SNF 2015.01 - SNF: The Captain's Chair

Description: "Listen, we have a problem, friend." Or so the story goes. KASUMI, while not officially on the boat, has been hired for a particular reason--a very loud and obnoxious passenger has declared himself captain of the ship. While he's in charge, nobody has been able to throw him off the boat, and furthermore there's rumor of a declaration that only the most titillating vixens are to be allowed on Zack Island so that he may enjoy a show worthy of his magnificence. While this has no bearing on what the ship actually does, it is a great offense to the actual captain of the Illustrious, one of the most interesting men in the world. So the mysterious Kaede has showed up on the fight billing facing off against the self-billed Emperor of the Illustrious! [Winner: Adon. Unlock points: 1]

"Do you not KNOW who I AM!?!?!"

That comes the scream from the deck. With a great heave, a man is hurled from the top of the boat, landing with a splash in the ocean below. Standing astride on the deck of the S.S. Pinefore, clad in blue boxers, circlets, and a crown, was the world infamous Adon. Glaring down at the man swimming below, he raises his hands high, sneering. "I am ADON! The WORLD'S GREATEST MUAY THAI MASTER! I have come FAR and WIDE to seek out the ISLAND of INFINITE BEAUTIES! GORGEOUS WOMEN, graced with CURVES that would even satistify the RED BLOODED PASSIONS of a TRUE MUAY THAI WARRIOR!" Adon howls in the night sky, as the cruise liner pulls away. Turning back towards the huddled, trembling masses, the Emperor of Muay Thai shoot them a twisted grin.

"And you DARE turn away because you are going to HAWAII!?"

Adon lets loose a high-pitched scream of cackling. "KYA HA HA! How DROLL! How BEMUSING! Do you not know that the LOINS of MUAY THAI are a FIERCE BEAST that only the pursed lips of COUNTLESS SENSUAL BEAUTIES can TAME!? THUS!" He claps his hand together, rubbing them hungrily. "I! ADON! The EMPEROR of MUAY THAI! Am USING the AUTHORITY that a TRUE MUAY GOD KEEPS!" And Adon grabs a nearby sailor cap, placing it on his head. "And am PROMOTING my to CAPTAIN ADON! THE CAPTAIN OF MUAY THAI! And as my first act as captain, I demand you all rename this ship into the S.S JAGGA!!!" One of the workhands on the ship, speechless so far, finally mutters out an answer. "That... that isn't a captain's hat-"

There is another scream, as another man is hurled off the deck of the ship.

This entire trip was intended to be a vacation from Southtown... An all expenses paid voyage and island stay thanks to the generosity of her friend, the obscenely fortunate Zack, was too good to pass up on. Kasumi had no matches scheduled, no plans to fight, just an island full of parties, gorgeous beaches to rest upon, countless people to meet and greet, and a chance to catch up with one of the most eccentric people she has ever met thanks to her rampage through the Dead or Alive tournament roughly nine months ago.

But that doesn't mean some people in the know aren't aware of the nature of their famous passenger incognito - case in point, the Captain of the ship, reputed to be one of the most interesting people in the world. And right now, the Captain has been displaced by the dangerously interesting Adon.

'Please... he's riding roughshod over my crew, everyone is terrified, I cannot captain a ship with this man out of control.' the pipe smoking ship captain confides to his lovely passenger. 'I know you came not to fight but to enjoy the proffered island paradise at the end of this voyage, but if someone doesn't deal with this maniac, we'll never get there. If he throws too many of the crew in the water, we won't even be able to operate the boat!'

The sound of liferafts being dropped into the water with a loud splash can be heard from the right side of the cruise liner as Kasumi exhales softly. Maritime law isn't her area of expertise, but she has to imagine taking over a ship by Muay Thai force has to have some legal ramifications. Shouldn't the Coast Guard or Navy or someone take care of this naval hijacking?

But the Captain is one of the most interesting people in the world, and if she can spare more people being terrorized by the loud menace, then she really should. Besides, does she really want to have to endure the screeching voice echoing over the ship until the authorities get here?

"I understand. Leave it to me," the confident kunoichi had stated quietly. Afterall, how dangerous could this guy really be, anyway?

She drops from the higher levels of the ship down to the deck Adon has claimed as his miniture ocean empire, landing softly on her feet some meters behind Adon. Rising up to stand straight, the Mugen Tenshin Exile lowers her arms against her sides. Given Adon's adornments and ridiculous accoutrements, she might be making a grevious mistake in underestimating him. Her left hand lifts to adjust the straw sunhat she hasn't bothered to remove, just another indicator of her attitude over the entire disturbance.

"Excuse me, but I'm asking you to surrender calmly so that I will not have to hurt you." the girl calls out from behind Adon. The young woman's curvy body is covered by attire better designed for a relaxing poolside stroll under the sun than battle, taking the form of a pink kneel lengthed sun dress to accompany her blue ribboned straw hat and white sandals. From beneath her hat, long tresses of chestnut hair drape against her shoulders and back. It looks like they decided to send someone from the welcoming committee to put a stop to the newly crowned Captain's rampage.

