Testament - So Begins the Hunt

Description: Realizing that the champions of humanity are going to cause him no end of trouble in his revenge, Testament seeks to take them out one at a time. First up-- Charlie Nash, that 'All-American Hero'. Losing such a shining symbol of courage should break morale. However, Charlie survives, and gives Testament a beating he won't soon forget. And also gets some clues.

It's been some time since Maj. Charlie Nash was put on medical leave. It's not all fun and games, especially for someone as driven as Charlie, considering how much of a lynchpin he's supposed to be for the new Special Forces Martial Arts Program. As it is, he's not even allowed to look at any official files or profiles right now since he's not even supposed to be working.

That hasn't kept him from doing things unofficially, of course, having been able to meet with a few prospectives. That's even why he's here in Seattle, having managed to meet with one such prospective personally and get a sense of his abilities and, more importantly, get a sense of his motivaitions. After all, character is going to be just as important as skill for these things.

But now that he's done with that, he's a bit at a loss with what to do with the rest of his day, mostly loitering on a pier for now, and looking out at the ocean. A ginger touch comes to his mostly healed side as he thinks about things, mostly his previous conversation with one Daniel Little. "Rabbit holes..." he mutters, shaking his head. Things are going to get interesting, that's for sure....

It's a good thing the pier is mostly deserted. It's still kind of chilly, a bit too chilly for swimmers or most casual boaters. The HARDCORE boaters are already out in the water. So Major Nash's only companions are seagulls flying around and crowing, and a few padding along the beach. Horrible companions, these seagulls... they have nothing interesting to say, and want nothing to do with Charlie-- or any other human beings-- unless he has food! Though, speaking of things that want nothing to do with human beings...


...Was that a crow? No, it's too deep. That's a raven. And sure enough, should Major Nash look up, there's a raven there! It lands right on the pier and extends its wings, squawking loudly at him. It's... threatening him? A territory dispute perhaps? The next sound however, might just clear up the confusion

A chuckle. A man's voice, deep and metallic-sounding. Also probably familiar. "...Well, well. What have we here?" The light Germanic accent. The metallic note in his voice. It's all there.

Also perhaps familiar is the spray of blood that suddenly erupts behind the raven, who flies up to a high perch. The blood makes a sickening sound, as it sprays upwards, forming what looks like faces screaming in agony before falling to the ground and disappearing... and leaving someone behind...

It's HIM. The guy from the UN attack. Minus his scythe... for the moment. "The hero goes to lick his wounds in solitude... and the villain finds him there. I didn't think that really happened."

Charlie's not a bird watcher, nor an expert on them. So it's not like he could tell one species of seagull from another. But he's perceptive enough to know the difference between a seagulls caw and a raven's squawk. And as he looks up, he sees that very raven, the source of the odd sound. "...wait a second," he mutters. Again, he's not an expert...but he knows enough that piers aren't exactly a raven's most natural habitat.

Tensing up, Charlie braces, and his instincts are rewarded when the telltale spray of blood comes. No need for expertise on this either, he's seen this once before, and it's not hard to see that the sources are the same.

"You," Charlie says with a flat tone, his hands brought up in a fighting stance, only broken long enough for him to brush his glasses off his face and hastily fold them up. "So I guess you're embracing your role as a villain then?" he asks, scowling. "You hurt a lot of innocent people, pal."

"Of course," comes the reply. "When one man stands against the masses, even if the masses are wrong, the one who dares to stand up is always seen as the 'villain'. That's just a fact of life." Testament tilts his head. "Besides, I only killed two, thanks to you and your friends. Slightly short of my goal." Calmly, as if talking about the weather, he explains, "I meant to kill everyone in the building.

"Still. I should thank you," he notes. "You helped me realize that there are certain steps I'll need to take before I can erase you humans from this world." He reaches up, digs one long fingernail into his cheek, and tears a gash across his face. The blood sprays out, but instead of just falling to the ground, the arcing spray forms quickly into a scythe. The gash heals almost instantly.

A malicious grin. "I need to eradicate YOU, and those 'champions' that would stand up and fight back. Without you and your kind, it won't be so hard." Pause, smirk. "Nothing personal... 'pal'. But you ARE in my way, and you don't seem keen on moving, so I have to remove you manually."

