Neo League 0001 - NL#0058: Kazuki vs Mei Lin

Description: Kazuki Kirigana and Wong Mei Lin sign up for the Neo League at the same time. Fights ensue. (Winner: Kazuki) (Note: Missing meters because Kazuki forgot to restart the log.)

Downtown Osaka was a place fuel of life -- people moving about constantly back and forth, thousands made their way through this place with haste, going on about their lives. It wasn't Mei Lin's case : his pace was slow as he made his way through. His gaze shrouded by lock of his hair, though his eyes seemed to stare at the distance at something that didn't seem to exist. A smile was on his lips, seeming enraptured by God knows what. Happy go lucky. His clothings felt a bit out of place, and the fact he went by bare foot made him look like some sort of hobo but he didn't seem to pay attention to those who looked down on him.

He was looking for something very particular and he was drawing near : he had heard this was one of the place he could register himself into the big international fighting league. He stops in front of one of the building, glancing up at it, as if he was trying to find out whether or not he was at the right place (even though the advertisment made it quite obvious).

Kazuki Kirigana was in Osaka for, well, pretty much the same reason. The young man was in a Gedo High School uniform and, aside from the headphones, could have blended into his surroundings fairly easily. Two minor problems with that though: the first is that the headphones were decorated in mindbending swirls of blue, white, purple, and cyan nail polishes. The second is that he was wearing a Gedo High uniform, which brings its own form of notoriety.

Kirigana almost walks past the place, apparently intent on the tunes in his headphones or perhaps on his own thoughts. He takes two steps /past/ the door when he stops and frowns thoughtfully, sliding the headphones off before muting the violin and dubstep that was playing. He turns to regard the young man thoughtfully. He tilts his head to one side; he's heard the songs of more than a few people, but... Greensleeves? From an Asian? That has his curiousity.

It's only then that Kazuki notices the sign. He lets out a slight sigh, and makes for the door.

The stranger may have his curiousity, but his own innate politeness will not allow him to ask questions of someone he hasn't even really met.

"Excuse me," The young man calls out to Kazuki when he makes his way toward the building. Mei Lin takes a few steps foward, closer to him. He seems to be looking at him, though it's hard to tell with his eyes who don't seem to make a proper focus on Kazuki. "I'm looking for one of the administrative building for the Neo League," He lifts his gaze up toward the building and asks, "Do you know if this is the place?" He has a genuine and earnest smile on his lips.

Kazuki stops, and frowns at the person in front of him. If there was a sense that Kazuki would call his strongest, it would /definitely/ be his sense of hearing. Part of it can be attributed to his talents in sensing chi as auditory input, and part of it can be attributed to the fact that more than seeing Kazuki is always /always/ listening to something. What he sees with this young man and what he hears... don't exactly line up. Curiousier and curiouser.

Never mind the eyes that don't make any attempt at any kind of contact.

Kazuki simply nods before answering, "Yes. On the second floor." Unless stopped, Kazuki heads for the door.

"Great, that's where I am going," Mei Lin says with a slow nod of his head. His right fist gets into his left palm and he bows his torso slightly, smiling at Kazuki, "Thank you, I wanted to make sure..." This last part might seem awkward considering the various posts about famous fighters around.

Mei Lin doesn't stop him -- he merely follows after him. "Guess that means you're coming to get registred into the league as well?" Mei Lin asks. "I've heard you couldn't ask for a better place if you wanted to test your skills against other martial artists,"

Kazuki returns the bow, but not the recognized gesture before responding, "It is no trouble, but yes. I am here to sign up as well." Kazuki makes his way up the flight of stairs. He doesn't say much past that, just listens to pretty much everything. A moment later, the pair arrive at a desk. After the usual welcomes and questions, both people are handed a small stack of paperwork. Kazuki sets to this with a will.

It might not be that youth center Miko mentioned, but this was a direction to move in as well, right?

Mei Lin follows after Kazuki, more than pleased to have met another martial artist... especially someone outside of China. "My name's Mei Lin," He offers with enthusiasm, "My style is Hung Gar kung fu, from southern China. What's your style?" He asks.