"Remove that Captain's hat at once and prepare to be escorted to the brig for the remainder of this voyage." she states with confidence in the face of absurdity. It's unlikely anyone still on the deck is inclined to point out that it is, in fact, /not/ a Captain's hat.

Adon turns back to his prisoners.

"SO? Any other COMPLAINTS!?" The Emperor of Muay Thai challenges, looking upon each of them with a sneer. The headshakes should make it clear... but so does a voice from behind him. Someone had come to stop the all powerful master? The sneering, red-haired martial artist turns to face down the man who dare stands against him. But as he looks upon the curvy figure, it soon dawns on the Emperor that this was not a man who dare stop him.

But a woman.

"What? You think you can STOP ME!?" Was the screech from the man, as he licks his lips lustfully. "Such OUTRAGE! Why would a WOMAN think she could FORCE me to do ANYTHING? HOW ABSURD!" Adon however, looks up and down the ninja's body, mentally undressing her. "Still, I may have a USE for you YET! You are well suited for being one of my MANY MUAY THAI BRIDES!" Adon curls his fingers greedily, and he takes a strutting step towards the ninja. "Let I! ADON! THE EMPEROR OF MUAY THAI! Ask you a question of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE!"


She had been prepared for the high pitched, high volume diatribe she gets after announcing her presence. Afterall, he an heard practically anywhere on the ship at this point. And as he speaks, she's studying him. The preliminary information she had to go by did not exactly build a picture of martial arts prowess in her mind. Afterall, the world is full of crazy people who might try something like this, but how many of them can even dream of fighting on the level of the Mugen Tenshin shinobi who has been training all her life?

But as Kasumi's head cants to the side slightly, mouth allowing for a faint smile of mild bemusement, she can't help but realize that this older man is ripped, with a physique that rivals many of the stronger fighters she has ever come across. It would be hard to miss the way he is looking her over, however, but rather than seeming appalled, it is with a look of soft pity that she gazes back at him from beneath the shade of her sunhat. He would hardly be the first to not take her seriously upon first setting eyes upon the shinobi's figure. Thin and shapely in all the right ways, with a gentle face, it would be easy to dismiss her as a stray model having wondered over from some onboard fashion show rather than a legitimate danger to his hostile takeover. But for the lean muscle visible in her mostly bare arms, there is nothing that betrays the threat she represents outside of the confidence with which she stands against him.

A slow inhale and soft exhale are her initial responses to his monologue. A seasoned fighter even so young, words alone would hardly be capable of disturbing her composure.

"I'm sorry," she replies softly. It sounds sincere, as if she isn't simply patronizing the light red haired man.
"I do not have time to banter with a lunatic."

Her posture shifts with the greatest of ease, her left foot sliding forward, her arms lifted as she leans into a more aggressive stance. It seem she intends to enforce her request with more than soft imperatives or hopeful doe-like eyes. "You have done enough harm already. It stops now." That would be the last warning the self-proclaimed Emperor of Muay Thai would get before he would find himself under assault.

Even with his build, she hasn't registered him as a capable fighter beneath his ridiculous getup of sailor cap worn with a crown. It seems his ostentatious display might buy him something of an advantage as the beautiful girl dispatched to wrangle him underestimates his true potential. She launches at him swiftly, with the intent of subduing him swiftly without inflicting undue harm.

Of course, there's a likelyhood of him underestimating her in turn, which would be excuse enough to not be prepared for the blur of milky pink as the young woman seeks to get a hold of his right arm in passing, sweeping her foot for his ankles, and try to drop Adon prone to the deck, face down. If successful, her intent would be to keep a grip on his arm, wrenching it behind his back in a bid to pacify the obviously crazy person in one swift, effective takedown!

COMBATSYS: Kasumi has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kasumi           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Adon has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kasumi           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Adon

COMBATSYS: Adon blocks Kasumi's Quick Throw.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Kasumi           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Adon

Adon only vaguely recognizes he is being 'inspected.'

It doesn't register as a threat, however, to the arrogant Muay Thai fighter. No, he in fact relishes the attention, drinking his fill as the ninja studies him. "You ENJOY what you SEE?!" He shrilly coos, opening his arms invitingly. Oh, Adon was ripped. His body was powerful, his stance was strong, even as casual as he is now. But he did not see a threat. Like so much on this ship, he only saw one thing.


However, as she says sorry, the Emperor takes a sharp step. The tone seemed like weakness to him. He would leap upon the weakness. However, as she calls him a lunatic... he does not let his grin fade. No, it almost seems to redouble, as the beautiful woman becomes a blur. She already latches on his arm, the woman moving with grace and agility that is even beyond Adon. Already, she was moving down to knock him off his feet. But as the sweep comes, Adon's entire body strengthens. The kick comes, but it does not knock him off his feet. Ankles bruised and even batters, the feral grin seems to grow fangs as the Emperor of Muay Thai latches his eyes on the woman at his right hand.

The eyes of a predator.

