Tiffany - Under Cover of Darkness

Description: Two people attempt to slip into Gedo late at night to get some more perspective on the chaotic turn the school has taken. Tiffany learns how cool skulls look.

Strange things were afoot at Gedo High, Akira was sure of it! And she was also sure that her brother was going to be a big target in the days and weeks to come both figuratively and literally. But there was only so much that shy and innocent Akira Kazama from within the halls of Seijyun. If she was going to get to bottom of this and help her brother out, Akira would have to take matters into her own hands.

It was times like this that Akira was happier that her brother didn't have an enormous head. His old motorcycle helmet fit Akira nicely after changing out the padding. Dressed head to toe in the black studded leather of her motorcycle riding outfit, Akira's disguise was complete with the addition of Daigo's skull helmet. She looked nothing like what she did at Seijyun and she even felt different while dressed like this. Hidden by the helmet, Akira smirks to herself as she dismounts her borrowed motorcycle and heads for Gedo proper. It wouldn't be hard to slip into Gedo even at this hour due to the nearby construction site. It offered the perfect clandestine access to her brother's school by passing through it which meant that it was now time to get to work. The night was young and there was still plenty of snooping around left to do.

Strange things are indeed afoot at Gedo High -- but Tiffany thinks something very different about them, no doubt, from Akira. She's increasingly worried about Daigo -- everything she hears indicates that /he's/ the problem... though the principal is too? It's a mess -- which means it's time to poke around again.

Likewise slipping in under cover of total darkness, Tiffany /expects/ absolutely nothing... which is why when she sees that dark, leather-clad shape moving in it, her whole body tenses up. "... Hello?" she calls, in English, hesitantly.

She cuts a ... slightly more visible figure than the black leather, considering she's wearing a bright red, white, and blue cheerleading outfit. This may not have been the best stealth plan -- but she didn't exactly think anyone would /be/ here...

If her brother was somehow involved in this shady business or merely just in over his head, then that was even more reason for Akira to investigate her brother's school. Security around the site really wasn't all that difficult to get around as it was just some bored security guards with flashlights. And even once into Gedo, she would more have to contend with avoiding members of Daigo's gang on guard duty then any actual organized security.

Everything was going so smoothly, almost too smoothly when an English 'Hello' pierces through the darkness. Akira nears jumps in surprise at being discovered, but she quickly recovers and puts her game-face on beneath that helmet of hers. She takes a deep breath, flips the visor of her helmet down, clenches her red gloved hands into some fists, and turns abruptly towards the source of the noise. "I'm on the lookout for suspicious people, what are.." Akira trails off when she sees Tiffany, or more precisely, what Tiffany was -wearing- on her stealth run. "...what the heck are you wearing?" asks the figure in all black leather brusquely.

Akira soon crosses her arms against herself and tilts her skull helmeted head back challengingly. "What are you doing tresspassing here?" She then demands of Tiffany just as a flashlight beam cuts across in their general direction. Akira unfolds her arms and then looks back at TIffany. Someone was coming, but it seems that this skull clad figure wanted some answers first before she reacted to -that-.

The all-black figure is imposing to Tiffany despite their relatively close heights; the young lady takes a half-step back from the source of the voice, then starts stepping closer once she realizes that there's really only so much that could happen here. She switches to Japanese in short order, once she realizes the nature of the figure she's dealing with.

"It's the Pacific High cheerleading outfit --" Tiffany starts, shortly before that flashlight cuts across. Unlike Akira, she doesn't want answers -- she wants to make sure they don't get arrested or escorted home! Even if it wouldn't be a /tremendous/ problem... it's clear they're both looking for /something/, which means until proven otherwise, they're allies!

The skull-clad youth ends up the victim of a hasty tackle; should she not get out of the way, Tiffany shoves them both to the ground behind a dumpster. "Shhhh," she hisses, once she realizes she's taken action.

Akira's outfit was very much meant to appear intimidating with all the metal, spikes, and chains that hang from it. It's all a clever ruse to keep peoples attention on that part of her instead of her not so great height or not so naturally deep voice. Basically, it was about as different of an outfit as you could get from what Tiffany was wearing if not a little less eye-catching, albeit for different reasons.

Tiffany's statement pretty much confirms the girl as suspicious individuals number one in Akira's investigation. Just what was a Pacific High student doing snooping around Gedo High at night? "What is someone from Pacific High doing here?" Akira begins as she takes a step towards her fellow snooper, oblivious to the flashlight beam at the moment. It looks like things might get a little rough, but maybe she'll still get some answers before the night was over with.