Following Kazuki was quite convenient for him -- made it easier to get where he wanted with relative ease. His smile though seems to fade though when he's offered the couple of papers to fill in.

He seems to hesitate a moment and wait, glancing back and forth between Kazuki and the person at the desk. He stares at the piece of papers, then back at Kazuki. "So... Hum..." He lifts his hand up to scratch the back of his head, "Think you could do me a little favor...?" He asks shyly

Kazuki looks up from his stack of papers. "I am Kazuki Kirigana," he replies. "I practice Aikido." He is about to turn back to his own stack when Mei Lin speaks up again. Kirigana studies Lin for a long moment, adding some things up.

"Do you need help with the paperwork," Kazuki asks politely.

Kazuki's polite intonation seems to make that uneasiness in Mei Lin fade away. He nods at Kazuki and glances up at the paperwork, "Yeah..." There's still a faint blush on his cheek though as he admits, "It's a little embarassing to say, but I don't know how to read and write, so..."

While it wasn't entirely false, it wasn't exactly the truth either. "I didn't think I would have had to fill in paperwork..." He looks thoughtful for a moment, "I don't know what I expected, guess I was a bit naive,"

Heaving a soft sigh, Mei Lin bows his head gently, swallowing his pride for a moment, "I'd really appreciate it if you could help me.. If you tell me what are the questions, I can tell you what to write down,"

Kazuki slides his stack aside. "Of course," he says, still quiet, still polite as he starts in on it. He asks questions, gets answers. Things might get a little sticky, though.

Kazuki leans back in his seat for a moment. "I... think I should warn you," he finally says, "But there is going to be a physical after the paperwork. People who staff these kinds of things do not like conflicting information."

"Thanks, Kazuki," Mei Lin says, his lips curling into a wide grin. After all, he had just met Kazuki and he willingly gave some of his time to help him out filling up paperwork. Pretty kind for a stranger.

His expression becomes a little more cold though when he hears Kazuki's warning. His hand tightens a bit on the arms of his seat, his jaw tensing up a little. "Well! I hope they'll think I'm fit enough for all of this!" He says after a moment, "I know I've got what it takes for this," He adds, his voice full of conviction, buffing his chest a bit as if to strenghten his resolve.

Kazuki taps his pen, audibly, on the paperwork. He considers carefully. Normally, Kazuki would let the matter drop. Perhaps even help Mei Lin perpetrate the, if not lie, then certainly misinformation. Kirigana is polite, and the business of Mei Lin's identification is certainly none of his.

Perhaps it's the company he's been keeping, but Kazuki does something that he will certainly think back on and perhaps re-evaluate later.

"I'm sure that they will," Kazuki says calmly. "Although..." Kazuki trails off for a moment. "I apologize for being forward when I say this," his voice drops so that the only two people in the room that can hear his next words are Mei and himself.

"Pretty much every culture that uses some form of Mei uses it for girls," he says. He has one other piece of evidence, but this is perhaps the easier one to use. Mei might not believe Kazuki when it comes to hearing exams.

That happy go lucky expression Mei Lin had on his feature seems to have faded away some. He leans back on his chair, chewing on his bottom lip, some worries crossing his features. Fortunately, his tuft of hair in front of his face manages to hide some of this but obviously not all of his expression.

Kazuki's whisper though causes Mei Lin to cough : as if he had just choked on his saliva. Mei was definately a syllable associated with girls in China. His cheeks flush and he turns his gaze away, "Most of the time -- but it depends on the rest of the name," He says, waving his hand up dismissingly.

Aaaand Kazuki thinks he is being deceived. This brings a bit of a frown to his face as he comtemplates the next move. Setting aside the words, all of the auditory cues lead Kazuki to suspect that he is, if not completely correct in assessing Mei Lin, not entirely wrong either. The young man is silent for a moment as he considers the fact that he isn't angry with Mei Lin so much as annoyed.

"Fine," he says as he shoves Mei Lin's stack of paperwork back to them while reaching for his own. "For what it's worth," Kirigana says in that same whisper, "Gender doesn't really matter when it comes to martial arts."

