Hugo - A Poisonous Buffet

Description: Poison manages to con her way into Zack's tournament by bribing Hugo with chinese buffet and potato lies. Somewhere in the midst of this, Johnny Cage is piledrived for beating Hugo at the spot for Jezebel's partner. (Not that Poison would have let him anyway, mind...)

Paradise island? Free food and resort... That was almost too good to be true. Not to mention there was the possibility of earning easy money out there while enjoying an heavenly setup... Something that will be a change from the slum of a city Metro City was.

The first step in her plan was quite simple -- the key to paradise required one thing : for two fighters to subscribe as a team, and fight. Luckily for the pink haired girl, she had just the perfect man for the task... <3

"Tonight, I've decided to treat you, darling..." The woman says in her sensual, playful intonation. She's leaning on Hugo, her slender arms wrapped against his bulky arm as she gingerly guides him toward her suprise and treat -- one of those chinese buffet restaurant. What better way to a man's heart than through his stomach.

Once they walk into the place, Poison chuckles and she leans a bit closer to Hugo and whispers hotly to him, "You can have aaaallll you want... My treat, 'cause you've been a gooood boy," Poison says, putting the emphasis on those words.

To encourage him to help himself, Poison lets go of Hugo and she gives him a slap on his butt, a chuckle escaping her throat as she does.

Going on trips to paradise for luxury and fun is not something Hugo cares about in the slightest. He only focuses on muscle training, and then only complains about how that somehow is insufficient for him to become world famous. Being the largest man alive should have him on all the news stations, but he wants to be known globally as a strong fighter instead. Not a sideshow! Not a misshapen potato!
Of course, Poison has learned how to manipulate him. Most people, when so close to as attractive an individual as her, would swoon. Hugo instead feels wary. There's no physical attraction between them, and her manipulative advances are always seen as exactly what they are. "What now... Oh!!"
He takes off running like an oversized child to the small restaurant, crouching down and crabwalking within. A shriek is heard from someone horribly surprised. In short order, he's seated on three chairs with a table housing five plates and two metal platters. Poison got charged three peoples' worth of buffet, but that level of buttering is necessary. Besides, she can beat them up and take it back afterwards.
Suddenly, he stops and allows his fork to clatter to the table.
"Wait! No! This trap!!" He pushes up, sending the chairs flying. "NO! WHATEVER YOU WANT, NO!!" He bolts towards the door, an overhead light shattering as it strikes his forehead in his panic. He's seen through the ruse!!

Excellent! Hugo has taken the bait! Poison moistens her lips in delight, staring at Hugo as he goes about to feast himself on the buffet. When the man comes bother Poison about the charges, the woman growls and waves her hand up dismissingly. She didn't have the time to argue with them -- she had to set up her master plan to convince Hugo.
Once he's already set up, Poison grins and she walks toward him, striding closer to him. Alas, she doesn't have the chance to say anything that he starts to panic -- he's seen right through her ruse, it would seem and rises up to leave. Not if Poison can help it!

The woman slides up and spreads her arms wide open to try and bar the way of the larger man, "Woah, woah... Calm down, calm down.." She says in a soft, soothing voice, "Hush, hush... This is no trap," She says in her gentle voice, "I just want you to be happy, Hugo..." She grins at him, moistening her lips, "Because you know... What makes Hugo happy, makes me happy... And what makes me happy, makes Hugo happy, right?" She says, tilting her head to one side, "You haven't forgotten, have you?" She says. "Sit down, enjoy the meal..." She says, gesturing toward the plates, attempting to make him lower his guard so he can be more receptive to her future plans.

Although Hugo could easily trample Poison as if she weighed only a few pounds, he doesn't. Oh sure, he still headbutts the overhead light, hopping from foot to foot as if someone of his girth could fake out the girl sufficiently to actually get past. He'd probably wedge in the door and destroy the wall if he is too excited, so keeping his public displays of irrationality to a minimum is always a solid decision. "You always say is no trap!" Hugo growls, but he slowly stops moving when she works that damnable silver tongue. "...Yes. ...But always what makes Poison happy. When we see potato farm? Or potato museum? Or get french fries! You never let me get them!!" Angrily he sits down, which happens to be upon the pile of collapsed chairs, rending the metal frames to nothing. He's perfectly level all the same, and resumes angrily devouring the food. It's the perfect lure. He's not going to escape until one of the rare instances of being full, which should give her plenty of time to manipulate him to Poison's whims. "What you want now? Man in leopard print suit smashed? Jar of makeup opened? Semitruck moved?!" Slurping, noisy, disgusting sounds, lapping a massive tongue along sausage digits. He's eaten enough for five people already, and is still going strong!!

