SNF 2014.12 - Saturday Night Fight - December 2014 OOC Posts

Description: Collected OCC posts for this month's Saturday Night Fight events.

Dance. Battle. All Night! - Mon Dec 1 2014 - Jackal

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+ Come join us as we celebrate another great year!
The school board has authorized the first major cross-campus prom in the interests of allowing many of the schools' student bodies to commingle and exchange their culture and school pride. What a great opportunity to finally get to know that person you saw across the aisle at the big game.. it'll be a night to remember at the Gorin Dome!

+ Now introducing a new athletics program leading up to the prom: FIGHT FOR YOUR DATE!
Will she or won't he say yes? Don't wait! Wow and woo your queen-to-be with a superior display of your athletic skills! Just be careful, Rogue Challengers could snatch your date away!

+ Featuring a live band, and exhibition events!
A series of exhibition matches are being held at the school in the run up to the prom, and are open events for all students from all campuses to see, free! These have been funded by supporters of the local arts, but that isn't the only entertainment; there will be a live band and games at the prom itself, as well as a few other surprises and treats!

+ Now with secret sign-ups, for that shy friend!
Is your friend too shy to ask anyone out? We can help. Arrange a randomized date for your friend at our new SIGNATRON community, where our experienced prom experts will assign a date that best fits them! Download our app now!

+ Dinner, photos, and limo rides available to the afterparty!
Join us at the afterparty in Southtown Village, catered with a dinner provided by Filet'O'Fashion. Don't be late!

= SNF Signups are OPEN =
= This week's events will take the form of a series of events leading up to the prom, which will be held Sunday night. It is not recommended that you schedule any matches for Sunday, for this reason. Make sure not to sign up more alts than you can handle, and sign up soon, SNF will be closed and matches figured EARLY this week! =

Southtown Winter Prom - Thu Dec 4 2014 - Jackal

As they begin to prepare for the winter prom at Gorin High, the various schools begin to promote it with various interschool events. Many alumni from the prodigious academies have pledged money to fund the various events going on throughout Southtown, as well as several sponsors. It's a great time for matchmakers, as many people who have never met are getting paired off by organizers using truckloads of gathered data on students.

Still, despite the season, not everything is completely magical. The attacks on Taiyo--and the corresponding decisions made by faculty--have drawn a dark pallor over the affair. While it's unlikely to affect it in the short term, many people have come to the schools to investigate, and find out exactly what's going on...

It's up to the will of the students and the guidance of the teachers to make sure these events go off with as few calamities as possible!

Good luck!

The "Fight for your Date!" promotion is a sort of matchmaking microtournament where some of the other participants in the pre-prom events are being sold off to the best performing fighter. Gorin being an athletics school, this is a very important part of the prom process (for some reason.) While it's doubtful that Sakura has any kind of an interest in all of this dating stuff, there's some good fights to be had out here. And furthermore, that kid YUN is up for grabs in a series of bouts held at the Mall in Southtown Village. And Lilith so far seems like she's the winner! If Sakura doesn't do something to put a stop to it, who knows what that other little weird girl with the wings will do to him! This is about protecting the innocent! And that girl isn't innocent at all!!
NOTE: You guys are competing for YUN. Yun does not have to appear in this match. But he will have to date one of you.

Well, Kensou. You almost have it. You managed to beat all comers in the "Fight for your Date!" promotion. Right now you're standing on top of a pile of bodies, all hopeful suitors trying to date the delectible ATHENA ASAMIYA, who has been growing steadily in fame and creepy stalkers lately. You've had a showdown at the local river bed out behind Gedo High, and no end of thugs have tasted your wrath. Athena is finally safe! And maybe she might be grateful--what the!! Suddenly, a real-ass robot busts through the concrete piling behind you. This guy wasn't even in the promotion! He's not legal, but there's no telling what the promoters will do. Especially since the rules state that eleventh hour "at-the-altar" style interruptions are perfectly legal. They are arguably twice as legal if the ROGUE CHALLENGER has challenged you to a rap-off.
NOTE: This is a RAP BATTLE. Whoever punches the other's guts out while spilling the illest rhymes wins ATHENA'S hand in prom. She does not have to appear in this match.

Things got a little out of hand in this promotion. While the "Fight for your Date!" promotion is supposed to be an orderly series of bouts for one student's hand in prom, it seems a number of hockey fans heard that accomplished Gorin hockey player BRETT NEUER got signed up for the promotion, which is/was being held in a quaint little cafe in Southtown Village. Was, because the ensuing hockey fight got out of control, broke out onto the street. And that's when all hell really started to break loose. That's hockey fans for you. Well, while beating up other women hockey toughs, can Hinata or Gabriel get an upper hand on one another?
NOTE: You guys are competing for prettyboy BRETT. He does not have to appear in this match.

