Sada - Sukeban Deka vs. All-Japan Bancho

Description: Sada Asai addresses her grudge against the school tournament's booking by seeking out a bold samurai who will Solve Problems or Die Trying. She finds Daigo instead, who is an adequate substitute.

It is another seemingly ordinary day in Gedo High -- many small gangs are lurking about, laughing loudly and chatting about various things. Some are even engaging into combats. It wasn't an unusual sight around, after all, considering all the students practiced martial arts in class.

Even after school, the students sparred between each other, solving their problems using brute force from time to time. Thankfully, it never really got out of hand thanks to Daigo Kazama's watchful eye.

Like some sort of guardian, the tall man that was considering the leader of Gedo by most was roaming around the school's ground, his presence enough to prevent the boiling nature of some boys from exploding.

Sada Asai has found that she did something she doesn't remember doing. But thanks to Apple's iCloud service, she has records, dammit - records. Recordings! While she doesn't remember it, it seemed like something she did.

Her first instinct was to turn to Zaki, but Zaki would know she'd lost a fight and been stuck in the pervert tubes. The penalty would doubtless be death.

So she had to consider her options, and now she's faced with the difficulty of finding an ally among those who she might otherwise consider total garbage. But Daigo Kazama of Gedo High is at least a man of honor, even if it's the honor of trash-- and besides which, if these weird pervert scanner medics kill him, he'll have served the cause of Sada Asai!


That a schoolgirl - or perhaps a school/woman/ - in an over-long skirt saunters into the front door of Gedo High, a long-stemmed kiseru in one hand (for both dealing with anxiety AND for striking boys in the face) in one hand, and the other firmly placed on her hip.

"Oi!" she shouts at two brutish lumps of delinquent meat. "I need Kazama. Find him for me."

Fresh Meat.

The Gedo High students notice quite easily a new face, one that isn't their own. When the schoolgirl makes her way in, she gets a few mocking cat whistle from a few students, a few laughters from some of the small gag of thugs.

When she shouts at one of the brutish guys, they turn around at her, seeming not so pleased to be commanded like that, "Oi! Look at the chick who thinks she can order us around!? Who does she think she is, huh?" The small gang approaches Sada, wicked smiles on their face.

The brute cracks his knuckles as he approaches her, an obvious attempt at acting tough and intimidating her, probably to try and send her back from wherever she came, "Say that again, squirt?" He dares her, staring down at Sada.

Sada takes a lingering drag off the stem of the pipe and exhales through clenched teeth, her eyes flat and venemous. "I'm sorry," she says. "I didn't quite hear you...?" Her tone is very polite.

When he takes another step forward, Sada advances into him, which would be suicidal - if she didn't hook her leg inside of his instep, pulling it out from beneath him. As he tumbles, she pivots around, taking a falling elbow right into his upper spine and grinding it in as she says with guttural threat into his ear, "You said... 'squirt'?"

She licks her thumb then, and pushes it right underneath his ear. There is a subtle sound of hissing. From HIS perception, Sada has just poured boiling acid onto his skin!!

With a massive frame and built like that, the tall man must have not expected a girl like Sada to actually offer much resistance. The man chuckles and folds his arms against his chest, glancing around his shoulder at his fellows, "You heard right," He says, glancing back at Sada, only to notice she's advanced right into him.

It takes only a few moments for her to neutralize the tall man, making him squeal and growl in pain. The others seem unsure how to react, gritting their teeth, "What... You little!" One of them shouts as Sada seems to be doing some horrible torture to this man but they are unaware what it is.

Whatever it is, the little commotion has attracted the attention of Daigo Kazama. His loud voice enough to cause the small gang to move away and let him stride closer. He folds his arms against his chest and stares at the schoolgirl who came around and who has been giving a beating to one of the thug around school. "What is going on around here!?"

"Huh, well... This girl's looking for you, boss.." One of the student says, glaring over at her. Daigo arches a brow and looks over at Sada. He doesn't seem overtly offended by what she has done. After all, the students here beat each other's up daily : "What can I do for you?"

Sada gives the others a smirking look. Why don't they come and see what's making this big piece of pork scream?

But then!

There's just the man she needs. Sada rises off the back of that big meaty thug and gestures with the kiseru's bowl as she folds her other arm over her chest loosely, hugging herself against the cold.

"Daigo Kazama," she says, not very formally. "I've been looking for you... you're a hot contender in the interschool tournament, aren't you? I suppose you might not have heard of me... I am Sada Asai, from Seijyun High."

She curtsies. "It's a pleasure to meet you," she says, more polite but way more sarcastic.

Back to normal conversational tone as she side-eyes at all the big people. "I need to --"

'Show you something' was about to come out of her mouth.

Sada does not say that in front of these thugs. "Give you some vital information... about the 'sponsors'."

The tall man answers to his name by a simple nod of his head, "The last contender from Gedo High still in the tournament," Daigo Kazama simply replies.

Daigo leans back a bit and says, "What can we do for you, Sada?" He asks after her gentle curtsies. The special information she has to say about the sponsor definately seems to get Daigo's attention, "Is that so?" He asks, arching a brow.

Glancing over to the boys, Daigo says, "Take care of Hiro," His lips curl into a smile and says, "I'm sure his pride will be hurt more than anything else... Sada and I need to talk,"

Without any further complains, the rest of the group complies to Daigo's orders. They go fetch their friend and drag him away, even if he still feels the burn and pain. They mock him a bit, for that swift ass kicking... Especially since it was done by a girl.

Moving his arms behind his back, Daigo tilts his head curiously once the students are a few feet away and he asks, "What about them you wanted to tell me?"

Sada answers that by producing her phone.