"Soon, Hugo, soon... I promise," Poison replies, moistening her lips. She reaches out for Hugo's arm and she gently caresses him to reassure her of her honesty. "Actually... I think it is high time to go to the potato museum, Hugo... That is why I brought you here, to talk about it..."

Poison takes a free chair and she moves it to the table near Hugo, so she can sit down. She crosses her legs and leans in a bit closer, "I've been looking into it, and... Unfortunately, it costs a lot of money, Hugo," The woman says, nodding solemnly. Poison heaves a soft sigh and she stretches, "... But I've found a way for us to win an entrance to the potato museum," Poison says, lifting a finger up, "All it requires us to do, is sign up in a tournament, and win it... A team tournament,"

She leans in and reach for Hugo's face with both of her hands, so he can look into her eyes, "See, Hugo? I'm not selfish, I think about you... I want to do this for you, and win this tournament for you, so we can go to the potato museum..."

Poison leans back and turns her gaze away, "It hurts me to know you think I'm thinking solely on my own happiness, Hugo!" Alas, fake-drama, though Hugo might not notice it.

Deep inside, the part of Hugo that is not a complete, dense idiot is telling him this is all false. Just more words, whatever might be needed to get him to comply with the immediate demands. That part has never been heard his entire life. Eyes are wide, although so deep within shadowed brows they cannot be seen through the haze of black hair. "We go potato museum?" Then he listens, and is absolutely aghast. "Agh...! Hugo not have money since loan for special catfood for sick cat!! ...Tournament? A team tournament?" Poison would never fight in a public spectacle. She enjoys beating people to hell for fun, and leaves the fame and fortune to Hugo. He moves to stand, slamming a hand upon the table and sending food flying in all directions. "IF IT IS FOR POTATO, AND FOR POISON, HUGO WOULD GIVE YOU HIS HEART!!" He grips the front of his torso with his huge fingers, before flexing mightily. This display, bulging sinews of inhuman stature, stops the staff coming to warn them in their tracks and makes them decide to just accept the damages as they slink away in retreat. "We will be having this tournament! And WINNING! I am number ONE!!"

Now that was more like it. Poison's lips curl into a wide grin at Hugo's display of confidence as well as his joy to help. "Awwww, Hugo, that's so sweet," She says with a soft chuckle.
Despite all the times Poison has used Hugo and manipulated, she did care for him in her own twisted way. He was probably the closest person she had to a true friend, even if their relation was strange in its own way.
"Excellent! I knew it!" She says, straightening herself up, "You see? This was no trap, Hugo... I deeply care for you, and want you to be happy... I want you to realize this," Poison says with a slow nod of her head.
She grins and says, "Enjoy the treat -- I'll sign us up for this tournament, and if you win..." Poison says, letting her words linger. She leans in a bit closer and says, her lips moving slowly as she says in a hot, sensual way, "Potato museum for you," How those words can sound any sexy and sultry is a wonder, but Poison manages to do it in a twisted way.

What Poison had said is true; making the girl happy does make him happy. He feels needed and wanted, something he did not have when a diminuative child considered unworthy of the mighty Andore bloodline. She's replaced his mother in this new city as the person who's approval, ultimately, he desires. And the cooing affirmations akin to a good dog are really all he needs to make these manipulations worthwhile, even if he is always horribly resistant at the onset. "Nobody but Poison wants Hugo to be happy. Don't worry, I will not forget this." Settling back down into something of a hunch, he begins to devour the food as much as possible. Of course, he's drooling now, but not at the sparse clothing and alluring tone. Potato museum... he's been there before. A hundred times. But Poison has not. He wants to show her, share his love, and he will gladly fight in a tournament. How dare they institute a new charge?! Taking advantage of people's potato love... he should go and crush the place after this, just to make a point. "Hugo's aufgeregt now!!" He slams his palms down on the table, before beating his chest. "I want a kampf! Brutal one!" 'Fight', he's saying. "Find me kampf, Poison!" Sealing the deal with Hugo piledriving something would definitely make matters better...