"KYA HA HA! Is THIS the BEST you can DO!?" He screams, as he suddenly jerks his right arm back, stepping in hard towards the woman. He wasn't trying to break away, he was trying to get in position to attack. "Pathetic, but after all, you are just a WOMAN! It is NATURAL that you are WEAK! But if you don't want to BANTER..." What comes next is a smooth, rapid gesture, and yet, not Muay Thai. But it was a technique that Adon was well practiced with: an open-handed slap, attempting to buffet the fair Kasumi's face.


COMBATSYS: Kasumi instinctively blocks Adon's Aggressive Strike.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Kasumi           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Adon

He would undoubtedly be able to sense the moment it dawns at her that she isn't dealing with a complete pushover. It would be that instant that her foot sweeps to take his feet out from under him only to come to a sudden stop against his lower legs. The unyielding flesh causes the Shinobi in Pink to stagger a touch, unprepared for this kind of resistance. She even pulls her foot back and swings it against his shins a second time as hoping a secondary strike might be enough to dislodge him from his sure stance but it's to no avail, soft, doe-brown eyes widening slightly as the young Japan native finds herself up against a greater threat than she anticipated.

She's looking at him out of the corner of her eyes, meeting his gaze with fleeting attention as he pries his arm away with a powerful application of his muscles. Kasumi sucks in her breath, turning to face him even as he comes in close, having given up on the idea of an easy takedown. But this new information does alarm her slightly, realizing that if he really is as skilled as he seems to believe, then coupled with that build of his, the self-proclaimed Emperor Captain could very well be an extremely dangerous man.

She has fought Muay Thai practioners before. The very host of the promised Island Paradise happens to be one. She is familiar with their powerful knee strikes, crushing elbow blows, their durable bodies, and dangerous speed. And it would be easy for her to try and anticipate one of those traditional strikes to come her away in an instant.

But the runaway ninja has also battled all kinds of personalities coupled with martial styles. At times, this breadth of information provides her with insights faster than the conscious thought. Case in point - the way she swings her left arm up, forearm raised to intersect the path of his smack so perfectly timed it was almost as if the defense came about as some form of prescience of exactly how a domineering man in his position of presumed superiority would act.

That isn't to dismiss the kinetic force, however, as the smaller fighter is forced back a step, her arm stinging from the impact. "Tch-" But new knowledge yields new options. Now that she knows better the threat he represents... the young prodigy no longer has any reason to hold back. Hers is a style that belongs to assassins in the shadows - precise, penetrating strikes and ruthless limb locks and takedowns are at her disposal.

"Do not place yourself above me," she warns, her voice possessing the first to it she has demonstrated since challenging him. She's winding up, twisting to the right, one leg forward, her left shoulder toward him. There would be time to strike her in that moment and that moment alone. "When you are ready to submit, it is you that will be on your knees."

When she moves again, it is as a blur of pink that seems, to the eyes of the crew in audience, that the girl simply blitzes clean through Adon, teleporting past the crowing menace and reappearing meters behind him, a trail of swirling sakura blossoms made manifest in her wake as she slides to a beautiful, graceful stop.

But Adon would know the truth of it - the way she tries to secure a grip on his right arm as she blasts past him at nearly instantanous speed; the way she would wrest his guard open, exposing his side to her; and most importantly, the staggeringly hard elbow strike she would drill into his exposed flank should she succeed in her attempt. While not Muay Thai, the hardness of the strike might feel like it would be coming from someone familiar with the arts. There is a dangerous lethality to her focus.

For if he is unable to prevent her strike, her elbow would be driven directly into his ribcage, just below his tenth rib. This is where the 'floating ribs' are found in most human beings. Lacking the secure bracing of the sternum, these ribs are vulnerable to breaking easier under impact, and it is that exact point of vulnerability the kunoichi strikes. Unless thwarted, the girl would slide to a stop, the straps on her sandals severed from the sheer force of her movement, arms out at her sides for balance as she ends up in a low forward crouch, her back toward Adon, a trail of drifting cherry blossoms marking her path.

COMBATSYS: Adon endures Kasumi's Oboro Gake.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Kasumi           0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0             Adon

"Place MYSELF above YOU!?"

The question roars out, as the striking hand is grazed by a deflection of Kasumi's arm. Adon, in stark contrast to Kasumi, was not as familiar with his opponent's art, as she was with his. Adon ate and breathed Muay Thai; it was his natural talent, his pure skill, his practical focus. But as those lunatic eyes lock into Kasumi's own, that vile sneer twists upon his face, he brought something unique in his style of Muay Thai.

Cruel arrogance.

The blur that flies by makes it clear that Kasumi is talented. But Adon did not see any reason to praise that grace, that gentle speed. She was gone in a blink and a trail of cherry blossoms, already behind the martial artist. Adon doesn't have any space to react, any time to defend. At least, defend properly. As the ninja moves in position, Adon simply scoffs. His guard is thrown open with no resistance, the sheer bravado of the Emperor seeming to come in full force as he turns...

And flexes.

His body tenses, tightening from the sheer effort. Kasumi had her instincts correct. Muay Thai was a terrible blend of speed, power, endurance... and durability. Adon's muscles nearly hardens to the strength of marble stone. Precision is met with a braced body, the impact hitting the rib squarely. It does not break, no, the iron body of the Emperor now ensured that. But the crunch made it clear; he did not completely stop the blow, only mitigate it to a crack somewhere upon the rib. And yet, if Adon felt any pain, he did not show it.

