IHST - Inter-High School Tournament: Jin vs Daigo

Description: The final round of the Interschool tournament, featuring Daigo Kazama versus Jin Kazama. The fight unfolds before the wrathful eyes of Heihachi Mishima, within his estate. < WINNER : Daigo >

A long, black limousine pulls into the circular carport at the end of the long, tree-lined driveway of the opulent Mishima Family Estate. The palatial estate still has some of its eastern aesthetic and qualities, some of the roofing, the grounds and some of the exterior buildings. But the main building itself has been rebuilt in a 'refined' take on western/European designs taken to the nth power.

Stairs lead into the hall that is the mansions foyer It is furnished and big enough to enable spectators to stroll, get together and rest. Adorned with art works, permanent or temporary exhibitions related to the activity of and accomplishments of the Zaibatsu's GREATEST Chairman. The paintings vary greatly in age but not so far back as to include any members of his family other than himself alone and one single portrait with himself and Kuma.

A temple to Heihachi Mishima, with crystal chandeliers, a polished to reflective quality wooden floor decorated with occasional rugs.

Socks and shoes are off for all those attending, Camera men slip around on their inside socks trying to find good angles and a few invited business partners and house staff are in attendance talking, boisterously laughing and drinking in the hall, making sure to admire the artwork.

Jin makes sure to keep to himself, wearing a plain silk shirt unbuttoned at the cuffs and down the front it's just something he threw on while he waits. He's already warmed up, a faint sheen of sweat on bare skin but otherwise just glowering in the corner with his eyes closed and leaning against the wall sickened by the appearance of these hyenas, or 'loyal company and businessmen.'

The sooner that the limousine sent to pick up this Daigo fellow and bring him here the better.

The setting for the final battle in the Interschool tournament was quite different than the other battle. Not only that, but the limousine that also came to fetch Daigo. Daigo Kazama would have certainly declined the offer for the ride, if it wasn't for the fact he probably wouldn't have been able to walk into the estate freely without it.

Despite the oppulence of wealth of the residence, Daigo tries not to be unsettled by all the grandeur of the estate. It just reminds him how vast the gap can be between the life of the fortunate one and the less fortunate.

Daigo walks slowly through the hall way, glancing at the audience silently, narrowing his eyes a little. The paintings, the wealth, everything... It enraged him.

Though for now, he tries not to think of it too much. He follows the men that brought him here, but out there in the crowd, Daigo notices the one he's supposed to face. His eyes rests on Jin : the sweat on his skin telling him he must be the one, "Jin Kazama?" Daigo asks with his dep voice, arching a brow.

A great, opulent chair is settled before the staircases leading up to the second level of the main hall. Within it is Heihachi, wearing a formal gray suit and tie. It's well-fitted to his muscular form, but he's loosened the knot and is slouching to the side, elbow resting upon an arm of the throne-like seat. Beside him is Kuma, settled into a sit with crimson scarf. He's eating sushi daintily, clutched between claws and popped into his mouth one by one. A series of chefs with other entree's are nearby, with metal lidded serving platters to continue feeding the overly spoiled bear. "Jin..." Heihachi states, with a growl in his voice. "I won't allow Mishima blood to lose. ...Show me the two years I spent training you wasn't a waste." To Daigo, a toothy grin follows. "And you... you look strong. I've no complaints. Break him, if you can...!"

Jin opens both eyes to glance up at Daigo the moment the voice stirringly calls out his name. It's different from the background chattering of these merchants that it immediately grabs his attention. Shrugging off the wall and standing at his full height he's a good eight or nine inches shorter than Daigo, who has maybe 30lbs of what looks to be nothing but muscle on him. Face a neutral mask he turns as his Grandfather addresses him, glancing up at the man who had raised him through these last few years with an unreadable expression, mulling over the words falling form his Grandfathers lips before turning his attentions back to his competition.

The scar over his eye is distinctive and his hair is combed backwards into spikes in a way different to Jin's, it's a hard look.. the way Jins eyes search Daigo face it's clear he was looking for something and offers a nod in way of greetings when certain he doesn't see it. Kazama isn't such an uncommon name..

"Daigo Kazama."

The well-dressed business folk laugh all the more, raising their glasses in a probably unfelt toast toward both competitors. Reaching down to his side he picks up some big red heavy looking red pad and slips his hand into it, a fitted and padded gauntlet and armguard, pulling the straps tight and securing it to his arm overtop the white shirt, he repeats the gesture picking up a second pad and likewise focused on putting it on.

