May - School Life

Description: Avast! Could it be that the feared Captain May, terror of the seas, has now turned to a life of civilized land lubbery for good?? Prowling the stores that once spurned her as nothing but a scoundrel, and rightfully so, May runs into Yurika who takes pity on the poor pirate and splits some of her plunder. A pirate's reward goes to her! Though the Seijyun High student seemed dubious of May's methods of acquiring anything of value, in the end, Yurika kept her booty intact! Good for her! Arr har har!!

It's DELICIOUS~! It's a wonderful deli not too far away from the school, so Yurika has stopped there for a bit of an after-school snack. Sure, she's a virtuoso, naturally talented with music, and an all around good student with a winning personality... but she's also a girl. And she's ALSO a girl who... likes sweets.

In this case, it's something one might not expect of such a dainty, sweet-looking young girl. It's a reasonably large slice of cake. Spongy chocolate cake. Two layers. With gooey, fudgy chocolate sauce between the layers. Frosted in chocolate frosting, and decorated with chocolate chips and powdered sugar in a decorative pattern on the slice.

'Death By Chocolate'? No way. THIS is a 'Total Soul Destruction By Chocolate' cake! One might think a dainty little girl like Yurika wouldn't be able to eat more than a few bites of it, too rich for her little taste buds. But she seems to be enjoying it, and about halfway through the slice.

School life fer me, matey.

A phrase that has been said by May recently with decidedly less enthusiasm than her signature, boisterous cry of; A PIRATE'S LIFE FER ME!

Fate is a whimsical mistress and it so happened that the winds had taken May's sails towards the educational system at last. Looks like no matter how hard she tried to avoid it, there was simply no way the world would stop hounding her due to her piracy until she attended school. Because apparently, they public at large would be far more tolerant of her preferred way of life when she got some kind of diploma. Funny how modern times work, you need a certificate to become a legitimate pirate now.

While the bloodthirsty captain May was never one to bother with such trifles, Gedo High accepting her as a student pretty much free of cost was an acceptable middle ground for the tiny buccaneer. She had joined up on her own terms, had a comfortable space to live at the Rindokan Dojo, and was access to the School district now thanks to her student ID, places that would normally turn her away now opened their doors. Yeah, it wasn't too bad, maybe May was right to give these lubbers an opportunity to prove themselves.

Unfortunately, though she wasn't technically homeless anymore, May was still dirt poor, since she never did acquire any booty in her adventures around the world or the tournament.

Not much use being able to /enter/ a store if you can't afford anything from it. May currently had her face pressed hard against the glass, her breath fogging up a storm much to displeasure of the clerk stationed there. He knew of May since she wandered around the stores before she was accepted into a school and was not too thrilled to let her in despite her credentials.

"Yoho, Jim Lad!" May waves cheerfully at the clerk. "A taste of yer finest confectioneries to this hungry sailor!"

"Ahuh." The clerk has no idea what is May talking about, as usual, but he figures she wants to buy something. "You got any money this time, kid?"

"Aye aye! I be rich with many a plunder I've partaken in me exploits! Feast yer eyes of the treasures I've hauled ashore! Ye can take what ya like in exchange for a piece of yer booty!" May takes her pirate hat off to show the clerk her 'treasures' but even if many of the things she has there are interesting and probably worth something to someone, they are all essentially trash to run out of the mill store clerk.

He sighs, "Listen kid, I've told you a million times, we don't do the banter system here. Either get some hard cash or get out."

"B-But.." May makes a frowny face, betraying her actual youth. She looks so frustrated and lost right now, like the orphan child she actually is. The clerk fears that she might even start crying and make a scene in front of the other patrons.

Yurika had seen May breathing on the glass, though didn't pay it much attention at the time. There were lots of fine confections there, it's why Yurika liked the place so much. And a lot of fine confections meant a lot of people liked what was there! But then suddenly the girl at the counter seems to be making a fuss about something...

