Haru - Teach Me, Kensou-sensei!

Description: Now that the loose alliance of psychic fighters, the Psycho Soldiers, has been formed (with him as part of it... somehow), Haru Sakuraba realizes he's decidedly in need of training with his abilities. Haru asks fellow Psycho Soldier and Justice student Sie Kensou to show him the ropes, and he does just that... with a vengeance!

February can be the harshest of the winter months, despite spring being just around the corner in March. Maybe it represents winter's last gasp, knowing it's about to end and throwing every last ounce of its energy to an already-battered world. Or possibly there's a good science-y explanation for it. Either way, usually a Sunday afternoon in February is pretty cold, so when Haru Sakuraba sent a note to fellow(?!) Psycho Soldier, Sie Kensou, to ask if he'd favor him with a sparring match, he made sure to reserve some time with Justice's facilities.

Which is to say, he managed to get a piece of the student fitness center about the size of a handball court all to himself (well, themselves) because he asked nicely and signed up properly. With professional fighting becoming an increasingly common thing for high school-age students to do, the far-sighted individuals in charge of Justice's facilities made sure to have some kind of area for such sports set up in the gym. Right now, the rectangular room with its squeaky wood panel floor and high white walls shares space with a number of clubs: sumo, kendo, judo, even archery. Right now, it's basically empty except for Haru himself, who's standing in the middle of the room doing stretches and trying to limber up, like he's about to do a warmup. Which, in a sense, he is, while he waits for Kensou to arrive. IF he'll arrive.

The 'inaugural' meeting of the Psycho Soldiers -- a name that Haru technically doesn't even know to apply to the loosely-connected group -- was confusing and strange to the Ryukyu youth. Athena Asamiya was the only face he knew personally, but even that was a brief connection at best. Of course he's heard about Kensou, seen him around school, but he hadn't connected him to all this psychic fighting business until that fateful dinner meeting. But Haru remembers Kensou having a... pleasant aura. A fancy way of saying: he gave off good vibes.

It only made sense to ask him for a sparring match. And maybe in the process, Haru could learn something about himself too.

Oneself was not always something worth knowing.

Kensou had been... distant from the rest of the Psycho Soldiers. With so many new faces, this wasn't unusual. But those who had known Sie Kensou personally might have noticed small changes. Subtle changes. That the boy was keeping himself away from 'hanging out' with the others. That his grades have steadily been improving. Even his loss against Kyo was hardly holding him back, but where there was once goofy optimism, there was cold, grim focus. But most tellingly of all, for those who knew Kensou well? He was not shadowing Athena. After all, a good student doesn't let an infatuation with girls distract him.

A good student should always put Justice High first.

But when Haru invited Kensou for a sparring match, when the teenage boy had received that note, he did not reject it. No, he had accepted heartily. Bright eyes and bright auras surged back; the optimistic, outgoing Kensou was ready to come in full fledging. After all, sparring was good training for a Justice High student, especially if the time comes where one had to protect the school. A strange thought, even for Kensou to notice, but one that is dismissed. Kensou had accepted, with a note of his own.

And of course, he had to ensure he arrived on time.

Sie Kensou arrives in his casual clothing; his 'combat' wear. Blue shorts, a jean jacket, and an white undershirt rounded out his fighting gear. Compared to Athena and her many outfits, it was rather underwelming. And generic. But it was flexible, and more importantly, replacable. The teenager arrives, bringing his school bag with him. "Haru?" He calls out as he crosses the fitness center, entering the sectioned off 'sparring floor.' Seeing the boy stretch, he places his bag down by the entrance, grinning awkwardly as he waves at the other teenage. "Hey! Thanks for calling me out here! I haven't really had a chance to take a break for a... for a while." The words come distantly, as if a realization had come over him.

"... Not since our dinner with the others, in fact."

Low self-esteem can really mess you up inside.

The truth is, even though Kensou had agreed, a tiny part of Haru expected that the other fighter wouldn't actually show. Haru, after all, is just a beginner in terms of being a pro fighter. A talented one, mind you, but a few of his matches have reminded him of just how far he has to go, for sure. Kensou, meanwhile, is experienced, a strong fighter who has a lot of people's respect (even if Kensou himself doesn't seem to know it, sometimes). Plus while Athena pulling him over to the table at the Sleeping Dragon felt nice, Haru still left that dinner feeling very confused about what was going on. Definitely the noob, as it were. So in his mind, if Kensou didn't show, it was probably about what he deserved.