With that, Kazuki goes back to his own paperwork.

His sharp reply and the way Kazuki handles Mei Lin's paperwork makes him wince. He turns his gaze away and heaves a soft sigh. He remains silent for a moment, lost in his thoughts. "You're right," He replies to Kazuki, "Gender doesn't matter when it comes to martial arts, but not everyone thinks like you do, Kazuki," His voice seems softer and less deep than before.

It was useless to keep on pretending, not at this point. Kazuki had cornered her, and she knew that he knew, so why bother. "Was it really the name...?" She asks, glancing back at Kazuki, "I didn't expect it would have made it so obvious, tss..." She had hoped the foreign name might have been enough, though perhaps the difference between japan and china aren't enough to cover it, "Guess it was naive of me..."

She pauses a moment, before she adds, "Thank you for your help, Kazuki." After all, without him, she wouldn't have been able to fill in this paperwork.

Kazuki leans back, and pinces the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger for a moment before sliding on his reading glasses. "It was an aggregate of information," he says quietly. The name, plus the build, plus the voice. Your reactions when I pressed the matter simply confirmed it." He pulls Mei's stack of paperwork back towards himself to continue.

"Though many people wouldn't have put it together," he says. "Not as quickly, anyway." Kirigana considers for a moment. Perhaps a bit of reciprocation is in order? "I have a very sharp sense of hearing," he says. It's not bragging, which would most certainly be impolite. The statement is made in the same manner one might say 'two plus two is four,' or 'the sky is blue;' there is little point in hiding it behind modesty, false or otherwise.

It was genuine curiousity of Mei Lin's part. After all, if something betrayed her, she prefers to know what it is. The name came as the obvious answer considering his question but she wanted to be sure. "I see," Mei Lin says, leaning back against her seat.

"I have seven brothers, you'd expect me to get boy's mannerism's right," She admits with a faint smile. It seems to reassure her when Kazuki says it wasn't that obvious but that he's got some knacks for spotting little details, "... Guess I make a slightly slender built boy, buuuut, just enough for most to think I'm one,"

She glances at Kazuki and heaves a sigh, "Don't ask why," She says, "It's... Complicated," She simply adds. Best short answer to sum it up. Then again, she felt Kazuki didn't bother so much about her gender more than the fact she tried to hide something from him, as if she had been insulting his intuition or sense of deduction by lying to him.

She leans back and hums softly, "You're really good..." A faint smirk spreads on her lips as she admits, "Or I am not as good as I thought I was,"

Add in the fact that she, by implication, wanted to help him lie and, well, there you are. "Why is not any of my business," Kazuki says with honesty, "But the answer is most likely a little bit of both." He finishes Mei's stack of paperwork and proceeds to his own. He's not even going to bring up the eye exam.

Mei Lin has a soft chuckle at Kazuki's words and she lowers her gaze, "Yeah.." She says softly. Her arms reach out for the paperwork once Kazuki is done with her stack and she lifts it up in front of her. It seems like she's reading through the papers, but to Mei Lin, each better seemed and felt the same. Kazuki could have left all her paperwork blank or written misinformation she wouldn't be able to tell. She hates having to rely on someone but she had no choice. No worse feeling that being dependant of someone else. She coughs a bit, her intonation getting a few notch deeper, "Soo, huh... Do you know what's after the paperwork?" She asks while she waits for Kazuki to finish his own.

"There is a physical," Kazuki reminds, "An assessment of ability." Kirigana finishes his paperwork, checks it over.

Mei Lin's lips curl into a wide grin and she smashes her right fist into her palm. Her lips curl into a wide grin and she cracks her knuckles. "I'll show them what I can do," She says -- never mind the physical exam, she can only hope she'll be able to fool them somehow. The girl stands up, and takes her paperwork, a bit of anxiety crossing her feature as she glances up at the desk where the clerk is, then back at Kazuki, "Well! Better get this over it! The stress of waiting's killing me!" She takes her paper and strides over to the desk, smiling as she hands up her paperwork to the lady behind the desk, "There you go!"