It doesn't take long to get the context. That girl is... talking like a pirate for some reason. And wants cake, but doesn't have any money? There's no part of Yurika that can ignore this. Confections are a joy that should be shared. So she sets her fork down, and wipes her mouth daintily. She makes to speak up, but it takes her a couple of tries. She's shy, and doesn't want to draw attention to herself. And 'get the girl's attention' is sort of counter to that...

"...U-um... e-excuse me...?"

May is fortunately perceptive enough to realize when someone is whispering to her. Always gotta have all your senses on high alert when you're an orphan running around in harsh streets after all, one wrong look somewhere and then *WOOSH* all your stuff is gone, or you've gotten kidnapped or worse. When you're a pirate this goes doubly true.

"Aye?" May glances towards where she hears the small voice addressing her, eyes narrowed and eyebrows furrowed in annoyance. In her mind she's already jumping to conclusions, probably some lubber wanting to tell her to keep it down so she can enjoy her meal or something. People around here always do that! Even if she's a student now nothing has really changed! But she'll show them.. she'll show them good!!

"Blimey!!" May's eyes widen and all ill intent that was building up inside her vanishes instantly when she gets a good look at Yurika. "Yer hair is so pretty!!" That she has good perception doesn't mean she can stay focused for long. "Ye look like a doll, lass! How do ye make yer hair curl up like that?"

And suddenly Yurika has a pirate girl staring at her, causing her to immediately look down at the table. The compliment-- was it a compliment? Or just surprise? It's hard to tell; though part of it surely was-- brings a very noticeable blush to her pale cheeks. "Um... th-thank you," she hedges. "I-it... does that," he replies hesitantly, of her hair.

It's a weird situation, and that makes Yurika not really sure what to do. But nonetheless, she asks, her voice steadying a bit, "Was there something in particular you were wanting?" Notably, the half piece of cake is still in front of her, if May needs ideas.

Aww! She's shy!! A street urchin by nature, May is instinctively trained to recognize shyness when she sees it. When you're out in the streets, or the open seas as its May's case most of the time, its a big fish eat little fish world out there, many times literally! However, just because she can sense someone is shy doesn't mean that May will try to take advantage for a perceived weakness. That's not what her ideal image of a pirate would do! Her little fantasy world preventing her from behaving like a common thief and instead approaching the kind looking girl with whimsical delight. For his part, the clerk is just glad that May isn't harassing him any longer.

"Yer quite welcome!" Chirps May as she takes a few steps towards her. "Um, well, I was looking to feast on some well earned grog while me ship is docked, but this blighter won't accept any of me doubloons!" And yes, she doesn't care that the clerk is hearing all this and huffing in annoyance. Suddenly, May is taking a sit right across Yurika's table, kicking her feet about in a childish contrast to Yurika's sophisticated demeanor. "Say! Are ye gonna eat this whole thing by yerself??" Seems that May is indeed getting some ideas.

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Shy? That would be an understatement! Yurik'as remarkably timid, and she's rather showing that now. Yet even though she's kind of put on edge of May due to how the pirate girl is just bouncing everywhere, there's something oddly interesting about her too! Maybe it's that weird 'opposites attract' thing-- she's as timid as May is boisterous. And there IS something wonderful about May's attitude... it must be terribly liberating to be so open!

Thankfully Yurika doesn't have to get May to translate. She's seen her share of pirate movies, believe it or not. How do you think she learned to wield a violin bow like it was a sword? Well, that's the Three Musketeers, actually... but it can't be too different, right? The question gets a tilt of Yurika's head. "Would... you like a full slice instead?" That way May wouldn't have to just accept a throwaway. Yurika doesn't like that idea.

"Arr! No need for that, matey!" May quickly turns down Yurika's offer, not one to take such open advantage of people's generosity, a real pirate work's for her booty after all! That said, she'd be remiss to let good food go to waste, and since Yurika seems intent on sharing with her, the plucky corsair seems no reason why she should refuse. "Plenty of bounty here to be shared amongst the crew!" Continues May, hamming up her pirate antics with wild abandon as she raises a hand excitedly, ready to dig into the delicious morsel. Her eyes positively brighten with delight and she might be salivating.