This might account for the not excessive but also entirely undisguised relief on Haru's face when Kensou actually shows up. As Kensou crosses the floor, Haru bows in a way-too-formal manner, arms pointing in to make a V with the crossing of his hands as he lowers his torso forward. "Ah... yes! I, um, have been focusing on my studies. I guess you have too?" he asks, tilting his head a little as he straightens and takes in Kensou's posture. Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed. Nothing wrong, right? Seems eager to be here?

To Kensou, Haru's nervousness is like a lighthouse beacon.

Reaching down into a gym bag at his feet, Haru picks up his weapons -- two gunmetal-grey and black yoyos -- and slips them into his hands (gloved, even indoors, which might seem strange) before kicking the bag across the floor and turning back to his opponent and kindasorta teammate. "I, ah... I'm not very good," he says meekly, before clearing his throat. "But I'd like to get better. And I know you've worked really hard to, ah, to master your, um, power," he adds. Is he BLUSHING? Apparently, not a social butterfly. "I feel like I don't know how to do that at all. So I hope if we spar a bit, I might learn something."

Hopping on the balls of his feet, Haru clears his throat, then gets into a loose stance. Will Kensou make the first move, or will he ask Haru to? "Please, Kensou-san, don't go easy on me. And thank you!"

Too much self-esteem could be worse.

In spite of some of the... darker thoughts that was coming into Kensou's mind, the teenager was far from being the kind of person that would stand up Haru. To show a neophyte fighter a ropes? He wasn't gonna scare him off. Coming to the center of the room, Kensou immediately lowers himself down, putting his hands upon each knee as he stretches as well. Quick stretches, fast stretches. The teenager's energy was already pouring out.

And what he saw was a lighthouse beacon.

Haru's nervousness was as the lighthouse, standing tall in the sea of angst. The white foam of insecurity linger, the sea of angst dashing against the rocks of introspection. The SS Kensou was approaching what he hoped was safe harbor, and already, he was ready to dock with the flushed-faced lighthouse before him.

Dock in the ways of martial sparring.

"Eh? Don't be nervous!" Sie Kensou states, shaking his arms loose. "Doesn't matter if you are good or not! If you aren't good, this is a great way to get better!" Kensou's loose stance tightens as he reaches his arms out, lowering his posture and center. The broad-legged stance is almost as an exaggerated version of Athena's own technique, a bold stance that hones to precision. "And if you are serious about learning... well. Justice High wouldn't want me to hold back."

Just like with Hitomi.

'Justice High'... oh, right. Reflecting on his school was a thing that apparently his fighting career did, although Kensou might wonder why Haru's eyes suddenly glaze over with frozen terror for a fraction of a second when that comes up (Raizo Imawano calling you to his office can do that to a man). "Y-yeah! I hadn't thought of that. But we want to reflect well on the school too, right?" Yeah! That's the ticket. Swallowing, Haru takes a breath and visibly tries to calm down. "Okay. I think I'm good. And ah, if I'm unconscious and can't say so when we're done, thank you for doing this, Kensou-san. I know you m-must be busy."

And then he tries to bring himself into a fighting mindset, taking deep breaths, letting his body go a little limber after being so rigidly tense the past few minutes. His version of it may use less conventional weapons, but Haru's method of fighting IS based on an actual martial art and weapon style, just subtituting the yoyo for the meteor hammer. But that's not the part of his style he's REALLY here to work on. It's a much deeper, more nebulous sort of problem he has.

Which becomes clear with his first strike at Kensou: Haru rushes forward, not even drawing his weapons. Instead he tries his damndest to focus his power into the palm of his hand, which he suddenly thrusts forward at his classmate, the opalescent white glow of his Psycho Power forming into the shape of a blooming lotus flower which bursts into a small, short-range storm of scattered 'petals'. "AaaaaaaaAAAAAAH!" Way to get into it, Haru.

COMBATSYS: Haru has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Haru             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kensou has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Haru             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Kensou

COMBATSYS: Haru successfully hits Kensou with Amethyst Clarity.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Haru             0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0           Kensou

Sie Kensou has only positive thoughts about Raizo Imawano.

