Eve - Big Trouble In Little China

Description: Chasing after another student for data harvesting, a mysterious man interfers with Eve's cruel hunt. The savior of the student proclaims himself to be the God of thunder, and despite his warnings, Eve's desire to complete her mission for her to clash against him.

'Chinatown', they called it. A part of Southtown where Chinese immigrants had settled and made a neighborhood within the city itself. Chinese food places, Asian markets, and a great deal of Chinese letters. Which he could thankfully read!

It would be stereotypical to say the place 'felt a little more like home'. And it would also be a little narrow in scope, since Raiden is not just the Chinese god of thunder. His memories are odd and fragmented, almost like remembering someone else's memories. But he remembers many names. Haokah. Raijin. Lei Gong. Thor. And many more, but they slip his mind at the present.

It's a little ironic that in the one place where his monk's attire wouldn't stand out too much, he's not wearing it. Instead he wears a pair of blue slacks, comfortable black boots, and a white dress shirt with the top button undone. His silver hair is pulled back in a loose braid. Raiden's not quite ready for the contact lenses that Nightwolf uses, so instead he hides his blank, white eyes with a pair of black shades. It makes sense, here in the morning, for someone to wear sunglasses. So he looks NORMAL, if nothing else.

He doesn't draw too much attention as he makes his way down the sidewalk. But a few people do turn confused glances in his direction-- it's still quite chilly and he... isn't wearing a coat...

The rythmn of Eve's hunts for students had increased over the pass weeks and the girl was on the prowl more and more often. Perhaps it was due to her incredible success rate, having failed to bring into the vicinity of her organisation very few test subject. The increased workload and demands from her superiors gave Eve self-esteem : she craved that acknowledgement and she grew to enjoy being on the prowl and chasing the students.

She grew to take quite a sadistic and cruel pleasure into it as well, tormenting the weaker preys she had to chase, as if to make up for the others that gave her more trouble.

Tonight, she was on the prowl for a young man named Mako. Stalking him in the evening until he left his friends and was about to return home, Eve intercepted him and soon discovered that, unlike most of the other she chased, he did not possess any particular mastery over martial art... He was able to instinctively create and manipulate flames, but without the reflexes of a martial artist, what good those chi flames were for him?

Like a sadistic cat toying with a mouse that would soon to be its meal, Eve hurt and wounded him, allowing him to try and flee from her. Knocking him unconscious and bringing him back was a formality, but she throughoutly enjoyed his vain struggling, after all the rough times she had with her precious targets, it enhanced her sensation of worth toward her organisation.

This cruel hunt, guided by Eve, left Mako exhausted from the use of his chi, his confused and fearful attempt at escape leaving him drained of his strength. Through all of this, Eve had attacked him here and then -- the electricity leaving many burns across his body and outfit, but her sambo techniques also leaving him with a dislocating shoulder.

The boy ran into a dark alley that led toward China Town... He had long given up trying to defeat Eve and tried to hide and run. Did he truly manage to lose her? Hard to tell, she has been toying and tormenting him so much. Fortunately for him though, he sees some light at the end of his dark alley. Light, but also people. He stumbles through the alley, the hope giving him some strength, but it causes garbage cans to be knocked over.

"Come out of there, Mako," Eve calls out, "... You can't hide from me," Eve says with a soft laughter as she finally finds his alley. The boy screams out for help and shouts, hoping to draw someone's attention from distant street in China Town...

Eve approaches him, lightning crackling in her palm, a wide wicked smile on her lips, "It's all over," She whispers to him softly.

The knocking around of the trash cans doesn't catch his attention. But Raiden looks up suddenly at the sound of a scream. That didn't sound like just someone shouting in play. That sounded like someone screaming in terror. He steps quickly to somewhere he won't be easily seen and then takes to the air. Where did that scream come from? Raiden soon locates the source of it, and his eyes narrow behind his sunglasses. In a crackle of lightning, he disappears from the air.

Except then... Eve might want to be careful because there's suddenly lightning lancing down before her! Not just a single bolt, either. A sustained, crackling line from the sky! A moment later a man floats down out of the sky, seeming to almost be hanging onto the 'strand' of lightning like a rope. A little. When he releases it, the lightning disappears.

