Mimiru - First Darkstalker Hunt

Description: Thanks to Amy, Mimiru is discovering a new world of possibility! It is like a dream come true as she ventures in a castle and finds an horrible fiend inside. This is her chance to prove her value and fight off this demon! Poor Walter... He's about to discover the Holy Order's secret weapon : Mimiru Kasagi's eccentricity!

"Awesome," This is all Mimiru had to say about all of this. Knights, a secret order, a castle... Demons, werewolves, vampires... What not to dream of? Mimiru wouldn't be surprised if she stumbled on some unicorn out here who gets milked to make some potions of healing or something like that. It would just make her even more excited. It was like some kid set loose in a candy store.

A shame Amy had been called away and let Mimiru venture on her own inside of the castle. Her mouth is wide agape, her eyes are sparkling with wonders. Had she not known this castle was the secret hideout of a secret group bent on killing vampires, demons and stuff like that, this would have been a boring place, but now...

"Freaking awesome!" She says once more, her lips curling into a wide grin. Mimiru rushes into the grand hall, her footsteps echoing as she goes off to the side to reach one of the heavy flail that ornates the wall, "I bet I could smash some demon's face with that shit, oh man..." She lifts the flail up and tries to swing it : the resultats are disastrous, she ends up almost killing herself by sending the spiked ball in her face but she avoids it just in time, instead crashing and tearing asunder a decorative armor that shatters on the ground with a metallic symphony.

Mimiru drops the flails and raises her hands up, "I didn't do it, it was like that when I came in, I swear!" She says almost instinctively.

After getting his butt handed to him by a police officer, getting out of the locker and filing a rather irate report about treatment of the 'inhuman' in Southtown, Walter has quite a bit of frustration to work off. The good priest has been taking laps around what's been designated as the training area. Here, in their secret 'lair' of sorts, he hardly feels the need to hide himself. This is home of sorts after all. And thus it is that as soon as he hears a crashing in the Grand Hall, in rushes the dragon-priest without delay!

He's down to a shirt and pants in the hot weather, cross dangling upon his chest as he grips his spear. Nearly tripping over some of the debris when he runs in, he backs off only to stare at Mimiru. She'll get a nice look at equal amounts of scale, flesh, wings, and tail as he gives tiny little gasps. The man's been really working himself!

"Bloody hell!" Is his greeting to the woman who just ruined some of their nice decorations. A look to the mace, then the armor, then Mimiru. Froooown!

"Oh, of course, that flail magically flew from the wall and smashed the armor! Be /careful/! Could hurt someone you know? Get a broom and a pan and we'll get this place cleaned up!" Orders the slightly irate Father. Welcome to the Order of Sacred Knights, Mimiru, where a dragon is asking you to play maid with your mess. Arms cross, and his tail sways rapidly.

Mimiru's eyes widen wide, mouth agape when Walter comes in. Her expression was one of utter surprise, like a deer caught in the spotlight. The look on her face could be expected, after all : like a culprit who just got caught before it could escape the site of its crime.

Then, there's some sparkles in her eyes -- Walter wasn't the unicorn Mimiru was expecting to find hidden somewhere in here, but it's close enough : scales and large wings -- that's as close to a demon as it gets.

Many things cross Mimiru's mind while Walter speaks : she's so caught in her thoughts that all she hears Walter say is 'bla bla bla fight me I'm a monster bla bla bla'

Blood pumping, adrenaline rushing into her veins, Mimiru's hands tighten into fists, her lips curling into a wide grin, eyes sparkling with delight, "Fuck yeah!!"

Her reaction seems a bit... Exagerated? Who'd be so happy at cleaning up their own mess? Oh well, maybe Mimiru's just an helpful girl like that?

No... No, she's really not. And Walter will find it out soon enough as Mimiru's reaction is to lunge at Walter head first, thrusting a fierce punch straight for Walter's face. A nice way to welcome him, isn't it?