Kazuki finishes checking his work before standing up and walking towards the desk on his own. In stark contrast to Mei's energy, Kirigana is calm. He's done this a couple of times already, and knows what to expect. He hands the clerk his paperwork, and is directed to one doctor's office while Mei is sent to another.

Not knowing what to expect was the worse part. She had come a long way to this, and if she's unable to pass those tests. The real trouble were the physical exams : she was unsure if she'd be able to conceal her disability well enough! Who knows, maybe they won't check her eyes? Maybe...

Some time later...

Mei Lin walks out of the office she was sent into. She had done all she could and somehow, she had done it -- miraculously, perhaps. It was a close enough but, thanks to her other senses during the other tests, she was able to convince him she was okay. At least, she thinks.

She's grinning from ear to ear and does a little spin when she walks out, "Ahah!" First step accomplished!

Kazuki goes through his own tests with ease; he had a disc with videos of his previous fights to show that he could in fact fight. The physical was done fairly quickly as well. He walks out calmly, tugging at the front of his jacket to straighten it out.

"And now we wait," Kazuki says. "Either for someone to challenge us or for someone to accept a challenge of our own."

It took much longer for Mei Lin for obvious reasons. She did not have the same evidences of her own fighting prowess so she had to be a bit more convincing. Fortunately she managed to hold on despite the stress and now that she's through... She feels as light as a feather.

"Wait? Ah! Why wait, Kazuki," Mei Lin says, opening her arms, "The least I can do, for your help, is offer you fight," She lifts her hand up to rub her nose a bit and rests her hands on her hips, waiting for his answer.

Kazuki was about to slide his earphones on and walk out of the office altogether. Mei provides a challenge to that plan of action, and rolls his eyes. Seems like he should have seen that coming.

"Okay then," Kazuki says after a moment, throwing a glance at the clerk with a raised eyebrow, who nods quickly. She directs the two fighters to a nearby sporting complex.

His answer to her challenge was more important to Mei Lin than he might expect. Considering what he knows of her, the fact that he accepts bring a relieved and happy smile on her lips, "Great..." She murmurs, letting her words trail off.

Mei Lin turns on her heels to the clerk, and then to the complex he points out. She makes her way off in that direction. Her heart is pounding with excitment : she has trained for years, though never had she ever faced anyone.

Kazuki would be her first.

Kazuki walks into the area marked off for the fight when they arrive at the complex. "Usually," Kazuki says, "The challenger is the first one on the mats. In this case, an exception could be made." He turns to face Mei, bowing once before sliding into a loose stance.

"I am ready when you are," Kazuki Kirigana says, rolling his neck once while he waits.

COMBATSYS: Kazuki has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kazuki           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kazuki           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Mei Lin

Mei Lin gets into her fighting stance : her right foot making a slow arc on the ground as she spreads her thighs and gets into her low horse straddling stance. Her knees stay near her side, her arms unfolded in front of her, back of the palms presented in Kazuki's direction.

Her smile never fades away : this was her first chance to test her years of training. She was excited. "You better not hold any punches, Kazuki," Mei Lin warns. Her gaze seems a little off, not quite looking at Kazuki but he knows she must be able to sense him some other way.

When he tells her he's ready, Mei Lin nods and smashes her feet against the mats to plant them there. Her chi flows out through her feet and into the ground. The earth underneath Mei Lin suddenly rises at an angle, hurling the young woman straight at Kazuki like a boulder. She throws herself at him shoulder first attempting to body slam him roughly.

COMBATSYS: Kazuki blocks Mei Lin's Landslide.
Kazuki has about a half a second to blink in surprise as the earth ripples and launches Mei at him. If he hadn't /heard/ it as well, Kazuki would have been stunned into inaction. But his other senses confirm what his eyes tell him, giving the aikidoka enough time to turtle up.

Kazuki reaches out and plants his palms on the girl's shoulders and moving with the impact, bending his arms to absorb the impact with a slight wince. He shoves Mei Lin away before taking two more steps backward, continuing to evaluate the older woman for a moment before devising his own strategy. As he does so, he takes a deep breath, and a gentle breeze sweeps through the arena.