"I ask politely that you leave him be," Raiden begins. Sure enough, his voice is calm and polite, even if his vernacular is a little... outdated. "He is obviously hurt. There can be no benefit in further pursuit."

If it weren't for that lightning bolt that struck down right before Eve, Mako might have been done for. The blonde girl leaps back instinctively to avoid the arc of lightning, while Mako cowers on his back and crawls back, shielding his face with his valid forearm when the mysterious man comes down from heavens to interfer.

The man's sudden arrival is enough to snuff the smug grin on Eve's face though. What was an easy prey now seemed to have turned against her as someone obviously more capable is standing in her way before she can get Mako. She narrows her eyes into a glare, "Allow me to end his suffering," Eve says, opening her arms wide to show Raiden what she's capable of.

Lightning and electricity starts crackling up around Eve as she focuses her energy on a display of power, as if to show this mysterious man he's not the only one who possess a mastery over electricity. The arcs dance across her body, back and forth.

Her expression darkens, growing more sinister as she tries to indimidate him, "Leave now, monk... This boy will be coming with me, whether you like it or not,"

COMBATSYS: Eve has started a fight here.

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Eve              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Eve gathers her will.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Eve              0/-------/---====|

"If he is suffering let him be healed," Raiden replies. "His injuries are not great enough to be fatal. Not if you leave now and let me take him where they can be seen to." He's still trying to reason with Eve. Until she starts powering up as she is, displaying her strength to him in an obvious challenge.

And at this Raiden sighs. Turning his head to the side just a little, he aims a palm back at Mako, as if to say 'stay back'. And then says quietly, "Take cover. I will see to your wounds after this, if I can. If you see me about to fall, run for help." Then he turns to look at Eve again. He removes his sunglasses and discards them, displaying his blank white eyes.

And then suddenly lightning begins to arc all across HIS body too! He raises his hands, shouting something in an unknown language, and lightning strikes his upraised hands. There is a bright flash of light. And when it fades, he's actually dressed like a literal monk-- his white gi and blue rakusu, with the cowl and conical hat on his head.

"I would prefer not to do have to this," he states. "But you leave me no choice."

COMBATSYS: Raiden has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Eve              0/-------/---====|-------\-------\0           Raiden

Better to make this quick, Raiden realizes. He doesn't want to injure her too badly. Just to run her off. It's a quick darting forward, then, and he seeks to strike her with the heel of his open palm. Right now he just wants to get some distance, so if she DOES defeat him, that the boy will have as much time to run as possible.

COMBATSYS: Eve blocks Raiden's Front Punch.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Eve              0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0           Raiden

The girl had no intention of killing him -- alas, none wanted to come with her willingly and so, she had to force them into coming with her by force. She grits her teeth a bit, obviously angered by this man's interference. That's what happens when you play too long with your prey.

When Raiden tells Mako to take cover, the young boy definately doesn't have to hear it twice -- he quickly tries to rush to his feet and run away, which only serves to enrage Eve more so -- she's not going to let him get away, not another one after all the praises she's gotten from her superiors.

There was no longer any form of cruel pleasure on Eve's face, only a stern expression. Raiden was an obstacle preventing her to get what she wanted, and she had to be swift to deal about this problem. Despite Raiden's agility, Eve manages to raise her forearms up to block the palm thrust. His strength and agility surprise her, but she was ready and braced for it, which allowed her to react in time. The impact causes her to slide back a few or two, thanks to the slippery ice in the alley.

Determined to deal with Raiden as quickly as possible, Eve growls as she draws into her inner reserves to summon up all the electricity she can muster into her forearms, "I don't have the time for this, out of my way!!" She then thrusts them foward with a loud scream, channeling all her rage into this blast. A powerful lightning bolt is hurled near point-blank at Raiden's body, with smaller arcs of lightning erupting from the main one at various garbages in the alley, causing shower of sparks in this quick blast.

