Roland - If You like Pina Coladas...

Description: Roland and Mimiru go out to have drinks, as promised if he won before they head back after their Neo League. It ends with a brief scuffle and a sexual harassment lawsuit from a bystander.

After Mimiru regained her consciousness, Roland was long gone. Though he left her a parting gift, something Mimiru noticed sometime later. She vaguely remembers what happened during the fight -- something about a drink.

Not one to refuse an offer like that, Mimiru took the number and gave him a quick phone call. A meeting between the two was given, some place Mimiru had noticed, a pub not too far away from the beach. Mimiru didn't have the chance to go there yet, but it was the perfect occassion for it. Close from the ocean, with the breeze coming it, just perfect.

Her outfit was quite simple : a kakhi wavy skirt that went down to her knees, the kind that could go up if she spinned around fast enough, along with a black tank top. She didn't have any jewelry, only a barret in her pink hair. Alas, her outfit made some of the bruises she had from their fight apparent but Mimiru didn't seem to mind the weird glance she got from others.

She is sitting at a table on the pub's terrace outside, with an amber beer in high glass. She looks at the sea, one hand under her chin. She didn't come alone either, her dog was with her, lying down beside the table.

It was a bit surprising for Roland to hear back from Mimiru so soon; he didn't particularly beat her that badly, so recovery time should have still been minimal to say the least, but there's also the fact she called at all! He's taken to wearing a gaudy hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts, along with slippers. Sunglasses are perched on his nose, although he's keeping his cowboy fedora otherwise. It's making him look awfully like a tourist, but that's not entirely inaccurate. The ticket for the fight still has a few hours before the pair head home, after all. Why not enjoy things?
"So you're an amber fan? Oh well. Nobody's perfect." Roland calls out, pulling back a chair and heavily settling into it. He's got a few patches of angry red skin from her fiery assault, but otherwise looks the better for wear. "Whew. Your fighting reminds me of myself; more instinct and talent than a proper tutor. Are you self taught?"
He flags down the waiter, flipping away from the mainstream beers for something dark and stout, before sending them off and calling Max over to aggressively scratch him behind the ears and along the nape!

Hearing the voice, Mimiru snaps out of her reverie. She had her legs crossed and her eyes cast away into the ocean. She glances over to Roland, lifting her eyes up at him. Her lips curl into a smile at his comment and she gestures with a hand for him to take a seat. "Yeah, not into red heads?" Mimiru replies.
Mimiru arches a brow and leans foward, "Kinda," She admits, "When I was younger, I was more into self-defense than anything else. I took jujitsu lessons for a long while. You wouldn't know, but I was barely five feet tall during most of my teenage years... Until I had a growth spurt. Bang, all of a sudden,"
She leans back and takes a sip of her beer, "I had a bit of help learning Chi but... Most of what you've seen is self-taught, yeah. More or less. Didn't have the time to use any jujitsu throw against you. It was quick and brutal..." A smirk spreads on her lips, "Just the way I like it,"
The dog quickly moves over to Roland once he calls for him, leaning over the scatrches and the attention. Mimiru just watches silently and smiles. "Dark stout, huh..." She shakes her head and says, "Generally too tasty for me,"