Isn't this an indoor arena?

COMBATSYS: Kazuki focuses on his next action.
It is an indoor arena : Mei Lin's earth has cracked through the floor and moved the mats aside to throw Mei Lin at Kazuki. The thick and hardened earth crumbles to soil moments after it erupted from the ground suddenly. Seems like Mei Lin doesn't seem to care much for collateral damage, alas... Or hasn't thought about it.

Mei Lin staggers back after Kazuki shoves her away. Once she regains her bearing she gets back into her low stance and lunges back at Kazuki, pressing her attack at him. She lunges at Kazuki and gives a violent palm thrust right for his abdomen, her strike followed with a ki shout.

There was nothing gentle in Mei Lin's fighting style, unlike Kazuki -- it was all about brute force.
COMBATSYS: Kazuki dodges Mei Lin's Strong Punch.

Kazuki pivots, turning away from Mei's direct strike, watching calmly as she passes by before reaching for Mei's extended arm. Should the grab prove successful, Kazuki will pull down hard on Mei's wrist while sweeping her lead foot out from under her to drop her to the mat.

Kazuki will not stop there, however, if he grounds Mei. The throw will be followed up by stomping kick to the back of the (hopefully) prone girl!

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin blocks Kazuki's Strong Throw.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Kazuki           0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0          Mei Lin

Mei Lin's eyes widen when Kazuki grabs into her arms after he avoided her strike. Her other hand flails for balance as he pulls on her wrist and sweeps her off her feet. Instead of resisting Mei Lin rolls with it and falls into her back gracefully.

She manages to get in a decent position to block the foot stomp with her arms though from her prone position. She grits her teeth and tries to latch into Kazuki's foot. She rises up to her feet and shove Kazuki backward in an attempt to throw him off on his back.

COMBATSYS: Kazuki counters Medium Throw from Mei Lin with Cambiare.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kazuki           1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0          Mei Lin

Kazuki's hands whip towards Mei Lin's with a quickness. It'd be hard to tell without replay, but an argument could be made that Kazuki's hands were moving /first/. They latch onto one wrist in an iron grip as Kazuki starts to spin away from the woman.

That breeze that was felt earlier? It picks up, as Kazuki pulls Mei Lin's arm over one shoulder as he lets out a kiai of his own. It rises into a brief gust that serves to send Mei Lin flying across the room as Kazuki bends sharply at the waist to throw his opponent!

If the gentle breeze she felt coming from Kazuki and his serene demeanor had been any sign of a softer fighting style Mei Lin had been terribly mistaken. She would learn from those mistakes the hard way.

His fluid movements allow him to redirect Mei Lin's grapple and slip around her -- before she even realizes it her feet have left the ground again for another desorienting experience, "Woah, woah!" She says as she's sent flying across the round and crashes into the mats a good distance away.

The young woman groans in pain as she squirms and forces herself back to her feet. She wobbles a bit and staggers, struggling to keep her balance, obviously shaken by the experience. She shakes her head to try and regain her bearing and Mei Lin braces herself, "Kiaaa!" She shouts as she rams her foot against the ground and assume her low stance. A burst of chi from her foot spreads through the earth underneath the floor, heading quickly toward Kazuki. The cement under the mats crack and a pillar of stone bursts out from the crack and mat, rising quickly like a mighty stone fist to smash Kazuki in the abdomen. The pillar bursts out with a 60 degree angle with the ground and remains solid only for a few seconds before the rock softens up and crumbles to soil on the mats.

COMBATSYS: Kazuki dodges Mei Lin's Stone Spike.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kazuki           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0          Mei Lin

Kazuki can hear what Mei Lin is trying to do. He may not know /exactly/ what that ripple of chi will do, but he does know two things. The first is that he does not want to be at the end point of its movement, and that the best way to disrupt the attack would be to simply not be there. Kirigana takes a series of rapid steps towards Mei Lin, closing the distance between the two quickly.

"Those are interesting techniques," he says quietly, before throwing a trio of palm strikes at the stomach, sternum, chin. Each strike is accented with a three bursts of wind, each one stronger than the one before it as Kazuki attempts to stagger Mei Lin!

