Eve - Beach Time Fun

Description: Failed attempt at sand castle building turns into water sports as Eve enjoys some of her freedom with Angel on Zack's leisure island. Angel attempts to teach a few things about real life and discovers they don't teach those lab kids much.

After her encounter with Angel at the infirmary, Eve had prepared her things for this trip to this paradise island resort! It was a relief to finally have a chance to go away from the infirmary, even if Eve might give Angel way too much authority over her than she might have.

The blonde agent was the kind of girl who found recomfort in being told what to do and who found pleasure in the praises of others. Her mood greatly improved since she followed Angel around, and the two got seperated the first night. The blonde girl didn't feel comfortable with the large crowd and being the wallflower girl she is, it was easy to ignore or forget her presence there.

Eve didn't mind to be seperated, even if she followed Angel around like a little dog before. Angel had been more or less clear : she was here to just enjoy herself and the beach, and that's what she'll do, even if she has never done so before.

Having spotted people doing sandcastles before, Eve has decided to try and do the same. She lacks a shovel and bucket to do proper sand castle making, but using her hands she's been able to do a little hill of sand. She moves her hand above and frowns, stares at the sand, almost glaring at it... Almost as if the sand would turn into a sand castle if she kept glaring at it long enough.

Currently, Eve's wearing a simple one piece swimsuit, the sort of universal and plain swimsuit that is given at school, the only one she had.

Angel's experience on the island thus far has pretty much lived up to all her expectations. She got a fantastic massage from one of the locals after their excessively lengthy ride to the island aboard one of NESTS' stealth helicopters. It would have been far preferrable to take the cruise ship like everyone else but she wanted to stay under the radar as much as possible. Ofcourse, that concern vanished pretty much as soon as she arrived, and she's been partying it up ever since.

Trying to drag the excessively shy Eve to a big public dance party would have been a bit much of a first experience so she had left her to her own devices the previous evening and gone off to have some fun on her own. She'd ended up nearly getting killed by a hunky assassin bot that had deviously concealed his (its?) intentions with some amazing sex that left her pretty well drained when he turned on her.

Angel, being rather skilled at combat despite her goofy and carefree nature, had ended up fending off her attacker but she still bears some marks from the battle. There's an obvious bruise around her neck from where she almost got choked out but its starting to fade already thanks to her enhanced healing powers. Her nose is a bit red and puffy as well from being broken but that too is mostly just an annoyance at this point.

The real pain still beseting her is between her thighs where she was practically ravaged by the absurdly oversized tool that the assassin was given. That he kicked her there afterwards didn't help matters.

Angel sits nearby on the beach but a little further down into the surf, allowing the cool waters to wash up over her legs and waist. Her scandalously skimpy bikini has been retired for the moment and she is instead dressed in a light blue two-piece swimsuit of more socially acceptable design. The Mexican girl leans back on her hands with her back to the gently crashing waves so that she can watch Eve attempt to construct a sand castle by hand, giving her a lop-sided grin when she starts to struggle.

"You really need some buckets to build a proper sand castle. Why don't you come sit in the water with me? It feels nice~"

The blonde girl stares at the sand, lifting her hands up. She bites her lips and focuses on the sand but nothing seems to happen. Eve heaves a soft sigh and she lowers her hands finally, just as Angel talks to her and snaps her out of her reverie.

She lifts her head up, her lips curling into a faint smile as she hears Angel. "Sure," She says, getting up on her feet and moving to get into the salty water. The girl pads into the water and sits down once she gets close to Angel's side, staring off into the sea, with water reaching up her waist.

"When I was younger, I was able to make the soil, sand and earth move with my mind.." Eve admits, lowering her gaze a bit, "With time, it became harder and harder to do, I..." She bites her lips and says, "I thought I might have been able to do it and craft the sand but..." She lets her words trail off, before she lifts her gaze up at Angel, "What happened to you? You look like you fell off some stairs or something," Eve says.

Angel tilts her head at that, eyebrows raising. "Yeah? Shit, wish I had some fancy powers like they hand out to all the new guys. I just got the generic super soldier treatment - speed, strength, endurance, all that."

Her gaze drifts over to the half formed lump of sand and she grins, reaching out to snake an arm around Eve's waist and pull her right over next to her. Just like in the medical bay, she musses up her hair affectionately at the excessive amount of worry that she seems to place on trivial things, though this time her hand is covered in sea water and wet sand.

"Aww, don't worry about it. I bet you can still do some cool shit or they wouldn't be sending you on big important missions!"

