Sada - Sukeban Deka vs. The Pervert Tubes

Description: In which Sada Asai puts her intensely corrosive levels of salt to work, investigating the medical pavilions and getting her butt whooped. Fortunately, the modern smartphone industry and her sheer spiteful nature save the day - or do they? Can an audio recording really replace the memory of your first kiss?

It took some hours of casing for Sada to immediately conclude that it was literally impossible to raid the pavilion. She saw the armored Bastion Security truck come, and with it was four black armored figures with visors, and a strange black leather bound silver-haired young man of disturbing attractiveness. With that many people, the nurse included (The battle power of them is quite well known by the rumors), there's no hope of getting to the machinery that they unload.
...However, when the truck returns in the evening, Sada is ready. Walking past it casually, she sticks a GPS Tracker beneath when pretending to tie her shoe. She gets eyeballed by the driver, but the motion wasn't noticed. The nurse, silver-haired youth, and all four Bastion guards once more enter the vehicle before it thrums off to wherever they go when not at the school.
It's quite a distance away, but there's a large mundane-seeming warehouse. A perimeter of chainlink fence with barbed wire atop is present, and two Bastion Security forces are walking in circuits in a spotlight-lit area. The doors are doubtlessly locked... but the two story building has open windows all along the upper area, and there's a few spots where drainage pipes lead up to the roof.
What she wouldn't know is the hidden cameras, of course... concealed on adjacent roofs, watching from all angles... or the fact the guard who's keeping tabs on them is watching a portable television with a bag of Cheesy Poofs open on his lap, laughing lightly.

Even with the strength of her cursed blood, Sada Asai knows she is not (yet, anyway) able to casually slay all opponents. She can hear Chisaki and Tiffany laughing in her memories. Fortunately, the strategy leaps into operation.

BOOM! A GPS tracker boosted from one of the other students' mother's, potentially saving their marriage by hiding any proof of secret adulteries. This great act of charity is perhaps what guides Sada's karma to finding that mysterious location.

Using the magic of Rugle, the search engine of choice, she's able to figure out where to go, and how to get there. Having little access to ninja wear, she goes with black slacks and a dark jacket and hopes for the best.

Sada spends about twenty minutes sort of sidling around the far edges of the perimeter before realizing an applicability of what she can, personally, do. In an obscure corner of the fence, a small break in the rusty chain is made a bit wider thanks to the discreet application of acidic spit, and so Sada slips in and makes for a drainpipe.

She is at least athletic enough to shimmy up it. She hasn't even thought about the hidden cameras or the possibility of same.

When Sada's halfway up the pipe, the flashlight of a Bastion guard swishes beneath. He pauses, turning and lifting it slightly. But his lack of haste allows the girl to get upon the roof before her motion draws attention, although something more dangerous comes in. "OpRoom, think I saw motion." "*bzzzt* Uhhh, nothing on my end..." the cheesy-puff mouthed man says, hasty. "Are you fucking eating again instead of watching?" "Like anything happens!" "You REALLY don't know what kind of people we're dealing with, do you...?"
This is going on for some time, giving Sada opportunity to slither along. There are four openable windows that show a view of the interior. She'd just see a tarp thrown over one of the strange machines, of which there seem to be three others; a tube flanked by human-sized mechanical items and a power supply at the back. A laboratory of sorts is in another corner, which the nurse is presently settled at, typing away. The four Bastion guards then disperse around the interior to chill, one taking out a cellphone, with the silver haired man leaning against the wall near the nurse. "I,it hurts... can I have something...?" "At the end of the night, if you are good." coos the absurdly attractive woman. She's wearing a purposefully revealing short-skirted affair with black heels, typing rapidly at a computer.
Within the command room on the second floor, surrounded by catwalks, Cheesy Poof squints at the cameras. Street View #1. Beep. Nothing. Street View #2. Beep. Nothing. ...#11 is Roof View #1. Sada's on an unknown timer!

The roof, the roof, the roof is able to support the weight of a schoolgirl. Sada, reaching that rust-streaked surface, immediately regrets her life decisions, but she doesn't really have a lot of places where she can go from here. So, she slithers and sidles around, doubtless damaging her training jacket as she looks in windows.