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin auto-guards Kazuki's Syncopation.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kazuki           0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0          Mei Lin

Despite Mei Lin's misjudgement of Kazuki's fighting style, she has in no way been going easy on him. After all, Mei Lin would have found it insulting if someone would have done so with her, the least she can do is fight him at the best of her abilities.

The foot stomp allowed her to steady herself and brace for Kazuki's incoming attack, lack of having been able to touch him with it. "My personal touch to Hung Gar," Mei Lin admits with a wide smile, "I have to admit I misjudged you, it shows I have a lot to learn still..."

When Kazuki attacks her, Mei Lei was ready : a perfect execution of her tiger claw stance allows her to deflect every of Kazuki's palm strike, pushing his arms aside before he gets the chance to hit her.

The moment she has an opening Mei Lin presses in against Kazuki and tries to slam her palm right under Kazuki's chin, "Kiaaa!"

COMBATSYS: Kazuki blocks Mei Lin's Fierce Punch.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kazuki           0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0          Mei Lin

Kazuki catches Mei's fist in an open hand, grunting both in pain and in effort as he does so. He struggles to keep the fist from his chin for a moment before shoving the girl's hand away from him. He takes another deep breath, calling once more to the wind as he shoves an open palm towards Mei Lin's sternum once more.

The fist will fall short, but there will be a burst of gale force wind that will (Kazuki hopes) send Mei Lin flying once more!

COMBATSYS: Kazuki successfully hits Mei Lin with Ruvido.
- Power hit! -

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Kazuki           0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Mei Lin

Mei Lin bites her lips as she tries to force her palm up, as if touching his chin with it was all that mattered. Mei Lin attempts to deflect the incoming palm strike with her free hand but this time, Kazuki's quicker than she she is.

The empowered shot with the gale of wind is enough to uproot the Hung Gar fighter knocking her off her feet. She flails her arms a bit aimlessly in the air, a scream of surprise and pain escaping her throat as she falls into her back and rolls over. Mei Lin hated to be thrown around like that and she kept a low stance and low center of gravity to avoid simply because she's literally blind when she's touching anything.

The sensation was rather unpleasant, almost as much as the actual flight. The girl staggers back to her feet, disoriented and dizzy, apparently, gasping for her breath after that hit to her sternum.

"... Don't worry though, I'm not taking it easy on you!" The girl shouts and slams her foot into the ground to steady herself. Her chi channels into the earth beneath her and causes a three boulders to bursts up from the ground, about the size of basketballs. She smashes them with her fists and kicks the last one, hurling them all in Kazuki's direction.

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin successfully hit Kazuki with Rock Barrage.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Kazuki           1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1          Mei Lin

Kazuki's brows shoot up as he finds himself staring at the three rocks that inexplicably rise up from the ground. It... really should not have come as a shock to him; she had been pulling these earth manipulation tricks the entire time. This would have been a logical extension of that.

However, this time, Kazuki is simply not ready enough or agile enough to avoid the trio of boulders that slam into him and shatter on impact. The aikidoka is sent flying, and then bouncing across the floor before sliding to a halt.

"Was not worried about that at all," Kazuki mutters, still polite, as he drags himself to his feet. "And how I am feeling about the fight is not something you should be worried about." With that, Kazuki charges in close, attempting to grab the front of Mei Lin's shirt before planting a foot in her stomach and rolling onto his back to send her flying once more!

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin fails to interrupt Medium Throw from Kazuki with Earth's Grasp.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Kazuki           1/-----==/=======|=======\=------\1          Mei Lin

Mei Lin nods at Kazuki's advices and she braces for his charge. She should focus more on the fight. When Kazuki rushes at her, her eyes seem lost in the distance, as if she was day dreaming in the middle of the fight, though she's perfectly aware of where he is.

She does nothing to stop him when he reaches out for her shirt and Mei Lin's lips curl into a smirk. She expects to be able to counter before he can attempt to uproot her and Mei Lin lifts her leg up to slam her foot against the mats. Alas, before she can send a wave of chi and manipulate the earth, Kazuki's foot plans against her stomach and he knocks her off balance, disrupting her attempt to retaliate with earth.