Alas, Poison could not careless about potato. Everything about this exuded boredom to her... Would she really sacrifice her time for such a thing she thought was meaningingless and stupid? Maybe... If she has to, if she's forced to. Hugo definately didn't have the upper hand when it came to manipulating the other into doing what they wanted. Though despite all the things Poison made him do, a part of her cared for Hugo like he was her younger retarded brother.
Poison grins and she taps her hands together, "Good, good Hugo," She repeats in approval, leaning back. She did not share the food with Hugo. Poison wasn't really hungry. Poison arches a brow as Hugo demands a fight -- if she can please him, "Huuum," She ponders, a finger to her lips, "I guess I could find you someone," She says.

***** SOME TIME LATER... *****

All it took to seal the deal and keep Hugo happy long enough for him to do Poison's bidding was a fight -- and so, it's a fight Poison will get him. Anyone will do, she supposes. While Hugo has been enjoying the little treat Poison gave him, she was on her cellphone, talking with her sweet, alluring intonation to get just what she wants -- men were so easily manipulated, after all.

"Alright, darling, guess what Poison got you?" The woman says with a playful tone in her voice, a wicked smile on her face. "I've found you someone to fight, let's get going... We don't have too much time," She says with a wink.

And so, Poison leaves the chinese buffet restaurant with Hugo. She grins at the thought -- Hugo will be pleased with this match.

******** Some time later, in the middle of downtown Metro City ******* "Another little gift, guess who I've got you?" Poison moistens her lips and wiggles her finger, leaning over into a wanton posture, "That guy, named Johnny Cage... I heard he gave you trouble the other day, didn't he?" Poison says with a wicked grin.

All it took was a few pictures of important persons in compromising position and it was incredible the power blackmail could give you! Now, if Johnny's agent did everything like she asked of him, he'll have convinced his protege to come here for a fight...

"Better not be little potato..." Hugo growls, pushing up to his feet as Poison works her magic. She's a manager and an agent for a reason. In the cutthroat world of politics and glamour, she's amongst the best there is. Hugo is not famous as anything but a local brute, after all, something that he wishes to change. Challenging the mighty Johnny Cage would do wonders for it. "Cage... Johnny... movie man..." Hugo liked his movies. They were full of explosions and battle! But slowly the gears turn in his head. Watching from the sidelines as the glasses-wearing man won. He became the Hoedown Dillo. He stole from Hugo that which he wanted in this world. Slowly he begins to tremble, a seething aura of menace that Poison should find delightful. "...I WILL BREAK HIM...!"

Johnny flew into Metro on his private jet; he didn't think much of the city, but it was great for shooting some of his films, and he had plenty of fans out here. Plus, they had great pizza. A limo pulls up into the area where Poison and Hugo currently are. Johnny steps out, already dressed up to fight. Designer martial arts pants in his favorite blue color, matching expensive shades, fight bandages around his forearms, and his name arrogantly tattooed across his chest. He takes a good look around, first seeing Hugo - damn, he was even bigger in full light - and...Poison.

Johnny pulls down his shades to get a REAL good look at her. "Damn," he says. "Nice legs, daisy dukes, makes a man go..." He approaches the two, and puts his hands on his hips. "So, I had my agent blubbering at me during my massage. I'm guessing that's your doing, little lady," he says to Poison. He points to Hugo. "So you're his...what, his handler?"

The pink haired woman grins and moistens her lips in delight, "Excellent!" She exclaims, jubilant. She winks at Hugo and then says playfully, "Keep some for the fight,"

When she hears Johnny's voice, Poison turns on her heels, her lips curling into a wide smile. She rests her hands on her waist, her hips swaying sensually as she approaches him, "Maybe," She answers, a wide smile on her lips. She nods her head and says, "Better feast your eyes on me and enjoy the sight while you can, you're not going to fight me, boy,"

Poison chuckles and strides gingerly pass Johnny Cage, lifting one hand up to graze his arm and chest with her fingers, a lingering touch as she walks away. She waves her hand up in the air, not looking behind her, "Have fun, boys... Better keep your eyes up there," Poison teases, pointing backward with her thumb in Hugo's direction.