COMBATSYS: Mimiru has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Walter has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Walter

COMBATSYS: Walter blocks Mimiru's Strong Punch.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Walter

Then the woman is suddenly pumping her firsts, and seeming...delighted? Walter raises a confused brow. "Ah...alright then. Come, I shall give you a hand Miss..." He's turning around to try to help, when noise and draconic senses alert him to something being off! A glance, and a fist is flying at him! The wyrmkin flaps his wings, curling about him like a shield as he takes the hard punch right on those steel-like scales! Pushed back by the force, he groans in pain. That wing was broken in his last battle, and it forces a suitably demonic roar from his mouth!

"Y...you bloody git! I am a preacher you know!? Really, first it is that damn cop, and now /here/!? You have picked the wrong bloody week to screw with me, Miss! FOR THE GLORY AND HONOR OF DRAGONKIND I SHALL HIT YOU IN THE GABBER!"

And then, true to his word, the wyrm-priest ducks low and simply tries to spring upon Mimiru! Bodily tackling her, he quite simply tries to wing-hug her into submission!

"Now say you are sorry little Miss and I /won't/ be forced to punish you for your sinful ways!" Squeeeeze! Even as it hurts him, those wings will grind against Mimiru's back in a way not unlike a cheese grater should she get caught in his wyrmy grasp!

COMBATSYS: Mimiru counters Jump from Walter with Ippon Seoi Nage.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Mimiru           0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0           Walter

If there was any doubt in Mimiru's mind, the demonic roar that comes out of Walter's throat after her assault is clearly an indication of his evil way. Clearly, the shirt and pants he has on must have been his prisoner clothes or something. Way too simple and not fancy enough to be a knight in any way. He must have just escaped and got his hands on a spear somewhere -- most likely a guard he must have killed by ripping his head off with his clawed hands.

The more she thinks about it, the more Mimiru is starting to believe into her own desillusion of the situation. It was the only possible conclusion. "Preacher? Ah! Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before! And I am a saint!" Mimiru says, putting her hands on her waist. "I'll screw with anyone I want and you're not going to prevent that from happening! Fortunately I am here to stop you!"

When Walter jumps on Mimiru, the girl is ready : bracing for impact, she moves her arms and catches his arms just as he lands on her, redirecting his momentum by performing a rapid spin on her heels so she can hurl Walter and swing him off against one of those other decorative armor around the castle.

Mimiru beams proudly and folds her arms in front of her chest, "Oh, I know how it is with demons of sins like you, you want to punish me lewdly and spank me, but I'm not going to give in... Yeah, huuuum, no... Heeeelll no, not going to fail that first test, pfffft, so easy, who do they think I am?"

Walter impacts the armor hard enough to leave a dragon-man sized dent and lots of cursing. Falling to the ground, he scrambles back up in a semi-graceful motion. Bruises layer on bruises from his last beating, and it causes the poor man to sob a bit.

"You're an absolute /pisser/ is what you are! Hmph! What are you even doing here!? You defile this place with your violence against an innocent man! And one of the cloth!"

His spear is waved about the entire time, pointing accusingly at Mimiru. Oh God /why/ does he get beaten up by all the ladies? Clearly he needs advice. A brief idea of asking Zack comes to mind...

Walter suddenly shivers. It's not a pleasant one.

"Wait, stop me from /WHAT/!? I was out running laps you knave! Hmph! Truly, honorless scum such as you must be punished! I, Father Walter Bardsley, shall see you repent before me!" Calls out the wyrmkin. Perhaps he shouldn't boast.

But her words have him going scarlet! "N...not like /that/! More in the 'Oh Father I have sinned forgive me' manner! Though if you keep acting like this, maybe a spanking is just what you need!" With another growl that shakes the room and causes a few glasses to break, the preach leaps towards the wall! Rebounding off of the surface, he tries to simply smack Mimiru right on the head with the blunt of his polearm! Spinning in mid-air, the pole comes down repeatedly, a whirling blurr of blushing draconic fury!

COMBATSYS: Mimiru blocks Walter's Medium Punch.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0           Walter

It takes a steel cacophony to tear Alma from his reverie.

he arresting beauty of the Croatian countryside as seen from the weathered towers of Klis Fortress soothes Alma's painterly soul. The stimulus of Zack Island, though he grew accustomed to it and never lost his composure, was a bit much for one of his mild temperament. Though he remains charged with looking after his teacher's needs while Rose vacations after her cruise liner combat, he received permission to take up Amy's invitation to visit the aged castle where it is whispered the Knights Templar still hold sway.