"I prefer girls who don't cross their legs in a skirt." Roland states with a bit of a frown, resting the back of his elbow on the chair as his drink is quickly delivered. A tall, dew-covered glass with minimal head, he takes a long drink with a ripple of his throat. "And what's wrong with gingers? Outside being easily sunburned." Although the idea of a tiny, petite Mimiru seems to cause Roland to squint, ergo it might just be an excuse to stare at her brazenly with less of a chance to yell at him for being a creep. "I was pretty popular in high school. Football quarterback. Everything physical I attempted I managed effortlessly. Had a scholarship, but I decided to become a fighter instead..." He doesn't say that the training camps were too hard. That'd make him look a bit too wussy. He preferred it when he just showed up to the games, did well, impressed the ladies, and went home. That's STILL the kind of fighting lifestyle he aims to maintain!
"I also had some help with chi, heh. I found a way to bind the chi of the body with the chi of the soul. It's how I can manifest my arm; it's missing, but my spirit remembers it. Or something. Either way, I think it looks neat." Concentrating, he looks at his empty sleeve, before in a flashing crackle a green holographic limb manifests for a split second, burning away the fabric. "Eh. I'm getting better at it. I'll never have it work as a prosthetic, but most of my attacks aren't hindered."
Continuing to dote on Max, Roland rolls his shoulders in a lazy fashion. "It's all about the flavor to me. But I don't do well in long fights... but you're a resilient one. Only one person alive's harder to throw off his game. And if you're stuck going out with me until you /beat/ me..." He releases the dog to puff out his chest and thumb his thumb against it. "We're gonna be married someday." Oh yes, that's cocky-talk to the extreme!

A sort laughter escapes Mimiru's throat when he talks about her crossed legs, "Ahah, hard to please, are we?" Mimiru shifts her posture and switches her crossed leg. She lifts her glass up and sips at it a bit, slowly savouring her beer and taking her time with it. "I... Can't remember if I was popular at school. Was in a similar setup than you, I guess : was the captain of the feminine basketball team," She grins at the thought and says, "I've always been into sports of all kind... I was the best at bringing the ball up in offense," Mimiru says.
Mimiru stares silently at Roland's arm. "That's actually pretty impressive... It's the first time I ever see that," She bites her lips and tilts her head to one side, obviously holding that one question she has on her lips. Though before she has the chance to ask it, Roland goes on about the beer. The pink haired girl grins and offers Roland a lazy shrug, "Eh, what's the problem with that?" She asks, "Always good to have a drinking buddy, beside, I move around a lot, so not sure how often we'll get the chance," Mimiru admits.
His comment about marriage make her laugh, "Ahah, really? Think you could marry a girl who cross her legs with a skirt? Huuum, you didn't seem like that kinda a guy to me," Mimiru admits with a wide grin.
She leans back and hums softly, "You certainly got more confidence now than you seemed to have in our fight... At least, more than when you've had your torso exposed," Mimiru says, letting her words trail off, assessing Roland's reaction to the unspoken question behind her sentence.
She lets the silence settles in, and if necessary she adds, "Want to tell me that story, or that'll have to wait for another time?"

"I think only wanting uncrossed legs is the opposite of hard to please." Roland grumps right back, leaning forward on the table and propping himself on his good elbow, leaning forward to take nursing drinks himself. Enjoying the splash of strong flavour across his tongue. "The FEMININE basketball team? So there were some guys, just really girly ones." He nods his head in approval. "Although hearing you were so short, I'm a bit surprised basketball was your sport of choice. I'd imagine horse racing." A smirk follows. "I've always just been good at whatever I tried without much effort if it wasn't scholarly. Coasted that to it's limit. I still think at my worst I was comparable to you." His tongue sticks out at that.
"Oh yeah? It's just visualization practice. I've heard people can make chi constructs at the uppermost levels. You can consider it a really shitty version of something impressive. I'm just momentary recreating something I had the majority of my life. Although I share your wanderlust, so we'll just have to make sure to savour tonight. And the best way..." He waves down the wandering attendant, ordering two Long Island Ice Teas with extra alcohol. The deed is done before it can be intercepted. At that, Roland looks to think long and hard. " I couldn't marry a girl who'd deny me such a simple pleasure." he says with a wistful sigh.
"I'm used to people falling apart mentally around me, then I take advantage of it. You weren't really falling for it, so it was a harder fight than usual. ...As for the scar, nothing too interesting. I was walking home drunk, talking to a friend, and a serial killer attacked me from behind. Ripped off my arm into multiple pieces. Doctors said I died 4 times on the way to the hospital and 3 times in it. I'm apparently hard to kill. He left me for dead, but it's a miracle I survived."
The Long Islands arrive, and he plucks his up to drink heavily beside his half-empty beer. "Sometimes I think that he'll come finish the job, and sometimes I realize I couldn't stop him if he tried, so I just don't let it bother me." That seems a genuine answer, if so blindly simple. An average person would freak out over something that couldn't be controlled, or at least try to mitigate it...