The presence of the weird tubes is noted. Creepy, she thinks. In her mind, of course, they are probably more body imaging tools than some kind of probing, examining device... but perhaps, at that, she is closer than she thinks.

Her lip curls as she spots the nurse with her gratuitious levels of sexiness. Envy comes to her, as quick and predictable as snowfall in Hokkaido!! But the conversation makes her frown.

Scuttling and slithering ner the windows, she looks for a place where she might be able to flip down and ooch onto something without making too much noise. She has no idea of impending intense camera action, of course, but that kind of thing can matter. She also fishes out /her own/ phone... is she going to call for support??

No, she's setting it up to take pictures.

One of the sunroofs opens up once the lock is forced with a crack. When Sada quietly lifts it up she is able to ease over, settle on a girder, and drop it down atop. Just as the camera switches on, showing an empty roof. "All clear." is offered, Cheesy Poof not even bothering to look at the interior overall, which would have caught Sada. Instead, he's got the one directly above the nurse on, showing generous cleavage. Now that's as good as his shows. Numerous smaller televisions surround it showing every camera at once, but he's tuned out the bursts of movement due to the milling Bastion guards already.
There's two options. Sada can jump to a catwalk and approach the large room that it leads to ascended in the second story, which seems to be unpatrolled with a couple stairs leading to either end of the warehouse. Or she can drop down to one of the tarped machineries, and try to sneak some pictures. Although that alone will do nothing; students have already seen and reported on them before, and the fact they are transported to and from the schools is public knowledge... she'll need something more!

crack! fwak! The roof opens. Mr. Poof is doing his thing, and God's right with the world. Sada frowns as she considers her goal.

The machines... well, those aren't so surprising. People are probably even used to having their anuses photographed by now, she thinks with a momentary sneer of disgust. The laboratory space, whatever it is...

Sada twists herself around to lower down to the catwalk as quietly as she can. (Hopefully she can get back up.) From there, she sidles towards that large room, though she does take a picture as she goes. Hopefully the shutter noise won't echo too loud!!

There's a sudden creak on the catwalk, but the Bastion below only glances up without using his flashlight. "MORE snacks, you fatass?" he calls, presuming the source instead of checking. Bastion is... not the highest class mercenary group undercover at NESTS. Such complacency is quite common, however, when power trickles down to such an extent. There are certainly absolute professionals within NESTS, but none are within the mundane guards. Now with proof that Sada is illegally tresspassing within a legally sanctioned building, she reaches the door. A handle touch confirms it's unlocked... but there's no way to see inside, although muted crunches are heard. "Mmm..." One person, apparently...

Sada Asai: Doin' Crimes since '99!! (Or possibly '98.)

The door isn't locked and Sada opens it very slowly, even as she hears crunching. She has her phone in her pocket, probably with a plan to lunge forwards and try and pretend that she's from Interpol or the mob or something.


Her final thought (for that instant) is: Do I smell... cheesy poofs?

The door opens to reveal an overweight man in a black uniform, similar to what the Bastion below have but completely unarmored. He's got a rotund face with a goatee, and a simple black cap. He's already facing Sada, eyes dropped open by a sliver of panty before freezing and turning guiltily towards the intruder. His first response is relief, before blinking in surprise. One inch from his hand is a giant red button. Beside that, another which would activate the intercom. She should be utterly boned by every definition of the word at this point, an intruder caught in the act. What he does instead is say...
"Hey. Uh. Who're you?" He never saw her infiltrate on the cameras, and for some reason thinks Sada might be acquainted with the nurse. Well trained. Well. Trained.

Sada stares down the first of the security personnel she will confront in her life. Somehow, a part of her knows this may not be the last.

She stares back owlishly. She then hears that tone of voice, sees the tension of the man's posture... and realizes, as if by telepathic impulse, just what he thinks.

"Oh," Sada simpers, straightening up and walking inside. Mincing, almost. "I just think I got lost... e, eeh... I'm new here, though... I'm supposed to start today, but all of my paperwork fell in a puddle, so... if you could help me, I want to know, where should I begin...?"

She has the sense, from this, that conversation may be useless. Sada sniffles... She nudges the door shut with one foot and steps forwards, as if to embrace him. "This place is so scary on a cold day... please, mister..." Is this his lucky day? Is he going to find the hot Japanese nurse trainee of his dreams!?