Several enigmatic sponsors have promoted the Southtown Schools Prom this week, and have set a considerable amount of money into the engagement. While many of the endeavors are quite cheap, some of the costlier ones have been the actual exhibition matches, where many skilled fighters have been paid quite handsomely to appear in semi-private capacities at each school. The super-elite academy Justice High has offered to host one of the highest profile matches on paper: the fast-growing-famous Athena Asamiya battles a relative unknown. A mysterious one-armed swordswoman, who has performed quite well in every match she's had thus far. This battle will be the true test of two rising stars!

A peculiar matchup. Sponsored by a few of the benefactors behind the Southtown Schools Prom, the exhibitions put several adults into the schools as sort of a romantic interlude, giving students a chance to meet up with their crushes and finally work up the will to ask them out. At Taiyo High, one of the more popular schools, they've matched up the master restauranteur femme fatale, Jam Kuradoberi, with the eerie and pale skinned citharist, Marilda Barbat. Jam is currently fighting for catering rights to the prom! Can she overcome both fire and darkness for big bank and potential romance!?

It's worth noting that Seijyun High typically tends to opt out of many of the events and cross-school promotions. As a school dedicated to raising the ideal "yamato nadeshiko," the all-girls academy often has much more dignified business to attend to. However, when afforded an opportunity to prove the grace and mindfulness of its students, Seijyun could not resist. As a result, they were talked into hosting an exhibition. Unfortunately, they got stuck with some weird old man, who is apparently looking for a date. He had a matchup. Really, he did. He beat him already, honestly. Now he's on the prowl. Seijyun's security has been alerted that there's a creepy old man on the loose on school grounds, which is kind of complicating the situation that Kasumi finds herself in, trying to do a little breaking and entering of her own. It's really hard to tell if Oro is serious about this date thing or not. In reality, this is quite possibly the grossest thing to happen to Seijyun in the school's history...

Unbeknownst to most, there's currently a great interest going on in the suspicious activities going on behind the scenes at the schools. Dispatching himself and his team of investigators to choice sites all over the schools, it makes sense that Alan would sign up for an exhibition match to get a little closer to and behind the scenes of the schools. The exhibition itself is being held at Pacific High, which is simulcasting the bout all across the world for its other branches abroad. Alan's currently matched up against a very suspicious character... but does she have anything to do with the goings on at the schools? It's going to be hard finding out when so many eyeballs are glued to you, but there's really only one, time honored way of settling this question: FISTICUFFS!!

You know, realistically, Natsu is kind of having a bad day. Between the Gedo gangs taking out her team captain, and now with the out and out attacks on Taiyo and the people otherwise trashing her own school, she's got plenty to get miffed over. Well, now there's some sort of scurrilous criminal stalking around Gorin stealing all the punch before the prom! It's up to Natsu to find out just who's taking it, but the challenge will be not getting that confused with Tiffany, who has on her own, independently discovered that some mischievious Gedos have spiked the punch jugs pre-emptively. Unfortunately, Tiffany found this out the HARD WAY. Good luck trying to explain yourself. Underage drinking is a terrible blight!

Only in the dirt do the most fetching flowers bloom, or so the theory goes. A signature exhibition match at Gedo High was billed as 'Queen vs. Queen,' for the upcoming election of Prom King and Queen. It's a shame that Hotaru might not feel very much like blooming, when she's caught fighting the ever-dignified and quite cruel Sada Asai in the middle of a crowd of rowdy Gedo students! Despite her family secret, Sada actually does have a good chance to win it for Prom Queen, and she probably doesn't like the idea of some young upstart being put on the same tier as her for anything--let alone a lofty title like 'queen.' The students are getting riled up, so make sure to give them a good show!

And then we come to people like Brett and Yuri. The winter prom is a very important event, and you don't want to be caught slipping. An instructional video is being posted today about some basic dance moves, with an instructor overseeing the whole affair. It's all going down at Seijyun High, which has a ball room handy for just such an occasion. The goal today is to show people how you dance to all the slow songs at prom, including all the appropriate places to put your hands. That's the goal, at least. It's kind of hard to do, since somebody had the bright idea to make it an exhibition fight as well, so they could crosspost it to FightTube and get some hits. This will probably just break out into a wrestling match. If we're lucky. Hopefully nobody follows the video's example. That could result in a mess.
NOTE: You guys get extra points if you complete your fight without taking your hands off of each other at any time. I don't know how you'd do that. And I'm interested to see people try..

Realistically speaking, this isn't an organized fight at all. It goes down on the street, like most street fights do, likely somewhere along the way to one of the many exhibition matches being held for the winter prom at one of the other schools. Haru was having a good day. One supposes that's not fair. Rina 'Rocket' O'Reilly, skater punk and no-goodnik extraordinaire, was having a good day too. At least, until her cousin signed her up for the SIGNATRON community, where a group of secret date doctors arranged for her what they call the perfect date: relatively mild mannered Haru Sakuraba, a local straight-A student from the super elite academy Justice High and yo-yo enthusiast, who also got secret signed in to the community. Except that there's been a bit of a mixup. The text message that was supposed to inform Haru on how to sweep his date off her feet kind of went to Rocket instead. Flowers? Candy? That would not do well at all for a local ruffian's street cred. AKA: Oh, hell no!!! While someone will probably explain it to Haru over text at some point, it will likely be far too late to stop him from being accosted on the street. And furthermore, just how do you settle down an angry woman in the street without looking like a jerk!? It's a time-honored question...