"Yeah, they're called sissies," Mimiru replies when Roland mentions the girly guys, "It made the after practice shower more interesting, if you know what I mean," She adds with a casual intonation, as if she was just stating facts everyone knew. Mimiru closes her eyes, enjoying a breeze for a moment, taking another shot of her drink. She gives Roland a shrug and says, "I was good at any sport, really. Anything physical : volleyball, rollerblading, soccer, tennis, badminton. I just like the physical activity, guess I got a lot of energy to kill,"

When Roland mentions he was about her level at his worst, Mimiru sticks her tongue back at him, making a face. She doesn't reply anything to it though, not having any witty counter to that one. "Alas!" Mimiru replies, as if Roland was forlon of all hope for any marriage.

The girl arches a brow and asks, "Really? I guess you can be unsettling, but I've seen worse," Her lips curl into a wicked grin and she says, "I'm not that easy to impress or destabilize," Her expression grows a more serious though when Roland explains what happened to his arm and the scars on his body.

Mimiru closes her eyes a moment, thoughtful, "That doesn't sound like you," Mimiru replies. She tilts her head to one side and says, "Sometimes, you sound like you're full of confidence and nothing will stop you, almost arrogant and now... I hear this resignation, this submission..." She lets her words trail off and glances into her glass, staring into the amber beer left into it. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to sound rude or anything, I just didn't expect that kind of answer,"

There's a snort of amusement from Roland as opposed to anything in the area of surprise or shock when Mimiru mentions co-ed showers, mostly since he knows that nowhere in Japan is anything /that/ progressive. "Would you WANT to see anything like that? ...Or would anyone want to see a petite little girl?" he offers, challengingly. "So far, we sound pretty similar. Outside me being, y'know, way more talented." A humble flutter of the lashes follows. A 'prove me wrong' sort of challenge!
"I'd hate to know who's worse than me. I guess it's all just an act, mostly. You seemed to realize that. I'm not really awful enough to hit too far below the belt verbally. Which is funny, since I'll do that with my fist and not hesitate." Another long drag of the Long Island follows. But he pauses at the more serious response at the end, swirling it around in his mouth before setting it back down.
"First, drink." He points to the Long Island. Fingers steeple, although he'd continue after awhile whether she did it or not. "When I was laying in bed, literally dying for awhile, I had time to think. On all my decisions, and my future. I'm not a tragic person. I have a family still alive who loves me and raised me very well. Well enough it's a wonder I turned into a con-artist womanizer. Speaking of which, say yes when I ask you to share my hotel room." Ssssssip.
"And I realized life has a simple rule. If you can't control it, don't worry about it. It's not submission or resignation. It's ambivalence. Trust me, I'd fight for my damn life trying to escape if he came again. But..." There's a haunted look, grip tightening on the glistening glass. "You... I was only conscious long enough to look at him. It was a monster that did this to me... His name was 'Freeman'. Looking at the newspapers after the fact, he's the world's most famous serial killer. He almost killed that Athena girl not long ago, and she's way above me. So. I'm a gambling man..."
Adjusting in this seat, he settles simply, "I just know those aren't good odds."

Mimiru waves her hand up in the air dismissingly, as if brushing the challenge aside, "Yeah... Maybe if I don't hold back I could prove you wrong but, I'm definately too much of a masochist to do that. There wouldn't be any fun,"
Mimiru gives Roland a shrug of her shoulder and she says, "I've learned not to take anything seriously... Most of the time, anyway," Mimiru puts her glass aside and she reaches out for the Long Island he ordered for her. She takes a sip, enjoying the taste of the offered drink. Anything with white rum in it cuoldn't be bad.
"Who knows where life can bring us," Mimiru says, giving a shrug of her shoulder, "My mother is the chief of Southtown's police department and my brother used to be an Interpol agent... You'd guess I'd follow in the family's footstep but... No, ahah,"
Mimiru leans her head into her hand, idly drinking, lost in her reveries for a moment, "Live your life with no regrets, always looking foward," Her lips curl into a smile, tilting her glass for a cheer with Roland, "I drink to that..." She says.
Mimiru turns her gaze away, a playful smile spreading on her lips, "You'd have to make me uncross my legs first if you wanted me to share your hotel room,"