SPOILERS: The real outcome is an armbar followed by a chokehold, Sada getting behind him as his neck is squeezed for every drop of gravy it can contain. She pulls back as she does, getting him away from the console while she leans in and says, "Shh. Just relax and die peacefully, you disgusting pig. I hope you remember all the girls who you've ogled when you're getting it from all the demons in hell!!"

Of course, she doesn't go quite that far, but once he's passed out good and clearly she lets go. She's gonna have to burn this trainer jacket.

"Umm. You're a little young to work for Bastion. I'm definitely the Comm unit... did Nurse Ratched send you up? Are you her intern? Let me buzz her to sort this..." His finger begins to move towards the intercom, only for the girl to come closer. I,is this going to be like his manga dreams?! He's stopped in the middle of the motion, only for his arm to be wrenched backwards. A yowl attempts to leave him but is choked out in time, free hand slapping and failing to hit the emergency button. "Grrk... I have... no... regrets...!!" he wheezes, before going limp. He's heavy. Even Sada can't contain that much man easily, and he'd just THUMP to the ground. After a few moments, "Com, did you fall out of your chair again? ... Com? ... Damnit, I'm going up to check on him."

Sada eyes the comm thing. She then does her best to sound like the guy. "Just uh - the chair - gimme just a minute up here -" And as she says this she slides out of her trainer jacket.

Sada has several things to do here in rapid succession. One of them is to look around at the cameras as they flick around, but that's the easy part, because she has to look at a screen-- and that's a skill everyone can do. Her second instinct is to start running, but then she remembers...

The words of Kichiga. The subtle persuasions of that mystical woman in the witchy hat. The guiding statements in the Dandy Gentleman's advice column. She should do what comes naturally to her.

Making others suffer.

Sada juggles things for a moment to try to get pictures of screens even as she rips the sleeves off her jacket (it's cheap so this happens easily; it's also been gently corroded by being marinated in her sweat on occasion). After the photos, she kills the phone and crams it in her pocket while stuffing a sleeve in her mouth.

The other part is trickier; she crouches down to try and look like she's been stuffed under the comms desk, even as she laces the other sleeve around her own wrists, held behind her back, and pulled into a tight knot. From there it's just a matter of looking terrified, which, at least, isn't a huge stretch.

Needless? Gratuitous? Yes. Perhaps this will lead to a rude awakening... for SOMEONE.

"Wh... Who the hell are you?!" comes back on the comm. Okay, that was probably not a good idea. Not possible for a schoolgirl still flowering into a woman to have the listlessly lecherous fatness of Cheesy Poof unconscious on the ground. Of course, none of the screens show anything that SEEMS immediately damning, but there's no time for that. Footsteps are thumping at a rapid pace along the catwalk outside now, and then the door bursts open. A raised pistol sweeps to the left, finding Fatty, and then finds Sada, seemingly bound and gagged. "...What the hell is going on here?! Get up!!" He then makes a move to press the comm button on his own radio. He's confused, but about to call for backup... but he thinks she's tied up...!

Sada's plan had been to act like she'd been taken prisoner and brought up here for immoral purposes and hope that they just threw her out as a useless ball of wax collected by Fatso. Instead, she sees a gun.

"!" Sada says non-verbally. That gun is serious business. She could be hurt.

Fortunately she is totally only fakely tied up. While the security man dithers and reaches up, Sada gets up, as if in obedience to his instruction - and leaps as she does, to try to wrap her calves around his neck and twist while grabbling at his gun arm, and more importantly keeping it from pointing at her!

Sada gets up, and lunges just in time to stop him from doing more than hitting the comm button. He immediately lets go, turning the gun towards her. She manages to wrap her legs about him, and he fires twice; CRACK! CRACK! But is too caught off-guard, twisted and yanked to the ground. In short order he's passed out... and rubber is bouncing beside. Yes, rubber bullets. Nothing to fear... in terms of mortality. Loud noises are heard below now, though... it seems the cat's out of the proverbial bag. Footsteps are thumping up the catwalk outside. There's a lock on the door... but no way is a single one bursting through this time!

He's down! He's out! The door is wacky. Sada is left with momentary surprise at her successful defeat of two grown-ass men, but this is the power of an accursed bloodline, maybe.