EVE vs. EDGE in "NO MEANS NO C_c!?"
Eve has a problem. She got turned down by Nameless, and then she was basically relentlessly made fun of by the other girls for being unwanted. It's a pretty harsh situation at the outset. But then again, people like Eve are not so easily deterred. As her alter-ego "Ashley," she is now twice as determined to secure a date for the prom, and, eschewing methods such as Fight for your Date or randomized dating, has elected for the most effective and direct course of action: Kidnapping. One of the toughest guys in Gedo should do quite nicely to show those girls who's boss around here. Sorry Edge. This isn't really personal. When women get involved, there's not much choice in the matter. You're going to be Ashley's date. By force, if necessary!!
NOTE: Due to being in disguise, Eve is only using normals. She will have a 10% speed buff for her match because of this.

How in the hell did you manage this one? While in the normal course of accepting various exhibition related signups, Rock seems to have found himself in a male auction, where he's going to be sold off (for charity!) to the highest female (or male...) bidder as a date for prom. The organizers behind the various events at prom are extremely devious, and obviously neglect to mention this fact before Rock gets up on stage. At least he's not alone--he has to fight it out with Daigo Kazama, who is up here because his gang signed him up, and once he found out, decided to play along for the good of the kids underneath him. He'll be a suitable leader to this engagement, if not a suitable fist for Rock's face. Don't damage the goods too much, guys!!
NOTE: In this match, DAIGO and ROCK are available as dates for prom to the highest bidder. @mail me with how much your character would bid, in dollars, for each contestant. It has to be however much your character has access to and would logically bid. You get an automatic +100 dollars to your bid if you show up in the scene and holler something lewd in the crowd for a pose.

Supporting the number of exhibitions and various resources used for this year's winter prom is a number of sponsors as well as alumni and numerous other benefactors. One of the biggest group of sponsors is are high end clothing lines, which are using the events surrounding prom to promote some of their best dresses and fashions. Using a few potential promgoers as fighter models for their best lines, they've made the whole of their best dress fashions available to Hitomi and Ibuki, The fight will proceed on a highly televised impromptu catwalk at Taiyo High, with open battle between the two showcasing the strength of their dresses, for all your greatest moments--prom, dates, and whatever comes after!
NOTE: This is a FASHION SHOW. Because even winter dresses, no matter how the advertising goes, are not terribly sturdy over the course of a fight, you must stop to change into a new dress each time you have a health status change: From green, to yellow, to red. You get a free CHARGE and PASS each time you are forced to change dresses, representing the time it takes to change into a kicking new outfit, after which you will take your turn as normal. As a fashionista, ASH will judge your outfits by overall presentation, style, attitude, and finally at the end, your wardrobe collection as a whole, and may insert color commentary wherever he chooses to that effect. Be careful, he's merciless!!

As one of the dutiful chaperones dispatched to watch over the students during the festivities and the prom proper, Hayato Nekketsu takes his job seriously. He's been going around to various schools, making sure everything's in order, and that the troubling goings-on at Gorin and other schools aren't going to impact the prom any. Of course, several others are looking into the same affair. Frederick, one of the investigators from Alan's group, has run across an insidious influence skulking around the schools, a local pusher named Mr. Burr, who is peddling a very peculiar product. Of course, Frederick is well known for his proclivities concerning drugs. If this guy checks out, he might just be a fan. But, you know, drugs on the campuses is exactly the sort of nonsense Hayato won't put up with!! Drug Free is the way to be, and lord help anybody who gets in his way!
NOTE: Hayato has a DARE T-Shirt in the back of his car from the 1980s. When he puts it on, he'll gain buffs to dealing with druggies and their dealers!! MCGRUFF WOULD BE ASHAMED, YOU TWO.

It only takes about 50 cents for the fight of your life! The two of you find yourselves on a strobe-lit psychedelic dancefloor arena set up at the local arcade, there the long-held craze "Doki-Waku Dance" is reaching a feverish level. One of the sanctioned exhibition battles just so happens to be set up on this wacky dance floor, where you have to match your feet to the beat! Further complicating affairs is the dire need to actually defeat your opponent--without screwing up the beat. Either one results in a loss! It takes at least some cooperation to stay on the beat while trying to win the fight. Hey, is this a dance or is it fisticuffs?!

NOTE: This is a DOKI-WAKU DANCE FIGHT. You're playing Doki-Waku Dance while you battle, which requires you to match the other opponent's dance steps. In the CSYS, you have to match the attack type the other player used, starting with the player who rolled highest when determining who goes first. So if player one uses a THROW attack, the other player must use a THROW attack.