Truth be told, he hadn't been sure he would be able to fight another Kazama if he'd found the things he was looking for.. If the gloves had been on there may have been no room to retreat and back down with his Grandfather looking on. But those had been unnecessary precautions at least this time. The spitting image of a spoilt rich Kid concerned only about himself, his own dark and moody thoughts.. He probably had the support of the crowd. They supported their own; the 'unnecessary servants' like the Atelier staff that had wanted to attend were probably cooling their heels out front of the mansion or trying to look through windows.

Walking out to stand in the centre of the room he fusses with the ties and guard, getting them feeling just right and trying to tune everyone else out but the presence held by a fellow Kazama and Heihachi Mishima.

Ironic, isn't it, how Kazama is going to face another Kazama. Daigo knows nothing of this man, Jin, in front of him, though by the looks of it, it seems this Kazama had a in difference with him : one who lives in wealth, unlike him who had lived most of in poverty.

Daigo lifts his head up when he notices the lord of the estate Heihachi. His chair felt like a throne and the bear at his side obviously surprised Daigo. He shakes his head slowly, though a smirk spreads on his lips at Heihachi's comment, "Very well,"

The tall man tries to ignore the rest of the audience for now and turns his attention on Jin while everyone moves away and gives them space for the battle to come. Daigo slowly lifts his arms up, preparing himself for battle. He had fought his way up here, he cannot affort to lose at this point in the tournament.

"May the best fighter wins," Daigo says when Jin makes his way into the center of the room. He hardly gives him a moment to prepare himself before he lunges into combat. The tall man charges at Jin, lifting one of his massive fist behind his head, "Raaaarr!" He shouts, hurling his fist straight for Jin's midsection, his forearm flaring with flames as he delivers him a crushing blow.

COMBATSYS: Daigo has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daigo            0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Jin has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daigo            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0              Jin

COMBATSYS: Daigo successfully hits Jin with Phoenix Fire.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daigo            0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0              Jin

The smaller Kazama rockets backwards, the point of impact having been his bare chest he visibly sags even as his bare feet squeal across the wooden flooring and brake his slide, his still standing body comes abruptly to a halt. Head dropped forward and fringe concealing her eyes it's not a hundred percent certain he weathered that hit without losing a rib or two and yet he doesn't even raise a hand to his torso to check, the crowd is rather docile for the moment. Can they risk cheering for a blow struck against the Chairman's grandson, his flesh and blood?

Straightening Jin begins walking back toward Daigo without even giving himself a moment to recover, he defiantly raises an arm and finishes adjusting his armguard with a last tug and snap, twisting and curling his hand into a fist as he walks. This tournament was full of strong guys, who would have thought so many strong guys would be whiling their way away fighting for such petty things as school rivalries.

"That sounds fine to me."

Rushing in with a quick dash he lashes out with a thigh-height kick at the outside of Daigo's knee, into a spinning back fist, a straight jab as the momentum arrests and then drops low to sweep at he opponents ankles, drawing the leg back across in a fast change in directions, having spun left with the back fist and then suddenly right into the sweep.

COMBATSYS: Daigo just-defends Jin's White Heron!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daigo            0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0              Jin

After the sudden surge of speed from his first flaming fist, Daigo slowly straightens himself up to his full height. His slow movements and calm behaviour were enough to hide his incredibly burst of speed when Daigo goes into offense.

The tall man glances at Jin, waiting for him to recover. He turns into his combat stance, legs spread wide, one hand at his waist while the other is lifted up, palm pointing at Jin. When Jin rushes at Daigo, the towering man doesn't move : he stands still like a pillar of stone, unyielding and resolute. His movements are slow, yet incredibly precise : he shifts his leg to avoid the kick at his knee and moves his arm in a sweeping motion to deflect the blow, using his other arm to quickly deflect the straight jab the same way.

Daigo manages to leap up to avoid the final leg sweep. The momentum he gains in midair though might just make him seem more intimidating, his shadow looming over Jin. He lifts both of his hands over his head, bringing them down into a powerful double-hand hammer blow.

COMBATSYS: Jin counters Fierce Punch from Daigo with Chicken Butcher EX.
- Power hit! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daigo            0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0              Jin

Jin HURLS himself into a roll out, hastily escaping the descending blow before it mashes his head into his abdomen with a brief and hurriedly executed leap from his last position. He was already learning about his opponent, his opponent was larger, hardier and possibly stronger but one of his styles complimented fighting opponents just so. The floor and ceiling tumble by as he rolls and comes out of the slide imparted by it with a spring at Daigo's back.

Jin slide-steps sideways, reaching out to grab one of the descended blows forearm and wrist, stabbing his elbow into Daigo's face twisting him away from the captured limb and bouncing his head off the floor as he spins the giant's around on a pivot and into the ground landing face down, with the trapped arm held high still at his own shoulder height he lodges his knee in against Daigo's shoulder and presses the arm backward against the shoulders range of motion, arm locked and levered across that wide back and then releases his grip; shoving hard with the knee to shunt his prone opponent into rolling away or out and putting some distance between them once again.