Yes. He's insane. If his talk of 'erasing humans from this world' wasn't enough to convince Charlie, the gleam in his eyes probably is. The Gear's crimson eyes are glassy with madness. But it's more than that. Charlie's probably seen enough trauma after battle to recognize this sort of look.

This man did not just 'go insane'. He broke.

COMBATSYS: Testament has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Testament        0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Charlie has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Charlie          0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0        Testament

Charlie snorts a bit. "Yeah, that was kind of the point. I'm not about to let mass murder happen on my watch if I can help it, you know," the jawing giving Charlie enough time to pocket his glasses and tuck them into his vest finally. He glowers at Testament, watching that gash torn into the man's own cheek. The way it sprays out to form into the same weapon he had used to kill at the UN is...disconcerting. He apparently did see THAT, amongst his other blood tricks, the previous time.

"Unfortunately for you, those 'champions' stand in front of you for a reason," he says. "And not even someone with tricks like you will be able to go through all of them," he adds. But then he looks at the man's eyes. Sure, he's never quite seen the things some of his mentors have before, but he recognized that look, both in certain relatives and other officers before. That look of someone simply broken by things they've seen before. It's a haunting look that one never quite forgets when you see it.

"What the hell happened to you, kid...." he mutters.

"'Not on your watch', hm?" Testament echoes. "I'll just have to make sure you can't see me any longer, then, won't I?" As for not being able to get through all of the 'champions'? He seems to go still, a little bit. A thoughtful look on his face, though his eyes are still haunted.

His voice is quite all of a sudden. Defeated? "...Maybe not..." But then he draws in a hissing breath through his teeth, rage seemingly renewed, his voice growing louder with the next statement. "But I won't be the only one. And I'll pull as many of you as I can DOWN TO HELL WITH ME!"

Then Charlie's muttered words reach him. And he freezes. Utterly. For a moment. And then he is suddenly SEETHING. For some reason. "PITY?! How DARE you think to show me PITY AFTER WHAT YOUR KIND DID?!"

...Uhoh. He's pissed now. Demonstrated quite well when he LEAPS at Charlie, swinging his scythe in a circle around him as he's airborne, almost giving it a 'buzzsaw' type effect. Except the blade shifts and distorts as he swings it, so that it almost seems fluid. But if it hits? It's going to feel solid enough... and SHARP enough!

COMBATSYS: Testament successfully hits Charlie with Badlands.
- Power hit! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Charlie          0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1        Testament

Charlie had his suspicions, mind. Especially after discussing with Daniel about the implications of Testament's attack on the UN, he had suspicions, but more importantly, he had questions. Questions that needed at least addressing, if not answers.

Of course, answers are hard to come by when you can't get the questions out thanks to a massive blood scythe slashing into him deeply. The scythe is fluid, sure, but the wound it leaves isn't something a pure liquid would, the soldier's blood quickly added to the weapon's as it spills from the massive gash across his chest. "Gahnnnn....."

Clutching his chest, he glowers toward Testament. "What my kind did? What, exactly, happened that you're holding everyone but you responsible, huh?" he asks. Yes, it's accusatory, and it's left with an implication that something is Testament's fault...but he's banking on anger keeping the man's lips loose and get him talking. Of course, he's not simply going to be a sacrificial lamb either, reeling his free arm back and channeling his energy into his fist. A right hook cuts through the air, a slicing blade of chi flying through at near super-sonic sound, the rush of the air vacuum it leaves behind powering it even further as a loud "SONIC BOOM!" is choked out, the blade flying straight toward Testament.

COMBATSYS: Testament blocks Charlie's Sonic Boom.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Charlie          0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1        Testament

Seeing the blade of wind and chi flies at him, Testament crosses his arms before him. The blade cuts deeply into his arms, pulling a growl of pain from him. Apparently yes, he does still feel pain. But the wound? It's a terrible thing, cutting straight to the bone. But... it heals almost instantly. Though the wince of pain on his face remains.

"I wouldn't expect you to know," Testament hisses. "Your kind... the lesser ones." Probably means the people who can't, don't, or won't fight. "They're WEAK, and they know it. Pitiful... so afraid of their own shadows that they create monsters to use against everyone else!"

He tries to leap forward, trying to catch Charlie by his already injured chest. Except Testament's nails grow into literal CLAWS as he tries to grip at the other man's chest. And does his face suddenly look like a skull with glowing red light behind it?! He's trying to sling Charlie into the air by those claws.