That is his only memory on Raizo Imawano. That he only has positive thoughts. What a strange thought! Also strange was the next thought, that Justice High was more important than Athena. Why would he think that next, especially when it was so obvious. Justice High was always more important than Athena. Athena was a good friend, but she was just a friend. Justice High was love. Justice High was life.

That's why he would let Athena fall like Hitomi.

A flash of distraction overtakes the teenage boy as Haru comes in. But the scowl that comes over Kensou's face as he thinks about Athena and Justice High spoke volumes. A grim expression, and cold expression. As Haru rushes in, bringing in the full bear of his power, Sie Kensou snaps out of his anger trance. Quickly, he moves to deal with the palm strike. His forearm sweeps to catch the oncoming hand, to deflect it at the wrist.

But instead, he gets flowered.

The attack blooms into his face, stunning him for a moment as Sie Kensou stumbles back. As the petals pepper him, the energy disapates rather robustly. Kensou shakes his head, getting his bearing. But gone was the introspective scowl, and in its place, am intense, if friendly grin. "Wow! Sorry about that, my mind was elsewhere, wow! Great job though, Haru, good wakeup! Now I am going to attack you with what Master Chin calls a 'Ryuu Renga.' It's gonna come in threes, and there is a right way to respond to it, and a wrong way. Athena's figured out the right way..." Kensou lowers down, spreading his legs as he places his fingertips against the wooden floor.

"Lets see if you can too!"

Kensou suddenly -explodes- with a crack, ripping into a burst of incredible speed straight for his nervous opponent as his arms rotate. Blistering speed comes as he takes to the air, leaping with a sweep of his arms. Taking flight, Kensou unleashes the Ryuu Renga that he warned about: an elbow thrust with his right, a jab of his right knee, and finally an aerial straight with his left leg. Three attacks, all in a single bound. An all aimed straight for Haru's chest.

And there is no holding back from Sie Kensou, either.

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Haru with Ryuu Renga.
- Power hit! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Haru             0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0           Kensou

Well, now we know that the answer to Kensou's question is: no, Haru does NOT know the right way.

In the same way that Kensou was a bit distracted, so too was Haru; there was, right before he landed his own blow, a surprising moment of... dissonance?... in Kensou. The image of his Justice High classmate that Haru has is jovial, friendly, maybe even a little goofy, but definitely well-liked and agreeable. For a second, the Sie Kensou in front of him feels very different: cold, hard, upset. By the time he notices it, it's too late to pull his own punch, but as Kensou gives Haru a mini-lecture, he can't get it out of his mind.

Which is why, when the Psycho Soldier comes at Haru with that elbow, the Ryukyu islander is almost at a loss as to what to do. He hastily attempts to form some kind of defense, crossing his arms in front of his face, but... Kensou's not GOING for his face. His elbow slams into Haru's chest, which then pushes Haru's crossed arms up into the bottom of his own chin, leaving him quite open for the followup attacks which send Haru skidding across the floor to land in an ungainly sprawl.

When he gets back up, the grey-eyed youth has a sort of... dazed expression, but at least he has the good humor to give Kensou a distracted smile. "I guess... that wasn't it, huh..." Good lord, that hurt. You wouldn't think, looking at Kensou, that such power would lie in that frame, but he delivered some punishing blows just now!

"I guess I was too f-focused on thinking you'd be using your powers to fight. I guess that's not all the weapons in our arsenal, right?" He sounds hopeful, at least? And then he's running back toward his opponent, slipping a yoyo into his right hand which, when he gets close to Kensou, Haru sends spinning right toward his stomach. Haru might not be high in physical strength, but he's got lots of accuracy. That's gonna sting if it connects!

COMBATSYS: Kensou blocks Haru's Power Strike.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Haru             0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0           Kensou

Oh lord Haru didn't know the right way.

As the lightning fast aerial combo come, Kensou winces as the first elbow makes impact. And when those other two attacks come roaring out, Kensou lands on the ground, letting Haru go flying along the floor. Regaining his balance, he once again gives wide sweeps of his hand; the acrobatic technique of Chin training coming in full effect. He was waiting for Haru to rise before following up, and when he does, Kensou stares blankly. That sheepish grin comes back.

"No, Haru."

"No it wasn't."