And in fact, flaunts the opposite.

"REALLY? FLOWERS? Such an ADORABLE STYLE!" Was the howl as the emperor finishes his turn, facing at the back of his opponent. The impact floods over his body, as Adon relaxes. The blow did not stun him, and already he was surging back... if a bit stiffer and slower than his opening gambit. "NO WONDER I am FORCED to place myself ABOVE YOU, WOMAN!" Adon sneers, lunging in with both arms open, attempting to catch the woman within his clutches. Should he get a grip on the young lady, the Emperor seize her, and begin to smash his knee, again and again, right into her abdomen's precious organs, all while screaming. "It is the natural order of things, for GREAT MEN like myself to LORD over frail creature like YOURSELF! The only ONE who will SUBMIT HERE..."

"IS YOU!!"

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits Kasumi with Jaguar Slam.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kasumi           0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0             Adon

Kasumi slides to a stop, realizing just how durable Adon's body actually is when he flexed his muscles into her strike. Only one man has demonstrated such unyielding, iron flesh to date and that would be the Emperor of Steel himself, Urien. To face another capable of such incredible resilience brings back unpleasant memories... her fight against Urien had been fierce but decisively against her in the end. Given the nature of this Muay Thai maniac, can she afford anything less than pushing herself to the limits of her incredible skill in fighting back at him?

But there is a flaw in reaching the incredible speeds she is capable of - the cost in strength from the initial launch, and the exhertion required to bring such incredible forward momentum to a stop after the fact both take their toll. The price that technique takes from her is reflected in the way she lingers, trying to wind out of the attack in an instant and turn back on him to remove that window of vulnerability that any talented fighter would seek to exploit.

His comments on her style go unheeded - the blossoms are a manifestation of that inner chi she must channel to achieve her greater feats of combat, but they, themselves, do not seem to be merely energy particles, as they drift away in the ocean breeze every bit as tangible as any other petal. A curious byproduct of her Mugen Tenshin Tenjinmon Ninjutsu. But no one had ever remarked on them before. Even the faint scent of distant cherry trees lingers for a moment before being overwhelmed by the salty air of the sea winds.

As he lunges, Kasumi is already turning, legs tensing, body pivoting. To understand how to evade him, she needs to lay eyes upon the predator first. But it's too late - powerful hands get a grip on her shoulders, leaving her prey to his violent strikes as she's pulled forward and off balance. At first, she moves her hands to ward off his knee strikes, sensing his dangerous intent to strike for vulnerable points - it is exactly what she would do afterall.

But the fierce force behind his blows is more than she can withstand, each rising knee crushing into her stomach and forcing pained gasps of breath from her lips. Around the deck, the hostage crew members begin to look uncomfortable as their wouldbe savior is getting her stomach pumped by at Muay Thai master's pistoning knees. There is no time for talking, no time for words. All that matters now is breaking free lest he batter her until she'll be to paralyzed with pain and internal damage to defy him any longer.

Trying to break away from his sure grip will not be enough. The only way through is forward, which is why he will find that instead of trying to pull away, she's lunging into his hold, targeting his pronounced chin with the top of her forehead in what will be a brutal, jaw jarring headbutt if he doesn't manage to escape!

COMBATSYS: Kasumi successfully hits Adon with Aggressive Strike.
- Power hit! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kasumi           0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0             Adon

Adon was no Urien, that was certain.

Normally, such a blow would be perfectly shrugged off by the likes of Urien. For Adon, however, he was only able to mitigate. Already, pain was beginning to stab him in the ribs. Or at least, he would care about that pain if he wasn't so consumed by frightening rage. Hurling into Kasumi, he just slams his knee into her, again and again, pouring the assault straight into her. He is so consumed by the rampaging assault, that he doesn't even register that she would fight back. When that headbutt comes, the best Adon musters is a half-hearted turn away from the ninja.

It strikes with crushing impact.

Adon's eyes go wide, the kneeing stops dead. The Emperor stumbles backwards, the sailor cap falling off his head. Fortunately, or rather, unfortunately, his jaw was not broken. But his chin... the bone was shattered. Blood was pouring from his face, dribbling down it in gobs. His eyes were wide in pain; it seemed that finally, finally, Kasumi had broken through to him

Until the laughter comes.

The smile never faded, only dimmed. "hehehe..." Begins the chuckle, as the Muay Thai master brings the back of his hand to his face. Dabbing it slightly, he holds the bloody hand to his eyes, the crimson fluid still oozing. "Kehehehee.... KYA HA HA" Comes the shrieking cackles as he leans in, giving a deep, rough sniff. "You." Adon begins, his entire body tensing in rage as he growls.

"Smell like CHERRIES!"

And Adon pounces. Psychotic rage was pouring from him, as even his orange chi flickers on his legs. Charging forward violently as the energy cascades from his body, the Emperor of Muay Thai hurls out a flying, Muay Thai knee. Normally, that enough would be suitable. But Adon wanted this one to count. The knee was aimed squarely for her gut again, aiming for her vital organs for another violent smash. Another personal touch to Muay Thai. Where someone like Zack would be fun, and show diversity where he hit, someone like Adon took a different direction. Once he hit a spot, he would hit that same spot, again and again.

