer, the kimono's two halves drift apart, hanging open like a pair of curtains that offer tantalizing glimpses of the pale flesh underneath. That brief sensual tease lasts only a moment. Kiyomi's garment is peeled back onto her shoulders exposing her body to the lurid gazes of a dozen gruff men. She earns a few appreciative noises and even a whistle or two but the two soldiers assigned to search her continue about their work without pausing.

One of the men takes the kimono and what's left of her sash and walks a few steps away. After a moment of consideration, he goes back and robs her of the simple wooden shoes on her feet as well. With everything Kiyomi was wearing now in his possession, he begins to go through the outfit with a fine-toothed comb. The other soldier, the one with the knife, now puts those strips of fabric to use. Her hands are pulled behind her back and bound together tightly, her ankles receiving the same treatment right after. Another thicker strip of the black cloth is brought up and wrapped around her eyes while the last is tied into a thick knot that is this forced into her mouth for a gag.

Then the more intimate search begins. Knife's rough hands come up around her from behind and grope at her breasts, squeezing and kneading the large pillows with an almost mechanical precision as if searching for something out of place within their soft depths. He spends an amount of time that could charitably be called thorough on this task before moving on to the next target which turns out to be her long flowing hair. The hair-sticks, which had been missed before, are confiscated and her hair falls loosely down allowing the man to run his fingers throughout. Again, he makes very sure there's nothing there before moving down to the last obvious hiding place. Fingers invade Kiyomi's private places without care for her comfort or embarrassment, probing her depths for things that might pose a danger to their leader.

Overall, the inspection takes about ten minutes. The tails are naturally discovered and questions asked but ultimately they are deemed harmless curiosities better left for the Dragon to deal with. The hands eventually withdraw from her body leaving the woman defiled and unclean; apparently a necessary sacrifice for dealing quick and dirty business with one of the underworld's most despicable residents.

Kiyomi is lifted onto a shoulder and carted out of the jungle on foot, a journey that takes several hours. Her bindings remain firmly in place as do the mask and gag, leaving her blind to wherever it is she might be taken. The light around her mask dims noticably over time and when she is finally dumped onto the grass and new voices touch her ears the lack of light indicates that night has fallen.

Kira peers down at her captive with an appreciative look after dismissing her subordinates to the comfort of the APC. A body like that would fetch some serious money; hell, she might just keep it around for her own fun. Ofcourse, those tails are a mystery and she doesn't like surprises. Might as well find out what would bring a lady like this out to the middle of Satan's armpit to ask for a deal with a scumbag like herself.

The blindfold is pulled away and immediately the cold touch of a pistol replaces it. Kira's presses the tip of her personal sidearm into the woman's left eye, grinning like a maniac as she crouched over the naked woman.

"You got a lot of something to come out to a place like this and stroll up on my men like you were invited for tea. Maybe it's guts and maybe it's stupidity. It's a mystery to me." The pressure of the weapon on her face intensifies for a moment. Kira leans down, pulling the gag from her mouth. "I /hate/ mysteries. See I just got this burning need to know things. It's like an itch. So you better start scratching before that itch reaches my trigger finger."

The woman expression remains impassive as the man handles her. There was no shame for her to stand naked, though what infuriates her most is the way she's forced in this position of submission by filthy humans. She hides her disgust though and averts her gaze from the men who lustfully feasts their eyes on her.

She remains docile though, not even a whimper escaping her throat as she endures this treatment in silence, betraying some inner strength or perhaps some horrible treatment she must have suffered that makes this seem a simple routine. After all, what sort of woman wouldn't break into tears by such a treatment in front of a group of men like that, treated like a piece of meat?

Not Kiyomi...

The woman stands proudly even as her kimono is open to reveal her luscious curves and her smooth skin that glistens gently due to the woman's sweat. Countless tattoos adorn the back of the woman : wolves and other beasts drawn into her skin and a full moon somewhere in this incredible scenery. She finally stands bare before them, her tails the only appendages that moves and sway idly about her body. She lifts her gaze up, meeting the man's own gaze. No shame in her eyes, no humiliation. Her expression is cold and stern.

