Felicia - Night of the Succubit

Description: Felicia meets Lilith on a rooftop!

Japan at night! Southtown is a bit safer than some western or even european cities at night, though it's still wise to keep one's eyes and ears peeled. Currently, Felicia is hitting the town, why? Well, Lee is likely asleep, or the like, and this is the best time to step out for a bit, as much fun as having all of her wants and needs tended to. There was just something different about being a house cat, and being wild! Since she had been lacking on her physical exercise, it was time for some southwest rooftop jumping action! And so, across the nightscape the inhumanly quick silhouette of a cat-like figure is running at full tilt, jumping from building ledge to ledge.

High School was...interesting. The lessons were sometimes boring, but some of them could be fun. The best part however, had to be all the cute boys and girls she got to play with every day! So much fun. That kind of thing never got boring. ...But she couldn't keep up the normal student routine indefinitely. There were times when one needed to...feed. So to speak.

And so, the succubus, Lilith, had ventured out into the darkness of the night. Sitting upon her usual perch on a gargoyle fitted onto the side of one of those extravagant skyscrapers, her eyes scanned the streets below. Not posing as a student at the moment, she donned her usual succubus getup. A red leotard cut just a little too low and held up by a pair of flimsy feather straps, a pair of bat patterned blue stockings, and red boots. The wings on her head and at her back were clear indication that she was far from human.

"Hrm...no, not them....not her...too old...ergh...no way!" The succubus mumbled to herself, appraising the odd passer by in the streets below. "...isn't there anyone interesting out tonight?" She whined to herself, heaving a bored sight. At that moment, a shadow leaping across the rooftops before her caught her attention. "Hm?" Wait, that was way too fast for a human. "Now whoooo could that be~?" She grinned like the cheshire cat, wings on her head perking up a bit as she watched the figure moving in her general direction...

"Aww, what's the matta? don't like the old men?" There is the sound of a feminine voice and out of the darkness Felicia emerges, landing on the edge of the roof with her reddish pink nails clicking. She was not wearing a jacket, or well, anything--think of this as au natural, so to speak. "Little bit high up here for a young girl to be lounging, and you don't look like a suicide," the catwoman stalked a little closer, sniffing at the air. "Mmm, that aura! you have to be one of us," she announced matter of factly, holding her hands up. "Don't got anything to worry about me, hon, I'm a darkstalker too, you know, we have in-human chi, yeah?" she peered closer at Lilith, course, it could easily be said the two were entirely different /races/ apart from human, too.

"I like the outfit, by the way, it's really uh... underaged sex-kitten," she giggled just a little, but seemed to be in good humor.

And then in an instant, that shadow was gone, and with a click of her nails on the concrete of the building, she landed right next to Lilith. "....." The succubus blinked a few times, processing just how fast this...cat? Yes, that is definitely a cat. Not just any ordinary cat either. ...Ah, she must be a werecat. ...No, were would imply that she were human at some point. This is... Bah, who cares?

The sound of the stranger's voice roused Lilith out of her thoughts. She didn't budge an inch upon being sniffed at. Instead, her amused smile grew a little more. "Aw, you found me out!" The purple headed girl cooed playfully, hands held up as if in defense. ...Not that she was actually trying now. "I was totally thinking about what would happen if I just dropped down annnnnnnnd went splat~!" A morbid giggle followed that clearly untrue statement, and then she turned to have a closer look at her sudden companion.

"Wow, you call me a sex-kitten? I think you'd better look a mirror, sis. You've got me waaaaay beat! Hehe~" A more good natured giggle followed as Lilith raised a hand to her mouth, as if covering her laugh. "...But yeah, I guess I'm a 'Darkstalker'." Rather curt. She didn't release any other details. But instead, the succubus skipped over that, and grinned mischievously, head tilted aside slightly "So! Who exactly are you? I would've know if there were any cats skulking around these parts? Got a name? Or should I call /you/ Sex Kitten?" That question was followed by a catlike bat of the hand and a mouthed 'mrowr'. ...She might have been making fun of her now. Maybe.

"Sorry, I'm pretty fast," Felicia reached up and scratched the back of her head, getting those white-furred fingers into that huge mane of blue air. Felicia definitely didn't look like a cat, really. More like a woman with cat fur in certain areas and cat parts, like her ears, and tail, and those claws. She was also a good bit over 5 feet tall, so there was that as well.

"Hey don't talk about stuff like that, didn't you know killing yourself is a sin?" Felicia raised a brow and moved over to stand next to where the girl was sitting, peering down. "Yep, pretty much street pizza if you went down from here, I'm Felicia, by the way, I work for Violet Systems," she had a job and everything now, freakin' legit she was. "As for what you wanna call me, sure, call me anything you want hon," Felicia grinned a little, giving the girl a wave off in return. "So you're one of them uh, bat girls? vampire things?" it was the cat's turn to ask questions now.

"Psh, I wouldn't die, even if I were killed!" Lilith said carelessly, shrugging her shoulders in a flippant manner. "...But that would probably hurt." She conceded after a moment, a hand to her chin rubbing lightly. "Either way, sins don't mean a thing to me. After all, I am a succubus, y'know? Sins are kinda our thing! Ehehe~"

Well, certain kinds of sins anyway.

"Felicia...Violet Systems?" At that point, Lilith stood up, and then let her wings carry her into the air. They them promptly turned into a swarm of red bats, which she laid upon as if it were the surface of a bed. "Hmmm....You can call me Lilith. I go to Taiyo High! Nice to meetcha!" Smirking mischievously, the succubus eyed Felica casually, her chin resting in her hands, and her legs swinging back and forth.

"Hmm....I wonder...Nah, not this time." She shook her head of whatever thoughts she may have been having and the bed of bats rotated horizontally, giving her a view of the streets below. "Well, Ms. Kitty, I need to go.....take care of something." Yeah. /Something/. Probably involving someone's soul. "I'm sure I'll see you somewhere, sometime again!" A playful wink followed and then with a green flash, the swarm of red bats turned back into a set of wings, and Lilith dropped down from her perch. After freefalling for a few seconds, she began to fly through the air. Looks like she found a target. "Byyyyye~"

"Huh, so you go to school?" Felicia seemed a little surprised at that, blinking her green eyes up at the succubit, nodding a little. "Well, don't go diving off rooftops or anything there, kiddo, just for me, okay?" Felicia tried to grin a little sheepishly, to get the younger lady to go along with her, humor her, what have you. "Yeah, it's a company, I'm a spokeswoman for it," well, Felicia was mostly telling the truth, anyway.

"That's a nice trick with the bats there, looks like you're laying on a carpet and ready to call some of your friends over for a sleepover," she grinned, then stepped a little closer to the edge of the roof, peering down. "Woah, you be careful, alright!" likely Felicia's words were lost to the wind, more or less, but she'd watch Lilith as she coasted down all the same, hoping she was alright. She was relieved when she finally began to glide down safetly.

"Phew, well, least I've found more of us," she nodded.

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