"Ohhh? It would THRILL me to find out you were holding back. I need a good regular sparring partner, y'see. That's the one thing I lack. I beat people with cheap tricks, and that's really screwed up my combat experience. Then I hit someone like Daniel Jack, who's all technique and experience, and none of my tricks work... it gets messy. You saw how off I was. He tore my head off." He spits to the side, draining the rest of his Long Island and setting it down. He can feel the rush of alcohol -- they weren't messing around when he asked for extra. Oh, he still has his beer. Resumes sipping that.
"...Wow. That's, uh. You're the daughter of a police chief? Intimidating. And Interpol... whew. My family are farmers in Vegas. Heh, they grow the plants you make tequila with. I never did like the taste, but. I've got no roots." Well. Supposedly they are his family. He's always figured he was adopted, but...
"Amen. Cheers." Another sip of beer. Hic. Leaning forward, he then murmurs. "If I leapt across the table and pounced you to the ground, you'd have to. Anywhere, anytime, I'll throw down. That's a promise." He tips his beer glass once more.

"Maybe..." Mimiru says thoughtfully about being his sparring partner. She taps her fingers on her cheek idly, a soft chuckle escaping her throat, "It's not all that a bad thing. There's a part of weal in defeat and victory alike," Mimiru admits.
Mimiru hums softly, staring at Roland as he drinks down his Logn Island Tea. "Yeah, you think I should have lived up to their expecations.. Never really felt any pressure on their part, I would have probably become one but..." Mimiru lowers her gaze and she shrugs, "Felt the wanderlust, and then one thing lead to another.."
"If you keep drinking down, I doubt you could," Mimiru points out. She tilts her head back, a playful smile on her lips, "Is that so?" She leans over the table, putting her drink aside, folding her arms on the table as she leans on them, "You'd have to be fast enough to catch me first," She adds with a daring, challenging tone.

"Don't underestimate me... showing up to battles drunk is one of my strong points. Since I fight from instinct, it really doesn't make me as bad off as you'd think! Besides, c'mon. You gotta fight STRONGER guys to get better." He flexes his left arm, which is admittedly impressive by most standards. That likely just makes the taunting aspect all the worse, given how smugly self-aware of such he is.
"Fuck it." Roland suddenly says, pointing a finger. "My family wanted me to work on the farm. But I told them my dream and they supported me. Whether it's growing cacti or being an officer, you should do what you want. If your family doesn't understand, then that's their problem. We're not in any different a position, just because you've got something distinguished under your belt. My family farm went back 5 generations. I don't think your bloodline's been head of Southtown that long. So." He kind of leaves it there.
As for the latter, Roland sighs before leaning back on the rear two legs of his chair. Balancing precariously. "Catch you, huh...? You'd just love for me to tell you 'I'm fast.' But... I'm fast when I WANT to be." Suddenly he kicks up, hitting the bottom of the table. He launches empty glasses towards Mimiru, a moment later thumping his weight against it, trying to catch the girl between it and her seat before she can get up to escape...!
Yes, it looks like he plays rough.

The pink haired girl's lips curl into a wide teasing smile. It's a wonder what's on this girl's mind, obviously. She remains leaning on the table, even as Roland seems to ponder about this all, but Mimiru's not easily fooled with his casual rhetoric, she's keeping a close eye on him.
It comes suddenly, as she expected -- though you never really can be ready for something like that, aside from expecting it to happen sometime. The sudden movement causes the dog that was lying down lazily to jerk up and bark a few times, moving away from the table, as well as causing some distress in all of the bar.