"I know you've probably wondered what's up with those weird medical people who are hanging around the school tournament. I thought that they were just some kind of promotional thing, and then I saw they were putting things like that nurse with the implants into those tubes."

Sada has to boot up the phone, oops. While this is happening, she takes another drag from the kiseru and exhales into the cold air.

"So... apparently, I went to their building... I guess I borrowed a GPS tracker from someone... and I looked into the windows, and I took these pictures. And I guess that I got my ass beat up by this crazy nurse, and her boy toy... but not before I was able to record a lot of what they were saying."

The login screen has an image of a garden full of lilies. Sada taps in her ID code thinger and flips to the photos.

"I guess you noticed, I think, that I'm talking really vaguely. Because I don't remember any of it. I guess I hid my phone here, before they... got me, and put me in a tube or something... because it was under a dumpster a couple of blocks away." The photos show images of some kind of warehouse-based tube-farm and MRI-resolution scans of...

Various fighters?!

"But that's what's really strange, Kazama. I don't remember going there at all!"

The tall man stares at Sada for a moment and listens carefully. He remains silent but very thoughtful about all of this. He lifts his gaze up a moment, as if lost in his thought, trying to add those new pieces of puzzle in the grand scheme of things.

The man seems a bit skeptical, at least until Sada shows him her phone as well as the various photos. This earns quite a reaction from Daigo, "What!?" His surprise is obvious though and the man moves one of his massive hand to reach out for the phone, so he can check the different photos more closely and browse through them.

He glances up at Sada, "You don't remember anything of when you got there?" He repeats, "Lucky you found those pictures on your phone then..."

This only added more to the mystery more than solving any questions... But now that he has seen those pictures, Daigo is certain that this place is up to no good, and that they need to do something against them.

Looking up at Sada, Daigo asks her, "Tell me.. Why did you choose to show me those pictures?"

Sada lets her eyes close for a moment. She takes a deep breath and lets it out before she starts answering.

"Because I obviously can't look into this myself. They already beat me up, and I guess now they know what I'm looking for - and that I got interested. If I tried this again... the last time, they messed with my memory... they probably took out part of my brain! They'd just break my neck and put me in the croquettes or something, this time."

She chews the stem of that kiseru thoughtfully as she lets her eyes cut to Daigo. "So -- you're stronger than I am... and I hear that you're the reason why all these delinquents aren't a menace to us at Seijyun, or to the girls at the other schools."

Sada's eyes turn towards the ground. Her voice may be threatening to crack, just a little. "Someone has to do something about this... and you're still in the tournament, right?"

Daigo nods his head slowly, lowering the phone and giving it back to Sada. "I'm glad you came," His lips curl into a faint smile at Sada's explanation and he says, "I do not know what they want, but I will do what I must to expose them, and force them off our schools' ground,"

The man gives a shrug to Sada and he lifts one hand up to pat the girl's shoulder a few times reassuringly, "Soon... I will try to get those willing to help me, and we will start here in Gedo High."

Daigo tilts his head to one side and asks, "Could you send me those pictures? All of them.." After all, they might come in handy for the next part, to convince his own folk to rise up with him and help him fight the Atelier Group.

At the touch on her shoulder, Sada stiffens up in surprise, but it's brief.

"What's your number?" Sada asks.

After this she starts forwarding the pictures. Daigo may now have the secret truth that is Tiffany's bra size. "You shouldn't take them lightly... even if I don't think they want to kill people, that's probably just because it would get too many questions. But this is getting near the sharp point of things, isn't it? I bet they'll make a move during the finals."

She adds, direly, "They might try to kidnap whoever wins and -- I don't know, do... stuff with them. They had this guy with gray hair..."

Once Daigo gives Sada his number, he looks up for his phone to make sure he's got them. He browses through them quickly and nods his head in approval. "Thank you for the advice. Don't worry, I've had to deal with many of their agents, I believe.. I know what they're capable of... But this..." He shakes his head at the thought. With those proofs, waiting was no longer an option.

"I'll act before that," Daigo says with a nod. He stares at Sada with his stern expression and nods his head to her, "Most likely.. I will try to spread the word, and see what I can do..."

His lips curl into a faint smile and he says, "Thank you, for the risks you took, and to have shared this with me," He nods solemnly and adds, "I think you've come to the right place,"

Sada looks up -

And in her heart she's smirking just a little. Good, she thinks. He's going for it. He'll find out what's behind this entire framed tournament and will probably blow it open... even if he dies in the process!!

- but her eyes just look a little teary or guarded compared with the wide-open guileless gaze of some girls. It's just how her face is. You can't help how your face is, right?

She bows at the waist, hands going onto her knees even as Daigo's phone makes whatever his notification sound is as more batches of photos finish wandering through the Japanese airwaves. "Thank you, Kazama. Please, keep me informed... I want to help everyone, if I can."

Once he's certain he got everything, Daigo puts the phone back into his pocket. "I will, count on me..." Daigo says with renewed resolve.

He lifts his gaze up thoughtfully : finally he'll be able to see through this. For everyone's safety, he had to act before it carries on and someone gets hurt. "Thank you," Daigo says with a nod, turning on his heels to walk back toward the school, "Take care of yourself, Sada Asai... But for now, until I make my move, I think it'S better for you to wait, and not try anything against them."

"Oh, K-Kazama... thank you so much, to think of me," Sada says.

Another of those inward moments: He's going for it!! Kyehehehehehe -

But externally she's just smiling. With another bow, she states: "I'll be careful, of course. Good luck with everything!" And with that, she turns to walk out herself.

Hopefully that big guy won't get in her way on the way out, or he's getting kicked in the kidneys.

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