The first hints of resistance comes when she's getting bound, blindfolded and gagged. A groan escaping her throat as they roughly deal with her and strips her of her senses as well, using her own clothes for this. Yet this little struggle seems rather tame as a whole considering what they're inflicting her.

Kiyomi would have expected no less from them : a bunch of men, animals in the wild, having their hands on a vulnerable woman. She squirms a bit under the groping hands that fondles her succulent breasts, as well as the rest of the rough caresses. Her hair finally set looses fall over her shoulder, granting her some modesty by covering the aureola of her breasts. In the end, her tails will provide better cover than her hair if she truly wishes to hide her nudity.

The woman remains of ice through the rest of the inspection, even as his hands linger down her pubis and then between her thighs. At this rate, Kiyomi is fortunate not to be used and raped by this horde of men.

Their attitudes though only fuels her resolve and hate of humanity. The only reason she allows this to happen is because she knows, in the end, that they will all die... If not by her hand, by someone else's. All in due time, but alas, for now, she had to make a pack with the devil...

The woman leans limply against her captor and lets herself be carried away after his investigation, knowing she's fortunate their whole 'searches' ended there. As the time passes, the woman curls up instinctively on herself while she is bound. Her tails curl up around her to offer some sort of protection from prying eyes, more or less, while she remains in her position, drooling into the gag and in darkness.

Things finally seem to change though and Kiyomi is shoved into the grass -- she lands clumsily against the grass, resting on her back and groaning through her gag from the sudden fall.

The blindfold is removed, though only to be replaced with the tip of a weapon against her eye. Kiyomi winces and whimpers through her gag, her left eye closing. There's no defiance in her eyes, perhaps a bit of fear? You wouldn't after all of this, at least, not fear for their own survival. When the gag is removed, Kiyomi coughs a few times : her throat sore and dry. She tries to moisten her lips a bit, before she can finally speak up, "Neither guts or stupidity..." The woman admits, "Desperation..." She adds.

The woman swallows nervously and a shiver runs down her spine, "I had no other way to meet you... And you're the best out there for what I need..." She says. Her voice sounds honest and she does seem desperate... Then again, considering her current position with the gun pointed at her.

Though it may simply be an act, Kira cannot help but enjoy the sight of a living creature prostrated at her feet. Robbed of her clothes and her dignity, the strange woman who had so boldly stepped forward to make requests of a group of armed men in the middle of one of the most lawless areas on the planet now seems small and powerless. Whatever internal strength she had called upon to give her the courage necessary is insignificant compared to one simple little gun. Her life very literaly is resting in the mercenary's hands.

Kira momentarily withdraws the pistol and inhales deeply, drawing the scent of the air and her captive's fear into her nose. It is a heady perfume for one such as her, someone who revels in the very idea of control and power.

"Ah, yes! Desperation... how could I forget the most important one?" She rises to her feet and smirks, towering over the prone kitsune. "Be ye king or farmer, priest or baker, everyone has a point at which even their vaunted morals are no obstacle to greed, lust, or revenge. And then they come to me; or someone like me, atleast. Business has been good enough, I can't complain for a little competition. Keeps the prices up."

Kira drops back down to a crouch and peels away the tails that have curled up to protect her captive's modesty. "What's the matter, you aren't shy, are you?" She holds onto the last one and rubs it between her fingers, whistling appreciatively at the soft texture. "These are nice. Bet I could get a good price for these." She follows the fluffy appendages to their source, quirking an eyebrow when she finds them quite firmly attached to Kiyomi's rear.

"Well, looks like we have ourselves another mystery here," she says.

In spite of all the courage and strength Kiyomi might possess, it's impossible not to feel fear in front of a situation like this. Fear was a natural emotion, after all, driven on survival, and Kiyomi has been attuned to her instincts for long enough not to repress those emotions but let them guide her instead. It gives her a form of control over them, though physically it shows : the goosebump on her soft skin despite the hot temperature, the gentle tremors that shake her body every now and then...