When the initial shock and surprise is gone, Mimiru's reaction is one of laughter. She barely had the time to lift her arms up to shield herself against the empty glasses, her own glasses not quite empty spilling on her dark tank top.

The girl narrowly manages to slip out of the trap, caught between the terrace's handrail, her seat and the shoved table. She tumbles out of her chair, knocking a few other chairs and shoving a barmaid in the process. No grace or poise in her escape, that's for sure.

The sudden movement has her panting, but her lips curl into a bright, childish smile as she stares at Roland, assessing him, a few stray locks obscuring her sight. Her legs open up a bit, kneeling, as if ready to dash any moment, like a rabbit who'd be staring at a predator, waiting for the threat to move.

Though to Mimiru, this all seemed like a big game. A thrill, no less, with a sudden rush of adrenaline.

Most people don't know what's on Roland's mind either, and find themselves terrified by the prospect of knowing. In many cases this is not an inaccurate thing to be in, as it's a place of deep depravity and horrors. He had intended for the listless recline to give the impression he couldn't yet attack -- always a mistake, as if he has any strength it's that he's never in a position where he's helpless on either the offense or the defense!
Having rammed his shoulder into nothing when Mimiru slips out, a light whistle of being impressed follows before he allows everything to clatter down to the floor, much to the continued distress of the attendants. He leaps forward to catch the barmaid and steady her, although letting an attractive man trip and collapse over one of the unseated chairs.
"You almost make it seem like you don't want to be caught." Roland offers, before slipping into a combative stance. He's hopping from foot to foot, in something like an outboxer's stance. "I'm not sure whether to be challenged or insulted..."

Managing to escape from tight spot was one of Mimiru's speciality : slipping around when you wouldn't expect her to. It's surprising how creative and original she can get when it comes to avoid physical harm in some way.
Roland's reaction earns Mimiru a smile : always the gentlemen when it came to things like that. Her lips curl into a smile and Mimiru replies, "If there's no challenge, where's the fun?" Mimiru asks, arching a brow. "Beside... Part of the thrill, both for the prey and predator, comes from the hunt..." Mimiru says, waving her hand up dismissingly. Nonethless, Mimiru doesn't want to give Roland an opportunity for him to catch her that easily. And she's almost certain that's what he's looking to do, mess with her.
See ya!" Mimiru says, both in a daring and challenging way, making a dash for the guard rail. If nothing stops her dash, Mimiru will grasp it with one hand and then swing herself over it.
It was a fail-proof plan. If Roland didn't try to run after her soon, she's almost certain she'll get the boss of the place on him for the trouble they've done. Of course, a moment after Mimiru burst to life and jumped off the guard rail, dog follows her by jumping over it and running after its mistress.

"Challenge, huh..." Roland states, as if tasting the word. He's used to things just coming naturally, and a lack of desire for challenge is one of the rutts he had to deal with within his life getting to the point he is now. Then again, that's the sort where long-term effort is required; he does enjoy the thrill of the con, of finding a way under someone's skin and embedding himself like a cowboy-hatted tick. He should already have what he needs to capture his 'prey'... as they say, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
Slowly focusing, green energy ripples across Roland as Mimiru makes a bolt for the guard rail to head towards the sandy beach. And then the man simply surges forward, sweeping something off someone's plate with a "Hey!!" Easily vaulting the rail, he then follows the fleeing girl for long enough to get out of immediate hassling distance, before...
"Here, boy! Here!" The wafting smell of delicious food is dangled. She can't run off and abandon MAX, can she? But she'd never be betrayed for someone with a piece of meat and the frisbee he returned with, would he? If not... well.
He's a gambling man in the end. Get the dog, get the girl. That's always how those things work!

Unfortunately for Roland, Max isn't like your average dog. He's been in Mimiru's life longer than any of her normal friends. Clever for a dog, he follows after Mimiru and doesn't let himself persuaded to betray her for some food. It was almost as if he knew what that meant when she suddenly started to dash off and run... Maybe it's not the first time she's pulled something like that off? Who knows.