Until he got the gory results he wanted.

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits Kasumi with Medium Kick.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kasumi           1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1             Adon

Having broken free, Kasumi stands upright, hand drifting down to her stomach, an uncomfortable grimace on her face. The front of her straw hat is broken, bent down, the curve of it broken from where she had driven it into Adon's chin. Her left hand lifts, gripping the rim of it and slipping it off, flings the shattered headwear aside. Panting for breath, she doesn't advance immediately. Some of the wind has been knocked out of her and after seeing the maniac's combat style in action, she's starting to realize that there is every bit the possibility that she's in over her head against this one!

She glares back at him with a look of intense focus, mouth pressed into a thin red line, perspiration rolling down her temples as she regains her breath, chest heaving with the desperate intakes of air while she has a moment's reprieve.

If she didn't think she was dealing with a crazy man before, the way he reacts to the crack against his chin is abjectly lunicidal. The laughter makes her wonder if he's just completely cracked as a result of what must be incredible pain, or if he was already that far gone. Recovering, she brings her guard back up, steping forward out of her broken sandals, bare feat seeking traction against the deck.

But no amount of bracing prepares the girl for the raw vehemenence with which the Jaguar of Muay Thai pounces. The flying knee has her bracing high, arms raising, anticipating a blow to her face that could send her staggering if it was successful. The ripples of chi pouring off of his body make clear the sheer level of power the native from Thailand is capable of unleashing. He isn't just crazy, and he isn't just gifted in martial arts. He was both. And that dangerous combination might be just the thing that puts him out of her reach.

The high guard is no help at all against the devestating knee to her gut. The impact is sickening, Kasumi lurching forward, bent over his extended limb, hand already reaching for her stomach on reflex, mouth agape as all progress in recovering her breath is lost. Her face has gone pale - evidence of shock in her system from a critical injury to her internal organs and with the way she is beginning to crumple from the brutal strike, it looks as if her attempts to subdue the shipboard terrorist is already coming to an end. She's in too much pain to even consider what organs just suffered for her intent to take down Adon.

"Ugh-" she gasps before coughing, crimson spittle spattering against the deck as the young shinobi feels the waves of nausia washing over her. But she knows better than to expect the assault to stop. Even if she stayed down now, it might not end. She can't take that chance against the fiercely belligerent martial artist.

And so it is that she responds, combining her sudden rise with her attack, the young woman flipping forward out of her crouch in an attempt to literally come to rest on Adon's shoulders in a seated position, thighs clamped against the sides of his head. The potentially unexpected position would only last for an instant before she would backflip with the same force that she had leapt with, every muscle in her body put to the purpose of slamming the one-man ship hijacking team down into the deck with enough force to crack the surface with the back of his head! "Stay down!"

COMBATSYS: Adon dodges Kasumi's Hien Saka Otoshi EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kasumi           1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1             Adon

Oh, no, the trouble wasn't Adon's sanity.

Certainly, he had a feral passion. And as the cackling Emperor of Muay Thai hurls out a staggering blow straight into Kasumi's gut, he could taste the pain. Not that he would savour it. That was the break between Adon and truly insane people. Crazy people weren't this clear-minded. They weren't this focused. Adon was laughing mad, but as his rampage continues, the fact remains. He hadn't lost his mind.

He was well aware what he was doing.

"BLEED FOR ME, WORTHLESS MAID!" Comes the howling, as Adon lands from his overwhelming knee. He could see that blood she spat up, and it was -delicious-. He had not slowed down. He was not slowing down. No, Adon was already zooming in, moving with staggering speed and power. His grin was stretched across his face, the blood pouring down his chest as he unleashes heaving breath after breath. He was nearly upon Kasumi as she fires straight back. Adon was close in; a dangerous place for a Muay Thai master.

But with that speed, came agility.

Adon was moving faster and faster, even as Kasumi was surging back. As she rushes in with those murderous thighs, Adon's breakneck speed was coming harder and harder. The emperor was being pushed to his limits, as he sweeping his arms forward. The thighs come, and Adon hurls his arms, deflecting the pounce away from his face. Standing beside the woman, the lunatic eyes were locked dead on the woman, as the boat begins to rock.

And he himself pounces.

Adon front-flips forward, trying to catch Kasumi before she recovered. As he flips forward, in a low, short arc, he whips his right leg high. The orange energy cascades off the limb, as it grows infused with the Emperor's inner energy. "JAGGA KEEK!" Comes the scream as he slams the limb down hard, aiming to smash it against her thigh, attempting to smash it right at the socket. A crippling blow, to slow her down. And making the leap so low... Adon was setting up something. What that something was, however, was unclear.

But at least, for a moment, relief for her internal organs.

