Kiyomi - The Vixen and the Butcher

Description: After the rumors she has heard about The Butcher, Kiyomi decides to go look out for this creature. Perhaps she might find in him a potential ally for her shadow war against humanity...

There has been rumors slowly spreading around Southtown -- something that got to Kiyomi's ears lately. A serial killer that has been on the run and made a few victims. Something she could have care less about (all the better if humans kill themselves between each other), though when she heard the killer in question might have had beastial feature it left her curious.

Fortunately, nobody has asked Kiyomi anything as of late, but her recent arrival into Southtown seems to more or less be about the same time as those strangers murders started happening again. It was worth trying to investigate the matter.

This led Kiyomi to wander off in Southtown late at night. She strolled down in the city, holding her umbrella. The kimono clad lady seemed almost out of place, a sight from another age. The woman was serene and tranquil, her eyes closed as she felt her surrounding for the presence of others. It wasn't the first night she was out and about to search for others like her, but so far her researches had been in vain.

Nothing about the Butcher's news has been silent; after his recent massacre in the midst of the public, he has proven that even traveling in groups or being a notable fighter does not make you safe. Daily reports continue to question where he has gone, and whether anyone remains alive that he kidnapped, the only thing left behind being spatters of blood. She's likely been searching for some time, but this particular evening she can feel a dark star of twisted energy in the city. It takes a couple hours to head within the general vicinity, but the chi -- if the darkness can even be called such, as opposed to a twisted abberation of it -- grows stronger and stronger, until she is within the unscrupulous part of town. It is then that she would feel herself be sensed. The very mist that has been the harbringer of death suddenly whirls down, encompassing the kitsune. It feels malign, but dissipates as a hand attempts to thump upon her shoulder from behind. "You aren't a human." growls the disappointed voice of the Butcher; a large man of past six feet, bronze skinned with hair in blonde cornrows, he's wearing a fine crimson shirt with black slacks and loafers, exceedingly expensive fashion. Not all monsters scrimp when it comes to appearances. "Tch. Useless to me...!"

It's hard to describe, this sensation : call it a hunch, a glimpse of insight or some sort of bad feeling, but Kiyomi had a feeling she might come across of the creature she's seeking tonight. She lets her sixth sense guide her to some secluded part of town. The woman opens her eyes and lifts her gaze up, shivering as she feels something probing her -- hard to describe.

The hand that rests on her shoulder causes the kitsune to jerk up in surprise a bit. She calms down and closes her eyes as she hears the disappointment in the growl behind her. The veil of illusions covering her tails flickering away, the man probably feeling the grazing and lingering touch of the myriad of tails moving behind her, caressing his arm idly. The sudden appearance of her tails obscuring his vision of the rest of the woman.

Kiyomi slowly turns on her heels, lowering her umbrella and closing it. "Seeking another prey tonight?" Kiyomi asks, glancing up at man, assessing him. "I have been looking for you, the past nights..." Kiyomi says with a gentle smirk, "At long last it seems I have finally met you,"

The tails appear to offer no meaningful surprise to the Butcher. The veil of her magic was strong enough that he thought her true, until closing in for the kill. Although seeing the kind of 'monster' she is, he can't help but grin. For a few moments it seems that his teeth are that of a shark's, eyes inky wells, but then he is simply a handsome enough man, grinning normally like a cheshire. "I'm no cannibal." he allows, thrusting his large hands deep within his pockets and hunching forward. "I seek prey. Humans. Little more than edible cancer. And like you, I simply wear a skin... pulled taut, one that disgusts me. But there's no better way to attract a moth than the proper flame." His teeth grind together, chin shifting left and right as he looks about. There's plenty of people, simmering like candles, but none of a large enough spark to sate his appetite. So frustrating; Kiyomi had felt the perfect target. "And why might you seek a monster? Heh. You are lucky enough not to be a victim..." He turns away then, striding idly along the sidewalk with the skulking manner of a restless predator.

The man can feel Kiyomi's efforts at pulling her veil of illusions back on her features : he's no fool though and can probably easily see through it, though she has no desire of attracting unwanted attention needlessly. Her tails sway back and forth behind her and he can still see and feel the movement. She listens carefully and nods her head slowly, "Or no better way to live within them without being noticed," She adds.

