Walter - The Priest and the Succubit

Description: Walter, after a night drinking in Southtown, wanders down a dark alleyway and meets Lilith! Philosophy, the world, and a little bit of nomming occurs.

It's a warm night in Southtown, with unseasonably high temperatures that has greatly reduced the usual carousing of its citizens. With the moon high in the sky, one can almost see waves of heat in the area despite the darkness. But one Father Walter Bardsley is relatively undeterred even in his black priest's vestments and that heavy silk cloak hiding his golden wings and tail from view. At three o'clock in the morning, the preacher finally stumbles out of the bar where he's been abusing his draconic liver in celebration of a life gaining some measure of freedom and renewed purpose in the last month. In short, he is horribly plastered, but his inhuman blood makes short work of the more debilitating effects. Stepping out, he only stumbles lightly. Cheeks flushed, tail swishing dangerously close to revealing the appendage, he proves that he's a happy drunk as he passes a local nightworker. Blessings and wavings done,the man pauses, seemingly ignoring the women.

He's not been in southtown long, and thus, his alcohol addled mind is a bit slow. "Where the bloody hell was I supposed to..." He ponders, desperately trying to remember the way back to the Church he's taken up residence in. Gripping his weapon case with a frown, he sighs. It's a long, narrow street. One way turns towards the better part of town, and the other /away/ from it. Unwisely, as his knock-off italian shoes crunch pavement, he turns down the alleyway to the less favorable part of town. There's certainly a church there, but it's not his. Worst still, a man carrying a big case with a golden cross on his neck and nice shoes is looking to be mugged. Yet, it doesn't seem to phase him as he walks down the dirty alleyways in near-darkness without seemingly a care in the world. He even whistles a juanty tune the entire time, taking turns amidst the maze of civilization without any real aim other than a vague direction of holy place.

Unwise indeed.

As the good Father walks through a certain dark alleyway, he certainly wouldn't have expected to feel a pair of arms slowly wrap around him from behind in a hug. Following that was a whisper by his ear. "Oooooh, what a big strong man~" It was definitely a female's voice. About high school aged, if one were to make an estimate. And she sounded all too mischievous. This wasn't a mugging, was it?

"You must be so brave, walking through someplace like this allllll by yourself~" In the corner of his vision, he would have been able to just barely spot what could have been bat wings extended outwards. ...Whoever this was, they weren't human. A playful giggle followed and the girl...bat...thing, whispered again.

"I'm so hungry. Can you spare a little bit of your soul? Please? ...Pretty please~?"

Walter has dealt with a /lot/ of conflictions recently. But feminine arms wrapping about him in a /hug/ of all things combined with a whisper and bit of warmth from someone behind him? Suddenly the man wishes he hadn't been drinking so much. The contact has him shivering a bit. He at first frowns, particularly as he spies that little bit of bat wing in his vision. Oh? He smirks a bit suddenly, face growing warm and pleasant as he shows off too-sharp teeth in a smile.

" you young Lady." He states first, actually /blushing/ at the compliment. Despite the situation, he flexes an arm a bit. There's some good muscle in the priest!

Then, he sighs. Oddly, this man doesn't seem but so put off by the desire of the woman to steal his soul. Or at least bits of it. There's, instead, something of an almost chiding look he tries to cast at the succubit. Quite unsuccessful, given she's hugging him. He does relax a bit into it, Walter rather likes hugs after all.

"No, not brave my dear. Just drunk and lost. What /is/ your name my strange friend? Father Walter Bardsley! It's a pleasure to meet you! God's blessings! What's your name, hmm?" He sounds honest about it too, the young wyrmkin priest all smiles and joy.

"Buuut...I am afraid that my soul is already called for. Even then, you /did/ ask rather nicely. For which I thank you. Let me are not human, are you, my friend?"

"Unfortunately I have many trials to overcome, and need every ounce of power I can retain. So I cannot let you feed my dear. Can you subsist on anything else? If so, I will gladly help you acquire it. I would hate for you to starve." For all that the succubus' powers might definitely work on him, alongside those effects there's honest to God concern in his voice of this unholy thing he just met. Walter is a priest that doesn't judge. He also doesn't try to shove her away, though the clasp of his weapon case is flicked casually open.