There's a sudden great weight filling the air; the presence of the greatest Andore to ever live. When Johnny Cage looks back towards Hugo, he is so tall that shadows ripple across his sharply etched face, eyes not visible from the recesses of hus huge brow and jutting chin. Every muscle is bulging and tensed, and likely his arm weighs more than all of the martial artist put together. He's well over eight feet tall, and absolutely broad. It is like an eclipse of sheer strength and power, packed into a gaudy pink outfit. "...ARMADILLO MAN..." he states, through grit teeth. "YOU STOLE HUGO'S DREAM... DREAM OF WORKING WITH COWGIRL. FOR THAT..." He suddenly shifts forward, slamming down a foot. The ground quakes, as he puts all his weight into leaning backwards. "I SHALL CRUSH YOU LIKE BUG!!" And then he swings. Downwards like a missile that open palm goes, exactly like one would swat a fly. Only the surface area of his prodigious hand is likely larger than Cage's entire silhouette. The street would explode in all directions from the force, car alarms going off a block away as huge chunks of shattered asphalt go in all directions. Oh, yes... Johnny's not going to want to get hit by THIS guy!

COMBATSYS: Hugo has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hugo             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hugo             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0      Johnny Cage

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage blocks Hugo's Fierce Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Hugo             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Johnny grins as Poison teases him. "I was thinking more like dinner, a movie, a night at my me sometime," he says in the smoothest tone he can muster. He almost forgets Hugo is there when the big man starts bellowing. "Wha-" Then the punch comes. What a punch it is! Johnny reacts quickly, raising his arms as he blocks the punch. It sends him sliding backwards on the street several feet, and he can feel the shock go up his arms. That'll leave a bruise. "Damn!"

He points at Hugo. "I won that contest fair and square, big man! I can't help that I'm just too awesome! I've fought tons of big guys like you in my Cage Match. Pretty sure I fought one of your cousins. Maybe." He turns to the crowds watching. "If there's one thing I've learned, the bigger they ARE, the bigger they LOSE!" he proclaims, just to hype them up.

Johnny then kicks forward, a green chi shadow aura enveloping him as he dashes quickly to deliver his foot to Hugo's stomach.

"Maaaaaaybe," Poison replies, letting a flicker of hope linger in her playful, teasing intonation. She turns on her heels, her lips curling into a wide grin, "You need to be still in one piece first," She adds with a soft chuckle.

COMBATSYS: Hugo barely endures Johnny Cage's Shadow Kick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Hugo             0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Honestly, Hugo could care less about people who flirt with Poison. Everyone does it; and she adores the attention, especially if it can be used to her advantage. The utter lack of romantic interest certainly helps matters -- if she ever had anything but flings, he might get jealous due to OTHER reasons, but his rage is made no greater. "I not care if it's fair OR square!" Hugo growls out, marching forward in huge, lumbering footsteps. "Andores...? Do not compare Andores to Hugo. I am..." Suddenly his huge arms flex out in either direction, as Johnny rushes forward. The kick slams into his midsection, but then a moment later he attempts to crushly grasp Johnny to his chest.
If he succeeds, he will then hurl himself a good two stories into the air, spiraling madly. Before suddenly descending with Johhny beneath, arms and legs spread out to SLAM him upon the sidewalk, shattering the concrete to dust with the explosive force behind the simple move!! "Schwächling like you... UNDERSTAND SOON!!"

COMBATSYS: Hugo knocks away Johnny Cage with Moonsault Press.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Hugo             0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0      Johnny Cage

Johnny is grabbed and held tight against Hugo. Getting bear hugged by a huge, presumably sweaty, German behemoth was not on his to-do list today. "Watch the sunglasses!" he yells as they both fly into the air. Then, Hugo comes down again. Johnny hears a loud crack and wonders if that was the ground or his skeletal system, as he gets blown away from under Hugo due to the force of the blow. He lands in a heap, cut up and hurting. "Ugh...." He gets up. Luckily, the shades remain okay. "What did you call me?" he demands. "You know, we're not so different, you and I!" he says, still attempting to ham it up. "Wrestling and action movies...people think the talent can't really fight. I get that all the time."

Johnny holds both arms out as he focuses green chi energy into a condensed ball form in either. "SO, I'm gonna show you why you never mess with the Cage, on OR off the stage!" He then hurls the two chi balls at Hugo one after the other.