A Kazama technique, chipping away at the joint's and tendons of an opponent in the face of overwhelming or unequal power and toughness. Evaluating and watchful Jin watches carefully and attentively to see how effective this style of attacking was on someone like Daigo.

With Jin managing to slip under his descending blow and into his abdomen, Daigo gasps loudly in pain from the powerful and unexpected blow. The tall man flinches, at least long enough to give Jin the advantage to shove him around and slam him head first against the ground, dominating the towering man with his arm lock.

The tall man growls and squirms in pain, though Jin's lock is powerful enough to hold him, the pain preventing him from breaking through his grasp. Though before Daigo has to use of his herculean strength to break through, Jin shoves him away, causing the tall man to roll away.

Daigo pants and grits his teeth, glaring up at Jin as he slowly rises to his full height, moving his arm in an attempt to ease the pain from the joint and tendons stretching. The way his arm hung certanly felt like it wouldn't be able to perform at full strength again.

It doesn't matter though, Daigo still has his legs -- the man charges in Jin's direction, shoving his leg straight for Jin's midsection. He quickly follows up though by spinning around on his heels, delivering a second powerful roundhouse kick.

COMBATSYS: Daigo successfully hits Jin with Phoenix Kick.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Daigo            0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1              Jin

That's a relief, he could hurt this giant if hit them in the right way, the way Daigo is letting that arm hang or rest he can't quite be sure as to how much damage he had inflicted, a poor gauge for how effective the techniques were. But at least Daigo seemed to favour using his arms so there was probably a reduction in his..

Suddenly skating back across the floor Jin hugs his ribs, after soaking up that kind of damage with two hits back-to-back like that it's a marvel he doesn't sink to the floor or grunt in pain in the least at the exchange. There had been a definitely crack that time, ribs weren't make to keep taking this kind of abuse, in response Jin reverses his guard and tucks the lower arm in closer to his ribs; the break had been on that side. It was probably just something cracking but not enough to stop this fight, not with Heihachi Mishima overlooking and judging this this fight.

His vision swims a little with his first step but clears upon shaking his head and narrowing his focus on Daigo, everything else in the room seemed smaller and it was easier to focus on the large kazama as he starts bounding forward into a sprinting rush he drops low yet continues forward at the same speed, launching himself violently into the air with a rising uppercut aimed at the underside of Daigo's jaw.

COMBATSYS: Daigo blocks Jin's Wind Godfist.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Daigo            0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0              Jin

Both combattants had their reasons to win this battle -- Daigo was carrying the dreams and hopes of the students of Gedo High, to demonstrate that even those who seem not destined to greatest can strive for a better future.

He narrows his eyes and stares at Jin sternly, regaining his defensive posture after his series of kicks. His left arm still seems to be a bit limp though. When Jin charges at him, the taller man adjusts his posture, moving his arm in front of his face to block the incoming uppercut. The man braces for impact, though Jin's strength is enough to knock him back one step.

Daigo glares at Jin and attempts to retaliate rapidly, lifting his massive fist backward before he swings it with all his might for Jin's midsection.

COMBATSYS: Jin blocks Daigo's Medium Punch.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Daigo            0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1              Jin

Daigo disappears!

Unlike Daigo the Mishima heir has little enough interest in the tournament, just perhaps some desire to win based on the fact he had already removed one strong competitor most unfairly though his grandfather's machinations. It had been an interesting fight that tested him and his limits, but.. he wasn't here to have fun.

Jin can't help but grunt while twisting his arm and guard into the path of that massive fist to take the brunt and deflect the hit Jin lets it push that half of his body away rather than resisting even as the defending arm grates unfortunately into his recently weaken ribs, he can feel them creak; the grating of bone on bone is his side doesn't slow his reprisal down any, hooking his free arm up inside the guard and behind the attacking arm popping up at Daigo's jaw at a new angle once again with the red and black backed fist.

Suddenly tightening his hold by pulling his forearm tight along the inside of the attacking arm he kicks off sideways in an attempt to trap and fold Daigo's arm up on itself, wrist to shoulder and bringing him to the ground across the back of his shoulders and head.

If there was one real difference here it was that one of them was fighting for honour and for others, the other was fighting for a selfish desire: Vengeance. Against opponent's he used as a yard stick that did little but measure how far he had come and had yet to go before he could achieve that goal.