"Awwww, not even when I said please?"

The girl sighed heavily, and then let go of the priest finally. There was a rush of wind, usually accompanied by the flapping of wings, and there was a tap of boots landing on the ground a small distance away. Walter was free to turn around and actually look now, if he so pleased.

She was a girl of average height, and she looked a tad bit childish. Short purple hair, red eyes, and cheerful smile on her face. But the most striking thing definitely had to be the outfit she was wearing. A red leotard with the chest cut just a bit too low, and held up by a pair of feathery white straps. A pair of red wings jutted out from behind her, and another pair was placed right on her head, above the ears. Judging by appearances, this definitely had to be a 'succubus'. Though she...was lacking in certain assets, that didn't seem to bother her any.

Bringing a finger to her lips, the girl realized something. "Ohhhh! You're one of those churchies! I met someone like you a little while ago!" Having an 'aha!' moment, the succubus raised a finger casually. "I think her name! Gabriel! She was fun!" Grinning like no tomorrow, she finally seemed to get back on target, and pointed to herself.

"I'm Lilith! Lilith Aensland! Nice to meetcha!" A wink followed, and then the girl known as Lilith looked up in thought. "Annnnnnnnnnnyway, you see...I need to take a little bit of a certain something from people, in order to keep living. Human food taste nice, but it doesn't work!" She smiled sheepishly and brought a hand to her stomach, though surely that didn't matter. "It's been a few days, and I still haven't gotten any! Can't you help a girl out?" ...If she hadn't already mentioned souls 'haven't gotten any' might have sounded quite wrong.

Lilith topped it off with her best puppy dog eyes. As if that was going to help.

There's a mixture of scandal and a bit of pure cute in the priest's eyes. Really, Lilith evokes the kind of adorable that makes the priest want to ruffle the little succubit's head. On that other hand, that outfit is just unfit for anyone who /isn't/ a succubus. Walter frowns, sighs, and shakes his head as he turns to her.

"What...sort of outfit is that!? My dear, we need to get you something that is not" Scowl. With a deep breath, he folds his arms.

And then she's greeting him, and he can't help but smile again. "Well met Lady Aensland. I cannot say I am familiar with this Sister Gabriel. Erm, yes, a 'Churchie'. Consider me a sort of...knight if you will. Saving damsels, stopping our more violent compatriots from harming others...that sort of thing."

He pauses as she explains, conflict once more in his features. Really, he needs his soul. But at the same time, he's a priest. Can he /really/ let the poor thing just starve when she's actively trying to give people the choice? His body perks a bit, a thought striking him.

"Do souls grow back?'ll just be a minor inconvenience and it repairs itself quickly enough, fine, you may have a nibble. You are a creation of God, and so, it is my duty to help you. But! I must then ask that you continue what you have been doing: only take when you need to live, and always ask. Do not /steal/. Agreed?"

A pause, and then, he takes off his cloak. Golden wings flex a bit.

"Though will the soul of a dragon hurt you?" Pause. Wince. 'Haven't gotten any'. The priest then points at Lilith.

"And please watch your phrasing, hmm? That is...ugh, scandalous." A pause.

"Care to help me with a philosophical question? Do you think we...Darkstalkers, are evil by our natures? Or can we use our powers for good? Are we a sin?" Comes the man suddenly. Best to get a rather nuanced answer to his prevailing problems.

"Huh? What's wrong with my outfit? It's easy to move around in! Plus people get all googly eyed when they see it! It's hilarious!" She smiled wide, tugging lightly at one of the straps. A little more and she might have a wardrobe malfunction... Well, one couldn't say she didn't know what she was wearing. She certainly knew what she was doing one way or the other.

At the mention of being a knight, Lilith ooh-ed and took a few casual steps closer. "A knight huh? Like, an actual knight? You know with the swords and shields and zealous cries of 'FOR FREEDOM!' or 'FOR GLORY!' orrrr 'FOR THE QUEEN!' orrrrrrr 'THE POWER OF GOD COMPELS YOU!' With each line, the girl made a constipated looking face, lowering her voice as she tried to imitate what might be her image of an uptight, overzealous armored knight of the medieval times.