While Sie Kensou was often in the shadow of his far more talened partner, the fact of the matter was that Kensou was a powerful fighter; he did not end up in the semi-finals without a reason, after all. "Remember that I -am- using my powers. Power is a lot of things!" For example, as Haru shows, power could be a yoyo. The weapon is sent lashing out straight for Kensou's center. But hands sweep down, the yoyo deflecting against the teenager's palm hard. The hands continue to sweep, as Kensou begins to take his steps to rotate around the other fighter. Kicking his feet around, he takes into the air with a high hop.

And he surges straight back down.

The mobile, agile technique of Sie Kensou was in full display now. Athena may be able to disappear, but Kensou's non-psionic martial ability was unrivaled. Diving down at Haru, palm out, he erupts in blue-violet energy. Exploding down, his incredible speed was mixed with careful precision; this time Kensou was aiming squarely for Haru's shoulder, attempting to drive his opponent straight to the ground.

Kensou is going to have a talk with the other members of the Psycho Soldiers, isn't he.

COMBATSYS: Kensou successfully hits Haru with Ryuu Sohgeki EX.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Haru             1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0           Kensou

'I -am- using my powers! Power is a lot of things!'

That... is certainly true.

Haru doesn't have much time to reflect on potential mistakes and gaps in his approach, though; by the time he snaps his weapon back into his hand, Kensou is already around, airborne, and heading his way. Gritting his teeth, he forces himself not to panic, to take a moment and carefully evaluate the situation. This might, in fact, be called Haru's one true fighting 'strength': a tactical mind. He's not a physical powerhouse, but he's smart.

Sadly, smart doesn't mean a lot when your tactical analysis of the situation is: you're boned.

Which is pretty much true. Kensou's superior speed and experience mean his angle of attack is too swift to evade, so Haru's only recourse is to buckle down and pray... which doesn't help much when Kensou slams into and then through his guard, knocking him flat on his back once more.

When Haru gets up, he's, well... pretty groggy. Those are two very powerful hits he took just now, in a row, and his vision is swimming a little bit. "I... yeah, I guess that's true," he says carefully, thinking about what Kensou said. "I guess... I'm not used to thinking of myself as having any real 'power' beyond my... other abilities," Haru says, looking -- briefly, anyway -- a bit sad. "I'm not really strong or fast or tough. So I thought, if I can use this power to fight, then maybe that would be... enough? I don't know."

The pause and silence that follows is surprisingly somber, but Haru doesn't let it get him down, not yet. "Sorry! Gotta get my head back in the game, I guess." There's a moment where Haru simply lets the yoyo in his right hand drop toward the floor, then snap back into his hand, repeatedly, like a warmup. Then, as swiftly as he can, he whips his hand around and attempts to snag Kensou's arm, wrapping it up with the cord, using the yoyo itself as counterweight. If he gets his 'grip', Haru suddenly pivots and then PULLS, yanking Kensou off his feet into a horizontal orbit before whipping him into the air, then snatching him out of his impromptu flight with the yoyo once again and directing him right into the ground!

COMBATSYS: Kensou just-defends Haru's Jade Turbulence!

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Haru             1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0           Kensou

"Stop that!"

That is what Kensou blurts out, as he smashes through Haru, spiking him to the ground. Standing high above him, Kensou's intensity was boiling from his form, as the psionic energy around him dissolves. Regaining his footing, he shakes his head at the nervous teenager. "Talent starts with the heart, not the head! If you want to be a winner, you have to act like one! And if you act like a loser..."

And the yoyo snags Kensou's arm.

Kensou is pulled up into the air in a smooth gesture. Whipped up high, he is already sweeping his limbs around, regaining control, and more importantly, momentum. As that second yoyo snag comes, he is spiked straight down towards the ground. But he does not land on his back, no. Adjusting his balance, he lands squarely on his feet, his stance spread evenly as he adjusts his balance. The impact is gone, and with it, Kensou finds his center again. Staring intensely at his opponent, he nods firmly, unhooking the yoyo from his arm.

"Well, uh. Yeah, that will happen."