Fear tells you are in danger, it makes your sense more alert -- obviously though, the danger was in front of her eyes, though some wickly cruel predators feast on fear and she might find some delight in this. Kiyomi had been in a pack long enough to know the rules of nature and what are the basest instincts of an animal...

The woman followed her instincts : the bindings around her, their presence everything around them trying to snuff her own presence with their domination. Kiyomi could have been strong enough to resist it, and act strong but... She knows and has learned to submit when necessary. Subtle hints on how she averts her gaze from Kira when she pulls the gun away, the gentle sob that escapes her throat yet controlled ones, as if she already had some experience of such treatments, the way she holds her shoulder and body limply. For one who deals in slavery and broken humans, she might feel something about Kiyomi.

When Kira towers over her, she cowers and curls up a bit, as if to let Kira show she was stronger and more imposing than she is. The tails curled up instinctively around of her, though they quickly got swatted out of the way.

She remains silent and passive this entire time, though Kiyomi's mind is reeling inside, attempting to find the proper ways to subdue and persuade the human in front of her to do her biddings.

"No," She answers meekly, keeping her gaze lower. She whimpers softly when she pulls on her tail but does nothing of it -- being treated like this was humiliating and her cheeks flushed from the embarassment, but considering all she has done in her life it's hard whether the emotions she shows are genuine ones or totally acted ones.

"I was sent here to find you... I need you, my master needs you, for business..." The woman says in her soft, feminine voice. The way she spoke her words, it felt like her master's wishes and her own seemed to blend and blurr together.

When she's finally given the chance to recover from her fright some, the woman sits on her knees and she leans back to make her generous bust more apparent while she keeps her eyes low. It was a bit harder to assume this position, it seems, with her bindings but she gets into it. The tails slowly move out behind her, unless Kira keeps the one she has in her hand.

"My master wishes to hire you to sabotage the Ultra Tech corporation," The woman says with a slow nod of her head. Her blush seeks as she adds, "I am master's most beloved and prized pet," She seems to straighten herself up with some pride at the thought. Whether or not that'll help Kira understand more about this new mystery is a wonder.

"A pet, huh?"

That doesn't really answer the unspoken question of where those tails came from. Kira can guess, though. Genetic engineering techniques had advanced in the last couple decades at a prodigious rate. Clones and super soldiers are now a thing of reality rather than science-fiction though only the most unscrupulous and rich organizations used either, world governments, criminal cartels, and the like. The possibility that someone had used science to create some fetish doll for their own amusement isn't hard to imagine.

There is also the chance that this woman is some sort of genetic mutation. Stories about monsters and demons have always been present in the world. Of late, there have even been news reports about these fiends, humans twisted into something new and awful. Darkstalkers. That's what they called them. Is this fox-tailed vixen someone's tamed beast? She atleast knows how to look meek and submissive, but then, so does Kira, when the situation calls for it. The world is full of people who expect weakness from a pretty face and a soft body - she isn't one of them.

The gun remains pointed at Kiyomi. Kira's grin spreads into an open show of teeth, her gaze drifting over the naked flesh before her like a jackal eyeing a carcass. "Well, it was very considerate of your master to send his most prized possession to me as a down payment. A pretty thing like you will make the rest of this trip a little bit more entertaining."

The mercenary rises to her feet and plants a boot against the surface of Kiyomi's outhrust breasts, driving her down onto her back with a sudden rough kick. The bindings around her ankles are undone, freeing her legs, but Kira moves the thin length of cloth up to her neck and quickly creates a collar out of it, leaving a few feet dangling loosely to serve as a leash.

"Incase you hadn't noticed, I'm in the middle of a campaign right at this moment. Your interference has cost me time and daylight which means I am now behind schedule, as if this entire thing hasn't gone tits up already," she grumbles. The mercenary stands and pulls the leash up tightly, forcing Kiyomi to rise as well or get choked, she doesn't seem to care which happens first. Once the fox is on her feet, Kira gives her a swat on the butt and points at the looming form of the APC a few dozen yards away. "Move it, bitch. Maybe I'll hear the rest of what you have to say."