COMBATSYS: Daigo interrupts Combo Grapple from Jin with Phoenix Fist.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Daigo            1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1              Jin

This was probably the worst place Daigo could have thought of for a final fight. The estate of the Mishima, in the middle of wealth and opulence, with an opponent who has been able to make it this far in a rather questionable way. All of Jin's supporters here represented what Daigo hated the most in society... This place as well... And Jin : being able to reach it to the final with fewer fighting, being given a special treatment. Daigo despises it. Daigo can only wonder what all of them must be thinking of him : the unfortunate disadvantaged young man, basically a nobody.

They had a similar last name, but their background couldn't have been more apart, Daigo believes. He was going to make a name for himself and he would fight to the bitter end to ensure he could make a name for himself, so the other students he fights for will have an example of someone who manages to rise above what society dictacted him he was.

Daigo growls as Jin retaliates and punches his jaw, causing his head to jerk back. Jin manages to twist his arm partly behind him, but Daigo manages to recover quickly enough from Jin's punch to break through his hold with his immense strength. He gives a powerful yank with his arm and turns on his heels rapidly to face him, using the quick rotation of his waist to empower his counter attack, his fist coming with all his might at Jin's face.

The tall man lets a loud shout out of his throat as his fist slams into Jin, as if to add on to the menace he represents. A small explosion follows along his attack, a blast of chi that comes from the depth of his core. He was definately not going to go easy on him, no matter the attitude of the crowd or their expectations in this fight. There was too much at stake at this point to let this fight slip between his fingers.

Spinning away after the impact Jin totters away, faltering and falling to one knee, the whole room spinning violently in nausea inducing ripples and wavering that sets his stomach to roiling. Bright lights and distant sounds as the distorted spectators recoil and refrain from any kind of cheering or anything but a uneasy murmuring in the presence of the Zaibatsu Chairman.

The teen sets his forearm against his knee as another bout of dizziness washes over him like a wave but once more he violently shakes his head and pushes himself back to his feet. Outwardly the recovery time and climbing back to his feet doesn't take so long as they feel but the way he suddenly takes a step to the side when he achieves his feet speaks volumes as to how much that blow must affected him, Yet he rounds right back to Daigo by coiling his upper body around and turning only his head to focus upon the Gedo High Don.

This wasn't as far as he could go, he hadn't hit his limits just yet. Leaping into the air Jin explodes into a spinning kick at Daigo's head and as he drops to the floor her continues to spin his body, into two hard and fast sweeping attacks. SStill not done he smashes a back heel kick at Daigo in one continuously spinning movement.

Weakness and failure were punished in this household; they are things you push through, but more so a punishable flaw was admitting or avoiding that weakness rather than crushing it with your own power and dedication to your training.

COMBATSYS: Jin successfully hits Daigo with Spinning Demon.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Daigo            1/----===/=======|>------\-------\0              Jin

Had Jin's martial prowess totally overwhelmed Daigo's own, there is no doubt the audience would have cheered and applauded his glorious supremacy. However, considering how the man stood before his assault like a rock against the countless waves of the sea, unyielding despite his great technique and strength, it left them wondering who would stand victorious in the end.

Daigo fought with the resolve and iron will of those who stood behind him, who weren't here to support him, and he traded punch for punch with Jin. Daigo's obvious resilience, strength and endurance were quite to be recont with, after all, even if Jin's technique seemed to have disabled his left arm.

Daigo slowly straightens up after his counter, glaring at Jin as he takes some time to recover from that. Yet it seems he still has some fighting left into him. Daigo braces for his attack and lifts his valid arm up to block his incoming attack. Jin's agility and speed though surpasses Daigo's reflex as the tall Kazama fails to move in time. The harsh spinning kick to his face causes Daigo to growl in pain, blood splashing out from his mouth into the floor from the impact. He manages to stagger the giant man, who stumbles a step back and falls to one knee almost immediately after the impact.

The quick follow up with Jin's sweeping kick knocks Daigo off balance, his legs flying upward and making him fall loudly on his back. He manages to clench his teeth and bear the pain from the fall, but the sudden heel drop to his chest makes him flinch with pain as his body squirm on the ground.

Daigo grits his teeth and his arm reaches out for Jin's leg, pushing it away from him with a loud grunt. Daigo was not done either -- though Jin was obviously taking his toll on Daigo. The tall man painfully rolls on his side, the exertion and pain making him pant loudly. His valid eye glares at Jin and Daigo clenches his right hand into a fist, his spirit burning and resolve to overcome his opponent strong.

That burning spirit manifests itself around of Daigo, a torrent of flames quickly rising around of him. The crimson flames swirl and rises around of him, engulfing Daigo's whole frame. The blazing inferno meant to catch Jin into its scorching caress and knock him away. The flames remain only a few seconds, just enough to give Daigo a chance to rise back to his feet, whether or not the inferno ends up harming Jin or not.