Full of anxiety she rolls Normal Guy over, takes his gun, and shoves Fatty over to block the door while she locks it. She then looks stupidly at the gun for a moment, then - why was she here? Right, she has to find out what's going on!

Her eyes cut to the monitors again. Are crimes occuring? Is there a clipboard or something to stuff in her pockets? How is she going to not get beaten into a coma and rendered down for dog food?

She has a plan for that second part, deranged as it is, and it involves hoisting Normal Guy into that rolly chair. But the rest will have to come when time requires.

Looking around, there's nothing incriminating. It's just a security office, and looks the same. A clipboard has some papers on it that seem to be a schedule of what to deliver where. A few opened pay stubs have the name of the corporation that he cashes his checks from. Some Twonkie spongecakes. With more time to look at the cameras, the silver-haired man and Nurse Ratched are gone. But one camera shows her monitors; it's diagrams and in-depth information on students, along with what looks like MRI-style scans. That might be something, if she can dig out the camera and take some pictures!! The door is jiggled and kicked, a few male men outside making noise. "Open up!!" "What's going on in there?!" "I have the key!!" another says, before metallic jiggling...

She's got the gun, but they've got the key! Just like the BOC!

Sada's camera phone comes out and she takes a bunch of photos of that screen. She mashes the button pretty hard, but that's not necessarily going to help take good photos... but Sada HAS learned the trick that, much like a space probe, you take like three or four pictures of the same thing, and ONE of them will probably be pretty good.

But then the key's rattling in the door.

With Fatty in the way Sada has time for one or two last images, before she ducks behind her improvised battering ram. She peeks out from behind it, eager to see how Fatty serves as a doorstop. But once the door is open, she ducks fully into cover and SHOVES, running right for that opening doorway. Hopefully momentum will carry the day!!

The fatty is a good doorstop, two men required to shove it all the way open. That means they are completely unprepared to be whacked into by a high-speed chair; Sada's combative strength is far beyond any of them individually, and she knocks one over the railing and the other two on the ground. Before it suddenly stops dead, as if Sada just hit a brick wall. And she's looking in the face of the silver man, who seems somehow sad. "S,stop..." he mumbles out, pain in his eyes both physical and mental. "Please don't make me fight you..." The Bastion guards are stirring, but Nurse Ratched can be seen standing in her heels at the other end. "No, love. Don't waste yourself on her. Surrender, girl...!"
Option B: Leap up on top of the elevated room, and make a break for the sunroofs!! If she can get up there, then at least the mundane guards will definitely not be able to follow!!

Sada looks up when she hits the dead end. She thought the catwalk was bigger than that. She meets the sorrowful eyes of that silver-haired man...

And for a moment, she's captivated.

But then, she hears the voice of a woman in sassy high heels. Glaring suddenly, Sada's inner grudge is restored, and she draws her lip back in a sneer. Her answer -- is to kick off the chair, and vault up to the top of that elevated room to try and get out the way she came!!

She fires the rubber-bulletted gun past herself, saying as she does, "Neverrrrrr!" What's her plan from here? SPOILERS: Very little. But maybe she can lose them out in the warehouses... Or... something.

(In so far as Sada is aiming, it's at the nurse, of course.)

The nurse easily weaves to the side, and there's a terrible clanging as the heels hit the metal. Are they made of steel?! Sada gets up just as a flare of gunfire follows, rebounding off the ceiling to potentially pelt here hard enoguh to leave big angry welts. A number of metal struts attach to the roof, and there's maybe five feet to work with. But if she did a squat-run, she could leap to one of those girders that is adjacent to a window; or drop down, where there's a front door. But no, a Bastion just popped in from it, and she can be shot at going low. High ground, they always say, right? Suddenly, Ratchet lands in a three-point stance on the room as well, adjusting her glasses; a blonde with a messy ponytail, she looks completely calm and collected. "Very well. We'll do this the hard way."

Sada grinds her teeth against each other as she gets both winged in the leg by a rubber bullet AND hears the smash of heels against steel. What is this place, she thinks --

But then the nurse leaps up after her. Messy blonde, three-point curve, and wearing glasses and adjusting them. Adjusting them!! The very gesture would be glamorous, but in the engine that is Sada Asai, it evokes only loathing and envy.