Disturbingly? If he can catch Charlie and make him bleed... Charlie might be able to see his blood flowing TOWARDS Testament... possibly into the Gear's fingers? Provided he can catch Charlie... he might not!

COMBATSYS: Charlie blocks Testament's Quick Throw.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Charlie          0/-------/--=====|=======\==-----\1        Testament

Seeing the Sonic Boom crash against Testament's guard, Charlie holds back on any rush in behind the near supersonic strike. He's tested the man's guard, and found it...grotesque, mostly due to the instant healing he was witness to. Frowning, he remains tense, and wary, holding back as he simply listens. ANd then the claws come out, literally.

The soldier is able to push Testament's hand away enough that the claws merely scratch him, rather than gut him and toss him into the air. Backing away, he brings his arms up again, trying to ignore his bloody wounds best he can. "And who made you, hrm? What made you you, aside from a whole lot of misplaced anger?" he asks with a glower, before flipping in. His one heel snaps out and downward, as if trying to crack the handle of Testament's scythe, then the other, the speed in which his legs flash out creating a thin supersonic blade of its own, trying to cut even deeper.

COMBATSYS: Testament interrupts Blade Slice from Charlie with Warrant.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Charlie          1/------=/=======|=======\====---\1        Testament

Charlie might have expected Testament to block with his scythe. But... he doesn't. In fact he allows the scythe to float to his side as the kick comes in. And he lets the blade impact his torso, cutting deeply into his flesh. Charlie might also have expected the damage to heal instantly-- maybe he was just trying to do that 'you fool, you cannot harm me' thing over-the-top bad guys do on the cartoons?

Except when the skin of his torso splits, Testament LITERALLY dissolves into blood...

And reappears behind Charlie! His arms don't fully form for a moment, remaining a writhing, pulsing mass of blood with horrid screaming faces on it. Just long enough for him to twine these blood-arms into a drill-shape and stab Charlie with it! His arms reform after that, as does his scythe.

Now free to speak, Testament hisses, "Why do you think I was at the UN building? Your OWN GOVERNMENT makes monsters, and you-- one of their defenders-- don't even know it!" He barks a mirthless laugh. "The irony is so beautiful. A hero for the cause... while the 'cause' is creating monsters. After all... who needs hot-blooded heroes when you have an army of mindless soldiers to do your killing for you, at a moment's notice and a single command?"

The Blade Slice kick comes down hard like a hammer, and for a moment, it seems like he's managed to split Testament hard....at least until the man dissolves completely. That's a huge warning sign for Charlie, and he doesn't have any time to consider what happened before he feels that drilling mass stabs him directly in the back. "AGGGHHH!!!"

The attack is pretty reminiscent of what happened with that key before, but unfortunately, this time, he's not quite able to muster a full retalation so immediately. Not to mention how much the strike aggrivates his existing injuries from that attack. Falling away, Charlie can't quite reach his back where he was stabbed, he just ends up prone for a bit as he looks up. "My Government? The UN? Which?" he grunts, gasping as he tries to stand up. "You think...nnhh...I would condone something like that? And what do you mean 'monsters'?" he asks, before trying to backhand Testament and try to knock him back enough for some space

COMBATSYS: Charlie successfully hits Testament with Medium Punch.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Charlie          1/-----==/=======|=======\=====--\1        Testament

Testament really didn't think Charlie would react so quickly! After already having been injured he'd thought a blow like that would put Charlie down for the count! Apparently not, as the good Major pulls off the bitchslap of champions! It's a surprising hit that Testament tries to draw back from but can't quite make it in time. As a result the strike impacts soundly, knocking him to the side for the distance Charlie sought.

The scythe is dropped and disappears, but as Testament stands, he reforms it as he did at the beginning. "The United States must surely be in the United Nations." He frowns. "That's what they said... they said they were from UN..." A look at Charlie. "Maybe if you're a good little soldier they'll let you join the ranks of their mindless killing machines."

His voice is a low, barely-audible growl as he says the next. "Or maybe they'll throw you away... like they TRIED to do with me..."

And then suddenly Testament releases his scythe... and it's in motion, by its own volition. It flips forward as he extends his hands in a 'push' motion.