COMBATSYS: Jin just-defends Daigo's Super Phoenix Fire!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Daigo            0/-------/----===|>------\-------\0              Jin

Rolling with the push Jin half-staggers away, pulling of a move like the spinning demon when you were already dizzy and nauseous? He half raises a hand to his mouth before the urge to vomit fades, a trial and display of a Mishima's iron constitution was openly proven false or weak in front of a live audience. He reassumes his guard in time for this Iron Giant to roll around and back to his feet which is beginning to dismay Jin. The abuse this guy could take and keep getting up for more.

Jin doesn't back down a hair as the torrent of flame manifests, he'd been through this already with that Kusanagi guy and he was still sore that he'd given up ground when fighting Kyo. That's right, he should be standing here fighting this monster Kazama instead of Jin.

The wave breaks against the rocks and washes around them, the flames roll over Jin but part around his guard, lighting races the length of his arm while crackling and jagging even over and through the guards as the flames part just in front of him and naturally expire as they pass. Staring into the flames is painfully bright and a little disorientating, as he weathers the firestorm and emerges unscathed there is finally a round of sycophantic applause from the spectators.

Knees bowed and standing in a horse stance Jin dampens the jagging electrical chi running through his arms and resumes a normal fighting stance in a relaxed manner. In truth he was feeling relieved to have fought Kyo Kusanagi, it had prepared him for dealing with these kind of attacks a little better. But there was still the opponent in front of him.

COMBATSYS: Jin enters a meditative state.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Daigo            0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0              Jin

When the flames finally die down, Daigo turns his gaze to notice Jin who seems relatively unscathed by his attack. Not only that, but he seems to be in a deep meditative state. Daigo narrows his eyes at Jin, "Very impressive," he says, the first words exchanged between the two fighters once their battle finally started.

Daigo can recognize Jin's prowess and feats and respect them as a fellow fighter, but aside from his talent, even if Daigo knew little about Jin, he probably would have little praise to give him about his lifestyle.
If Daigo was unsettled by the way Jin managed to escape his blazing inferno, he shows little of it, keeping an adament stance and expression, shifting his stance back into an offensive one. This fight was serious, probably amongst the most important Daigo had, he could not let Jin win. Daigo rushes at Jin, covering up the distance between them. He rises his knee to deliver Jin a powerful kneeshot to his midsection.

COMBATSYS: Jin dodges Daigo's Medium Kick.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Daigo            0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0              Jin

With the flames that were finally quenched, it seems that Daigo has recovered from Jin's disabling hit, as if the flames had helped him recover from the horrible tensions and joints damage he had given him, like a phoenix reborn from the ashes... Even if he seemed able to use his left arm to fight again, it doesn't chance the fact that the pain still echoes through his body and blood drips down his lips from Jin's previous kick.

Jin appears not to reciprocate when offered the compliment. Unsure of how to respond to the compliment in the middle of a fight he blinks but that is about all the reaction it manages to provoke. They're squaring off, both hurting with their wounds and neither willing to back down on pretty much any reason but some of those wounds were old enough now they were shrugging off the effects. (Not that some broken ribs would be in any way something Jin could dismiss without risking his life doing so.)

Reacting to Daigo's charge and one again striking out as his midsection, probably seeing as how it was still being guarded Jin weaves sideways rather than take that hit even remotely head-on. At the last possible moment, taking a wide step to the side and around as he tries to move to this opponents back and lunges in with arms to try encircling it while standing directly behind him.

Daigo is a big guy, All that heavy muscle and sheer size he has over Jin. But that doesn't dissuade the Mishima heir any from attempting to lift the Giant and drop that bodyweight right down onto his own head and shoulders with a massive heave backwards and throw upwards.

COMBATSYS: Jin successfully hits Daigo with Power Throw.
- Power hit! -

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Daigo            0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0              Jin

Size and sheer strength doesn't necessarly mean that Daigo has the advantage over Jin -- the smaller Kazama proves it with his technique and maneuvers, his small built allowing him to slip around the mighty behemoth when he attempts to strike him with his knee.

Before Daigo can recover, Jin's arms are well locked around his waist and Daigo attempts to hold his ground and prevent him from lifting him up, but physic are used against the powerful student who soon finds himself lifted up in the air. He growls loudly as he loses control of his footing and he thrown upward, over Jin's head. His head crashes down on the ground, the tall man's body straightening up and falling on the ground with a loud thud. He hits the ground rather painfully so, a loud crack echoing through the room, enough to earn cheers from the rest of the crowd. What an heroic comeback Jin was performing, swiftly avoiding and escaping Daigo's flames, then his unstoppable charge and turning it against him into this backdrop.