COMBATSYS: Hugo interrupts Take Two from Johnny Cage with Shootdown Backbreaker.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Hugo             0/-------/-======|=======\==-----\1      Johnny Cage

Pushing back up to his feet in a heartbeat, Hugo continues to tower upwards. He's not particularly fast in the traditional sense, but with his reach and being able to assault such massive areas, it's imposing to try to actually get away from him. He's already lumbering forth, and to a normal person, he'd be well out of range. "We much different. You famous. I not. And you small... I BIG!!" He then rushes into a charge, the ground beginning to resonate with each thump of his booted feet. The ball strikes his shoudler, blowing away his gaudy pink leopard print shirt. The second fired hits him in the mid torso, but neither slow him down. A huge hand grasps Johnny by the face, hefting him upwards. "BACK!" And then Hugo leaps up, slamming down as Johnny's body would be crunched across that prodigiously large neck of Hugo, yanked down at either end. "BREAKER!!" And then he twists, hurling Cage towards the windshield of an adjacent car. "Hah! You tickle Hugo, like little girl!!" He's smoking heavily, but he's likely been underestimated... then again, how much fighting technique do you NEED to bend metal around like cardboard?

Johnny HAS severely underestimated the giant man and his anger, as he stares dumbfounded when Hugo powers through his chi attack and grabs him. Johnny is hoisted up and slammed over Hugo's sausage-pack-like neck, though fortunately his back does not break - he's made of tougher stuff than that. It DOES hurt a lot though, pain shooting up his back. The world is a blur of motion as Hugo yanks him around like a ragdoll and tosses him into a car, breaking the windshield and setting off the alarm. The crowd gasps.

Then Johnny opens the driver's said door and steps out, sweeping glass off his shoulders. Some is embedded in his body, though, causing bleeds. But still he faces the man. "Is that all you got, Jolly Pink Giant?!" Johnny assumes a wide stance, and a green chi aura starts emanating from him. He breathes in and out slowly, muscles suddenly tensing as he seems to channel his power.

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage gathers his will.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Hugo             0/-------/-======|=======\======-\1      Johnny Cage

"I am not jolly at all!! Green beans terrible!" Hugo suddenly exhales, before he once more settles a foot before himself. Muscles bulge upon his form, black hair rippling before his solemn features. "You want see real strength? Hugo show you..." And then he reaches far behind. Sliding inwards, he bites his lower lip as hard as he can, and then /swings/. Right before himself he twists while curling his elbow viciously inwards. There's a sudden EXPLOSION of force and wind, flying outwards in Johnny's direction. The car is hit and almost flips over, hydrant shattering and senting gouts of water into the air, the very wind and force of Hugo able to be externally hurled through the air with far too much potency to be reasonable!!

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage fails to counter Storm Slap from Hugo with Ball Buster.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hugo             0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Johnny Cage can no longer fight.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hugo             0/-------/=======|

Johnny is surprised Hugo can even generate projectile-force winds; as such, he's blown off his feet, hurled across the street, and into a nearby fountain in a park. SPLASH! When he finally gets up, his sunglasses fall into two pieces. He takes out a fresh pair and puts them on, grinning at Hugo. Then he falls forward on his face.

Not many people expect someone to be able to strike the air so hard it creates a point-blank explosion of force; Johnny's not the first or last person to be taken aback by such a simple technique. Although the rather suave manner in which he replaces his glasses... he retained his dignity and class to the very end! "You!!" Stomping forward, the damaged car is backhanded away before he moves to start shaking Cage by the shoulders. "Fight over! Now give Hugo autograph!!" He's grinning like a fool, holding up a crumpled picture of Cage giving a thumb's up. "Um mein größter Fan!!"

COMBATSYS: Hugo has ended the fight here.

Now Johnny knows how Ramsay feels after the former punched the latter in the groin. Johnny, though shakened, takes out a pen and card he always also keeps on hand, scribbles his signature, and tucks it into Hugo's shirt, all while half-conscious. "Alwez f'r th' fns," he slurrs.

There's a beam from Hugo, who obviously has forgiven everything related to the Armadillo affair... if he even remembers. "Perfect!" he offers, before moving to give Johnny a swat in the back... hard enough to send him flying back into the ruined car. "Poison! Book us trip to tournament! The potato museum will SOON BE HOURS!!" He explosively flexes, enough the air disperses around him, before marching forward in heavy thumps back to his colleague.

Upon Hugo's glorious victory, Poison jumps up slightly, a gleesome laughter escaping her throat, "Ahahah! Yes! Peeerfect!" She says with a wide grin. "Hugo, you're the best! I knew you'd beat him up in no time..." She says, resting her hands on her waist and beaming proudly. After all, she was more or less, Hugo's manager and the victory of her prodige made her proud.
She grins and leans over, waving one hand to Johnny Cage, blowing a kiss and a wink in his direction, "Maaaaybe you'll get your chance some other time, sweetie," She says.
Paradise Island, here she comes.

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