COMBATSYS: Charlie blocks Testament's Weakened Medium Strike.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Charlie          1/----===/=======|=======\=====--\1        Testament

Well, that makes things a bit clearer. Implicating the UN proper rather than a specific country's government narrows down the list some for sure, and makes it less of a problem if Charlie really does go deeper into this rabbit hole, that's for sure. And with that resolve, Charlie isn't going to let up. Even if what Testament says is true, he can't let him up with mercy because the man was made a monster. A monster is still a monster, and he has to prevent him from taking life, even if that life is his own.

Standing up, after managing to bear the possible 'abberant' back with the backfist, he's able to finally get up to his feet. Just in time too, as he's able to bring up his arms and a leg too to stop the 'pushing' strike from the scythe. "I'm no mindless soldier. And I'm not about to take something like a monster factory lying down. But if you think I'm going to let you kill people because of some grudge, you're in for a rude awakening." With that, Charlie seems to shine for a bit....and then, he twists, a forward somersault slashing out, kick after kick toward Testament, energy streaks between his feet as he flips...and then when he lands, there's another, and another, the powerful Somersault Kicks chained together, one after the other.

It's time for Justice.

COMBATSYS: Charlie dazes Testament with Somersault Justice!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Charlie          0/-------/----<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2        Testament

It's a flurry of attacks That Testament isn't expecting. The scythe drops to the ground again, disappearing again, as the somersault flurry hits... and hits... and hits! Farther and farther back Testament's forced. The raven lets out a squawk that almost sounds distressed, as the last hit knocks Testament far out into the water. In fact he SKIPS ACROSS IT a couple of times, before finally plowing into the water's surface and sinking beneath the ocean.

...Could that be it? Might Charlie have beaten him? Well, it looks like Charlie's got a few moments to breathe, it seems.

...Or not. The spray of blood appears on the pier again, and Testament is left behind. His scythe is in hand, though he's wobbling on his feet. He's soaked, and coughs out a mouthful of seawater as the blood disappears. "...Too fast..." he croaks. Almost drowning will mess up one's voice. But it still has that weird metallic grain to it.

"No... I won't let you stop me," he breathes. "I'm not... the only one. I only have to take... a few of you down...! Others will do the rest...! Dig down deep, little soldier. Dig deep... uncover the secrets. Then you'll see who the true 'monsters' are...!" He rips his other cheek, forming a second scythe, and crosses his arms over his chest. It looks like he's about to charge Charlie and slice him with both of those scythes!

Except... the scene seems to blur. And if he's not careful Charlie may find that he seems to be somewhere else. A dark room. On a bed. With a beautiful woman leaning over him, smiling in a way that leaves no doubt as to what she intends to do to him... things that he'll probably like! But the woman is... off. Her skin is light blue. She has purple markings on her skin. And she has golden horns. She is plainly not human.

...Of course, this is all in the mind-- an illusion trying to ensnare Charlie. Trying to get him to drop his guard. So Testament can do exactly what it looked like he was going to do before-- charge Charlie and slice him with both of those scythes.

COMBATSYS: Charlie barely endures Testament's The Seventh Sign.

[                          \\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Charlie          0/-------/<<<<<<<|>>>>---\-------\0        Testament

Landing after the Somersault Justice, Charlie drops down into a crouch. Summoning up the reserves to do that many strikes in succession takes a lot out of him, after all. And as he recovers, he sees Testament...not quite beaten, but wobbling for sure. "NNnhh....you think this is the way to show people what happened....you think...mnh....that this will inspire people? Or that they'll...nnh...label you as the villain, and not who made you?" he asks.

Standing up, he prepares for another attack. But when Testament rushes in, the scene blurs...and the illusion that takes over him prompts him to drop his guard seemingly. "What...." he says, looking up in the illusion. At least until he's able to clear his head enough just in time to see the scythes come down. It's far too late to defend, but he's able to push himself in forward, so even as they slice into him, he's still moving forward.

The strikes have him woozy and teetering, nearly blacking out. But he's not about to give in yet, pushing forward enough to stagger toward Testament, and leap into the air. "Wake up!" he shouts, driving forward with his foot extended to try and slam it into Testament's face.

COMBATSYS: Charlie keeps on fighting!

[                         \\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Charlie          0/-------/-======|>>>>---\-------\0        Testament

COMBATSYS: Testament interrupts Leap Kick EX from Charlie with Warrant.