Things were looking better for Jin now, which he now finally receives the praises and applauds from the crowd. This was the normal conclusion of the fight, after all... For this brute to be defeated at the hands of the Mishima heir, like it should be... Like the scrypt's been all written for, after all. Could there have been any other end? Could they have really doubted it would end that way? Definately not!

Daigo growls, gritting his teeth and clenching his hand into a fist. He slams it into the ground. Would his strength falters now? No... He cannot affort it though, no.

He quickly rises to his feet, his determination fierce as he hurls his fist in Jin's direction, a massive blast of chi erupting from his fist toward Jin.

COMBATSYS: Jin blocks Daigo's Skull Aura.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Daigo            0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0              Jin

Jin springboards back to his feet with a kip-up and immediately turtles up behind his guard as the flaming ball of energy detonates against his guard and pushes him back. His feet squeak against the floorboards and she swings the arm wide to scatter away a few last embers. It's a definatly cool looking move on his part but part of what he is doing is shaking some life back into a numbed arm, opening and closing his fist her spends half a second shifting the guiard while never taking his eyes off of Daigo.

Galloping toward Daigo at a run Jin draws back his fist and slides in with a stinging rightright, barraging a one-two-three of rapid punches aimed at the head of the Giant since he so obligingly kneeled and lower it into Jin strikezone. Jin has nothing to gain here in winning this tournament, but winning the fight and toppling this giant was challenge enough it had lit a fire in him.

He wants to see it, he wants to see Daigo fall by his own hands with his own power. Proof he had come as far as he had.

COMBATSYS: Daigo fails to interrupt Ultimate Punches from Jin with 1-2 Smash.
- Power fail! -

[                         \\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Daigo            0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0              Jin

The tall man rises to his full height after his last blast of chi. He growls as he attempts to counter Jin's flurry of blows with some of his own, expecting and thrusting his resilience to allow him to endure the blows. Alas, Jin's precise strike and rapid punches are enough to daze the tall man enough to make his own strikes sluggish and ineffective against Jin's agility and swift movement.

The barrage of blows cause him to stagger after the first few ones, his vision slowly fading with dark spots. He tries to shake it off, to find his strength in his resolve, but Jin, much like Athena had been before, proves to be a powerful opponent that pushes him to his limits.

Daigo, unlike Jin, had everything to win and everything to lose in this fight. Unlike his fight with Athena though, the crowd here was quite hostile to him, and he felt his last strength slowly fading him.

Still picking up speed Jin practically radiates an obscene fighting spirit and a desire to kill or destroy. Hewing away at this Iron Giant endlessly like he was trying to punch down a tree or something he wants it to fall, for this to all be over. He barely even recognizes Daigo as a fellow human instead of a wooden training dummy he just needs to pulverise to her Grandfathers satisfaction.

Hopping into the air he sets his foot against Daigos Knee and leaps straight up, his hand reaching out to try grabbing at the side of his opponents head and pulling himself with his arm and smashing his forehead straight at Daigo's face with every intent of crushing it with every ounce of force his body is capable of.

The kid is losing control just a little in a display of brutality which on reflection would sicken him to his stomach, the Mishima training floating to the surface rather than the gentle precepts and ways taught to him by his Mother.

COMBATSYS: Daigo breaks through Stone Head from Jin with Fierce Kick!

[                         \\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Daigo            0/-------/---====|=======\==-----\1              Jin

Defeat was not an option -- Daigo repeats this mantra into his mind, clinging to the only remaining bit of consciousness he has, desperately trying to find the strength to defeat the smaller and more agile Kazama.

Daigo refuses to give up, not after he had come this far... He had to carry on the dreams and hopes of the rest of his students, show them they can aspire to greatness that they can rise above despite the lemons life gave them.

Jin's assault brings Daigo back from his lethargy -- a deep roar escapes Daigo's throat as he draws into his inner strength to give a final surge of energy to break through Jin's attack when he grabs his head -- he interrupts his attack by imposing all of his mass against the smaller Kazama, his leg coming an incredible speed for Jin's midsection, knocking him away from Daigo, the strength of his blow enough to push him off from the towering giant.

His resolve and determination are obvious : the Iron giant is panting loudly, the fatigue obvious on his feature, the way he holds himself a bit limply showing the exertion Jin's prowess had forced upon him. It seems like Daigo's desperation attack paid off... But will he be able to keep on fighting after that? It seems doubtful, but who knows how deep his resolve goes.