The luscious stares Kira gives her doesn't go unnoticed by the vixen -- a potential advantage when the time will come, perhaps? Though she doubts Kira might be persuaded or swayed by her charms as she seemed too paranoid for anything of the like for now. The woman ignores the weapons, her fleeting gaze barely giving glances at Kira from time to time as she keeps her position.

"Use me as you see fit," The woman replies, the words making her shiver. It wouldn't be the first time she offered herself to humans in order to get what she wanted, though every time she could feel some bile in the back of her throat. It didn't make it any easier to do with each time she did. "As a token of his good faith, and in hope of flourishing business," The Kitsune replies.

Then Kira rises up. She bites her lips and keeps her gaze low -- nothing she can do can help her against Kira's boot and the woman whimpers as she's pushed into her back, squirming a bit for balance, wincing in pain from the kick. The boot on her breast leaves some of its dirt and grass on her pale skin while the clothes around her ankles is now used to make a choker leash around her neck.

"Forgive me, mistress," The woman begs in a soft whine. It requires a little tug on the leash and slight choking for Kiyomi to rise up to her feet with relative grace. She swat on her buttocks make her stiffen a moment, "Yes mistress," She adds to her command and walks foward, keeping her gaze low.

The cold touch of the pistol returns as Kira moves to keep pace alongside her captive. The weapon presses firmly against the kitsune's side just below the ribs, digging into her flesh just enough to be uncomfortable, a reminder that any ideas she might have that involve anything other than following every order she's given will end very poorly.

"You certainly play the part well enough," the merc says, amusement mixing with suspicion. "Ofcourse, if you are anything other than what you say, I'll have to kill you. I have this personal issue with people that lie to me."

The trip to the vehicle takes only a minute even at their shuffling pace. Two men sit at the edge of a pair of benches just inside the lowered ramp at the back of the large APC, both engaged in nursing fresh beers and watching the pendulous swing of Kiyomi's breasts as she's lead like a dog up to the command tank.

"Grab a squeeze for luck, boys, then get your asses back to your unit. We've still got a fucking job to do." Kira yanks the leash back and presses the gun into Kiyomi's spine, forcing her to arc her body so that her breasts are presented to the soldiers. Each of them grabs a handful of soft flesh and squeezes it a couple times before tossing back the rest of their drinks and lobbing the cans into the brush just as she herself has done several times already. Normally, she'd keep that shit under control; not because she gives a damn about the environment but because it leaves an obvious trail for anyone to follow. However, with their current pace and all the heavy equipment they're dragging, a few cans will hardly make a difference.

"Get in." Kira releases some slack back into the leash and shoves the naked woman up the ramp. Her fist slams into a large button mounted on the interior wall and with a pnuematic hiss the large slab of armor slowly rises up and seals them both inside.

The interior of the vehicle is fairly cramped, offering only barely enough room for two people to stand side-by-side in the small lane that leads from one end to the other. A row of benches decked out with holsters for weaponry and crash rigging for rough terrain lines either sides of the back half; clearly some sort of troop transport though only Kira and the driver occupy its capacity for the moment. Mesh webs are fastened over thick stacks of supplies beyond that (most of which are beer), along with guns, ammunition, and explosives enough to shoot a Hollywood action movie.

Kiyomi is lead past all of these to a small compartment between the cockpit and the storage bay. A cot is stretched out on the floor along with a small portable fridge and miniature television. Kira pushes her down roughly again, tethering the leash to a vertical beam tight enough that the fox has only a couple of inches to move her head about. Her hands are untied and then rebound over her head in classic dungeon fashion leaving her no means to defend herself against any sort of advance or assault that the mercenary might attempt to inflinct on her.

"Now then," Kira says, flopping onto the cot. Her boots are kicked off with a pair of appreciative sighs and she gets a cold beer from the fridge, taking a long sip before finally turning her attention back to the captive to finish the thought. "Let's hear what this master of yours has in mind. Assuming he even bothered telling you."