The woman slowly strides by his side when he walks away, following him. She notices his obvious distress and hunger : she's no stranger to the various Darkstalkers that lurks in this world, though his did not seem to be one for flesh, strangely enough, which only roused her curiousity, "I help those like us. I constantly seek those who have the power to change and do something against the scourge that is humanity." She bows her head and says, "One does not survive long, killing humans in the middle of such a vast city, without being extremely cunning and powerful. What you have done so far is quite impressive, though it feels like you're going to get more and more attention..."

"Humans have their pleasures. I've always gluttonously indulged in the finery they produce when I rouse. I'm finding this current era to be the best one yet... hahah. That hardly means I care one lick for them outside being a source of nourishment, though!!" The latter is followed with a growl and spit to the side, a deep-seated and genuine rancor apparent. If he can sense the true form of the Kitsune he reacts no differently when her disguise shuffles back into place, before the Butcher crouches and leaps. Two stories is cleared with ease, crouching on the edge of a stout building to survey the surrounding areas. "Like you...? Oh, silly girl. I've survived like this for centuries. This time, I've simply been encouraged to play. And as a result, I've found far more delicious souls than my usual methodology... what good is a cursed immortality without enjoying it at least once?" The idea of attention does cause him to bare his teeth in recognition. "I've noticed there are still those able to seal. But no matter. At this point, I would prefer to continue risking it, than condemn myself back to the shadows of legend. Pandora's box has been opened... and I refuse to return to existing like a rat nibbling on the outskirts, no matter the outcome."

The massive leap was impressive : Kiyomi lifts her gaze up and shields her eyes with one hand to stare at the man as he holds himself and watches from afar for better prey. "No," The woman admits humbly, lowering her gaze, "I lack the power you do and merely hide myself. My desire to kill humans is strong, but without a proper goal, aside from quenching my thirst for their blood, I would inevitably get caught and killed. I possess only enough cunning to avoid being caught and pick my preys accordingly,"

The woman moistens her lips softly and she says, "I have to admit, you are quite... Intriguing to say the least." She arches a brow and says, "Someone with such wisdom and experience... You seem to know more about the dark side of this world than I can imagine," Kiyomi closes her eyes and shakes her head, "I have little to offer," The woman admits, "Aside from being a potential accomplice for your deeds, though I doubt you would need me, but it could help you reduce the steam around you, unless that's exactly what you wish to do,"

"Heh. Believe it or not, I do not look down on the weak. Not of our kind, at least. There was a time I had to feast upon rats, and grew so weak I feared I might succumb to eternal darkness, never to move again. But I have a good reason to hate humans... why might you? A beautiful woman able to blend amongst them... why have you not become one of the sympathizers, hrrm?" His eyes shift sidelong, taking Kiyomi in with something akin to doubt. "I have always been a loner. But if you convince me your words are true... there's plenty far beneath my notice you might be able to slay. And I would take the blame; a rare chance to be a touch more... ...forward, hrrm?"

Kiyomi arches a brow and shakes her head slowly, "We all have our own reasons to hate humans," Kiyomi admits. She closes her eyes and turns her gaze away for a moment, lost in her thoughts, a bit of melancholy crossing her features, "Someone immortal such as you should know not to ask questions like that," The woman chastities him. A wry smirk spreads on her lips and she glances back at him, "A man's past belongs to him and him only, after all..."

Kiyomi shakes her head and says, "Humans fear which they do not understand... They fear and hate what is different, and they will oppress and kill everything that is different to them, that much I am certain. You... Me... All the others," She turns her eyes away and heaves a sigh, "I could live on with them, under my guise... But the day someone will see through it, they will hunt me and kill me for what I am, I can guarantee it," Kiyomi says. She nods her head and says, "Kill or be killed, it's that simple with them. The only solace there is in this world is through the ruin of mankind," Kiyomi states.

She glances up at the man and says, "I doubt I will see it in my life time... But it doesn't mean I can't strive for it and try to make this world a better place... One filled with less humans," She says with a smirk. She hums softly and adds, "For years I have been on the prowl, picking my kills... I lack the power you do, but I am deceitful and cunning." She arches a brow and says, "Southtown is just a small river, compared to the ocean that is the rest of the world,"

Kiyomi licks her lips and hums softly, glancing up at the man, "Though, from what little I have gathered, you are ancient, aren't you? Old enough that I am sure you have already ventured plenty around the world... Why not join us? Come and join the slaughter..."