To think that such a storied organization still exists in some form, even if it has been co-opted into a modern international arrangement, is to be reminded that shadows have always lurked on the horizon of the world of light in which Alma has had the privilege to dwell. There is no turning back to his peaceful life of learning and art. But he feels no regret on this. Even if this journey never yields the origin of his strange dreams and flashbacks, perhaps they were at least a sign from within that his perspective was too narrow. That he sees in such a particular way is what grants him the vision to produce great things. Yet /what/ he has seen remains limited.

Or, for that matter, what he has heard.

The golden-haired psychic blinks, fey features bemused as he withdraws his hands from the pockets of his tailored slacks, turning his head toward the stairs. The organization has done a good job of hiding its modern advances behind a thick historical veneer, but it sounds as though all the metal lying around has gone wrong for someone. But this, of course, calls into question what must be another great secret of the world.

What kind of group would admit Alma, Mimiru, and Tran?

This eccentric cast of characters will need to be expanded, it turns out, for as Alma descends the stairs at a brisk but steady pace, he emerges into the hall to find his friend and roommate engaged in a heated confrontation with a man resembling nothing less than a dragon. Alma notes this, but as always, more significant to him is the play of auras and the movement of bodies, how both suggest the true emotional state of the combatants. Neither Mimiru nor this man express murderous intent; indeed, the dragon-man is displaying restraint in how he wields his weapon. Alma can only conclude that this is a member of the organization, and that this is some sort of sanctioned sparring match.

He smiles placidly as the two continue to fight.

"Nicely thrown, Mimiru."

He doesn't quite catch what it is that the spirited young woman is talking about, but when the priest introduces himself and sputters out how Mimiru needs a spanking, Alma crosses his arms and adopts a contemplative, almost stern expression.

"That ..."

He exhales slowly.

"... I can understand."

Is he considering some additions to the nude modeling proposal?

The pink haired girl arches a brow at Walter's words, "What am I doing here? Ain't it obvious? I'm Dame Mimiru," The woman says, striking a pose, arching her head back and trying to take an alluring position, "The Maiden of Purity," She says in a soft, delicate voice, "And of Demon Ass Kicking, that's what I am!" Mimiru says with a rough, determined voice that contrasts with the previous, a laughter escaping her throat.

The girl sure is confident -- adrenaline tended to do that -- this was exciting, fighting some demon! She slams her fist into her hand, getting into her combat posture once more, "Yeah, yeah, I've earn all those line in some cheap porn the other day, next thing is the nun on the Father's knees ready for to get some red skin, ahah," Mimiru moistens her lips and she grins widely at Walter, "Hell no, you ain't touching those blessed butt cheeks with your filthy hands -- not even in your dreams," Mimiru winces and her hands reach to her ears when Walter screams, though she's ready for his charge and she lifts her arms up to block the incoming smack from the spear with her forearms.

"Oye!" She shouts, wincing in pain. She moves her arms in attempts to deflect some blows, blocking others and sweeping her arms up in an attempt to push the spear off from her. The more he smacks, the angrier Mimiru seems to be getting, the distance keeping her at bait while she manages to protect her face and midsection all the time.

When Alma comments about Mimiru's battle, the girl is flailing her arms in the air, "Nicely thrown!?" She shouts at Alma, glancing and glaring at him. She blinks once, "What...!? Don't you see I'm fighting evil here, and all that's all you've got to say!?"

Then there's another smack that Mimiru hardly has the time block with her forearm. That was one too many smack as Mimiru glances at Walter, "Don't mess with me when I'm trying to talk with my fellow vampire-curious knight friend! Raaaaawwwwr!" Mimiru roars back at Walter, showing that he's not the only one with beastial fury.

Mimiru's roar is punctuated with a swirling torrent of flames that spins around of her and grows in width and height, meant to quickly sweep Walter away into the flames and knock him off from her. She sure gives it all her rage into this blazing inferno.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru successfully hits Walter with Defiance.
- Power hit! -

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Mimiru           0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0           Walter

"Maiden...of...Purity." A brow rises. Walter shakes his head.

"If you are pure then I am a bloody banker! P...porn? You have entirely the wrong idea! OH...bah!"