This was the danger of all infiltration plans : though her lies mattered little in the end, as Kiyomi did not intent to use them any further than this simple task. She shivers and whimpers a bit at Kira's voice and threats though, but it came out naturally, like a submissive afraid of her master's reprimands.

The woman walks guided by Kira, her eyes kept low, her tails idly swaying behind her, seldomly grazing Kira's body allowing her to feel her softness. She was a beautiful and obedient trophy, tamed or made for someone most likely, or at least, it was the impression she gave with her bearing and poise.

The sudden pressure of the metal against her back makes her groan softly as she presents her breasts to the men, staying docile as they enjoy her curves and her body. A pleasure granted by their captain to which Kiyomi doesn't resist.

She follows inside and hangs into her new bindings. Her skin was glistening with her sweat and her hair cascaded down her shoulders, her tail laying low somewhat as she stood there.

When she's finally addressed to, Kiyomi lifts her gaze up but makes sure not to look directly into Kira's eyes : "Ultra has recently developed a new military cybernetic prototype," The woman says, her voice steady as if she was repeating something she had read or was taught, "Called the Fulgore Mark II. It is still in testing phase, but the testing have proven it to be promising and it would revolutionize the way of war..." She whimpers softly and adds, "Something my master does not want to see happen..." Who knows, perhaps said master is another weapon dealer who doesn't want to get crushed by a potential competitor?

"He needs someone efficent, professional and discret who could cause a little 'accident' in Ultra Tech's research and development facility... Someone who might be able to steal the datas they have gathered for this prototype as well..." The woman explains.

Kira's eyebrows raise a little when she actually gets a response. That's news to her. The mercenary sips quietly on her drink and looks thoughtful for a few minutes, the fox woman forgotten. Cyborgs, huh. She's taken on a whole lot of weird things in her short mercenary career, militias throwing rocks at her, modified fire trucks spraying napalm, even freakin trained gorrillas. Top of the line military robots though... well, it could be fun.

"I don't suppose you know any of the specifics of this facility? Location, floor plans, expected resistance."

She doubts it. Unless there's a computer hiding behind that pretty face. Shit, does she have to worry about this tailed bitch turning out to be a robot too? Kira frowns and lowers one foot off the side of the cot. She wiggles a little to shift her position, driving the heel of her foot up between the kitsune's legs and starts to rub her crotch up and down with the flat surface. There's other ways to check to make sure she's human but, as there aren't any handy x-ray machines around and since cutting the bitch open would make a terrible mess, this is the most direct.

Zhenya would be needed for an operation like this, she muses to herself while stimulating the woman with practiced strokes of her foot. The gesture is languid and casual, almost like an afterthought. Kira folds her hands behind her head and peers up at the ceiling while possibilities dance through her mind. That data would probably sell for a ton. Maybe she can even get a cyborg or two of her own.

"Master did not deem necessary to tell me this information," The kitsune answers, lowering her head a bit. The kitsune knew more than she was willing to tell for now, but it was part of her role -- playing dumb as if she didn't know, though from what little information she gave her, Kiyomi is certain Kira will expect some sort of resistance there if it's an advanced research project for the military. "All I know is that the facility in question would be in the United States, mistress," She adds shortly afterward.

The kitsune remains silent as she hangs in her bindings, her gaze down, waiting for Kira to come to her own conclusions. If she has any doubt about Kiyomi's true nature, her flesh did feel quite normal and some of her man had the chance to throughoutly examine her, they might know better. A perfectly anatomically correct replica of a woman.

"Master also told me," The woman says after a moment, when she believes it is a good opportunity to take Kira out of her reverie, "That if you were interested, we could meet more properly to discuss the case more in details..."

"Ofcourse he didn't," she says with a grin. Kira knows full well how this game is played. Whoever sent this 'envoy' was afraid she might simply take the information and use it for her own. A wise thought to have since that's exactly what she was thinking. Oh well, that just means she'll have to play ball with the mastermind behind this job offer; for a little while atleast.