"They still have knights? I thought that kind of thing got axed forever ago! Wooooow! A knight!" Looking honestly impressed, Lilith walked playful circles around Walter, as if examining every inch of him. We...she'd never seen someone like him before. This was actually kind of interesting. She'd seen cats, bats, werewolves, vampires, but not a dragon! Lilith's totally random obversations are cut off as Walter's question brings her back to reality.

"Huh? Do they grow back? Weeeeeeeell..." She smiled sheepishly and shrugged. "I dunno! But the people I borrow from before are just fine! They bounce back after a day, so I figure they are!" That said, she lowered her hands behind her back, swaying a little from side to side. "Mmmn, I'm not really interested in killing people, y'know? It's not fun! I just want to see interesting things and people!"

Despite being a succubus, a being that drained men's souls and left them for dead...Lilith's words actually seemed pretty genuine. "Yay! Thanks a bunch, mister!" Cheering at his acceptance of her request, the girl hopped up and down in glee. Usually she'd have to deal with the horrified screaming, followed by the running, the struggle, the knockout, and THEN finally she got what she needed. It was a huge pain.

Without further ado, Lilith leapt at Walter, openly hugging the draconic man. She began to emanate a greenish aura, and he would begin to feel some of his own 'energy' draining away. Little by little. Bit by bit. It wasn't rapid, like any other succubus probably would have done. It was slow and deliberate, searching for just the right point to stop at.

While this was going on, Lilith mused upon the question posed to her. "It's fine! Human, Vampire, Cats! It's doesn't matter! They all have the good stuff!" ...Right. "And what's wrong with my phrasing?" She furrowed her brows, adopting a rather cute look of disappointment. "Aren't you enjoying this? It's your first time, isn't it?" A mischievous smile followed. "Want me to go a little rougher? I can do that." ...Well, she was a succubus.

That last question gave her playful jabbing pause however. "...Good or evil...those are just words people make up to fit things they don't understand into neat little boxes. One person might be good in the eyes another, yet evil in the eyes of someone else, right? I wouldn't get so caught up in good and evil, I just do what I want, and what I feel! That's all that matters. Other people's labels are just that! They don't hold any power over me!"

Kind of a simple answer, but that was just like her, really.

As she starts tugging at that outfit? The dragon-priest looks away with a horrid blush on his face. Praying that they won't snap and lead to even /more/ embarrassment on the priest's part, the man turns back and just sighs.

"Do you /really/ want all sorts of men and women going all 'googly' eyed at yo..." Pause. Right. Succubus. Groaning, he rubs his temples.

"I prefer a spear, myself, but yes! Though most of us save the 'By the power of God be purged' when there's no one around. Makes us look a little silly, you know?"

The tiny succubus' antics have him laughing a bit. As far as 'demons' go, he can't help but /like/ this one.

Then, there's a grin. "If you ever desire to see what a knight is capable of, merely ask! Perhaps a good duel will excite your interest, if that is what you seek in life! For all of your...looks...I highly doubt you are weak. And I could use a friendly darkstalker to fight with."

Then he's smiling. "Good girl. Well, it sounds like they /do/, which is good. For myself and your, ahem, /companions/. Don't ever change, hmm?" When she gets closer? He'll reach out and tossle her hair in a friendly, cute manner!

And then she's hopping up and down, the man laughs, and then she's within hugging range. This time, he just relaxes a bit, putting down his spear's case. Oomph! The leap has him pushed against a wall, but he doesn't resist. Then, that energy surrounds them both. The dragon-priest blushes horrifically and prays no one records this. Slowly he starts to feel weak, and it'll likely require Lilith to hold the poor priest up, unless she wants him to collapse onto her!

"'s..." Gulp. He's beat red in the face, and his wings flapping a little against the wall. No, he has no words. Well, he does, but he's not about to say them.