The young woman's arms flail about and she's sent flying once more, crashing off some distance away. She groans in pain and she slowly forces herself to her feet, panting softly and stumbling about. Obviously those trips airborn seemed to leave her slightly dazed afterward.

Kazuki's eyes narrow. He recognizes the look on Mei Lin's face; he's seen it on his own in fight videos. She's not relying on her eyes at all, and the aikidoka suspects that's her usual state of operation. Kirigana considers for a moment, assessing the older woman carefully before deciding on his own course of action.

Kazuki decides to put this to bed, proverbially speaking, and charges in. He slips /past/ Mei Lin before looping an arm over her shoulder and across her neck before applying pressure across her throat before leaning back slightly to pull Mei off of her feet while trying to knock her out!

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin blocks Kazuki's Choke Hold.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Kazuki           1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1          Mei Lin

Not allowing her the time to fully recover is the best way for Kazuki to press on his momemtum in this fight. She notices his presence near her just in time to react and lift one arm up to prevent him from totally choking her. She was in a bad posture nonethless though as Kazuki manages to uproot her despite her best effort to keep her low stance.

She flails her arms a bit and then move her free arm to get a hold of Kazuki's shirt, giving herself a swing and bending over in an attempt to throw him off her back by swinging him over her head.

COMBATSYS: Kazuki counters Medium Throw from Mei Lin with Cesura.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Kazuki           0/-------/-----==|=======\=======\1          Mei Lin

Kazuki feels the throw coming; the vast majority of his style is /built/ around throws. The implication of such a thing is fairly obvious as well: aikidokas learn how to /be/ thrown. Training would prove quickly ruinous otherwise.

Kazuki lets himself be taken off of his feet, rolling up and over Mei's shoulders as he lets go of the girl's throat. However, he reaches out for the front of Mei Lin's shirt with blinding speed, pulling the woman down hard as Kazuki lands in a low crouch before bending at the waist once more to fling Mei Lin clear across the arena with incredible force!

The last thing Mei Lin expected was a reversal of her throw when it was meant to get Kazuki off her back. This is the sort of thing she needed if she wanted to improve her martial art after all : experience.

And experience came at the price of pain it seems.

A high-pitched yelp escape her throat when Kazuki lands perfectly and turns it against her, Mei Lin still bent over and more or less off balance from her desperate throw. Lack of technique and balance, she ends up getting flung around like some rag doll, sent flying across the arena. She crashes with no grace into the mats, a loud groan of pain escaping her throat.

She feels her remaining strength fading away, the dizziness from being thrown around, her senses all mixed up. She rises up to her feet as she tries to give it one last shot, but she ends up stumbling around like some drunken hobo. She lunges clumsily at Kazuki though, swinging her leg into a rapid succession of kicks aimed at his shins and midsection...

Whatever the result though, Mei Lin whimpers from pain and fatigue, crumbling down into her back afterward, unable to continue, lying down with her head spinning.

COMBATSYS: Mei Lin can no longer fight.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kazuki           0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Kazuki dodges Mei Lin's Avalanche Kick.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kazuki           0/-------/-----==|

Kazuki /knows/ Mei Lin is not done yet, waiting for that last burst of effort with lidded eyes. She does not disappoint, coming at Kirigana with a flurry of kicks. He watches, and listens, calmly as the attacks start.

Kazuki's movements are cool, calm, and collected as he backsteps away from each kick. He watches Mei Lin collaspe, and the referee annouces what Kazuki already knew as fact. It hasn't quite hit him yet that while this may not be his first professional fight... /is/ the first one that he has won.

Kazuki heads for the locker room to clean up.

Mei Lin just lies there for a moment, panting, arms sprawled out. She still feels a bit dizzy from all the airborn flights she has done through the fights. Her chest heaves up and down and she has a wide smile on her lips. She might have lost, but it mattered little to her. It was her very first fight and she at least managed to hit him... And she's certain with more practical experience, she can only become better.

COMBATSYS: Kazuki has ended the fight here.

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