Marilda - Bat and Gear make a deal; revelations of humanity.

Description: The Citharede encounters a dark interloper in the forest during her play session. A brief conversation reveals how much she's moved on, and how much humanity she still has.

This little patch of forest has sort of been claimed by something dark. Something that doesn't leave a very good impression on the forest. The area's started to feel like someone's watching one. But hey... this is deep forest and very few people are going to be out here anyway, right? Still, the fact that things are so creepy in an otherwise normal patch of woods might catch attention.

And the reason things are so creepy? Because Testament and his raven have claimed this patch of forest as their home. Hemomancy and demonic rituals have been going on here for days, to make it safe for the two to sleep in. Currently, another one of these rituals is going on, with pulsing blood in a mystic circle on the ground, glowing as a pale man in black holds his hands before him and chants quietly. The raven perches in a large tree nearby, watching as if in rapt fascination.

Rituals and blood sacrifice, such things that are commonplace in some cultures, and hardly alarming to those whom are firm believers in horrors as immortal vampires and their legions of accursed minions. Such that Marilda is perhaps avoiding that particular section of wood, out of a sense of dread. Even vampires exercize caution, especially those unversed in combat.

Perhaps that is why Marilda is resting somewhere shady, that even the moon's pale glow only glints those reflective circles of her eyes. Hood down and glasses off, the fingers of her gloves removed, she is playing her cithara. A haunting and sorrowful melody that playfully dances and echoes amongst the trees. Perhaps it even perists within that tainted soil's depths.

Testament looks up at the sound of a stringed instrument being played. He's still in the middle of his chant, though... he can't go immediately to see to it. So instead the raven does. Marilda may notice the raven coming into her area, and perching on the branch of a tree just overhead. It gives a few soft 'awk' sounds, but nothing to disturb her. Not yet, anyway.

However, in a few moments, Marilda may notice another presence. Once his task is complete, he too wishes to investigate the sounds. He's keeping himself hidden for now. But between the unmistakeable sensation of being watched and the way the raven turns its head, there's clearly someone else here...

Being approached by a carrion bird has the woman looking up, only a brief falter in her playing from the initial shift in attention. But soon enough her playing resumes with no further stutter. Though she cannot -see- this other presence, she does cast a wary and warning glance about her, but does not cease playing.

Instead, she picks up a few octaves to sound more alluring, knowing of another presence and beckoning out. It's also probably her way of saying she doesn't bite.

It's unusual, Testament thinks. Why would someone just be out here playing? Why not nearer civilization? Perhaps it's the answers to these questions that finally bring the unknown presence out. Or perhaps it's the allure of her music, who knows?

Either way, the pale man dressed in black walks silently from the underbrush, tilting his head curiously. He doesn't have the strength for a battle at this moment, so he approaches this with a lack of aggression. Besides, he's curious.

Consistant, calm plucking of the strings remains Marilda's focus for the time being. Too engrossed in keeping her notes at a proper tempo and range means she isn't too conversational, and gives a knowing nod, instead, to her guest.. and his bird.

The music remains welcoming and inviting, the high notes are calm and resonate in the air with warmth.

It's said that music soothes the savage beast. Perhaps that's also part of what's keeping Testament from attacking immediately. Or at least growling. Who knows? Either way, he remains quiet as Marilda plays. Until she ends her current song. That's when he speaks up.

"...It's odd to find someone out here this far," he observes softly. "Most are afraid to come out here."

The woman offers a friendly smile and, eventually, the song ends with a stayed hand. It'd be impolite to not finish with company, right? Her eyes never leave his, once she's gotten a view of his stature, reflecting the pale light as yellow discs.

"I don't really think we have room to really speak of odd, hm? I'm certain you have your share of secrets as I do. It's a nice night, quiet, and no crowds to interrupt my performing." she replies, and gives an answer. "I expect one as sharp seeming as you has questions, I'll gladly give you answers."

Testament smirks slightly at the mention of having no room to speak of 'odd'. "Very likely," he agrees. He'd agree wholeheartedly, but he doesn't know where she stands. Those eyes though... something about those eyes makes him think she might be not quite the normal type. She mentions her playing, and he tilts his head. "You don't perform for audiences?" he inquires.