The unfortunate side-effect of it being evening and getting increasingly dark out was that it was super hard to see out of the tinted visor of her motorcycle helmet. This means that she quite literally doesn't see Tiffany's tackle coming until its too late. Akira grunts as she hits the ground and starts to yell "Hey!" in protest to the charging cheerleader's action. But the combination of Tiffany's shh and the now suddenly very apparent flashlight beam catches Akira up to speed. She begrudgingly quiets down so as to not alert the wandering security guard any further.

The bearer of the flashlight seems to have maybe heard -something- as they are scanning the area methodically with that flashlight of theirs. They continue scanning the area with their flashlight for a few more seconds before deciding to walk that way. The approaching security guard or maybe gang member was getting closer, but they haven't seemingly caught sight of Tiffany or Akira quite yet.

As the flashlight moves closer, Tiffany frowns; her gambit hasn't /quite/ saved them -- but at the very least, they're behind something, which is a start. She shifts her body weight in a little closer to her fellow student, trying to minimize their visible profile; this seems to come more instinctively to Tiffany than, perhaps, one might expect of an American cheerleader.

Taking a few slow, deep breaths, she attempts to figure out a game plan as the mysterious light gets closer. "Okay," she whispers, her voice just barely loud enough to carry through the helmet, "Stay close." She watches the beam track for a moment, trying to get a sense of its origin, and carefully nudges the pair just slightly rightward.

"... any ideas?" she asks, realizing that she's come about to her limit of good sense; now that it requires /thought/ rather than /action/, she's a little out of her depth. Not everything about snooping comes naturally to the Lords heiress.

Akira fights the urge to lift the visor of her helmet so that she can get a better look at what was going on. It's not like it was pitch black out or anything, And it was important to her to keep the facade up. As long as the helmet was on, she was in control of what was going on. Getting arrested or discovered by one of Daigo's goons was a very real possiblity, but it was fine. Everything was under control and she could handle it.

Turning to suddenly closer cheerleader after they reposition themselves, the skull clad Akira grunts again. She carefully reaches down and unhooks a chain off her pants before rolling onto her back. The black clad teen takes a deep breath, rolls onto her side, and launches the chain straight at a barrel across from their hiding position. It makes a loud CLANG and the barrel suddenly has a flashlight trained on it. "Now run," hisses Akira from underneath her helmet.

She then tries to get and run with one of her arms being offered to help Tiffany get up quicker too. "Follow me and get ready to jump." Their destination was a small berm that led into the construction site. Akira will sprint for it and then make a leap of faith to go sliding down the other side of it to where they both would potentially be far out of the guard's sight unless they were spotted before they made it to the berm.

When Akira hisses at her to run, she's more than willing to do it; she knows on some level that this is a mistake -- that she's more likely to draw attention running than staying put, now that that chain has drawn attention away... but she's told to run and by God she's running. Accepting the hand up and running directly behind Akira, she leaps forward alongside the other girl -- and so much of her fighting style is leaping-related that she's got quite the clearance.

Landing hard on the berm, she glances toward Akira, making sure they've both made it. Where 'it' is is sort of a question in itself -- but at the very least, it's well out of the path of whoever might be poking around with a flashlight.

She doesn't say anything; her breathing stops dead for a little while, and she just waits for the other shoe to drop, or not, as the case may be. There's no way to know if she's in any better a position, given the black-clad teenager is a total unknown, but...

Akira lies still and merely does her best to strain her ears to see if she can hear anything like approaching footsteps. The guard or whomever would definitely know that there was someone out there, but this was Gedo High and this was a construction site ate night. There was bound to be delinquents of some sort carrying on and trying to get away with some mischief. But because its expected somewhat, that hopefully meant that the guard wouldn't be looking that hard for them. But there was only one way to make sure and that involved crawling up and looking over the edge of the berm.

The leather clad teenager isn't springing up to go do this just yet. She does need a minute to catch her breath as it wasn't always the easiest to breathe in that helmet of hers. During this time she just sort of ends up looking at her accomplice in sneakery. "I think we gave him the slip." For the first time this night, there's a noticeable crack in Akira's intonation. She sounds a little more relieved at this than she probably should. Akira then crawls ever up carefully up to the top of the perm and peers overtop. "Just what were you doing here anyways? It's a little late for cheerleading practice."

"... Yeah, what a RELIEF," Tiffany says, getting herself back to focus -- and back to a good, solid stance, after that hard landing. "Wowwww..." That's definitely enough adventure for one night -- she /could/ head back into the construction site and into Gedo proper, but after that near-miss, it doesn't seem nearly as pressing. Besides -- she has someone to talk to! Someone who, evidently, was angling on getting in, too...