A hand lifts and she points a finger at her nose in response to Eve's question. "What, this?" Her lips peel back into a big toothy grin and she gives the blonde a devlish look. "I got laid."

Eve arches a brow at Angel's question and she glances back at the water, "Power? Huh, not really... They said it's always been a part of me," Eve says with a slow nod of her head, "They tried to help me control it," Eve explains.

The hair ruffling on her head makes the girl leans against Angel affectionately. She giggles softly and heaves a soft happy sigh, "Yeah... It's just... I think they were expecting so much more of me," Eve moves her hands up, showing Angel what else she can do. She bites her lips and frowns, causing a bit of the flowing water to snake up and curl around in front of them. She spins her hands and seems to manipulate it before Eve lets go of it and the strand of water falls back into the ocean. "Yeah.. Some stuff that used to be natural just became much, much harder to do..."

Eve blinks as she glances back at Angel and tilts her head to one side, "What..?" She says, staring at her in pure confusion. "You got.. What?" She arches a brow, "That.. Huh, sounds rather painful," Eve says, totally obvious to what Angel meant. "Why did you do that?"


Angel makes an appreciative noise at the display of aquatic control and then promptly cups her hands together and squeezes, causing a jet of water to squirt from between them as if blasted out of a fire hose. It arcs up into the air a good ten feet and then spatters down around them in a foamy rain.

"That's about all I can do, so you're still winning!"

Eve's body resting on her shoulder makes the assassin smile. It's been a while since she got the chance to do stuff outside her missions. Too many friends dead, some by her hands. Hopefully, she can keep that from happening this time. The blondie is a cute kid, innocent so far, but no one can stay a child forever. If she were to take the path that others have trod and turn her back on NESTS, well... mercy is not a service she offers.

None of these dark thoughts show on her face. Infact, Eve's confusion about her meaning only makes her laugh.

"What?! Ahahaha, wow, you really are clueless, kid. We definately need to get you out more often."

She holds up both hands, forming a ring with her index finger and thumb on one and jamming the pointer finger of the other through the hole, sawwing it in an out as she winks at the little human battery. "Getting laid means I had sex, dummy. Got fucked. Screwed. Bent over and ridden like a horse." She could go on like that for a while but Even probably gets the message. "As for my nose? Turns out the guy was some kind of crazy assassin robot. He... or it, I guess, tried to catch me with my pants down, which worked, and kill me while I was distracted, which obviously didn't."

The soft noises of awe and appreciation that Angel makes cause Eve to beam proudly. Whether or not she did it on purpose or not, it definately seems to brighten Eve's expression. She giggles at Angel's display of what she can do with water. "Not bad," She says with a playful smile.

Angel's laughter about her ignorance of what Angel did make Eve blush. She averts her gaze from Angel and rubs her arm nervously, "Huh, well.. Nobody tell me about those stuff!" The only thing she is taught is what she needs to do to perform her mission, as for the rest, the less she knows, the easier they are to manipulate, after all.

Eve blinks a bit at Angel's allusions with her fingers. Her eyes widen a bit after the myriad of synonyms she's given, "Oh... Oh!" She exclaims herself. The bent over and ridden like a horse was probably the most creative way to think about it. "Why would you let yourself be ridden like a horse anyway?" Eve glances away and shakes her head, "I know I wouldn't.." She says.

The mention of the assassin though causes Eve's eyes to widen, "What!? Someone tried to kill you?" She says, sounding outraged at the idea. She frowns, "Do you want me to get rid of him..?" Her lips curl into a smile, "I heard robots don't like electricity... And, well, that happens to be one of my speciality..."

"Why? Ever tried it?"

Angel leans in close with a devlish grin on her face and wraps her arms around the blushing blonde, clamping her hands onto her petite breasts and squeezing them a few times playfully through the fabric of her swimsuit. She rests her chin on Eve's shoulder and whispers in a deeply naughty tone.

"You might like it~"

Angel retreats after only a moment though not wanting to kill her shy compatriot with embarrasment. She'll get Eve over this fear of social contact but she's not mean enough to just push her into the deep end of the pool without teaching her how to swim first. Or atleast giving her some floaties.

"Yeah, which is a shame, he was pretty hot. Nice package too, but now that I know he was a robot, it kind of takes some of the impressiveness out of it." She shifts a little in the sand, rubbing her legs together in mild discomfort. "But only a little."

Angel pats her on the head once more, shaking her head. "Nah, we're not here to get into fights, girl. This is a vacation! Relax! Have fun! If whoever is after me starts some shit again then you can go wild but until then just... enjoy your time outside!"