Then his smacks with his stick are getting blocked, and the man finally lands.

"Let us see what you are..." And then flames engulf him and slames the wyrmkin straight into a wall with a thud. The smell of sizzling dragon fills the air as he falls to the ground, laying there for a long time.

But slowly, he gets up. A glance to Alma. "This woman is a psychopath! An armor smashing psychopath! Be wary, sir! Worry not, I shall defend you and fight off this woman whom claims the title of knight and /dares/ defile this place! IN THE NAME OF GOD I PUNISH YOU KNAVE!'

Then, dropping into a run, he /moves/. His movements are serpentine, swaying to and fro, almost slithering around to launch a pair of golden-light infused strikes to her stomach in an attempt to bend her over! With that?

He all but slithers around behind her to try to grab her with an arm, forcing her still. Should he succeed, he reaches deep for his innermost power. His body blazes with golden light!


And then his scaley tail goes flying towards Mimiru in her greatest source of power and strength.

Whap! Right on the bum!

COMBATSYS: Mimiru dodges Walter's Twin Claws.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Mimiru           0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0           Walter

Alma's pleasant smile returns when Mimiru turns to look at him. As she blasts Walter back with a powerful burst of flame, Alma's eyebrows shoot up, having never seen this technique before. Certainly he is aware of the intensity of Mimiru's aura, but that doesn't always translate directly into mastery of chi. He is glad to have her along and trusts Amy's judgment on admitting her, but it turns out that Mimiru is a stronger fighter than he realized.

He should probably spend more time Youtubing official fights.

Well, maybe his stepping out into the greater world will also involve paying more attention to who holds title belts. Regardless, though he looks rather impressed and somewhat surprised, Alma's smile doesn't falter in the slightest in the face of Mimiru's indignation. Instead, Alma, of all things, offers her an earnest thumbs up, his expression remaining calm and peaceful.

"You're doing great!"

Obliviousness to this extent might be called sublime.

He assumes that 'fighting evil' is a sort of performative metaphor of some sort by which Mimiru raises her spirits, so he doesn't dwell on it, but her comment about him gets Alma thinking. "Curious isn't the first word I'd use," he muses. His feeling toward Eliza lean more toward righteous conviction and firm resolve. "But I suppose I am curious about her. I wonder, for example, why it was so distinctly pleasurable to be bitten by her. Some means by which predators subdue their prey?"

Perhaps some of us are prey by nature, Alma.

He is roused from his thoughts by Walter's vow of knightly protection, blinking once as Mimiru is accused of insanity. He certainly wouldn't go that far, but the priest is a bit too distracted for a debate. Besides--

"Oh, thank you, sir."

It's the thought that counts.

When the flames die down, Mimiru's lips curl into a wide victorious smile. "How'd you like that!? Purified by fire! Ah! Yeah, that's the name I should give myself, The Maiden of Holy Flames!" Mimiru says, lifting one hand up to stroke her chin idly.

Hopefully, this torrent of flame might be enough to stop Walter but apparently, the draconic man recovers and is still looking for more : worse, he's calling her a psychopath in front of Alma. Mimiru lifts her hand toward Walter, "Hold on there! You can't defend him, he's my damsel in distress, go find someone else! You're supposed to be the mean dragon, I'm the knight in shinning armor and Alma's the princess in the tower, don't get things wrong,"

Mimiru's distracted by Alma's thoughts, which causes her to glance back at him. She frowns slowly, "Yeah, huuuum, no... I think we'll need to have a talk..." The moment she turns her eyes back on Walter, he has already lunged back at Mimiru and got a hold of one of her wrist.

Her eyes widen as Mimiru notices the holy light that comes forth from Walter's tail and the girl blinks a few times. She squirms in his grasp, squeezing herself in order to avoid his divine wrath on her bum. His tail whips the air where Mimiru used to be, her body dancing and moving over to avoid any further smack to her backside, "Woah, woah! No spanking for you, bad, bad demon!" Mimiru retorts. She attempts to reserve the hold on Walter : her hands holding his arms and she gives herself a swing back, planting her foot straight for his midsection as she rolls into her back and throws him over her, off the distance.