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits Kasumi with Jaguar Kick.
Glancing Blow

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Kasumi           1/------=/=======|=======\==-----\1             Adon

Bare feet smack against the deck an instant later, her short hop having been craftily avoided by the distressingly swift martial artist. Failing to secure the perch she had been hoping for, the harried young fighter knows full well that she can't stop moving for an instant. She doesn't even have time to fully understand what angle he will attack from next - all that matters is to keep moving. Had Adon been false, had he been unskilled, she would have already subdued him. With each passing moment, it is becoming clear that he is able to match her in ruthless aggression and his moment to moment reflexes are equal to the task. Standing still for a moment would be to invite even more crippling injury.

Thus it is more by chance than precision evasion that she avoids the full brutality of Adon's intended strike. Twisting to the side, his foot grazes across the middle of her left thigh, staggering the young fighter slightly due to connecting when she was already mid-step, but she knows full well what the predator was going for now. Not only were his strikes punishing, they were precise, each of them executed with cunning purpose. If she doesn't take him down soon she might find her incredible speed withered due to the agony in her stomach or a more decisive injury to her leg.

In all, he was fighting like she would. Like any member of the Mugen Tenshin clan of shadow warriors would:
If there is a vulnerability, exploit it.
If there is no apparent vulnerability to focus on... create one.

Slamming down with her left foot, she steadies herself against the sway of the ship. The temptation to back off is strong. Even if he quickly pursued her, the moment's reprieve would give her time to think, a chance to evaluate her options. But hers has always been a style of risky, blindingly fast melee range combat without ever leaving her targets the chance to collect themselves. She can't treat this one any differently... to doubt her own style, to lose confidence would be to invite ruin.

The only weakness she has found was his chin, the crimson spilling down over his muscled chest evidence enough of that. But can it be targeted again? The pain of repeat injury there would be enough to take even trained fighters to their knees.

The decision happens in an instant, her rosey pink sundress still swirling around her legs from her previous whip-like movements. Any slower would be too slow. She will step in on him rather than away, delicate looking fingers of both hands seeking purchase on his left arm. The goal would be to get a firm enough grip to yank him forward, using his own aggressive momentum against him to allow her to slip past -

She would need only that window, a lapse in his stability, to sweep out her right arm in passing, targeting the back of his neck with a backward, precision chop of her hand - a vulnerable point on most people with a chance to paralyze, even if temporarily, if struck hard enough to jar the precious nerves contained in his spine.

There would be time enough later to bemoan her injuries. For now, all that matters is the success of her mission.

COMBATSYS: Adon interrupts Momiji Otoshi from Kasumi with Rising Jaguar.
# Disabling hit! #

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Kasumi           1/-======/=======|=======\=====--\1             Adon

COMBATSYS: Adon blitzes into action and acts again!

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Kasumi           1/-======/=======|=======\=====--\1             Adon

And for all the similarities with the ninja, Kasumi still falls for the trap.

As the empeoror's dropping kick grazes the woman's leg, his opportunity had been created. It was hardly a failure. Adon lands low on the ground, the Emperor in a deep crouch as he sticks his chin out, the sore still oozing. The Emperor was hardly smart, in the general sense of the word. But he had a cruel cunning, a sort of simple, primal intelligence that only came from years and years rote martial training. He had his own traps.

And Kasumi had sprung it.

The woman was swiftly upon the Emperor, countering his own kick with a swirl and a rush. Her speed, grace, and precision struck, snatching Adon by his left arm. And yet, in her haste, she may feel that the Muay Thai warrior was already making his move. Time was short. As she moves into position, as that stunning hand chop comes, the Emperor suddenly jerks. The chop comes, striking the man's body hard. But it not a perfect nerve strike, as the Jaguar pounces.

Time was up.

"RISING JAGGA!" Comes the scream as Adon rockets straight up, firing out a swift, violent knee in the only place where it would matter: straight into Kasumi's gut again. The first was rattling, the second was staggering. But the third was disabling; not even an experienced Muay Thai student could stay standing from three of Adon's vicious Muay Thai knees. But of course, it does not stop at one. Adon continues to launch upwards, carrying his prey with him as he fires another knee straight into her gut. Two knees, now.

And Adon was not done yet.

"FILTHY WOMAN!" Adon shrieks, lashing his arms out to clutch Kasumi as he falls. Should he catch the woman in his grips, the overwhelming assault would finally come to an end, as he would carry her down with him, flattening her out as he would powerslam her down. Jerk her, smash her against the deck. Sweat would mingle with blood, as exhaustion would overtake the Muay Thai warrior. But a simple fact remained: Adon would try to crack his victim against the deck hard.

And drive his cruel elbow straight into her abdomen for the fifth strike.

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits Kasumi with Jaguar Stab.
Grazing Hit
# Disabling hit! #

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Kasumi           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=======\1             Adon

That he responds in time to the chop swiftly enough to prevent a disabling blow is not particularly shocking. She had attempted this manuever specifically because even if he successfully defended against it, it would not leave her in a vulnerable position, unlike some of her more risky techniques. All she needed to do was pivot on her right foot, bring her arms up to guard, and...