Kensou laughs nervously, looking away. "So stop thinking like a loser, and start thinking like a winner! Like how you caught me with those petals! Yeah! Think about your flower power!" Kensou was trying very hard to inspire Haru. Kensou was not as inspiring as Athena was. So Kensou tries something else to inspire Haru. He lunges in, throwing himself in with staggering speed once around. This time not simply flinging a staggering kick. But a powerful, overhead punch, attempting to smash it hard against Haru's other shoulder.

He wasn't gonna hit the same place twice.

COMBATSYS: Haru fails to counter Strong Punch from Kensou with Diamond Resolve.
- Power fail! -

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Haru             1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Kensou

The vehemence of Kensou's response takes Haru aback way more than his casual-seeming no-sell of the yoyo user's attack, all told. It has all the force of a thing that Kensou, perhaps, didn't MEAN to say, but which he emotionally felt very deeply. And perhaps that's the important thing: that he was speaking with his heart. That's probably what makes what he says stick so hard with the southern islander, more than his words. "I... I mean..."

And then Kensou is right up in his grill, driving the point (and the punch) home. And perhaps more than some bizarrely-worded exhortation to awaken his 'flower power', it's Kensou's genuine wish for Haru not to feel like a loser that inspires him, or at the very least awakens something in him that he doesn't yet feel like he can consciously call on. But inside, he doesn't want to feel like a loser, either; some part of him got tired of that a long time ago. But it's hard, way harder than people think, to find a feeling of worth in yourself when others don't always appear to.

On the upside: as Kensou approaches, Haru's body starts to glow, surrounded by a faerie fire of that opalescent white, like a divine halo. Haru's body has two souls inside it, after all, and one of them possesses a power that Haru himself is only beginning to tap into.

Downside: right as this reaches a fever pitch, Kensou unceremoniously punches his already-hurt opponent square in the shoulder, which sends him spiralling to the ground in a heap before that gathered power -- which swiftly dissipates -- can go anywhere.

This time, Haru doesn't quite get right back up; instead, he stays on the ground on his back, looking up at the ceiling of the practice room, biting his lip, trying to sort out the feelings in his heart right now.

Kensou needed Haru to believe in himself.

Kensou knew that no selling the move was heartwrenching and demoralizing. And Kensou... well, Kensou could try and take some throws here and there. But Haru said he wanted him to not hold back. As the blow staggers him, Kensou could feel the emotions flowing through his opponent, as well as the power. That second soul; he could sense it.

But all is naught as he smashes the response to flinders.

The blow sends Haru down, before he could even see fruitation. Kensou was utterly dominating the teenager. Dimly, he was worried that others at the school might see him beating up Haru... and a thought drifts through his mind. A dark emotion, and shadow of a feeling. Let them watch, it coldly whispered. Let them see how strong you are, and let them learn how dangerous you are. Justice High was for the strong. And what is stronger than the true potential of Sie Kensou? But something more telling flickers in Kensou's mind, which forces away the darkness.

Why didn't he think about Athena watching, first?

As Haru lays on the floor, unresponsive, Sie Kensou regains his footing gingerly. He was... nervous. Maybe he needed to give him something easier, and more 'fun' to deal with. Not that beating him black and blue wasn't fun. But he had said he expected more 'psionic' powers. Just like Athena, maybe! Kensou raises his arms up, letting the indigo energy sparkle. "Uhhhhh..." He begins, unsure of how to best describe it. "Okay, I am going to throw a ball of psycho energy at you now! Just like how Athena does it! And... I'm not going to run up to you, and smash it point blank in. You could even roll out of the way of it! Or block it standing up! There are a lot of things you can do." Kensou falls silent for a moment, as he sweeps his arms down.

And he unleashes the Psycho Ball straight towards the prone Haru.

COMBATSYS: Haru dodges Kensou's Choukyuu Dan.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Haru             1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Kensou

Part of him was still hanging in there. Maybe Kensou sensed that too, which is why he doesn't just call it a day, himself. But it's still pretty rough for Haru to yank himself off the floor and into a standing -- perhaps more accurately, into a slumping -- position. Breathing heavily, Haru's entire posture leans forward a bit, his stormcloud-grey eyes having lost a bit of their lustre (let's face it: he's hurting right now!) but he's still trying to pay attention to Kensou, still grateful for the opportunity. And most importantly, still attentive to his fellow psychic's mood. Which is why, when Kensou has that... uncharacteristically dark moment, however brief, it slices through Haru's haze of pain and doubt like a foglight through heavy mist.

