Charlie - The Program: Seeing Red

Description: The Program goes international as Delta Red sends a liasion to visit Maj. Nash while he recuperates from Testament's second attack. Plus, worries about how 'international' the Program should be.

It's not a terribly auspicious start for the face of the Special Forces Martial Arts Program, right now. Not necessarily because of anything that's happened with the program, no. But when one of the major faces of the program has gotten injured twice, so soon, it's hard for him to be the face, PR junkets and meetings requiring a healthy body across the table.

Then again, even if the program is still in its infancy, there's already a possible target for them to look into. That's a thought that Charlie has in his hospital bed (and this time, pulling rank enough to gain access to files related to the Program for him to peruse), thanks to his latest run-in with the mysterious man known as Testament. Such encounters have left Charlie needing a plasma IV, but despite all considered, all blood lost, both encounters were quite illuminating.

Tucking away personnel files, Charlie instead looks over security photos from the UN attack, scowling at the assailant circled in red pen in each photo. "What are you, kid..." he mutters to himself, arranging the photos over his lap as if trying to find some kind of clue amongst things.

It wasn't the ideal situation but because she was already scheduled to meet Charlie Nash to discuss her being the representative of Delta Red if not the first of the representatives. Given the fact that she had to travel overseas to get there and wouldn't have much time to stay in the United States before she would have to return the United Kingdom.

Sacrifices had to be made. After a bit of running around and a bit of having to go through all sorts of bureaucracy she finally is given access to Charlie's room in the hospital and then there's a bit of a knock on the door.

Her voice betrays a bit of her nervousness as she says, "Hello. Lieutenant Lita Luwanda of Delta Red. May I come in, sir?"

She then cracks the door open but then stays back waiting for permission to enter. It would be bad for appearances if she were to just barge in.

Looking at the scattered pictures along his lap, Charlie scowled, before stacking them up again and tucking them back into the folder he had. Just as he was about to slide out the incident report from the attack, he heard the door open, prompting him to look up toward. "Mmmn?"

When the visitor introduced herself, a light turns on in Charlie's head. "Ah, right, I was told someone from British Special Forces was visiting as a liason." He's not familiar enough with Delta Red as a unit, but he knows of the name at the very least to connect it with British forces. Extending his hand outward, he tried to straighten up into a more upright sitting position. "Major Charlie Nash, Air Force. I take it you're here as the liason?"

When she's invited in, she moves towards the hospital bed, and takes the offered hand and shakes it with a firm grip before releasing and stepping away and places her folder on the table next to the folder already there. "It is honour to finally meet you. I am the liason as well as the melee specialist of Delta Red."

She taps the folder she placed. "Those are my qualifications. My commanding officer also said that you would want to see me in action so I also brought a tablet so you could also watch my Neo League fights."

Shaking Lita's hand, Charlie makes sure to keep his left arm steady, the IV still embedded in in his arm. The Major clearly has seen better days, his entire torso wrapped up in bandages. Then again, it's probably a good thing his back isn't visible from this side of things, considering how many times Testament stabbed him there.

"Delta Red is a pretty prestigious unit," he says, taking the folder and opening it up. He glances over the file, eyes flitting from side to side as he scans it. "So you've done league fights as well?" he asks, curiousity in his voice. As he takes the tablet, he continues to speak. "So...why did you offer to be the liason to the Program?" he asks pointedly.

Lita steps back as she watches Charlie go through her files staying silent and taking deep breathes as she tries to figure out what she thinks of those files of hers. She then releases the tablet once she has it set up with a montage of her fights against Tiffany, Getrude, and the Tiger Mask.

She then clasps her hands behind her back. "Because there has been an increase in fighter activity. Not all police departments are equipped to deal with them if they were to cause chaos."

What she doesn't say is that there's also a concern about the supernatural activities like UN attack. Particularly since it might be a sensitive topic for the person on the hospital bed right now.