COMBATSYS: Raiden negates Lightning Bolt from Eve with Lightning.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Eve              0/-------/<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0           Raiden

They say to fight fire with fire. Well, in this case, Raiden fights lightning with lightning! As Eve releases the blast of lightning, Raiden does the same, emitting a large blast of blue-white lightning from the palm of one hand. The two blasts collide, creating another massive shower of sparks as they meet and all but explode. With all this voltage from the both of them, the nearby buildings may just be having some issues with their power flickering.

Once the lightning fades, Raiden speaks. "I am no mere man. You face Raiden, the God of Thunder!"

The two blast of electricity negates themselves, harming no one though in the end, managing to channel such a powerful discharge left Eve panting and drained, while it barely seemed to take any energy to the monk that stood before her.

When the monk proclaims himself the God of Thunder, Eve's eyes widen a bit. He was definately strong, though for him to be a God? Eve straightens herself up and she laughs, "Ah! You're good, but you're no God -- why would a God care about /this/ of all thing!?"

Eve lifts her arm up in the air, gusts of wind kicking up in the alley and causing debris to fly everywhere. The squalls swirls around of Eve, slowly massing up around her forearm. She swings it in Raiden's way, causing a powerful funnel of air in Raiden's direction, hurling dozens of oscillating blades of air that had the potential to cut if they caught him at the right angle.

The blonde girl didn't opt for a powerful attack though, merely a distraction more than anything else, hoping the blast of air might knock Raiden out of her way to allow her to pass before Mako runs out of the alley.

Independantly of the outcome of her attack, Eve swings her arms downward right afterward, and lets a loud scream out, unleashing a powerful blast of air that literally sends her flying, allowing her to perform a high jump in order to try and make up the distance and block Mako's path before he escapes.

COMBATSYS: Eve successfully hits Raiden with Zephyr's Fury EX.
Glancing Blow
# Disabling hit! #

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Eve              0/-------/=======|=------\-------\0           Raiden

Raiden tries to dodge, but the attack is too fast. He raises his arms to try to mitigate it, and partially succeeds... though thanks to the debris in his eyes he doesn't realize until she's already heading towards Mako again. Instead of trying to attack, he merely seeks to catch up with her. He disappears from his position, reappearing in front of Eve again.

"I could not call myself a god if I did NOT care," he finally retorts. "I am the protector of Earthrealm and all in it. That includes him. I do not wish to harm you, but if you do not leave him be, you will force me to do so."

COMBATSYS: Raiden takes no action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Eve              0/-------/=======|=------\-------\0           Raiden

The blonde girl lands gracefully after her high jump at the other end of the alley. A perfect flip and tumble in midair allowing her to land straight back in front of her prey. Her lips curl into a wicked grin as she forces Mako to stop, and when she takes a step foward the boy staggers back, eyes wide with terror as Eve seems to delight herself already. It seems her attack was enough to buy her the time she wanted, fortunately for her!

Her hand crackle with electricity and the moment Eve is about to deliver her stunning touch, Raiden appears in the blink of an eye straight in front of her.

Anyone sane would give up at this point, but not Eve -- she feared to disappoint more than having to face the self proclaimed God of Thunder. She lifts her gaze up, annoyed that she hadn't been able to catch Mako fast enough. She growls, "Nyaaa! He's coming with me, whether you like it or not!!"

Eve reaches out for Raiden to deliver her stunning grip on him instead. Let's see what this God of Thunder is made off as she unleashes the electricity she had built up into her palm as she grips into him. While she maintains her grip on his outfit and keeps on her electric discharge, Eve turns on her heels in an attempt to throw Raiden over her shoulder, and most importantly, out of her way.

COMBATSYS: Raiden blocks Eve's Power Throw.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Eve              0/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0           Raiden

Raiden emits a "Ghn!" at the shocking grip. He definitely felt that, to be sure. But when Eve tries to throw him, he just... doesn't budge. At least, not the way she wants him to. He also doesn't bother with words. Not now. He's convinced now that only violence is going to dissuade her. He has no choice.

He doesn't want to. But he has to hurt her.

Now... which way does Raiden go when she tries to throw him? TOWARDS her. His body suddenly crackles all over with lightning. And he flies at her in a sudden burst of speed, shouting in that unknown language, trailing blue lightning behind him!