COMBATSYS: Walter interrupts Tomoe Nage from Mimiru with Small Thrown Object.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Mimiru           0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1           Walter

"YOU ARE NOT HOLY, MADAME!" Yells out in another roar of fury does the good priest. He'll owe Amy quite a few wine bottles now.

"...Though the name 'Maiden of Flame' /is/ apparently appropriate. Hrrmn. If you are looking for something righteous, how about...'Knight of the Crimson Fist!'?" Wait, wasn't he trying to punish her? Snarling, he gets back to business.

"It doesn't matter! Taste tail!"

A glance to Alma. Then back to Mimiru. "I doubt the good Sir would look good in a dress. Oh, why the bloody hell not? I'll play along if there's a bottle of gin in it!" First, though, his swatting tail meets air. No divine fanny punishment yet, it seems!

"/DRAGON/ thank you!" Quips the man as his lock is reversed, and then he's being tossed! It works, and he goes flying, right towards a rack of plates and cups. Landing hard upon the wall, he does so on his feet. That slippery tail of his reaches into the cabinet as he pulls out a bunch of its contents! Then, flapping his wings to stay aloft, he clears his throat.

"Ahem! I, the great and evil Dragon Walter shall bring down the wrath of my kind upon your head! Yonder innocent maiden shall be mine to pillage as I destroy this tiny village! Fight me for her honor, oh Knight of the Crimson Fist! TASTE THE POWER OF MY ULTIMATE ATTACK!"

"DRACONIC PANTRY RAID!" Then a flurry of cups, pots, and plates are being tossed at Mimiru as the dragon-man flaps in place. He's smiling now.

This is kinda fun.

Alma's role has grown more complicated.

"I see," he murmurs. "So I am the princess." The mild-mannered young man considers this for a few moments before straightening and folding his hands before him, his composed bearing coming to resemble that of royal dignity, his posture vaguely one of supplication.

"Save me, oh knight!"

He's actually putting some feeling into it, at least in his voice if not in his features. Far be it from Alma to bring down the atmosphere. But his typical self-possession falters this time when Mimiru gives him the slow frown.

"No good?" he asks, a little worried.

No, Alma, it's not your princess impersonation she's concerned with.

But maybe she should be, because Walter seems to embrace the scenario fully at this point, in all likelihood driven over the edge by Mimiru's aura of senselessness. Alma, getting back into character despite his roommate's criticisms, places his palms against his cheeks and widens his eyes, though his expression still doesn't really change much.

"How terrifying, the dragon's ultimate attack! Be brave, my knight!"

He neatly sidesteps some ceramic shards while speaking.

By the time Mimiru rolls back into her feet, a shower of plats and pots are flying over her : the first few plates break over her head, stunning her momentarily. She staggers about, the pots following and all the other small objects thrown at her, "Ouch, ouch!" She grunts, flailing her hands helplessly to try and protect her face and knock the objects away before they hit her.

Her attempts to defend herself are quite unsuccessful, alas! It seems Walter has found her weakness : furniture throwing at her. After the few first shots though, Mimiru growls in rage, flames flaring out from her forearms to knock off the incoming objects, "Feel my cleansing flames, you unholy beast!" Mimiru sweeps both of her arms in front of her, sending a wave of crimson flames in Walter's direction, a wide one meant to knock him off from his perch from afar.

It doesn't end there though, Mimiru's inferno carries on though as she focuses her flames like some sort of flame thrower out of her arms, spitting the flames from her fist at Walter, following the draconic man if he dares to try and escape her blaze.

Collateral damage? Never heard of that.

She was fighting for GREAT JUSTICE! That's not just normal justice. Everything could be justified in the name of GREAT JUSTICE (all caps necessary).

Mimiru reaches out for the nasty flail she left on the ground, hefting it up, "Then I shall defeat you like a real Knight!" She says, taking the shield in her other hand, quite unsteady. She jumps off into a massive table made of oak. "The Dame of the Crimson Flames shall defend her prince's honor while he cowers in fear! Fear not my prince! For I shall defend your virtue and none shall rape you this night!" Mimiru calls out.

She frowns, "Or... Princess, I don't know, it's ambiguous," Mimiru says with a groan. Mimiru swings her flail about on top of her table, almost losing balance and swining it over her head, "Come here, face my wrath and meet your fate! Doom at my hand! Ahah. Back to your cave for a hundred years!"