Dashing off toward the sandy beaches, Mimiru runs around the various persons who are trying to enjoy the sun, jumping over some who are sunbathing. Obstacles are what makes it fun, after all, it adds to the risks and makes this task of athletism just all the better. Mimiru slows down slightly, glancing over her shoulder to see if she's lost him or if he gave up, "I thought you were a football star? Lost the stamina?" She teases.

Actually, Roland's stamina IS pretty shitty. Although the attempt to detour the dog from her cost some time, he still had enough energy to begin tearing through the sand, and likely gained a fair amount of distance... until it ran out. Then he's huffing along, kicking and jumping over things without quite the grace and poise. "Sh,shut up!" he calls out when taunted, sweat rolling down his brow and his hat having blown off to dangle along his back by the leather straps.
"You... can't run forever!!" Not that she has to; just longer than he can. Maybe he's been neglecting his daily constitutionals a little TOO much! Slowly he focuses, beginning to feel the well of chi within... he's only going to have one shot, given Mimiru's starting to pull away. "You... little... HRRRRRGH!!"
Once more he flares with emerald chi, suffusing his form and significantly boosting his physical abilities. He rips through the beach, lunging light as a feather over obstacles, knocking away an umbrella. In an act of desperation he hurls the frisbee towards Mimiru's legs, hoping to do something to give him some sort of edge... he can only keep up his boosts for a few seconds, and then he's going to be exhausted. But she wasn't THAT far ahead... can he possibly make it?!

The punk haired girl can hear it in Roland's voice -- it felt different than before, it felt more like desperation. With all the roller blading and physical activity Mimiru was doing, her vigor and stamina were pretty much at their peak, and the moment she glanced over her shoulder, she felt like she had gotten herself an edge over Roland, even if avoiding the people and obstacle slowed her down some.
His words were music to her ears. Perhaps Mimiru couldn't beat him in a fight, but for a sprint? Anytime it seems. "I can if I want!" She replies to the first, and laughs to he second part she can hear from him. It felt like it could be true, there was hardly any panting in her voice.
And then something unexpected happen. The thrown frisbee at her leg hits her right behind her knee. "Ouch!!" A jolt of pain runs through her body, making her flinch momentarily. A quick stagger she tries to recover from, her arms flailing for a moment. She stumbles against a couple of things she was supposed to run just beside : towels and other bathing gear, which ends up rolling up into her legs, "What the hell!" Mimiru shouts, barely managing not to face plant, bouncing back and forth to try and keep going foward while trying to get the towels off her entangled legs.

Suck on THAT! Roland is still good at some things; such as throwing frisbees he intended to bait dogs with. A good thing that Max didn't just up and intercept it; he knows now that if Mimiru gets a running start beyond a half-dozen seconds, chances are high that he's not going to be managing to capture her again. This is good to know in retrospect, especially if he ever has to get *away* from her (most likely), but doesn't help him much with the important task of the here and now.
Having tripped her up with the hearty fling, causing squeals and angry noises from those on the beach she's demolishing the relaxation items of, the last of his strength and speed is spent hurtling into a diving tackle. It is glorious, the waves roaring their approval, as if the Earth itself applauded his lascivious intents. His descend is taking him downwards, however; he's a foot short. The white and red striped rear of a bikini-clad female is quickly zooming in, having lifted herself to yell something at Mimiru.
~ I have no regrets... ~
There is a loud SHRIEK, and the sound of repeated slapping. Only after repeated statements that he tripped does she march away with her belongings in a huff, leaving Roland face down in the sand, face covered in bright red handprints...