COMBATSYS: Raiden successfully hits Eve with Elder Fury.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Eve              1/---====/=======|====---\-------\0           Raiden

Raiden definately redefines the term 'lightning speed' for Eve. The blonde girl thought she was fast, using the electricity to rouse her senses and muscles, allowing her to react more quickly and move faster, but she barely saw what happened there.

Raiden's flying tackle hurls them both straight in the middle of China Town -- far enough to allow Mako to run and disappear into the crowd that. The electricity and power of his flying tackle is enough to send Eve flying further away into a nearby wooden stand that served as a restaurant, knocking it over and crashing it partly, sending noodles, sauce, bowls and wooden sticks to go flying.

Raiden's electricity is enough to even overcome Eve's own, making her feel the pain from his discharge, her muscles spasming and not reacting to her electricity but his. With a growl of rage, Eve rises up to her feet, her body crackling with electricity : her own this time, to dismiss the residual charges that came from Raiden and still haunted her body. The brief surge of power enough to frighten those who might have been close to her.

The girl glances around rapidly, an attempt to find her target -- it wasn't Raiden, after all, he was just a thorn in her heel, and he's proven to be enough of a distraction for the boy to run away from her. She shouts in rage, "I'll make you pay for this!!"

Never mind the noodles on her head and burns from the hot soup poured into her, nothing was worst than being told by those you value most that they're 'disappointed' in you.

She lunges at Raiden to try and grapple him, her forearms filled with electricity that keeps discharging itself upon contact. She tries to get a hold of Raiden's arm and twist it in a painful way, restrain him into an arm lock.

Eve lets the electircity flows freely, unleashing her own thunder storm against Raiden, the crackling electricity erupting from her body and engulfing them both, the arcs of lightning flying into the sky, so bright everyone has to look away as she attempts to test if he can truly withstand her electricity.

COMBATSYS: Raiden fails to interrupt Thunderstorm from Eve with Sudden Energy EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Eve              0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0           Raiden

Apparently he cannot. Raiden tries to pull his free hand back... and suddenly her lightning surges, overwhelming his. The bright flash is enough to blind him as well, and he cries out in shock and pain. Once the charge has passed, he's slumped in Eve's grip, visible skin charred. He's at her mercy, looks like.

The electricity finally settles down after the powerful discharge. She had so much electricity running through her, that Eve even harmed herself in the process. It was worth it. Curls of smoke rises from the two fighters after the electricity finally dies down, allowing everyone to look again.

The anger that was on Eve's face slowly fades away -- she had him at her mercy and she could well attack him once more but now... Both of them were out in the open, people were staring at them both, and worst of all, he made her lost Mako, the boy she was supposed to hunt down. "You've only delayed the inevitable," Eve says, letting go of Raiden and taking a few steps back, "You can't be /everywhere/ and protecting everyone at the same time," Eve says, narrowing her eyes into a glare. Trying to explain her reasoning behind doing all of this would take too long alas, and Eve has no time for this.

She bites her lips and looks away in the distance, in an attempt to find him but it was too late. She slowly takes some distance away from Raiden, back toward the alley where she came from, before too much on lookers swarm them. No need to stay here now, she failed her mission.

COMBATSYS: Eve takes no action.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Eve              0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0           Raiden

Raiden stumbles and falls back onto his rear as he's released, sitting down hard. The boy is probably long gone by now. If Eve finds him again, it likely won't be tonight. And he'll hve the opportunity to tell the authorities about her. So perhaps someone will catch her, stop her from hurting anyone else. But that someone isn't going to be Raiden.

He does not respond to her words. He knows this. And if this is the kind of showing he makes, if he's there to stop her next time, he may not be of much use. It's rather humiliating to have to retreat from an angry teenger, but better that than risk greater humiliation-- and possibly serious harm-- by pressing the attack. Raiden may be a god, but his body is mortal. And he has no desire to see what kind of punishment it can take before 'giving up the ghost', so to speak.

So as Eve runs, he slumps back against the wall behind him, and disappears in a crackle of lightning. He'll recover. Though his pride may take a little longer to heal.

COMBATSYS: Raiden takes no action.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Eve              0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0           Raiden

COMBATSYS: Raiden has left the fight here.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Eve              0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Eve has ended the fight here.

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