None of that happens. She realizes staying close to him was exactly what he had desired, and even her incredible speed is not enough to respond in time. The rising knee folds her over once again as it slams into the young woman's thin waist. All semblence of guarding is lost at the impact, her arms reaching down out of reflex, seeking to stop the onslaught by getting a hold of his powerful leg out of futile desperation moreso than conscious planning. Mouth once again open, her breath is already gone as she is launched airborn, a wheezing cry escaping her lips as the shinobi finds herself undone by the powerful man's assault.

The second knee has no more wind to force out as it crushes into her gut, hammering her already abused organs and sending echoes of painful shock throughout her body. Already consciousness was in question. Failure was feeling like a very real possibility - a bitter taste in her mouth, even overpowering the taste of blood. The shame of defeat, both for her and for her clan, for picking an unwise fight against a dangerous foe she recklessly underestimated at first, for being unable to compensate and crush him all the same. She felt her body surrendering to the abuse, desiring the repose of complete shutdown over the gut stunningly painful agony Adon was inflicting with his brutal strikes.

He would have no problem catching her out of the air, the kunoichi's defenses seemingly broken, her body limp to his hold. The slam against the deck would have her hitting hard against her back, already starting to curl on herself even as he prepares to drop the Emperor's Elbow into her abdomen for a final, decisive strike that would already seem unnecessary at this point. As she turned her head to the side, blood trickled from her lips from untold injuries from within. Dry, plaintive coughs were the only audible sound she could make.

That sliver of fear was already taking hold in her heart. There would be no more fight from the rebellious girl...

In the end, it's her pride that spurs her on. That same fiery if often hidden pride that sent her on a mission of vengeance against her own uncle. That sense that she is above reproach that had her defy the threat of the dangerously gifted Ryouhara. And that sense of duty born from the royal blood in her veins that compelled her to combat the monsters of NESTS or even terrorists like this wouldbe Captain of the ship.

His elbow would already be in motion when her eyes would snap open. It would be about to crater her stomach one more time when she would simply cease to be. An explosive swirl of sakura petals would be all Adon would find where the shinobi had landed from his cruel slam.

If he hesitates for even an instant - if recovering from his missed elbow leaves him vulnerable one microsecond - it would be too long.

Kasumi explodes at him from his left, a rush of pink that appears seemingly out of no where as she tries to slam a brutal elbow into his side, where she had struck him before. She knew her strikes would not have their full potential kinetic force - his cruel blows had already sapped her of so much of her full capability. But she must try all the same. She would fly past just like before only to vanish once more into a storm of cherry blossoms.

She decends upon Adon from above, diving into him from behind, trying to crush her heel into the back of his head as she slams into a powerslide against the deck, coming to a stop a few meters away, already twisting her whole body to lean back toward him, muscles winding up. There would be an impression of intense power building up over the matter of seconds when in truth the entire combination has been executed in less than half of one.

The final slam would come with Kasumi surging forward with all she has, one last impossibly fast blitz forward, an elbow slammed for Adon's jaw in what could very well be a knock out blow as the young woman tries to eliminate the fight from him once and for all.

COMBATSYS: Kasumi successfully hits Adon with Oka Ranman.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Kasumi           0/-------/---<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2             Adon

Sheer, beautiful brutality.

The high-octane ravaging from the Emperor of Muay Thai finally ends with the Emperor smashing against the deck. The knees were the cake. Smashing her down was the icing. And that elbow would have been the cherry on top. But it seemed that the Emperor would be denied that cherry. No matter, as he lands on the deck. Kasumi was a blur, but no matter. The Emperor would rise soon. And it would begin again. But as the blur of pink takes it move, something happens.

He doesn't get up.

Adrenaline wears off. Adon's rip roaring offense, his maniacal attacks were not sustainable. In his youth, he would have the energy, but not the technique. In his old age, he has the technique... but not the endurance. The old man gasps, and he was old. He was feeble, after that rampage.

And now, it was his turn to be the victim.

Adon has no defense. He has nothing. For one brief moment, Kasumi has the opportunity to anything and everything to the screaming, psychotic man. She dives from above, smashing into the man. And Adon is broken, crunched and slammed. For that moment, Kasumi could bring that elbow straight into the helpless Adon's jaw. And with silence, the Emperor of Muay Thai lays on the deck of the ship, facedown and motionless. For that moment, the fight was over. Kasumi had won. Her mission was complete.

But that moment does not last.

The gasp of a watching passenger is the warning. Slowly, so slowly, like a jungle cat on the prowl, the Emperor of Muay Thai rises up. To his knees. And then, to a stand. The Emperor's face was bleeding, the entire body was swollen and blackened, bruised and trembling. He was hurting. He was in pain. But that grin on his face, that twisted, vile grin stretched to the corners to the corner of his mouth made it clear. For everything that Kasumi had poured into him, in that one moment.

Just wasn't enough.

"KYA HA HA!" Was the scream as the Emperoror begins to saunter towards Kasumi, striding with the arrogant gait of a man who had not just been beaten nearly to death by a shinobi. "Is that all? IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE for the EMPEROR of MUAY THAI!?!" Was the arrogant cry from the Muay Thai Master. Adon's battered, broken limbs were flexing now, as suddenly, a flash of orange comes over him, the aura flooding over him. And there, the Emperor begins to charge down the ninja. For a moment, the Emperor had been consumed by his old age.