+ This proceeds in three round steps--so if player one uses an ENERGY move, player two must use an ENERGY move, then player one must use an ENERGY move again. Then it will be player two's chance to choose the next round. Only one component of the move must match--PHYSICAL CHI matches PHYSICAL THROW, for example. You may match a projectile move with any other projectile move. Make sure to work your signature move in--the crowd can't declare you the winner of the dance off without it!

+ Characters cannot use the same attack or attack type twice in a row, so a PHYSICAL chain cannot follow another PHYSICAL chain, and if you attacked with Strong Punch the last round, you can't attack with Strong Punch this round. The first one to break the chain loses! This is all to represent your characters and their struggle to stay on beat.

+ (J, what is Doki-Waku Dance?) Philistines.

= You have until SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 7TH, to complete your matches! =

Prom Notes: Read This - Thu Dec 4 2014 - Jackal

+ DEADLINES: Your matches have until SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 7TH, to complete. Please schedule and pose accordingly. Keep in mind that some scenes are deciding dates for the WINTER PROM, so be kind.

+ FIGHT FOR YOUR DATE!: There are several FIGHT FOR YOUR DATE! matches in the lineup. This is relatively straightforward. Whoever wins gets to attend prom with the person being fought for. Keep in mind that not everyone reads everyone else's matchups, so make sure your date knows that there's a fight going down for their hand!

+ FREE DATES: I will be handing out dates to anyone who doesn't have one, or has a date that can't make it to prom, or really anyone who wants one, really. Get in touch with me by FRIDAY NIGHT if you want to know who your date ends up being. Feel free to make up your own if you like, but a surprise is always more fun.

+ BUY BUY BUY!: There is a MALE AUCTION going on at Taiyo High, and DAIGO and ROCK are for sale. @mail me if you want to put in a bid. See the scene writeup for more details!

= PROM! =
+ TIME: Prom will be starting on Sunday evening in the Gorin Dome, which will be appropriately decorated for a prom. There will be a runoff date for more prom and/or afterparty on Monday night. This is an open event with open posing, so whoever wants to show up regardless of whether they were in this week's SNF or not can. Attending prom is not strictly necessary for all who were in SNF, but it's nice. No, I'm not filling the Gorin Dome with lava or attacking it with the undead or anything. It's just a social scene. :)

+ PROM KING and PROM QUEEN: There will be a GLOBAL VOTE for Prom King and Prom Queen Sunday night. Any (school age!!!) character who wants a shot at it, prepare a one or two paragraph desc of your outfit and best regal bearing and @mail it to me!!

Prom Auction: The Results! - Sun Dec 7 2014 - Jackal


DAIGO has been purchased for 12,720 YEN by RINA "ROCKET" O'REILLY!
Runner-up: "MIKO KOBAYASHI" (Honoka) for 7,500 YEN
= While others placed an initially higher bid for Daigo, Rocket is the one who actually meandered on over to the scene to talk some premium smack. She gets a huge buff to her initially cheapass bid as a bonus from online Pairing Bids (there are fight shippers online who are highly invested in this prom thing) to see Rocket and Daigo out on their date.

ROCK has been purchased for 7,000 YEN by ... HIMEKO KASHIWAGI?!
Runner-up: "KAEDE" (Kasumi) for 3,000 YEN
= There's some sort of accounting error here. Himeko did not actually bet anything at all, and no fight shippers sponsored her. She submitted... a Hibiki Premium Package? What all is even in here? Two pink T-shirts with Dan and Himeko's face? I YAHOO? I YAHOO TOO!? Three instructional DVDs for Saikyo Made Easy: The Collector's Package?! A voucher for a free month of training at the Hibiki Dojo!? A 10,000 yen value, offered at 7,000? Wait, did we actually pay for this? What is this garbage!! Someone call the promoter! The e-mail's already sent out? Send a retraction! What do you MEAN, the server's down..!?

Southtown Prom is Now Open - Sun Dec 7 2014 - Jackal

Okay guys, here's how the prom will work.

= The prom will be held all day today and tomorrow in the Gorin Dome. A running log will be held in the room. Feel free to gather and attend the prom with your dates at any time you feel you can make it. There will be no particular pose order, and posing is open, so feel free to wander in and have fun with whoever's there whenever you please. Official festivities will start in the evening a varying handful of time past the hour of 7PM MST. The voting for prom queen will go up around 8 MST, and a period of time will be alloted for all connected players to vote, and the queen will be announced later that night.

= Depending on interest, additional runoff festivities will be held tomorrow, after the Queen is crowned. This will basically be the same IC day as today, just representing a later time/afterparty event. At any rate, players will still have the opportunity to scene at the prom tomorrow as well, in case they can't make it today. Make sure to organize things with your date.

= STAFF DATES: Staff dates will be disseminated soon. These are NPC dates for your character to be assumed to have gone with. You may do whatever you please with this date, this date is yours. Just remember that the prom is about scening with actual people, so don't fall in love!!