Charlie settles back against a pillow, wincing despite how soft the pillow is. Those wounds are going to take some time to heal still after all. As he watches the fights, he takes the time to draw his eyes up to focus on the woman herself, rather than the fights shown on the tablet. He does occasionally swipe a finger across as if skipping through for highlights.

"And you personally. What reason do you have to stand against things like that? What's motivating you, specifically, to work with the Program, exactly?" he asks pointedly. Again, as much as connections and ability count for something, character counts for quite a bit too. Much as he loves a good fight, he doesn't want people who are in the program just to get a rush or something. He wants people of good moral fiber.


She wants to put her thoughts in just the right way. There's a moment of awkward, nervous silence before she takes a breath.

"To be honest there are multiple reasons, sir. Fighters, and other types of dangerous combatants, have the capability of causing massive destruction and potential to harm those who can't defend themselves. I want to prevent that and it would be irresponsible of me to not do so if I have the capability. But I would be lying if I didn't find the idea of challenging myself alluring as well."

She nods and waits. Hoping that she didn't say anything wrong. She wants to be a part of this but she's not sure if she'll be able to.

Charlie nods absently, listening to Lita even as he scans through the various fight footage. "Hrm....close combat specialist, I take it?" he asks, making a mental note of it. That in itself isn't exactly a rare thing, but the sword is definitely something.

Finally, after some time, he puts down the tablet, looking up to Lita with an analytical eye. "So what HAVE you heard, far as the kind of threats we'd be investigating and fighting as part of this program? I'm sure you've heard of a few things, in particular," he asks, again watching her, as if analyzing her body language.

"The obvious one..." She takes a small gulp of air, "Would be the UN attack by the paranormal entity. In this case because it's high profile and because it directly involves you." Clearly she has done her own research. She clearly wants to make a good impression. "Which if the paranormal could cause that much chaos in an area with that many big wigs that would require attention."

"A less obvious one... Would probably be connected to the Inter High School tournament but in that case it's more of what isn't be told. Student fighters being scanned with machines that hasn't shown up in medical journals. Principles who appeared pretty much out of nowhere and when you follow the paper trail it ends up at a dead end. Something is going on there but I don't know what."

Well, he should've seen that first one coming, considering how high profile it was. But the latter...well, that's something he hasn't quite been up to date on, particularly considering it was on Japanese soil. And even with a liason from British Special Forces, it's still a primarily American outfit. That's what the meeting at the UN was all about, after all, trying to procure more international involvement.

"I see." Leaning back on his bed, he folds his arms a bit. "Well, I can tell you're well read on the kind of threats and incidents we'd be looking into. And I'm impressed with what you can do in a fight so far, though I'll have to see a live demonstration first thing when I can. And your profile is impressive as well." He goes silent for a bit, mulling things for a little. "What is Delta Red's relationship with the UN like however?"

She shifts her weight slightly before stroking her chin. It's a question she didn't quite expect. And why should she? She doesn't know the finer details of that incident such as Testament pointing the finger at the UN for his creation. Understandably, everyone involved would want to keep that hushed. But it's because of this that it makes sense that Lita is confused.

"Our relationship with the UN is okay. We help out when we can but ultimately, our loyalty is to Queen and country." She shrugs not knowing what to add but the wheels are turning in her head and she's wondering what more there is to find out with concern about the attack on the UN.

No surprise such things were kept under wraps. It's not something that should be filtered out into public reports. And it's embarrassing and unsourced enough that even the military incident reports glossed over it at best. But considering what he's heard personally before, he had to ask, considering the implications if Testament's ramblings were anywhere near true.

"Just asking. Despite my attempts to get cooperation with the UN, things might be a bit contentious, just warning you. Interpol might be more open to cooperation though." He won't say it outright, yet. After all, Lita's not officially with the program yet. The program still isn't a concrete thing yet to begin with. But it's something he has to be sure of first.

"In any case, Lieutenant, I'll likely have to get back to you later, once I'm off medical leave, but you can tell your Commander that I would be happy to have you as the Program's liason. It'll have to be cleared by my superiors first, but recommendations go a long way still."

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