Jin falls away and wobbles on his feet, his ribs. His side is agony and this time he can't just through willpower forge through and doubles over the clutching his side and falling to his knees. He was on as much his last legs as his opponent though probably sustaining more serious injuries. He drags his body back vertical despite the protests of the flesh and the alarm bells going off in his head. If this fight finished him off then there was no way he was making it to the level of his Mothers murderer.

Breaths came in short gaps and spurts but he could breathe all he wanted when this was over, lighting rages down and across his arms and he rolls his still doubles over body into a spiralling turn and picking up speed and momentum, the flickers of lightning double and re-double again, growing out of control as he spins in close and explodes into the air with a massive uppercut.

If anything this Jin Kazma? This one might very well be capable of killing his opponent in the ring, no remorse and all the power his still sluggish body can muster he rushes in to overwhelm his opponent with nothing held back and no thought for their safety.

COMBATSYS: Daigo interrupts Lightning Godfist from Jin with Phoenix Fist.

[                                <
Jin              0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Daigo can no longer fight.

[                                <
Jin              0/-------/---====|

Both warriors seemed out of energy -- a few seconds ago it felt like Jin's swiftness and techniques might have been enough to take down the towering giant's incredible might and endurance, though after his fierce come back, the two fighters were both showing the signs of exhaustion and their posture showed the strain of the battle against each other. The injuries, bruises and broken bones slowing them down, yet neither one was ready to admit defeat against the other : both of them had their reason to fight on, cling on to this hope of victory that seemed to slip out of their finger at every turn.

Daigo's vision felt blurry, his consciousness slowly slipping away from him. He held still only by the obligations he gave himself to win this tournament not for himself but for his fellow students in Gedo High, though even such ideals and resolve have their limits, and Daigo feels his last remaining strength fade away... His body felt heavier, his movements grew slower... In a matter of seconds, this fight would be over.

Mustering all of his focus and energy, Daigo's roar thunders in the room in an attmept to empower himself and give himself a second wind as he lunges at Jin to meet his assult with his own. Fist for fist, a final clash. While Jin spins around to gain momentum for his uppercut, Daigo gains his own momentum with his charge, hurling his fist back. His burning determination manifests into his fist, flames bursting out as he swings it straight for Jin's face : his fist hits him the same moment Jin's own fist hits Daigo's chin, both smashing one another at the same time.

After that, it's a total black-out for Daigo -- even if Daigo has managed to get a clean hit, Jin's uppercut was enough to snuff what little consciousness was left in the tall man, knocking the massive man back. When Daigo touches the ground, his whole body crumbles down, numb from the pain and fatigue, knocked out for the time being.

Fists striking one another in the face Daigo sends Jin arcing away as the lighter of the two fighters is subject to a tremendous impact and having come in with all of his own imparted momentum and power he fair sails away and lands in a tumbling roll, battering loudly across the floor before sliding to a stop.

The crowd is positively silent as the boy tries to retain his consciousness and get back to his feet only to slump backwards, his body won't move or obey his commands anymore no matter how much he tries to move it. Shit! Only this far huh.. ?

It's almost laughable but he doesn't even have it in him to laugh, just staring at the ceiling and listening to the screaming protest of his body, his cracked or fractured ribs and even his now bloodied face and faint swelling in his cheek. Defeated huh?

He muses on the concept lazily from his position on the floor and staring up at the ceiling. It's the first time he has relaxed any in numerous months, if he weren't filled with a creeping dread about what might come next it might even be restful or relaxing just lying here.

But it won't be.

COMBATSYS: Jin takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Jin can no longer fight.

It takes a moment but Daigo's senses slowly return to him -- his eyes finally open to stare at the ceiling. His body is wrecked with pain and Daigo can barely hears the loud voices in the crowd who are staring at the two limp combattant lying on the ground.

The pain felt light though compared to the weight of defeat on his shoulders. To have come so far and falter at the finishing line, it almost made it more cruel. His limbs twitch a bit and Daigo growls as he slowly rolls to his side, flinching from the pain. He would stand proud though, in the midst of all of the Mishima audience, for he fought well, despite the outcome.

The bitter expression on his face though suddenly turns into surprise when he manages to roll to his knees and notices the gasping silence from the crowd. His single valid eye scans his surrounding, feeling all the gaze on him, and then he spots the other Kazama -- who fell to his final blow, much like he did to his.

His surprise still seems to be complete, and Daigo remains on his knee for a moment, as if awestruck. His head was still spinning and his vision still blurry, but he had least recovered some of his senses.

Slowly, a smile spreads on his face and Daigo lowers his gaze, closing his eyes. How he felt lighter now, not feeling this burden of failure on his shoulder, how he managed to turn the tide at the last moment and overcome Jin.