Sada spits in contempt and hurls the gun at her, the bullets being useless. Useless!! The spit, of course, is going to be a lot more dramatic - while the nurse's glasses would save her from the worst possible outcome, she might not be aware of the burningly acidic contact that comes from contact with the various juices filling Sada's body.

With that she turns to make for the window. Butt shot be damned!!

There's no real attempt to avoid the spit, which comes as a shock when it starts to sizzle. She rips off the fabric in question, holding it up to look closely. "Fascinating. I think I want to dissect you...!" And then Sada leaps to the girder, a short hop. She does indeed get fired at a few times, one smacking her in the rump hard enough to almost knock her from her perch, but then she can burst upwards and roll upon the roof!
Where the nurse is already waiting, only a few meters away. She doesn't seem to care about modesty, black bra strap be damned. How did she get there so fast and silent? "Last chance." she offers, before assuming a relaxed stance. She's a fighter. The silver-haired man is nowhere to be seen... but it's apparent that she can't escape this woman on foot!!

COMBATSYS: Nurse Ratched has started a fight here.

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Nurse Ratched    0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Nurse Ratched takes no action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nurse Ratched    0/-------/-------|

Sada emerges into the cold wind, only to find -- she's already being faced by the nurse?!

Her expression is full of confusion (and anger, but that goes without saying) as she kips upwards, nose wrinkling as she says, "You sick little... You're betraying your own kind, dumbass!! Are they holding you hostage or do you just get off on these gross full body photos!?"

Whether this is a psych out or invincible stupidity, perhaps this will baffle the woman. Sada's anxious enough to be sweating; she wipes her forehead on reflex... then, of course, lunges forwards, but not QUITE forwards. Instead she flicks her hand forwards-- not exactly a projectile, but the bursting scream of the sweat droplets makes a nice little flash. It's not like she's going to have to worry about being seen at this point.

(PS: It was the second thing.)

COMBATSYS: Sada has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sada             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

COMBATSYS: Nurse Ratched dodges Sada's Glow Bomber.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sada             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

"My own kind...? What kind might that be?" Ratched offers in a cool tone, slowly beginning to approach with the metallic clacking of her heels. Every swish of her hips, every shift of lean muscle, seems purposefully sculpted to dazzle male minds. Insecurities would abound indeed, but the fact is she's genetically perfected for male aesthetics, and heavily trained to maximize it. On top of being in the highest class of augmented gene-boosted assassins, which might end up a problem for Sada in the near future. "Oh?" She suddenly snaps to the side, swishing forward in a manner someone wearing such shoes shouldn't manage. "If you hadn't used that on me already, that would have worked...!!" She then attempts to grasp Sada by the side of the head, before her left foot kicks out towards the opposite ankle. If the maneuver succeeds, Sada would spin in the air 360 degrees before crashing hard upon the ground!!

COMBATSYS: Nurse Ratched successfully hit Sada with Acopia.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Sada             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

Sada reaches in her pocket. Is she going for the gun? No, she's screwing with her cell phone. WHAT A CLOWN...

Except that what had occured to her is: The government can use your cell phone to spy on you, right? And there's that audio recording feature so you can make audiologs at home or dictate your own notes. She is practiced at blind app activation, and so as she answers, "Women!!" to the nurse's reply, something turns on.

Probably not angry birds.

Of course maybe she should've been MINDING HER FIGHTING. She lets out a high pitched keening sound as her hair is grasped, and as she's kicked, tumbling in the air and slamming onto the rooftop with a huge FOOM!

"Hnnh," Sada exhales, her immediate answer being to lash out and grab at the nurse's ankle to yank out HER leg. See how she likes it!!

COMBATSYS: Nurse Ratched dodges Sada's Strong Throw.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Sada             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

A sudden leap upwards takes the nurse out of the range of the grabbing attack, although it was broadcast in such a brazen manner it'd be a miracle to hit at all. Twisting around, the heel of one steel foot strikes down with brutal force, aiming to hit Sada right in the middle of the back while she's still sprawled on the ground. "I am using my body as a tool. There is no shame in that. Within a patriarchal society, can you deny it to be effective?" She does try to dance backwards. A corrosive individual is new... she's going to enjoy putting this one in the naked-test-tube...!
Somewhere during all this, the silver-haired man got on the roof. He's standing well away, hugging himself and looking concerned, with a hint of discomfort. But appears to have no interest in involving himself. "I,I hope you win, Ratched..."