Was this serious or not? Hard to tell -- surely Walter was a threat, but Mimiru was confident enough she'll be able to do something. Beside, Alma won't let her get devoured by this beast, won't he.

Won't he!?

COMBATSYS: Walter fails to interrupt Balefire from Mimiru with Holy Thrust.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0           Walter

Oh god fire! It seems Mimiru intends to cool a dragon, as her flame knocks him up the wall and then back down as he's showered in chi-flames. The entire cabinet is now on fire, burning away. As is much of the table. Walter's pants are now on fire too. With a burst of chi, he manages to put it out before he burns or loses much more of his dignity. The poor dragon-man is more or less down to his skivvies after that attack. There's a scarled scaled dragon now, and not just due to being set ON FIRE!

A glance to Alma. "No, no! More sighing, and flip your hair a bit! Raise your voice higher, and gasp with your hands at your chest! Or cover your mouth while doing it! /That/ is the proper Damsel-in-Distress way!" Seems the dragon knows a lot on the subject.

He holds his spear once more, and tries to rush through the vortex of flames still raging! A grand leap forward, the 'evil wyrm' roaring aloud as he seeks to smack Mimiru with a chi-ladened spear-butt!

Except that he forgot there was a chandelier. WHAM! The entire thing falls with the wyrmkin wrapped about it, a WAlter-shaped dent in it.

"Oh God.../really/ going to need that gin. Erm..."


Pause. "Rawr."

No one can escape the might of Mimiru Kasagi, Dame of the Crimson Flames!

The blazing inferno caused by Mimiru's flames have her laughing as Walter crashes into the chandelier and then into the ground. What seemed like over confidence at first might actually be real talent? Perhaps the reason why Mimiru has been taking this so carelessly is because she knows the demonic beast stands no chance before her?

Nah, Mimiru is not that clever... Or maybe she hides it under that sort of behaviour!?


Or maybe...


The woman beams proudly atop her wooden table, "Ah man! You know what happens in the fairy tales when the knight beats up the evil dragon?" She grins and bites her lips, glancing at Alma to give him a knowing eye-brow wiggle, "Sexy time!" She shouts out. It was unclear whether it was a war cry or the end of her previous sentence...

"Time to finish the job so I can get my reward!" She looks down at Walter, no mercy in her eyes, "Prepare to be purified!" And with that, Mimiru lets go of her shield and takes her flail with both hands, swinging it atop her head. She takes a quick dash on the table and jumps off at Walter, attempting to deliver a powerful cleaving blow with the weapon!

Obviously though Mimiru has no talent with the weapon as she flings it around dangerously, smashing through the chandelier and perhaps even smacking herself in the process with the weapon.

COMBATSYS: Walter dodges Mimiru's Large Random Weapon.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0           Walter

COMBATSYS: Mimiru dodges Mimiru's Large Random Weapon.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0           Walter

Walter, having lost his spear, grabs a convenient one from the wall. This time, it's more of a halberd. As Mimiru swings that weapon at him inexpertly, his true strength shines: the tossed weapon is batted aside only to crash down a hallway and right into someone's door. It might even be Amy's quarters here. Woops~.

A look from Alma, to Mimiru, to Alma. "Well, you both /are/ good looking! Good on you both! May God bless you as friends as lovers my Children!" Smile! There's the priestly look again!

"Right, evil dragon. AHEM!"

"No maiden shall go undefiled before my draconic...erm..." Pause. "Draconic...tail?" Wiggle wiggle tail.


Then he's leaping forward! Is he assaulting the dear maiden!?

No, Walter is simply trying to slam a pair of knock-off italian loafers into Mimiru's face before launching into the air off of her with a powerful flap of wings!

COMBATSYS: Mimiru blocks Walter's Perching Dragon.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Mimiru           1/-------/=======|===----\-------\0           Walter

Alma attempts to cower more convincingly. Oddly, though he is able to widen or narrow his eyes and change his tone of voice, the set of his features never seems to change. At all times, he is expressing a sort of amiable innocence.

Well, it works well enough.