"Sorry!" Mimiru says hastly, obviously in an attempt to break through. She was obviously nervous, and when she glances back over her shoulder to see the woman shouts things at her, she has lost sight of Roland... Until she hears the shriek coming from the lady. Followed by the flurry of slaps from the embarassed lady.
That was priceless. It caused much laughter from Mimiru, who manages to escape from the tangled mess she had around her legs. The furious woman leaves though after all of this, and Mimiru doesn't run further this time. She had plenty of pleasure with the chase, and the cherry on the sunday was definately Roland's attempt at tackling her down. Which might have succeeded if it hadn't been for that woman.
Heaving a soft sigh, Mimiru kneels down beside Roland, a wide smile on her lips, "Can't win every time.. So close, yet so far... Ahah. You okay?" Mimiru asks, hands set on her knees, ready to offer Roland a hand if he seems like he'd need one to get back up.

There's a twitch from Roland. He doesn't make any suspicious movements or the like, outside shifting to begin the horrible process of trying to stand. "Mercy..." he suddenly states, before lunging forward with his good arm in an attempt to grasp Mimiru by the skirt. "Is a weakness!!" He's got a hearty amount of strength for grasping, but without both limbs he's probably not going to manage much else. "Must... catch...!" At least nobody can question his tenacity. The fire in his eye is the same as any fierce fighter in a deathmatch to the very end! Either way, the pair's wild run and then Roland's eventual collapse is causing a LOT of stares. Troublemakers, in the best case...

Alas, Mimiru's now within arm reach for Roland, making it fairly easy for him to manage to grasp out for her skirt once she has knelt down. Mimiru's reaction is almost predictable : her eyes widen in surprise and she suddenly jerk up away from Roland with a quick screech... Though not before he's got his hand on her skirt.
His grasp and Mimiru's movement are enough to pull down Mimiru's skirt somewhat, though the moment she realizes that her hands reach out for her skirt to hold it up. Lack of balance and makes her literally and clumsily fall back in the sand -- she had no choice after all, she had to cling and hold on to her knee length skirt. "Let go!" She shouts, attempting to kick Roland's hands off from her clothes.

The kick thumps Roland but good in the face; he's exhausted and weakened from slapping after all, and he is rolled over upon his back with a trail of blood running down his nose. "Gah..." he states, coughing heavily. After a few moments, "...I caught you." His voice full of far too self-pleased confidence. "You coulda got away and left me to my fate...!" Slowly he pulls himself up to a sit, gingerly touching his nose with a wince. That's the best physical blow Mimiru's gotten on him yet -- he prefers chi, it stops hurting a lot quicker!

The kick manages to get Mimiru free, which was the plan. The girl quickly readjusts her skirt before she forces herself back on her feet. She sweeps the sand off from her skirt and glances up at Roland, an expression of surprise on her face, "Oh! I'm so sorry!" Mimiru says, though she has a hard time holding back a chuckle, "I'm sorry, really..." She says, giving him a wide smile.
"I could have... But if I ran away from you to the end, how could I mock you for leaping into that girl's butt and getting slapped around? Ahah," Mimiru says. She sticks her tongue out a bit and says, "YOu're right, you caught me -- got me with your tricks... I guess you deserve your right of me no longer crossing my legs,"

Roland pumps his arm, seeming to be quite pleased with this victory; despite the initial wager being something else entirely. "Next is to wear short skirts around me. But you're already marriable now..." A smirk follows, hat plucked up and settled back on his head. "I don't take pity victories. Coming back to mock me means I lost... yep. I'll take that consolation prize, though!" His pride is fairly low compared to his ego for sure, chest puffing out all the same!

"One step at a time," Mimiru says, a smile on her lip. She didn't mind this small loss, so long as she had her fun with it. She folds her arms against her chest and glances to her dog who walks to her side, and then back at Roland. She lowers her gaze to ruffle her dog's head.
Mimiru offers a shrug to Roland, "Meh, you might not think you lost, but I didn't either. I had my fun, ahah," Mimiru grins and she waves to Roland, "Thanks for the beer... Call me up anytime for another," She offers.

Settling himself cross-legged, there's a grunt from Roland. "I will. I'll beat you again... one step at a time... until my ultimate goal..." Fingers curl into a fists, with diabolical mumbling -- whatever it is that plan might be. For now he... really needs to catch his breath. He'll consider this a draw in the war between them; last time he accepts a CHASING match!

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