[                                < >  //////                        ]
Charlie          1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0        Testament

And again Testament lets the scythe float beside him, spreading his arms. And yet again, when the foot impacts his face, he melts away into blood that falls to the pier. And-- yes-- he reappears behind Charlie, stabbing at him. This time he puts some distance between himself and Charlie as his arms and scythe reform.

"But I AM awake, little soldier... more awake now than I have ever been," he breathes. "No one to call me weak... useless... No one able to lie to me ever again..." He draws a breath, seeming to stumble. Hard to look tough when he's having trouble just standing up. But he's trying, anyway.

The flying kick seems to hit...but again, Testament's tricks seem to catch him off guard, and another stab into the back further aggrivates him...at this point, there might not be any fight left in Charlie, blood loss at a critical point. Stumbling away, and with Testament so far away at this point, he finds himself starting to black out with no chance to keep standing. Is he possibly going to fall here?

Unable to give up without a fight though, he summons up what energy left he has, one hand glowing and slashing out into the air. Then the other hand. And then a back hand, each shot through the air creating a Sonic Boom in itself, 3 blades of air-cutting superspeed pessure slicing through toward Testament....before Charlie finally collapses.

COMBATSYS: Charlie prepares to take his last stand against Testament!

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Charlie          0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0        Testament

COMBATSYS: Testament dodges Charlie's Sonic Break.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Charlie          0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0        Testament

Testament expected for Charlie to go down right about then. It was only through sheer luck and having gotten far enough away from Charlie that he manages to dodge the incoming blades of air and chi. And they still clip the ends of his hair and kilt, the latter snipping off a piece of the fabric and knocking a metal eyelet out of the garment.

The dodge becomes less of a sidestep and more of a fall to his knees, though, as Testament loses the strength to stand. And he won't go down. But he doesn't have much in him. He doesn't have a military background; there's nothing about him that's remotely recognizable as military. And he hasn't been trained to just keep going through the pain. Which means that when his energy is exhausted... well, THIS happens.

He's not bleeding, no. But he's also not getting up. At least it doesn't look like. "...P-pretty good... for a human..." he breathes. "Maybe you'll be of use after all..." Big talk considering he looks like he's about to collapse.

COMBATSYS: Testament takes no action.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Charlie          0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0        Testament

Charlie's not quite out...but it's clear he's having issues staying conscious at this point. Sprawled across the pier, bleeding profusely, he does his best to at least try and push himself in some way, or at least pull himself up enough to prop himself up against something.

The Sonic Break ends up sailing over Testament's head, as both are clearly at their limit. Trying his hardest to crawl away and not bleed out, he glowers to Testament, fingers gripping tightly at the ground. "I'm not...going to be used by anyone. And I don't think you want to be either. But the difference is....I'm carving my own path through. You're...resigned to being a monster. You don't think you or anyone can change. I'mn...nn....not about to believe that." He's not about to attack again either, but he's still defiant and critical, trying to poke holes in the pale man's balloon.

COMBATSYS: Charlie takes no action.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Charlie          0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0        Testament

Testament growls at the words... but doesn't have the fight left in him to retaliate. "I am... a monster... I lost the right to call myself human... when I let them do THIS to me..." A trembling breath. "They tricked me... I'll find them... and I'll take their lives the way they took mine. You... won't stop me."

It's at that moment that the raven swoops down, alighting on Testament's shoulder. And with a roar of effort, he summons up that curtain of blood again. It seems to hesitate, as if it's not quite going to be enough energy to call it... but then finally it rises up, and he disappears from the pier.

...Leaving behind the snippet of cloth and the brass eyelet...

Groaning, Charlie tries to pull himself further up, but nearly collapses again, blood still pouring out of the various wounds Testament left on him. He's tempted to speak again, but he's already having trouble breathing properly at this point. He's in no position of stopping Testament, especially as the curtain of blood reopens and he disappears with the rising gout.

Looking on, he sees the shreds left behind. Crawling forward, he manages to grasp the cloth and the eyeleft left behind. CLosing his hand around it, he manages to stuff them into the same pocket as his glasses. Finally, he ends up flopping ove ronto his back. Vision blurring, he manages to find his phone within his pants. Even with his vision, he can manage a 911 call.

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