= IF YOUR DATE IS UNDECIDED DUE TO AN EXTANT MATCH OR CAN'T MAKE IT TO PROM: Don't worry, just attend prom with whoever makes sense. Remember that this is a school age event, so if you are 20+, find a 20+ year old to go out with and be chaperones! Don't be one of those creepy old guys trying to dance with all the girls!! .. Unless, you know, that's your thing. I'm looking at you, Oro.

= IF YOUR DATE ABANDONED YOU FOR SOME REASON: There's always Benimaru. :) No, seriously, if anyone is really having trouble getting a date organized and nothing else will absolutely do, get in touch with staff on the Questions channel.

= IF YOUR DATE ABANDONED YOU AND THEN CAME BACK: No worries. You can always dump an NPC (or PC, I'm not judgin') date for your One True Love. It makes for an excellent storyline!! Just remember to have fun.

Because it bears repeating: JUST REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN :O

- J

Re: Prom Dates - Sun Dec 7 2014 - Benimaru

Jackal's statement (18/51) is partially true. If your date has abandoned you and you are a FEMALE, I will definitely take you out on a date. If however, you are MALE, I will instead refer you to Ash Crimson.

If there are too many girls for me to handle (which isn't likely, but anything's possible), I'll refer some of you hanis to Nightwolf. Poor guy needs to loosen up some.

(Disclaimer: Yes Ash, Nightwolf, I'm kidding with you. Unless, y'know, you two want to take me up on the offer. Then I'll see what I can do~.)

PROM: Prom Queen Submissions - Sun Dec 7 2014 - Jackal

Here are the prom queen submissions. Get ready to vote for your favorite one!

The centerpiece of Rocket's prom outfit could be described briefly as a 'rainbow ballerina dress.' It would be a fairly modest affair - a knee-length tulle skirt and a strapless, sequin-patterned blue top - except for the fact that the skirt is in a neon rainbow colour scheme. Accompanying the dress is a baby blue-and-pink baseball cap, worn backward, along with a pair of fingerless forearm-length wool gloves with stripes in a pastel colour scheme that matches that of the skirt.

And of course, she's on rollerblades, because she's always on rollerblades. Baby blue ones with pink laces and white wheels, in this case, worn over a pair of knee-length socks that match the pattern of her gloves.

As for her posture, or 'best regal bearing,' it could best be described as a slight slouch, accompanied by the steady, rhythmic expansion followed by popping of a pink bubble gum bubble as her gaze nonchalantly sweeps the area.

Natsu's classmates might say she looks like an American model, and while that may be true, she'd probably have to be a sportswear model. But she could definitely sell the black velvet dress she's selected for this year's prom, too! A pattern of ridges running diagonally across the dress doesn't just catch the light in an interesting fashion, it also serves to accentuate her athletic figure and downplay the volleyball captain's height. The high-necked dress complements her well, its curve-hugging design leaving her back, shoulders, and arms bare for a daring balance of modesty and intrigue. All-in-all, it proves that while Miss Ayuhara does have tomboyish tendencies, she can look like a perfectly proper young woman when she wants to. Two simple amethyst studs adorn her ears, while a necklace adorned with similar stones loops twice about her neck.

[ The dress: ]
[ How Natsu would look in it: ]

Hinata Wakaba's hair is worn in two small buns in the back with her bangs parted down the middle off to either side, framing her face. Unlike her normal look, she's wears a small amount of makeup: light blue eye shadow and pink lip gloss. She's dressed in Taiyo High blue, with sheer lace straps leading to a sparsley sequined fabric hugging down to her waist where it spreads out into knee length pleats lined with more lace. A pair of short, blue open heels finish off the outfit.

As per usual, Hinata is a bundle of enthusiastic energy, although restrained to a point where she's not running everywhere, but the bright smile and infectious upbeat attitude remain.

You see Himeko Kashiwagi, a seventeen year old girl that stands a little more then five feet in height. She has short, black hair with pink highlights and is often in a bit of disarray- bangs that would otherwise cover her eyes are held upward by a pink headband that appear to have two holes on them. Her eyes are brown and have a slight sland to them, behind a pair of thin rimmed glasses. Her skin is brown toned, void of make-up.

Himeko is currently dressed up for a prom date! She wears a floor-length, backless pink dress with long sleeves. It appears to be made of chiffon and some thicker material. From the waist up, the dress is heavily decorated in sparkling lace in a wavey pattern, particularly around the cuffs, chest area and even about the high neck.

Her headband appears to be made of the same material and similarly decorated, though probably won't make for a good make-shift costume if she has to go fighting crime. On her feet are dark-grey suede boots with little gems on the toes because screw high heel shoes.

P.S. Himeko does not have regal bearing. It's much easier to sentai pose.

A primarily purple hip-hugging dress with shimmering threads of silver and gold, plus an authentic mink fur stole over her shoulders, black pumps, and fashion-model makeup. A hairpin with a jeweled lily in it. Excessively proper and cool demeanor, with only the slightest, most Seijyunny notes of subtle aristocratic approval.

