Raiden - She's Leaving Home...

Description: ...Or going back home, hard to tell. Kiyomi approaches Raiden to let him know she's going to go search for the others like her that she's met in the past, to bring them to the shrine. She also has some misgivings...

This late it should be peaceful in the abandoned Shrine in the forests outside Southtown. However, it is not. With the knowledge that there will soon be more people here, those from the foxwoman's people who do not wish to fight, the Shrine is in more need of repair-- and more quickly-- than ever.

Thus Raiden is... hammering! Having removed a damaged part of the wall, he now needs to replace the missing pieces of the wall with undamaged wood. He remembers how to do this; perhaps he had been a mortal man at one point. Perhaps he'd lived as a mortal long ago to live amongst them, to know what the people of the Realm he protected experienced.

Either way, that's what he's doing now-- repairing a section of wall. The task is a little easier for him, given his strength, but it's still a task. And it needs to be done.

All she had to do to find the God of Thunder was follow the noises -- though it had nothing to do with thunder itself, Kiyomi was half expecting to stumble on Nightwolf performing some repairs.

The woman slowly strides closer to the shrine, lifting her gaze up to Raiden. For some reason, to see a proclaimed God perform such mundane task made her smile gently. It was a humble task : something she respects, the act of a true leader, who doesn't boss around to have things done but lead others toward their goal.

"Lord Raiden," Kiyomi says, rising the tone of her voice in hope that he'll hear her despite the noise he's making. The Kitsune has her arms folded neatly in front of her, hands into both of her sleeves. "I... Wanted to warn you about my departure," Kiyomi says with a slow nod, "I will leave, to seek out others like me that I have met, around Japan, and gather them here... All those who did not wish to fight with my pack, to bring them here in this safe haven.."

This is indeed a hallmark of Raiden's style of leadership-- not only does he defer to Nightwolf in matters that he knows he doesn't have the experience that the shaman has, but he makes it a point to help where he can, no matter how menial the task might be. Here he is needed to repair a wall. So he will do that. Roofing needs to be done too, and since Raiden can fly, he's a good choice for that as well.

Raiden does indeed hear Kiyomi's voice, and pauses in his task. He turns to look at her inquisitively, and listens to her words. He gives a nod. "They are scattered across the country?" he inquires. He'd have thought they'd want to stay together, as there's usually safety in numbers. "I see." He places the hammer down and turns fully to face her. "They will be welcome here. Is there any way I might help you?"

There might be strength in number, but number also makes it harder for them to hide away from humanity. They live scattered, in small groups, most of the time, since it makes hardship easier, but nothing of the scale the Full Moon Society seems to be striving for. Which is exactly why Kiyomi has faith and hope in this organisation, that it may actually be able to protect a growing community of Darkstalkers from humanity.

Of course, Kiyomi is well aware of her opposed views with their leaders, but they both share the same desire to help Darkstalkers, whether or not they do not agree on the finality of all of this. "I should be fine... With some luck, I should return within a month's time, if everything goes well. Going out as a vixen makes the travels faster, and the others that belong to my pack should be able to help me gather everyone, however..." Kiyomi says, letting her words trail off.

Her expression grows a little more serious and she wonders, "Do you really believe the community will be able to defend itself against Hunters? A mass of Darkstalkers assembled like this, it will make an ideal target for a raid," Her ears twitch a bit and she bows her head in deference, "You are indeed mighty, I can sense it... But do you really believe, with all your heart, that you will be able to defend the weaks from those who seek to obliterate them?"

Raiden tilts his head as Kiyomi trails off. And then there is the question. That IS a good question. How does Raiden know that he and the fighters here can defend those who can't fight once they come here? "There are no guarantees in life," he observes. "This you know, I would wager. I will say this. Whether threats from outside Earthrealm seek to destroy it, or whether Earthrealm tries to destroy itself from the inside, I will do what I can to preserve innocent lives. Your countrymen included."

That's not all, though! "But I am not foolish enough to believe blindly in my own power, or in fate and righteousness to carry us through," he adds. "A means of escape in the case of the worst happening will be dealt with. This was a concern I had-- the members of the Society are powerful, but no one is undefeatable. This is not to be a 'last stand' location. If the worst happens, there will be plans in place to protect your countrymen."

Raiden's answer seems to concern Kiyomi somewhat. She lowers her gaze a bit and hums softly, considering his answer. "The more notority the Society will gain, the more dangerous it will become," Kiyomi says with a slow nod of her head. "All the times Darkstalkers have tried to live in one place, sooner or later, groups of hunters come to chase and kill them,"

Lips curling into a soft smile, Kiyomi lifts her gaze up in the sky and says, "For years I have longed for a chance for us to be able to live normal lives... If there's the slightest of chance, I am willing to give it a chance..." She lowers her gaze back at Raiden and says, "I put my faith and trust in you, and in this Society... I hope I will not regret it,"

"That is true," Raiden replies, in response to the mention of hunters trying to kill them. "But we have something now that was not present in the past. The media. News. The general public is becoming aware of those that are not like them. With more public awareness comes more understanding, and with more understanding comes less fear and hate. They also become aware that there are those who hunt others merely for being different. When the hunters cannot operate under their veils of secrecy, it begins to remove their teeth."

he smiles gently to the words of living a normal life. "Perhaps it won't be completely a normal life, as the humans know it to be. But as long as I still have strength in my body, your countrymen who come here will not be left undefended. I feel certain Nightwolf would say the same, though I do not presume to speak for him."

Kiyomi stares at Raiden for a long time. The expression on her face betrays the doubt she has at Raiden's tactics, though she doesn't voice them. After a moment of contemplation in silence, Kiyomi answers, "I hope you are right..."

She gives a faint smile to Raiden and bows her head, "I shall take my leave then... A long journey awaits me," The woman says. She turns on her heels and slowly walks away, "Thank you, Lord Raiden,"

Raiden sees that doubt, and nods. "I understand your trepidation. I will say that we will do whatever we can to keep them safe. Stand and fight, escape when necessary-- whatever that takes." And he bows politely as she turns. "Take care on your journey, Kiyomi. You are always welcome back, until you choose not to."

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