"I have never cared for pointless human inventions like etiquette. Don't quote a vermin's philosophy on me. I am no man. Nor are you. Whatever I used to be, I am what I am now." Fingers flex from his rooftop perch, transforming into claws. Interesting; Kiyomi is a master of illusion. This is genuine transformation. She is not looking upon a false guise. When he said he wear wearing a 'skin', that was more accurate than might have been expected. "Superior. But the fear humans have for me is still etched on my back, and their rancor continues to try to cast me into the abyss. They nearly succeeded last time. But they won't now... with the people that live in this city alone, I could easily survive another century at least. Likely two. Heh!" Although it doesn't seem that the Butcher is entirely moved by the statement. "Don't compare us. You are comely, without your little veil. You are better suited to this twisted fetishist world now than in the past. Me... I am a true monster. Enough to give other monsters nightmares..." He lifts a palm, and slowly the skin rips apart. A small, circular mouth with lamprey-like teeth forms, a slender tongue lolling out. "'Us'?" the Butcher then states, as if surprised. "What is this 'us'? But I won't be long before my next slumber. Not with this wretched seal." He reaches back to brush fingers upon his upper back. "I doubt one month every thirty years is much use to you, hahah! Best take advantage of my ravenous appetite before it's too late...!"

The woman grows silent as she listens to the man, her tails swaying idly behind her back. Her expression is soft and compassionate, showing empathy to his words. It only seems heightened by the fact he exposes his true visage to her and shows himself to her. She winces at first, perhaps expecting the process to be painful in some way. She shows no disgust nor fear. He wasn't the first Darkstalker with monstruous feature she had seen, though compared to her he was definately more monstruous in appearance.

Kiyomi arches a brow and says, "A group of Darkstalkers, like you and I, who hates humanity and wants to rid the world of this scourge," The Kitsune hums softly and tilts her head to one side, "A seal?" She asks. That was something she hadn't heard in quite a while, a thing of legends in her old folklore, in certain stories. It obviously rouses her curiousity, "Nothing that has been done cannot be undone... Certainly there is a way to help you and break you free of this seal, and free you from this forced slumber.."

Even with those claws bared, grinning teeth like a shark, and black eyes... it's still not all of the Butcher. There's more to his monstrous form, this much Kiyomi can likely sense. His ability to transform allows him to release portions of it, while still retaining the majority of his body as humanoid. But the dark, twisted chi exuding from him heightens further, certainly nothing at all that would come from a human. "Rid the world of humanity...? No. No...! That's no good at all. If humanity died, so would I. Hahaha! I'm cursed to feast on their souls for an eternity, you see...! And my immortality will not wane with them lacking, only my power, until I fall forever into helpless darkness. Strong fighters... I must devour strong fighters!! The common man doesn't whet me at all anymore!" At the mention of the seal, he just cracks his neck to the side. "I think I'll stay a lone wolf for now. You've not convinced me of anything. But feel free to rip some humans to shreds with your bare hands... I'll gladly take credit for your malcontent!!" Slowly he bows, deep and formally. "I'm afraid I must return to my preparations... mayhaps we'll meet again." Suddenly he vanishes as a great mist billows out in all directions. It spreads to fill up the street, causing a number of people to begin screaming in terror. In a wisp it is gone, dissipating without incident beyond a new report to the local news, as he's teleported. Still he can be felt burning in the dark, close by... but the kitsune knows enough sense that bothering him again so soon might be ill advised. But telling others in her group about him? They might have more luck in converting the brute...!

"Very well," The Kitsune replies. She folds her arms in front of her chest, offering the man a deferent bow of her own. "I firmly believe in unity there is strength," The woman replies to him as she straightens herself up. However, by the time she regains her posture he has already disappeared, leaving behind only a shroud of mist. Her body shivers, still feeling his presence even though she's unsure if it's but a lingering feeling or if he's still there.

She follows the mist a moment and murmurs, "Perhaps one day we'll be able to help each other," She lets her words trail off, the screams of terror from people bringing a smirk to Kiyomi's lips. A soft chuckle escape her throat as she reaches for her umbrella and turns on her heels, lifting it up and opening it. A tortured soul, most likely, one she barely even started to understand -- she failed to convince him, perhaps Lune would have better words, though for now, she'll leave this lone wolf on his own hunt. Both have their own hunt to pursue.

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