Get ready to vote! (Remember, you can't vote for yourself. >:|)

PROM: Prom King Submissions - Sun Dec 7 2014 - Jackal

And now, the prom king submissions. Get ready to vote for your favorite one!

The outfit on his back has clearly seen better days. From a distance, it might go unoticed, but from closer inspection, his black trousers, despite the best efforts to iron them and groom them show some signs of wear, her inner thighs and the back of his thighs slightly paler than the rest. He wears black leather shoes that seems a bit old fashioned.

The fitting tuxedo jacket on his back is currently open and seems a bit of a tight fit on him, perhaps because he was unable to find the proper size for him? Who knows. It shows the same sign of wear, though it has been patched up stylishly on the elbows and other places with white fabric, symmetrically to make it look 'on purpose' even if it isn't. The dress shirt underneath is redwine and seems better off than the rest of the outfit and seems to fit well with his complexion. The outfit is complete with a white bow tie.

Wearing a highly modified Justice High ceremonial uniform, Naozane more resembles in both uniform and grandeur a very young Lu Bu or even Genghis Khan than any particular Prom King. He wears a bright red double-breasted dress shirt, with full cape and epaulets, though thankfully he's left his spear at home. He has a particularly regal and self-assured bearing that seems hell-bent on crushing all comers. There is the distinct sense that he would have rode in on a full battle stallion if they let him.

She doesn't really have a regal bearing. She wasn't even really a serious entry. She came in wearing a tux with the arms shredded off, for crying out loud. And her date, Kei, was pretty much pressganged into the whole thing, probablydefinitely. There's not a lot of room in Prom Queen for that kind of regality, but perhaps when put to the right audience..yeah?!

Get ready to vote! (Remember, you can't vote for yourself. >:|)

PROM: Voting Results - Mon Dec 8 2014 - MotM
Who will be the game's PROM KING?
Summary: This is the voting station for the Southtown Winter Prom, selecting for the Prom King. Read the SNF board, and then tell us who YOU think shoudl be prom king! Just remember, if you're in it, it's not legal to vote for yourself.
17% ========== [3 Vote(s)]

17% ========== [3 Vote(s)]

3) S..SAKURA!?
64% ===================================== [11 Vote(s)]

There have been 17 votes cast. [Topic Closed]

Who will be the game's PROM QUEEN?
Summary: This is the voting station for the Southtown Winter Prom, selecting for the Prom Queen. Read the SNF board for their individual submissions, and then tell us who YOU think should be prom queen!
Just remember, if you're in it, it's not legal to vote for yourself.
15% ======== [3 Vote(s)]

26% =============== [5 Vote(s)]

15% ======== [3 Vote(s)]

31% ================== [6 Vote(s)]

5) SADA!
10% ===== [2 Vote(s)]

There have been 19 votes cast. [Topic Closed]

PROM: Afterparty - Mon Dec 8 2014 - Jackal

Thanks to everyone who attended the Winter Prom. For anybody who couldn't make it on Sunday, the afterparty is still on and open through Monday night. ICly, the afterparty occurs right after the prom proper, and is still being held at the Gorin Dome.

There is a new sceneset for that day, and there are still DJs, food, and NEW: a chance to go on a private blimp ride with your sweetheart.

There will not be any staff organized activities run Monday night, but the afterparty serves as an open scene for anyone who missed out on a potential storyline in prom because of scenes, work, being a little older, missing out on your chance to go on a date with Benimaru, etc. All are free to come and scene at the afterparty if you so prefer. Have fun guys, and start getting hyped for the next SNF.

It's gonna be a doozy. :)

- The Gods of the Arena - - Wed Dec 10 2014 - Jackal

A pair of hands grips the camera, and you stare into the dark silhouette of a face without eyes or a mouth. Though a damaged synthesizer, his voice is anonymized as he spits bile.

"Look at the world around you. You are surrounded by the wealthy and complacent masses. Understimulated and overfed, the fat and the dumb will watch anything capable of shining a dull light into their
insipid worlds. They will watch schoolchild tussle with schoolchild because it is convenient, all the while telling themselves that it is -a fight-.

"These people... do not know a fight.

"The old ways were the best ways. We will bring out those who still remember what it was like to make a fist and truly strike a man down. We will gather them in the streets and the fields that time forgot.
And by the time the sun sets on our stage, by the grace of God Almighty, you and yours will know what a real battle is. Only stand amongst these titans if you are ready to get hurt."






[SNF Signups are Open!]

PFW: The Gods Have Descended! - Fri Dec 12 2014 - Jackal
They were called the Emperors of the Sands. A shadowy cabal of fight organizers underneath the Professional Fighting Worldwide banner, providing the directives and most importantly, the incentives for the massive - Gods of the Arena - promotion. The entire battle was to be held in a brand-new venue, a multicultural arena called the Promethean Colosseum situated on the outskirts of Kowloon, China. The colosseum was built in secret over the course of two months in the middle of a shantytown recently evicted by the government and in the process of being dismantled. As a result, the shantytown megacity had gained the nickname "The Destruction Zone," for its close resemblance to a warzone.