She shifts her hand down to Eve's face and pushes a finger into the spot between her brows. "And keep your eyes open. I doubt these people know who you are but you never know. Learning to read the environment is part of our job. There's lots of people out there who want to see us dead."

"Huh? Well, huh... Not really," Eve admits, her cheeks flushed furiously. She's too busy keeping her gaze away that she doesn't notice Angel's arms sneaking around of her and reaching out for her budding breasts. Eve's eyes widen in surprise and she squirms meekly against Angel's grasp, "Wha..." The naughty whisper in her ears make her shiver and blush even more so -- she's not sure why, but it made her feel even more embarassed even if she wasn't sure what!

When Angel pulls away, Eve lifts her hands up and she squeezes her breasts tentatively, almost experimentally and mimicing Angel. She casually listens to Angel, even though she doesn't understand most of what she's saying. She glances up at Angel when she pats her on the head and she lets go of her breasts. Her lips curl into a smile, "Oh.. Huh, okay... You can count on me," Eve says with a nod.

Eve's expression grows a bit more stern when Angel mentions being careful and she nods her head solemly, "I'll be on the look-out," She says, "... But I'll still focus on enjoying myself, thank you Angel," She says, her lips curling into a wide smile.

"Want to do some diving in the ocean?" Eve says, arching a brow, "I can use my power on water to blast you into the air a dozens feet or some,"

Eve's reaction to her teasing is a bit more interesting than she expected. Apparently she's way more innocent than shy which makes the elder girl feel a bit creepy all of the sudden for taking advantage of her. Geez, just how little did they teach these kids? Well, good thing big sis Angel is around to get her up to speed.

Even though the girl was already moving to lower her hands, Angel reaches out to swat her fingers away from her tiny tatas with a playfully disapproving tone. "Stop that, didn't anyone teach you not to touch yourself in public?" Clearly, she's sending some mixed signals here but confusion and mystery is part of the Angel experience. If you ever understand her completely for more than a few sentences in a row, something has gone horribly wrong.

"Wha-- seriously?!"

Eve's offer to turn her into a human torpedo is met with a sudden flurry of motion as the Mexican girl rolls backwards into a handspring and is already several feet into the water by the time the elementalist can turn around to follow her movements.

"Avast, ye land lubber! Trim the jimjams and hoist the mainsail! This pirate's got booty a plenty an' a mighty fierce need ta feel the wind atwixt her hair!"

Eve has been taught only what was judged essential. Why waste time with social conventions and things of the like, when they can spend this time testing her, pushing her to her limits and experiment?

The swat on Eve's hands make her jerk up a bit. Her cheeks blush and Eve averts her gaze in shame, "I, huh... No, sorry," She replies in a soft murmur. Her hands lower down and she rests them in her thighs instead. Her embarassment came more from the fact she did something Angel reprimanded her for more than what she did. Lesson learned though.

Angel's playful tone and reaction to her offer though is enough to make her grin widely. Always eager to demonstrate what she can do : that's what she's been doing most of her life, after all. "Okay!"

Eve rises up from her position and she lifts her arms up in Angel's direction, frowning in concentration. She is moving her arms in slow circles and after a moment, she shouts at Angel, "Alright, prepare for blast off!" Angel might have not noticed what has been going on, but beneath her the currents have been swirling rapidly. Eve lifts her arms up rapidly, and the water gathers up under Angel's body, giving a sudden and powerful push upward. A large column of water, like a geyser, bursts out from the ocean, easily a dozen feet in the air before it loses its consistensy and dissolves into thousands of droplets.

The sudden pressure and rise of the water column will end up sending Angel flying another dozen feet in the air before she'd start soaring back down toward the ocean.

Angel wades out into the tide until the water comes up to a little over her head, forcing her to tread water before she turns back to face the beach. At this depth, she should be able to splash back down without hitting the bottom - or atleast without breaking something. A hand lifts up from the water giving Eve a thumbs up signal.

"Angel was born read---aaieee?!"

The pillar of water is a lot more powerful and fast than what she was expecting. I mean, comon, the girl could barely create a little squirt gun earlier. That comment about being able to throw her into the air was supposed to be an overexaggeration. Apparently she is packing a lot more heat than Angel gave her credit for.

This is all very fascinating to ponder but most of her attention is focused on the fact that she is /flying through the air like some kind of cruise missile/.

"Holy shiiiiit!!!"