Ah, but even pirates some manners, or at least May would like to think they do. Before she procures a fork and starts digging in, she takes off her big orange pirate tricorn giving Yurika a beaming smile. "I be Captain May at yer service, lassie! To whom do I owe the pleasure of sharing this hearty meal!?" May would almost sound polite and sophisticated if she could only stop shouting for a second. The girl seems to have absolutely no control over her voice volume, probably because she's under the childish impression that the louder she talks the smarter she sounds.

Yurika offers a timid smile, but a smile nonetheless, as May sits down. She arranges the slice of cake so that the uneaten side faces towards May, and nods at the introduction. "Yurika," she answers. She bows a little in her seat. "I'm very pleased to meet you, May." In contrast, Yurika's voice is quite soft, and probably sounds quite sophisticated, given her upbringing.

The does think to warn May, "Oh. Be careful of the chocolate sauce in the middle. It's very sweet." Many a person who's tried to conquer this great mountain of chocolate has been stopped cold by that 'lava' between the layers of cake.

Naturally, May doesn't care at all where she's going to take a bite from the cake, she just really wants to dig her teeth into that chocolaty goodness. Ready to ride the perilous waves as they say. At the very least, her eagerness to chomp down on Yurika's offered doesn't keep her from maintaining a passable level of politeness. May is a very friendly girl, but she quite clearly has no table manners whatsoever, a side effect of her orphan background. "Arr! The pleasure's all mine, matey! 'Tis always a fine day when I'm reminded why I bother to walk the shores rather than keep only the waves as me company!" With that said, May can waste not a moment longer. She twirls her fork on her hand and starts digging in on the cake hurriedly.

If Yurika cares to look behind her, she might notice that the clerk is now taking cover behind the counter for rather obvious reasons. That is a lot of chocolate May is eating at a tremendously fast speed. Chocolate that has sugar. May with sugar.

May is gonna get sooo hyper right now.

"Blow me down!!" The pirate girl exclaims all of the sudden, chocolate smeared all over her mouth thanks to the sloppy ways she's eating. "I just realized something, I have! If yer here, then that must been you've gotten enlisted in one of those privateering institutions called schools! I be part of Gorin High by the by, under what flag be yer ship sailing, matey?"

Yurika can't help but giggle, very quietly, at the way the clerk takes cover behind the counter. Strangely the threat of a hyper May doesn't seem to bother her. There are... Reasons for that. But thankfully everyone who might ask is busy doing other things. Like May, stuffing her face... or like the clerk, taking cover behind the counter!

The sudden exclamation prompts a quiet squeak and a gasp from Yurika, and she draws her hands close to her until she realizes there's nothing wrong. May's question gets a blink. Now that... almost needs translation. But Yurika gets the gist of the question-- May wants to know what school she's in. "Seijyun," she answers. Seijyun-- that girls' boarding school for the super-rich.

"Arr harr harr harr!!" May lets out strangely cheerfully childish laugh. More than likely, she's trying to make it sound like she's a big gruff fighter, but the way she tosses her head back, closes her eyes tightly, and opens her mouth currently covered in chocolate gives the impression of a bratty child guffawing at something rather than the bloodthirsty pirate she tries to pretend to be. Incidentally, she's making no effort at all to wipe the chocolate off her face, she might need... assistance for that since it clearly hasn't even crossed her mind.

"Seijyun! I shoulda known ye'd be part of their crew! Prestigious lot, aye? Coffers full of loot ripe for the taking!" May blinks, suddenly realizing that she's telling all this to a Seijyun member and quickly catches herself. "Ye seem like a fine lass though! Best one I'd had the fortune of crossing sails, aye.."

"I like the cut of yer jib, matey!"

Coffers? Loot? Yurika blushes, looking a little embarrassed. "Ah... w-well, I wouldn't have much to give you anyway," she notes. "My brother and my parents have control of most of it." She probably has an allowance but maybe it's not all that much. Or maybe she's just trying to point May in another direction! Sneaky rich people! But she doesn't really seem all that sneaky.

The 'cut of her jib'? Yurika looks to her dress. That's probably not what she's talking about. But she assumes it's a compliment! So she smiles. "Thank you," she says. She is, however, wise enough not to return the sentiment since she's not completely sure what's meant.