Which is probably what saves him; when he manages to get control over his senses, it's in time to see Kensou's psycho ball screaming right at him. Perhaps some part of that heightened awareness is still with him, because Haru has just enough time to throw himself to the side in a desperate somersault to avoid it (well, Kensou said he could!), though the timing is cutting it pretty close indeed.

Rolling to a stop and then ending up in a crouch, Haru realizes he's breathing quite heavily, and the intense ache in his muscles, and... well, to be honest, the demoralizing feeling in his heart that he has a VERY long way to go before he's fighting on par with the other 'Psycho Soldiers'.

He lets his kneeling stance collapse into sitting on the floor, but when he looks up at Kensou, he wears an expression of genuine gratitude. "L-let's stop there, Kensou-san," he says slowly, putting his hands palm down on the smooth wooden floor. "You're very strong. And, ah, you've given me a lot to think about, that's for sure."

COMBATSYS: Haru takes no action.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Haru             1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Kensou

Oh thank lord he dodges it.

If Kensou hit him, then... well. Then Kensou would have to have found Chin or Athena. And have to explain why, exactly, did one of their 'new' 'friends' end up getting sock beaten into a near coma by Kensou under the guise of 'sparring.' Kensou was, in fact, not -trying- to crush Haru. As he makes that narrow dodge, however, Kensou actually lets out that sigh of relief. But he knew that if Haru comes in again... that means he will have to hit the other boy again.

So when he concedes?

Kensou was -glad-

"You are pretty strong too!" Kensou begins, dropping his guard as he strides across. "Well, strong in potential! You have a lot of potential with your inner light, and the... the yoyo." The teenager tried to make that part sound badass. He was not good at it. Reaching Haru, he rubs his hands, before extending one to help Haru up. "Come on, lets hit the showers. I'm sure... Athena will be very glad to hear that you were sparring with me!" Kensou's smile fades into concern, as he thinks about what he had done.

"Could... could you leave out the details of the fight though?"

COMBATSYS: Kensou waits for his opponent to make the next move!

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Haru             1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Kensou

Could he... what now?

The expression of confusion, Haru doesn't bother to hide, as he takes Kensou's hand and -- wobbily -- gets to his feet. It's not entirely clear why Kensou would want him not to tell Athena about any of this, but who is he to argue? "Uh, s-sure. I mean, if that's what you want." Such good natured people are hard to find, unless you go to Wal-Mart and ask where you can find a 'doormat'.

Either way, Haru senses a bit of Kensou's... ambivalence?... with regards to his weapon of choice. "I know it seems strange. But there's an actual martial art to it, you know. I've had some training. I just..."

Why DON'T you use an actual meteor hammer, Haru? Maybe that's the question not just Kensou, but Haru himself might ask. But for a moment, thoughts of his happy childhood training are overcome by memories of his parents and, more importantly, their rejection of their child once it became clear he had abilities of a supernatural stripe.

"...I wanted something that was uniquely mine, I guess," he finishes quietly, averting his gaze somewhat.

Haru retrieves his gym bag, stowing both of his yoyos in it, and then turns back to Kensou and, bag slung over his shoulder, again bows formally. "I'm going to work hard to improve, I promise. Thank you again. Just... sometimes it's hard. Believing in yourself, I mean," he adds, blushing somewhat. "I'm not very good at, yet. But I hope I can learn from your example." Oh, Haru.

Well, Kensou wasn't knocking the yoyo.

Why didn't he use a meteor hammer? Well, because of a lot of reasons. Most importantly, it was because Haru didn't want to. Everyone had their own style; why would Kensou knock someone for using it in a non-traditional way? Of course, Kensou probably only had the dimmest idea that having an easily concealed weapon was useful. So when Haru states his reasoning on why he wants to use a yoyo to fight? Kensou responds.
"Ha ha."

The awkward laughter comes out. "Yeah, sometimes it can be hard to believe in yourself. But... you need to. That's more important than working hard." Until recently, Kensou knew that feeling significantly. Keeping Haru steady on his feet, he steps back, and just watches. As Haru compliments Kensou's skill, it is the teenager's turn to blush. "Oh, stop. I mean, I'm not, I am not that good!" And there, Kensou leads the way out of the arena.

"Lets... lets hit the showers, okay?"

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