The Mexican girl spirals around in a wild free fall for a few seconds but it doesn't take long for gravity to establish dominance over her once again and drag her back down into the ocean. Angel manages to avert total disaster by kicking her long legs apart which provides a bit of counter-balance to bring her around so she can perform some sort of swan dive, which might have been graceful if she'd had a few more seconds to straighten out. As it is, she crashes into the waves on her side with a resounding splash and vanishes beneath the surface.

Several long moments pass without any sign of Angel. The waves rise and fall in a gentle pattern but her white-haired head never breaks the surface, going from odd to worrisome in short order. However, almost when it seems like something bad really might have happened, the agent explodes from the water to Eve's side and delivers a flying tackle that will carry them both down into the salty tide if she doesn't move quick enough!


The blonde girl takes a deep breath after the effort it took her to perform her little trick. Her lips curl into a proud smile though, and Eve straightens herself up and lifts one hand over her brows to shield her eyes from the sun, staring at Angel spiraling in the air and shouting.

She stares at her going down with the loud splash and Eve beams, obviously proud of the result even if Angel seemed to crash dive into the waves in an attempt to control her fall.

Though when there's no sign of Angel in the distance, after a few seconds, Eve narrows her eyes and bites her lips, "Angel?" She shouts. The girl walks further into the ocean, a worried expression slowly taking over her face. Did she overdo it?

She waddles deeper into the ocean, until Angel's form burst out from the water. Eve barely has the time to let a shriek of surprise escape her throat before she gets tackled by Angel.

She crashes into the waves with Angel, her worries and surprise fading away, replaced by an earnest giggle which only gets snuffed by a wave of salty water into Eve's mouth that causes her to choke and cough. She flails her arms instinctively against Angel, the movement causing the water to splash away into bigger waves than they should considering her small arms.

Still, once she recovers from the coughing and holds herself into Angel, Eve grins toothly and asks, "So! Did you like it! What do you think? Want to do it again?" Her questions all come rapidly, without giving her the time to answer, almost like some sort of over-excited puppy.

Angel slam dunks her fellow operative into the waves but isn't mean enough to hold her down. Well, she /is/, but she doesn't. Eve is getting the kid gloves because, let's face it, she's basically little more than a child in a lot of ways.

An arm goes out to steady the girl when she comes up sputtering, helping her stay above the water as she drags the two of them back towards the beach, atleast far enough to where Eve can put her feet on the sand and keep her head above the waves. Ofcourse, she practically gets drowned herself by the tsunamis that the little firecracker is throwing around.

"Woah, easy there, Poseidon!"

An honest mythology reference? From Angel? Don't get your hopes up, she saw it in a movie once.

"I think that's enough skydiving for me today. Angel hasn't quite earned her wings yet. But I /do/ have a merit badge for pottery, astronomy, and nuclear science. By the way, don't use the power reactors at HQ to try and test how long it takes to cook an egg with radiation. The lab monkies get really touchy."

On the real side, she's still pretty sore from that whole getting banged /and/ banged up by an assassin robot thing the previous night. Her nose isn't broken any more - score one for genetic super healing - but it's still pretty tender. Slamming her face into the ocean, which might as well be cement after a twenty foot drop, isn't helping things.

"How about we go for a long walk on the beach in the direction of the nearest ice cream stand? My treat."

Ofcourse, she doesn't actually have any money but it seems like these 'Zack Dollars' that all the vendors require might as well grow on the trees. There will be someone she can dupe out of a few bucks on the way. And if not, Eve can get her first crash course in the fine art of petty larcency.

Eve squirms against Angel when they play in the water. Her surprised reactions caused a few waves, but she controlled herself afterward. The girl leans against Angel when she's attempting to drag her closer to the shore, "Sorry," She whispers, though there was a hushed chuckle in her voice.

Eve is a child forced into adulthood and she rarely has the chance to mess around like that, much less to have someone give her so much attention and affection and she seems quite eager to give it back to Angel. Eve giggles at Angel's reference about the lab monkies and finally lets go of angel once she feels her feet can touch the sand once more.

"I like that idea..." Eve says, a broad smile on her lips. She doesn't seem so much interested by the ice cream but more at the prospect of spending more time with Angel.

Eve walks along the beach, making sure she stays close to Angel, a wide smile on her lips. Her mood surely changed drasticaly from a few days ago when she was in the infirmary, alone in the NESTs base. Eve lifts her hand up and she says, "If you want, I can show you other things I can do! Next time I could try to focus on the winds to soften your fall, or make you glide some distance!"

And as they walk away Eve makes up a part of the conversation. Obviously wanting some attention or praises, but that's how she has been raised and conditionned, and Angel's giving her more than she could have ever dreamed of.

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