The Emperors had convinced the government to hold off on the demolition of the area for the immediate moment.

The rest of the event was simple. Advertise for only the best, brightest, most intrepid, and the strongest. Ensure that fighters could find their ways in from all walks of life, and then sweeten the deal with the kind of money that could only attract the strongest fighters. With certain harder-to-entice individuals, all that was needed was to make the information available that certain other fighters would be there. With a completely empty city and free reign to do as they pleased, the battles that the public wanted were set. All that remained was to ensure that the insurance was paid up. With all of the room in the world to cut loose, and no limits...

Things are going to get a little wild.


GODS: Contenders


Atop the tin roofs and ramshackle construction of the shantytown, one of the first of the Contender Series is being run. In it, the evil princess SADA is facing off against a princess who writes her own legacy, GERTRUDE. Befitting their dark histories, the two royals battle with the entire cityscape of the Destruction Zone as their backdrop. And though being at the top of a trash heap is still being at the top of a trash heap, it is quite the enamoring view of destitution and squallor. At least, right up until an energy wave almost cuts the Colosseum itself in half, and then instead promptly cleaves the foundation of your perch in twain. Slowly, but surely, the entire tower series is falling!!
NOTE: Due to the fact that the ground is literally starting to slip away under your feet, it's almost impossible to keep stable footing. BLOCKING is disabled for this fight!!


Anticipating many injuries over the course of Gods of the Arena, the Emperors of the Sands have arranged for a small convoy of supplies and medics to travel inland through the destruction zone to be on-site when most of the injuries happen. Somewhat ingeniously, they have offset those costs by booking a fight on top of the convoy. Tasked with protecting the convoy (from getting stuck or held up by bandits, obviously) and beating their opponent at once, two brutal mercenary-minded marauders must battle one another on the top of a hard-running hard-hitting tractor-trailer as it smashes through obstructions, barriers, and even entire buildings on the way to the Colosseum, clearing the path for the supplies convoy. Don't get crushed underneath a wave of plaster and concrete.
NOTE: Because of the fact that you're on a truck that is regularly plowing through buildings, the chances for power and crit hits have been buffed!!


Out in the streets of the Destruction Zone surrounding the Colosseum, the next match begins. While this was initially intended (ostensibly) to be just a shootout in the streets sort of scenario, a few other rogue fights in the city and several rogue blasts flying from the sky over the arena has caused a massive collapse in the lower substructures of the shantytown walls. It starts as a barely perceptible tremor. And then two impossibly long and high walls begin to collapse inwards on themselves. Your payout depends on your ability to put on a good show for the audiences, and judging on the promo materials available, 'the city fell apart' was sort of the plan. Now, you have to run through all of the pipe-strewn and trash laden streets to get out of the collapse area, while still trying to beat the enemy within a brisk time limit.
NOTE: Don't fall behind. :) PASSIVE ACTIONS are not allowed in this fight!


Well, you almost made it to the arena. Mimiru, eager for her chance to get into some serious action this week, shows up a little early. However, the Emperors of the Sands have given her name specifically to one of their most shadowy competitors to track her down and battle her before she even reaches the arena proper. Even here, on the steps of champions, war will be waged. By the time the people begin to ascend to gather in the Colosseum, the cobblestones will already be warm with the blood of the furious and the few.


Just when the people thought that they had drank their fill of blood for the day, a brutal battle breaks out in the stands! Deep in the midst of the crowd, the Emperors have given the signal for the next battle to begin: one of the world's best hand-to-hand fighters in the up and coming bracket JAM is matching off against the mysterious wrenchwright ROSALYN in an all out battle for supremacy! However, can they fight in the midst of a grabby and cheering crowd without causing a little collateral damage?!
NOTE: You are up to your hips in audience. Try not to knock more than two or three out. Unless you use one as a random weapon. Then it's fine.


Deep beneath the destruction zone, a makeshift aqueduct was dug to keep the area relatively clean, supplied by a nearby lake, linking into some of the prior city's sewer systems. That system of aqueducts and sewers was the site of several other squatter networks, however in the shantytown's abandonment, all it functions now is as a place to hold an unreal stench. With most people being unable to breathe in the fetid environs, PFW selected some of this year's toughest and roughest to pick up the slack and fight in a massive free-for-all where nobody else will! Unfortunately, there's a bit of a problem. Due to an energy blast that went a little astray in one of the previous matches, a huge hole was gouged into the dam upstream. That filthy water's starting to rise. Oh, god. How much is that win worth to you?
NOTE: You have EIGHT (8) full rounds to finish this match before you have to start wearing snorkels. You will all be losing 5% health a round to represent the terrible, soul searing stench. Don't forget to bring a towel.