However, she also notes the chocolate all around May's mouth, and stifles a giggle. She scoots over a little, picking up a napkin, intending to dab lightly at the smeared chocolate. But even if May doesn't move, Yurika's dainty, delicate dabbing has little hope of getting it all....

May picks up quickly on Yurika's worry and brushes it away. "Nay, matey! Wouldn't be yer loot I'd be wanting! No need to be rocking yer ship at the thought of this pirate boarding yer vessel! Har harr!" The jolly swashbuckler girl gives another strangely childish boisterous laugh and gulps another mouthful of chocolate cake, fueling her intensity even more. "Only those who be undeserving of their booty must fear of me anchor! I sincerely doubt yer the type to associate with lubbers considering yer demeanor!"

The pirate girl returns the smile too and seems ready to unleash yet another barrage of pirate slang when a napkin intercepts her mouth. "Hmm!?" It's an entirely new sensation, being an orphan and all, May has never had a dutiful parent try to do that with her and isn't completely certain what to do. She ultimately decides that being a brat is probably the wrong choice in this scenario and holds still until Yurika is satisfied with her cleaning.

When she's done, May smiles happily.. and dives right back into the chocolate, smearing more food on her mouth again. The joys of being a parent...

There's a bit of a pause, at the mention of 'people who don't deserve' their money. And Yurika looks down as May says she doesn't seem the type to associate with 'lubbers' like that. She doesn't say anything about it, but instead busies herself with folding the napkin so the chocolate on it won't get on her gloves.

She just starts to giggle quietly again when May digs in again. "You're just getting it all over your face again," she says softly. "If you eat a little slower, you don't miss your mouth so much, and you won't have to clean so much of your meal off your face."

If May is at all aware that Yurika took some kind of slight at her comment, she does not notice it, far too busy chomping on the cake and licking her fingers. However, she is quite aware of her environment despite her clear lack of focus on anything, and she can tell that Yurika's once friendly expression has turned more quiet and thoughtful.

The pirate girl chuckles despite herself and wipes the chocolate smeared on her mouth with her arms. "Aye aye, cap'n!" She chirps once she finishes her ill gotten cake and stands up, putting her pirate hat back on. Looks like she's on her way out now that's she's eaten, looks like its a eat and run for the scoundrel!

Except it really isn't! May pauses a moment to look at Yurika and takes her hat off again to make a fanciful bow. "Arr! A pirate's thanks to ye, matey! Ye are worthy to a piece of the booty for sharing yer spoils with a salty sea dog such as I!" The cake shop might not accept the barter system, but chances are Yurika won't be too terribly mindful about it.

May sticks her tongue out as she rummages inside her hat and plucks out a silver pocket watch. One of the many trinkets she has acquired in her travels. "Here ya go! Enjoy!" That oughta cover the slice of cake, and May is not taking a no for an answer, since she's sliding the watch on the table and quickly running away. "Wind at yer back, matey! I'm sure we'll cross paths again!"

Yurika doesn't seem to be all that upset about May's eating and running. With all that sugar in her system, she needs to burn some of it off, right? Though when May pauses, Yurika stands as well. It's not nice to sit while someone's addressing you in conversation while standing, after all. And suddenly there is... a silver pocketwatch on the table and May is running away!

Yurika doesn't quite know what to say, but manages to raise her hand in a timid wave before May's completely out of sight. Then she looks down at the watch. 'Captain' May doesn't seem to be the type that would have it honestly, if she didn't even have enough to buy a piece of cake. So that means... it's probably stolen. Maybe she should turn it in to the authorities?

...But that would be rude. That would be turning away a gift from a potential friend. And Yurika has so few of those. So... she slips the little trinket into her pocket. And then she picks up the paper plate that the piece of cake had been on and carries it to the trash bin. She gives a polite wave to the clerk as she waves-- not to worry, the hyper little pirate girl is gone!

Though Yurika needs to get back to her dorm room too, before it gets too late. So she heads for the door. An interesting meeting with a pirate girl...

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