And now, he was young again.

The eight limbs of Muay Thai are unleashed as Adon throws himself at the ninja. Punches comes hurling out, the slamming arms smashed, the elbows lashed out. The kicks, the knees, and the outright slams come roaring out. It happens all again. It happens once again. The Emperor of Muay Thai throws out the full talent of Muay Thai in a frantic blur.

Until break away with a sudden, cringing dash away.

Adon shudders, overcome by sheer pain.

COMBATSYS: Kasumi fails to counter Jaguar Varied Assault from Adon with Kasumi Kyoka EX.

[                         \\\\\  <
Adon             1/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Kasumi can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Adon             1/-------/<<<<<<<|

While the Emperor of Muay Thai lies prone upon the deck, the apparent victor of the violent fight isn't doing so hot either. Having slid to a stop meters past him after impacting his already damaged chin, the wouldbe savior of the hijacked ship had failed to rise out of her crouch. One knee planted against the surface of the bloodstained deck, her hands resting against her stomach as she leaned forward. Weak, gasping coughs escaped crimson-stained lips as the exaction of so many strikes to her stomach settle in to claim their due. Struggling to breath, it was faint purple that appeared beneath the blood on her lips instead of healthy red as symptoms of asphyxiation have started to take hold.

She knows the moment will pass, if she can just stay still, give her lungs time to resume functioning - hopefully before she blacks out. Resisting the siren song of unconsciousness, her vision already blurring at the corner of her eyes, is a pure test of will. Will which is put to the test as one of the crew members utters an oath of shock as the battered form of Adon begins to move once again. How could that not have been enough? Trembling arms drop to the deck to support her from slumping forward as she hears the echoing scream of the Tyrant of the ship and in the end, she turns to rise, hands clenched, jaw set, her mouth a thin line of intense focus as coppery brown eyes glare back at the veteran fighter.

She would be forced to move once more, no matter the battle weary state of her body. A wince accompanies her attempt to claim even a small gasp of breath. One foot slides forward and her arms, weak and uncertain, lift as she prepares herself. She knows it all comes down to this. And then she is set upon.

The first swings she manages to narrowly avoid, the chi laced strikes slipping past her face as she weaves out of their path at the last possible second. An elbow is deflected with a sweep of her arm and then she thinks she sees her opportunity to bring an end to the assault. With the next move of his arm, she reaches out, seeking to grasp hold of the limb and wrest the fighter into a controlled hold from which she could subdue him at last. But in the same motion, his knee rises, catching her in the stomach and a fresh new dose of agony rips through her body, removing all capacity to defend herself any further.

The impacts hit cleanly thereafter, each blow sending her reeling into another in the relentlessly effective assault. When he disengages, the kunoichi staggers backward, every step a losing battle at trying to stay upright, until finally she backs into the metal wall ajoining the deck and thuds against it, her hands curled around her stomach, her mouth bleeding from the deep injuries already inflicted, joined by fresh pain inflicted by his almost unreadable assault.

Her closed mouth trembles as she glares back at the Emperor of Muay Thai, a defiant, angry look to her eyes, but there is no strength to fight him any longer, let alone even speak.

A final coughing spasm as her lungs once again regain the capacity to function, shocked back into cooperating at last, is the only sound Kasumi makes as she finally slumps forward to her knees, bouncing vertically slightly, before finally falling over to her side against the deck, leaving Adon alone with the threatend crew.

It might have saved Kasumi's life that Adon backed off.

When Adon starting attacking like that, when truly incited into a hot-blooded fury, the Emperor did not stop. He would not hesitate to batter a woman like Kasumi, as punishment for her brazen arrogance. For her sheer audacity, that her, a frail, meek creature, could even come close to Adon in strength. To even challenge his perfection. To act like she was anything less than a plaything for the likes of the Muay Thai Master. Adon would continue to punish the woman further...

After he caught his breath.

Adon was on the deck, low and groaning. He wheezes for air, his body... his body slowly catching up with him, more and more. The Emperor stops his gasping, in order to turn, tongue stuck out of the corner of his mouth. That grin was still there, as she lets loose a final cough... before retreating completely from the deck. "COWARD! WEAKLING! Thus shows the.... the greatness... the greatness of I! ADON! THE EMPEROR.... THE EMPEROR OF... MUAY THAI!"


Adon collapses to his knees, a fist driven into the deck for balance. He struggles to rise. But his body would not cooperate. "Now... where was I... I wanted... I WANTED TO GO TO ZACK ISLAND!" He screams, whipping his head about wildly at the passengers. "I WANT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! SUBMISSIVE WOMEN, TO RUB MY FEET! I WANT IT ALL! NUBILE MAIDENS, QUIVERING and READY to be MUAY THAI.... muay thai brides." The man's voice drops, weakening. Slowly, the passengers begin to surround the weakened Emperor. Some of them are armed with nearby tools and equipment, makeshift weapons found upon the ship. Kasumi might not have managed to have driven off Adon, or subdued him herself. But the fact remained that Adon was at the end of his rope.

And Kasumi was not the only out for the Emperor's blood.

COMBATSYS: Adon has ended the fight here.

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