COMBATSYS: Nurse Ratched successfully hit Sada with Strong Kick.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Sada             0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

The heel slams into Sada's back as she flails on the ground like a wounded fish. Fortunately, this grinding agony ends as the nurse retreats back - perhaps afraid that Sada's going to burst into flames or something. She makes a wet, gasping noise, and looks up with pained eyes at the silver-haired man.

Ratched, she thinks.

More like Wretched!! she thinks later, struggling to her feet and gasping heavily. "So what kind of tool are you... trying to be, huh?? All of this just looks like a big, gross plan... every day you look shadier and creepier! I'm not going to put up with it!"

Sada throws up one hand to point at Ratched. A callout?! Partly. Also she's reaching up to mess with her eyelid. Oh this hurts, she thinks as she flips the eyelid down and scratches with her fingernail, tears welling out -

Until Sada squeezes her eye shut. What comes out is perhaps a tablespoon of blood.

Not too scary.

Then it catches fire as it flies, aiming to splatter all over the nurse. That might be scarier!! Hopefully it won't ruin her chances with that guy over th- no: She can worry about that end of things later, after she's away from here and...

Sada did not think this plan all the way through.

COMBATSYS: Nurse Ratched blocks Sada's Haemolacria.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Sada             0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

"Hmmhmm... is that how we seem? Atelier is just looking out for the future of the world. And children are our future, are they not?" However, Sada is... can this even be called a fighting style? Her eyes would widen, if she wasn't a trained assassin with massive amounts of de-sensitizing training who has gutted people like a fish. Her hands come up, protecting her face. Most of it ignites her clothing, put out patiently and quickly before she wipes it off her skin, leaving only angry painful patches behind. "Why did you use your eyes for that? Strange. But... dissecting you will be made all the more fun!" She then rushes forward, clacking in a rapid scirocco of noise. Suddenly lunging with thighs first, trying to catch Sada by the neck. To arch back in a disturbing show of flexibility, plant her hands, and then TWIST to fling her away in something of a modified frankensteiner!! Preferably to dent one of the nearby air vents. Those look nice and hard. The attractive man with silver hair remains nearby, rubbing at his forehead as if feverish despite outwardly appearing fine.

COMBATSYS: Sada blocks Nurse Ratched's Frequent Flyer.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Sada             0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

"We aren't children! We're YOUNG ADULTS!" Sada shouts even as the woman comes inwards in a clacking noise of bonelike steely smashes. She lunges forwards then, thighs first -

But Sada has learned this trick fighting Tiffany Lords!!

Her arms come up, which would carry her well if the woman was kicking or punching. Instead it means that she has to wrap her legs around something of undue girth -- as the actress said to the vicar -- and that Sada has a little more control over herself as she's hucked at the vent.

She smashes into it nonetheless. But it's a /controlled/ smash. She kind of fishguts it - flopping against the vent's cover, rather than hitting it on the edge - and slumps to the ground, coughing once. The vent cover falls onto her side, with a clank.

Sada rolls over, grasping it as she pulls herself up. "You keep saying 'dissect'... what are you, some kind of serial killer? Are you just working with them to dispose of their victims?!" She also hucks the vent cover forwards, probably expecting the nurse to lunge in and kick her in the head again.

To herself, she thinks with horror: Is she Tiffany's mother?

COMBATSYS: Sada successfully hits Nurse Ratched with Thrown Object.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sada             0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

"Now, now. We've not injured a single student. Nor will we injure you... once you are captured. It's harmless. In fact, if our invasive testing finds something malignant, we'll even let you know. It's in your best interests to stop this meaningless resistance. ...Not that you'll remember a thing, when I'm done." However, beginning to approach with a strangely leisurely pace -- one thoroughly predatory -- the hurled vent cover comes as a surprise. Lunging backwards, she's struck in the face and recoils, staggering backwards. "You little...!" She shifts forward, thumping down her hands and beginning to spiral, unleashing a veritable onslaught of steel-heeled kicks at Sada's upper body and face in an attempt to drive her backwards towards the edge of the building!! Where one of the metal drainage pipes leads to the ground. There's some Bastion guards there, but they don't seem to be aware at what position the fighting is taking place...