"Let's just say as far as my encounters with our kind these past few days, yours is the most pleasant." Then she's talking about 'good stuff' and even more teasing, scandalous words. He tries to look chastizing, but then another slurp of energy. The priest's face is a constant frowning blush.

"Your words are just...just /lewd/! Unfit for a young Lady! You are lucky I do not punish you!" Froooown. That face of his tries to look intimidating, but he's still mostly just red and embarrassed.

Gulp. He doesn't /answer/ her question, but the look on his face says it all: awkward, embarrassing, but pleasant. God help him.

But then the succubit answers his question. He smiles, blushing fading a moment.

"Living in the moment? I suppose you are correct in that much. Many of our kin see myself as evil. But...I just want to protect people. Nice little succubi such as yourself should not have to hide. I want a world where humans and darkstalkers can be friends and lovers rather than enemies." Notes the priest in a moment of weakness.

"And I think the world could use a bit of your free-willed ways, Lilith. Find interesting things, and try to bring smiles to people you meet alright?"

"Oh! That sounds like fun! ...Except maybe not today. You're gonna need to recover." Deeming herself satisfied, the greenish aura surrounding them both faded away into nothing. Demonstrating strength far beyond her slight frame, Lilith held up the draconic priest, keeping him from falling over. Kneeling down with him, she let him rest against the alleyway wall, but she didn't just run off. Seems she was a fair bit more interested in the conversation than she initially had been. "Thanks a bunch, Mr. Walter! Hope it wasn't too hard on you." Mischievously, Lilith tilted her head a tad, smile plastered on her face almost permanently now. "Should I have been a little more gentle? First timers always have it rough..." Feigning deep thought, the succubus glanced upwards, as if this was a serious matter. It wasn't really.

"...You have an interesting taste by the way." She grinned, bringing that subject up. ...Chicken loaded with spices. ...And I think I tasted rum." Eyes glowing red in the dark, she leaned a bit closer, curious as well. "You really shouldn't driink so much, you know? You might end up wandering into alleys and getting mugged."


"Wait, I guess that already happened. Hehe~" She leaned back after that and nodded. "...A world where we can all be friends? ...That's..." In a rare moment of seriousness, Lilith's usually playful demeanor dropped. "...impossible, isn't it?" But as soon as it had come, it was gone, and the girl was all smiles yet again. "Anyway! Thanks a bunch! I need to get home and do my homework now!" Waving with both arms, the succubus began to take to the air, her wings flapping and carrying her upwards. "You'll be fine to walk in a few minutes! Maybe next time I can see what you knights can do too! Seeya~" And with that, Lilith turned away and took off, till she was just a speck in the distance...

Wobble wobble. The dragon-priest is caught by the little succubit, and deposited gently down. He smiles a bit as the aura fades, looking slightly more drunk than previous. Mental note, don't let strange succubi nom you, it's a bit disorientating.

"It is a Priest's duty to tend to the flock, and I am hardly going to let you starve."

And then he's grinning a bit. That smile, that pure joy in the succubus. He'd call her innocent if it weren't for her mouth and the fact she just chomped on his soul.

"E...err..." Bluuush. The dragon looks away, tail tucking a bit.

" just be careful! It was a bit too rough and quick!" A small frown there. Then a hand goes to his face.

"I cannot believe those words came from my mouth." Laments the priest, almost pouting at Lilith.

He tastes good. The poor priest looks mortified. "Al...alright, I"ll cut back! You're too young to drink anyway! So avoid any lushes!" Like him, for instance.

"Bloody charmed that you think I am delicious. Chicken? Really? Surely I taste like grandeur and majesty!" He puffs up his chest a bit.

"No. Not it is not, Lilith Aensland. People have to change, and the fear and hate has to be let go. I believe that through hard work, and good people working together, a miracle such as that will happen." Notes the priest solemnly to his newfound demon-friend.

He waves right back. "I look forward to it! Be careful, little one! Not all of my calling care that you are one of the 'nice' ones!" Then, he just slumps a bit.

"Really, Walter, you need to work on your stamina." For shame, woozy after a little soul draining!

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