Kiyomi - Requiem of the fallen

Description: CUTSCENE : After their encounter with Fulgore, Kiyomi announces her new resolution to the Children of the Nights and the pack mourns the loss of their comrades.

*********** Somewhere, in the depth of the boreal forests in Russia **********

The kitsune takes long slow strides within the snow covered forest, surrounded by pines and other great trees. Her steps are heavy, unsteady, her katana held in her right hand, the blade grazing the snow and leaving a trail, as if her hand was too weary to hold the blade. Her myriad of tails are hanging low behind her, brushing against the snow, covering her tracks. Her the pristine tails make it look like she has an elegant regal gown, like a snow queen.

Her crimson kimono is untidy, don hastly, leaving her thighs exposed with every step, showing her shoulder and cleavage, almost threatening to fall with every steps. Her raven hair are loose, cascading down her shoulders. Her puffy eyes are open wide as she strolls about aimlessly, her gaze blank and distant. She seems lost and devastated : yet her body has no apparent injuries.

Subconsciously, her instinct is leading her to her pack : the howls of the wolves guiding her in the midst of this moonlit night. They come to her, the various beasts that are part of the Children of the Night, "Renard," A werewolf looking humanoid calls out for her, his intonation harsh, full of unspoken questions.

The woman steadies herself, suddenly snapping out of it, hiding her emotions behind a cold and strong facade. Her brows furrow into a glare, her grip tightens on the handle of her katana as she glances at the werewolf, her eyes scaning the area toward the other members of the pack that slowly crawls out from behind the trees. Despair turns into hatred, rage and resolve. She grits her teeth, biting her lips to the blood. Her strength shows through her confident posture, one that inspires admiration within the other Darkstalkers.

"Heed my call, Children of the Nights!" Kiyomi shouts, her powerful voices echoe through the night and inspires respect. "For every lives they have dared to take from us, we shall make them pay a hundredfold! We shall take from them /everything/ as they have with us and make them pay their debts with their lives and blood!" Tears well up in the corner of her eyes, her eyeslit narrowing as if to hold them down. Her pristine teeth shows the rage that twists her features, mixed with grief and saddness, "Le this mark a new age where humans will learn what it is to live in constant fear! We shall turn their reign of terror upon them!"

Her arms open up in resignation, that strong grip on her weapon falters. She seems about to drop her weapon and seems about to break into incontrolable sobs : her gaze lowers a soft cry of despair escaping her throat. She closes her eyes and arches her back, turning her cry into a powerful wolf~like howl to the moon as the tears flow down her cheeks.

One after the other, the present Darkstalkers join into this litany : howling at the moon, each cry heartful and sorrowful. The pack sings its requiem to the fallen, mourning the fall of their brethren, pouring their grief into the moon.

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