He had been a formidable opponent, and probably deserved this victory just as much as he did, considering the outcome, but still, he seemed in no condition to discuss this. With an ultimate effort, Daigo growls as he rises up to his feet, staggering a bit as his body fights against Daigo's will, pain echoing through his body as he lifts his gaze up at Heiaichi, who had been watching this fight from the start.

Heihachi, quite unlike himself, had not said a single word throughout the entire battle. His hard eyes watched every moment, from the early domination to the sudden second wind, then the battle of sheer wills that scarcely lead Daigo into his own victory. When it's clear who is the first to rise, he finally begins clapping. Dull, echoing, mocking noises that fill the hall, not a single other viewer daring to make a breath. Kuma looks up worriedly towards Jin, blinking his eyes and glancing furtively to the stoic expression of the Zaibatsu tyrant.
"Well, well. You lost." is the first thing to come out of his mouth. Slowly he pushes to his feet, striding down with his arms open. "But... you proved something to me. The reason I picked up that bastard Lee... the component I wished that Kazuya had. Look at him. He's just a NUDGE from falling over!!"
Suddenly Heihachi twists, lightning rippling across his fist. The back of his knuckles aim to find Daigo's face, and send him spiraling away like a top. There was no hesitation within the cruel blow, likely well beyond his ability to defend even at his prime.
"A hunger to win at any costs. Hahaha. The difference between you two was simple battle experience. You've been training too long alone. ...Did you hear that, Jin?" He crouches down to grasp the young boy by the chin in a crushing hand and give his face a shake.
"You pass. Barely. Normally such a pathetic slapfest would earn you being cast out... but I see that potential burning within still. Brighter, than the day I took you in. Our training is done for now, however. I'll still call you a Mishima... but you must make your mark on the fighting world now. Battling others, burning the mark of your blood for the eyes of all to see. Hahahaha!! You've reached the second stage of Mishima-style training. Show me how a half-Kazama conquers this world..."
He then drops Jin, before marching off towards the halls, plucking up a bottle of alcohol at the same time. "Come, Kuma. This was worth the price of admission. Ah... it is good to know as a youth I was never so pathetic!!"

Daigo was barely standing as it is -- the lone clapping that echoes into the hall certainly makes Daigo look up at Heihachi, though he bears with this mockery for he has no strength to do anything about it -- and even if he had, all alone here, it would be very unwise.

In his current weakened state, there's no way he can defend himself against the old man's sudden and unexpected attack. He had barely regained consciousness that his lightning fist hits Daigo's jaw, Heihachi's might enough to send Daigo flying, spiralling like his body weight was nothing.

Daigo ends up getting knocked away a good distance, his body growing limp mid-flight as Heihachi certainly knocks him out cold for much longer than he had been. He falls with a loud thud and a growl of pain, in a much worse state than he was before.

Jin winces in pain as he tries to sit up, the clapping and sound of footfalls descending stairs, getting fractionally louder and closer; with thuds reverberating through the air and the floor his head lay against as he slumps back. He lays with his head turned toward his Grandfather, lacking the power to accomplish much more than listening attentively even as the crack of fist striking flesh -- followed by the more distant crash as a body hits the floor; it jostles through him and triggers an almost sympathetic pain in his ribs. Jin doesn't flinch as his Grandfather suddenly looms over him or as he kneels down, Jin fights the urge to struggle vainly as he is manhandled around and his face siezed in the crushing grip of one of the worlds foremost martial artist.

A Kazama's face, sharing attributes most only with Kazuya Mishima the Kazama girl who had been his mother; little in the way of proud Mishima aristocratic features. Jin stifles the 'Guagh' before it erupts from his lips when he is dropped. The thud does little for back of his head and the drop nothing for his ribs, his vision starts swimming in response to the knock, his grandfather was far from a gentle man. But this was entirely unexpected, this was almost approval; Dismissive, hard fought for and won, just barely acieved.

Jin struggles with everything he has to sit up, rolling onto one knee with ne fist pressed to the ground he bows as a student should toward hthe back of his retreating grandfather.

One of the servants dares close to Jin after a moment and he raises his head to glance at the man, then at the fallen victor of this tournament.

" . . .Let the Atelier people in and give them any assistance they require."

Grimacing as he struggles to his feet he still manages to support his weight by leaning heavily on one side and turns his attention to the still shocked guests, mired in their places and not knowing what to do Jin looks on them dispassionately and loudly remarks for their benefit.

"This event is over, You are free to leave as you wish."

He starts limping away back inside but slows by the downed Daigo to glance down at him and hope the Atelier people knew their trade; His Grandfather had probably not pulled his punch at all.

This was not how a victor should be treated and that doesn't sit right with Jin, but this was his Grandfathers will and how it had to be, for now.

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