Prince or Princess, Dame or Knight, if Alma has a preference, he doesn't look it. But he stands at attention when Walter launches into an impassioned explanation of proper princess comportment. The dragon-man clearly has strong feelings on this matter, and Alma has no reason to object to them. Slightly flustered, he attempts a gusty sigh, raising his hand to place the back of his palm against his forehead.

"W-Woe is me!"

Okay, now that expression isn't really working.

"Th-thank you, lady knight," he manages to respond as Mimiru proclaims that she will protect his virtue, sort of. "Are you, er, implying that some other night, I might--" But flails are swinging and candeliers are falling. Alma flinches. Moreover, the promise to protect his virtue seems to have been quickly rescinded. He blinks blithely as Mimiru waggles her eyebrows at him like a perverted old man. "Reward? Oh ..."

Alma begins to busily pat at his pockets.

"I think I have a handkerchief somewhere."

Your knight may not be satisfied with that, princess.

Alma looks up at the priest's kind words, and smiles pleasantly again. "Thank you." He appreciates the compliment, at least. Everyone's misunderstandings can be rectified later. No harm in letting them lie for now. Right? Right. That would ruin the atmosphere.

But when Walter's tail waggles with what is, like, the third threat of defilement this evening, Alma momentarily breaks character nonetheless, his eyes widening -- as he slaps his fist into his palm.

"I've heard of this!" he exclaims. "Is this what one calls 'tail play'?"

When the weapon is swatted from her hands so easily, Mimiru glances over in the direction of the flail, "Okay, that wasn't my best idea, I admit it..." Mimiru says before she glances back at Walter. Though a wide grin growns on her lips as she straightens herself up, "Though yours was to disarm me! Ah! I'm even stronger bare fist!"

"Right! Keeping the princess for myself, stop the lewd glances you kinky dragon! When Walter leaps at Mimiru, the woman moves her arms to shield her face from Walter's feet. The power smack followed by the flap of the wings send Mimiru staggering back. She almost falls on her back, but fortunately a sturdy wooden door halts her steps before she falls. The impact makes Mimiru growl in pain. She pushes herself back with her hands and glares up at Walter. Time to return to her efficent techniques : the fire. She's not sure why, but this dragon seemed to fear the flames for some reason, her most effective strikes against him have always been that.

"Time to feel the indignation of the Dame of Flames, evil dragon!" Mimiru's arms flare up with crimson flames and Mimiru slams her fist hands against the floor, channeling her flames into it. Crimson flames rush forth on the ground until they get close enough to the flying dragon. If he dared to land before that, it'll just make matters worse for him as the flames burst out like a volcanic eruption underneath Walter, a geyser of scorching fire meant to engulf Walter within its searing embrace.

COMBATSYS: Mimiru successfully hits Walter with Indignation.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0           Walter

The flying man wisely stays in the air! He laughs as he crosses his arms, trying to make his most evil, most lecherous grin possible. "Rawr! UP HERE YOUR FLAMES CANNOT TOUCH MEEEEEEEEE! OHGODWHYNONOTTHERE!"

FWOOOOOM! Fire engulfs the poor wyrmkin, and it's with a lazy fall that he begins to descend! But, with the last of his strength, he flaps his wings to go flying spear-butt first at Mimiru! Bursting into chi once again, he'll simply seek to act as a body-torpedo!

Until the last minute! Slamming his weapon towards her stomach, he'll seek to flip about and deliver a viscious, terrible, most powerful attack that this evil dragon can give!

Nom! The irritated, dizzy, and yet somewhat entertained and slightly punch-drunk Walter tries to bite Mimiru on the bum! While on fire.

COMBATSYS: Walter can no longer fight.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Mimiru barely manages to escape Walter's Twin Claws!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mimiru           0/-------/-------|

The final showdown of flames were more than enough to wear down the dragon. Mimiru Kasagi was certain of this -- so over confident that she's not even looking what has happened to Walter after she has unleashed her final attack at him. The geyser of flames should take care of him.

Mimiru turns over to Alma, panting softly. She takes a few steps toward him and she bows her head in a sort of deferent bow of her torso, waving her hand gracefully, "Saved from this evil dragon! Alas, I am sure your mother Queen Amy will be pleased by the defeat of this evil dragon,"

Speaking of evil dragon... Walter's not totally down for the count, even if Mimiru was totally not paying attention to him. He comes down soaring at Mimiru in what seems like a potential coup de grace to the Dame of Crimson Flames!