GODS: Champions


The high arching walls of the Promethean Colosseum are a modern marvel of fast engineering as much as they are a tribute to the ruins of the Roman Colosseum. However, they make for an especially precarious fighting grounds when adequately nimble fighters are selected. The Killer Bee of Shadaloo has a unique opportunity to test the fighting potential of the son of the man who also fathered the Southtown Syndicate. Rock finds himself yet again a target because of his cursed bloodline, only this time the price for turning his back on it may just be a 200 foot sheer drop into hard, unforgiving stone. Can he prevail against one of Shadaloo's strongest?


Atop an ascending stair-like series of great pillars overlooking the Promethean Colosseum, a pair of fighters have been carried up to one of the middle pillars on an elaborate rope and pulley lift system. There, KYO KUSANAGI and the bizarre NYOTENGU will meet for the first time. As a heated conflict meant to draw onlookers even to the very skies, the battle will officially begin when timed charges go off on each of the ornamental pillars, in an expensive shaped detonation sending huge chunks of travertine, granite and plaster shooting straight up into the air. Including, it just so happens, the pillar that you're on. The theme of the battle is "Skywalkers." Can Kyo's flame burn the wings of a tengu? The first one to touch ground loses.


On the sands of the arena, a bevy of beautiful and sheer-clad bellydancers fill the arena in a short parade. It is meant to be a sort of half-time event, complete with spectacle such as trained tigers leaping through fire and the like, but the Lotus Dance is what captures the audience's attention the most, the beginning part a ten minute long theatre of the provocative. Roughly at about the time the dance reaches its final measure, the two fighters are brought in, carried in on elaborate sedam chairs borne by men best described as 'towers of muscle,' each six feet tall exactly and stripped to the loincloth and codpiece, ceremonial swords tucked into their belts. Amidst the silken and frenetic dance of the performers and the exotic beats, ROSE and ATHENA ASAMIYA will fight until their blood is just one more decoration for the sands.
NOTE: You guys are definitely allowed to wear Exotic Princess outfits if you want. I give expensive clothes to women and horrible buildings collapsing to men. The ladies are definitely getting the up side of this arrangement, here. (Well, some. Others are in the sewers...)


He must get the word out. A heretoforth unknown Chinese man has surpassed all expectations and prequalifiers of the event to appear in the upper echelons of the no-holds barred battle event--finding himself on the very sands of the Promethean Colosseum. Commanding great power, he has come looking for the best of the best, to warn them of a great and coming evil. Unfortunately, the person he stands across the sands from today is the great evil that has already arrived. Underneath the eyes of an audience hungry for violence and in a brutal battle against a tyrant who sees far further than he should, will the gods come down on the side of righteousness? Or will they end up bleeding in the sands, just like all the rest!?


It is black like the catacombs. Deep in the flooded and improvised aqueduct system beneath the Destruction Zone, Baiken has entered the Gods of the Arena event to track down aberrations. After handily dispatching her matchup with alacrity, she took the opportunity to go hunt down another creature she's seen skulking about the Colosseum--a dark enforcer who seems to use all manner of eerie powers to subjugate his enemies. Hip-deep in filth and sewage, Baiken has tracked him down here, to the darkest point beneath the rotting microcity. But here, in a place that the sun forgot, only the darkest can claim dominance. Has the huntress bitten off more than she can chew?


Well, Ken Masters /was/ slated to fight a big name from Southtown in a pretty good Spartan Pankration battle. It was looking to be a real seat-filler. Or at least, one would have thought so. We'll never know, because just as the burly fellow was getting warmed up to fight, a man-sized chunk of granite from the "SKYWALKERS" match sails in from outside of the Colosseum and flattens him into the sand. (Don't worry, he'll be fine.) So seriously, what's with the old man who just strolled onto the battlefield? There was a certain allowance made for partycrashers by the match organizers, but damned if they know who that guy is!! You only have 30 seconds to make a good impression on the crowd. The boulder was a good start. Now, everyone wants to see what's next! Let's hope he doesn't try to wrestle Ken..


.. And then there are the outcasts, who are left to their own trappings. The infamous mercenary SOL BADGUY finds himself in the wastelands of the Destruction Zone, amongst the trash and the junk for his battle, which is paying quite a pretty penny for him to be out here in the middle of nowhere, interestingly enough. That might be because a secondary hand has had some influence in arranging for himself just the right battle. An infamous mercenary this strong might be of use to the Illuminati, and when a man steps out of the darkness, it is clear that he intends to put that infamous name to the test.


Having garnered massive attention for holding the belt at the very top of the Circuit of Champions Worldwide Division, a wholly separate championship owned by the same company which is holding the Gods of the Arena promotion, Heihachi Mishima has been titled as the Champion of the Sands at the Promethean Colosseum, the final name before which all must stand and be judged. In the end, above all others, a lone, anonymous martial artist from Thailand steps onto the sands to issue challenge to the very strongest the arena has to offer. With such a challenge so plainly available, how can the Champion of the Sands deny him? But is the unknown Kamon all that he seems? Who would have known that this lowly martial artist commands one of the greatest powers in world history!? Standing against the strongest leader of the Mishima family, there's not a single chance that this battle will be anything but spectacular!

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