And as for questions? Oh yes, he has them. And that smirk remains. "That is true, I do have questions." He keeps them for now though... besides, he's already asked one. Also, him asking questions opens the door for her to, and he's still a little guarded with what he reveals.

Good, her audience isn't being threatening. She relaxes in her seated position and a genuine smile rings up to the interloper. "No, people are too.. noisy, when together. Distracting." she answers briefly.

"A man with unspoken questions is a man to not put trust in." she goads. "Why are you parlaying with an old widow as myself?" it's an easy enough question, but she doesn't seem old in any sense.

Testament gives a 'mmn' of agreement to Marilda's statement of people being loud. "That is, I've found, one of the many failings of human beings in general," he admits. His statement seems to indicate that he at least doesn't consider himself to be a human.

"Many wouldn't put trust in me," he also admits freely. The raven comes down and alights on his shoulder, and its claws don't seem to bother him. "As for why... I live near here. I heard you playing, and came to see who was here."

A hippie, maybe? No, he dresses like a goth and that aura of darkness around him is unmistakeable. However, he can be polite. "...You play beautifully."

So she wasn't too far off in assuming him to be the source of the taint here, good. She gives a nod, "Once one falls from humanity, they can be.. irritating at times." she mentions.

"A man that lives alone in the forest, with a raven companion. You'd probably be popular in Romania. I recall that's the.. how do they say.. scene, at home." she mentions. "But of course, one outsider to another, trust is earned. And a gentleman, I'm flattered. Old instruments are hardly the par for catching another's fancy." she muses. "Was there anything I can do for you?"

"Would I be correct in assuming you speak from experience?" Testament inquires. It'll may or may not set the rest of the tone of the conversation if he knows the answer to this. As for being popular in Romania? He raises an eyebrow. "Interesting." It's a place to hide in case he needs it for later. If the attack on the UN building should come back to bite him.

As for old instruments? Testament tilts his head. "My father collected ancient Japanese teacups." A nonsequitur maybe, but it can at least show he doesn't think badly of old things. He gives that last question some thought. "...If you are an... 'outsider' as you put it... perhaps you can..."

A slow, solemn nod answers the question of experience. People seem so foreign to her nowadays.. but, less than when she had awakened to the modern era.

"Teacups, interesting. The things that hold hidden value are the ones taken for granted, I suppose." her nod to his statement of help is slow, prodding him to continue. "Yes? I can what?"

Time for the sales pitch! Testament draws a breath, pausing to very gently scritch the raven upon his shoulder. Then he looks at Marilda. "I wasn't always like this. There were people who made me this way," he begins. "When they did this to me, they expected me to be a mindless drone, and tried to put me back under when they realized I wasn't. I want to find them... and kill them." He relates this calmly, as if he's rattling off a grocery list, or something like it.

Marilda quietly listens, giving her ear to the outsider and hearing his request. "Finding people isn't really my specialty. But, if I do hear anything that seems to.. fit your description coming up, I'll keep it in mind and bring it forth." she responds.

"That wouldn't be the end," Testament replies. "It would only be the beginning. As an 'outsider', do you ever feel afraid to present yourself in public? Do you feel that you would be hurt if you let people know?" He shakes his head. "That's what I intend to change. Little by little. And when the humans are gone, you won't need to be afraid."

That sounds like a particularly longer campaign than just 'find the people that did this to him', though!

Marilda shrugs. "No, I don't. I fear going into public because bright lights agitate my eyes and skin. I feel no threat from the rabble that roam the streets." hm.. she feels more.. assured of herself. "Besides, without humans, I have to get creative with my meals."

Testament looks... admittedly disappointed. "That's unfortunate," he says quietly. He offers a nod. "If you change your mind, come and find me. I'm not too difficult to find, if you're looking for me." He bows politely, and then takes a step back. "Pardon me. We'll leave you to your music." No sarcasm there. He's quite serious. That said, however, he begins to step back again, into the underbrush again.

A shrug rolls off of Marilda, and she nods. "I will make sure to find you should I have information or change my mind." she replies... now, where was she?

Now lifting her cithara to her playing poise, she begins again with the original melody. Though, perhaps it rings a bit more pensively through the night this time.

"I need a purpose again. Maybe it's time I started looking for a new partner." she murmurs.

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