However what they're about to see is Mimiru's instinctive reflex to their greatest. She barely has the time to turn her head to the side and see the soaring flames descending down at her. Mimiru's body moves on its own, like some pure mixture of luck and talent... Though more luck as she performs an athletic prowess, avoiding his weapon though it ends up cutting through Mimiru's jacket. The dragon's jaws reach out for her bum though the fangs bite into Mimiru's shorts and pants, tearing off the fabric and rendering her pants into a sort of assless chaps instead.

Mimiru spins on her heels and staggers about, one arm reaching out behind her back to try and cover some modesty, while her other arm attempts to hold her jacket held together.

The girl blinks a few times, squirming, not too sure what just happened except her clothes have been shredded. She glares up at the dragon and shakes a fist at him, "And you say you aren't some kinky pervert dragon!" Though when she gets agitated it only opens up the front of her jacket to expose momentarly the side of her breast and her abdomen. Mimiru grunts as she squeezes her jacket forced close and turns to face Alma -- never mind her butt showing, if no one's around behind!

"So... Yeah, would you be some kind as to go fetch me a shirt and a new pair of pants, please? That would be nice, while I tie him up..."

Ow. Ow ow ow. Walter looks up. Huffing, he glares at his opponent. The burnt up dragon can hardly move. A flush on his face, but somehow, he manages a smile.

"I...I am NOT! That was divine punishment to your derriere! REPENT AS YOUR PANTS HAVE!"

Then he just flumps, grabs a bit of fallen Mimiru-pants, and waves them like a flag of surrender. Pause.

"Tieing me up? What were you saying about kinky, Dame Mimiru? Just...don't forget the gin alright!?" Seriously, he needs a drink after all of this. "And a shirt please. My room is down that hallway, and to the right." Suddenly, the dragon is giving his best puppy-dragon eyes to Mimiru.


Tragically for the painter on a quest to capture Mimiru's essence by baring her soul (and incidentally also her body), Alma is still fishing through his pockets looking for a handkerchief when Walter's last gasp turns into a last bite. He glances up at the sound of the tearing of cloth, blinking once.

"Mimiru, I'm afraid I don't have-- oh."

Witnessing a risque pose fated to stir men's blood, Alma again adopts a thoughtful expression. Perhaps he is committing this sight to memory for the purpose of future, uh, artistry. Perhaps he is guessing at Mimiru's measurements with the aid of his keen psychic intuition. Or perhaps--

"Yes, of ccourse."

--he's coming up with a solution to all their problems.

Without hesitating, Alma calmly undoes his belt buckle and drops his slacks, revealing dark-grey boxer-briefs. Still stoic-faced, he then unbuttons his dress shirt and removes it, leaving himself bare-chested, and gathering up his slacks, he pauses for a moment before handing both shirt and pants to Mimiru.

Is the 'reward' about to begin?

"If you roll up the cuffs, this should suffice for a little while."

Ah, this /is/ the reward.

Wait, what is /Alma/ going to do?

"Ah," he then says as Walter, felled, points up at him. "Very well."

Whereupon he sinks to his knees, clasps his hands, closes his eyes, and, there in the middle of the hall in his underwear, appears to begin to pray.

No, Alma, at least get /Walter/ some clothes.

When Alma starts stripping, Mimiru blinks a few times. Her cheeks blush a bit as he approaches, "Wait, wait! Not in front of /HIM/ I mean, I don't mind exhibi..." Then he adds her his clothings and Mimiru bursts into laughter, "Ahahah! Oh, yeah! Ah! Of course! Thanks..." Mimiru says.

Then Alma suddenly goes into the hall and he starts praying. Deep meditation. Mimiru blinks a few times and glances back at Walter, "The hell did you do to him!? Did you mind fuck him with your demonic magic or something?!" Mimiru says.

Mimiru frowns and says, "I'm going to find Amy, you better not move, or else..." Mimiru threatens with a wave of her hand, as if to show she could smack him with her divine retribution if need be... And then off she goes into the halls... One hand going behind to cover her exposed bum.

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