The next offer is the natural one to make. Obviously she'll have to get in contact with this creature's master at some point to get the rest of the details. That meeting will be on her terms, however. The mercenary intensifies the pressure of her rubbing, aiming to get more than just a general feel out of the fox. She wants moans and wetness, a full display of that supposed human anatomy at work.

"Shut up," she says with a hint of annoyance. "Obviously, your job is to lure me in, teasing me with information and this slutty body of yours. Well, I don't abandon contracts right in the middle, no matter how shitty they are. The Dragoons have a reputation to keep, so until I finish my work here, my office is fucking closed."

Kira brings her other foot around and presses it into one of Kiyomi's breasts. Her toes flex and grip at the soft flesh until she snags the fox's nipple between them, tugging awkwardly and painfully on the sensitive nub.

"Your master would have known that if he'd done any damn research. That means you're going to be my little bitch plaything for the next few days, or however long it takes me to find the piece of shit I got sent out here to chase!"

Her annoyance at the situation begins to bleed into her tone, faint growls and glares replacing her arrogant sneer. She works at the delicate body of her captive, bullying pleasure into it with frustrated flicks of her toes, abusing the kitsune's dignity with her sweaty feet.

"And maybe, if you don't piss me off, I might actually give you back when I'm done."

The woman closes her eyes when she feels Kira's foot between her thighs. She doesn't struggle against it, in fact, her thighs spread to welcome the invader. When the casual gesture grows more wanton and needy, the kitsune rocks her hips gently against Kira's feet, grinding her groin against her toes. Her hands curl up against the cloth that binds them, and a soft moan escapes her throat as she continues to hump slowly Kira's foot.

Hard to tell whether or not it was genuine moans or not, though obviously she was trained to please and this seemed a natural reaction to Kira's gesture. She can feel the hot moisture on her foot as rubs it against her groin : a mixture of sweat and arousal. The painful tug on her nipple and rough squeeze on her breast makes her groan a bit, "Forgive me, mistress." She replies in a soft whimper.

This woman was, after all, sent here as a gift to Kira to show her the good will of the man behind all of this.

Kira's intonation makes her whimper softly, her ears flat on her head, a few painful groan and moans escaping her throat as she squirms against her captor. She nods her head to show she understands but doesn't reply anything else specifically.

"Good," she says. Meekness and complaince is the correct response to the mercenary's hot temper, not that Kiyomi is possessed of a great many other options right at the moment. Kira works the kitsune over with deft movements of her feet, rubbing and twisting at her intimate places. Her hand remains gripped tightly on the pistol throughout the process, a look of cold predatory tension dominating her features rather than any semblance of enjoyment from using the prisoner in this way. Only when the naked slave reaches climax does she finally lower her guard. It would have been more fun if she put up some resistance but Kira will get her entertainment out of this gift later on.

Wiping her feet off on Kiyomi's long hair, Kira withdraws from the small sleeping chamber and carries herself and her beer up to the cockpit. She sprawls sideways in a heap onto the open seat beside the pilot, bare feet dangling in the empty space between them. A hand snakes up to a switch on the dashboard and she thumbs the radio to wide broadcast to all units.

"Get moving people. The sooner we find what we're lookin for, the sooner we all get to leave this shithole."

This woman had already been broken and made into an obedient plaything -- Kira would get no resistance from her. At least, it was the role Kiyomi had given herself. She moans softly and takes her pleasure from Kira -- she was meek and submissive, but not passive, striving to please the other woman, assessing her in a way to guess what she wants. A natural thing to do, after all, if her master has set her to be willing and please Kira.

After a moment of masturbation with Kira's aid, the kitsune's body tenses and she lies limply in her bound, her breathing heavy, her body hot and glistening even more so. Despite the physical pleasure she felt, Kiyomi took no pleasure in being Kira's plaything : it was a necessary sacrifice to get what she wanted and her brain understood this. It allowed her to swallow up her pride and dignity, for the greater good, to do what she must, but it didn't make it any easier.

She keeps her gaze low and doesn't move as Kira wipes her foot in her hair, spreading her musk in her hair. She lies there and waits, knowing she'd probably have much more humiliating things to do in the following days.

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