COMBATSYS: Sada dodges Nurse Ratched's Ward X.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Sada             0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

Sada laughs cruelly as the Nurse takes it in the face. In she comes then, though, and Sada backs up nearer to the roof. She only has moments to move, and with a glance back at the nurse, she braces herself --

And takes a step back.

Suicide?! No. (She would sure leave a hell of a mess to clean up, wouldn't she?) That step back let her grab onto a metal drainage pipe and start sliding down it, which was certainly much faster - if not any less filthy - than holding onto it as she pulled herself up.

"You're full of crap!" she calls up even as she backs away, looking hopefully around -- is the fence she jimmied apart with acid spit near here? She makes for the fenceline anyway, glancing up a couple of times. She even yells back, "That's not 'dissecting' that's 'diagnosing'!! You're probably slicing people up!!"

COMBATSYS: Sada takes no action.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Sada             0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

That was unexpected. "As if you could escape me!" Nurse Ratched shouts down from above, thumping back down with a clack. She actually leaps clean from the top, descending like a meteor and then landing in a heavy crouch on the concrete. Her entire body seems to compress in an unreal fashion, but she's unharmed. All the distance that Sada gained is gone in a heartbeat, but she manages to find the hole she made in a hail of rubber bullets to dive through, amidst some scratches. The nurse rushes after, and simply vaults up and over the fence in a smooth motion, barbed wire ripping the back of her skirt as she lands. Sada has a head start of a few meters, but that is shrinking... very fast. She only has a half-dozen strides before a kick to the spine!

COMBATSYS: Nurse Ratched takes no action.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Sada             0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

The Nurse is hot on her heels, and also hot on /her/ heels, if you know what I mean. Sada lunges through that thin hole with a bunch of scrapes and another winging rubber bullet hitting her in the meat of the thigh. Fortunately, she is not the skinniest of people, so no bone is cracked.

Of course, then the nurse chases after her. Gritting her teeth, Sada calls back, "Yeah, as IF I COULD, right?"

She's coming right up behind her. Sada can practically feel unclean big-boobed radiance emanating right behind her -- which is why she ahs enough confidence to stop at the last moment, skidding around suddenly and thrusting her arm out to try and catch the taller woman on her arm!

COMBATSYS: Nurse Ratched interrupts Fierce Punch from Sada with Rebound Grapple.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sada             1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

A terrible mistake was made. Sada just assaulted the nurse in a reckless manner. Someone trained, literally, to kill and break people. "Fool." She swishes, the blow glancing off. And suddenly a hand is grasping Sada by the shoulder with the other at her wrist. "Little child... Those who master healing..." She then twists while driving her knee up, shattering her elbow in a sudden, brutal motion. "...Also master harming..." The sound was probably heard on the /phone./ Kicking her in the ankle, she sends Sada rolling into an alleyway... adjacent to a dumpster; one with a couple inches of cover beneath it...

Nurse Ratched falls asleep.

Nurse Ratched wakes up.

Well, shit. Sada's arm is not strong enough. She is no mighty master of sports-jutsu like the legendary friend of Lucky Glauber; her arm is thrown aside, grasped up, and she stares right into the eyes of that cruel woman.

Is this what it's like on the other side?

And then - snap! Her arm bends the wrong way, and there is no rupture of the skin. Sada screams.

It's quite the scream. Very hearty. Keeps going. Then, she's kicked and thrown away, rolling into the dumpster, with the GARBAGE. Of course she didn't land IN the dumpster - merely against it with an emphatic FOOM.

Her arm isn't moving right.

Whether out of some sense of pro-social duty, the subtle influence of Eru Iluvatar, or just a desire to spite this nurse, she thrashes around and digs her phone out with her free, uninjured hand. It clatters out of her hand as she struggles to get up, and looking down, she makes sure her foot bumps it and nudges it under that dumpster. Hopefully a poor won't steal it.

"D... do you like this?" she asks the nurse, glaring at her in defiance. "I guess maybe we're not too different... huh."