... but the youth seems like a good fit for Gedo, too...

"I could ask you the SAME thing," Tiffany notes, with a shake of her head. "But... I was gonna' poke AROUND, see what I could find out. There's some weird stuff going on... Daigo, the principals... everything's all weird. I know the players... but I don't REALLY know the GAME, you know?"

With a frown, she asks, "What about YOU? Can't you just walk in through the FRONT door, during the day?" She brushes some blonde hair out of her face, regarding that helmet a little blankly. So impossible to read... it's sort of charming!

At the top of the berm, Akira does lift the visor of her helmet to scout out the nearby area for flashlight beams. There were a few in the distance, but none of them were pointed their way. The old chain throw trick worked! The motorcycle leather wearing teen lowers the visor once more and slides back down the berm the rest of the way to rejoin Tiffany. "The coast is clear. We sure gave that guy the slip." She reports simply before dropping her arms down at her sides.

It's all quiet within that helmet of hers for the first few moments after TIffany speaks. Her mentioning Daigo in relationship to this stuff was troubling. "What does big....boss of Gedo High have to do with all of this?" She asks of the Pacific High teen pointedly. That was an almost slip-up, but Akira recovered there at the last moment.

Tiffany asking the obvious question causes Akira to turn slight away from her, causing Tiffany to face her skull adorned shoulder instead. Again she is quiet as she contemplates what to or not tell Tiffany. Should she just lie or tell her the truth? "I heard that my brother might be involved in some bad stuff here." Akira says quite truthfully as TIffany had just told this a few moments before hand. "But I don't want him to know that his is getting involved too. So I decided to sneak in and find out the truth for myself." Well, Akira was lying. But she was also mostly telling the truth while also trying to look mysterious at the same time. It really was the best compromise that she could muster.

Blinking a few times, Tiffany tries to find the words to answer Akira; she first breathes a sigh of relief, though, now that they're absolutely certain they're safe. She brushes herself off a little as she starts to come back to herself, listening cllosely to the teen. This biker... is so /dangerous/! And so cool.

It takes a minute for that last comment to really click in her head; she's talking to the boss's little brother! /So cool/. "Well... maybe he'll LISTEN to you! I don't ... /really/ want to go to war with Gedo, but... they've been really SERIOUS and AGGRESSIVE, and..." ... wait -- why is she saying this? For all she knows, Akira's perfectly willing to go to the mattresses with the otehr schools on Gedo's behalf.

"... look, I, uhhh... the principal's PROBABLY a bigger deal anyway. All the principals are up to somethin' BIG, and that's the REAL thing I'm after." Reaching out a hand toward Akira, she says, "Just... keep an eye out, OKAY? Let me know if you LEARN anything?" This is a little risky, but... no more than her /other/ inter-school partnerships, right?

Besides -- skulls are /so cool./

It occurs to Akira now that Tiffany might be on to something. Daigo might actually listen to her if she just approached him directly about it. But there were also some things that she wanted to find out for herself which is what led to her sneaking around in the first place. The young biker crosses her arms as she stands there. "He might be in over his head. But I'll get to the bottom of this, no matter what." She ends up saying rather determinedly about her brother.

The skull afficionado turns back towards Tiffany when a hand is offered her way. She might not know Tiffany very well, but there's no harm in them sharing information, was there? Akira ends up shaking Tiffany's hand before starting to walk away. "It might be a little too risky to try again tonight. But..." A pause as Akira looks over her shoulder. "...if you sneak in this way during the day, there usually isn't anyone watching for people sneaking INTO Gedo, only for those trying to sneak out." She'll give that piece of info to Tiffany for free as she did save her from getting spotted earlier.

"But you might want to wear something a little less flashy if you try again during the day." Akira adds before raising a gloved hand to say goodbye to the Pacific High teen. And without anything further said, the black glad figure attempts to slip away into the darkness. For Akira still had a long night ahead of her. She had to return the bike before sneaking back into her dorms at Seijyun. Hopefully her second foray in stealth this night will go a little better.

... of /course/! And it's not like classes at Pacific take attendance... if she snuck in during the day, she could probably walk around with total impunity! Other than the whole 'there are students,' of course... but she could dress up! Her mind is already on fire with ideas for how to sneak in -- that's some /really/ good advice.

Giving Akira an easygoing grin, she says, "Sure thing! See you later," with a small nod. She starts to walk away, heading the opposite direction from her mystery acquaintance -- the heiress still has a few things she wants to check up on... and she has the feeling Akira wouldn't take well to being followed.

... /so cool/, she thinks, with a slight skip in her step as she attempts to make her way out of this distinctly bad part of Southtown!

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