COMBATSYS: Sada takes no action.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sada             1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

"I suppose I do." the nurse states, approaching slowly with a swagger. "Seeing the reactions of the physiological body broken down by trauma, and how it interacts with the psyche. I wrote my thesis on fighting. I'm a true, established medical professional. And far more than human." Her left arm goes limp, before seeming to bend in a strange, nearly boneless flexibility before snapping back into place. A shame the phone couldn't videotape that. "But I believe I've concluded my work here--"
"Stop... p,please. She's suffered enough." The silver-haired man is standing behind the nurse now, grasping her by the shoulder. For a few moments Ratchet tenses, but when she looks backwards...
The man's eyes are glowing bright red. He seems to be emanating heat now, the fabric upon his clothing curling into ash.
"O-Okay! It's okay honey... shhh, shhh..." Cupping the man's face, she soothes him. "I'll give you the painkiller you want. You just bring her back, as she is. Okay? Good boy... goo,good boy..." Slowly the man relaxes, before moving towards Sada. "I... I hate fighting. Just... let me take you. You'll be healed... you'll barely remember a thing..."
His hand reaches for her, as the nurse licks her lips in satisfaction. But the fear in her face is palpable, as well, when it looked like the man with her might attack...

COMBATSYS: Nurse Ratched takes no action.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sada             1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0    Nurse Ratched

Sada's fate, and perhaps the fate of the Southtown schools, now rests on one question: How good is the sound pickup on a smartphone?

Breathing heavily, she looks up at the glowing man - the beautiful glowing man. And as the nurse soothes him, she stares dead ahead.

She could fight. Maybe she could even win. Long shot, yes, but...

Would the nurse care?

"I'll give in," Sada breathes. Straightening up, she swallows. "But... if you're going to put me out... at least..."

There is one thing she thinks she can do. Sada's head tilts up, and her lips part slightly.

"At least kiss me goodnight, huh?"

She's putting this on tape, isn't she? Well, as established, she is not exactly a queen of 'thinking through things.'

"I... wh,what?" The K' clone blushes so deep and crimson it looks like he just ignited once more. "I've never--even thought t--I don't know--" And then the nurse is just laughing her ass off, smacking at her thigh with a hand. "That's ADORABLE! They are pretty attractive, aren't they...? Mmm..." Shifting forward, the silver man reaches out as if to embrace... before suddenly snapping out his knuckle, aiming to strike in the temple and knock Sada clean out while she's distracted thinking a kiss is forthcoming. It's able to dent steel, if he didn't use restraint; the legendary One Inch. "What are you doing?! You could have gotten a kiss!!" Well, apparently a clone bred to die in combat is the only one here with a fully innocent mind... although the poisoned lips of the girl might have held more than he bargained for!

Yeah, that was pretty much her plan.

But it backfired. Especially when the nurse starts laughing, and puts her in the position of feeling INVOLUNTARY KINSHIP. Then -


Out she goes. She wasn't using those brains anyway!!

Surprisingly gentle, the silver man lifts up Sada and then moves to head back towards the facility. "You can still--" "I WILL kill you." the man says, in a voice so deep and solemn she doesn't mock him any further, just walk faster ahead. What happens next is like a dream. A tube. Tests. Feeling better. Dreaming. Lots of dreaming. And then Sada would wake up within the nurse office of her local school. The claim is that she was attacked heading into the bad part of town; wasn't she trailing a truck with Bastion? Flashes of reality and heavy doses of fantasy mix together, both fading into a muddled mess... The only thing for certain, though...
Is she seems to be missing her phone.

In her fantasy... she did get kissed. :(


Sada is asked by the girl from whom she borrowed a GPS tracker if she can have it back.

"I tried to call you, Asai, but you wouldn't pick up!"


"Did you lose your phone?"

"My phone..."

"Are you just emo because you got beaten by that blonde bimbo?"

"The blonde bimbo..."

"Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing, but it's not like you're Zaki or anything."

"Not like I'm Zaki..."

"Are you just repeating back whatever I say?"


"Ughhhhhhh anyway I'm going to look up your phone."

"You can do that?"


Two schoolgirls show up in the area on a moped, wander around briefly, then leave. It seems one of them had lost something in the garbage, but it was found.

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